"Wall" for the Rosguards

At last year's international military-technical forum Army-2017, Kalashnikov Concern presented the Wall complex and the Shield special vehicle intended for use in suppressing riots. Later, a new type of experimental equipment was transferred to test future operators, and they identified a list of necessary improvements. Taking into account the wishes of law enforcement agencies, the second version of the Wall was created, first shown last week during the Army-2018 exhibition.

Last year it was reported that the special purpose vehicle “Shield” from the “Wall” complex was created on its own initiative. After the completion of the development work, it was planned to offer the finished equipment to the relevant divisions of the Russian Guard. The sample on the wheeled chassis, equipped with protective equipment, a special large-sized folding shield and a water cannon, was proposed to be used to suppress riots. In this case, the fighters had the opportunity to work under the protection of machine units.

"Wall" in preparation for work. The shield is moved to the front position.

Approximately one year after the first display of the original version of the Wall, the further story project. A prototype of a special machine was handed over to the Rosgvardia, which was to test it during the exercises and form an opinion. Specialists studied the proposed machine and evaluated its tactical and technical characteristics. According to a number of parameters, “Shield” arranged them, but in some cases there were special wishes. All of them were taken into account when creating a new version of the complex.

At the recent Army-2018 forum, the Kalashnikov concern presented a number of both already known and completely new developments of various classes. Together with other samples on the open site presented a prototype of the updated complex "Wall". The second variant of the complex differs in the most serious way from the “last year’s one” and due to this it has certain advantages. Reportedly, improvements made in accordance with the wishes of the Rosguards affected the equipment and the design of some units.

The Wall complex is designed to work in riot zones to ensure the actions of law enforcement units. With the help of special equipment in the form of a folding shield, the machine must protect the fighters, while at the same time allowing them to influence offenders. This scope of application has specific requirements for the protection of equipment and people, which is also taken into account in the new project.

The first version of the "Wall", presented in 2017 year

The four-axle chassis of the KamAZ brand is used as the basis for the new special vehicle. The previous version had a three-axle chassis, but, apparently, it could not show the required characteristics, as a result of which it was replaced. In the front part of the chassis, the cab is kept with a bonnet layout, while the cargo area is given for the installation of special equipment. In addition, certain units are mounted on the front bumper and the sides of the chassis.

Work in a zone of mass riots is associated with certain risks, as a result of which the base truck receives some elements of protection. With the help of additional metal panels, the frontal projection of the cabin is closed. The chassis sides are similarly protected. The cabin maintains regular glazing, which is protected by metal nets. Side windows and rear-view mirrors are covered with nets installed on the box frame.

The main part of the internal equipment of the cabin remains unchanged. At the same time some innovations are foreseen. First of all, it is proposed to install control panels for the target equipment in the cab. In addition, at the disposal of the driver and the commander there are several liquid crystal screens, to which the signal from the video cameras is output. The latter provide all-round visibility and make it easier to drive a large car in an urban setting.

Shield of the first "Wall"

On the front of the car "Wall" of the second version of the set of special equipment. It should be noted that in the basic version of the project there was no such equipment. On the car is fixed a special frame with a swinging device, equipped with hydraulic actuators. The swinging part is equipped with a dozer blade. Such a device can be used when driving through the rubble. In addition, it performs the functions of an additional support for a mechanized shield.

On the cargo area of ​​the base car is placed a medium-sized rectangular casing accommodating part of the special equipment. Probably, this is where the main devices of the hydraulic system are located. Next to this casing mounted support device mechanized shield. With its help, the latter is transferred to the working or transport position.

According to the results of trial operation at Rosgvardia, the design of the mechanized shield of the special “Wall” machine has undergone certain changes. Initially, the shield consisted of five rectangular sections of different sizes, controlled by hydraulics. He had his own road wheels and, with the help of additional support, interacted with the bumper of the car carrier. The shield sections consisted of a metal web, grids and a curtain assembled from chains. In the second version of the Wall project, the shield was radically revised. In particular, it was decided to abandon grids and chains in favor of a solid metal web capable of providing better protection for personnel.

New version of the panel device

To transfer the shield from the transport position to the working position, a special folding boom of the frame structure is used. One of its sections is installed directly on the cargo area and is controlled by a pair of hydraulic cylinders. It is connected to the second frame with similar drives, on which are mounted movable beams with mounts for the shield. In the stowed position, the frames are folded on the cargo platform. The shield itself takes a U-shape and hangs over the back of the machine.

The mechanized shield has retained the composite architecture and still consists of five sections. The largest central mounted directly on the movable boom. On each side of it are attached rotary sections. On them installation of two sliding sections with a hydraulic drive is provided. During the shift to the working position, the shield rises from the rear of the car and lowers in front of the cabin. At the same time its side sections are laid out in the construction of a large width. The shield of the new model does not have road wheels, and its weight is distributed between the boom and the front frame with a blade.

In accordance with the requirements of the customer, the configuration of embrasures and windows in the shield has been reworked. In its first version, several large rectangular windows with glazing were used. Now in the center of each section is a relatively small window with glass. The windows of the four side sections are equipped with loopholes with movable covers. The two outer sections have two rectangular loopholes with lids. A set of embrasures provides shooting in the front hemisphere with almost no risk for the fighters.

Rear view

On the back side of the mechanized shield are small folding areas that are installed directly under the embrasures and windows. At these sites it is proposed to be fighters, leading the fire in the front hemisphere. When moving to the transport position, the platforms are stacked on the shield sheet and fixed in that position.

A large number of diode searchlights of sufficient power are provided in the upper part of the shield. With their help, it is proposed to illuminate the space in front of the car, which simplifies observation. In addition, high-power searchlights are an additional means of influencing offenders.

The lower edge of the shield has a means to prevent various objects from falling under the car. A large number of flexible rubber plates, literally sliding along the surface, are fastened on the bottom sections. However, there is no such equipment under the front blade. In the first version of the project for the same purpose a large number of short chains were used.

A fighter uses an embrasure left extreme section

According to the developer, as part of the improvement of the project, it was possible to reduce the time of transfer from the traveling to the working position. The lifting and unfolding of a mechanized shield now takes about 3,5 minutes. For comparison, the "last year" machine of the "Shield" type spent about 7 minutes on it.

The special-purpose vehicle “Shield”, presented last year, had a jet propulsion system for non-lethal impact on “soft targets”. According to the results of trial operation, it was decided to abandon this device. Thus, the new complex "Wall" has no integrated weapons. The fire impact is proposed to be carried out only with the help of the standard weapons of the fighters.

In case of use by violators of incendiary means, fire extinguishing agents are included in the “Wall” complex. In particular, a set of hand-held fire extinguishers is placed on several side mountings of the chassis.

Glazed embrasure

The need to obtain a sufficient level of protection, as well as the presence of a number of special devices led to the fact that the new car "Wall" is distinguished by large dimensions and weight. So, in a curb state, this sample weighs about 28 t. The machine is built on a heavy-duty chassis, which allows to obtain acceptable mobility characteristics. At the same time, it is obvious that in a combat situation, the Wall will not have to develop maximum speed indicators, although certain challenges may arise in the field of terrain.

It is reported that both versions of the Wall complex have already been in trial operation. Thus, law enforcement officers tested the first version of a special car, presented last year, and, based on the results of such inspections, presented a list of necessary improvements. In accordance with the latter, the Kalashnikov concern has developed a new version of the project; a prototype of this kind was first shown to the public at the Army-2018 exhibition. Now it is necessary to conduct a new phase of inspections, according to the results of which a decision will be made on the future of the entire project.

Meanwhile, the Kalashnikov concern is reportedly preparing for the future mass production of new equipment. Upon receipt of the relevant order from Rosgvardii, the development organization will be ready in the shortest time to produce and transfer the first required samples. However, the exact volumes and deadlines for the execution of the proposed order have not yet been clarified.

On the back side of the shield there are areas for personnel.

Obviously, the main - or even the only - customer of the new “Wall” complex will be Rosgvardia. It is this structure that is now responsible for security at public events, and must also solve the task of quelling riots. Other power structures have other tasks, and therefore do not need such a technique. At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that an interesting sample of a special car will attract the attention of foreign buyers and will be exported.

It is hardly necessary to expect that the order for serial "Walls" will be large. Machines for suppressing mass riots belong to the category of equipment that security forces really need, but not in large quantities. Such machines can enter service only in large cities, and in the amount of only a few units in each. The large number of special cars simply does not make sense in terms of economics and practice.

The main objective of the "Wall" is to ensure the work of soldiers in the suppression of riots. This fact suggests exactly how the serial equipment service will look like in the distant future. There is reason to believe that the “Stena” production vehicles will actively participate in exercises and trainings in order to train personnel. At the same time, the actual use of such a technique looks unlikely. As is well known, Russian security forces, armed with various special machines, are not in a hurry to use it in real operations. For example, at the disposal of the police there are various cars, water cannons, but they have never been used against the crowd. Such machines as "Storm" or "Avalanche-Hurricane" had to be taken out several times and one appearance was enough to cool hot heads. It is hardly necessary to expect that the Wall service will look different.

To solve special problems of the Rosguards and other structures special samples of various kinds of equipment may be necessary. A good example of this is the Wall car with special equipment. In addition, this project clearly shows the benefit of the interaction of the operator with the developer: future users found the first version of the machine not very successful, with the result that an updated version appeared. Now she has every chance to go into service and go into the series.

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  1. -22
    29 August 2018 06: 11
    Well, hold on, "Bulk"!
    It’s interesting, but there are foreign analogues? On TV I saw only fire engines to disperse demonstrations.
    1. +24
      29 August 2018 07: 03
      Quote: andrewkor
      Do you have any foreign analogues?

      The inventors of this kind of machine are Democrats from the British Democrats.

      1. +9
        29 August 2018 07: 15
        Lopatov, democracy, as such, does not imply the refusal of the state to protect itself and the majority of the population from inadequate and all sorts of “troublemakers”

        You should always look at the context, who is against whom, and not to cite as an argument: “but they also have demonstrators beaten”

        It's one thing when they drive loafers from Occupy Wall Street, tame riots in the black suburbs of Paris or student performances in developed and prosperous Hong Kong

        And quite another - here I think you yourself continue the thought ...
        1. +38
          29 August 2018 07: 18
          Well, who is against raising the retirement age?
          1. AUL
            29 August 2018 15: 08
            Yes, it's great that our rulers are afraid of their people! "The cat knows whose meat it has eaten!"
          2. +6
            29 August 2018 20: 51
            Quote: Andrey Yurievich
            Well, who is against raising the retirement age?

            Everything. The army and artillery did not help the last one.
          3. 0
            4 November 2018 12: 50
            Unfortunately, this is the first thought that arises when reading an article.
        2. +2
          29 August 2018 10: 20
          Indeed, there were only loafers on Wall Street. Our roofing felts are our highly intelligent, hardworking, experienced-wise supporters of Navalny, with their detailed programs to improve the development of Russia.
          Indeed, one must look at the context. How many suspects were shot or injured in a U.S. firearm in 2017? How many in the Russian Federation? - the numbers vary by several orders of magnitude. In our law enforcement bodies, shooting at the intruder is an extreme, exceptional measure. And in most cases it is regarded as unprofessionalism. In the United States, shooting with any disobedience to a police officer is the norm. Why is the norm? - because there will be nothing for the policeman, especially if they shot an African-American. Who doesn’t agree - give statistics: how many people were attracted to the software for exceeding the authority related to the use of firearms in the Russian Federation and how many were attracted to the United States. Data is open.
          So in general - I agree. Wallstreet is one thing, another is to continue the thought yourself.
          To paraphrase: one thing is the interests of the United States, another thing is the interests of everyone else. And stability in Russia is not in the interests of the United States.
        3. +3
          29 August 2018 12: 27
          Quote: Santa Fe
          Lopatov, democracy, as such, does not imply a state’s refusal to protect itself and the majority of the population from inadequate and all kinds of “troublemakers”

          This, according to the wise opinion, including the British, does not apply to Russia.

          In general, all this is essentially the usual double standards. The lying nation and its satellites are not used to acting differently and do not want to.
    2. -4
      29 August 2018 07: 36
      For bulk and a bulldozer is suitable.
    3. +2
      29 August 2018 18: 03
      The title of the article should be: "Wall" for the people. Bulk people will sit on TV and chat, but the hard workers, when all the tricks of the liberals from the government boil down, they prepare such a "wall", pay attention - the National Guards are armed with a firearm! Such orders are not good, this can be expected in action ...
      1. -7
        29 August 2018 23: 22
        The hard workers are busy, they have no time to ride on the Maidans. And most remember the 90s. So if they come out, then just to pacify such "horses" of the white tape. Does the word "Mineriada" mean anything to you? Ask Wikipedia.
        1. -1
          28 October 2018 22: 21
          Not busy, unemployment now.
    4. +7
      1 September 2018 22: 18
      And nothing that will have to hold on not to "bulk", but to pensioners and the citizens of Russia deceived by the authorities? Can't you see that a punitive paramilitary-type organization has been created on the basis of the "vovchiks" in the country, sharpened to fight the civilian population !?
  2. +22
    29 August 2018 06: 29
    Are these pension machines?
  3. +7
    29 August 2018 07: 01
    76% for the president! The people support any decisions of the government!
    In general, the car is good, useful ... laughing
  4. +28
    29 August 2018 07: 26
    That's when we are all taken for Faberge and forced to work for a stew, and we try to achieve justice, then we will find out the pros and cons of this technique. Good luck to the people. fool
  5. +3
    29 August 2018 07: 28
    In case of use by violators of incendiary means, fire extinguishing agents are included in the “Wall” complex. In particular, a set of hand-held fire extinguishers is placed on several side mountings of the chassis.

    These facilities must be automatic. There will be a cocktail for Molotava on the roof of the cabin - try to extinguish it with a fire extinguisher.
    1. Cat
      29 August 2018 08: 56
      We have Russia, not Europe!
      Even if such a technique goes to Rosguard, its fate will gather dust in warehouses along with Avalanches.
      The modern domestic national guardsman, with the exception of the former riot police, is a poorly trained person and completely unstable, which was proved by the World Cup and the last holidays. So, with the excitement of my grandmothers, I put on the aunts of the police (interrogators, staff officers and personnel officers) than on the vaunted Rosgvardeytsev.
      If someone prove the opposite opinion, and after the "first experiments" they keep the latter in the buses (in reserve) so that they do not lose the special equipment or themselves, which has already happened!
      Sincerely, Kitty!
      By the way, the day of single voting is coming soon! I suggest those who disagree with me to look for the National Guard to guard polling stations. I am sure you will not find it with fire in the daytime, there will be "presidential police" everywhere!
      1. -3
        29 August 2018 10: 09
        Rosgvardiya accents are placed on other tasks. With the same success, one may ask why polling stations do not guard the airborne forces. They really can take part in the protection of public order, ensuring public safety, but they were not trained as watchmen.
        1. Cat
          29 August 2018 12: 27
          Read the Federal Law on "Rosgvardia", the mustache is the same protection of public order and public safety.
          Unfortunately, "we were not taught for this" is the credo of the modern Rosguard! And just in general, except for a crooked grin and suspicion of a "feeding trough", this reform does not cause anything. Look for yourself what was cut off from the Ministry of Internal Affairs: the licensing service and private security! So contrary to your comment, "watchmen" are for you!
          By the way, everything! It is banal that all counter-terrorist operations on the periphery are practiced by the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs without the participation of the National Guard. And if and what they are attracted to, so are the former units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (OMON and OVO). Joke of the last KSHU. The reason for the untimely cordoning was that the soldiers did not have time to eat. At the same time, the riot police interceded in 35 minutes! The military units, so far, are extinguished only on shawarmyats, but on cheburek ones! And the skill is excellent, the fathers of the commanders are looking for them for three hours !!! In this connection, "patronymic defenders" are closed on buses! And the buses are guarded by some outfit of girls-accountants of the internal service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, led by the district police officer! Sorry for the truth womb, but laughter and sin!
          Sincerely, Kitty!
          1. 0
            29 August 2018 17: 10
            The federal law that you are trying to refer to is even called differently, which already says a lot about your qualifications.
            Your personal hostility to the Russian Guard is clear from the commentary, but it does not refute my theses in any way.
            And what are you trying to find in the Federal Law of 03.07.2016 No. 226-FZ "On the Troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation"? Tasks, principles and powers are similar to those of the police.
            To answer the question "what was it created for" - you need to dig deeper.
            For example, look at the number of the Russian newspaper dated 14.04.2016/1037356/6, where the President of the Russian Federation or the transcripts to bill No. XNUMX-XNUMX spoke out on the goal of creating the National Guard ...

            If you have your own reasoned thoughts about this - write. It will be interesting.

            But my intuition tells me that you won’t get involved in such nonsense - it’s easier to blurt out something emotionally, describe one specific episode without telling its coordinates, so as not to check it, and conclude that it is so everywhere.

            There are internal problems in any department. But this is an occasion to look for ways to solve them, and indiscriminate criticism in no way contributes to this.

            To take them out "out of the hut" and savor them in public, without offering any constructiveness ... I would be ashamed.

            PS It's definitely not for me with the watchmen. And look at the meaning of the word "respect" at your leisure.
      2. +2
        29 August 2018 17: 00
        You are a little mistaken, the fact is that many soldiers of Russian guard guards are dressed in uniform with police badges, and they serve along with ordinary policemen in policing. Besides, the main and professional part in paying off illegal rallies is carried out by the contract soldiers of the former OMON and SOBR who are now in the state of Rossguard
        1. 0
          30 August 2018 11: 03
          You're right. I will say more: the redemption of illegal rallies is one of the main goals of creating the Rosguard. this follows from the history of such forces, in addition, the Head of the Directorate of the Russian Guard on the Voronezh Region in particular and not only he directly said this in an interview. It is unlikely that he invented it himself.
          At the same time, I emphasize separately: the repayment of illegal rallies and the protection of polling stations are different tasks, although both of these are the maintenance of public order.
          Recruiting for the Rosguard is a second question. It is only natural that there are contract soldiers of the former OMON and SOBR. At first, they generally made up most of the personnel (as mentioned by the boss I mentioned, and not only him)
          The way conscripts / cadets are used is the third question, not closely related to the goals of creating the Rosguard as such. The expediency of such an application and its admissibility can only be assessed by analyzing a specific case, having all the data.
    2. 0
      29 August 2018 21: 52
      Quote: professor
      These facilities must be automatic. There will be a cocktail for Molotava on the roof of the cabin - try to extinguish it with a fire extinguisher.

      I think there should be some means of point water action on the throwers of combustible mixtures on the machine. Charged in such a charge of 10-20 liters, an allergy to gasoline will happen for a lifetime.
      1. -1
        30 August 2018 22: 48
        Charged in such a charge of 10-20 liters, an allergy to gasoline will happen for a lifetime.

        Water overrun.

        Shooting from a smoothbore gun with a silicone 120mm ball filled with water at a speed of 150-200 meters per second is an unforgettable experience. Shot down and will not rise soon.

        Automatic loading, tracking the target. The operator can enlarge the picture, pokes on the subject, the target is fixed. Several goals can be fixed at once. Then the operator makes a start and the gun automatically shoots at the indicated targets, even if they scatter in different directions and twist somersaults.

        A bowl of water weighs about a kilogram. No rollback. The gun can shoot and load very quickly.
  6. +2
    29 August 2018 07: 57
    On rubber chippers from the bottom, you need to wear tubes of large diameter ... so that they do not cling and overlap on the bottom.
  7. +1
    29 August 2018 08: 44
    The Kalashnikov Concern launches the Wall complex, designed specifically for the OMGON units of the Russian Guard. The complex is an armored vehicle, which is equipped with a high shield with embrasures, through which fighters of the Russian Guard can fire from firearms and traumatic weapons.

    ... The traumatic machine gun is left to adapt, and to Europe for export ... The situation creates demand ...

    1. -2
      30 August 2018 22: 27
      Watered with water at minus 50 - unforgettable.

      Unauthorized rally of ice statues of idiots.
  8. +3
    29 August 2018 08: 48
    Retire pensioners? There are a lot of analogues abroad ... They have been working on the technology of dispersing demonstrators for decades. The Russian Federation came to this only now.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Cat
      29 August 2018 12: 38
      Quote: Zaurbek
      Retire pensioners? There are a lot of analogues abroad ... They have been working on the technology of dispersing demonstrators for decades. The Russian Federation came to this only now.

      Classic delusion!
      After the events in 1993 in Moscow, this issue was worked out perfectly. A car of the indicated class for dispersing demonstrators, I think it’s not even supposed to. Very traumatic. Maximum blocking of driveways, passages, cordon terrain, but as a senior to use it in traffic, I would beware. Bloody boys will dream.
      Lavigne water cannons are enough to disperse the crowd, well, if there were Storms where. The rest is redundant.
      1. 0
        30 August 2018 22: 29
        So far, like the Ukrainians, they have not started shooting at the police. Then there will be talk of insufficient funds, and not about their redundancy.
      2. 0
        31 August 2018 21: 37
        Quote: Kotischa
        Bloody boys will dream.

        I think you are idealizing the National Guard - rather, they will be afraid to "slip" (remember, there was a film, there was an armored train of "whites" the "red" blocked it - lay down on the rails - so the commanders in the armored train were afraid that they would slip and get off the rails).
  9. +5
    29 August 2018 11: 37
    Quote: Andrey Yurievich
    Well, who is against raising the retirement age?

    good good good Yes hi
  10. The comment was deleted.
    1. +3
      29 August 2018 16: 53
      Quote: Wayar
      A very useful car! So that all these "oppositionists" from small (schoolchildren) to old (pensioners) know their place. We also need to supply such things to Belarus. And then we have here the "5th column" completely unraveled, remembered their MOV and that they are proud Lithuanians, whom the Mokovites bowed to on Poklonnaya Gora near Moscow! To their wall.

      And why Belarus? But father uses domestic:

      Yes, yes, yes ... police MAZ.
  11. +4
    29 August 2018 12: 38
    In the USSR, police squads and military patrols went out on patrols, albeit with weapons, but without ammunition. The first police batons were shocking. They were nicknamed "democratizers". How far we have stepped along the path of freedom and democracy!
    1. Cat
      29 August 2018 14: 52
      Yes you what? Straight without ammunition !!!
      As a cop in the fifth generation I can firmly tell you, the procedure for issuing weapons initially involves the receipt of ammunition. Maximum service weapon without cartridges can only be obtained by passing tests.
      Seriously, in Soviet times and now, employees tried not to receive service weapons and special equipment when joining the service. Since the power of the word as a persuasion is and was the most effective "Makarov pistol". And the weapon is trite - it's an extra smut.
      By the way, a policeman with a cucumber in cabaret is not a joke, but the standard of living of a village policeman in the USSR. Today, a policeman with a weapon walks at random, control and control again. Although individuals who can enter the service with pneumatics, and leave the service card in the safe, also occur.
      1. +1
        29 August 2018 21: 25
        In what position did you serve, on earth?
    2. -3
      29 August 2018 23: 41
      Quote: iouris
      How far we have stepped along the path of freedom and democracy!

      Democracy, for your information, is, first of all, firmness in carrying out the decisions made and readiness to bring them to the end, no matter what.
    3. +1
      30 August 2018 22: 32
      With weapons and without ammunition - this is to present this weapon to bandits.

      Those who carry weapons for self-defense (not in Russia) know that it is legal to use weapons and to protect the weapon itself when trying to take it away.
  12. +5
    29 August 2018 14: 09
    I don’t understand something. Why in a country where the unity of "the people and the party" has reached unprecedented proportions, where "only the Sun at the Vorto, immediately a thought - but as a people", such machines? And this phrase: "Based on the results of experimental operation ..." And who are the experimental subjects? Where is the riot in the country of "general approval"? The conclusion suggests itself that Rosgvardia knows more and sees further.
    1. 0
      30 August 2018 15: 57
      What for ?!
      Yes, so that the same triumph of true "freedom" and democracy does NOT come,
      from which you personally, an erudite person, seemingly, for the fifth year still
      drag and drag, like that boa constrictor you yourself know from what: - (((
    2. 0
      30 August 2018 22: 34
      But they came in large numbers. Go beyond the rupe to portray the crowd. Then a provocateur. Then it started. Blood spilled and ...

      Here, chill.
      1. -1
        4 November 2018 13: 19
        And that was the second thought! The crowd, the provocateur, the explosive charge, perhaps not one, the rioting OMON ...
        And away we go! As I understand it, cumulatively this wall easily breaks through.
  13. +3
    29 August 2018 14: 54
    The main thing is that the Russian proletariat would not become an adversary of such machines, which would have nothing left but its shackles. The latest changes in taxes and fees for 4 years and the ruble exchange rate so far lead to this.
  14. +1
    29 August 2018 16: 19
    Very timely development!
    Grandmothers and grandfathers just won’t prevail.
  15. +1
    29 August 2018 20: 29
    We need machine guns. And flamethrowers. More sharp saws below. You can also put two Relights and equip one or two Caliber. Zircon will not hurt. All for the people for his own money.
    1. -2
      30 August 2018 15: 53
      Your opinion will be taken into account.
      And then DO NOT be offended, because they themselves have gotten into trouble :-)))
  16. -2
    29 August 2018 23: 46
    The special-purpose vehicle Shield, presented last year, had a water-jet installation for non-lethal impact on “soft targets”. According to the results of trial operation, it was decided to abandon this device.

    They refused the water cannon correctly. Already have special water jet machines. Yes, and not necessarily he will be able to cool the ardor of fans jumping on the Maidan, especially in the warm season.
    But the flamethrower would be very handy. And then these guys are used to the fact that only they can throw Molotov cocktails at the police and burn people alive, as in Odessa, and in return nothing of the sort will arrive. The prospect of roasting will make any maidan run away.
    1. -1
      30 August 2018 22: 37
      A flamethrower is not possible from the word "absolutely".

      Well, a sound gun with infrasound mode would be nice.

      They would immediately run away. It is impossible to withstand it. You plug your ears, but the sound penetrates the body and bones.
      1. -1
        4 November 2018 13: 24
        But it really didn’t hurt b. And kept at a distance.
  17. 0
    30 August 2018 11: 37
    Now you need to close the border, but now those who are dissatisfied will start leaving for permanent residence abroad, and who will pay taxes to the country, next year a new yacht, a diamond cruise, will go out, helik has risen in price by half a million, real estate in Spain has risen in price, so the Russians should strain, it’s worthless it’s poor for the Russian elite to live, they’re not used to it, they’ll disappear.
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. 0
    30 August 2018 15: 49
    Too complicated and expensive.
    Wise KETAI comrades almost 30 years ago on the TienAnMen
    in 1989, they perfectly demonstrated that with these tasks
    old ones cope - good T-54 / T-55.
    Raise thousands of "fifty-fifths" from conservation and after the minimum required maintenance
    it will be possible to mass spread on asphalt with a thin layer of all kinds of
    snotty-pimple heaped, non-living liberalists with good faces, fake
    Klubnichnyh tipO commies and other fiery fighters for the happiness of the people
    for the good of Uncle Sam and the State Department :-)))
    It will be really cheap and cheerful.
    1. -3
      30 August 2018 16: 25
      So, in order to boost the economy, it is not enough to transfer the fifth column - you still need to provide industry with orders. So everything is correct.
    2. +2
      30 August 2018 22: 39
      And you do not need any restructuring, publicity and loss of territory.

      The Chinese know how to learn from someone else's experience, and the Ukrainians -.
  20. 0
    1 September 2018 17: 03
    This is for those who are not confused. as well as for those who are against all reforms. the pension deal will not stop, here the authorities are preparing in advance
  21. 0
    1 September 2018 17: 05
    Quote: Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich
    Too complicated and expensive

    and when did the authorities save on their security? especially my money?
  22. 0
    1 September 2018 17: 17
    This is for those who are not messed up. as well as against all reforms, pension is only the beginning. here the authorities are preparing in advance.
  23. 0
    1 September 2018 17: 20
    Quote: BABA SHURA
    Are these pension machines?

    this is a machine for distributing cots, to those who require pensions
  24. 0
    6 September 2018 10: 55
    why was the Russian Guard created ?? ! -for?! .. TO fight with their own people ... If that goes on. I'm afraid it will be necessary to put armored shields on these Kamaz trucks ... from bullets.
  25. 0
    6 September 2018 10: 57
    and who interestingly came up with the name PUNISHER? !!! for an armored car. The punisher is everyone who knows ... That is, they perceive the people as alien people .. and they are punishers, ..?! ! chtol occupants? ! so it turns out
  26. 0
    7 September 2018 07: 21
    Article 282, the National Guard, “Wall” - long live globalism and the “pillar way” of civilization!
  27. 0
    28 October 2018 22: 17
    This thing is needed primarily in order to reduce injuries on both sides in the case of kipish.
  28. 0
    28 October 2018 22: 18
    Hmm. Everything for the people for their own money. I think that if you bombard this thing from several sides with Molotov cocktails, then the fire extinguishing system can be satiated and overcome. Nobody will rush to the flaming car for fire extinguishers. Rubber wheels and hoses will burn out, the machine will fail. There are shots as on the Maidan BTR burned. There, about 15 bottles flew into it at once.
  29. 0
    31 October 2018 22: 24
    Everything for the people, but what do our bosses and their dogs leave for themselves? Only curly-haired, and families in London?
    Sorry for them.
  30. 0
    4 November 2018 12: 52
    Quote: Andrey Yurievich

    Well, who is against raising the retirement age?

    Unfortunately, this is the first thought that arises when reading an article. am
  31. 0
    24 November 2018 13: 58
    Oprichniki. Actually the Russian Guard is the enemy of the people!
  32. 0
    8 July 2019 15: 02
    The fairy tale is chipoline in action, everything for the people, at the request of the people, everything for intimidation of the country, the lemon prince is satisfied.

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