Europe is crying from migrants. Who provokes racism in the EU countries?

Over the past two decades, uncontrolled migration has become a true social catastrophe for many European countries. Of course, problems with migrants from Asia and Africa have occurred in Europe before, but they were much smaller. Now, given the scale of migration, they have acquired such a character that the authorities of the EU countries and ordinary Europeans can no longer close their eyes to them.

Europe is crying from migrants. Who provokes racism in the EU countries?

It is known that the places of compact residence of diasporas of immigrants from Asian and African countries turn into peculiar ghettos, and if there are too many migrants, the face of cities changes beyond recognition. Marseille has never been a mono-national city, but now you will not understand at first sight whether it is France or West Africa. Only one small Belgium in the last ten years has received at least a million migrants from Africa and Asia. You can imagine how they changed the life and lifestyle of cozy Belgian towns. For example, Molenbeek, where a huge number of people from African and Asian countries now live, is considered the most disadvantaged and dangerous area of ​​Brussels. Native Belgians are doing everything possible to move away from the area. Only in one Molenbeck live at least 150 thousand migrants - and this is according to official data, and there can be much more illegal immigrants.

Quarters inhabited by legal and illegal migrants turn into epicenters of street crime, drug trafficking and, even more terrible, into bases for extremist groups. It is among the migrants that international terrorist organizations recruit the perpetrators of their bloody terrorist attacks, which have become frequent in European cities. For example, in the aforementioned Molenbeek in Brussels, there are open offices of various foundations and organizations funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. By the way, from 2 to 4 thousands of Belgians of Arab and African descent fought in Syria and Iraq in the ranks of terrorist groups. Many of them later returned to their “new home” - to the Molenbek district. Some neighborhoods inhabited by migrants are in fact not controlled by the police, which fears to go there not only and not so much because of the heightened risk of resistance of the perpetrators, but because of possible problems with human rights defenders.

Naturally, such a state of affairs entails far from the most positive consequences for the political life of Europe. In European countries, there is a revival of nationalistic and even racist attitudes at the household level, and politicians are increasingly talking about the need to restrict migration and argue that a large number of migrants can lead European civilization to collapse. At the same time, the emphasis is often placed on the incompatibility of the cultural values ​​of Europeans and visitors. For example, in Hungary, the country's leadership says openly that the arrival of a large number of migrants threatens the traditional way of life of the Hungarian population, Christian values. Politicians of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland talk about the same words.

Now it is in Eastern Europe that the authorities are the hardest-minded toward migrants. In Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the opinions of officials and the people on the issue of migration generally converge. This is explained not only by the fact that Eastern European countries have always had a tendency to nationalism and have sought to mono-ethnic composition of the population, but also numerous economic and social problems. The leaders of these countries remind the European Union that first they would like to solve their own problems, and not to place a huge number of refugees and migrants on their territory. In the European Union, Eastern European countries have long become “dissidents” on the migration issue, and this situation will continue until Brussels “changes the record” regarding refugee accommodation and migration policies in general.

However, now the countries of Eastern Europe began to catch up and Western European states. One of the first desire to put an end to illegal migration was Italy. This country is the first target of African migrants swimming in the shabby little ships of the Mediterranean Sea. Getting to the Tunisian or Libyan coast of the Mediterranean, people from Congo and Mali, Chad and Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan, at their own risk and risk, sail by boat and boat to the Italian coast. Now the Coast Guard has begun to wrap such vessels back. So what to do?

Although the leadership of the European Union persistently promotes the ideology of tolerance, ordinary Europeans are no less explicit in making it clear that they do not share it and are not going to share it. This applies even to law enforcement officers, who are ideologically treated very closely. But the police are working “on the ground”, they do not live in the most prestigious neighborhoods, and they themselves perfectly see the consequences of the growth of uncontrolled and illegal migration. Therefore, when a sociological survey of the attitudes of police personnel was conducted in the Netherlands, sociologists were extremely surprised by its results - it turns out that more than 60% of police officers do not see anything wrong in stopping people to check documents on the basis of their race or nationality. Interestingly, exactly the same results were obtained by the polls of ordinary Dutch - 64% of respondents answered that they consider the detention of migrants as a preventive method of fighting crime to be acceptable.

Of course, an ethnic Dutchman can join a terrorist organization, but there is much more chance that a native of an Asian or African country will do that. The Dutch are not alone - in the UK more than half of the British respondents also consider it necessary that greater attention from the police be shown to people of Arab and African appearance. If this is racism, then only those groups of the population whose representatives were too active in street robberies and fights, rape and drug trafficking, terrorism and riots are guilty of it.

However, the problem of migration in Europe has already gone too far. If new migrants can not be allowed into European countries, including by force, if illegal migrants can be identified and deported, even if significant police efforts are needed for this, then how about those migrants who already acquired citizenship gave birth to children in European countries , which, it turns out, the new indigenous people? In fact, not only recently arrived migrants, but also children and even grandchildren of migrants are now a big problem for the sociocultural unity of European society.

In France, sociologists have long paid attention to the problem of the second generation of migrants. If migrants - parents who came to France at one time, tried to get a job, integrate into a new society, then their children were ultimately useless to anyone, socially deprived, and this led them either to the criminal path or to extremist organizations. For example, the brothers Said and Sheriff Kouachi, who committed a loud terrorist attack in the office of the editorial board of Charlie Hebdo, were born into a family of Algerian immigrants, but lost their parents early and were brought up in a shelter. All their childhood was spent in France, this country was their homeland. But the brothers Kouashi, having matured, went down an inclined path - random earnings, which do not require special qualifications, drug use, petty crime, and then recruitment to a terrorist organization.

For the descendants of migrants, their national origin becomes the important way of self-identification, which allows them to separate themselves from the indigenous population, who still does not accept them, and even put themselves above the “depraved” Europeans, to emphasize their otherness. In addition, the “return to the roots” is very useful in a practical sense - by associating with diasporas, such descendants of migrants can earn money, find support and protection in conflict situations.

Migrants are accustomed to meet with sympathy and help from the left-liberal public. Many European political activists are literally obsessed with the ideas of tolerance, acting even to the detriment of their own fellow citizens. The rights and interests of a completely stranger who came from Afghanistan or Somalia and who are not going to integrate into European society, work and study, are more important for them than the safety and comfort of the indigenous population. As a result, we become witnesses of a paradoxical attitude towards rapists, including those who violate adolescents and children - such would-be human rights activists try to justify them with the most ridiculous arguments, including exposing the victims of crimes themselves to be guilty.

Naturally, most in this situation goes to the police. Should a policeman use force or weapon against rebellious street hooligans or criminals, as attacks on all fronts immediately begin - statements by human rights activists and liberal politicians, street protests by leftists, riots and pogroms organized by the migrants themselves. This situation does not like the police. A spokesman for the National Police Alliance in France, Valerie Mourier, emphasizes that the police are tired of this misunderstanding. Not only do they take daily risks, being on the guard of order, they also become the object of attack from all sorts of human rights defenders.

At the same time, it is hardly possible to talk about the existence of racism in modern Europe in the form in which it was shared, for example, by American Kukluksklanites or South African nationalists. Europeans are suspicious of Arab and African migrants, not because they have dark or dark complexion, but because the behavior of many migrants goes against European rules of behavior, cultural values ​​and legislation. Simply put, Europeans are afraid of migrants because of the numerous street crimes, terrorist acts, and involvement in the drug business. If a European has any means, he will do everything possible to move out of the area where many African or Middle Eastern migrants live.

Meanwhile, the migrants themselves are far from loyal to the Europeans who have adopted them. Most often, they treat them scornfully or scornfully, considering them too weak, depraved, cowardly. People who grew up in traditional societies in Africa or the Middle East, it is difficult to get used to the European patterns of behavior. For Europeans, in turn, such customs of migrants as female recruitment or circumcision of girls, domestic slavery, polygamy, the practice of marriage without the girl’s consent seem inadmissible. To conceal, the police of most European countries actually close their eyes to what is happening inside the diasporas, allowing migrants to live as they see fit. But in the migrant environment, such an approach only contributes to an even greater conviction in the weakness of the Europeans.

The same descendants of migrants who were born and raised in France and Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain, if they could not advance higher in the social hierarchy and remained in the lower strata of society, begin to focus on their fellow tribesmen who had recently arrived in Europe. They seem to them more brutal, active, organized. Migrants of the second and third generation very much want to once again become “their own board” among modern migrants of the first wave. Hence, the revival of interest in national traditions, and the tendency to support religious and extremist ideas. That is, in fact, we can talk about the appearance in Europe of “racism the other way around,” in which the white person becomes the victim. And this is true - it is enough to compare, for example, the number of European women who have been raped by migrants and the number of African or Asian women raped by Europeans.

It is clear that such behavior of some migrants will sooner or later give birth to real opposition from the population of Europe. Moreover, due to individual criminals, rapists, drug dealers, quite respectable people from among migrants who simply planned to live and work in European countries will suffer. Now, European elites have no choice anymore - either they will begin to restrict migration and more strictly control the migrant environment, or in the foreseeable future they will be swept away by alternative nationalist political forces. After all, the nationalists are gaining more and more political weight in European countries, which is associated with the growing support of the population.

If in Europe the political pendulum swings to the right again and radical nationalists come to power, then not the illiterate migrants from developing African and Asian countries, but those modern European politicians who supported the “open doors” policy would be the first to blame. European countries unlimited number of migrants, not thinking about the present and the future.
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  1. +7
    29 August 2018 14: 06
    There is a feeling that on the issue of mass migration of residents of North Africa and BV, the point of no return for Europe has already been passed. And passed a long time.
    It will only get worse.
    1. +4
      29 August 2018 14: 14
      The protest against migrants, the new reconquest is already different!
      Will be further? Only it does not seem that everything will end peacefully and piously.
      1. +7
        29 August 2018 14: 24
        Quote: rocket757
        Will be further? Only it does not seem that everything will end peacefully and piously.

        Last month, talked with a friend, he just returned from Germany. He lived there (near the border with Switzerland) for about six months, went to work. Many told interesting. In particular, that in some cities almost every second - with dark skin and Arab appearance. What is more or less normal only in small towns, where the percentage of visitors is small (for now). That Germany of the 2006 model of the year (when he first went there) and Germany of the 2018 model of the year are two completely different countries, and the comparison is not in favor of the current situation. About Paris said that in the suburbs the police on armored personnel carriers patrols and does not go outside unless absolutely necessary. Swiss praised, Swiss Strong in the migrant issue. But you need to tell about it separately) They are generally interested in everything))
      2. +3
        29 August 2018 14: 55
        . The protest against migrants, the new reconquest is already diverse!
        Will be further? Only it does not seem that everything will end peacefully and piously.

        Yesterday there was a protest against nationalism in defense of migrants. The next one will be, I believe migrants protest against the oppression of migrants
        1. +5
          29 August 2018 16: 08
          The next one will be a protest of migrants against the local population.
          1. +3
            29 August 2018 17: 45
            Quote: MoJloT
            The next one will be a protest of migrants against the local population.

            The protest of freshly arrived migrants against second-generation migrants :))
            1. 0
              29 August 2018 17: 47
              And the protest of migrants of the first wave against the third)) and all together against the infidels.
              1. +3
                29 August 2018 17: 54
                Quote: MoJloT
                And the protest of migrants of the first wave against the third))

                Aha) It means that on the Munich "road" two huge crowds of identical Arabs are standing opposite each other, from the same crowd shouts: "Come in large numbers here! Bring back to your Syria!" And from another crowd in response: "Got drunk in general! We want that too, by the way!"
                1. +2
                  29 August 2018 18: 04
                  We are waiting for slogans from them - enough to feed the European.
      3. +2
        29 August 2018 15: 01
        It’s too late to drink Borjomi when the migrants settled. Good Germans, it’s time to flee to Russia!
        1. +9
          29 August 2018 16: 11
          Will we change the awl for soap? Blacks, Arabs on rhinos with slanting? Do we have a better situation?
      4. +2
        29 August 2018 18: 23
        Quote: rocket757
        The protest against migrants, the new reconquest is already different!

        You are a little mistaken (like the Europeans) over time - a new reconquista, according to the Islamists, has been going on for a long time, and they "answer" it.
        1. +1
          30 August 2018 09: 55
          I agree that the term "reconquista" has a definition that does not essentially coincide with the current situation!
          However, they use it for a red word, I know what does not match, sometimes we write what they want to hear, it happens.
          Labor migration, refugees from areas of military conflict, etc. ... another wave.
          All the same, Europe, which we know, will come from Kydets, if they do not strain to the fullest!
    2. +6
      29 August 2018 14: 17
      Uh-huh ... and Notre Dame Mosque will become a documentary book.
      1. 0
        29 August 2018 18: 24
        Quote: Alexey RA
        Uh-huh ... and Notre Dame Mosque will become a documentary book.

        So far there are only prerequisites for this, but not the actual possibility ...
    3. -3
      29 August 2018 14: 21
      Not passed, Fedor Egoist, - in GeDeeRii try so to speak, there and the Germans are not yet "intolerant", like the West, and do not forget about our "SSER" migrants - these are even more tough migrants - "we won't leave ours"... wink
      1. +5
        29 August 2018 15: 30
        At the very least, the Germans are pensioners returnees back and forth, here we have settled permanently! They say so themselves. There was one family next door, now three. Pleasant people in every way, but about the Muslim Reich they speak completely Russian, deep and understandable .... nothing to quote!
        1. +3
          29 August 2018 17: 17
          With such a pace, Europeans will soon begin to migrate to America, Russia, Belarus, northern Kazakhstan, etc. laughing
    4. The comment was deleted.
  2. +8
    29 August 2018 14: 13
    Europe has too much rejected the pendulum of tolerance, but gradually this applied force has dried up. The pendulum is still moving by inertia, but the laws of physics will take their toll and it will fly in the opposite direction. Tolerance will be replaced by Nazism / fascism, is already coming. In Eastern Europe, these processes have already begun. It's time to stock up on popcorn and cynicism. Mass thinning of the European population is expected.
    1. +7
      29 August 2018 14: 58
      I'm afraid it will not be good for us either. Europeans still do not understand, but they have already lost the war. They now have two ways - to leave things as they are, because even restricting migration will not fix the situation, or a fantastic way to expel most visitors. They now can’t even cancel the social program for them, they immediately run into wild riots in cities. It is good for us that the eastern Europe kicks. If they are also sold, in the future we will get such a wild hemorrhoids at the borders that oh oh oh!
      1. +3
        29 August 2018 17: 21
        A new hitler may also appear, which is also not good.
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. 0
      29 August 2018 18: 26
      Quote: Yrec
      The pendulum is still moving by inertia, but the laws of physics will take their own and it will fly in the opposite direction. In place of tolerance will come Nazism / Fascism, is already coming. In Eastern Europe, these processes have already begun.

      The pendulum is no longer moving by inertia, went kachok the other way - from Britain (one of the reasons for leaving the EU which was the terrible influx of migrants) and Denmark (which adopted rigid anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic laws) to Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia and Hungary.
  3. +4
    29 August 2018 14: 26
    Ie stupid gayropeyts still still do not understand that the mark of their problems is Made in USA?
    and with the prefix ...
    1. +1
      29 August 2018 15: 52
      This American passion for experimentation will make Europe a new prison of nations. Migrants will turn the European community into a criminal gathering, where gangs and authorities will rule not governments and parties. negative
      1. -1
        29 August 2018 18: 07
        Such a country already exists, so they will need to come up with a new name, Russia is already taken.
  4. 0
    29 August 2018 14: 53
    Uncles, and who are we all minus here? Those who are prevented from raping women in the squares?
  5. 0
    29 August 2018 15: 02
    Our migrants somehow dissolve in cities. It seems that you see them often, but I have never seen many in my city at once. In one place.
    1. +2
      29 August 2018 15: 08
      Do you have a metro in the city?
      1. +2
        29 August 2018 15: 10
        In mine not. But quite often I move around the cities where it is) I apparently did not put it very correctly. I'm talking about places of residence)
        1. +4
          29 August 2018 15: 20
          Illegal dormitories are scammed. The crowd does not go
          1. +2
            29 August 2018 15: 22
            There is one. But this is police work. We had a case about 7-8 years ago with an attempted rape, so their ranks were so thin that they are still quiet.
          2. -1
            29 August 2018 15: 25
            Just the opposite, the crowd and go with knives and pester women.
            1. +1
              29 August 2018 15: 32
              Then you need to write to the prosecutor's office a collective, at least two or three, and in the media in everything. Do not even try to approach the district police officer. This is his fault. Thinn like a rake and will be quiet. The crowd is only finished. These houses don’t have a family; they didn’t come to work
              1. 0
                29 August 2018 16: 20
                I beg you, writing is useless.
                1. +1
                  29 August 2018 17: 28
                  Our visitors were quickly put in place, now they go around looking around and are quietly whispering aside !!! laughing
                  1. 0
                    29 August 2018 21: 39
                    Where do you live in Kazakhstan?
                2. 0
                  29 August 2018 17: 28
                  It’s strange. The prosecutor’s office always reacts to this.
                  1. +4
                    29 August 2018 17: 38
                    So far, it’s not a complete crime i.e. until they say they killed you they won’t do anything (and after that it’s not a fact). Next, just a couple of words from different sources.
                    ... The head of the Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow, Vadim Yakovenko, speaking at the board of the SSU, admitted that the real crime rate among migrants in Moscow is much higher than statistics show, and can reach 60-70% of the total number of crimes.
                    If we take the general statistics and divide by the number of rapes who commit them, then 75% are committed by visitors from outside the Moscow region. Of these, 90% are from Asian countries: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, - RIA Novosti quotes the words of a high-ranking representative of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department ...
                    I can assume that the remaining percent of criminals who fell into the category of Russians are not Russians for the most part, but all the same rhinos only with citizenship.
    2. +3
      29 August 2018 18: 04
      visit Red Square on New Year’s Eve, from the Russians, only a riot police cordon and another five percent inside laughing
      visited 10 years ago for the first and last time, more of these ideas did not arise
  6. 0
    29 August 2018 15: 29
    Quote: cariperpaint
    In mine not. But quite often I move around the cities where it is) I apparently did not put it very correctly. I'm talking about places of residence)

    and you can at the sight distinguish a Tajik .., a Syrian, an Indian, from Bashkir, a citizen of the Russian Federation, by the way?
    1. +1
      29 August 2018 17: 27
      Hindu can be identified. I don’t think about the rest. Although here of course who studied what)
    2. 0
      29 August 2018 17: 31
      Bashkirs are typical Asians and are very different from the above. hi
      1. 0
        29 August 2018 18: 08
        Well, for that I can distinguish Japanese from Chinese))))))
  7. 0
    29 August 2018 16: 03
    This is only the beginning of the real EU problems caused by an uncontrolled influx of refugees.
  8. -1
    29 August 2018 16: 05
    At least 150 thousand migrants live in Molenbek alone

    laughing I can’t, in a city with a population of 100 thousand - 150 thousand migrants live, and the population of the city has not actually changed since 2010.
    In just one small Belgium, at least a million migrants from Africa and Asia have arrived in the last ten years.

    That is, if I understood correctly, then 1/4 of these immigrants who came to Europe went to Belgium laughing
    Dear Author, what is the purpose of the article?
  9. +1
    29 August 2018 17: 39
    in Hungary, the country's leadership openly says that the arrival of a large number of migrants threatens the traditional way of life of the Hungarian population, Christian values. The politicians of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland argue with approximately the same words.
    It turns out there are smart people / states.
  10. +2
    29 August 2018 18: 43
    What to poke in Europe, we have exactly the same problems on the way.
  11. +2
    29 August 2018 22: 27
    Sorry, but - completely sneeze on Europe. feel
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. -1
    3 September 2018 11: 11
    This problem has roots in European politics and centuries of colonial robbery. Scattered pebbles, but now it's time to collect. And sympathizing with you is not handy in Russia for us. Themselves have suffered too much from your aggression.
  14. 0
    4 September 2018 23: 07
    The EU will not fall apart from Russian aggression or the economic crisis; migrants will fall apart.
  15. 0
    8 September 2018 03: 47
    It seems that Merkel is a Cossack of mattresses. With the hands of migrants, the EU can be turned into Bangladesh with small enclaves of the local population. Drive Europeans on the reservation)))

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