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On John McCain's Death

Senator John McCain (senator since 82 of the year!), One of Russia's most prominent haters, died of brain cancer at 1986 year of life. What an example of the irremovability of power in the United States, despite all the democratic sobs about its alleged turnover in the institutions of democracy! Until his very last day, John was in a combat position in the US Congress, and did everything he could to annoy Russia. He explained this with great love for America, and its sacred right to dictate its rules of the game to everyone in the world.

The world's largest “democracies”: Bandera’s Ukraine, Georgia, Poland and the Baltic republics called McCain their hero, and expressed deepest condolences over his death, this suggests that these “democracies” became full colonies of the United States, as McCain bequeathed.

Other countries of the victorious “democracy” limited themselves to deep condolences, US President Donald Trump gave dry condolences on Twitter, and forbade giving the White House a heroic press release on McCain, Russia is the main subject of John’s dislike, and did not officially notice his death. This disrespect for the deceased is replaced by materials in the press, where he is paid tribute.

More McCain will not offend anyone, and he insulted many, not only Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, but even President Barack Obama, the Nobel laureate, when he was still in office. A lot is seen at a distance: Obama deservedly received the Nobel Peace Prize, but not for what he was formally awarded for. Obama won the presidential election of McCain in 2008, otherwise the world could not live to see his death. Obama, one might say, saved the world from the sacred wars of McCain for "democracy", or at least delayed them, letting down the brakes of the "color revolutions", although under the control of the same McCain.

Former US Air Force Colonel McCain, shot down in the skies of Vietnam, loved to fight, and fought until the end of his days even in the Congressman’s chair. In this way, he dreamed of getting to Vladimir Putin. “I’m coming to see you, Vladimir!” Said McCain when, with their color revolutions-coup d'etat, one Arab state in the Middle East poured one after the other. He did not reach Russia, he reached only Ukraine, but he nevertheless reached the border. As Hitler's field marshal Manstein managed to get to the bank of the Volga.

The giant contribution of McCain to the coup d'état in Ukraine is undoubted, his portrait rightfully stands next to the portrait of Bandera among local neo-Nazis. He personally visited the Kiev Euromaidan, he saw the creation of his hands, but he no longer sees what the creation of his hands will end in, which is somewhat pitiful. It is not difficult to foresee the perpetuation of McCain by his fans in Kiev in the form of renaming a street, albeit temporary.

By the way, Vladimir Putin heard McCain screaming from the Middle East, and gave him a later characterization in a television interview with American director Oliver Stone. Not at all offensive, not mirror. Putin called McCain a patriot of America, who "always fights for her interests," but he has lost his course. Why did Putin respond so mildly to McCain? Maybe because he was "off the course" and by his efforts knocks America off course?

They say there was no happiness, but misfortune helped! - this is about McCain. Thanks to his efforts, the United States is so rapidly losing its influence in the Middle East: no one anywhere in the world loves gosudorotorotchik! Except for a few exceptions, like Ukraine.

Paradox: McCain did a lot to rid Russia of democratic and liberal Western illusions, and thus to become independent of the West of Russia. Only a clever enemy is really dangerous, and McCains can always be dealt with, they are easily calculated.

The enemy, who shouts that he is an enemy, is almost your accomplice, you just need to send him right, Vladimir Putin said. This is what happened to John McCain, whom some of our evil tongues call Colonel Makeyev Ivan Ivanovich, who burned out untimely at work.

One of the buildings of the US Congress proposes to be named after John McCain, apparently immortalized. There are still a lot of McCains left in Congress, at his age and with as yet undiagnosed brain cancer, which are affected throughout America!
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 29 August 2018 18: 04
    yes he went to hell ...
    1. 210ox
      210ox 29 August 2018 18: 26
      Our liberals are the first to mourn near the tomb ..
    2. sabakina
      sabakina 29 August 2018 18: 35
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      yes he went to hell ...

      Yes? never say never!
      1. Black sniper
        Black sniper 29 August 2018 19: 13
        At 82, Senator John McCain (a senator since 1986!), One of Russia’s most brilliant haters, died of brain cancer.
        That’s the joy of what, one mra .... yu became less, and in honor of this, in the Russian Federation they could organize a day off !!! lol
        1. 210ox
          210ox 29 August 2018 19: 37
          A holiday due to falling? Let's not go down to the level of our cave enemies.
          1. Strategia
            Strategia 29 August 2018 20: 36
            Feast of the fall

            Because of ... I hoped that during my vacation the local generals would learn to write without mistakes ... "Dreams, dreams! / Where is your sweetness? ..."
            1. 210ox
              210ox 29 August 2018 21: 02
              Thank you for correcting. On the merits of the article have something to say?
        2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Alexkorzun
      Alexkorzun 29 August 2018 22: 54
      Colleagues ... Colleagues, at least somebody, be men. McCain was an enemy, but an enemy worthy, frank, unpretentious and not sub-prime. Everything spoke in person and at once. As for Obama ...
      "..... but even President Barack Obama, the Nobel laureate ....." - what's wrong with you, you really consider this monkey, put on time, the US PRESIDENT ???????
      You really don’t understand, they stuck it to the crowd (elohtoratu) as a handout .... And they all enticed subsequently so that the people and thoughts did not have to choose BLACK. I do not even perceive Obama as a decision-making entity. And here is McCain = the enemy. But man. read how he sat with the Vietnamese. He didn’t surrender anyone, he jabbed over them, although it cost him very, very ...

      PS I'm not a liberal at all, and I can’t stand their spirit .... But let’s remain PEOPLE.
      1. kit88
        kit88 30 August 2018 13: 04
        Worthy was the enemy. Seasoned.
        Such should be immediately - in a clean field - facing the wall and bullet in the forehead.
        Then it is worthy to bury, all the same, not Judas, but a patriot, albeit from an enemy army.
  2. Terenin
    Terenin 29 August 2018 18: 24
    At 82, Senator John McCain (senator!), One of Russia’s most prominent haters, died of brain cancer.
    That's all, this text is enough for me!
    1. Russia
      Russia 29 August 2018 18: 38
      Gena, welcome hi! Kabsdoh trampled the earth for too long, even if it was American, and managed to inherit everywhere.
      1. Terenin
        Terenin 29 August 2018 18: 46
        Quote: Rusland
        Gena, welcome hi! Kabsdoh trampled the earth for too long, even if it was American, and managed to inherit everywhere.

        Hello Vital hi ... Yes, I repeat once again that if there is an afterlife, then, in hell, he is fried on a hole with holes for all the thousands of children, women and old people whom he destroyed around the world by "carpet" bombing.
        1. Horon
          Horon 29 August 2018 20: 23
          fried on a holey hole

          No need to carry the slap on the workers of the lower world! A vat of butter is a whole butter, and they don’t save firewood, and while they curse it, they won’t save!
          PS Although, even existing ones will be enough for the next thousand years. bully
  3. Phil77
    Phil77 29 August 2018 18: 29
    Guys, didn’t you have a chance? They found a hero of our time, but he was not marked by anything except cave Russophobia! Well, are there really no worthy people in Russia about whom you can and should write? !!
  4. Paul Bayan
    Paul Bayan 29 August 2018 18: 31
    How much time has passed, but they have already forgotten about the loss. I will say the words of the measureless Igor Fedorovich Letov: When you die you will all be forgotten !!! Let the earth be glassy to him. Aluminum!
  5. Jack O'Neill
    Jack O'Neill 29 August 2018 20: 45
    About the dead, either good or nothing.
    Rest in peace.
    1. SETTGF
      SETTGF 2 September 2018 20: 25
      Jack O'Neill! It is ugly to misinterpret the words of Chilo - "About the dead it is either good, or nothing but the truth." The truth is always told about the dead, including about the villains ...
  6. Comrade
    Comrade 29 August 2018 20: 50
    It is a pity that Gorbachev did not take along with Soros.
    1. andron-30
      andron-30 29 August 2018 23: 35
      these demons did not last long, it's time to daddy .............
  7. andron-30
    andron-30 29 August 2018 21: 09
    five years tortured by the "executioners" of Vietnam McCain, and he lived and shit after all the torture for many decades, the "executioners" of Vietnam do not work well, take an example from the beloved and so democratic prison Guantanomo, after torture in which, Senator McCain could (if he would be lucky) to shit only for yourself, and not around the world, choose Satan's punishment for the milder this "peacemaker" so that his torments would be eternal, he truly deserved it, this is demanded by millions of victims of his "peacemaking" meal.
    1. Avior
      Avior 31 August 2018 01: 03
      "executioners" of Vietnam McCain
      strongly regret his death, a long time ago a monument was erected to him and I carry flowers to him and the US Embassy.
  8. Igor Strakh
    Igor Strakh 29 August 2018 22: 43
    If I were the Russians, I would now erect a monument to Yura Trushechkin in front of the American embassy. And what is normal. They call the streets in front of the embassy in front of the embassy by the name of Nemtsov, the Davlatov Brodskys - and here is our answer to "Chamberlain"
  9. krops777
    krops777 30 August 2018 03: 03
    One can see a lot from a distance: Obama deservedly received the Nobel Peace Prize, but not for what he was formally awarded.

    Well, well-deserved, because he unleashed the war in Libya, he continued to kill people in Afghanistan and Iraq, increased the cultivation and production of drugs tenfold, expanded terrorism in Syria to a monstrous scale, and there were many more things like a white dove of peace.
  10. parusnik
    parusnik 30 August 2018 09: 32
    In place of McCain, it’s the turn of his kind ... The name is legion to them .. The squad will not notice, the loss of a fighter and the US anthem will sing to the end ...
  11. Altona
    Altona 30 August 2018 09: 49
    There is such a film ... Inglourious ub-people is about him, about McCain.
  12. Altona
    Altona 30 August 2018 09: 50
    Quote: Jack O'Neill
    About the dead, either good or nothing.
    Rest in peace.

    Or the truth. You, as I understand it, the devil’s lawyer.
  13. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 30 August 2018 10: 50
    McCain is a traitor and that's why, when he was captured by the Vietnamese, they gutted him completely, and he himself "sang a lot" to the Vietnamese military in order to save his skin. And now the question is, how many American soldiers and officers died from this betrayal, I think the count will go to thousands of people, how much material resources the states lost from these McCain songs. If the American PEOPLE do not see it or do not know, then they are stupid and stupid. Let their brains turn on.
  14. X Y Z
    X Y Z 30 August 2018 11: 01
    Well, the Americans who call McCain a patriot and a hero. But I do not understand the Russians, who also consider him a patriot of America. His entire biography cries out that McCain was the patriot of only one person - D. McCain, an admiral's son and grandson, born with a golden spoon in his mouth. And since America provided him with a comfortable and burdensome existence, he simultaneously defended its interests, sometimes spoiling his own homeland. A true patriot cannot lead such a life and treats his country like McCain did.
  15. Avior
    Avior 31 August 2018 00: 47
    unpleasant to read mockery of the deceased sad
    all the more so as a person he was not at all unambiguous.

    In Vietnam, he is a national hero practically at the place where he landed, when they shot down, a monument was erected.
    The Vietnamese consider his role decisive in establishing normal relations between the United States and Vietnam.
    Vietnamese carry flowers to the monument and the US Embassy.

    And in relation to the Russians he is not so simple - he shared his attitude to the authorities and his attitude to ordinary people
    In any case, dancing on the bones is unworthy sad
    1. X Y Z
      X Y Z 31 August 2018 08: 44
      Was his ambiguity manifested in the crimes that his high-ranking relatives assiduously crushed? Maybe you haven't read how McCain got to Vietnam? Nobody is going to dance on the bones, but now it is simply stupid to compose tearful legends about his alleged patriotism and loyalty to his own convictions. It's just as silly as we were previously called to pay tribute to the memory of Margaret Thatcher, who was deeply hated by her own people. People want the truth, not false reverence for unworthy "heroes." Nothing but the truth. It's about the dead.
      1. Avior
        Avior 31 August 2018 10: 08
        you seem to speak Russian, but what I wrote above did not seem to be mastered.
        McCain is a very respected personality among the Vietnamese!
        A monument to him during his life was erected in Vietnam, they cry at his portrait after his death.

        and you all say that
        Maybe you didn’t read how McCain got to Vietnam?

        Tell the Vietnamese!
        1. X Y Z
          X Y Z 31 August 2018 10: 37
          Yes, let them cry if he is nicer to them than Ho Chi Minh City. I don’t care about them. I wrote to you about dancing on the bones and evaluating McCain as a historical person. No need to teach anyone morality and try to uncivilized jokes. Respect your interlocutors.
          1. Avior
            Avior 31 August 2018 15: 40
            Yes, let them cry if he is nicer to them than Ho Chi Minh City. I don’t care about them.

            do you read yourself
            Maybe you didn’t read how McCain got to Vietnam?

            to compose now tearful legends about his supposedly patriotism and fidelity to his own beliefs is simply stupid

            I did not write anything about it
            It is also stupid as we were previously called to pay tribute to the memory of Margaret Thatcher, who deeply hated her own people.

            and didn’t write a word about Thatcher
            People need truth

            But I wrote about this, about the fact that McCain’s personality is ambiguous, and the Vietnamese treated him as an illustration of his words. The monument during life is an argument, in my opinion, that not everything is as primitive as
            Its ambiguity was manifested in those crimes that zealously persecuted

            The attitude towards Russians is also ambiguous.
            So do you understand my position?
            Nobody is going to dance on bones

            I see the opposite.
            No need to teach morality

            I’m not teaching anyone, and even more so I haven’t contacted you personally, but simply expressed my opinion.
            If you do not understand anything from this, then I consider the further discussion useless.
            1. X Y Z
              X Y Z 1 September 2018 05: 11
              And what can I understand from a bizarre mixture of rudeness, rudeness, unwillingness to listen to others and arrogance? There is no sense in this writing, so I stop communicating.
        2. pafegosoff
          pafegosoff 31 August 2018 16: 31
          This is crying for those whom Ho Chi Minh has not finished!
  16. Evgeny Alexeev
    Evgeny Alexeev 1 September 2018 09: 21
    And let the earth be reinforced concrete for him.
  17. D. Dan
    D. Dan 1 September 2018 09: 53
    He died shell-shocked. Strong was the hater! Warrior! Fewer such in the United States. Are getting smaller.
  18. Bang
    Bang 1 September 2018 14: 42
    Oh dead or good or nothing ...
    John McCain is dead and that's good. Dot.
    1. SETTGF
      SETTGF 2 September 2018 20: 27
      Bums! You are wrong in the words of Chilo - "About the dead it is either good, or nothing but the truth." The truth is always told about the dead, including about the villains ...
    2. Evgeny Alexeev
      Evgeny Alexeev 3 September 2018 23: 23
      "About the dead, or good, or nothing but the truth."
      This is how this phrase sounds completely.
  19. Tolik_74
    Tolik_74 3 September 2018 22: 54
    Why so much attention to this Russophobe. He threw back the hoods and the point. Forget it. Forever forget