Gun APB: the dream of any special forces

Need in weapons, capable of silently killing, has appeared in people since the advent of mankind. But if in the early stages stories Since the weapon itself was silent, then with the advent of firearms, the inventors had to work hard to make it silent.

Nowadays, high technology, the main users of silent weapons are special forces. Needless to say, in addition to this, the pistol with a silencer has become a separate actor of militants and the desired toy of every man?

A pistol APB (automatic pistol silent) is one of the best examples created by the Soviet weapons school. It was developed, tested and adopted by the Soviet Army in 1972 year. The basis for the new pistol served as the Stechkin pistol, whose merits by that time were estimated by the fighters of the special units.

To date, the Russian army has samples of silent pistols, which are much higher in damping sound than in APB. However, the "old man" is still popular in power units due to the high accuracy of shooting, which is achieved due to a small ballistic impulse.

In the video, military officer Semyon Pegov introduces viewers to the peculiarities of shooting a famous pistol.

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    1. +1
      28 August 2018 09: 05
      Very catchy title of the article! "The dream of any special forces soldier"!?. The pistol was put into service in 1972. In the last century, he may have been a dream.
    2. -1
      28 August 2018 09: 13
      Caliber is out of date. From it modern bulletproof vests do not break ..
      1. +5
        28 August 2018 09: 41
        Quote: Dzafdet
        Caliber is outdated

        What do you think should be the caliber of an army pistol? In my opinion, the caliber is quite normal, which is used by the whole world now, -9mm. Maybe you can create a "pocket gun", but here's how to carry it?

        The initial speed of the bullet at the Stechkin pistol is 340 m / s, despite the fact that it was put into service as far back as 1951, and at the world-famous Beretta -92, created more than 20 years later, which is also armed with US special forces , - 375 m / s, I did not notice a particular advantage, although the difference in the ammunition used (PM 9X18 and Parabellum 9X19) is very significant.
      2. avt
        28 August 2018 09: 43
        Quote: Dzafdet
        Caliber is out of date.

        wassat fool Tell it to everyone who uses 9mm parabellum and Glock in particular.
        1. 0
          28 August 2018 19: 53
          APB - 9x18 mm
          Glock-17 - 9x19 mm ...........
      3. +4
        28 August 2018 09: 59
        If it is out of date, then not a caliber, but a low-speed cartridge. And it is outdated precisely for the tasks of breaking through various obstacles.
        At the same time, like any ammunition and weapons, this cartridge solves its tasks situationally. As a weapon of self-defense, as a weapon of short-range (3-7 sec.) Pistol combat, for example.
      4. +3
        28 August 2018 10: 45
        Caliber is out of date. From it modern bulletproof vests can not be pierced.

        It's not about the caliber, it's about the cartridge, even from PSM with a tricky cartridge you can. And bulletproof vests are different. Each for his task.
      5. +5
        28 August 2018 14: 24
        Quote: kapitan92
        In the last century, he may have been a dream.

        Yes, and now they don’t strongly refuse it, it’s a very accurate weapon.
        Quote: Dzafdet
        Caliber is out of date. From it modern bulletproof vests do not break ..

        At those ranges that they use him in the chest do not shoot, beat in the head. But even if they fall into the chest protected by a bulletproof vest, then a blow of sufficient strength to bring the enemy out of action for a short time.
        a very accurate, reliable and unpretentious weapon, although of course it’s difficult ... for socks.
        1. 0
          29 August 2018 08: 53
          Quote: svp67
          Yes, and now they don’t strongly refuse it, it’s a very accurate weapon.

          For lack of a better! hi
          1. 0
            19 October 2018 21: 36
            Well, if it is hopelessly out of date, then release its non-automatic version without PBS, for a citizen. I will gladly buy one.
        2. 0
          31 August 2018 14: 16
          It is the new pistol development concept that is FN 5/7.
          1. 0
            19 October 2018 21: 38
            OTs-22, isn’t it? This is your S Seven, long before its appearance. And the cartridge can be strengthened.
      6. 0
        4 October 2018 21: 24
        This is not required. A specialist beats in the head ... and teeth on a geographical site!
    3. +2
      28 August 2018 09: 19
      Why not squeak?
    4. +11
      28 August 2018 09: 46
      Father chooses a gun in an arms store. The seller tells him: - Father, because it is written in the Bible - do not kill ... Father answers: - Yes, I'm on my knees!
    5. +5
      28 August 2018 12: 37
      "... without the special skills of a military leader, this can end extremely badly"
      with his skills and "show" it is strange that he still hasn't shot anyone. what
      1. 0
        31 August 2018 14: 14
        Loshara lead rare water. A typical plankton representative who decided to play cool. Isn’t he ashamed of himself? He never even served in the army. This is evident in the complete lack of alignment and uncoordination of movements ..
    6. +1
      29 August 2018 14: 24
      It seems to me a little categorically (I will not be baptized laughing ) People are different and preferences are different. The taste and color as they say.
    7. +1
      4 October 2018 21: 04
      That in the forest, that in the city, on the territory of the Union and socialist countries, where the PM walked and walks an ideal barrel (you can get ammunition from any city city). With the PBS removed, I wore it under white trousers on the ankle, and the sound of a shot with the PBS removed is quieter. He insisted, when conducting a fire, that the cadets should use them in combat training in combination with AKM with PBS and AKSU-74 with "Canary". Experience, it is an unkillable thing! The weapon should lie in the hand, like a violinist's fingers on the bow and neck of a virtuoso violist!

      For Our Soviet Motherland!
    8. The comment was deleted.

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