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NATO summit in Chicago: a lot of noise - little efficiency

The noise around the NATO summit in Chicago is gathering momentum. The participants of this forum decided to touch on literally all the urgent issues and tasks that need to be addressed today. However, it is one thing to touch, and it is quite another thing to begin a real solution to them.

The cornerstone of the NATO summit is a phased adaptive approach to the deployment of a European missile defense system, which obstructs Russia. It is precisely this problem that obviously influenced the fact that the most senior official who turned out to be at the Chicago summit, representing Russia, is Mr. Kabulov, the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Afghanistan. By this, the Russian leadership has made it clear that at this stage, the only point of contact with the Alliance, which still looks promising, is the solution of the Afghan problem. The situation with the European missile defense system, which does not move from a dead center, forces the Russian leadership to more soberly assess the steps for contacting the North Atlantic alliance.

By the way, at the NATO summit, not only the Russian president and the prime minister (which was known in advance), but also some other personally invited guests did not wait. For example, they decided not to honor Chicago with their visit also decided by the top leaders of the countries of Central Asia. In particular, the ministers of internal affairs came from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to meet with representatives of NATO, although the heads of these countries were invited. It is quite obvious that the presidents of the Central Asian republics decided not to provoke Russia after the CSTO summit, which was recently held in Moscow, and show foreign policy priorities, at least in terms of security.

Such a move also somewhat puzzled the representatives of the top leadership of NATO, because in recent years they have somehow lost the habit that the leaders of certain states have denied something to the Alliance. In general, it is safe to say that the Chicago meeting once again shows that today NATO is turning into an organization that really lags behind reality and tries to continue living in a frighteningly conservative field of relations to other countries of the world. Apparently, NATO still cannot understand that the unipolar world that the North Atlantic Alliance is trying to build and maintain with all its strength is absolutely unable to provide security on the planet, as evidenced by a series of ongoing conflicts, most of which were provoked by the Alliance itself .

Regarding the demarche of Russia after the European missile defense consensus was not found, today there is no single position even within the Alliance itself. Secretary General Rasmussen decided once again for the Russian Federation to “provide guarantees of non-directionality” of anti-missile missiles, which will be deployed in Eastern Europe. Moreover, the provision looks at least unintelligible, since no documents confirming the words of the NATO Secretary General of the Russian delegation have been transmitted. Apparently, this is what Washington once called “legal guarantees” to Moscow. If so, then it turns out that the words of Anders Fogh Rasmussen a priori in the Alliance have legal force ... Then it is not at all clear why NATO needed to accept any internal declarations and agreements, after all Rasmussen said - Rasmussen did. But agreements and declarations have a place to be, which means that, after all, the words of Rasmussen are not the primary truth even within the Alliance itself.

Once again, NATO has raised concerns that Russia is “incorrectly” responding to the deployment of the European missile defense segment. Attempts to establish missile systems in the Kaliningrad region at the summit in Chicago were again called a meaningless waste of money from Russia. At the same time, the installation of radar and anti-missile systems in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, as well as off the coast of Norway and Spain, whose economy (Spain), by the way, breathes its last, for some reason, NATO does not fall under the classification of mindless spending ... but no one at NATO says a word about how much money will be spent on deploying missile defense facilities in Europe for Europe itself, which a couple of days ago at Camp David it was decided “not to leave in financial trouble”. And then - on you! - New billions on some ghostly "interceptor missiles." Nobody at the summit said why building a shield for modern ICBMs in Eastern Europe, which appear in Iran (only for the sake of which all this porridge is supposedly brewed) is not even in the project for the medium term ... Why are these costs which certainly with all responsibility can be called thoughtless and unproductive ...

There is, one must admit, in the West those people who, like Moscow, cannot understand why, if NATO is really building its anti-missile shield, fearing the aggression of Iran or North Korea, not to conclude real agreements with Russia. Wolfgang Ischinger, who once worked as deputy foreign minister of Germany and was the German ambassador to the United States, speaks about this in particular. He is sure that it is absolutely impossible to ignore Russia's concerns, as well as trying to show that the West does not want to make concessions only because Putin has again come to power in Russia. Moreover, Ischinger recommends that NATO pay attention not only to real and productive interaction with Russia, but also to what is happening inside the Alliance itself. And here the differences are more than enough. Not only did the rather obvious friction between Turkey and Greece over the status of Northern Cyprus continue, between Turkey and France in connection with the law banning the denial of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire in the Fifth Republic, but also added fuel to the fire directly at the summit Chicago new french leader francois hollande. He spoke in the spirit that already this year the French contingent intends to withdraw from Afghanistan without taking into account any agreements that were concluded under Nicolas Sarkozy. Thus, Hollande clearly makes it clear that he is ready to fulfill his election promises, and not to let them down on the brakes, as other politicians from the same North Atlantic alliance often do.
But this is not all the differences within the atlantists. Former high-ranking US official Nicholas Burns literally demanded from the Alliance that Germany actively participate in NATO operations. He openly stated that Germany, being the leading European economy, is now taking on a too passive role, although, according to Mr Burns’s personal opinion, it could be an example to follow among all European countries that are members of the Alliance. The ex-official designates his claims in the following way: Germany even abandoned the active phase of the operation in Libya, when other members of the Alliance participated in this operation. Apparently, according to Burns, such a move of Mrs. Merkel is nothing more than an attempt to simply enroll in NATO, but not to solve the questions that the “chief planetary chief of police” puts before the Alliance. They say that only Balts can register with us, but with Germany such a focus should not take place.

So far, there has been no official comment from the German leadership on Mr. Burns’s statement, but the fact that such statements are taking place, as well as the tough stance of Francois Hollande, denoting his conditions for France’s participation in the Alliance’s operations, is a sign fact.

However, while Rasmussen decided not to escalate the situation and pretended that "everything is calm in NATO." But again he found a reason to look for a reason to talk about Russia. And the reason, as expected, was found instantly. NATO decided to "advise" Russia on an urgent basis to refuse recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia ... They say that Georgia has long been demonstrating a peace-loving attitude towards these republics, and Russia is still "gnashing its teeth." However, all these councils, the Russian side, as they say, have carefully studied and made their own conclusions regarding the “peacefulness” of Saakashvili and the withdrawal of signatures on documents under the words recognizing the independence of states. By the way, in response, high-ranking officials of the Alliance can be advised to refuse to recognize the independence of Kosovo, because Serbia is not less peaceful towards Pristina than Georgia is towards Tskhinvali or Sukhumi ...
Not forgotten at the summit in Chicago and the "poor relatives" of the Alliance - the Baltic countries. Despite the fact that the number of the American contingent in Europe will systematically decrease, which caused a considerable panic in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, the Baltic “brothers” Alliance promised to retain the so-called air police. Now the clear skies of the Baltic republics will be protected ... attention: Polish-made Russian-made aircraft (MiG-29) ... Admittedly, the joke from Rasmussen was a success. The Baltic leaders would be even calmer if they were to entrust the protection of their air spaces to the Russian air force itself. Why? Not a bad idea ... Yes, and Iskander Kaliningrad would have Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia "covered" ...

In general, the Chicago meeting of "old friends" once again demonstrated to the world that it was high time for general cleaning in this house called "NATO", because there is enough debris not only in its dark corners, but also in more prominent places. Yes, and responsible tenants, too, would order the Alliance itself, because the old song about Russian aggression somehow fed up with even many of those who belong to this Alliance.

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  1. YARY
    YARY 22 May 2012 08: 56
    For those who are interested in this summit, I am waiting for a package from the very fact that there is no Chicago. This is what is not known to be optimistic for NATA.
    However, there are some concerns that there will again be performance in Ossetia. angry
    1. sergskak
      sergskak 22 May 2012 09: 37
      Damn, it’s even a pity that it has become NATO. They are pushing, puffing, but to no avail.
      1. Big lexey
        Big lexey 22 May 2012 10: 05
        At the Chicago NATO Forum, the intention was confirmed in the near future (with the next wave of expansion) to accept Georgia as a member of this organization, and this, despite the fact that countries with territorial problems should not be accepted into NATO.
        Accordingly, either Georgia and Co., before joining, recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states, or bypassing the principles (I would like to believe that they still exist) they will drag a country into NATO with serious territorial problems and inadequate leadership.
        And what happens if Saakashvili decides to repeat 08.08.08 ?!
        Lord, give us strength and wisdom to cool our hot heads with diplomatic measures!
        1. sergskak
          sergskak 22 May 2012 10: 19
          Quote: BigLexey
          And what happens if Saakashvili decides to repeat 08.08.08 ?!

          Let’s even assume that they will join NATO and which country from this alliance will at least somehow help it? I think that the gut is thin. These are not big words, this is a fact.
          1. vlaval1
            vlaval1 22 May 2012 11: 47
            These are the ratings of the World Bank, the UN and other international think tanks on the competitiveness index, business conditions, human development, economic freedom, perception of corruption, etc. The average value of seven key ratings allowed ranking 101 countries by level of progress.

            The results shocked even the authors of the report. The undisputed leader in terms of progress was Georgia. Over the course of five years, in total in all indices, it rose by 207 positions. A key role in this jump was played by the index of business conditions, in which Georgia moved from 112th place in 2006 to 12th place in 2011. As one of the authors of the report, Director of the Strategic Analysis Department of FBK, Igor Nikolaev, notes, the Georgian phenomenon is surprising only at first glance. In an interview with NG, he cautioned against seeking a political component in this jump in Georgia and against references to the 2008 Georgian-Ossetian conflict. The reason for the Georgian success lies in the fact that its authorities carried out more than 10 reforms aimed at improving the business climate in the country. The World Bank has noted Georgia as one of the leading countries in the desire to make its legislation loyal to business. In Georgia, the most effective system for issuing building permits was created in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Instead of 25 procedures, 10 were introduced, the time for obtaining permission was halved, as a result, the share of construction in GDP increased from 6 to 11%.

            Russia took one of the last places in the ranking of progress - 97th. It is followed by Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ukraine and Bolivia. In total, in all indices, Russia since 2006 has lost 97 positions. The rating by the index of quality of life fell by 40 positions, by the index of perception of corruption - by 33 positions, by the index of business conditions - by 26 positions. The main reason for the collapse of the ratings is the growth of government spending, which foreign analysts always evaluate extremely negatively. Other unresolved issues are nationalization of enterprises (Yukos Syndrome), increased control over foreign investment, increased corruption, and bureaucratic obstacles to business.
            1. Yoshkin Kot
              Yoshkin Kot 22 May 2012 12: 24
              well, ratings, they are ratings that have no relation to reality
            2. speedy
              speedy 22 May 2012 19: 56
              That’s what a misfortune - they lowered it in rEytenge, we spend a lot on defense, we didn’t let Khodorkovsky go, and this is one of the leaders of economic growth? Over 10 years, the average salary has risen from $ 80 to $ 800, steady economic growth ... Who needs these re-ratings? Do bankrupt completely dislocated brains?
              1. Winter
                Winter 22 May 2012 20: 33
                Believing these ratings is like believing in a three-month weather forecast ahead! The whole question is who makes them! Let’s say if tomorrow instead of Saakashvili Lukashenkoshvili will take over the presidency, and even if he doesn’t change anything, the rating of Georgia will quickly make the way back to the bottom of the tournament table! And the same experts with foam will prove that it is impossible to live in Georgia! Prostitution, it is prostitution ...
          2. LaGlobal
            LaGlobal 22 May 2012 11: 53
            I wish you all good health! I want to believe that their gut is thin! But in recent years, the tendency to deploy combat performances in different parts of the world has not subsided, but rather is gaining momentum. It's just that every day you are no longer surprised by the facts of the cat. observed lately. That NATO or America just wants to fight. They rush to kill people. Moreover, here you can join criticism about our defense industry as a whole. I will explain my point of view: here are some who say that our defense industry is behind, not modern, etc. etc. That they say that the amers and NATO have the most modern equipment and the most advanced weapons. The conduct of hostilities, the unfolding of wars - that’s the answer. As for Our Motherland, dag We just don’t fight (for fun, for testing new developments) .... Thank you.
          3. goralskyandrey
            goralskyandrey 22 May 2012 13: 42
            Even if the alliance is scurrying, we will rake everyone into the Atlantic! angry They are the Atlantic Alliance! laughing
            1. LaGlobal
              LaGlobal 22 May 2012 15: 56
              North Atlantic =)) drinks
        2. yards
          yards 22 May 2012 11: 23
          BigLexey - but this is exactly what the Russian leadership was counting on, starting a provocation with Abkhazia and South Ossetia! They say we will create territorial problems for Georgia with two "very independent countries" and no one will take Georgia, in accordance with NATO principles, into the Alliance. But that was not the case, gentlemen. Everyone in the world understands this very well and reacts accordingly. laughing Yes, and no one in the world recognizes Abkhazians and South Ossetians in principle ... Plus, the elections in Tskhinvali ended in a grand scandal with Mrs. Dzhioeva, bluntly prevented the elected president from coming to power and made circus re-elections. The whole European press was rolling with laughter on the floor talking about this to perplexed burghers
          1. vlaval1
            vlaval1 22 May 2012 11: 41
            Well then you are still Tuvalu. Republic of Vanuatu. Republic of Nauru. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Republic of Nicaragua

            The Pacific state of Tuvalu in Polynesia, which recognized the independence of Abkhazia, may go under water. Scientists believe that a country located on the islands is in danger of flooding due to global warming. This could happen in the next 50 years.
            so Tuvalu can be removed.
          2. LTL70
            LTL70 22 May 2012 12: 24
            I looked for a "political scientist". In the fool, pump up, went into unrestrained idiocy! This is me, of course, about the yard!
            1. Alexei
              Alexei 22 May 2012 14: 15
              There is a song about people like him (if you believe the flag): "Together they are friends against the Yankees, they hide dollars in a stocking and measure someone else's mile by a mile." Yardy, here's the NATO lice test. These double standards are so tired (to put it mildly) that anger is not enough.
          3. speedy
            speedy 22 May 2012 20: 00
            And after the Orange Revolution, they didn’t ride on the floor? Was everything all right? Debt by payment is beautiful, other times now
          4. 755962
            755962 22 May 2012 22: 16
            Quote: yardie
            and no one, in accordance with the principles of NATO, will join the Alliance.

            It should be noted that today the status of Georgia in relation to the North Atlantic Alliance is very blurred. Georgia itself, led by its leader, actively wants to be under the wing of Washington, Brussels and Euro-PRO. Many NATO members are also not opposed to inviting Mikhail Saakashvili to their undoubtedly friendly family. But there are a number of states (for example, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) that do not see prospects in accepting Georgia into the Alliance. It is this internal reticence and the presence of unresolved domestic issues in Georgia that prevent the Georgian president from riding on a white horse into the courtyard of the NATO headquarters in Brussels.
            However, to say that Georgia in the foreseeable future will not become a member of NATO, the West also can not afford. And so that the Georgian leader was not completely disappointed, but at the same time he didn’t come too close, Brussels came up with an excellent formulation for the Georgian status: “Alliance graduate student country”. In other words, Saakashvili hints that at least a few few years will have to learn to become a candidate for membership first, and then, with good behavior, maybe there will be a chance to directly join.

            The one who came up with the phrase “graduate student country” obviously needs to shake hands with creative thinking. Well, this should be so skillfully sent that the sender did not even understand that he was sent ...
          5. illarion
            illarion 22 May 2012 22: 18
            By the way, I also laughed with laughter from free elections in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, in the presence of occupying forces in the country, which were still recognized as free and democratic. A masterpiece. I take off my hat
        3. vkz
          vkz 22 May 2012 11: 42
          NATO has long ceased to have such principles. It is enough to recall that the territorial claims against Russia by the same Latvia (Pytalovsky district) did not prevent it from being accepted into the alliance.
          1. illarion
            illarion 22 May 2012 22: 21
            not yours. The Latvians signed an agreement on the settlement of territorial problems with Russia.
        4. Yoshkin Kot
          Yoshkin Kot 22 May 2012 12: 23
          Strategic Rocket Forces does not resolve? not?
        5. Joker
          Joker 22 May 2012 12: 35
          And what happens if Saakashvili decides to repeat 08.08.08

          Well then, then there will be nobody to join NATO.
          1. Alexei
            Alexei 22 May 2012 14: 46
            This dirty trick on the part of Georgia can be used for the second time to unleash the third world war. The border with Georgia, probably, needs to be constantly filmed from space and cameras with a live broadcast to the Internet from posts, so that the whole world can see who is starting to chop the loaf. And then again la-la, "they attacked defenseless Georgia," "the prison of the peoples oppresses its fragments."
        6. valton
          valton 22 May 2012 19: 09
          Dear BigLexey. As for the principles, we can talk about them with respect to any non-NATO only. If NATO bombed Yugoslavia and Iraq bypassing the Security Council, what principles are there.
          1. 755962
            755962 22 May 2012 22: 01
            The horror story about the threat of Russia from NATO has lost relevance. Events in Libya showed the military insolvency of the alliance. Supporting the rebels, and, in fact, starting a war against the Socialist Jamahiriya, the French, the British and others like them soon realized that they actually had nothing to fight. Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who criticized NATO and predicted the collapse of the alliance, blames the reluctance of heads of state to spend money on military operations. - European countries that are pushing this war aggressively are cutting defense budgets. The allies lack ammunition, and the US again has to cover this shortage, the hawk complains.
            1. Goga
              Goga 22 May 2012 23: 15
              755962 - Eugene, - Quote - "The horror story about the threat to Russia from NATO has lost its relevance" - if you are talking about war in the traditional sense (missile strikes, bombing, ground operations, etc.), then I absolutely agree with you. The trouble is that we here on the site regularly discuss the possible prospects for military action in this very plan, and somehow it completely loses sight of the fact that the war against us did not stop. It is much cheaper and safer for our "partners" from the same NATA to pay for the same "swamp" ones, stuff the media with the materials they need, fill our country with drugs from occupied Afghanistan, and so on. Is this not a war? And the costs are several times less and there is no threat of retaliation, and the results can be cleaner than from a direct attack. It "rolled" the same with Ukraine, so they are trying to deal with us with the same "weapon".
              These guys never use weapons if there is a chance to get a "turnover", first a complete collapse and disarmament (sanctions, treaties, international observers) and only then a direct strike (as with Iraq). And now they need real ammunition only against Papuans like Libya, this is not about us yet.
              1. 755962
                755962 22 May 2012 23: 24
                Quote: Gogh
                stuff the media with the materials they need,

                Greetings, Igor! For me personally, the media will be worse than any weapon! drinks + + +
                1. Goga
                  Goga 22 May 2012 23: 33
                  755962 -Mutually Eugene drinks , it is enough to remember how this pack squealed in "perestroika"! And even now they will not stop, and even now the "network" was added - "bloggers" - I knew their mother closely ... angry
                  So on this "front" it would not disappoint, but I think so - since I understand this, you understand this, and there are many of us like that - this time they will not burn out!
  2. borisst64
    borisst64 22 May 2012 09: 19
    Again from the Baltic, it smells like a choke, either from the pants, or from their mouth.
    1. Pharao7766
      Pharao7766 22 May 2012 10: 10
      And for them there is no difference than Uncle Sam appease ....
      1. vlaval1
        vlaval1 22 May 2012 11: 57
  3. Svistoplyaskov
    Svistoplyaskov 22 May 2012 09: 35

    1. matex
      matex 22 May 2012 10: 02
      smiled to colic in my stomach :)
    2. LTL70
      LTL70 22 May 2012 12: 22
      In order to get up well there should be no stagnation in the pelvic organs, therefore, it is necessary to safely apply activation, provocation and any methods of pressure on ALL Russophobes - let them be afraid. The dog why squeals and snarls when it meets resistance - from fear, that’s why you need to put pressure on this fear! And spring not only came to an end, but also to Russia!
    3. speedy
      speedy 22 May 2012 20: 13
      That’s the end for NATO Bravo !!!
  4. vorobey
    vorobey 22 May 2012 09: 36
    The Germans are great. They are more sober and balanced in their assessments. I watched a recent interview with Alexander Rahr. Let the politicians be on their own wave so far, but at the subconscious level, he gave the thought that without Russia, Germany would stall in development.
  5. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 22 May 2012 09: 41
    NATO wants Russia to withdraw its decision on Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I think in response you need to increase Transnistria and Adjara. So much fun.
    1. zevs379
      zevs379 22 May 2012 10: 50
      Pan novels! Again, you write Russia with a small letter.
      I'll put it in a corner lol
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 22 May 2012 11: 04
        No, better once on the back with a shovel.
        1. Armata
          Armata 22 May 2012 11: 21
          I offer for a desk in the 1 class and re-learn 10 years smile Sasha choose.
  6. marline
    marline 22 May 2012 09: 46
    In 1995, STEVE JACKSON GAMES released an improved version of the Illuminati: Conspiracy Theory game, the core of which is the Illuminati Maps.

    The aim of the game is to establish a single world domination on planet Earth - the “New World Order” forever.

    NATO Map
  7. Spartak
    Spartak 22 May 2012 09: 47
    NATO promised, NATO gave guarantees, NATO assured ........... I do not want to say anything about NATO. Everything is clear.
  8. Норд
    Норд 22 May 2012 09: 47
    The paint on the baton called NATE pretty peeled off ... and all more clearly
    its punitive and stifling essence emerges.
  9. Redpartyzan
    Redpartyzan 22 May 2012 09: 49
    We didn’t send anyone to the NATO summit either. At first, Putin ignored Chikogo. No one from the top leadership flew Putin. Even some kind of 8 years ago it was not even possible to imagine. Conclusion — gentlemen are gaining strength quietly and are becoming more and more independent in their decisions.
  10. volcano
    volcano 22 May 2012 09: 51
    In NATO, as always. To unceremoniously teach others about life? you are welcome. Tell whom what to do? for God's sake. How would we pull Germany out of NATA. The Germans are great. Why are they still there? here on the site was infa about the control over their gold reserves. It's a pity. We need a Russia-Germany alliance, and France will not hurt either. And then beware of the Anglo-Saxons. Well, about missile defense, we do not need to doze. It is not necessary to ask for any guarantees (otherwise it will suddenly be like when you buy a car "two years of warranty"), but to really prepare a military-technical answer. I’m already enough. It is not the first year that we have been pouring from empty to empty. Is it really not clear that the Amers will do as they want, no matter how much we dissuade them. It's time to invent some nasty thing for them ourselves. IT IS NECESSARY TO INTERCEPT THE INITIATIVE.
  11. vorobey
    vorobey 22 May 2012 09: 53
    As it turned out at a recent NATO summit, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization no longer considers the Russian Federation as a strategic adversary ...
    She considers the Russian Federation strategic prey.

    Georgia sent the United States an application for NATO membership ... Now Georgia is waiting for the United States to add it as a friend and mark it in the pictures ...
    1. Averias
      Averias 22 May 2012 10: 35
      And once again, Saakashvili, having bitten his tie, will hysterically count Likes, and scream hysterically at those who didn’t set him to Like. :))
      1. Armata
        Armata 22 May 2012 10: 42
        Quote: vorobey
        Georgia sends US application for NATO membership

        It’s always going to go somewhere in Go ---- but then in NATO laughing
        1. 755962
          755962 22 May 2012 22: 20
          And here the Georgian leader himself falls into a trap: due to the fact that Russia, naturally, will not withdraw its troops from Abkhazia and South Ossetia (at least in the next few years), the internal territorial conflict for Georgia will not be resolved. This means that “Old Europe” still will not vote for Georgia’s membership in NATO. It turns out that Tbilisi will have to abandon either its obsession with getting into the Alliance, or its territorial claims to Sukhum and Tskhinval. Obviously, neither the one nor the other is unacceptable today for Mikhail Saakashvili. After all, the current Georgian leader is pulling his country under the NATO wing in order to conduct another "victorious" war.
        2. Goga
          Goga 22 May 2012 23: 21
          Steam locomotive - Eugene, - quote - "She will always enter somewhere in th ---- but then in NATO" - Colleague, but this is one and the same! wassat
  12. PSih2097
    PSih2097 22 May 2012 10: 00
    And if we take into account the crisis, as announced at the summit, now the rearmament of NATO countries will be carried out by several countries (they will take off as much as they can), for example, the Baltic countries will acquire 1 Abrams tank, but how they will divide it into three is the main question ... what
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 22 May 2012 10: 03
      The crew will be international. The mechanic is an Estonian, a Lithuanian gunner, a Latvian commander, and a Negro charging as usual.
      1. Yoshkin Kot
        Yoshkin Kot 22 May 2012 10: 21
        well, what kind of chukhon doesn’t like to drive fast? feel
  13. anchonsha
    anchonsha 22 May 2012 10: 32
    Russia is a nagging bone for NATO .... Amers understand this and therefore are trying to capture Europe with their plan - to build missile defense on their territory, setting Europeans at least somehow against Russia. If they would have allowed us to calmly hold out for another 10-15 years, then no one would dare even stutter badly about Russia then !!!
  14. radikdan79
    radikdan79 22 May 2012 10: 44
    it looks like NATO has a "midlife crisis." contradictions and lack of consensus among the member states of the bloc, economic problems are slowly corroding NATO from within. and the US authority in the bloc is declining. the United States understands this very well. the only effective way to return everything "to square one" is to solve some problem that will make it possible to forget about "pressing matters." for example, to find an enemy who will need to be directed to the democratic "true path". probably in the near future we will see another heat of passion around Iran's nuclear program, in relation to Abkhazia and South Ossetia (it was not in vain that they spoke of Georgia) and, possibly, regarding Taiwan ...
    so Russia - do not sleep, do not sleep! After all, it was clear from the very beginning that the deployment of missile defense elements in Europe (and even at the very border with Russia) is not an "umbrella" from Iran, but from Russia itself. accordingly, adequate measures must be taken. Iskanders alone in Kaliningrad cannot change the situation ...
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 22 May 2012 23: 10
      oh, they make an umbrella from the rain from the sky, and we are their firetruck from the side)))
  15. coleg-10
    coleg-10 22 May 2012 10: 55
    NATO policy must be taken very seriously. To analyze, draw conclusions and make certain decisions. Never believe unfounded promises and assurances.
  16. 11Goor11
    11Goor11 22 May 2012 11: 07
    (NATO) is completely unable to ensure security on the planet, as evidenced by a series of ongoing conflicts, most of which were provoked by the Alliance itself.

    That's for sure,
    American world - crush all those who disagree
  17. Cadet787
    Cadet787 22 May 2012 11: 22
    It is time for European politicians to take a sober look at the situation in the world, today there are more points of contact between the states of Europe and Russia than with the United States. If, for example, the efforts of Germany and Russia are combined, and the rest are drawn to them, there will be no union in the world stronger economically and militarily. This is perfectly understood by the podos and are trying in every possible way to drag Germany into their adventures. The Anglo-Saxons were always afraid of the union of Germany and Russia, in every possible way pitting among themselves and not without success. Maybe the time has come to soberly assess the situation, to all parties, the world would only benefit from this.
    1. speedy
      speedy 22 May 2012 20: 23
      It’s kind of dumb to talk with Germany - the minister has the wrong orientation
    ANTURAG 22 May 2012 11: 50
    Good article! If you don’t want to, don’t torment the zoo (in the sense that you don’t have to suck anything), this is the most relevant Russian proverb for them now.
  19. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 22 May 2012 12: 26
    Boring. There is a certain structure of NATO, there are some countries that are considering NATO as a threat. The reality is that today the "superconductor of democracy" uses his vassals for his own purposes. This use leads to the destruction of "dictators" and entire "non-democratic" countries. WHAT TO DO?
    Judging by the reaction to the absence of top officials from Russia, there is nothing to be done (not in terms of reindustrializing the country, but in terms of ignoring events conducted by the United States and its vassals). Such behavior finds more understanding and desire to listen to the position of Russia. It is not interesting to talk about the future of the block itself. The more powerful the financial crisis, the less solidarity there will be.
  20. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 22 May 2012 12: 40
    I have the impression from this gathering that everyone is annoyed with each other there. And when the Secretary General commented on the position of France, it was noticeable.
  21. vorobey
    vorobey 22 May 2012 14: 44
    N very
    A american
    T eristic
    About organization
  22. Odessa
    Odessa 22 May 2012 15: 18
    NATO summit in Chicago: a lot of noise - little efficiency! MUCH NOISE, LITTLE WOOL, THE HELL SAID CUTTING A CAT! am
  23. baron.nn
    baron.nn 22 May 2012 15: 22
    It's time to break up this northwestern shobola!
  24. Bazilevs
    Bazilevs 22 May 2012 21: 17
    Greetings gentlemen, I’m wondering if in the countries there these Baltic countries and others do not understand that NATO was created for the safety of the United States, and not theirs ...
  25. Alex_g23r
    Alex_g23r 22 May 2012 21: 29
    Quote: BigLexey
    And what happens if Saakashvili decides to repeat 08.08.08 ?!

    Not earlier than 2018 year
  26. nnz226
    nnz226 22 May 2012 23: 08
    The term "legal guarantees" (European missile defense is not directed against Russia), what's this ??? The Molotov-Ribentrop Pact of 1939 was also legal, so what? raped on June 22, 1941. The West cannot be trusted at all. Even if they sign such guarantees that it will prevent them from trying to shoot down the launching (God forbid, God forbid) ballistic missiles of the Russian Federation ??? Therefore, "Iskander" and again "Iskander" - in the Kaliningrad region, Belarus, and the PMR, so that everyone was afraid where the missile defense system will try to place. And to hint about the possible installation of SBS on the Iskander - only then will the western barefoot think ...
  27. Run n gun
    Run n gun 23 May 2012 06: 02
    I watched the live broadcast of the summit and laughed, are there really morons from NATO and really think that Russians are such fools who can hang pasta on their hearing aids about their peace.
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