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Washington gives a follow-up to further dismember Serbia

US National Security Advisor to the President John Bolton made a statement to 24 August in Kiev supporting the territorial claims of the Kosovo separatists and therefore adding fuel to the fire of the Balkan crisis.

Trump's adviser said that the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on “territorial adjustments” does not cause Washington’s objections and can be supported by them.

“There are new signals that both governments may be secretly willing to negotiate about it. American policy is that if the two parties can agree among themselves and come to an agreement, then we do not exclude the possibility of territorial adjustments. Indeed, it is not our business to declare this, ”Bolton quotes Radio Free Europe.

“We will not interfere with the decision, and I do not think that someone in Europe will interfere if the two sides decide and find a solution that satisfies both parties. In those discussions that they have, we are ready to help closely or from afar, but I do not think that we will solve this issue, and we are not going to solve it - they have to solve it themselves. If Kosovo and Serbia reach agreements that will satisfy both sides, we will support them, ”quotes the words of the adviser to Trump RIA News.

Speech Bolton looks pretty strange. On the one hand, he somehow pointedly distanced himself from the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, repeating that what they are discussing is only their business, which they must "decide for themselves." On the other hand, Bolton makes it clear in which direction (“correction of boundaries”) contracting parties should move in order to get American support.

As it is known, the talks between Serbia and the representatives of the Albanian separatists of Kosovo are at an impasse. Recall that under the pressure of the West, Belgrade in 2011 entered negotiations with the structures that had seized the Serbian province with the help of NATO, and in April 2013 entered into the Brussels Agreement on the principles of normalizing Serbia’s relations and separatist education, consisting mainly of numerous concessions to the Serbian side.

And in August of 2015, an agreement was reached on the Community of Serb communities, which implies certain rights for places of compact residence of Serbs who have become a discriminated minority in their native land. However, neither one nor the other agreement was implemented by Pristina (the deadline given by Brussels for their implementation was August 4). That showed the absence of Brussels, acting as a guarantor and intermediary in this dialogue. opportunities and / or desires to achieve their fulfillment from Pristina.

Washington gives a follow-up to further dismember Serbia

These documents are extremely unpleasant and unpleasant for Belgrade, while at the same time their demands on Pristina are more than sparing. However, the separatists do not want to fulfill them, not wanting to limit themselves in anything, and to give the Serbs who remain in the province at least minimal guarantees. Albanian nationalists, in whose hands Kosovo and Metohija turned out to be, do not hide the fact that they see them as ethnically homogeneous.

So what kind of “dialogue” in the light of the above is Bolton talking about? And what about “territorial adjustments”, about which not a word is said in any of the agreements reached?

Recall that the Kosovo separatist leader Hashim Taci in August announced his intention to seek “border correction”, which, in his opinion, involves transferring three southern regions of Central Serbia to Pristina’s control with a certain percentage of the Albanian population - Presevo, Medvedzhi and Bujanovac.

He announced his intention to raise this issue during the upcoming September meeting in Brussels, 9, noting that he does not really hope for support in this matter from the EU. Adding that we are talking exclusively about the unilateral assignment of Belgrade, and the “adjustment of borders” cannot be a subject of bargaining, and the basis for the requirement to transfer the northern regions of Kosovo to Serbia, or even to grant them autonomy.

In turn, Serbian President Alexander Vucic speaks of the need for Serbian-Albanian “demarcation” in Kosovo itself. He does not elaborate on the meaning of this term, however, based on the context of his speeches, it can be assumed that this is most likely a broad autonomy of the places of compact residence of Serbs in Kosovo. The maximum that Vucic can count on is a federation of the type of Bosnia and Herzegovina. More that he can offer in return is recognition of Kosovo’s independence. But this is also unlikely - Serbian society is strongly opposed to this step.

As we see, in order to designate the topic of dialogue, John Bolton used the term “territory adjustment”, which was previously applied by Tachi, which unequivocally indicates what kind of “problem solution” will be supported by Washington. We also see that the national security adviser does not even mention the agreements reached in Brussels, which have not been implemented by Pristina, as if hinting at the loss of their relevance.

Since the keynote of Bolton’s speech is the idea that Pristina and Belgrade should sort out their problems themselves, and Europe “will not interfere,” what was said was a direct appeal to Thaci and his team not to pay too much attention to the EU and to solve the tasks. Directly pointing out that "many tried to mediate in his decision, but these efforts were in vain."

Next, Bolton emphasizes that the negotiations of the Serbian leadership and the Kosovo separatists on the “adjustment of the territories” are of an unspoken nature, that is, both parties, or at least one of them want to keep their fact secret.

Recall that Alexander Vucic in Serbia, many accuse him of acting secretly from the Serbian people. Since the policy of “concessions on Kosovo in exchange for European integration” pursued by him and his predecessors provoked a protest by a considerable part of the public, Vucic does not have much reason to advertise “some details” of the talks, although he himself categorically rejects the fact of secret contacts with Pristina and Brussels.

If he is telling the truth, then Trump's adviser for some reason slanders the president of Serbia.

If, nevertheless, secret negotiations are underway, then Bolton, openly saying that the Serbian leader is bargaining behind the backs of his voters, for some purpose “merges” Vucic. Who managed to establish himself as a man of uniquely pro-Western orientation, ready to make almost any concessions.

In any case, such steps by the national security adviser, clearly aimed at discrediting the Serbian leader and EU mediation efforts, do not tally with Bolton’s assertion that Washington is interested in the success of these negotiations and in ending the conflict peacefully.

Since Bolton cannot be considered a mentally inadequate person who himself does not understand what he is saying, it is impossible, it is obvious that he pursues goals completely different from the declared ones.

By his speech, he, firstly, gives Kosovo separatists carte blanche for “adjusting the borders” of Serbia, without regard to Brussels, which turned out to be a non-solvent mediator. Secondly, he promises US support in the event of a “dialogue” success. And thirdly, by his speech he seriously undermines the position of the leadership of Serbia, which, given the political crisis that is raging in the country, can seriously destabilize the situation.

It is not difficult to understand that the Americans purposefully provoke an escalation of the conflict in the Balkans. The goals they pursue are clear. In addition to the strategic task of eliminating Serbia as a potential core of the “regional empire” of the allied Russia, they seek to create serious problems for the EU, and above all for Germany, the main mediator, who also has interests in the region.

In addition, Washington expects that in the event of an escalation of the conflict, Russia, traditionally patronized by Serbia, will somehow be drawn into it. Which, in turn, will further complicate our country's relations with European powers.

In other words, with his performance in Kiev, Bolton once again confirmed that the main source of tension and conflict on the European continent is the activities of the United States.

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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 27 August 2018 13: 07
    The claw of the Serbian bird is bogged down, we can do it very well. that the next step is waiting for her soup .... nothing new. but they step on the rake with some sadistic pleasure! Geyropa, what to take from them, except ......... am
    1. Dashout
      Dashout 27 August 2018 13: 26
      This is true! It helps them that Vučić is used to sitting on two chairs: in the EU and with Russia ...
      1. Black sniper
        Black sniper 27 August 2018 14: 01
        Yes, even on three chairs, the main thing is to be friends with Russia! hi
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 27 August 2018 14: 40
          Seriously, you should think so, but do we need such friends?
          This, after all, can no longer be attributed to the fact that they have such and such politicians; there and in the population all fermentation is observed!
          Of course, those who remained can be safely called our sincere friends, but they are leaving, but for those who remain. is born, our long friendship is an empty phrase and this society as a whole gives birth, educates such people!
          In short, in that direction everything is sour and there will hardly be another, as if it had not reached the poisonous.
          NATION Makes itself Myself!
      2. rocket757
        rocket757 27 August 2018 14: 43
        Dashout (Evgeny Savelievich)
        This is true! It helps them that Vučić is used to sitting on two chairs: in the EU and with Russia ...

        Does it help? Shot I can not draw such an analogy, sitting on two chairs, get a good result, in the end.
        1. Conductor
          Conductor 27 August 2018 16: 11
          Or maybe he has constipation. It will sit like this, the anus will expand, and this is the result.
  2. sabakina
    sabakina 27 August 2018 13: 15
    I thought in 1999 it was all over .... And we are still accused of redrawing the post-war borders! am
    1. GRF
      GRF 30 August 2018 12: 38
      Sometimes you need to be able to be deaf, blind, and if it doesn’t work out, then be more incriminating ...
  3. solzh
    solzh 27 August 2018 13: 36
    Kosovo is almost independent of Serbia anyway. Vucic only remains how to officially recognize Kosovo as an independent state. Alas, Serbia will not be able to keep Kosovo in its composition. A possible war for Kosovo, Serbia will lose due to the fact that NATO will act on the side of the Kosovo Albanians. The only thing that Serbia will get from Kosovo is a small territory of the population of Kosovo Serbs.
  4. taiga2018
    taiga2018 27 August 2018 13: 46
    what has to do with Bolton, this is the people of Serbia, most of them, namely the youth, have chosen this path to European "values" at any cost, at the cost of any concessions, including territorial ones, it became clear when they overthrew Milosevic, and then gave to be torn apart in The Hague ... so I have no pity for the Serbs, betrayal of national interests, like any betrayal should be punished ...
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 27 August 2018 14: 33
      Somehow, the Serbian exes themselves gave up for trial in the name of saving the nation and country .... it turned out as always, they did not save the country, but the nation began to dream, a natural process, i.e. very old RAKE!
      1. Wolverine
        Wolverine 28 August 2018 13: 22
        Quote: rocket757
        Somehow, the Serbian exes themselves gave up for trial in the name of saving the nation and country .... it turned out as always, they did not save the country, but the nation began to dream, a natural process, i.e. very old RAKE!

        Yeah, the cookies have not brought anyone to good, they always get across the throat.
  5. Conductor
    Conductor 27 August 2018 20: 14
    Eka, they also love to run a rake.
    1. GRF
      GRF 30 August 2018 12: 32
      Can they slip the real ones?
  6. Tektor
    Tektor 28 August 2018 15: 12
    Belgrade needs help. I would send the smartest mines, self-propelled, remote-controlled (via the ultrasonic channel, for example) and multiply charged (destroyers), which can slowly comb through the territory in front of the main forces. Those. in a creeping mode, you can not only defend your own, but also squeeze out any forces from a certain territory. A number of destroyers are in motion, while another row is looking for targets, listening to the ground. And there is an alternation.
    In addition, they need a Penicillin complex to help the mines navigate. The use of the complex is secretive, non-obvious, and will introduce a misunderstanding of what is happening for the vi-za-vi. "Torpedo boats" can quickly establish a minefield or a strip on the path of the enemy's advance (according to Penicillin), and the self-propelled mine robots themselves must step back to maintain secrecy and confuse the enemy's ranks.
    1. GRF
      GRF 30 August 2018 12: 31
      Well, now the vis-a-vis will not be misunderstood)
      It is necessary for the Serbs to be reinforced, and your help will definitely not hurt!
  7. iouris
    iouris 30 August 2018 14: 40
    Better a terrible end than horror without end.