The long-awaited otvetka for the Pogodin Mechanics is in force: a chronology of far-reaching consequences


Against the backdrop of incessant throwing newsnot all observers , bloggers and experts were able to consider an interesting causal relationship that was established between the latest barbaric actions of law enforcement agencies and the leadership of the "Square" against the motor ship "Mechanic Pogodin" and a number of fundamental events that occurred in the waters of the Black and Azov Seas, in the Donbass and even in Moscow itself. These events can be included in the list of the Kremlin's strategy of actions that the patriotic population of Russia and the war-worn Russian population of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics have been expecting over the past four years.

The first military and political instruments indicating the return of the Russian side to a sound strategy of “coercive pressure” on the current illegitimate Ukrainian leadership were used against Kiev five months ago, when the Azov-Black Sea Territorial Administration (ACSTU) of the Federal Fisheries Agency formed the Operational Group to prevent piracy from Ukraine. By the beginning of May, the countermeasures of the ATU were supplemented by the full-fledged operation of the Coast Guard of the Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia to regularly inspect all merchant ships traveling to the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk, as well as ships leaving these ports. As we have already told in our previous reviews, such inspections led to hours of ship downtime, waiting for verification that over the summer alone resulted in millions of losses from shipowners, in whose eyes the attractiveness of the above ports dropped to zero. Naturally, the ports themselves incurred significant losses, which affected the salaries of port workers, in whose circles negative moods regarding the actions of the Ukrainian leadership began to grow.

The culminating moment came after the incident with the start of the illegal blocking of the Mekhanik Pogodin motor ship in the port of Kherson, as well as the threat of “bringing to responsibility of the SSU and so-called environmentalists” hanging over 12 by seamen, while the motor ship is the territory of the Russian Federation. Based on official statements by Leonid Kalashnikov, head of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, as well as Franz Klintsevich, a member of the Federation Council for Defense and Security, in which high-ranking officials warned the Ukrainian side about the “tough response” and enormous problems for sea traffic in the Sea of ​​Azov, to think that this is already a simple “shaking the air”, since Moscow used all the levers of influence on Kiev; but it turned out to be much more complicated. The Russian side retained the right to use the main "trump card" - control over the Kerch Strait, which allowed the Coast Guard of the State Border Service of the FSB of Russia, starting from 14 August, to almost completely stop the trade between the Mariupol Trade Port State Enterprises and Berdyansk Trade Port, as well as ports of European states located in the waters of the Black and Mediterranean seas.

This “otvetka” turned out to be so effective that already on the 20th of August, Ukrainian mass media in the literal sense of the word “exploded” with complaints of serious losses of the international mining and metallurgical company Metinvest related to the need for costly delivery of millions of tons of metal products per year (rolled products, slabs, grinding balls, rails and rail mounts) from the territory of the Azovstal plant and MMK im. Ilica ”to Odessa by means of railway platforms and trucks for further reloading onto cargo ships in the Odessa port. This is not surprising, because financial problems affect one of the largest and most influential Ukrainian businessmen and industrialists - Rinat Akhmetov, who is quite capable of engaging a lot of leverage on the intractable Kiev "elite". In the meantime, in Kiev, abetted by American curators, who did not realize the severity of the problem, they continue to puzzle over new aggressive tricks against Russian ships in the Azov and Black Seas, the command of the Black Sea fleet The Russian Navy has made it clear that the next time the problem of many hours of downtime can affect those vessels whose flights include calls to the ports of Odessa and Kherson. In practice, this was demonstrated during a naval exercise with anti-ship attack on a surface target using the supersonic anti-ship missile 3M54E Caliber-NK launched from the frigate Admiral Grigorovich.

To a certain extent, this teaching can be considered fundamental, since the Russian side “killed two birds with one stone”. Firstly, this is a demonstrative closure of a huge 170-kilometer section from Yevpatoriya to Romanian territorial waters (in the western part of the Black Sea), in which 11 Black Sea Fleet ships participated, as well as a marine fighter squadron aviation Russian Navy. Arguing for the closure of this zone by lawful firing, Russia secretly made it clear to Kiev that in the event of the next extraordinary situation, the blocking of territorial waters near Odessa could drag out not for 13 hours, but for a much longer period of time. And, finally, secondly, a kind of warning was given to the command of the 6th operational fleet of the US Navy, which just at the time of the exercise sent a missile control destroyer to Romania weapons DDG-64 USS "Carney" and USNS T-EPF-7 "Carson City" amphibious catamaran.

The piquancy of this situation lies in the fact that judging by the speed of approach of the Russian anti-ship 3M54E rocket to the conditional surface target (you can watch in the video material provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to the media), this is not about a simple two-stage anti-ship rocket 3MXNUMHPHEHMEHEHEXXXXXXXXXMXP. . The latter has a starting and marching stages, providing subsonic flight speed, as well as a supersonic third stage, accelerating to speed in 54 - 1 km and performing energetic anti-aircraft maneuvers. To intercept this stage will be extremely difficult even for modern anti-aircraft guided missiles RIM-3 ESSM and Standard-54, which are equipped with all American destroyers of the class “Arley Burke”, including the above-mentioned “Carney”. Naturally, the Russian fleet firing data noticeably cooled the “hot heads” at the Pentagon, which have long been trying to rewrite the Montreux Convention, brazenly covering their imperial habits in the Black Sea with the so-called “US commitment to ensuring stability in the region”.

Meanwhile, the otvetka of Moscow on the actions of the Ukrainian authorities against the Pogodin Mechanic from the recent moment can also be viewed as a cardinal change in the tactics of actions regarding the situation in the Donbas. The first “bell” can be considered the statement by Leonid Kalashnikov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, who unexpectedly raised the issue of the recognition of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics by the Russian side on the 60 Minutes program. At the same time, a high-ranking Russian politician recalled that without the introduction of troops into the Republic of Crimea, the situation on the peninsula would have developed according to the same tragic escalation scenario as in the Donbas. One could hear in the words of Kalashnikov and frank mockery. He noted that, most likely, as a result of Kiev’s aggressive actions, it will be the same as in the Crimea: “people, having eaten this instability, will simply demand independence, and Russia will have to recognize them.”

And here a quite adequate question arises: what, then, does the Russian population of Donbass ask Moscow since the spring of 2014? Is it possible to prolong stories with the “deadly chewing gum” called “Minsk-2”, which in the 4 of the year claimed thousands of lives of children, women, old people and defenders of the republics? The absence of such issues could be observed only if the issue with the Donbas and Priazoviem were resolved even in the summer of 2014, but this required additional military-political will. We will not continue to dramatize the situation, finding fault with the words of Mr. Kalashnikov, and move on to the following dry and extremely weighty facts that are signs of a change in Russian tactics regarding the situation in the Donbas.

It is well known that for three years the States absolutely did not hide their presence in the area of ​​the line of contact between the territory controlled by the Ukrainian military formations and the lands of New Russia. First of all, this is the regular presence in the region of Mariupol, Avdiivka and Kramatorsk of American instructors from the US Special Operations Forces, as well as advisers from the Pentagon, who take an active part in retraining the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in accordance with the combat skills acquired by the American army during Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot spots. Secondly, these are the regular high-altitude reconnaissance flights of the strategic reconnaissance UAV RQ-4A / B Global Hawk, thanks to which the European command of the US Armed Forces and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on an ongoing basis receive a lot of strategically important information about the rearrangements of motorized rifle regiments and 1 artillery batteries 2-th AK People's Militia LDN near the contact line, as well as in the rear areas of the republics. As we have already told in previous works, the ANAR-ZPY-2 side-mounted AFAA radar radars installed on the Global Hokes and the SYERS-B / C high-resolution turret long-focus optical-electronic modules make it possible to evaluate the tactical situation not only at Donbass theater, but also to monitor the movement of units of the Northwest Russia in the Rostov region and even in the Kuban.

Such a one-sided game could not continue any longer. Starting from August 14, 2018, all observers on whose devices the Flightradar24 application was installed could periodically observe the loitering of "unknown drones» in the airspace of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. For the first time since the start of the conflict over the republics, unmanned aerial vehicles of territorial intelligence “lit up” their presence, on whose sides transponders of the ADS-B type (“Automatic dependent surveilance-broadcast”) were installed.

The flight path of the “unknown” UAV, displayed by the online flight monitoring resource “Flightradar24” in the late evening, August 14 2018

On the night of August 15, one of these drones was tracked by A3H-B receivers over the southern regions of the Lugansk People's Republic (near the border with the Rostov region). At the same time, judging by the trajectory on the Flytradar map, the transponder was activated over the settlements of Shakhtyorskoye and Matveevka, while the takeoff was carried out much further south. The machine flew around Rovenkov, Anthracite, as well as the E50 route ("Novoshakhtinsk - Debaltsevo") at an operating flight altitude of 2,55 km at a speed of 115 km/h. Later, the drone headed for the Kuibyshevo checkpoint and turned off the transponder. Judging by the speed parameters, we can talk about the "Orlan-10" or another small machine. The next similar flight was recorded over the northeastern regions of the Telmanovsky region. Probably it is the use of transponders on drones can be considered the best method for tacitly positioning itself as the main "player" in this conflict, as well as demonstrating that any daring encroachment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the republics can end badly for the Ukrainian side.

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  1. +9
    27 August 2018 05: 52
    Oh, and this dreary business .... Politics ... It’s easier ... To announce that we lost a couple of bottom sea mines on the channel ...
    1. +30
      27 August 2018 09: 02
      The long-awaited "otvetka" for "Mechanics of Pogodin"
      Where is the answer? I never saw it. If we consider the exercises and the switching on of the transponder as a response, then it’s a rather weak response, where the tanker stood, it stands there .., and the inspection in the strait even before the tanker, in response to the "NORD" was implemented, as a result the tanker also stopped ... No, everything is correct, there should be an inspection and pressure is the only real move ...
      Such a one-goal game could not continue further.
      I don’t see anything at the other gate either, as there were shelling, it is so, how people died and how, how they supplied the USA with weapons, and what else ?. . Words of Mr. Kalashnikov? So these words can be typed into more than one dozen volumes and more than one Kalashnikov ... Where is the answer?
      1. jjj
        27 August 2018 11: 18
        Acquaintances from Donbass wrote that during the World Cup in football there were no shelling by Ukraine in their locality. People wondered what Putin said Poroshenko that he behaved so carefully?
        1. +1
          27 August 2018 14: 02
          Quote: jjj
          Acquaintances from Donbass wrote that during the World Cup in football there were no shelling by Ukraine in their locality.

          But what about dozens of VO analysts, who for 7 months fought the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the World Cup. And everyone here together said "" it's true "!
          1. +2
            27 August 2018 18: 06
            Of course it's true! Just after Putin’s words on this subject, Poroshenko only with a terrible willpower and shouts from the USA forced himself not to escape to Canada !!!! And what Putin really told him is a story covered in darkness ... Or are you, our precious Ukrainian comrade broadcasting here for the goodwill of admirers of Bandera ?!
            1. +1
              27 August 2018 19: 09
              Quote: Oper
              Just after Putin’s words on this subject, Poroshenko only with a terrible willpower and shouts from the USA forced himself not to escape to Canada !!!! And what Putin really told him is a story covered in darkness ... Or are you, our precious Ukrainian comrade broadcasting here for the goodwill of admirers of Bandera ?!

              apparently they both hang on each other's phone ... For articles about the "imminent offensive of the Armed Forces" on the site (and in the Russian information space) appear much more often than the World Cup.
              Apparently, as soon as the article comes out, Putin calls Poroshenko. Well, or vice versa.
              They came up with a "threatening gesture of the Russian partner to the Ukrainian one" in the form of a certain call. And they are replicating, as if this was what stopped some fictional offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine-which is being wanged
              They themselves came up with the offensive; they themselves came up with the reason for abandoning it laughing
              who does not agree with such formulations and HPP is Bandera. lol
        2. +6
          27 August 2018 15: 41
          Apparently advice to re-read about 08/08/08 and that this time the fate of sukashvili does not shine for him - they will be caught and brought to Donetsk and "local bandits" will actually hang him up on a lantern. good feel
    2. +12
      27 August 2018 15: 40
      I would prefer "an American destroyer was blown up by a fascist mine of the Second World War, the Russian government expresses its deep condolences to the United States for the irrevocable loss of the destroyer crew" (they resisted so hard and did not want to sink wassat ) good laughing
  2. +14
    27 August 2018 06: 04
    Questions to the author. First. Is the ship "Mikhail Pogodin" already in the home port and was escorted with an apology and compensation? Second. Can't other Black Sea states, incl. NATO members conduct similar exercises that will already lead to the blocking of Russian ports?
    1. +4
      27 August 2018 06: 16
      The situation with Pogodin will now develop rapidly. The reaction, respectively, too. As for the teachings, of course they can. What's the point? It will not affect us at all.
      1. +6
        27 August 2018 07: 15
        I do not agree with you that the situation will develop quickly. "Nord" is an example of this.
        1. 0
          27 August 2018 08: 15
          everything will be slow. maybe the goal is not Nord or Mech Pogodin-- AND OUR EXIT TO THE CARPATHIANS AND THE DANUBE .-
          the whole Outskirts - you only leverage for geopolitics.
          strategic goal is to restore influence in the Balkans
          it is necessary to recognize the LDNR within the boundaries of Donets and Luhansk regions. "partially occupied" by Bandera.
          1. +1
            27 August 2018 14: 00
            Quote: antivirus
            maybe the goal is not Nord or Mech Pogodin-- OUR EXIT TO CARPATHIANS AND THE DANUBE.

            Urgently needed Death Star! Otherwise, your ideas will not come true.
            1. +4
              27 August 2018 15: 43
              Figushki, the people in St. Petersburg are so used to it and that if it takes off (the Zenith stadium), then - "it will unpleasantly spoil the general view of the city." laughing laughing
      2. 0
        27 August 2018 12: 51
        What do you smoke uncle transponder !? Quick reply since 2014 !!! ???? It’s better to get another COMPLAINT. Do you get better !?
        1. +2
          27 August 2018 18: 22
          Slavik, who is the uncle of the transponder’s uncle, but who can compete with the absolute international annual and quarterly champion and mourner in all international instances of Ukraine?!?!?! Are you kidding me ?! Your help than you can, we ourselves are not localized by Russia twice; And there is no competition !!!))))))) Lithuanians in tears, Latvians at a loss, Estonians since 2014 in thought !!!! The Poles of the former absolute world champions in complaints about Russia and European champions in Russophobia will not forgive you such insidiousness !!! You better answer the pan-patriot with the historically Ukrainian surname Ivanov, so you’re kind of like parades in Sevastopol, in Donetsk, in Lugansk, in general in Moscow, of course, with all the progressive Western world community we have been threatening to spend many years ?! We are waiting, we are all waiting ... Shaw the tank broke down ?! So you say we will come after you!
          1. +2
            27 August 2018 21: 34
            Ha ha ha parades !!!! No, I'm not one of those !!! It’s just sadness that takes what it was necessary to do in 2004, only now they are going to, of course, the pan-and-panheads are insolent in the land without seeing that answer !! And of course, come, at least on the tank, at least for our two, we are always happy)))) And why is it lucky for me to operas !? Probably in OBNON you serve. You cover the huckster !?)))
    2. +2
      27 August 2018 07: 20
      In this case, they will have to block the Bosphorus, which contradicts the Montreux convention, and Turkey, even without that, looks askance at s even a member of the Nata. Or conduct joint exercises with Turkey, which is also unlikely in the current conditions
      1. -3
        27 August 2018 13: 58
        Quote: Fil743
        In this case, they will have to block the Bosphorus, which contradicts the Montreux Convention,

        Well, if Russia goes this way further, then the West and the Montreux Convention will denounce.
        1. +3
          27 August 2018 14: 45
          Quote: Normal ok
          Well, if Russia goes this way further, then the West and the Montreux Convention will denounce.

          There is a small problem with this - Erdogan has yet to spit on the United States.
        2. +6
          27 August 2018 15: 44
          Then Russia will "denounce" foreign ships in the Black Sea, without even leaving the berths. good tongue
    3. +16
      27 August 2018 07: 32
      Quote: Efgen
      Questions to the author. First. The ship "Mikhail Pogodin" is already in the port of registration

      Both of these ships ("Pogodin" and "Nord") gave the Russian Federation an excellent opportunity to establish tight control over shipping in the waters of the Black and Azov Seas. As they say, if they (the courts) did not exist, they would have to be invented.
      1. +1
        27 August 2018 11: 29
        Quote: konstantin68
        Quote: Efgen
        Questions to the author. First. The ship "Mikhail Pogodin" is already in the port of registration

        Both of these ships ("Pogodin" and "Nord") gave the Russian Federation an excellent opportunity to establish tight control over shipping in the waters of the Black and Azov Seas. As they say, if they (the courts) did not exist, they would have to be invented.

        There it is! Mikhalych :-) © So can this be a special operation of the FSB of Russia?
      2. +3
        27 August 2018 14: 24
        The opportunity was given, but, things are still there, that is, the ships did not return!
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. -2
      27 August 2018 19: 14
      Quote: Efgen
      Is the ship "Mikhail Pogodin" already in the home port and was escorted with an apology and compensation?

      he will not be in St. Petersburg for a long time, even if he had been released.
      No apologies and compensations (except if the Austrians are somehow or Canadians, the Russians certainly do not shine in any court) is not planned. There to understand and understand more.
      Quote: Efgen
      Could other Black Sea states, including NATO members to conduct similar exercises that will already lead to the blocking of Russian ports?

      No one knows for sure. After all, the blocking of the Azovs according to the inspection specified in the agreement of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. If the Russian Federation hints officially or unofficially about blocking the Black Sea basin, then everything is possible. This is not even my threat or assumption. This is a real gift to some partners. And not necessarily Ukrainian.
      True cheers patriots all how much. They have a vigorous loaf and they are ready the whole world in ruin. Obviously they will bomb everyone)
    6. +1
      28 August 2018 23: 26
      It is very doubtful whether anyone blocked our ports, for almost the entire sea under the guns of coastal missile systems, not counting aviation and the fleet
  3. +1
    27 August 2018 07: 12
    Evgeny, if Akhmetov really was something, realizing what losses he would suffer, he would have already begun to act, including in terms of exerting pressure on the Kiev dictatorship! But, Akhmetov is silent, because he is an extra, he is zero, and without the right to vote! !!
    1. rum
      27 August 2018 09: 01
      Seriously? Statist? Come to the DPR, they will talk about * extras *)))
      1. 0
        27 August 2018 14: 49
        Quote: Rum
        Come to the DPR, they will talk about * extras *)))

        Can't you? Does he still represent something there?
    2. +1
      27 August 2018 19: 17
      Quote: ANCIENT
      Akhmetov something really was

      Poroshenko and the Dnepropetrovsk clan of the Russian Federation will put a candle for Akhmetov if she ruins him. Indeed, Donetsk and Russia have much more connections than Dnepropetrovsk. They will ruin their bro (well, almost his own is also that slippery type)
      The author somehow poorly understands the rivalry of the Poroshenko clan with the Akhmetov clan - as a result of which (plus the Russian Federation), the Maidan and all sorts of ordinances were formed ...
    3. -1
      27 August 2018 21: 39
      I do not know whether he is zero or not, but the fact that he is so sure, the sea has dirtied this animal, people are mocking at its enterprises, in general, overlap the Bosphorus, at least do something really tough.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. BAI
    27 August 2018 10: 06
    How effective is the response? "Nord" has not yet been returned, there is no question of "Pogodin". Everything that the author has listed can be continued by Krylov: "And Vaska listens, but eats."
    1. +2
      27 August 2018 10: 59
      It must be understood that the leadership of Ukraine today is not negotiable. And, feeling the support of the West behind him, he behaves boorishly. Although his country is doing worse. fool
  6. -1
    27 August 2018 13: 56
    exhausted by the war, the Russian population of Donetsk and Lugansk

    The ethnic majority in Donetsk and Lugansk regions are Ukrainians. Learn the materiel.
    1. +4
      27 August 2018 14: 18
      Quasi-formally -Ukrainians and in the soul and consciousness -Russian.
      1. +1
        27 August 2018 19: 20
        Quote: scud
        Quasi-formally -Ukrainians and in the soul and consciousness -Russian.

        I thought Russians liked it, because you can be Russian anywhere - even in Russia, even in Ukraine ..
        and only in Ukraine, Russians are translated as Russians. The truth in the Russian Federation is also replacing Russians with Russians.
    2. 0
      27 August 2018 18: 26
      Learn materiel better you! Although ... Please tell us about the ethnic majority in the Donbass? What kind of ethnos is such a Ukrainians? You are welcome. I'd like to hear!
  7. +1
    27 August 2018 15: 52
    Forgive my bloodthirstiness - but the only worthy answer is the potroshenko hanging on the lantern and all these fascist brothers of Kiev tupichinov, key, analnyvakov, "rabbit". Well you get the idea good And honestly, I do not care how many corpses of the military materiel the road of our Polite People to these "lanterns" will be tired, even though the entire APU and the Gestapo will be laid along the road.
    1. +4
      27 August 2018 16: 27
      And honestly, I do not care how many corpses of the military materiel the road of our Polite People to these "lanterns" will be tired, even though the entire APU and the Gestapo will be laid along the road.

      And how many Polite People will die?
      1. 0
        27 August 2018 16: 29
        Modern Russia has the means to manage or minimize these losses. For here we have to look at what will happen next and is not at all happy with the prospect of another "June 22". fool
    2. 0
      31 August 2018 12: 02
      Don't write nonsense ... Then you will have to hang millions of their voters on the lanterns. Or do you think that Poroshenko, Klitschko, etc. hid their Nazi views before the elections ?? So it was for them that they were chosen. And the promise of Petisvin - we will finish the ATO in hours - was perceived by the majority of the Ukrainian population as exactly how we will defeat the LPR / DPR and we will hang the "separatists" on poles, and the rest in filtration camps, at least. YOU would have at least a little bit of news from nedostranny looked something, would enlighten the mood of ukrosostva ... In short - ordinary Nazism, a bad parody of Hitler's Germany, but the majority of the population is hefty enough and dream of "Moskal" slaves, like that ((
  8. +1
    27 August 2018 17: 20
    I don’t understand one thing: why so far the LDNR special forces have not captured at least some American instructor? After all, if the order were taken immediately ... Yes, and it would be nice to make a scandal on TV ...
    1. +1
      27 August 2018 19: 27
      Quote: avia12005
      why so far the LDNR special forces have not captured at least some American instructor? After all, if they had ordered, they would have immediately taken ... And it would have been nice to set up a scandal on TV

      as there was an explanation for such a
      Like there is an agreement between the higher forces (obviously the Russian Federation and the West), do not show.
      And so a lot of dead blacks and mercenaries according to Baturin and other DAN LANs and OBS are already there, along with weapons from Battlefield 3.
      No video or photo. There is a video from one of Mariupol. But he’s just in a hurry somewhere. Kiev does not deny the presence of Americans and even makes a base for neither (and not one)
      On the other side, "there are Russians who" solve certain issues, including in the military sphere "
      but "Ikhtamnet"
      Damantsev's article is frankly weak. Yes, patriotic, we can do everything, we will block it to Romania, then everyone (American partners too), let us all give a break for the tanker. And we will stop respecting and finally recognize the Ukrainian Ordilo as LDNR ...
      He likes to wave a saber, he likes patriots. But there was no analytics. Where is at least some reasonable, if only emotions?
      The conclusion is that the author is an ordinary seller of emotions.
  9. +3
    27 August 2018 19: 13
    We examine the answers in a microscope, but in fact there’s nothing ... Well, another article wishful thinking
  10. +1
    27 August 2018 19: 55
    The answer in my understanding is Exterminatus!
  11. +1
    27 August 2018 20: 37
    The article is undoubtedly interesting, positive and inspiring faith in a brighter future. For this, many human thanks to the author.
    Unfortunately, when the ships with the crews leave for their home ports, it was not announced. recourse
  12. +3
    28 August 2018 02: 45
    Quote: Petrol cutter
    The article is undoubtedly interesting, positive and inspiring faith in a brighter future. For this, many human thanks to the author.
    Unfortunately, when the ships with the crews leave for their home ports, it was not announced. recourse

    Is that, excuse me, you have that kind of humor? This is me in relation to "positive and faith in a bright future." If humor, then somehow there is no desire to giggle about the situation in the Donbass, which has been going on since the fourteenth year. And there is no gap in it.
    As for "steamers with crews", the author is nothing worthwhile to you and therefore cannot say anything about it, because he himself does not know anything. And the whole article is just a shake of air without facts and meaning. One water.
  13. +3
    28 August 2018 04: 49
    Our politicians use their tongues to grind skills not to occupy.
    Sitting in Moscow, one can easily argue with all sorts of Krasheninnikov and Klintsevich that Moscow may recognize, or may not recognize.
    What should be recognized?
    Law of Donetsk and Lugansk.
    Right to what?
    Right, just stay alive. And do not be killed.
    And here we are the speed of approach of missiles. Blocked the sea. We will block Odessa.
    Block it.
    And ALL Russian ships will be blocked by European ports.
    And the Turks will ban access to the Mediterranean.
    And the UN will adopt a resolution. And the US and the EU will ratify it.
    Partners are the same. Take care.
    Everything must be done on time.
    It was not necessary to recognize Petya with the gang.
    It was necessary under the pretext of a coup to stop the transit of gas to Europe.
    Like we are not sure of stability and safety.
    And the question to pose as an issue is the immediate introduction of peacekeepers to restore constitutional order (or something like that).
    And then on you, recognized. They showed completely idiotic insanity. They did not understand where the wind was blowing and who was driving it.
    And now they need to solve problems.
    1. 0
      31 August 2018 11: 56
      There is a lot of pathos, but it is difficult not to recognize "Petya with the gang", because the elections were and were quite legitimate, and in reality the bulk of the population pulled for him. Or do you think that his Nazism and idiocy do not appeal to the majority in Ukraine? But we did not recognize the usurper Turchinov (one combination of the posts of speaker and president!) We did not recognize and, by the way, issued Crimea under this sauce, because There was no legitimate government at that time in Ukraine and the people in Crimea decided on their own. Learn the dates carefully!
      Nobody talks and does not act about the blockade of Odessa, but there are absolutely legal actions to inspect ships in the Sea of ​​Azov as part of the fight against terrorism, by the way, the ships going to Taganrog are checked ...
  14. 0
    31 August 2018 11: 49
    The author comrade confused red with soft and lied a little ... On points, of course, personally my assessment of info from open sources:
    1. "Nord" - most likely really illegal detention and unauthorized attempt to incriminate the crew with Russian citizenship as a crime. Conclusion - in a normal court the case falls apart "at once", except for ukrosudov there is an ECHR court where citizens of the Russian Federation may well apply, and the Russian state is obliged to support in every possible way, speed up these claims and conduct a campaign to counter the abduction of its citizens. By the way, have you heard at least a hint about the abduction of our citizens on the "Nord" ?? But our actions in the Sea of ​​Azov are competent and most likely will have a positive effect!
    2. "Mechanic Pogodin" is a completely different situation !! Crazy with greed, the shipowners sent their property to the Nazi unfinished ... And what did they want in the end ?? Probably easy to cut money, BUT! You can fool fate wink ... Any country, even Ukraine, has the right to impose sanctions and restrictions on its territory on any economic entities of other countries. Which is what we have in this case ... the curtain. There are no complaints about the crew from the government agencies of Ukraine, and people can freely leave the ship and return to their homeland. Why stay on board? Perhaps they are afraid of losing payments for flights already made, but in this case, they objectively play into the hands of e .... the owners of the ship, protecting their property with their bodies. Do they need it? After all, it is clear that even if the ship is released from the territory of the ukroreikh, the crew will not see salaries. Do shipowners need to shift the losses from downtime to someone else? And the fact that the owners are greedy and stupid simply proves their desire to do "business" with understatement without safety points. Such tricks will deceive both others and themselves, alas, the prose of life ... By the way, I think that it is absolutely impossible and very harmful for our state to fit in with these distraught commerce, but it is absolutely necessary to explain to the crew what is needed and accompany them to their homeland as soon as possible !!
    3. Well, and how sideways do all the flights of reconnaissance apparatuses over the territory of Ukraine belong to all this ??? What if there were no such incidents, then Amer’s drones would not fly? Or if there were no LPR / DPR, then there would be no amers in Ukraine ???
    The author, you are either a naive young man, or (with a 99% probability) an arrogant provocateur who dumped 4 events, regretting Akhmetov and Mittall along the way, trying to inspire a rotten thought in the heads of readers !!! am
    Remember - as there were reconnaissance flights around our borders, so they will be. And this is reality, which can only be destroyed by a radical demolition of the world order! And minor incidents have nothing to do with it, from the word at all ....

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