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Trump everyone? Further without illusions?

Well, the American "opposition" to Trump had a formal reason for declaring him an impeachment. More precisely, it is not entirely correct to call this a pretext - this is a legally correct basis for the removal of the current US President from power.

Just two days ago, I wrote about the Manafort affair and what consequences it may have for the current US administration. However, I could not imagine that the events would unfold so rapidly. The result of the hearings turned out to be not completely expected either - Paul Manafort himself showed enviable restraint and did not testify against Trump, although he was threatened with a really long sentence if he was found guilty. But the "accomplice" of Manafort, Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen, admitted under oath that Trump personally instructed him to pay American porn actress Stormy Daniels and Playboy magazine model Karen McDougall for keeping silent about their relationship with Trump.

How serious this all can be judged is because Trump hastened to scare the American man in the street with an economic collapse in the event of his resignation. That is, he himself does not exclude such a development of events.

If anyone doubts whether it is possible to dismiss the president in the United States because of sex scandal, remember history Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Yes, formally, Congress was not investigating Lewinsky's “spots on her dress”, but Clinton’s lies under oath. And it almost cost Clinton the presidency, although the scandal itself was not worth the damn - the usual intrigue of the head with the intern, quite full age, even by the strict puritan standards of Washington.

In the case of Trump, things are a little more complicated - he hasn't lied under oath yet. But this is offset by the hatred that Democrats and the wider American public are experiencing, traditionally democratic, “human rights” orientations. Trump's problem is not even that he has few supporters - they are, in general, more than many of his predecessors as president of the United States. But he just has a huge number of opponents, or, as they would say now, haters. Trump’s mistrust index is also near record, and almost half of the US population will be happy to hear about his resignation. And this, as we understand, is an excellent base for his opponents.

It is necessary to understand that Michael Cohen, having testified under oath against Trump, cut off his own path to retreat. Now he cannot refuse them without risking a review of his business. And that would almost certainly mean prison to him. It is also important that the name of the women with whom Trump probably had a connection became known to the investigators. Now they can be brought to an investigation at any time, and there is no doubt that they will lay out everything about Trump and their relationship - right down to the stains on dresses and other intimate details.

Does this guarantee a victory for Trump's opponents? Not at the moment. Alas, they don’t have a majority in Congress, and it’s too risky to hope for Trump’s opponents among the Republicans themselves — party discipline may turn out to be stronger than personal preferences.

That is why the tone of the opponents of the current US president is rather calm - they, like, do not require the immediate tearing of Trump. But this is certainly slyness in anticipation of elections to Congress and the Senate. Now the Republicans have a small margin in Congress, and if they still want to have at least some kind of capable administration, they must literally hold this advantage at any price. Democrats, on the other hand, quite reasonably believe that scandals like the current one are working against Republicans, and it will be extremely difficult to maintain the status quo on the results of the elections.

Therefore, we can assume with a rather large degree of confidence that an attempt to remove Trump from power will nevertheless take place. But this will most likely happen in the fall, after the November elections. And if the outcome of this election turns out to be favorable for the Democrats, Trump will most likely become the former US president.

Now a few words about what we expect from the likely impeachment of Trump.

First of all, let us recall some features of the American system of inheritance of power. And above all, the fact that the impossibility of the fulfillment of their duties by the elected President of the United States does not at all mean an immediate appointment of special elections. The duties of the president are automatically transferred to the vice-president. If something happens to him, the speaker of Congress (automatically the Republican) becomes the president automatically. Next is a list of fifteen more officials, the absolute majority of whom are Republicans.

In America, such an event as early elections is unlikely. The constitution is designed so that victory in elections ensures the victorious party almost guaranteed four years of rule. Exceptions are possible only in case of sudden incapacity of eighteen politicians at once, which, you see, is almost a fantastic assumption.

Therefore, in the case of the impeachment of Trump, we get President Michael Pence. What he is, you can easily read on the Internet, we only dwell on the fact that this is a politician, not seen in any sympathy for Russia. This is the party nomenclature of the modern Republicans, which against the background of Trump can be called almost a hawk.

It is obvious that such a figure as president dramatically consolidates the Republicans. And he has no opponents in the special services. In any case, such irreconcilable, like Trump. Therefore, he will surely be given the rest of his time as president. Even democrats will be calm, and their criticism will surely be curtailed to the usual internal agenda for the USA.

On the other hand, the lesson taught to Trump will surely be remembered by Pence. And one cannot expect any kind of thaw in Russian-American relations.

But for the Russian side, such castling may be useful. First of all, the fact that shaky hopes will go into the past, connected with the expectation that Trump will strengthen his position as president and begin to strengthen our bilateral relations through some kind of one-sided concessions.

We will again return to the transparent world of a pure, unclouded confrontation with the USA. Let's get rid of illusions and realize that you can only hope for yourself. Moreover, it is possible that we will understand that even a victory in the next American elections of a truly pro-Russian candidate does not guarantee us anything.

And this is probably the maximum of what we generally shine in the foreseeable future in our relations with the Anglo-Saxons.

And Trump ... Trump is a pity.

It was a good attempt ...

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  1. LSA57
    LSA57 24 August 2018 12: 18
    Get rid of illusions

    but did they still have anyone else?
    and understand that you can only rely on yourself.

    Yes, we all our history only on ourselves and hope.
    Moreover - perhaps we will understand that even a victory in the next US election of a truly pro-Russian candidate does not guarantee us anything.

    but will rest, end up like Kennedy
    1. Smoked
      Smoked 24 August 2018 12: 19
      Concisely and to the point. Plus.
      1. For example
        For example 24 August 2018 13: 05
        Therefore, in the event of impeachment of trump, we get President Michael Pence.

        Don't say hop until you've jumped over.
  2. HAM
    HAM 24 August 2018 12: 21
    Trump is not at all sorry: a chameleon, a chatterbox and a cynic ... and ... a womanizer, in short, a real Yankee ...
    1. rum
      rum 24 August 2018 13: 02
      And what's wrong with being a womanizer? He * fuckpap * did with women not from garbage cans, but miss the world there different ..... laughing
      1. LSA57
        LSA57 24 August 2018 13: 03
        Quote: Rum
        and miss there different world .....

        well "bowls" you can lol
    2. Conductor
      Conductor 24 August 2018 17: 29
      BUT not a fagot and a child molester.
  3. demo
    demo 24 August 2018 12: 28
    What can I say?
    Failed GDP to go to the den of the beast and speak to the US Congress.
    May be good.
    And then he spoke in Munich, and then it all started.
    Father told me. No need to swing a fist in front of the enemy’s nose. Beat then when he set up the back of his head.
    Evidently Putin had no good advisers in his life.
    1. For example
      For example 24 August 2018 13: 07
      Quote: demo
      Evidently Putin had no good advisers in his life.

      Therefore, he is the President of Russia. laughing Wow no luck guy. wassat Set up laughing
    2. Vend
      Vend 24 August 2018 13: 20
      Quote: demo
      What can I say?
      Failed GDP to go to the den of the beast and speak to the US Congress.
      May be good.
      And then he spoke in Munich, and then it all started.
      Father told me. No need to swing a fist in front of the enemy’s nose. Beat then when he set up the back of his head.
      Evidently Putin had no good advisers in his life.

      If there weren’t good advisers, you would now continue to live in Yeltsin’s Russia. and enjoy the collapse of the country.
      1. I am Russian
        I am Russian 25 August 2018 10: 48
        If there weren’t good advisers, you would now continue to live in Yeltsin’s Russia. and enjoy the collapse of the country.

        Under Yeltsin, there was hope that soon the old drunk would retire and a normal leader would appear. Unfortunately, what has appeared cannot be called a normal statesman and leader.
        And now there is no hope, Putin will still survive all of us with his attitude to his health.
        Hopelessness and longing for the long years of Putin's rule am
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. The comment was deleted.
  4. d ^ Amir
    d ^ Amir 24 August 2018 12: 38
    Well, as a result of the whole story, confirmation to the whole world of the fact that the state called the USA is NOT CONTRIBUTABLE !!! absolutely !!!!! any words of any official are only AIR SHOCK !!! any promises, any contracts
    1. LSA57
      LSA57 24 August 2018 12: 46
      Quote: d ^ Amir
      any promises, any contracts

      contract for them, this is a piece of paper with letters.
      they recognize only one piece of paper on which the numbers are drawn and the $ sign
    2. Sergey39
      Sergey39 24 August 2018 12: 53
      Yes, the situation has become commonplace and the disagreement of internal disassembly can lead to civil war. Then the world will be on the edge
      1. ggl1
        ggl1 24 August 2018 13: 36
        Russia needs to close all relations with the USA and not
        engage in discussions with them
        as it was before the 2nd world war and leave the embassy
        at a minimum level
        When peppered they themselves came to Moscow for negotiations
    3. YarSer88
      YarSer88 28 August 2018 15: 34
      Any words, even from officials, not backed up by an agreement with a signature - air shock. Not even in international relations, but in transactions per 100 between two individual entrepreneurs. What is there to be surprised at?
  5. polpot
    polpot 24 August 2018 12: 47
    They will destroy themselves from within, do not bother them, they will do everything themselves.
    1. LSA57
      LSA57 24 August 2018 12: 55
      Quote: polpot
      They will destroy themselves from within, do not bother them, they will do everything themselves

      Yes, I’d quickly
      1. Boris55
        Boris55 24 August 2018 14: 59
        Quote: LSA57
        Yes, I’d quickly

        BRICS with its Development Bank, is not yet ready to replace the Anglo-Saxons with their Fed. While tuning is in progress. No matter how I would like to quickly, but the transition will be smooth, without the collapse of the world economy.

        And nothing will happen to Trump. He will also work the second presidential term, and after that no one in the World will be interested in who the president is in the USA. laughing
  6. rocket757
    rocket757 24 August 2018 13: 04
    This is their inner "compote", but it can shake most of the world. Here is such an overseas elephant uncle!
  7. kakvastam
    kakvastam 24 August 2018 13: 12
    shaky hopes will be gone

    I'm afraid you underestimate our liberals - even under American bombs they will call for dialogue with America.
    Look, Patrushev recently was babbling something about the need to continue communication, but for Siluanov and Nabiullina, the States are generally a holy of holies!
    Rather, they immediately decide to go give up - if Trump did not resist ...
  8. Sergej1972
    Sergej1972 24 August 2018 13: 15
    Congress is the House of Representatives and the Senate. What the author calls the Congress in the article is the House of Representatives.
  9. Berkut24
    Berkut24 24 August 2018 13: 16
    And Trump ... Trump is a pity.

    But I don’t feel sorry for anyone there. Let crush each other in no way limiting themselves.
  10. shinobi
    shinobi 24 August 2018 13: 20
    Already, it is clear to everyone that it’s simply impossible to agree on anything with mattresses. In general, the West is our enemy, and only on the basis of this axiom we can talk about something with them. Especially with the Yankees.
  11. ggl1
    ggl1 24 August 2018 13: 24
    What kind of country where there is a trio power:
    non-conservative conservatives
    a little more and the country of "great democracy" will be torn apart
    and there will be a civil war as in the 19th century, all the more so as black citizens, Latinos
    hate white anglo-saxons
    and then there will be silence and paradise in the world!
  12. forester
    forester 24 August 2018 13: 25
    I read, I read, I didn’t finish reading, I communicate with ordinary Americans colleagues (drove) - most of America’s labor is for the trump, so the author drives the blizzard - the author will not do anything fictitious - people really started to earn more from the trump and you’ll see you get re-elected for a second term
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 24 August 2018 13: 50
      Not excluded. Before burying Trump, the author of the article would have waited for the results of the congressional elections. He himself admits that while the majority of Republicans are there, no one will remove Trump, even theoretically. And yes, Trump fulfills his election promises regarding his voters (American hinterland), so it’s more likely that the Rednecks will rebel if the impeachment threat is real for him, but for now the author runs ahead of the engine
  13. andrewkor
    andrewkor 24 August 2018 13: 56
    From the Lewinsky v. Clinton hearing, I remember the prosecutor's question to Clinton: "Did you use a cigar as a sexual instrument?" Horror, and more!
    I suspect that Trumpon has richer experience in this area. Do you stock up on popcorn?
  14. Ros 56
    Ros 56 24 August 2018 15: 35
    What a man makes a fuss does not know. This is under what state law you can’t fuck women for money, especially since he is a billionaire. Do not interfere with the policy of sex. No one will show him anything, they will tire of looking for reasons, but scratching their tongues, they don’t need a lot of mind.
    1. Conductor
      Conductor 24 August 2018 17: 32
      pralno, the more they took the money for the services, and what’s behind his morality, so let his family beat him a bad guy.
  15. Turist1996
    Turist1996 24 August 2018 18: 24
    I recommend reading:
    A rather large article, so you need to be patient.
    But strictly in the subject of the main article.
  16. nivander
    nivander 24 August 2018 19: 33
    in order to avoid impeachment (the case of Monica’s boldness) Clinton began to bomb Yugoslavia - Donald Fredovich is not --- he will also begin to peck ... Venezuela
  17. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 26 August 2018 17: 26
    Republicans are always persistent sovietophobes (now Russophobes).
    Democrats - in the same steppe, but with sub-twists and tricks.
    Trump - begins to bother with this and that, so they will eat him revealingly.
    Yes, and he bothered us, well, his bath, because the sense of it is zero!
    That's who will be the next president in the SGA (as Wasserman says), it’s just right to bet - either a woman or a Mexican (there was already a black man). Although, given the ostentatious freedom of morals for the whole world, compilations from the above are quite possible.
  18. slavaseven
    slavaseven 26 August 2018 19: 24
    Pf, you think I’ve gone to various virgins, this is not prohibited in America. They will drink blood, no more.
  19. Faceless
    Faceless 28 August 2018 14: 12
    All American presidents since World War II are the same in foreign policy.
  20. NordUral
    NordUral 29 August 2018 10: 44
    No matter what the head is in the White House, I don't give a damn. I am worried about who is sitting in the Kremlin and in general in the supreme power in the country, once, even if somewhat conditionally, ours.
    And not like Putin and his appointees ??? - Medvedev and Nabiulina, who escaped ??? it is not known how and where, and even according to some information on the network that has robbed the people and the country.
    The fire in the Central Bank, the loss of Medvedev, Nabiulina and billions of people: