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Far Eastern factories received contracts for the construction of "Karakurt"

The Russian military department has placed orders for the construction of six interregional telecoms of the 22800 “Karakurt” project at two Far Eastern factories, reports TASS.

Contracts must be completed before 2026.

According to the first contract, the Vladivostok East Shipyard should build two small missile ships by 2023. Four more RTOs will be transferred to the naval by 2026 the fleet Amur Shipbuilding Plant (Komsomolsk-on-Amur).

Contracts with enterprises were signed during the international forum "Army-2018", whose work takes place in the Moscow region.

Recall that in May, Deputy Defense Minister (now Deputy Prime Minister) Yury Borisov announced the decision taken in the military department to place orders at enterprises in the Far East. He noted then that it would take about 22800 months to build one 30 serial ship.

According to Borisov, "Karakurts" are currently "needed in all fleets.

The IRCs of the 22800 project are Russian rocket and artillery ships of the near-sea zone. Developed by the design office "Almaz". Earlier it was reported that the Russian Navy plans to get 18 such ships. "Karakurt" equipped with modern missile and artillery complexes, engines of Russian production. The main strike weapons of the ships are the Caliber family missiles.
Photos used: / Pella OJSC

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  1. ple
    ple 23 August 2018 16: 24
    mosquito fleet .... can no longer.
    1. Thrall
      Thrall 23 August 2018 16: 30
      Quote: ple
      mosquito fleet .... can no longer.

      Keep observing.
    2. Jolly oldster sailor
      Jolly oldster sailor 23 August 2018 16: 30
      Here's the news from the category - "it's good when all good ". The fleet-new steamers! The guys from the shipyards-work and families wages!
    3. Sergey Medvedev
      Sergey Medvedev 23 August 2018 16: 41
      Quote: ple
      mosquito fleet .... can no longer.

      Well, stretch your legs on clothes. And to build 10 carrier groups we still can not afford. Even if all the oligarchs outweigh.
      1. spektr9
        spektr9 23 August 2018 17: 54

        Well, stretch your legs on clothes. And to build 10 carrier groups we still can not afford. Even if all the oligarchs outweigh.

        The largest country in the world, and we cannot afford an aircraft carrier group, shame and shame
        1. Fungus
          Fungus 23 August 2018 18: 08
          Yes, she is not needed. Money down the drain. With the development of hypersonic missiles, a missile can be launched anywhere in the world. How to drag such reinforcement.
        2. nekromonger
          nekromonger 24 August 2018 01: 17
          for this, the economy should not be raw materials, and this is a start.
          1. ser56
            ser56 25 August 2018 16: 30
            if not a secret - does the Russian Federation buy weapons and equipment for these ships? What are you talking about? About the US, which seeks to sell gas? bully
      2. Black sniper
        Black sniper 23 August 2018 18: 19
        10 AUG is not needed, you need 10 TARK, and there is enough mosquito fleet in Russia! hi
        1. san4es
          san4es 23 August 2018 18: 41
          Quote: Black Sniper
          ... there is enough mosquito fleet in Russia! hi

          ... He is not in Russia, he is all in Iran (looks like in a video)

          + stripping by boarding group hi
    4. electrooleg
      electrooleg 23 August 2018 18: 33
      Quote: ple
      mosquito fleet

      Small but wise! As onyx will give on board, not a single large trough will seem a little.
    5. passerby
      passerby 23 August 2018 19: 44
      And what's wrong with that? The traveling one will overpower the road (s) Of course, I would like for destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers to build for our fleet, but so far there is what it is. They will restore competencies and begin to build and destroyers and cruisers and aircraft carriers. Remember how the Soviet fleet began, also from a mosquito, and it took 40 years to become an ocean one.
      1. Grits
        Grits 23 August 2018 20: 49
        Remember how the Soviet fleet began, also from a mosquito, and it took 40 years to become an ocean one.
        It took us a little less to turn the fleet from the ocean into a mosquito
        1. passerby
          passerby 24 August 2018 06: 01
          In order to degrade time, you need much less than in order to achieve something. Do not forget that Russia, compared with the USSR, is smaller by 5 million square kilometers, and by population less than 150 million or 50 percent. The industrial potential of Russia in the context of industries is from 2,7 percent to 67 percent of what was in the USSR. These losses are greater than the losses of Russia after the Civil War and the devastation that followed the 1917 revolution.
    6. Berkut24
      Berkut24 23 August 2018 19: 54
      mosquito fleet .... can no longer.

      I remember here, but I don’t remember here?
    7. Krasnoyarsk
      Krasnoyarsk 23 August 2018 21: 09
      Quote: ple
      mosquito fleet .... can no longer.

      It’s not depressing me that we are building a mosquito fleet, it is also necessary. It depresses me that they are building a small Karakut for 30 months !!!
  2. feldscher
    feldscher 23 August 2018 16: 40
    How little all the same crying
    1. cost 75
      cost 75 23 August 2018 18: 41
      Quote: Feldscher
      How little all the same crying

      and long
  3. Xnumx vis
    Xnumx vis 23 August 2018 17: 08
    Quote: ple
    mosquito fleet .... can no longer.

    A little pecking chicken! At one time, everyone was moaning about Chechnya. Ah! Oh, there will be ocean ships.
    1. Gargantua
      Gargantua 23 August 2018 17: 37
      Quote: 30 vis
      There will be ocean ships

      Yes But for this you need to transplant all the current leaders of the country wink
  4. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 23 August 2018 18: 35
    We can be glad that at least Karakurt will go in a large series, otherwise lately 2-3 ships and again, a new project - time, money into the pipe
  5. Kaetani
    Kaetani 23 August 2018 19: 34
    Ships are needed in completely different classes. And to sin with the words why we do not build RTOs.
    We must be glad that we are building.
    And swear that we are not building ships of the 1-2 rank in the right volume.
  6. mitchhunter
    mitchhunter 23 August 2018 21: 43
    30 months for one RTO. Looks at the military-industrial complex to steal steel with tripled force. We completely lost control over the situation.
  7. jonht
    jonht 23 August 2018 23: 59
    To build a corps is not a problem, but to place systems and weapons in it, to pair them and bring them into a single mechanism, requires much more time. And the weapons systems on the new ships are quite complex, and indeed a lot of new things.
    1. ser56
      ser56 25 August 2018 16: 27
      on the head - everything ... and on the others - what is the problem? Just copying ...
  8. gig334
    gig334 24 August 2018 00: 21
    The surface naval fleet of Russia is being transformed from a nuclear fleet to a coastal diesel one. All this is sad, you can forget about ships of the first rank, and the remnants of Soviet ships are also not eternal.