The situation in Syria. Terrorists in Idlib abandoned peace negotiations

The terrorist coalition in the province of Idlib, led by Jabhat al-Nusra (banned in the Russian Federation), refused to negotiate peace. The militants made new attempts to attack with drones positions of government troops and the Khmeimim base in Latakia. This is reported FAN with reference to local sources.

In the north of the province of Latakia, another attempt was made to attack with drones positions of the Syrian army. All drones directed towards government troops were destroyed. In the afternoon, the drones were fired towards the Khieimim airbase, but were destroyed by Russian air defenses before they could strike.

In the province of Deir ez-Zor, attacks of the Western coalition air forces resumed. The area near the town of Baguz Faukani was subjected to a missile strike. According to pro-American sources, as a result of the attack, several IG terrorists were neutralized (the group is banned in the Russian Federation). Civilian casualties are not reported.

On the eve of the leaders of the terrorist formations stationed in the province of Idlib declared the preparation of an operation against the Syrian troops. All attempts by the Russian Center for reconciliation of the parties and the UAR government to establish a dialogue with the militants failed. The Islamists flatly refused to negotiate. Moreover, the province carried out raids to identify "traitors" who are ready to reconcile with the legitimate authorities. Over the past two weeks, about 500 people have been arrested by terrorists at al-Nusra for such a “crime”. In connection with the refusal to negotiate, the Syrian army resumed artillery strikes against Islamist targets in the areas of Khan Sheikhoun and Maaret An-Numan. The Russian Aerospace Forces and the SAR Air Force launched reconnaissance flights over the territory controlled by the enemy.

In the province of Hasaka, SDF militants detained 45 candidates for deputies of local legislative assemblies. According to sources, in this way the Kurds are trying to raise their chances in the elections (scheduled for September 16) to the local authorities.
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  1. +8
    23 August 2018 10: 33
    The feeling that they felt support here and refused to negotiate, someone promised something ...
    1. 0
      23 August 2018 11: 03
      They are waiting for the opportunity to move to Germany, France, Britain as a refugee
    2. +1
      23 August 2018 11: 08
      No wonder they concentrated in Idlib. Behind them, with direct and indirect support, Turkey and countries wanting the collapse of Syria. I think it will be hard to clean this territory from thugs. And it is here that potential terrorists (citizens of Russia and the CIS) are located, from whom one can expect destabilization of the situation in Russia and not only.
      1. +2
        23 August 2018 11: 23
        Well, the barmalei did not voluntarily concentrate there. They were brought there to be buried there. And then like: they don’t want to give up, let’s set fire to Makhmud wassat
        1. +1
          23 August 2018 11: 51
          I think there were proposals and ours agreed. For some reason, the Turks could not come to terms with the peaceful Kurds of Afrin, but there were no questions about the resettlement of militants in Idlib, bordering Turkey.
          1. +1
            23 August 2018 12: 06
            Perhaps it came from the militants. The Turks are not pleased with the Kurds. In Idlib, the Russian Federation probably agreed with the Turks.
    3. +1
      23 August 2018 12: 07
      Support and the truth seemed to be, the attack on Khmeimim, here you need to understand that they have no purpose to inflict damage (well, maybe secondary) i.e. everyone understands that the drones will be shot down, here’s the goal_ when our air defense reflects the UAV’s attacks, a reconnaissance mattress plane (or something else) is always nearby and explores all our combat capabilities, for example, electronic warfare or how radars work there. If there was an attack, then the mattresses were nearby, and if they were nearby, they also promised support. something like this.
      1. +1
        23 August 2018 12: 29
        Just like in the eighties. The same Syria, the same characters. More advanced aircraft versus a more advanced pro. The same provocations. The only tasks for Syria have become more complicated. The next level, however.
  2. -2
    23 August 2018 10: 36
    And did someone ask for a truce? How our rulers love negotiations and a truce. It would be better if they talked with their people like that, otherwise they refused the referendum. Or did the barmaley bombs end?
  3. +2
    23 August 2018 10: 50
    They still did not understand that it was their turn. fool
  4. 0
    23 August 2018 10: 53
    Idlib terrorists abandon peace talks

    If the enemy does not surrender and does not go to negotiations, it means that he will soon be destroyed.
    1. 0
      23 August 2018 11: 04
      Quote: solzh
      If the enemy does not surrender and does not go to negotiations, it means that he will soon be destroyed.

      or re-paid in moderate official opposition ((
    2. -1
      23 August 2018 11: 36
      Is it like if, after US sanctions, Russia does not negotiate, it (Russia) is destroyed?
  5. 0
    23 August 2018 12: 09
    Idlib terrorists abandon peace talks
    So subject to destruction. It’s high time to show the coalition led by the United States, and the UN, which fell under the Americans and does not hide the fact that the terrorists will be destroyed.
  6. 0
    23 August 2018 13: 23
    They were taken to Idlib, leaving one "Kalash" with three horns in their hands, the rest was seized. If they raise their heads again, refusing to negotiate, then someone has already supplied them with weapons, and not only small arms.
  7. 0
    23 August 2018 17: 13
    muddied that the bastards are bearded. In passing, Uncle Sam promised them either Big money or arms support, they need to be soaked in shreds so that the kites would gnaw pieces in the desert ..

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