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“Killer of tanks” JAGM in the series: the issue of increasing the security of the northeast of Russia became even sharper


Over the past six months news sections of dozens of domestic and foreign military-analytical resources do not cease to be full of headlines and short publications on the promotion of the promising project of the American perspective multi-purpose tactical air-launched missile JAGM (Join Air-to-Ground Missile), which is a worthy development of the anti-tank AGM-114 Hellfire family ". A variant of the JAGM rocket developed by Lockheed Martin since 2012 in accordance with the 1st stage (“Increment 1”) (previously the option was also considered by the Boeing-Raytheon consortium), in February 2018 the next stage of full-scale tests was successfully completed at the Yuma test site, after which the developer’s headquarters decided to start small-scale production of a direct descendant of well-proven versions of the Hellfire, released in the amount of 75 thousand rockets. The first order from the US Armed Forces for a batch of “fresh” JAGMs worth almost $ 27 million, announced by the US defense department on August 16, was not long in coming. In the face of such circumstances, it would be extremely relevant to assess the degree of threat to Russian military units on the European theater of operations from this type of multi-purpose missiles.

To perform such an analysis, it is necessary to build on three criteria - the type of air carrier for JAGM, as well as the flight performance and detailed characteristics of the missile guidance system. The modification of the JAGM rocket as part of the phase “Increment 1” is a peculiar conceptual and constructive improved hybrid of the AGM-114K “Hellfire II” and AGM-114R “Longbow Hellfire” anti-tank missiles, which became donors for the JAGM dual-band guidance system. The first one borrowed a semi-active laser channel of guidance, represented by a photo-receiver, “capturing” a point from the laser target designator beam, placed either on board the carrier or on a third-party combat unit. From the second, a millimeter active Ka-band homing radar channel (with a frequency of 94000 MHz) was taken, providing the highest pointing accuracy even in difficult meteorological conditions. As a result, depending on the atmospheric conditions, terrain, and interference used by the enemy, the crew of the carrier (for example, the AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter) can vary the modes of operation of the JAGM guidance system in a tactically correct configuration. Conclusion: disorienting the dual-band HOS of the JAGM rocket will not be so easy both with the help of electronic countermeasures and with the help of a smoke screen. There are a number of other ways, but not everything is so smooth here either.

First of all, it is the use of active protection systems of the type “Arena” and “Arena-M” (in the case of T-72B3М and T-90C / AM), as well as “Afganit” (in the case of T-14 Armata ), which are able to easily deal with JAGM missiles approaching at a speed of 1,3, because the estimated speed of the target being hit for KAZ Arena / -M reaches 700 m / s, and for Afganit 1500 - 2000 m / s. But, unfortunately, about any large-scale updating of the tank fleet of Russia, even with simple “Arenas” today, there is no talk about it. What is the situation with the T-72B3M, on the frontal armor plates of the towers of which the outdated wedge-shaped 4CXNNUMX “Contact-22” dynamic protection still flaunts?

Secondly, it is the use of such “exotic” means as high-frequency combat EMI generators of the “Ranets-E” type or more advanced variants that can easily disable the onboard radio-electronic “stuffing” of tactical missiles of any type at a distance of a couple of tens of kilometers . It is known that the work on the Ranets-E project was carried out by specialists of the Moscow Radiotechnical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences from the middle or the end of the 90s, but later, at the beginning of the 2000s, all the developments and progress on this program were initially postponed to a long box, and later completely forgotten by analogy with the project of a long-range air combat missile "Product 180-PD" with an integral rocket-ramjet engine. This sad fate befell more than one strategically important project for our country's defense; and, unfortunately, this tradition is preserved.

As the third option to counter the dual-channel GOS of JAGM missiles, the use of Peresvet type laser complexes and various types of self-propelled laser systems that could damage a rocket laser photoreceiver with its own high power beam could be considered, after which the JAGM rocket, having lost its semi-active laser guidance channel, could use an exclusively active radar sensor, for which it would be sufficient to develop specialized false targets that emit response and distracting interference in the W-band at a frequency of 94 GHz. But all this is present only in our theory, while the number of different laser facilities at the disposal of the VKS and / or military air defense does not exceed several units. And there is absolutely no information about the capabilities of the operation of these laser complexes for targeting radars of military air defense weapons. Conclusion: the most proven way to counter the threat from multi-purpose JAGM missiles is the modernization of self-propelled military air defense weapons as such.

Given the fact that when using the Apache suspension, the effective JAGM range reaches 16 km, completely “covering” not only the radius of the Tor-M1 SAM (12 km using the standard 9М331 SAM), but also the radii of the new Tor -M2U / KM ”(15 and 16 km using ZUR 9M331D and 9M338, respectively), the operators of any version of this self-propelled air defense missile system are not able to intercept the helicopters launching missiles. And even from closer distances (with difficult terrain), such an interception of Apache by means of Tor-M2 systems is not guaranteed, because a helicopter hiding in a lowland cannot be hit by radio-guided missiles, as the direct visibility between the air defense system and the enemy’s helicopter is lost. For such a “hunt”, rockets are needed either with active radar homing (like the British CAAM complex “Land Ceptor”), or with ICGOS (like “IRIS-T”). The Pantsir-С1 anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex in the process of repelling an Apache strike will look in a much better light, since it can open fire on enemy attack helicopters even before launching JAGM missiles (at a distance of 17 - 19 km), which can deprive the crew "Headache" associated with the need to intercept dozens of already running JAGM. But such an alignment is possible only on an ideal flat terrain, while in difficult terrain the same problem will be observed as that of the “Thors”, because the 57E6E anti-aircraft guided missiles also have a radio command guidance method.

JAGM multipurpose rocket launch

Based on the foregoing, we can state that today (in dueling situations, when friendly fighter aviation squadrons are diverted to air battles with enemy fighters) the security of motorized rifle regiments and tank brigades of the Russian army from air strikes with JAGM missiles has a very dubious appearance, where instead of the early destruction of carrier helicopters, the operators of the Tor-M2U and Pantsirey-S1 military air defense systems will have to intercept already launched missiles, the number of which can reach tens of units.

Only one "Apache" can take on the nodes of the suspension 16 missiles of this type. The potential for such interceptions from our "Thors" and "Pantsirey", of course, is available, especially given the low speed of the JAGM and the high channel of the air defense system. But why risk the lives of servicemen (in case of missing several missiles during a massive strike), when you can simply develop a more long-range interceptor missile with active radar homing and destroy attack helicopters or low-altitude UAVs before the attack from their side. Yes, and the installation on the tanks and BMP systems, active protection of armored vehicles would be worth thinking today.

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  1. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 24 August 2018 07: 06
    Immediately a question to the Author (!): Where did he "zanykal" with the JAGM IR-GOS? After all, if we mention "ranges", then the racket is "3-band"!
    Again .... for some reason, the Author is "dominated" by articles that can be combined under the heading: "
    Everything is gone ... "Yes ... JAGM is a serious weapon. But we must take into account that the results of field tests are one thing, and combat operations are another. You can, of course, colorfully describe how helicopter" flocks "shoot tank divisions, like in a dash ... But the battlefield is not a writing sheet.Rough terrain, bad weather conditions, artificial interference (including smoke ...), air defense ambushes, countering enemy aircraft (including combat helicopters with RVV ...) disruption of communication, as a result of the operation of electronic warfare; camouflage, dispersal of enemy forces ... can reduce the effectiveness of JAGM missiles. Also, the cost factor of missiles can also affect ... (JAGM cannot be cheap!), which means that it is not a fact that all helicopters will take off loaded with JAGM anti-tank missiles "to the eyeballs!" But we cannot disagree with the Author that it is necessary to respond promptly to new threats; and therefore we need to constantly upgrade our weapons! I have repeatedly complained in the comments that there are no missiles with homing missiles in the "Pantsir", "TOR" air defense missile systems! and let them be ..., but it's time to "have" zurs with the GOS. As for the "old" missiles with R / C guidance, then they can also be upgraded to defeat helicopters "over the hill" ... Many air defense systems have the option of hitting ground targets (through a "hill", for example ...), plus optical an electronic station (OES) with an infrared range ... add a microcomputer with the appropriate software ... goal: to give the air defense system the function of hitting a helicopter hovering behind a "hillock" with a "radio command" missile after detecting an OES helicopter by the thermal radiation of the engine (an additional laser scanner is possible. ..). As for "Peresvet", the Author hopes in vain in it. Firstly, the technology is new, not tested, it is not known how effective and expedient, expensive ... Secondly .... the operation of British Brimstone missiles showed that the submarine-seeker of these missiles was used extremely rarely! Yes, and in the "manual" JAGM indicates that the submarine-seeker will be used to defeat only single targets and to ensure high selectivity of action! Those. this is not the main mode! Of course, at the moment, the short-range air defense systems are not without drawbacks, but that's why "the pike is in the river so that the crucian carp does not sleep!" ... that is. constant "permanent" modernization is necessary. For the "Pantsir" air defense system, the so-called "anti-aircraft nails" (cheap "small-caliber" short-range zoos ...) should be produced, especially to destroy drones, eres ... Why not add there " small "zur with passive radar seeker? And even better, with a combined (IR + PR seeker ...)? On the "base" of "Willow"? In addition, at the end of the 20th century, the concept of covering ground troops (and tanks too ...) from enemy attack helicopters with the help of their combat helicopters armed with air-to-air missiles was developed. So ... if only someone from the "members of the forum" came to visit me through the store; then it could be even more smart to develop the theme ... hi
    1. Bad thing
      Bad thing 24 August 2018 09: 32
      Damantsev is right about one thing, it is more profitable to destroy the carriers before approaching the launch lines than to "catch" each ASP unit separately later. But with the currently existing structure of the air defense of the SV, neither the regimental (brigade) link, nor the division has such funds, it remains to rely on the funds of the senior commander, and there are not so many of them and fulfill their tasks.
      If we take the "spherical horse", then we can say everything is lost. And you can destroy a part of the army aviation (or their reserves of ASP and kerosene) at the bases, organize a hunt for PANs at the forefront, interfere with the AA control networks, etc.
      Quote: Nikolaevich I
      the concept of covering ground forces (and tanks too ...) from enemy attack helicopters with the help of their combat helicopters, armed with air-to-air missiles.
      Nikolayevich, in view of the fact that the turntables usually work without going beyond the leading edge, and the ranges of ATGM use approached the ranges of the V-V missile launcher
      1. Bad thing
        Bad thing 24 August 2018 13: 16
        Quote: Bad
        Nikolayevich, in view of the fact that the turntables usually work without going beyond the leading edge, and the ranges of ATGM use approached the ranges of the V-V missile launcher
        , sorry distracted, I will continue the thought. The use of helicopters to combat enemy AA will be ineffective. Neither "Igla" nor "Verba" will fly far, and the P-60 and P-73 at the working altitudes of AA also do not shine with the range.
      2. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 24 August 2018 13: 45
        Quote: Bad
        the turntables usually work without going beyond the leading edge, and the ranges of ATGM use are close to the ranges of the "V-V"

        The turntables work "without going beyond the cutting edge" - whose? wink Will the situation turn out: "which came before: an egg or a chicken?" It's time to recall the history of the "fighter-interceptor" of the Mi-24.10 "Blue Dragon" helicopters and the R-90 rocket ...
        Air-to-air guided missile P-90 (RVV-VK) (NATO AA-17 ARCAIM index) was developed in 1998 specifically for arming the promising Mi-24.10 Blue Dragon interceptor helicopter and is intended to combat enemy aircraft at ranges up to 55km, flying at speeds up to M = 3. The need for an interceptor helicopter took shape as an idea following the results of Operation Desert Storm ...

        PS RVV R-90 is a very interesting "thing", in my opinion! It is worth reading about it separately. Well, our ancestors said that it is better to "beat the enemy in his lair" ... but not always they succeeded ...
        Quote: Bad
        It’s more profitable to destroy carriers before approaching the launch line,
        1. Bad thing
          Bad thing 24 August 2018 14: 00
          Thanks, read. But they are not in service yet. And you need to be able to fight the army that is, and not the one that you would like to have (c) George W. Bush (from a speech to the contingent command in Afghanistan in 2002)
          1. Nikolaevich I
            Nikolaevich I 24 August 2018 14: 32
            Quote: Bad
            Thanks, read. But so far they are not in service.

            Duc, and Damantsev, "quoted" by you, says that there are no "necessary" air defense systems; but urgently needs to be done ... before it's too late! No missiles in service? But the documentation, I hope, remained ... and I am not claiming that this particular rocket should be made ... but there is a concept! We've already worked on it! It often happens in the world that in some time period one of the opposing sides gains a temporary advantage ... The task is to make this advantage as "temporary" as possible! In the meantime, it is urgent to take organizational and technical measures in order, as much as possible, to level the enemy's advantage.
          2. poquello
            poquello 24 August 2018 21: 19
            Quote: Bad
            before contingent command in Afghanistan 2002

            Duc 18 is already in the yard, ii .. smoke the Kursk, there they fought with what is
        2. Mimoprohodil
          Mimoprohodil 24 August 2018 14: 44
          What a horror. Why did you bring the ancient writings of a certain "writer" Shityakov? This is all complete fiction
        3. venik
          venik 24 August 2018 14: 59
          Quote: Nikolaevich I
          RVV R-90 is a very interesting "thing", in my opinion!

          Another interesting thing was - SAM based on the air-to-air missile RVV-AE (aka R-77) ... By the way, with an ACTIVE radar seeker:

          (third from above)

          Here the layout is much more like an "aircraft prototype")
          Apparently, the "theme" for some reason "stalled", although it seems like preliminary calculations and tests gave promising results .......
      3. ism_ek
        ism_ek 24 August 2018 16: 15
        Quote: Bad
        turntables usually work without going beyond the cutting edge

        Laser backlighting is possible with a maximum of 10 km. In any case, you have to go to the cutting edge.
        1. Bad thing
          Bad thing 26 August 2018 14: 59
          Will you drive Thor into the first-echelon GP? And it is not necessary to shine from the carrier, it is possible from the ground or from a UAV.
      4. poquello
        poquello 24 August 2018 21: 21
        Quote: Bad
        work without going beyond the cutting edge,

        even some front edge stretched
    2. venik
      venik 24 August 2018 12: 32
      Quote: Nikolaevich I
      Immediately a question to the Author (!): Where did he "zanykal" with the JAGM IR-GOS? After all, if we mention "ranges", then the racket is "3-band"!

      This is not quite as follows:
      "... In accordance with the published information, the JAGM program was restructured due to budget cuts in early 2012 with the following stages:
      Stage 1 (increment 1): creating dual channel homing head (GOS), combining the laser semi-active and radar homing millimeter-wave range and the integration of the new GOS with the missile part of the UR Hellfire-II and the multipurpose warhead of the UR AGM-114R. At this stage, we are essentially talking about the development of a modernized missile, which received the symbol Hellfire-III.
      Stage 2 (increment 2): equipping a new JAGM rocket three channel GOS, combining radar, laser semi-active and thermal imaging homing channels. Increase flight range up to 12km.
      Stage 3 (increment 3): development of a new engine providing a firing range of up to 16 km and launching JAGM missiles from helicopters and multipurpose jet aircraft. .... "(
      So at least at the FIRST stage it is supposed to be a TWO-CHANNEL GOS !!!! True at what stage of development now ???? request
      Quote: Nikolaevich I
      Again .... for some reason, the Author is "dominated" by articles that can be combined under the heading: "
      Everything is lost...".

      Maybe we have read VARIOUS articles ??? request There, at the end, Eugene actually made a conclusion that already today it would not hurt to attend to the issue of protecting the BTT from such weapons, so that in the future it does not become an "unpleasant surprise" (all the more, the Pentagon plans to order them in a quantity of 100 thousand pieces!) .... In my opinion - a COMMON thought !!!
      1. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 24 August 2018 13: 20
        Quote: venik
        Maybe we have read VARIOUS articles?

        Well, maybe I was "getting excited" here ... but I and some other articles "remembered" ... Although I admit: I can be wrong, I can be biased ... after all, "nothing human is alien to me"!
        Quote: venik
        JAGM program in connection with a reduction in budget allocations at the beginning of 2012. was restructured with the following steps

        Well, if we talk about the "hybrid AGM-114K and AGM-114R", then yes ... the author is right. But, most likely, the Russian army will have to "meet" with a "full" version of JAGM! The rocket of the "setup stage" "in theory" should be fired in a relatively modest quantity ... This rocket is needed primarily not so much for combat as for working out maintenance issues, technical regulations, logistic services, so that "personnel "I remembered that they have this rocket and their little hands, their eyes could be distinguished from the" banal "" Hellfire "! Well, the issues of tactical application should be worked out ... But, logically, the emphasis should be on the release of a "full" JAGM! I think so ! (as Mimino said ...)
        PS Thank you that you didn’t start to find fault with my comment (as, alas, it became “popular” on the site ...); but expressed their doubts, reasonable disagreement ...
        1. venik
          venik 24 August 2018 16: 16
          Quote: Nikolaevich I
          But, logically, the emphasis should be on the release of a "full" JAGM! I think so ! (as Mimino said ...)

          By "logic" it should be so !!! (Moreover, they are increasing the defense budget "notably"), But as the same Mimino used to say, "I will tell you one smart thing, only you please do not be obsessed!" In addition to the "laser" and "thermal" GOS, to cram into such a limited volume "active radar"...... This is" that problem "!!! (Even for Americans !!!) ..... Unfortunately, there is no information" at what stage "is the development ... request
          In ANY case, as the proverb says "Hope for the BEST, and Count on the WORST" ......
          There is, of course, a Buk-M3 there - also an active radar seeker .... But first of all, there are still very many littleand secondly - it's still not a system[i] [/ i] "direct cover" of the "first line" parts !!!! Here, while "problems are outlined" ... After all, if this JAGM has an active radar seeker, then the "turntable" just needs to "jump" for a few seconds so that the head "captures" the target .... Here is the "Pantsyr" with its supersonic missiles and an estra-short reaction time may not be in time ... Really effective protection against this JAGM (so that he ...) so far only KAZ ("Arena", "Afganit") and "aerosol curtains" (in combination with electronic warfare systems).
          But this is all - means of protection against missiles, but how to deal with the "carriers" ??? request We can only hope that "those who are supposed to" are already thinking ....
          1. Nikolaevich I
            Nikolaevich I 25 August 2018 03: 57
            As for the Americans' multi-mode seeker ... They can, they cannot, but they are trying! They have an "electronic database" for this! Moreover, it seems that the "3-band" GOS (ARGSNMM + PAL-GOS + IR-GOS) will become their "typical"!
            (They plan to install this type of seeker on other missiles ...) NATO already has a "double" seeker (ARGSNMM + PAL-GSN) on a Brimstone missile of the "Hellfire / JAGM" class ... It should be taken into account that the semi-active laser GOS (PAL-GOS) and IR-GOS "work" in the optical range! That is, the IR-GOS can be given the function of aiming at laser radiation without significantly increasing the dimensions of the GOS.
            The tanks have "too many" enemies "... here it remains: either to" assign "tanks to the 2nd role; or, indeed, to equip them with "individual" KAZs, which turns out to be expensive and does not provide a "100% guarantee". Unfortunately, the topic of "collective" (group) protection of tanks from anti-tank weapons (first of all, anti-tank missiles ...) is hardly considered. I tried to "propagandize" the idea of ​​"collective" protection against anti-tank weapons (kind of "missile defense systems "... BMPT" in a new way ") ... there is an air defense system .... BMPT in the" traditional "sense ... why not appear BMPT in a" new understanding "!?
            To track the "carriers" of anti-tank weapons, you can use a system of measures: 1. Improving the organization of satellite surveillance, reconnaissance ...; 2. AWACS (here you can think of an aircraft with a "nuclear engine" as "long-playing" platforms); 3. Unmanned aerial vehicles (balloons) with IR detectors (with the function of detecting helicopters hidden in the "folds" of the terrain, by the thermal radiation of the engines ...); 4. SAM with IR detectors for the same purpose ... 5. French radar method ...
            1. venik
              venik 25 August 2018 22: 07
              Quote: Nikolaevich I
              It should be taken into account that both the semi-active laser seeker (PAL-GSN) and the IR-seeker "work" in the optical range!

              Well, it's NOT AT ALL !!! Generally speaking, the concept of "optical range" in physics is considered to be the wavelength range visible (by the human eye). And infrared radiation (as well as ultraviolet) is located outside the spectrum (IR - goes into the region of longer waves, UV - into the short-wave region) .....
              Laser radiation - can be both in the visible range, and in IR and UV.
              Quote: Nikolaevich I
              That is, IR-GOS can be given the function of pointing to laser radiation without significantly increasing the dimensions of the GOS.

              Theoretically it is possible ..... But the problems are "over the roof" !!! The fact is that semiconductor materials most sensitive to IR radiation react quite "painfully" even to a reflected (coherent) laser beam ... Roughly speaking, it turns out paradox - if you want to have a highly sensitive IR GOS problem with LI, if you want to have a combined one - problems with the IR channel ..... How are these problems being solved now? Kill God - I DON'T KNOW .... Somehow they are probably solved ..... (he himself left this "topic" a long time ago ...).
              Quote: Nikolaevich I
              I tried to "promote" the idea of ​​"collective" protection against anti-tank weapons (a kind of "missile defense systems" ... BMPT "in a new way") ... there is an air defense system .... BMPT in the "traditional" sense ... why would not appear BMPT in a "new understanding" !?

              Well, then the thought is robust!
              Although I myself am inclined more towards a combination of "traditional BMPT" (whose task is to reflect "ground" threats in a gl. Way) with mobile well-armored air defense systems (or air defense missile systems) capable of covering the "first line" from air threats, including. effectively fight with "jumping" helicopters armed with JAGM .... Today, unfortunately, neither the "Torah" nor the "Armor" are very suitable for these tasks .... If you dream up, then this should be a system whose operating principle in somewhat similar to "Javelin" - that is, the rocket is fired in the direction (in azimuth) of the "bouncing" helicopter, but with a large climb, then at the desired point it "flips", passing into a dive, searches for the target (in the required square) and attacks "from above" ...... Other tasks The air defense of the "first line" is quite capable of both the Toram and the Pantsyryam ...
              Somewhere like that .....
              1. Nikolaevich I
                Nikolaevich I 26 August 2018 04: 09
                Quote: venik
                then it should be a system whose principle of operation is somewhat similar to "Javelin"

                Quote: venik
                "traditional BMPT" (whose task is to reflect in a gl. way "ground" threats) with mobile well-armored air defense systems (or air defense missile systems)

                As for the "javelin type" .... I thought about it myself and said something like "that kind" in the commentary. If we imagine such an anti-helicopter missile (PV-missile), then during horizontal flight at the initial and middle sections of the trajectory (in the city it can fly at an altitude of, for example, 150 m) in the target area it makes a "slide" and hits the helicopter (hovering, for example, on the return slope of a height or behind a building ...) from the top ... Such a PV-missile should be equipped with R / K guidance or combined (INS + R / K), or along a laser beam for preliminary guidance using a special IR -an air defense missile system ... Such equipment of an air defense missile system can also include a laser scanner to detect a target by molecular scattering of infrared radiation ... Thus, targets are detected in the "folds" of the terrain. In the final section, the target is struck with the help of IR.GOS or television. .. But these are, so to speak, "sketches".
                Highly armored air defense systems ..... Well, well ... and that's not bad! This is to combat the "carriers" of weapons ... helicopters and airplanes. And if ... you missed it? The last chance is to shoot down an anti-tank missile while approaching the tank. Only in this case, instead of KAZ on each tank, BMPT-ABM for a group of tanks. The number of a group is determined by the ability of the complex to cover a certain "area". Interceptor missiles - small-sized and short-range (altitude). Analogs (!) - a) the system and ammunition developed by Tekhmash ... b) small-sized interceptor missiles of the EAPS type. For comparison, we can cite as an example the object air defense / missile defense.
                PS I also have answers to your other doubts (or attempts to answer ...), but, unfortunately, now there is no time ... hi
    3. Vladimir 5
      Vladimir 5 24 August 2018 21: 01
      Nikolayevich, - if the author of the article "everything was murmuring," so with you, "we'll throw our hats", - and the search for imaginary "lice" from the enemy, but with our "sledgehammer and crowbar" we will bring all the enemies ... the question is, it is necessary to find opposition to a new weapon in advance, - victories are forged in advance ...
      1. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 25 August 2018 02: 15
        Quote: Vladimir 5
        if the author of the article "everything grumbled", so with you - "we will throw our hats" - and the search for imaginary "lice" from the enemy, yes

        I think that you are exaggerating a little ... maybe you read my comment too "fluently"? In my comment, I did not throw JAGM hats ... (I also mentioned there that JAGM is a serious weapon ...), but expressed my point of view that one should not "panic", but get down to business ... in a business-like manner react to a new threat ... if you take it urgently, you can make it ...
  2. Ros 56
    Ros 56 24 August 2018 07: 23
    Mr. Damantsev. Ponte to bash, not tossing bags, stop scaring us already. And then with the fright of America flattening. hi
  3. san4es
    san4es 24 August 2018 08: 57
    ... an advanced hybrid of the AGM-114K Hellfire II anti-tank missiles and the Longbow Hellfire AGM-114R.

    hi ... The AGM-114L-8A Longbow Hellfire missile is a modified for vertical launch version of the AGM-114L aircraft anti-tank missile and is produced by a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. The missile is equipped with a millimeter-range radar homing head and uses the principle of “fired and forgot”, targeting in the ship version is carried out by general ship means via ASBU. The Longbow Hellfire missile has a length of 1,76 m, a mass of 49 kg and a cumulative warhead weight of 9 kg. The maximum firing range for vertical launch reaches 9 km. The Surface to Surface Missile Module (SSMM) modular vertical launcher consists of modules, each of which accommodates two six-shot AGM-114L-8A rocket launchers. It is planned to have two SSMM modules on the LCS ship (for a total of 24 missiles).

    U.S. Navy Video of Longbow Hellfire Trials 28.02.2017/7/XNUMX with LCS XNUMX Detroit:
  4. rocket757
    rocket757 24 August 2018 09: 32
    Simple truth, as it were .... the best defense is an attack! To extinguish ALL carriers and stationary, sho has something against it! Own protection of an object is the last frontier and hope.
    1. gregor6549
      gregor6549 24 August 2018 10: 12
      It was this truth that all Marxism-Leninism leaders and military strategists of the USSR preached from its beginning to its end. But she left, alas, sideways
      1. The comment was deleted.
  5. gregor6549
    gregor6549 24 August 2018 10: 05
    The question posed by the edge can stand in this position for an arbitrarily long time. Who at the top in the USSR and now in Russia was ever seriously interested in the question of saving the life of an individual serviceman? Tea is not Israel, where the top look at this issue in a completely different way and count each fighter individually, and not using the theory of large numbers. And these tops are doing everything possible to make this piece product live as long as possible. It is from here that the desire of our leaders to freeze the T14 tank and similar highly protected weapons and military equipment comes from and to do with the so-called. modernization of what has long earned the reputation of "mass graves of the infantry", that is, BMP. To the point that new toys are being hung on this BMP (remotely controlled weapon modules, creepy-caliber quick-fire cannons, very infrared sights, etc.), they will connect the BMP to the information network (which, by the way, has been built since the early 70s and so to build and can not), if a little bit of a mine run over by them sends both an infantry fighting vehicle, and everyone who sat in it to the forefathers. A similar, if not more terrible picture is with the air defense of the ground. It has also been under construction for more than a dozen years and cannot really be built.
  6. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 24 August 2018 10: 28
    What is the situation with the T-72B3M, on the frontal armored plates of the towers of which are still the "obsolete" wedge-shaped modules of 4C22 dynamic protection "Contact-5".

    He is also right in this request
  7. GUKTU76
    GUKTU76 24 August 2018 10: 30
    Quote: gregor6549
    A similar, if not more terrible, picture is with the air defense of the SV.

    Everything is lost! And if tomorrow is a war ?! We urgently need to move to New Zealand and from there, like Chapaev, lead the defense industry.
  8. Pacifist
    Pacifist 24 August 2018 10: 32
    and completely forgotten by analogy with the long-range air combat missile project "Product 180-PD" with an integrated rocket-ram engine

    I do not consider myself smarter than strategists from the Moscow Region, but in my amateurish opinion, this is a real puncture, given the advantages of this approach.
    And, by the way, the topic of a rocket with a combined multispectral AGSN for the TOP / Carapace complexes has already been raised. The question is that it should be healthy, multispectral AGSN, for missiles of medium and short range complexes. There is none of it, and without it everything rests on the issues of interaction between AWACS and air defense tactics. There was a suggestion on the operation of UAVs with illumination complexes, but there is also no information.
  9. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 24 August 2018 11: 16
    It seems that the author doubts the acumen of Russian experts.
    1. spektr9
      spektr9 24 August 2018 11: 39
      A heretic on the bonfire, as he dared a fellow practitioner !!! wassat
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 24 August 2018 12: 13
        And sho about the insight of more-star customers say?
        Schaub do something, you need to know what you need! That is, a clear technical assignment!
    2. Horon
      Horon 24 August 2018 21: 43
      He doubts their competence! This is Damantsev!
  10. iouris
    iouris 24 August 2018 12: 56
    What did you want? The eternal competition of armor and a projectile, which F. Engels wrote about in Anti-Duhring. It'll be this way forever. The resolution of the contradiction is a leap in the development of technology.
  11. Flyer_64
    Flyer_64 24 August 2018 13: 33
    To the author. "Shell-C1" is not yet a military air defense system. He is part of the air defense forces of the airborne forces and strategic missile forces. Military defense means are Tunguska, Strela -10M and so on, Osa-AKM, Tor-m1 and so on Buki.
    The story of JAGM is similar to the story of the javelins, a lot of passion.
  12. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 24 August 2018 14: 17
    And who said that the Apaches are allowed to fly to the firing range of this vaunted missile, not at the training ground ... Damantsev in his repertoire, any weaponry will always appear in any technological state, so the main thing is to quickly respond to it ...
  13. Yarhann
    Yarhann 24 August 2018 20: 26
    And our planes will fly over the battlefield unhindered - that is, of course there will be no hawks) so guys - if they are supposed to have air superiority, then do not care what kind of missiles they have - consider the war lost. And if we start from reality, there will be no flywheel wherever they want, and military air defense like Pine with an optoelectronic guidance system will do very well with the destruction of the flywaters - such a machine is invisible to the enemy, but it itself will perfectly find the flywheel and the missile. Well, on the march, aviation should cover the equipment here, just like it or not, this is an axiom.
  14. tank66
    tank66 24 August 2018 21: 08
    / dreamy fuel oil / and even a mines anti-helicopter smarter and cheaper straight down the hillsides 25 km from the boxes winked
  15. shinobi
    shinobi 25 August 2018 04: 23
    The author is a panicist. In combat, aviation against tanks definitely defeats aviation only if it does not oppose anything. And this, frankly, is impossible in modern combat of equivalent armies.