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The victory of Russian hockey players celebrates the whole country

Russian hockey players are world hockey champions! In the decisive match with the 6: 2 score, they defeated opponents from Slovakia. True, at the beginning of the meeting, the Russians forced their fans to worry. They even had to recoup. But then the wards Zinetula Bilyaletdinov showed a real champion game. At this championship, our hockey players have not lost a single match. And deserved - for the fourth time in stories - have become the strongest on the planet. The victory was celebrated by fans in Moscow and other Russian cities.

The final whistle of the Czech referee has just sounded and the fans of the Russian hockey team followed the hockey players to the dance. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, it was twenty minutes before midnight, the clock in the Urals showed an hour and forty, and in Siberia it was twenty to three.

However, even at the beginning of the match there was no certainty of victory - the Slovakians who had caught courage immediately opened the scoring. Mother of the Russian center forward Alexandra Svitova Natalia Alekseevna watched the game at home, in Omsk. After a missed puck with the words of support, her friends called her.
“Everybody wishes for victory. They say, don't worry! And I worry all the same,” said Natalia Svitova.

Semin's response puck on the banks of the Volga was met with friendly glee. A year ago, the coaching tandem Bilyaletdinov - Belov worked in Kazan “Ak Bars”, and now under his leadership the team on the way to the final won nine games in a row. Fans are already comparing this team with the famous 80's team.

The author of the second Russian puck is Alexander Perezhogin. He brought the Russians ahead with an accurate throw and pleased his most devoted fan.
"This year I turned 50 years old, and the Russian team made me another gift. My birthday is 9 in May. My name is Victoria. All of my friends now call me" victorious mom, "said Victoria Perezhogin.

In the second period, the advantage of the Russian team was overwhelming - there were three reasons for joy among Russian fans. This dvadtsatiminutka was a turning point in the whole match.

The last puck from the Russians throws Evgeni Malkin, recognized as the best in this championship. In the native Magnitogorsk for Malkin, the finale is watched and experienced by one of his first mentors, Sergei Zinov.

After this championship, Sergei Zinov will become a well-deserved coach of Russia. In addition to Malkin as part of the champions, two more Ural pupils of Zinov - Evgeny Biryukov and Nikolai Kulemin.

The second victory with the score 6: 2, and the tenth in a row at the World Championships. Such a convincing superiority of one of the teams in the world hockey forums has not been for a long time. From the bars, happy fans take to the streets of cities. Filled with cars Nevsky Prospect. The roar of motorcycles disturbs the calm of Ekaterinburg at night. Russian flags appear on the streets of Magnitogorsk worker - the Russian team is once again the strongest in the world!
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  1. Tersky
    Tersky 21 May 2012 09: 33 New
    SO KEEP THE MAN !!!!! drinks drinks drinks
    1. 755962
      755962 21 May 2012 09: 41 New
      At least someone could defeat these Russians?
      “The Russians finished us off with a third goal,” says Slovak striker Tomas Kopecki, with five goals, her best scored.
      “At least someone could defeat these Russians?” - in response to this question Kopecky simply laughed.
      - It is very difficult when all four links are against you with incredible skill. And, to your surprise, you see, they play as a team, because usually they are stronger individually. And now they have added the highest command to this skill. And, in fact, therefore they are champions.
      1. nokki
        nokki 21 May 2012 10: 42 New
        Yes!!! The main thing is team spirit! All with a bright victory! May we always be inspired by the accomplishments of our great fathers and grandfathersin!
        1. Neighbor
          Neighbor 21 May 2012 16: 24 New
          Today at work, men only talked about their Hockey! laughing
          Fans laughing ardent!
          Quote: Ascetic
          So it would be in Sochi! Well done - they all carried one gate.

          Blimey! The most important thing is with us - Ahead - Sochi 2014!
          That's where it is - it will be possible to seriously turn around for our athletes! wink
          Give ........ and show everyone ...... foreigners - Hu them Hu !!!
          Go Russia !!!!
          Glory to Russia!!! drinks
      2. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 21 May 2012 10: 45 New
        And Abramovich is celebrating the victory of the Chelsea players, without all of ours. And he just spent the money to buy this club in our country!
        1. older
          older 21 May 2012 10: 56 New
          Quote: S_mirnov
          And Abramovich is celebrating the victory of the Chelsea players, without all of ours. And he just spent the money to buy this club in our country!

          Well, your opinion doesn’t interest anyone ... You are like that tar ... everywhere you strive to throw your products ... Only you can’t spoil our holiday .. Envy and come out yellow with envy
      3. older
        older 21 May 2012 10: 54 New
        I didn’t sleep at midnight, looked, and then couldn’t fall asleep for another two hours! The men showed what the Russian character is, what the Russian man is! Thanks for the victory!
        1. Paratov
          Paratov 21 May 2012 11: 54 New
          After the first two victories in 2008 and 09, they shouted - welcome back "red car"! But this team of Bilyaletdinov is a real Red Machine! By all accounts! With a victory !!!!! drinks drinks drinks
          1. Tatars
            Tatars 21 May 2012 14: 33 New
            Congratulations on winning!
      4. Hysnik-Tsuzoy
        Hysnik-Tsuzoy 21 May 2012 15: 22 New
        1. Internet fighter
          Internet fighter 21 May 2012 15: 28 New
          All with a victory! We're the best!

      5. Dmitry23RUS
        Dmitry23RUS 21 May 2012 21: 10 New
        КомментР° СЂРёРё РєР ° РЅР ° РґСЃРєРёС… С З РёС‚Р ° телей:

        says brianmouland1:
        This is one of the strongest teams, and as a result, no one doubted.

        says Michael Sharp:
        Complete superiority. This is calming on the one hand. I like Russians evil. The feeling is much better when we beat them.

        says ihaveGAStons:
        This is so, but the Canadians looked as if they could only compete with Slovakia. Next year they will be able to argue for 3rd or 4th place!

        says Babbleon:
        Russia is concentrating on the World Cup, and is doing the right thing. Who can blame them. When the NHL players appeared at the Olympics in 1998, they never won.

        says winston_a:
        Cream is always on top. Powerful car.

        says MasterBrain:
        The best team in the world. Much better than everyone else. No rivals. Even if our so-called best players came to this tournament, we still would not be equal to Russia. We had to cheat at the 2010 Games in order to win gold (we played on a site not of Olympic size, but on the NHL site. And what a shock - the USA / Canada finals ... everything is fine-tuned and agreed). LOSERS always say that these competitions have no significance for their country ... Um, Canada looked pitiful there.

        Comments from American readers:

        says grito:
        From what I saw at the championship: zero contact, matador play, no defensive hockey on this large ice surface. Ideal for Ovechkin, but the NHL lacks all of these elements. It was evident with what childish pleasure he played. It looked like this imitation hockey world championship was the most important thing in his life. The Capitals must do everything they can for him and cut their costs. And Semin should be left for at least a year, if he can be signed. He shows success as well as a willingness to work and learn.

        says lightshow:
        Hunter (the head coach of the Washington Capitals) tried to call the Russian coaches after Semin's first goal to calm down and finish 2-1, so that his striker J Beagle would quickly accept Russian citizenship and sweat for the rest of the game. The problem is that the Russian coaches don't speak English very well, and they didn't understand Hunter. Ovechkin and Semin ended up playing as Russia took the lead and scored a couple more goals, and the team ended up comfortably 6-2.

        says putdepuckindenet:
        Here's what, ladies and gentlemen. Why these Capitals artifacts will never win the Stanley Cup. The two main players on this team (controversially) chose to play in this pointless tournament at the end of the season, consisting of NHL players whose teams either did not make the playoffs or were eliminated. I know someone will say that Malkin and Datsyuk were there too. But the difference is that these two value the Stanley Cup more than this stupid championship, and they've proven it in the past.

        To compete in this championship instead of the Stanley Cup is like a basketball player who says, "I want to play in a college tournament, not in the big leagues." Semin and Ovechkin have strange priorities. They hurried to the plane without showing up for the seventh game with the Rangers. They prefer to play a few championship games on the big ice, hammering a few goals to get a pointless prize, rather than playing real grueling hockey for a real reward. How touching. George, get rid of these homosexuals and bring real hockey players from the USA and Canada to the team.

        Comments from Slovak readers:

        says Jozef Apolen:
        Thanks to our team and coach for such results, especially with new players. Great silver place. There is still something to strive for and work to do, but thanks anyway.

        says Duan Godu:
        Second and third places - a message to heaven for players who died in a plane crash. Thank you Czechoslovak guys!

        says Russia, Slovakia ...:
        Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic - again the Slavs showed the rest of the world: o)))))

        says the wooden medal (Devn medaile):
        :-) I only hope that in the near future Russia will not split into three states and will not occupy all the places with medals. ;-)

        says 125 Aneurism (125 Aneurizma):
        And it will not take other geographically close countries of Europe .... :)

        says thanks !:
        The Russians led the entire championship,
        Thanks for the silver
        Waiting for more

        says Congratulations - fantastic results !:
        The last game our guys might not like, but who would be able to win in the playoffs such a combination of players as Malkin, Ovechkin, Datsyuk and Semin. So our guys have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary! We are again at the top of world hockey, and not due to the number of stars in the NHL, but thanks to the team that we can assemble, and thanks to the system. And I'm glad that Chara scored those two goals ...

        says the way:
        Czech Republic - Slovakia received two medals and showed the strength of our common hockey school.
        Guys thank you you are super

        says yes:
        And yet the abyss of children can not play hockey because of money.

        says the way:
        Sorry, you're right.
        - And in Russia too;)

        Hockey. World Championship. The final match. Russia-Slovakia

        says yes:
        And when I saw those three flags next to each other, I immediately came up with some thought about the countries of the former Eastern bloc ;-)
        There could simply not be a better color combination. :-D Congratulations to our guys, they are great, and for me they are gold, as it turned out, it happened.

        Speaks about this ...:
        That's what I thought when raising the flags :) interesting moment

        Czech readers comments

        Sokol says:
        It’s only a pity that the Czech Republic and Slovakia did not meet in the final. It would no longer matter who wins. But no one could handle the Russians this year. It was fun to watch the decline of Canada and the United States, although they, of course, can claim that they have the best in any of their leagues.

        says Lucie Knotekova:
        Sincere congratulations, and thank you, our guys, for this third place, you are great, no matter what they say. Nobody will take away the bronze from us, and this is the most important thing! Thank!

        says Jachym Vanek:
        I'm not quite sure that we are really among the top three teams, but our struggle for third place is incredibly valuable. It shows that the Czechs are not some kind of proud and arrogant nation, and that in us, on the contrary, there is humility. This is what I value most.

        says GOLDDubai cz:
        If there hadn’t been Gadamchik, who is not able to make an attack properly, we would have had gold, and what should he try if he was paid for the next two years.

        says Miroslav Fabin:
        Gadamchik worked with what was, and in accordance with his ideas about their (players) physical form. Perhaps, we could not have gold. The Russians were a little higher. Let's rejoice that we have a medal.

        says Photographer Abraham (Fotograf Abrhm-Fotoatelir):
        It is now clear that the Czechoslovakians have two of the three medals, and both under the guidance of Czech trainers.
        1. Castor oil
          Castor oil 21 May 2012 21: 26 New
          Quote: Dmitry23RUS
          КомментР° СЂРёРё РєР ° РЅР ° РґСЃРєРёС… С З РёС‚Р ° телей:

          ABOUT! I wanted to post these comments, but already ahead of fellow
          I especially liked these ...:
          :-)says the wooden medal (Devn medaile):
          I just hope that in the near future Russia will not split into three states and will not occupy all the places with medals. ;-)
          says 125 Aneurism (125 Aneurizma):
          And it will not take other geographically close countries of Europe .... :)

          Victory!!! drinks good
  2. Dmitriy69
    Dmitriy69 21 May 2012 09: 34 New
    For a long time so confident our did not hold the championship! Keep it up!!!
    1. Dmitry23RUS
      Dmitry23RUS 21 May 2012 09: 58 New
      Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich charged everyone with his energy, playing after the inauguration, with the tsar’s strength and the wise leadership of Zinetul Khaidarovich Bilyaletdinov, our rivals simply did not have a chance! drinks
      1. Yoshkin Kot
        Yoshkin Kot 21 May 2012 10: 09 New
        gee-gee-gee-gee-gee-gee., plus
        1. older
          older 21 May 2012 10: 57 New
          The whole championship watched the confident solid game of champions ... From the very beginning they were champions .. Not those who accidentally won, but those who know who is who in modern hockey
      2. Dmitry23RUS
        Dmitry23RUS 21 May 2012 10: 23 New

        We are Russians, we are winners !!
        It has always been and always will be. laughing
        1. itr
          itr 21 May 2012 11: 19 New
          Not Russians won but Russia!
          1. Dmitry23RUS
            Dmitry23RUS 21 May 2012 12: 52 New
            But in Russia not Russians live ?? o_o
            The entire population of the country vaschet Russian, so in England, the British, etc.
            1. almost demobil
              almost demobil 21 May 2012 15: 01 New
              In your opinion and how Chechens are Russian?
              1. Astral
                Astral 22 May 2012 11: 10 New
                Yes, they are also Russian, they just can’t admit it because of their egoesthetic and smug nature. Well, of course, due to the strong influence of Islam. It is a pity that Russian influence in the countries of the former USSR ceased to be observed. Well, as they say, there is no empty space. So all rubbish creeps into our lands with its own opinion and processes the minds of people. Our government just needs to devote more attention to the Russian great effort and support organizations loyal to Russia in these countries and regions.
  3. sichevik
    sichevik 21 May 2012 09: 35 New
    I congratulate everyone on the victory of our HOCKEY TEAM.
    Our first and it pleases !!! I really enjoyed their game in the championship.
    Keep it up!!!
    1. older
      older 21 May 2012 10: 58 New
      Thank you all from everyone and victory! It’s good that we are getting used to victories, that we are strong and we are Russia!
  4. Ascetic
    Ascetic 21 May 2012 09: 38 New
    That would be the case in Sochi! Well done - they carried everyone into one gate. I remember Bilyaletdinov as a player of “Dynamo” and the USSR national team. The most "smart" defender in the national team in terms of play, now he has become a coach,
    1. older
      older 21 May 2012 10: 59 New
      The team is young, the team is ambitious .. So it’s suitable for Sochi with all its weapons ... We will win! And now we are world champions and this is the main thing!
  5. Hleb
    Hleb 21 May 2012 09: 39 New
    how much I am here and in particular during this World Cup I just met comments of people worried, talking about sports a few times .. but today everyone came to congratulate))
    1. older
      older 21 May 2012 11: 01 New
      You're wrong .. Probably all the men of Russia, and the former USSR were worried about our team .. They were just afraid to jinx ... What the hell is not joking when God is sleeping ... And today is a holiday
  6. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 21 May 2012 09: 40 New
    Sensation did not happen. The strongest team won the championship. Keep it up guys !!!
    1. older
      older 21 May 2012 11: 04 New
      At this championship, sensations were without us above the roof ... And the three winners looked just great ... When I looked at the flags raised, I was happy as a child ... All the flags as a match are besky drinks Only three colors are in world hockey now
  7. sergskak
    sergskak 21 May 2012 09: 42 New
    Congratulations to all members of the forum on our victory. We are the best, it is proven !!! Good luck to everyone !!!
  8. Armata
    Armata 21 May 2012 09: 42 New
    Keep it up men !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched all the matches and overwhelmed my pride in the Motherland. Defended the honor of the fatherland on the ice battlefield !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Russia you are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, it was nice yesterday to see three flags in the same colors, so I congratulate the Slav brothers with victory. drinks
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 21 May 2012 09: 53 New
      Hello, Zhenya. You got ahead of me with a comment, so just join in with what was said.
      1. Armata
        Armata 21 May 2012 10: 05 New
        Hi Sasha. So I'm trying to congratulate our guys for the whole of Russia. Yesterday he was already hoarse when he screamed for the victory. drinks
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 21 May 2012 10: 41 New
          Eugene, Sasha is early to wheeze, your votes will soon be needed on the euro. With the victory of all! high
          1. Armata
            Armata 21 May 2012 11: 11 New
            Hi Sasha. I think that there are millions of such voices throughout Russia.
    FREGATENKAPITAN 21 May 2012 09: 52 New
    10 matches, 10 wins !!! Russia Great hockey power!
    Glad for the Slovaks - well done!
    We will now wait for victories from our players at the 2012 European Championship !!!
    1. older
      older 21 May 2012 11: 05 New
      All three flags of the World Cup in the same colors! There are no demons in the world’s great hockey today! drinks
  10. sergskak
    sergskak 21 May 2012 09: 54 New
    Here's another! drinks Rejoice!
    1. older
      older 21 May 2012 11: 06 New
      It was also necessary for Malkin to pull out his cup and bail out .. Also earned honestly! And the whole team helped drinks
    2. dimaas
      dimaas 21 May 2012 11: 30 New
      Especially pleased with the white caps of the team. Guys! I always knew that YOU ARE WITH US! lol
      1. Paratov
        Paratov 21 May 2012 12: 11 New
        Quote: dimaas

        Especially pleased with the white caps of the team.

        I can’t even imagine how our oranzhoid would have rejoiced if the team had lost all the matches! .. Telegrams would probably be sent abroad ?! And how Putin would have walked! .. Paranoid! ..
  11. Hleb
    Hleb 21 May 2012 09: 54 New
    Madame embarrassed Sanya Ovechkina))
    1. sergskak
      sergskak 21 May 2012 10: 07 New
      Thanks for the link! Funny buddy! drinks They took and bent the whole world.
    2. older
      older 21 May 2012 11: 07 New
      From well done! Neighing for an adult ... Thanks and with a victory!
    3. Hleb
      Hleb 21 May 2012 20: 20 New
      And I still have fun wink
      Imagine the reaction of famous personalities to our happiness (this is humor if human)
      According to the president of the Holocaust Foundation Alla Gerber, the victory of the Russians over the Slovaks “is very unsuccessful
      superimposed on recent events in the center of Moscow at Chistye Prudy. ” “This euphoria,” she said in an interview.
      to the Georgian Russian-language television channel “First Caucasian,” the level of nationalism and xenophobia will be spurred. Already
      now the slogans "We are Russians, we have won" are heard, and all this will further affect the fact that there will be more aggression against "strangers" - against non-Russians, against Caucasians, against Jews. There will be Holodomor, Holocaust, bird flu and Suvorov's crossing of the Alps ".

      There were 2 games, free people and slaves. And I must say that the Kremlin’s strategy won - there were more anchovies.
      Not significant, at first glance, more - I think there is a difference of 15-20%. Accordingly, if we take everything as a whole,
      7-8 anchovies played against five Slovak dolphins, so somewhere. Well, like in any football match it doesn’t
      values, how goals were scored, with the help of bribery, with the help of blackmail, someone was killed there outside the gate.
      The final figure matters - 6-2.
      This is very important for what will happen after March, even, rather, after the inauguration
      Putin, because any revolution, if it did not win, is followed by a reaction. All power, frightened
      especially such a power, then takes out its fear. The little evil soul always takes out its fright.
      This time, Putin vented anger on Slavic footballers. All three sets in the arena in Helsinki chain dogs
      terrorized free people throwing balls into the Slovenian pocket. And these orders that the Russian received
      basketball players with a puck, they are red, like their tights, from the blood of millions of victims of the Stalinist regime.


      Well, firstly, I must say that Bilyaletdinov planned to win the championship long before the opening of the championship
      gold. The Stalinists, of course, start yelling that the Slovaks themselves attacked. But let them explain why Bilyaletdinov
      gathered a team, ordered tickets, hotels. As soon as the championship opened, "the red car was already completely
      mobilized and armed. Why was this done? To attack the teams of democratic countries. Other
      no options.
      Secondly, there is no need to deify the team leadership. The victory was won by Russian hockey players in spite of Bilyaletdinov, Myshkin and other tyrants. If not for these bloody executioners, the team would have become a champion after 2-3 matches in the group tournament. Mediocre leadership has led to millions of injuries among hockey players.
      And third, and most importantly, there is a secret protocol between Bilyaletdinov and Kolliker (coach of the German team - approx.ed.). Under this protocol, tyrants divided among the participating countries of the World Cup. Russia receives Finland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and others. Germany - the USA and Canada, France, Sweden. But Bilyaletdinov treacherously attacked Kolliker and defeated the German team in the qualifying stage. One tyrant ate another. The ECtHR must equate Billyaletdinov with Kolliker.

      How to saw in Russian hockey. A team of crooks and thieves.
      The cut mechanism here is simple, like satin underpants. Having taken from the budget a stopitzot of millions of rubles, KZhiv brought about
      twenty gold medals. Simple arithmetic shows that the price of one gram of gold in this case is a million
      rubles. It would be better if they gave this money to retired grandmothers. And as simply the budget was sawn, as always.
      When I become president, I’ll just buy such medals in jewelry, at least a hundred pieces. And the people will be pleased and
      budget int.

      Katyn again ... Again the color of the nation loses. Reached damned Stalin.

      Nemtsov, Yashin
      PZHIV.Putin must leave.

      (Not mine)
      1. Dmitry23RUS
        Dmitry23RUS 21 May 2012 21: 07 New
        C inosmi comment =))
        1. Hleb
          Hleb 21 May 2012 21: 17 New

          taken here

  12. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 21 May 2012 09: 57 New
    Alla Gerber: the victory of the Russian team is extremism

    Savoring the victory of the Russian youth team in the world hockey championship will lead to an increase in the degree of xenophobia in Russian society. This was stated in an interview with the Georgian Russian-language television channel “First Caucasian” by the president of the Holocaust Foundation Alla Gerber.

    In her opinion, the victory of the Russians over the Canadians on January 6 "is very unsuccessfully superimposed on recent events in the center of Moscow on Manezhnaya Square."

    “This euphoria will spur nationalism and xenophobia,” says Alla Gerber. “The slogans“ We are Russian, we have won ”are already heard, and all this will subsequently affect the fact that there will be more aggression against“ strangers ”- against non-Russians, against Caucasians, against Jews.”

    Answering a correspondent’s question about assessing media coverage of the victory of Russian hockey players, the president of the Holocaust Foundation regretted that the Russian public was taking “wrong accents” in the reports “towards xenophobia”.

    “Instead of objectively telling what happened after this match and why the team was kicked out of the plane, Russian officials began talking about some kind of revenge of either the Americans or the Canadians. This record was turned on again - we are great, but they do not like us. This is very unpleasant, ”concluded Alla Gerber.

    Hooray !!! watched the match yesterday! Our HIGHLIGHTS!
    1. Sniper 1968
      Sniper 1968 21 May 2012 10: 02 New
      Quote: Yoshkin Cat
      Alla Gerber: the victory of the Russian team is extremism

      Here's the stinky Gerber! And who's stopping the Israeli national hockey team ( lol lol lol ) become world champion? Let them challenge the "extremists" ...
      1. Armata
        Armata 21 May 2012 10: 08 New
        Quote: Sniper 1968
        And who is stopping the Israeli national hockey team () from becoming a world champion?

        The desert bothers them. It’s very difficult to run on skates on the sand, and the puck is not kosher however laughing And now there will be many such puffs, but they still will not ruin the holiday for us. drinks
        1. Sniper 1968
          Sniper 1968 21 May 2012 10: 17 New
          Coward does not play hockey!!! drinks WE ARE CHAMPIONS!!!
      2. older
        older 21 May 2012 11: 09 New
        drinks Yes, come on ...
        Quote: Sniper 1968
        Quote: Yoshkin the Cat
        Alla Gerber: the victory of the Russian team is extremism
        Envy is not a good feeling, and when you know that you yourself can’t even do anything harmful .. Let them hiss, we honestly won! drinks
        1. Paratov
          Paratov 21 May 2012 11: 58 New
          A pig is looking for dirt everywhere !!! fool fool fool
    2. Tersky
      Tersky 21 May 2012 10: 04 New
      Quote: Yoshkin Cat
      Alla Gerber: the victory of the Russian team is extremism

      Extremism, miss or Mrs. Gerber, this is just your statement ....
      1. Yoshkin Kot
        Yoshkin Kot 21 May 2012 10: 14 New
        not ah, she did not come out on the face on 282
    3. Dmitry23RUS
      Dmitry23RUS 21 May 2012 10: 07 New
      The most unpleasant, useless and stupid people are human rights defenders.
      Do not listen to these assholes.
      We are Russians, we are winners !!
      It has always been and always will be. wink
      FREGATENKAPITAN 21 May 2012 12: 10 New
      ... Savoring the victory of the Russian youth team in the world hockey championship will lead to growth .........
      Exactly Russian should sit in a den, growl and sniff, do not lean out, do not think about the revival of the country, Russian sport ...
        FREGATENKAPITAN 21 May 2012 12: 18 New
        Portrait of a fighter against Russian extremism ...........
        1. hrych
          hrych 21 May 2012 14: 41 New
          Allochka, she’s completely brandied on the basis of Russophobia? And ours: Wonderful heroes !!!
    DERWISH 21 May 2012 10: 01 New
  14. Lakkuchu
    Lakkuchu 21 May 2012 10: 03 New
    With a victory !!! "Red Machine" is back !!! I always cheer and worry about our team. I even danced lezginka for joy smile Thanks guys, thanks to the coach! Keep it up!!! I will never forget the victory over the Canadians in 2008 in Quebec, it was a great victory! I believe that there will be many more such victories!
  15. BOSS
    BOSS 21 May 2012 10: 10 New
    Red Car! They crushed everyone!
  16. ivan stepanch
    ivan stepanch 21 May 2012 10: 10 New
    real men play hockey, and staff and canados let them play curling.
    1. Dmitry23RUS
      Dmitry23RUS 21 May 2012 10: 14 New
      But we play curling well =)
      soon am nothing to play, in everything we are the best, though sometimes we are not lucky, but luck is still that villain =)
  17. tema2101
    tema2101 21 May 2012 10: 11 New
    VICTORY RUSSIA !!!! drinks
  18. Scholarships
    Scholarships 21 May 2012 10: 12 New
    went well the whole tournament. not a single misfire! Bravo!!!
  19. welder
    welder 21 May 2012 10: 13 New
    won, it’s good of course ... soon the Olympic Games, and this is a different level, these are different lineups ...
      FREGATENKAPITAN 21 May 2012 12: 03 New
      ..... So after all, our composition was also not as optimal as possible ....
  20. Manager
    Manager 21 May 2012 10: 16 New
    Not just a beautiful game - but a great one! Not just a beautiful victory - but an unforgettable one!
  21. tun1313
    tun1313 21 May 2012 10: 28 New
    Eh takoby SPIRIT to our ball walkers. Thanks guys!
  22. party3AH
    party3AH 21 May 2012 10: 29 New
    Beauties, keep it up !!!! URRRAAAAAA!
  23. WAN
    WAN 21 May 2012 10: 33 New
    There is a complete feeling that ours was where to add, if it were necessary. And this is no longer a car, but a modern, high-tech, maneuverable, fast, with powerful armor of the latest generation TANK!
  24. bamboo
    bamboo 21 May 2012 10: 36 New
    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! Hurray !!!!!!! HAPPY GUYS !!!!!!! drinks
  25. Lakkuchu
    Lakkuchu 21 May 2012 10: 41 New
    Team spirit + excellent individual skill = Russian national team - World Champion 2012 !!! One for all and all for one! This victory is very important in anticipation of Sochi 2014, to acquire the spirit of champions!
    1. Tatar-in
      Tatar-in 21 May 2012 11: 11 New
      Just at the forefront was not individual craftsmanship, but the game in a team. This was the key to victory. Of course, no one pleads with high professionalism, but look how the guys gave each other a pass, did not spare a single goal.
  26. atos_kin
    atos_kin 21 May 2012 10: 45 New
    Not only Russia celebrates.
  27. zol1
    zol1 21 May 2012 10: 46 New
    We are Russians, we are Russians, we are Russians, We will still rise from our knees.
    1. WAN
      WAN 21 May 2012 10: 50 New
      Already risen.

      When analyzing the Second World War, American military historians found a very interesting fact. Namely: in a sudden clash with Japanese forces, the Americans, as a rule, made decisions much faster and, as a result, won even the superior enemy forces. Having studied this pattern, scientists came to the conclusion that the average word length for Americans is 5,2 characters, while for the Japanese it is 10,8 and, therefore, it takes 56% less time to issue orders, which plays an important role in a short battle. For the sake of interest, they analyzed Russian speech, and it turned out that the word length in Russian is 7,2 characters per word (on average), however, in critical situations, the Russian-speaking command staff switches to profanity and the word length is reduced to ... 3,2 , 32 characters per word. This is due to the fact that some phrases and even phrases are replaced with ONE word. For example, the phrase “32nd! yo ... not for this x..yu ", which meant -" XNUMXnd order to immediately destroy the enemy tank, firing at our positions "
        FREGATENKAPITAN 21 May 2012 12: 22 New
        ....... Pokrovsky describes this question well ...... regarding management in battle ...... read you will not regret it ......
        1. WAN
          WAN 21 May 2012 12: 46 New
          Read. "OFFICER IS POSSIBLE", for example. Really great, everything is as it is)))
    2. Astral
      Astral 22 May 2012 11: 22 New
      Let’s better to shout the Slavs, not only Russians but also many other nations come to Russia, and they really celebrate not only in Russia the victory of our team, but also in other countries close to the Slavic spirit and wishing for our country and complete unification into one mighty alliance .
  28. Dust
    Dust 21 May 2012 10: 51 New
    Pleasantly and quite unexpectedly pleased!
    Well done, although before we were more surprised when our team did not win this title ...
  29. Arban2007
    Arban2007 21 May 2012 10: 57 New
    URAAAAA !!!! All with a VICTORY !!!!!
  30. Alexander 1958
    Alexander 1958 21 May 2012 11: 02 New
    Congratulations to the Russians on their victory at the World Hockey Championship!
  31. Tatar-in
    Tatar-in 21 May 2012 11: 07 New
    We were provoked in every match, but we did not give in, but responded with a hail of goals. Hooray comrades! Hooray
  32. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 21 May 2012 11: 31 New
    All with a victory. This team has a great future.
  33. Zlu
    Zlu 21 May 2012 11: 38 New
    Ay guys well done. Our pride. Keep the brand under all circumstances
  34. papss
    papss 21 May 2012 11: 42 New
    HAPPY HOLIDAY, VICTORY !!! I would like to believe that our formidable "RED CAR" is returning. And all sorts of Tomasz Kopecky shed tears after the match crocodiles, they say, no one could win. The fact that they could not - for sure, but wanted, then yes. And in different ways, not just pure play.
    It's disgusting to listen
    Alla Gerber: the victory of the Russian team is extremism

    S.I. Ozhegov and N. Yu. Shvedova. Explanatory dictionary of the Russian language
    EXTREMISM, m. [spoiler] Adherence to extreme views and measures (usually in politics). || adj. extremist
    Our VICTORY and its celebration is a commitment to extreme views and measures. So what then is the killing of Arabs?
    Crush, crush, and not only in sports, not only in hockey. To, as before, upon entering the ice, trembling and annoyed by the stars, now by the eagle.
  35. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 21 May 2012 11: 52 New
    I join! wonderful victory, everyone was taken out in one goal! I haven’t been so happy for a long time!
  36. viruskvartirus
    viruskvartirus 21 May 2012 11: 57 New
    I sincerely congratulate everyone) well done ... and pleased the pedestal ... well.
  37. bubla5
    bubla5 21 May 2012 12: 06 New
    There are still days when you forget about all the problems, only pride and joy, in short there are no words, well done !!!!!
  38. vic011
    vic011 21 May 2012 12: 20 New
    Well done! Keep it up! drinks
    CHIM SMOKE 21 May 2012 12: 21 New
  40. bashkort
    bashkort 21 May 2012 12: 23 New
    When we are the champions in hockey, for everything else - we score !!!
    Bilyaletdinov will lead the boys to gold in Sochi, the main thing is not to disturb him.
  41. rinzhak
    rinzhak 21 May 2012 12: 39 New
    Well done team! Now, if only the fans are beautiful to celebrate the victory and not turn it into hell, knows that ...
  42. TiGRoO
    TiGRoO 21 May 2012 12: 56 New
    It’s a pity that they didn’t play with the Canadians laughing am And so this is the best team in the last 20 years! Bilyaletdinov Z.Kh. instilled in the team the Soviet style of hockey good
    So back in Sochi yes
  43. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 21 May 2012 12: 57 New
    Symbolic: The new president is a great victory. Symbolically.
    1. Astral
      Astral 22 May 2012 11: 26 New
      By the way, the same thing happened in 2008.
  44. snek
    snek 21 May 2012 13: 17 New
    I don’t want to offend anyone, but I’ve never understood why sports victories cause such turbulent tides of patriotism. Here, take events such as the first flight of the T-50 prototype or the launch of a large enterprise - they do not cause driving with flags along city streets, etc., although such events are a real indicator of the country's strength and its achievements. Victory in hockey only says that we have a group of people who are the best in the world who can drive a small round flat object (puck) over the ice field with the help of special elongated devices (clubs) - that’s great, at least kill, I don’t see.
    1. Armata
      Armata 21 May 2012 13: 30 New
      I can answer. This is the same patriotism. People unite around a team that, like the opening of the plant and the T50 flight, works for the good of the Motherland (although the plant and flight are more interested in a narrow circle of people). And yet, these achievements really show how things are going in the country, because huge amounts of money are allocated for any sport, starting with the school and ending with the content of the teams. In the USSR, great attention was paid to sports, because by the number of small victories in all areas, we make one big common victory for Russia (I’m not saying that such events and victories work to popularize sports among young people, but this is better than sucking beer on the gateways ) And there is one more reason. It’s just beautiful, it’s positive emotions and a topic for people to communicate.
  45. Don
    Don 21 May 2012 13: 26 New
    Congratulations to all on Russia's victory at the World Cup. He also looked and supported the brothers of the Slavs. I hope in the next season HC Donbass in the KHL will play.
    1. подводник
      подводник 21 May 2012 14: 05 New
      Well, it's high time !!!!
      Let’s already, because I’m still thinking, where did hockey in Ukraine disappear?
      1. Don
        Don 21 May 2012 15: 49 New
        Quote: submariner
        Let’s already, because I’m still thinking, where did hockey in Ukraine disappear?

        So throughout Ukraine there is only one Donbass with a good team and a lot of funding. This year they played pretty well in the VHL of the RF championship, it seems like they should play in the KHL from next year, there is a consistent agreement between Kolesnikov and Medvedev.
  46. ocopnik
    ocopnik 21 May 2012 14: 01 New
    Thank you so much guys! How they raised the Power, as they would say earlier, in the eyes of the world community. Namely, all politicians are fighting for it. Hockey is watching the whole world and judging all the people by our guys. With Victory !!! Hooray !!!
  47. Atlon
    Atlon 21 May 2012 14: 02 New
    "Red car" skated through the championship! What pride we all felt when our "red car" smashed opponents in all matches. Few expected such a triumphant, enchanting, unforgettable sight! In the best traditions of the USSR national team. 10 victories out of 10! Real, reborn "Red Machine" ("Red Mashine")

    All with our victory !!!
  48. maksim
    maksim 21 May 2012 14: 07 New
    Glory to the champions URA !!!
  49. vladeinord
    vladeinord 21 May 2012 14: 21 New
    RUSSIA CHAMPION !!! Congratulations!!!
  50. sanyarusian
    sanyarusian 21 May 2012 14: 24 New
    I looked at night, I’m very happy for ours! when ours won, I wanted to scream all the way, but I restrained myself!