The radar field of Russia: what are capable of radios "Niobium" and "Caste"

Russia continues to systematically re-equip its armed forces with new anti-aircraft defenses, which allow them to reliably protect the country's airspace throughout the entire perimeter, which is stretched to tens of thousands of kilometers.

Thus, the military units of the Eastern Military District, responsible for the protection of Transbaikalia and the Far East, received the latest Nioby and Casta radars, which are a further development of the Nebo radar station family of systems, developed by the Nizhny Novgorod Radio Engineering Research Institute (NIIDT ).

Radios "Niobium" and "Caste" are mobile stations of rapid deployment, designed to identify and track any air targets. The tactical and technical characteristics of the stations allow them to detect both high-speed targets moving at a speed of 8000 km per hour and high-flying ones - the maximum detection height of the target is 80 km.

Also, it is worth noting that the complex includes its own power supply system, which makes the radar autonomous and allows you to choose a location without reference to the presence of an external power source.

Currently, serial production of the Niobium and Casta complexes has been launched, which will make it possible to cover the needs of the armed forces in the coming years.

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    1. 0
      22 August 2018 12: 04
      On the loose "hair" of Russia, they wind safe curlers ... A little more and in this matter we will live "curly!"
      1. +3
        26 August 2018 19: 43
        In general, these modern radars, especially Nizhny Novgorod Niobium and Murom Caste are extremely boring from the point of view of an engineer. In fact, they don’t break, and if something happens once a year, then lazy officers and crews start to panic. And even with intensive use in harsh climatic conditions, because MTBF of 2000 hours.
        Of course, it is foolish to translate the high reliability of the equipment into flaws, but something needs to be done with the level of technical literacy of the junior officers. For example, on the basis of repair units, create a training and combat fund for training troubleshooting and develop appropriate standards.
        Otherwise, our officers will turn into Western button ... debuts, all of which will consist in the volume of commands, the speed of execution of bad orders and the complete absence of the thought process in the brain.
    2. +2
      22 August 2018 12: 48
      According to the video: the deployment time depends on the modification of the radar, for example, the predecessors of the described ones: from 15 minutes "Sky-ME"

      up to 28 hours "Sky-U"

      PS It would be possible to describe in more detail the characteristics, more text, all the same, I think, basically it’s not the pioneers who gathered here to watch a movie. Yes
    3. +1
      22 August 2018 13: 08
      "that the complex includes a system of its own power supply" - maybe "an autonomous power supply system"? You know, there are such well-established technical terms.
      1. +1
        22 August 2018 19: 04
        Quote: egsp
        "that the complex includes a system of its own power supply" - maybe "an autonomous power supply system"? You know, there are such well-established technical terms.

        For example, subway cars have a "auxiliary power unit" (BPSN), well-established technical terms may well have their own in various fields.
      2. 0
        2 September 2018 09: 14
        So then it is, but in life it’s still not so. An example - in S300P and further all the same, the autonomous power supply system is called SAES.

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