European geopolitical party

Now, the late American strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski, a famous geopolitical chess player, managed to launch the European Party of the United States in pursuance of his plans set forth in the fundamental book "The Great Chessboard": "Russia will be built on the ruins of Russia, at the expense of Russia." Vladimir Putin plays for Russia in this game with his team of chess players. Let's see how this game develops.

The United States made the first move, when Brzezinski was the gray cardinal of the Washington corridors of power: the Maidan Bandera coup in Ukraine provoked 2014 in February, Putin called it "a brilliantly executed special operation." Recall a large portrait of Bandera decorated Euromaidan in Kiev. US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said about the cost of this special operation: 5 billion dollars. Today, former President Barack Obama in his book revealed the meaning of this move: to increase pressure and establish control over Russia through the promotion of Maidan to Moscow, turning Russia into an outpost of the West against China.

The retaliatory move of Russia: a referendum in the Crimea and the reunification of the Crimea, assistance to the anti-Bandera uprising in the Donbas. China took the position of Russia’s friendly neutrality.

In the US, a bipartisan neocon group headed, one might say, with Senator John McCain, is in favor of strengthening the strategy of Brzezinski. In fact, McCain proposes to launch military operations against Russia in Ukraine with the vanguard in the form of the Bandera regime. The issue of the “big war in Europe” is getting on the agenda - these are the words of French President Hollande. In March, 2014, after the end of the Munich Security Conference, Merkel and Hollande at night urgently fly to Moscow for talks with Vladimir Putin.

Russia signs the Minsk Agreement. The main violin in Merkel-Holland tandem played, of course, Merkel, she grabbed Hollande's armpit and took her to Putin, as the Western press wrote then. In fact, Merkel went to the separate Minsk peace with Putin, putting a trip to the Brzezinski-McCain plans. The Minsk agreements were adopted in defiance of the United States and taking into account the interests of Russia, they were written under Putin’s dictation, so Bandera Kiev cannot fulfill them and is seeking to denounce.

The next move is made by President Barack Obama. Considering the position of Germany and Europe, he refuses the military continuation of the Brzezinski-McCain plan and proceeds to a policy of sanctions pressure on Moscow. Germany supports the Obama sanctions, as it turned out, completely ineffective, which hardly caused any damage to Russia, according to the author of the new “sanctions from hell” by Senator Lindsay Graham. John McCain publicly called Obama then: “He’s just a fool!”

An import substitution program has begun in Russia, that is, the restoration of industry. The Minsk peace was established in the Donbas in the form of a trench-based position war. Western sanctions pressure does not lead to concessions to Moscow, on the contrary, March 1 2018, Vladimir Putin announces the creation by Russia of new types of strategic weapons, which devalue the US missile defense system.

In the next presidential election in the United States, a power castling takes place: Obama - Trump. President Donald Trump, instead of Obama's neocon's "democratic" strategy, suggests a strategy, one might say, of Trump-Kissinger: "Getting along with Russia is good" to be friends against China. Vladimir Putin is going to meet this American tandem, and as a result, the Trump-Putin summit takes place in Helsinki in July 2018, during which a new situation with strategic armaments was apparently discussed.

In the United States, the confrontation between the old and the new strategies towards Russia begins: the harsh neocon (Obama-Clinton) scenario of turning Russia into an outpost of the West, and Trump-Kissinger’s more balanced scenario of establishing relations with Russia against China.

The bipartisan neocon group in the Obama call-Clinton congress is trying to push the original Brzezinski-McCain plan by increasing the sanctions war with Russia, "sanctions from hell" by Senator Lindsay Graham, a friend of McCain, who already directly affect the interests of Europe and Germany. President Trump maneuvers under the threat of impeachment by Congress.

Russia calls the new US sanctions a declaration of “economic“ war, ”and is preparing to impose retaliatory sanctions. Against this background, Chancellor Merkel invites Vladimir Putin to talks in Berlin.

Germany showed its sovereignty in the 2014 year by the night flight of Merkel to Moscow to Putin, and now the 18 of August 2018 of the year Putin flies to Berlin to Merkel on the eve of the new US sanctions set for August 22. This time there is no France, the successor of Hollande President Macron was not invited to Berlin. It seems that France has left the zone of influence of Germany to the United States.

For Trump and his advisers, “Germany is bad,” because it makes decisions on its own, but Macron is a wonderful president of France, because he is under complete control of the United States. The campaign for his election was fabricated by the media with US support, and French elite leaders were defamed and even prosecuted. Perhaps, in France, we see the development of a new scenario for regime change, an improved version of the “color revolution”, with the advent of the allegedly public Macron phenomenon from nowhere. In Ukraine, they are now talking a lot about the need for "Ukrainian Macron."

Germany has been making major decisions on its own for a long time: the Minsk agreements, the construction of the Nord Stream - 2, and now it demonstratively takes Vladimir Putin in Berlin on the eve of new American sanctions. The official agenda of the Berlin summit at Mezeberg Castle is well known; one can only guess about the unofficial one.

Obviously, both Angela Merkel and the entire European Union, and Vladimir Putin and his team of chess players, will wait for the results of the November elections to the US Congress, and the neocon attack on Trump in Congress will end. Germany and Russia are clearly showing their rapprochement, Berlin is not afraid of the reproaches sounded in the press that it is cheating on Europe with Russia. The next move in geopolitical chess will be made on November 6 2018 of the year in the elections to the US Congress.
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  1. +3
    23 August 2018 06: 14
    The whole problem of European, and our policy, is that we all respond to news from overseas ... But China does everything in its own way without regard to the United States ...
    1. +2
      23 August 2018 06: 26
      The next move in geopolitical chess will be made November 6 2018 in the US Congress.

      I can imagine how many screams from neo-conservatives like McCain will be heard against Russia in the US Congress during the elections there!
      Only one US Congresswoman from California Waters with his supposedly primitive "Russian hacker interference in Limpopo elections"worth it! fool
    2. +3
      23 August 2018 08: 38
      You are not right. It was Russia that was the first in the modern world to make a move without regard to the USA - in the Crimea, and then in the Donbas. Therefore, she received special attention from the world gendarme. China is more restrained, and more looking around. This is how the Big Game takes shape ...
      1. -3
        23 August 2018 21: 27
        article is a continuous statement of the facts of far-fetched in the semantic context. It is easy to be wise after the fact. And so, in fact, no one foresaw the most high-profile events of the last five years. The situation changed, someone took it as is, and someone improvised)
        1. +1
          23 August 2018 21: 39
          You do not like neither the facts nor the context, this is all your wisdom. It can be foreseen that Trump will stand, there will be no impeachment. You're happy?
          1. 0
            23 August 2018 21: 41
            Stand where he gets to. And with this:
            You are not right. It was Russia that was the first in the modern world to make a move without regard to the USA - in the Crimea, and then in the Donbas. Therefore, she received special attention from the world gendarme. China is more restrained, and more looking around. This is how the Big Game takes shape ...
            fully agree. And about
            It is easy to be wise after the fact.
            , I apologize, but this is not about you personally, this is in general ... about "experts" and "forecasters"
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. 0
    23 August 2018 07: 12
    A program of import substitution, that is, restoration of industry, has begun in Russia.
    ....... In order to restore the industry, (interestingly, who destroyed it?), Sanctions were needed, without them it turns out that they were not going to restore the industry and agricultural, something was in the way ... or someone. .? Or were you going? And then bam and sanctions ....
    1. +6
      23 August 2018 08: 44
      Industry in Russia began to recover from the 2000 year, Putin personally engaged in repairing the roofs of the military-industrial complex, one might say. Or do you think that strategic weapons from scratch suddenly appeared in 2014 year? You would tell all the tales how, according to the command of a pike, for a year or two - bang, and the industry was restored. Everybody is doing a niggle to the lampposts, well, as you wish ...
      1. 0
        23 August 2018 14: 45
        I'm interested in something else, who destroyed its economy, so that it could be rebuilt later .. was there a war? .. Who "bombed" the factories until 2000 .. what Putin personally had to deal with ... Open the secret ... Who on Russia's knees put that she was being raised ...
        1. +2
          23 August 2018 21: 43
          I will tell you a terrible secret, since you are so inconsiderate: they were two bogatyrs, Gorbachev and Yeltsin, and both members of the Central Committee of the CPSU, which cannot be an accident.
  4. +4
    23 August 2018 09: 04
    China has taken the position of Russia’s friendly neutrality.

    wow statement ..
    That is, you do not need to write about China's official statements about ter. integrity of Ukraine, about the actions of Chinese banks?
    China has taken a stand - self-interest. And uses isolation sanctions to his advantage. There is no smell of friendship and neutrality. The sheer benefit.
    But what am I talking about? This is Kamenev. HPP, Putin win, Sworn West shamefully flees.
    It's funny of course when the West plays a long and 100-year event in Russia. But you only need to write about the fact that he lost.
  5. 0
    23 August 2018 12: 18
    What is a chess game? This is a bilateral relationship. Moscow - Ankara. Moscow - Brussels ... But there are much more than 2 subjects of world politics, and the whole spectrum of international relations cannot be closed by bilateral relations alone. Take Christianity at least. There is Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Protestantism. And there is also Judaism. And Wahhabism. And Nazism ... These are the actors who have their own image of the future. And they will try to implement it. All others necessarily go back to the listed principles with their basic principles.
    1. 0
      23 August 2018 21: 45
      And there are only two military superpowers in the world, the United States and Russia, take note of this.
      1. 0
        23 August 2018 22: 05
        The military? And how many financial and economic ... And in terms of population, and in terms of living. What is this new phenomenon, military superpower, negotiate new Huns with nuclear weapons?
      2. 0
        24 August 2018 17: 48
        Dear, you have written so many articles. On the whole geopolitics, the word was silenced, even I saw the names of the BZ themselves. and Kiss. Why didn’t they answer the elementary question. Status does not allow, well, that's it, then I left ...
  6. 0
    23 August 2018 14: 20
    Tired of these constant references to Polish fabrications of some gentry / rabbi (forgive me, Lord). Who is this anyway? After all, we have already agreed to the point that Kissinger's grandfather is considered not much or less, but a "founding father." The founding father of what? Ping-pong diplomacy, or "gunboat diplomacy"? It was still in the Roman Empire, if not before. In a word, guys, teach materiel ...
    Read Karl Marx's Capital, it said everything a long time ago. It is a pity that in 1991 the percentage of those who read this work in Russia was clearly less than the percentage of those who did NOT read it. Now the situation is different, we see a vivid embodiment in everyday life of everything that Karl Marx describes. Maybe practice will teach you something, since you were reluctant to read theory?
    1. +1
      23 August 2018 21: 48
      And you do not read what you are tired of; read Marx, who buried what exists today, and his profound teaching kicks.

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