Is being a Russian diplomat bad for your health today?

In the next issue, the editor-in-chief of, Ruslan Ostashko, cites terrible statistics on the number of deaths of Russian diplomats. Over the past two years, the Russian Foreign Ministry has lost 12 valuable diplomatic staff. The cause of the overwhelming majority of the deaths of ambassadors was the cardiovascular system that could not withstand the enormous load.

Such losses of valuable diplomatic personnel, according to Ostashko, are due to the exacerbation of the geopolitical situation in the world, as well as the unprecedented Russophobic campaign that is being conducted against our country. Every day, diplomatic personnel abroad are “poured over mud tanks”, they have to withstand enormous psychological pressure, to listen to constant, unsupported, and sometimes absurd accusations against Russia.

Therefore, the ambassadors who died abroad can rightfully be regarded as military casualties, since they also participated in the war, only in the “war of nerves”.

To stop the loss of valuable diplomatic personnel, the editor-in-chief of proposes that only people with a phlegmatic type of temperament, in other words “thick-skinned” people, be appointed ambassadors. But how well can “thick-skinned” diplomats be able to defend the interests of Russia beyond its borders?

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      20 August 2018 17: 41
      I agree. Our people abroad, who guard the interests of the state, are under severe pressure. Try to prove your innocence in the menagerie
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        11 September 2018 14: 14
        Quote: 210ox
        I agree. Our people abroad, who guard the interests of the state, are under severe pressure. Try to prove your innocence in the menagerie

        "poor fellows"! strained at hard work, heavy loads are carried manually by the sufferers
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      20 August 2018 17: 51
      And I noticed one interesting feature - the difference between diplomats (carriers and guides of the policy of the Russian state) from those whose interests they represent:
      Article 3
      1. The bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in the Russian Federation is its multinational people.
      2. The people exercise their power directly, as well as through government bodies and local governments.
      3. The highest direct expression of the power of the people is a referendum and free elections.
      4. No one can appropriate power in the Russian Federation. The seizure of power or the appropriation of power is prosecuted under federal law.

      So, the difference here is this. There are not so many killed Russian diplomats as there are citizens who died as a result of accidents and due to someone else's fault. Only after such ridiculous deaths of them (citizens) no one else remembers, except relatives and friends.
      There are still military personnel who have fulfilled the duty at the cost of life. Sorry, but it’s more and more dear to me to these simple people who didn’t even use during their lifetime and a tenth of the benefits that express concern in life ...
      This is my answer. Cons on the left ... winked
      1. +2
        20 August 2018 18: 01
        I will support you. It is absolutely justly noticed. But it would be interesting to announce the statistics as a percentage of the deceased and those who died at work by profession.
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          20 August 2018 19: 41
          My wife is a dentist. Visit her workplace for at least one hour. Learn what pressure and other things are. The vibration of the instrument in the hand, the brightest light in the eyes throughout the day, the motionless and crooked posture of the body for many years, the patient's tooth remains splashing into the face with the stench from this rotten "hemp" in the mouth, children with falling milk teeth bite and beat the doctor feet, and much more.
          But on the other hand, an experienced diplomat can, in one word, with his own phrase, change any decision in a war or conflict in favor of his state. And we cannot determine by what effort of will and wisdom this is given to the diplomat. I can compare in many cases of a diplomat with the role of Stirlitz from a famous film.
    3. +1
      20 August 2018 18: 05
      There are special trainings that allow you to return the flow of negativity to the source. Then their ambassadors from a heart attack will run. It remains to master the technique.
      1. 0
        20 August 2018 18: 25
        Methodology methodology, but nobody canceled the boomerang law.
        Who brings evil, who sows the wind, who scatters pebbles ...
        It’s all back to them.
        How the time will come.
        Just a boomerang flew far away. But what comes back is a must!
      2. 0
        20 August 2018 18: 31
        We live in a time of advanced technology and tools. If doping to athletes creates that it is difficult to establish them with constant samples for analysis, so why are there no funds with the opposite effect, leading to dysfunction of the body. It is not for nothing that most presidents carry their cooks with them and why, why not to get (not without help) a heart attack or some kind of malaise, like kidney dysfunction, etc. Pestilence for diplomats, that means investigations are needed, we need a schedule for the age of the diplomats and chronological years of deaths of diplomats and reasons, both abroad and after returning to their homeland, and much will become clearer ... Link to hard work, every third business man experiences and stresses daily , and somehow they do not die in herds ...
        1. +1
          20 August 2018 19: 08
          They have an average age of sixty-four years ... You can’t torture yourself like that in retirement ... Although what I say ... Now you can ...
          1. 0
            20 August 2018 19: 49
            Don’t touch, Ward, a penny - away from sin ... Look, minus you already had. And then schA will flock fighters and take you a sinner ...
            wassat wink
        2. +1
          20 August 2018 19: 57
          Quote: Vladimir 5
          Link to hard work, so every third business man experiences and stress every day, and somehow they do not die in herds ...

          "Businessman" he kind of strains his nerves for his babos; voluntarily, but diplomats, they are servants of the sovereign and represent their state. At a time when 99 out of 100 men could go to the insolent snot and thereby relieve their nervous tension and punish the "wrong" uncle, the diplomat, unlike the man, cannot afford this. He understands that his opponent is a complete woodpecker and it is futile to convince him, but the diplomat has no right to behave differently, and therefore, methodically and routinely must defend the interests of the state based on law and international law. Here you need to have iron nerves. If the state itself suddenly decides to smash that deranged state whose deranged woodpecker allowed himself to talk nonsense, then our diplomat simply must send them "hello" and leave for his country until they are fully brought to their senses by military methods. But I repeat, he shouldn't swing chairs at the UN and run after everyone with a knife, although sometimes he probably really wants to.
          1. 0
            20 August 2018 20: 49
            A businessman suffers for his hard-earned money, but these are not false moans and experiences ...
            But it is not necessary from the bureaucrats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (many are only bureaucrats), dying for their state as saints to portray. Most of them have kids with families constantly living over the hill, so where the family is, there is the main service, and work in the Russian Federation to build up the "gold reserve" for villas and other expenses - there are many "hard workers". from "oligarchs" to diplomats and other officials .... Let us recall the Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who led all the diplomats, and therefore selected the appropriate "personnel", A. Kozyrev, so he generally traded the territory of the Russian Federation (he gave thousands of square kilometers to the United States in the Far East and so on)., and now lives in the United States ... And there are more than a dozen such "holy sufferers" in the Foreign Ministry and other services of today's corrupt state ...
            1. +1
              20 August 2018 21: 20
              Quote: Vladimir 5
              But it is not necessary from bureaucrats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (many only bureaucrats), dying for their state, to sacrifice saints. Most of their children with families live permanently over the hill, so where is the family, there is the main ministry,

              As you Vladimir "apolitically" reason. Well, where do you think the children of a diplomat should study if he works abroad? It is clear that the wife and the child, as in all normal families, are with her husband and father. According to you, he needs to fit a charter plane, so that he would take a diplomatic child to school from Washington to Yoshkar - Ola or Yaroslavl there and back every day? Isn't that funny yourself?
              Quote: Vladimir 5
              Let us recall the Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who led all the diplomats, and therefore, who selected the appropriate "personnel", A. Kozyrev, who in general traded the territory of the Russian Federation (he gave thousands of square kilometers to the United States in the Far East, etc.)

              Kozyrev just worked for the "good" of the state whose name is the United States. he and his patron EBN were among their nomenclature and both succeeded greatly in crushing the Russian state and its national interests. Then, in general, a great many traitors lit up the account of which, I hope, will still be presented in the near historical perspective. Most of them do not appear in Russia now, but live THERE for whom they worked. And I have another question - Enlighten, if it's not difficult, what kind of territory in the Far East did Kozyrev give to the United States? I know that this eccentric traded in state interests, but I have absolutely no information about what he would ship the Far Eastern territories to the Americans. Except for you, no one at all owns this secret information on the Military Review. winked
              1. -1
                20 August 2018 22: 41
                A. Kozyrev gave away huge resource-rich economic sea zones, exceptionally rich in crabs and other expensive fish resources in the Bering Sea (near Kamchatka) - there he significantly transferred the water borders to the detriment of Russia, other "feats" are not measured. The Americans themselves were surprised (there are memories in the old media), with what ease A. Kozyrev agreed and gave everything to the Americans for the most inflated and unreasonable demands .... Look in the internet, it must be.
                1. 0
                  21 August 2018 01: 29
                  This happened under Gorbi and Shevartnadze, when the FSA returned part of the shelf to BM and received the same amount in the Arctic beyond Chukotka and Alaska. In short, they exchanged fish for hydrocarbons and manganese deposits on the seabed ....

                  By the way, her name is that - our fishermen Shevartnadze line.
                  1. -1
                    21 August 2018 14: 12
                    Eugene. Explain in more detail, the shelf in BM, and what does the USA, and the Arctic, with the Bering Sea, do not confuse accidentally hot with sour ...
    4. 0
      20 August 2018 20: 03
      The reason for the vast majority of ambassadors' deaths was the cardiovascular system that did not withstand the enormous load.
      I’ve been writing here for about 3-4 years, IT has come! A simple Russian mortal cannot compete with him. Let us recall Naina, Gorbach, Makkeyushka ... Reptiles live and do not blow into a mustache ... Nothing, would only survive until the second arrival ...
    5. 0
      20 August 2018 23: 41
      I haven’t tasted it. Dear Russians, well, you have specialists like Schlachter who prepare groups of special operations, write psycho-scripts and conduct trainings for them, so they don’t have a roof. And for Messrs. Ambassadors, it’s unnecessary to organize special psychotrain courses. Yes, at least use the KGB practices. At one time, they even laid out the basics of the development of intelligence in special services even on the network.
      For example, in some courses I was taught to read D. Swift correctly "Gulliver's Travels" (Tell me a children's story? Well, how to look - a blind person will not see the control of the genetics of the current, but we will make a floating island - well, understand the laws of gravity. for a trifle - on which side to break the egg (Sunites and Shiites, Catholics and Orthodox - hello).
    6. The comment was deleted.

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