US National Security Interests and American Values: Primary and Secondary

I. Where thin, there breaks

The root of the “double standards” of the United States is a living legend about the so-called American values, about the spirit that prevails over the material. And if ordinary Americans still believe that values ​​- all sorts of "rights" and "freedoms" - are primary, then American politicians from oval and other cabinets are well aware of what a base and superstructure is.

Michael Cohen, author of the article "Value propositions" in the journal "Foreign policy", writes: “Throughout stories modern American diplomacy American foreign policy has repeatedly been torn between two competing and often overlapping tensions: protecting the interests of US national security and upholding American values, in particular those relating to human rights and democracy. The shifts of these two - sometimes incompatible - impulses were a real curse for many presidents at the time they took office. ”

However, as Cohen notes, you may not be aware of the existence of such tension, listening to people who talk about foreign policy during the election campaign. After all, most often the “applicants” of the highest post in America “are the troubadours of human rights and cynically speak of any decision that can put“ interests ”ahead of the“ right ”deeds”.

The current presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is criticizing the current President Obama for the very fact that the latter is giving in to American values.

Obama, according to Romney, is simply not interested in protecting American values ​​throughout the world. For example, he did absolutely nothing in Iran, Romney claims, and the democratic Green Movement was destroyed there. In Syria, Obama was again in no hurry to respond and "stop the bloodshed." Romney even said that as a result, Obama turned the Arab Spring into an “Arab winter”.

In general, the candidate Romney advocates a “tough game” in the name of human rights around the world.

“But don’t believe a word,” Cohen writes. “All presidential candidates, be they Democrats or Republicans, declare the priority of human rights when running for president, but they behave quite differently when they get to the office.”

The author cites the example of Bill Clinton, who, in 1992, criticized George Bush Sr., who met with "Peking butchers" after the massacre in Tiananmen Square. A few months later, Cohen notes, when Clinton ended up in the White House, he retreated from “American values”, giving China the most favored status in trade.

The article describes promises about “values”, and then activities in the name of “interests” in the presidency of Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, as well as Barack Obama. The policy of the latter, according to the author, is a “mixed bag”.

Obama did not close the prison in Guantanamo and "signed" on many political wars - in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan, for which the Democrats criticized his predecessor.

However, Obama's supporters, says Cohen, can certainly point to the US-led intervention in Libya - in support of the fight against Gaddafi’s insurgents, as well as efforts to remove 2011 from Mubarak’s power in January. At the multilateral level, the Obama administration has proven to be a reform advocate and mobilized the UN to condemn human rights abuses in Syria, Libya and Iran. But, on the other hand, the author notes, the White House continues to maintain its key allies in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Central Asia and Bahrain, based on a cold calculation of US interests. In the end, Cohen believes, Obama’s contribution is a pragmatic approach where the US could strengthen human rights, and the “reversal” of such an approach where policies of upholding American values ​​cannot be applied or where national security interests are assessed as more important.

This is why, Cohen sums up, the problem of American power and influence manifests itself where there is the greatest gap between rhetoric and action.

Yes, the author writes further, Romney likes to attack the president for some indecision regarding democracy in Iran (this is about the events of 2009 of the year), but "one should not confuse rhetoric with the possibility of achieving results." Romney, the author writes, “as president, little can be done to turn Iran into a Jefferson’s democracy.”

Commenting on Cohen's article, one thing can be said: American values ​​have long been (and always have been) only a political pretext for the struggle for American interests, and not at all related to "national security." There are no examples of this - from former Yugoslavia to present-day Syria, where the States connive at the arming of militants from different countries and finance and support “revolutionaries” with communications equipment. In Bahrain, human rights are regularly violated, but the US administration is in no hurry to side with the opposition serving there.

The US position is the only one, and none of the American high-ranking demagogue politicians are really “torn” between “values” and “interests.” This position has been made very clear recently by the US Secretary of State. Speaking at the University of Syracuse (New York), Hillary Clinton put it quite frankly: “Diplomacy in the energy sector is a critical factor in our national security, not only in terms of meeting the energy needs of the United States at an affordable price, but also in terms of the role that energy plays in our relations with other regions of the world.”

It is for this reason that the US is in no hurry to take care of human rights in South Sudan, where it was clearly not without prompting by the White House 5 that the oil-bearing areas in Heglig, generally belonging to the northern neighbor Sudan, were drawn to the map of the country. After all, there is so much oil in both Sudans that its reserves are compared with the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia.

No wonder the most aggressive fans of Uncle Sam, originally from the United States, received the nickname “oilmen” in Russia.

Control over the energy resources of most of the planet will allow the United States to continue to maintain the role of the world hegemon - the leading country that has the right to teach the whole world “American values” and the construction of “Jefferson’s democracy”.

By the way, the values ​​of world democracy can be preached not necessarily by those who are running for the presidency of America. Also ex-presidents can be engaged in this noble business - without risking a political career.

Recently in "Wall Street Journal" published the speech of George W. Bush, where a lover of capital punishment and torture is tirelessly repeating the great democratic values ​​that America brings to the world:

“The day is great when the dictator is overthrown or when he succumbs to the democratic movement. The following transitional years may be difficult ... There (in Central Europe - O. Ch.) From time to time there is corruption, there is a slide into the past and nostalgia for communist times. The necessary economic reforms are sometimes painful and unpopular. In order to kindle the flames of revolution in the name of freedom, one must have courage. But courage is also required in order to carry out a revolution in the name of freedom through structural reforms. The courage of both types deserves our support. ”

And here’s another thing from Bush - here’s just about the role of America in asserting values: “We Americans should set ourselves the task of helping reformers transform the demise of tyranny into strong, accountable civil structures. New democracies require strong constitutions, political parties committed to pluralism and free elections ... This job will require America’s patience, creative skills and active leadership ... If America does not support the promotion of democratic institutions and values, who else will do it? ” "Inopressa").

However, it seems, over the years, the main conductor of values ​​in the world and part-time hegemon has become decrepit.

Ii. Neither values ​​nor hegemon

Ian Bremmer, another author of Foreign Policy, in his article “Welcome to the new world mess” states: “Unfortunately, for the first time in seven decades, the world lacks a leader. The increase in federal debt in the United States, the very weak and uncertain exit of this country from the Great Recession, as well as political paralysis in Washington raised fears that America is not able to play the role of a post-war leader anymore ... ” "InoSMI").

Bremmer believes that neither China, nor Russia, nor the leading countries of Europe can now replace the United States as a hegemon. All have difficult home problems.

However, "the vacuum is alien to nature." Who will lead the new world? China? Japan? Still States? Or maybe Brazil or Turkey?

Referring to the economist F. Bergsten, and at the same time to Z. Brzezinski, Bremmer sees a way out in the formation of the “Big Two” - instead of the “eight”: a strategic partnership between the USA and the PRC. It is curious that while creating such a powerful “two”, China will have to abandon military capacity building: after all, it “diverts resources from rebalancing the economy, as well as creating a solid social security system for the aging population of the country. Thus, China will have to rely on the US military power, which will protect and defend public interests outside of Asia. And this will require a level of mutual trust that has not yet been achieved. The American economy will have to sufficiently restore its energy and viability in order to convince taxpayers that the United States can again pursue a more ambitious foreign policy. American lawmakers will have to make the economic rebalancing in the relations between the two countries, clearly giving advantages to China, because it narrows the gap in wealth between the United States and China, does not generate hostility towards Beijing in American society. But if we take all the common threats in their entirety (from North Korea and cyber attacks to oil prices), then security partnership can become a habit. ”

That's how clever! In one fell swoop, two birds with one stone killed: the Chinese threat no longer exists, and the US has played the role of the hegemon. After all, the naked eye can see who is the leader in a pair - the one who has superiority in armaments. Who is stronger is right. "China will have to rely on US military power ..."

Other countries and their alliances will not be needed. They will not be able to compete with the United States and China. “In this scenario, the European Union expects a split or uncertain progress towards a less dynamic future. The Japanese government will not be able to fully revitalize its economy, and the new powers, such as India, Brazil, Turkey and others, will not be able to strengthen sufficiently to play a significant and independent role on the world stage. In this scenario, the US-China leadership will be indispensable. "

Bremmer is not at all as superficial as it may seem at first glance. Do not rush to conclusions.

For the author immediately reports that the world of the “Big Two”, if not impossible, is unlikely. And there are a lot of reasons for this: “Firstly, there is no historical precedent for a strong and multidimensional partnership between the two most powerful countries in the world, especially when they have such different political and economic systems. If the course of events does not lead China to fundamental political reform and does not destroy state domination in its markets, these countries will in any case find it very difficult to combine their interests for a long time. There are also no guarantees that the Chinese leadership will ever feel confident enough for the country to agree to such a role. In recent years, many have called for the creation of the "Big Two", but there are no Chinese among them. ... it is highly unlikely that the United States and China will emerge from this era with a new confidence in themselves and in their abilities, especially considering how ambitious the Chinese reform plans are, and how far America’s middle class is not protected. ” In addition, the author writes, one should not think that all other countries will slip into the abyss of the crisis and disappear.

A “concert of the nations” in the new world, Bremmer continues, is also unlikely. The author does not believe that in the face of a global crisis, countries, for example, in Europe, will unite in order to help out the weakest of their troubles. “But the temptation to find benefits in the weaknesses and shortcomings of others, instead of uniting and strengthening international trade, may become too strong, and some people will not be able to resist it.”

Bremmer then paints the “2.0 Cold War” scenario, where, again, the United States and China play the role of global opponents. But this scenario is unrealizable, because “US-China relations are based on a certain interdependence, or the concept of“ mutually-guaranteed economic destruction ”. This situation will continue even if China successfully overcomes its dependence on the purchasing power of the American consumer. China will need the US for many years to finance American debt, and China must be sure that America can and will pay its debts - and that the currency it uses is worth more than the paper on which it is printed. ”

Therefore, China and America will be in relatively strong, almost friendly relations, mutually remembering their national defense interests and completely forgetting about American values. China has nothing to remember about these latter.

Bremmer mentions Russia only at the tail of the article (which, we note, not over) - in the context of the talk about the “world of regions” and BRICS. And little by little, paragraph by paragraph, the author with dismay comes to "Big zero" - instead of "eight", and "twenty", and "two" ... Scary without the usual hegemon, but Mr. Bremmer?

Iii. The Big Two in Obama's View

Both Bremmer and Cohen somehow lost sight of Russia: they didn’t say anything superstitious about it (God forbid it will break through into hegemony!), Or consider it next to China and Brazil underdeveloped. The right of the authors, of course.

But Mitt Romney, one of the newest specialists in the question of American values, considers this large oil and gas country America’s number one enemy, and is probably thinking about establishing “Jefferson’s democracy” there at night (there haven’t been any statements on this topic from his campaign headquarters yet).

Richard Oppel from "New York Times" writes about Romney’s sensational statement about the “geopolitical enemy” - Russia: “Romney was forced to make a controversial statement not only political considerations, people from his entourage say, but also“ fears that Putin will develop political repression and take advantage of his country's energy riches financing of military expansion ". As Romney’s advisors said on condition of anonymity, Russia “is a good illustration of his belief that threats to national security are closely linked to economic power — in this case, derived from Russia’s oil and gas reserves, which she uses to force European countries dependent on energy imports. "(Source of translation - "Inopressa").

This is where the American fears of Russia come from, clearly marking the vacant position of the world hegemon — for which the crisis-stricken United States is holding both hands and feet. American journalists are silent about the aspirations of Russia because they fear that other Russian readers who know English can understand them correctly and interpret their words as a clue.

Perhaps this is why Mitt Romney’s election campaign is growing in the United States: it’s better to have a cold war (which is known for the end for the USSR) than the strange friendship that Obama leads with Medvedev, then with Putin.

However, there is also an opinion that the times of the Cold War are over. This opinion also excludes the necessity of the existence of NATO - an alliance, which for some reason after the collapse of the USSR not only did not cease to exist, but also expanded.

Michael Lynn from Chicago Tribune asks: “Has the need for NATO disappeared altogether?” After all, the initial goal of the alliance, the containment of the USSR, lost its topicality a long time ago, in 1991. True, the alliance has a new mission - after 11 September, against the backdrop of the “war on terror” declared by Bush Jr. But bin Laden is killed, there are fewer than a hundred al-Qaeda members left in Afghanistan, the Taliban regime has been displaced. And the United States and its NATO allies continue to fight and are going to extend the presence of military contingent in Afghanistan after the 2014 year.

The author writes about tens of thousands of NATO military in Afghanistan (in the future) and possible billions in spending from taxpayers. In Afghanistan, an agreement on the presence of the US Army there will be put to a vote in parliament, and in the States it is not subject to ratification in the Senate. The author notes bitterly: “Guess which of these countries is a solid democracy” (the translation source is "Inopressa").

Against the background of the Chinese-Brazilian-Turkish forecasts described above, it is no longer a new forecast that stands out, but the behavior of Barack Obama in the political arena. Browser Jackson Dil of Washington Post makes, for example, the conclusion that Obama in his foreign policy did not put at all on China, but on Russia, and, more precisely, on Vladimir Putin (the source of translation - "Inopressa"). True, the author of the article does not like this behavior of his president.

According to Dil, Obama is likely to find Putin as one of the main partners in the foreign policy arena - in his second term. Why, only the Russian president "refuses to play the role prepared for him." Putin did not go to the Camp David summit - here you are, Mr. Obama, and the refusal to cooperate, and “in rude form”.

If Obama is going to conclude an agreement on major cuts in nuclear arsenals with Russia in 2013, then “Putin will, at best, be cool” to this idea. So says an American journalist.

Meanwhile, Obama addresses Putin, the author of the article reports, otherwise: he congratulated him on his victory in the elections, and also made the abolition of the Jackson-Vanik amendment a priority task.

The journalist is indignant: after all, the “Arab spring” has clearly shown that “dialogue” with autocrats is an unreasonable step - in the event that “if their power is weakened.”

The author urges Obama to put human rights in Russia on the agenda again - that is (we add) to start with what all candidates for the presidency in America begin with: preaching true American values.

But Obama is not a newcomer to the White House, unlike Mitt Romney, who has no presidential managerial experience, but only an insatiable thirst for political rhetoric.

Obama should also be well aware - unlike various journalists, perhaps the piano playing to the second row of the orchestra, Mr. Romney - that writing about the world of the future, ignoring the presence of Russia in it, is at least ridiculous. Probably, supporters of Romney, of necessity based on American values, automatically excluded Russia from the list of candidates for hegemony. In addition, at the headquarters of Romney, Moscow is believed to hold out on its oil only until the 2014 year. What kind of hegemon is it? Even the enemy is only the pre-election one.

Therefore, Obama, who has made an “unreasonable step” towards Putin, appears to the Republican competitors as a weakling. Obama, who spent three and a half years in the White House, knows perfectly well that if Russia does not become an accident, i.e. a crisis, a world hegemon, the United States, forgetting about the country's “interests” and going to the future by the idealistic “American values ​​", just miss their position in world politics. In fact, this is what both Mitt Romney and the ex-President George W. Bush are calling for, who will root for Romney in the elections.

Smaller missiles, anti-missile, warships, nuclear weaponsMore friendship with Russia and the rejection of a total monopoly on dubious "values" - that will make you happy, gentlemen Americans. And enmity has never brought anyone happiness.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. +8
      21 May 2012 08: 06
      This article does not look like an already familiar review from Oleg. This is already a solid analytical material, based on many calculations and quotes. Pleasantly surprised and put a big plus to Oleg. Keep it up, buddy!
      The whole background of the foreign policy of the states has been thoroughly revealed, with all the abundance of ambiguities, distortions, staffish egoism and unprincipledness in achieving one goal - power over the whole WORLD.
      1. +3
        21 May 2012 08: 33
        They already have little power to lose in one sense or another. However, they do not lose hope. I think the United States has started more than one war, but the situation in the world is changing, the centers of power are balancing in several directions, and the United States understands this perfectly. But it’s too late. The time will come and the Americans will answer for everything! Many predictions say this to sages and elders. The question is what place in this world will Russia take ?! I think Russia (RA RADIANCE) is a force that will take a dominant role in the world while maintaining the stability and security of the world in all its diversity and greatness. It's my personal opinion! If I'm wrong about something, correct me.
      2. YARY
        21 May 2012 08: 42
        Valery good day!
        The article even I would say is soft and "wuxia taka in reflections."
        Plus what
        1. father tudy-syudy
          21 May 2012 10: 45
          Haha, most Americans are ALREADY HAPPY without any Russia! laughing
          Pets amuse and interest them much more than all of Russia, China and Honduras combined!
          I’m reading similar articles and just wondering - from which planet did such authors of unscientific fiction come down to us ?!
          For all doubters - we take it ourselves and come to the States! We look out for everything with our own eyes and hear with our ears. Don't fall for various "retellings". We accumulate hated dollars, take a vacation from work and make a 3-week tour of huge America, go everywhere and ask local aborigines about anything. On the way, friends, you are welcome good
          1. 755962
            21 May 2012 11: 10
            The problem of American power in the XNUMXst century is not decline, but the choice of a model of behavior in the light of the realization that even the largest country is not able to achieve the desired result without the help of others. A growing number of challenges will force the United States to use its power with others as well as its power over others. For this, in turn, a deeper understanding of power, its changes and how to build smart power strategies that combine hard and soft resources in the information age is needed. The ability to maintain alliances and create networks will be an important aspect of “hard” and “soft” power.
          2. +2
            21 May 2012 12: 54
            Quote: Father Tudy-syudy
            Haha, most Americans are ALREADY HAPPY without any Russia!

            Remember, "Dune" sang:
            - The happiest, the mentally ill. It is difficult to argue with this statement.
          3. sergskak
            21 May 2012 13: 22
            Quote: Father Tudy-syudy
            Haha, most Americans are ALREADY HAPPY without any Russia! laughing

            Lucky EP, T. Do you want to say better there? I don’t think so! An ordinary political trifle. What is better there? Well, tell me.
      3. Uralm
        21 May 2012 14: 51
        It's funny when amers talk about some values.
        Naturally, except for prostitutes, crap, terrorism
        1. Neighbor
          21 May 2012 16: 06
          Quote: Uralm
          Naturally, except for prostitutes, crap, terrorism

          Coca-Cola, Sneakers and McDonald's!
          The simpsons look - those too
          Quote: Father Tudy-syudy
          Americans for the most part - ALREADY HAPPY
          - Homer is a typical representative of the Amer "man". laughing
          All that is needed in life is to devour and thump + drug - here it is - true freedom and democracy.
          I watched a program about the DPRK yesterday. There, too, the inhabitants are happy! Even happier - than in! Everywhere cleanliness, order - everyone smiles, like children - honestly. Honest, kind, open-minded - they probably do not know how to lie. laughing All fit, healthy. They show - 71 years old - like a little cucumber, a peasant - he still wants to fight! Says - we will tear Amerov - will have to!
          HERE - where are the HAPPY people. Sincerely happy. Humanly.
          Let them - and not everything is perfect there. They simply do not realize this - they cannot imagine a better life!
          And do they need another life - another BIG question is what is better!
          To be numb, fat, decrepit and friable Amer - a ruin - or a slender, cheerful and healthy North Korean. recourse
      4. 0
        22 May 2012 06: 54
        Thank you, Valery!
    2. _Igor_
      21 May 2012 08: 53
      Fewer missiles, missile defense, warships, nuclear weapons, more friendship with Russia and the rejection of a total monopoly on dubious "values" - that is what will make you happy, gentlemen Americans. And hostility has not yet brought happiness to anyone.

      + + + + + + + +
    3. drossel81
      21 May 2012 08: 57
      These strange American presidents ... are making bosses of themselves who are something of themselves .. but in fact the most ordinary sixes are under the control of Amer’s capital !!
    4. Prophet Alyosha
      21 May 2012 09: 24
      We have already managed not only to taste "American values", but also to eat them up to our throat! False pseudo-democracy, piderastiya in all its manifestations, the power of the Judomassonian oligarchy, depravity in the media, humiliation of man to animal by introducing a "consumer society", etc.-ENOUGH !!! The whole world is already moaning
      1. vozn_ser
        21 May 2012 10: 56
        Quote: Prophet Alyosha
        "American values"

        Here you have some more Western values ​​!!! laughing
    5. Sniper 1968
      21 May 2012 09: 25
      The American president is just a puppet, and puppeteers from the Judean Puppet Theater have pulled the strings, and for the last 100 years ...
      1. Ataturk
        21 May 2012 09: 39
        Quote: Sniper 1968

        The American president is just a puppet, and puppeteers from the Judean Puppet Theater have pulled the strings, and for the last 100 years ...

        The Great Puppeteers - Rothschilds and Rockefellers

        Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds, Coons, Loebas, Goldmans, Mellons, Saxons, Dupons, Lemans ... These are the names of those bankers and businessmen who laid the foundation for family capital in the XVII – XVIII centuries.

        and here is their cans

        Rothschild bank of london
        Warburg bank of hamburg
        Rothschild Bank of Berlin
        Lehman Brothers of New York
        Lazard Brothers of Paris
        Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
        Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
        Goldman Sachs of New York
        Warburg bank of amsterdam
        Chase manhattan bank of new york

        Obama, Bush, Kennedy, and even the entire Senate, this is just a circus for human eyes. They openly hate each other and kiss behind the scenes in a hickey.

        And all of them are subordinate and controlled by this man.

        that's who the real terrorist is. that's who you need to hang! If anyone didn’t recognize it

        David Rockefeller is his mother!
        1. Sniper 1968
          21 May 2012 09: 47
          Quote: Ataturk
          Rockefeller is his mother!

          And his mother was Jewish ... Well, an abominable face. Here he is, Karabas-Barabas ...
          1. Ataturk
            21 May 2012 10: 02
            Look at their plans.


            They are not afraid of not God, not the Devil.
        2. 0
          21 May 2012 21: 46
          - Leader. White named Assistant Professor.
          - What a disgusting erysipelas.
      2. +2
        21 May 2012 13: 55
        2010 - In 2008, 19.9% ​​of the total number of families were poor; ... 29% of Israeli citizens may be below the poverty line ... Beetah Leumi report: in Israel 1.651.000 citizens living below the poverty line ...
        here you have the data on Israel, out of 7 million, see how much below the poverty line and a large part of them get free food at the expense of dragon taxes, so that it’s enough to charge ordinary Israelis or want Jews, you can just write bankers from America, according to your ideas so in Israel everyone should ride on Maybach at least, and in reality on Yundai.
    6. borisst64
      21 May 2012 10: 37
      "many are calling for the creation of the Big Two, but there is not a single Chinese among them"

      I'm padstal !!!
      Mr. Bremmer is burning!
    7. DERWISH
      21 May 2012 10: 37
      1. 0
        22 May 2012 06: 59
        Thank you, Andrew!
    8. Svetoyar
      21 May 2012 10: 59
      Obama's "values" are the values ​​of the garbage can with its content.
    9. +1
      21 May 2012 13: 04
      Interests - money at all costs, no values
      1. Ataturk
        21 May 2012 13: 42
        Quote: Pilot200809
        Interests - money at all costs, no values

        Their value lies in the extermination of all cultural and historical values ​​of all peoples.
        Their value is to create a single world state, where you will fart also by permission. To have children, they also need permission to live or not live there, they also want to decide, and by and large, reduce the world's population by 90%. Cattle are who they are.

        They imagined themselves masters, they are buying authorities. Soon they are going to sew the CHIP into the person and all the stars will come.

        No freedom! Everything's under control.



    10. +1
      21 May 2012 15: 31
      Excellent analytics. Oleg, thank you very much! Now directly to the USA. I have a very negative perception of this country. A country created on the dregs of society, promoting low and base vices, defending its mythical interests by force of arms. But I respect amers and their country. I respect that the reason for the destruction of not only individual individuals, but also entire peoples and countries, may be some formal values ​​in the form of a mythical violation of human rights or simply attacks on some mythical, again, American values. These "partners" defend and propagate their ideology in spite of everything and contrary to common sense. And this should be learned from them. We need to take the best and most interesting in the approaches of amers to solving problems.
      1. 0
        21 May 2012 21: 58
        I agree, colleague, for we are all colleagues here.
      2. 0
        22 May 2012 07: 01
        Thank you, Andrew!
    11. +1
      21 May 2012 18: 56
      Thanks Oleg. It is written quite professionally. The article has a good emphasis on the trends of overseas people. They really play there for a long time
      Gods on Olympus, completely not thinking that it is not the gods who burn the pots. I think we will prove to them that this is not so. And Putin is not the kind of person who can be used. As for their values, I cannot understand them. Yes, and God forbid that as few people as possible accept these same "values."
      For me, in general, apart from jeans, nothing valuable and good was invented there.
      1. 0
        22 May 2012 07: 02
        Thank you, Andrew.
    12. 11Goor11
      21 May 2012 20: 34
      I get angry about their attitude to Syria.
      Not only the desire of the "puppeteers" to crush another obstacle on the way to FULL POWER,
      but even this drugged faith of civilians in their guides.
      "Homemade bombs are exploding in Damascus", "rebels and police are dying!"
      "volunteers from Arab countries are helping the opposition", "Damascus and Bashar al-Assad must be bombed!"
      Easy analysis is enough to understand the big picture: this intervention in a sovereign country.
      But the trouble is that the bulk of people forgot how to think.
      In my opinion, this is the main evil that "Western values" carry
    13. IGR
      21 May 2012 21: 29
      Election in the fall.
      You will not want to live like that.
    14. +1
      21 May 2012 22: 10
      Russia, China and Iran are brazenly interfering in US domestic affairs throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

      How can the peace-loving Yankees tolerate this? To address such issues, the North American Terroristic Organization was invented.

    "Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

    “Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev Lev; Ponomarev Ilya; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; Mikhail Kasyanov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"