Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Growing slowdown


Greetings to all of you in particular! I read your violent reaction to my past notes. And for some reason, memories of student youth surfaced. About those same years when any sea is knee-deep, and the reaction of those around ... is slightly higher. I know everything myself and can do everything. And leave your advice for memoirs.

Remember group spree on someone else's cottage? And the defeat that we organized there. And then they advised the partner who had suffered from his and our pranks how to quickly remove what was left. To hide the tracks, so to speak. And somewhere far inside, a little scrambled that the consequences of a spree at your country house have not been completely eliminated ...

I have already written a couple of times one thought that some readers could not grasp. I am Ukrainian. I hate the current government, but I love Ukraine and will remain Ukrainian forever. Moreover, I do not want to build a smaller copy of Russia on my land. We are brothers, but not clones. Do Belarusians copy Russian? Why should Ukrainians do this? And far from everything I like in today's Russia, if that's quite so frankly.

Okay. Let's about my "cottage". Especially since events, oddly enough, we have a lot. To begin with, that just recently almost gone. Not in the sense that escaped in a patsanski. I just almost washed off the sewer. It was raining on Thursday night. And the city ...

It was beautiful ... at first. And then scary. Machines on Khreshchatyk floating. Transitions and underground shops flooded. The men run in orange jackets. Air tank cleaned of branches, dirt, packages. And huge puddles with cars in the center ... More than 200 trees broke. Five poles of power lines.

On the Boulevard of the Verkhovna Rada, a concrete pillar fell on Tavria. The tree was washed away, it also could not. On Bohdan Khmelnitsky in general, the wall of the store collapsed.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Growing slowdown

Deputy Klitschko Peter Panteleev described the situation this way:

"You could see a layer of at least 10 cm of dirt, which moved on both sides of Khreshchatyk, as a result, the drain grids were actually closed, as well as branches and leaves that moved at high speed and did not allow water to enter the rain grids."

In short, I saw such an enema for the first time in my life. Kiev turned into a cesspool. All are to blame. And the authorities, and we. For ... shat all. Those who once visited our city, a dozen or more years ago, consider that you have not been to us. Even at the train station! I myself recently came to our station. Somehow managed without this extreme. God spared. Somehow tell. When I decide to go there with a camera ...

And then the cataclysm in Lviv complained. And no less effective than in the capital, everything was.

And here they also reported that we have left to live. More precisely, we live left. Ukraine today in one of the first places in the world in the anti-rating of countries in the number of deaths from air pollution. Dying people like flies. Can not withstand the pressure of civilization.

"It is noted that the dirtiest city in Ukraine is Mariupol. Its inhabitants literally suffocate from dirty air. The main pollutants are metallurgical enterprises. Over the year, they collectively threw 240 thousand tons of pollutants into the air. Conventional measurements showed that the amount of pollutants in the city exceeds the norm in 12 times. The ten dirtiest cities in Ukraine also included the Dnieper, Kherson, Krivoy Rog, Kiev and Zaporozhye. "

And then there's the Economist edition tossed a pile of dung to the fan. According to the ranking of the research company Economist Intelligence Unit, Kiev for became the leader in the list of cities that have experienced a significant drop (by 12,6 percent) in five years.

So, for interest. The British Peter your place on 56 place, and Moscow on 60-e. True, we write about 80. The mayor with a broken brain is scary. Worse Chernovetsky. He even had a joke, but this one ... Otbitich after Otorvych, in short.

Kiev, Damascus, Caracas ... We have excellent neighbors after European integration. Honestly, as a Kiev aborigine, we are stuck somewhere in 90. Bomzhatnik interspersed with criminals, released according to the law Savchenko. This is Kiev in the evening.

Only one case that happened on Wednesday. 15 August. Detained the next warrior of light with his own arsenal. Fighter punitive battalion "Kiev-2". On top weapon found in the garage. Grenade launchers, mines, grenades, trotyl checkers, cartridges. In short, everything, as always. But at home it turned out more interesting. Sniper rifles were not primitive SVD, but 12,7-mm screw cutters.

“Law enforcement officers additionally seized three AKMS and AKS-74 assault rifles, two sniper rifles, two RPG-26 grenade launchers, two F-1 grenades and over 700 different-caliber cartridges at the place of residence of the detainee.”

How is it that we live today on a powder keg? If all the cyborgs shuffle and shake properly, then you can equip an army of some Somalia without problems. Again, this suggests an association with smokers on a barrel of gasoline. Adrenaline, his lice ...

But in Rovno, people do not degrade. And earn in a European way.

"In the Rivne region, two members of an organized criminal group were convicted of violating international flight rules, and their plane was confiscated to the state’s revenue."

"The court found two men guilty of violating the rules of international flights and sentenced to a fine: the organizer of a criminal group - 17 thousand UAH, an accomplice - 10 thousand UAH, an instrument of the crime - the aircraft An-2 - confiscated to the state. The indictment the act on the third party to the crime is pending before the court. "

I will reveal the criminal scheme. And then you may have the wrong opinion about the power of our economy. Think that the guys in Ukraine something Kotrabandili. They flew to Poland illegally.

So, we do not need these European goods! We have so much of our own that there is nowhere to go. So the pilots dragged cigarettes to Poland. Ukrainian and Belarusian. By airplanes. One plane, but not unbending plowed. And no one could catch. And in the media, especially the capture does not shine because the plane has already been confiscated. The power of our Air Force has increased almost 2 times!

There is news and from the world of cinema. Not one Sentsov is our director. There in the Dnipropetrovsk region 15 of August covered a whole network of Internet porn studios! In Krivoy Rog, a movie studio named "Freedom to gays" functioned. There the people are poor, the young people copulated with pleasure in front of the camera. We don’t smell money, and it’s not important what place to earn them.

Even our Kiev pornography studio, which was recently covered, was just child's play compared to Krivoy Rog. Europe slowly, but steadily, gets into our brains. All for sale. Moral invented in Mordor! By the way, the production of these studios is teeming with another abomination - a lot of filming of minors. From local people I heard that volunteers gathered to search and punish directors and camera operators on their own ...

And now about what you’re sure you would never have thought up! So who are the volunteers? People who voluntarily help with something and someone. They feed, clothe, put on shoes, collect medicines ... And sometimes they do not even know how much and what they collect. But this is a mess!

So, Alexey Nozdrachev, head of the civil-military cooperation department of the armed forces:

"A draft instruction on accreditation of volunteer activities in the environmental zone has already been developed, and after public discussion it will be adopted by the operation command."

"This draft document defines the procedure for organizing accreditation, admittance (admission) of volunteers during the provision of volunteer assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other security and government agencies involved in the environmental protection on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions."

What is it done for? Try to become Ukrainians for a moment.

And this is done because ... "The General Staff intends to create a register of volunteers and keep records of the property they supply to the troops". What is translated from Square to Russian means that now everything that is brought into the environmental protection zone will be transferred to military stores for further plundered ... ugh, distribution in parts. And all that is exported will be shared with the officers of the staff of the Environment.

Well, yes, but the military tax has not been canceled. We pay our own one and a half percent monthly.

There is one incident that our media thoroughly silence. Remember the recent hype about the new Ukrainian church Filaret? Calm down like. Saw a barrel and shut up. But Patriarch Filaret promised to take away all the churches from the ROC MP. Then he promised not to select. But the first word ... As in childhood, in short.

There is a military academy in Odessa. On its territory is the church of Saints Cyril and Methodius. In 2005, the UOC MP parishioners restored it and conducted their services there.

Today, the Odessa Academy prepares military chaplains for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Naturally from among the UOC-KP. Then I quote one of the Odessa editions:

"On the eve (12 of August), participants in the basic course of chaplains representing the UOC of the Kiev Patriarchate suggested that the rector of the church, Archpriest Sergei Dmitriev, open the room and serve the liturgy with them. He flatly refused and left the school to return with the support group. visit the provocation and did not let the priests go further than the checkpoint. "

"The visit of representatives of the UOC-MP to the Military Academy is simply explained: now the basic chaplains of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are undergoing basic training at the school. Representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate, which supports Russian military aggression against Ukraine, are certainly not among them."

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church behaved in an interesting way. Not yours, not ours. Probably know something:

"Representatives of the Kyiv Patriarchate offered us to take part in a joint liturgy, but, fearing provocations, we recalled our people. At the same time, we have to state that the existence of a church of one confession in a military school is absolutely illegal. In Ukraine, the church is separated from the state, and representatives of different religions and denominations serve in the Armed Forces, and all of them should be able to receive spiritual support. "

So, Filaret pressed another church. Quiet, with the help of the military pressed. And God sees everything ... probably.

Well, about the economy. Where do without it, even where it is almost no longer there. Are you aware that civilized nations are almost not engaged in production? What in the world are uncivilized peoples for this? Ukraine is no longer a rogue state! We now just take a loan and buy everything we need from the outcasts.

We are closing the next plant of JSC Biofarma!

Who does not know is pharmacology. And modern medicine. The reason for the liquidation of the company was the unsatisfactory flow of financial flows from the implementation of economic activity.

I'm thinking, why do we need such plants? Suprun also said that almost all diseases are perfectly treated with plantain. So everything is correct. Plant to demolish, and sow the territory of plantain! Strike folk remedies for measles, diphtheria and botulism!

Or better like this:

I've heard from someone that in Europe even the plantain is the last century. There are questioning surveyed. That is where the progress is. But nothing, we learn. If we live ... Let pills Moskal treated. And we ourselves will recover. Chuckling ...

You often read or hear from our politicians the thesis that Ukraine can independently provide itself with oil and gas, which we have in the Emirates. It's time to make public the true state of affairs. To do this, just visit the press conference of the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine.

"The only research vessel in Ukraine, the Iskatel, has completed the search for oil and gas on the Black Sea shelf."

"Today, work continues on data processing, which represent only an insignificant part of the envisaged offshore work. Performing offshore geological studies on detailing prospective oil and gas structures is at the initial stage."

Speaking simply, we will be looking for oil and gas without leaving the office. It turns out geology is expensive. Very expensive. We thought it was enough to pick a bottom with a shovel, that's all. Oil trample itself. And for some reason she did not rush ...

"Marine research and its processing are quite a costly process both in time and money. Since in recent years, the annual budget of Gosgeonedr to carry out exploration work in the industry is only 100 mln UAH, then the final time for completion of the research will depend primarily on the level of their financing. Therefore, the question of exploratory drilling in this territory is not worth today. "

In general, Ukraine has one hope. Hope that oil will find itself. And the ancestors are to blame. Those are great ukry themselves who dug the sea. It was necessary to drill first, and then dig, and not vice versa. And the great friends of Ukraine overseas at the time were not even in the project. Ask no one.

In conclusion, I would like to say that August is usually the last month before the great squabbles. But this year there was a failure in the program. Political opponents did not take a vacation break. In the pack fights go constantly. All against all. And this is just the beginning. The beginning of big battles on television screens and streets.

At this end. All, and friends and enemies, the fulfillment of desires. This is the only way to see what you are calling others to. And quiet family happiness. In the end, this entire political leapfrog only exists so that someone can drag a bigger, fatter, more tasty piece into its mink. Why drag a piece into the house that you can't eat?
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  1. +15
    20 August 2018 04: 50
    we were stuck somewhere in the 90th. The wanderer is mixed with criminals released under the law of Savchenko.

    We survived the 90s ... I wish you the same ... God grant you to survive as painlessly as possible ... it will not work completely painlessly, you yourself understand ...
    Hello cockroach love
    1. +24
      20 August 2018 16: 52
      I am Ukrainian. I hate the current government, but I love Ukraine and will remain Ukrainian forever. Moreover, I do not want to build a smaller copy of Russia on my land. We are brothers, but not clones. Did Belarusians copy Russians?

      Are you ready that Odessa will say the same for example - I will be from Odessa, and I will remain Odessa forever! I do not want to build a smaller copy of Ukraine on my land?
      And so will each resident of a particular locality? Where will the fragmentation of so-called Ukraine end?
      And Mordvin or Kalmyk, should they also live independently of Russia? Or do they not love their homeland as much as you do? Where are the boundaries of your "love".

      Ukraine is part of the Russian lands. You decided to build a state for free, but apart from theft, nothing comes of it.

      In Russia, too, they steal and power is not sugar. But we are Russian. Everyone, and Tatars and Udmurts and all residents of the Caucasus and other peoples. We are all Russian. And we have a centuries-old history of our GENERAL Homeland.

      And who are you? You, whose ancestors come from all the lands of the USSR - the Russian Empire - Russia, you abandoned the past and invent stories and history on the fly. Who you are?
      1. +2
        24 August 2018 10: 06
        Yes, he is also Russian, just many years of propaganda still leaves scars ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. 0
        21 August 2018 05: 55
        Quote: Mih1974
        that you didn’t have enough of such an independent in the Common country,

        Probably the same as us. The USSR destroyed us all together. So, we are all to blame. It’s just that now we’re unlikely to be able to revive the Union. Now peace, friendship, corn will be maximum
        1. +8
          21 August 2018 06: 31
          But nifiga - personally, then I could not vote by age, and indeed 70% voted against the collapse, this is read ALL Russia and was. And then the republics had their own "referendums" and there were Natsiks and Russians for some reason behind the collapse am . So don’t hang other people's dogs on us.
          1. +1
            22 August 2018 03: 37
            Quote: Mih1974
            I personally couldn’t vote by age,

            It's clear. And those who voted? Did we do something? Moscow has moved a little, and the rest of Russia? My hut from the edge ..
            Shameful of course for us, but it was ... Swallowed, bought beautiful words
            1. +2
              23 August 2018 17: 39
              Quote: domokl
              Did we do something? Moscow has moved a little, and the rest of Russia? My hut from the edge ..

              on the other hand, in 1917 Miliukov turned the openly fascist political movement “Ukrainians” into a nationality, and even sent ministers to Kiev to organize the first Rada.

              so maybe it's time to do something now? you. to me. to stop this farce with Ukrainians and Ukrainians ???? Or are we going to lament that we "once did something there"? right now, it will be honestly determined that those who live in Ukraine are Russians, and Ukrainians are Bandera, Shukhevych and others like them, with whom a Russian cannot be a brother by definition! soldier

              if suddenly a respected Cockroach reads it, then a big request to think about whether he is a Ukrainian? then find your ancestors of Ukrainians until 1900. there must be some kind of documentary evidence that they are Ukrainians. certificates, receipts ...
              after you do not find one more time to think ...
              1. -1
                23 August 2018 18: 22
                Do you offer a forceful solution to the issue? But, according to your own logic, Ukrainians in the presence of an external enemy will rally, as if the Russians did. I don’t want blood at all.
                And about the Ukrainians before the 1900 year ... I foresee the question from that side. And you show the documents that you are a Russian sample of some 900 year of our era. Not productive. Because referring to the past is stupid. There is what is. And that will be. What was already gone ...
  2. Cat
    20 August 2018 05: 25
    Sniper rifles were not primitive SVD, but 12,7 mm screw cutters.

    Screw cutters in the USSR were made to 9mm caliber.
    1. +5
      20 August 2018 09: 12
      Quote: Kotischa
      Screw cutters in the USSR were made to 9mm caliber.

      The screw cutter The author simply calls a sniper rifle !!
  3. 0
    20 August 2018 05: 55
    "Echo of Moscow", Kiev clone.
    1. +2
      20 August 2018 15: 13
      The cockroach is already 4, if I'm not mistaken. So who whose clone is another question. And you thought that everyone should be like us? And think like us? Hmm, it turns out that not only Russians live in the world.
      I’m just interested in understanding another way of thinking. Arguments and facts from the other side. And you?
  4. +26
    20 August 2018 06: 39
    Moreover, I do not want to build a smaller copy of Russia on my land
    Does someone make you do this? Yes, with the situation that has developed in Ukraine today, you cannot even build something like Russia if you wish. Your patriotism is clear, but it is noticeable that nationalism prevails. Your representatives on TV when they have nothing to answer a specific question immediately start a song about how poorly they live in Russia and they would not want them to have the same. An old song, but not about the main thing.
    1. +6
      20 August 2018 10: 04
      We had the same thing. Maybe you don’t remember how the newspapers wrote in the 90s - "sorry the Germans did not conquer us, now they would drink Bavarian beer." And this is not one case, but simply a trend. That was a massive belief
    2. +4
      20 August 2018 11: 03
      and they also sing that we will soon fall apart (Gordon) and we must be prepared to receive refugees from Russia (Yakhno)!
    3. +1
      20 August 2018 15: 18
      Quote: rotmistr60
      today you, even if you wish, cannot build something like Russia

      Greetings to Gennady. And why were we able to? Build? After the dashing 90's? After all, there were Natsiks, even with swastikas, and most of the industry was cheated, and education with medicine. The war was ... Almost completely went under amers.
      Nothing, got out. Why do you refuse this to the Ukrainians? They just have to suffer it, probably.
    4. +4
      21 August 2018 04: 38
      I join, I rolled my "sheet" above. For a long time I wanted to ask a normal stolen: “I love my Len.oblast, but I don’t love it SEPARATELY from Russia, such a stupid thought does not even occur to me. So how do you manage to love Ukraine apart from Russia?” request
  5. +12
    20 August 2018 06: 49
    Give Russian lands and live Ukrainians
    1. +4
      20 August 2018 09: 52
      When the Union was dissolved in the whitewash, then the borders had to be drawn to new countries, taking into account the country in which the former Soviet people want to live. But better late than never. what And the West, which boasts of its "fairness in resolving the issue" on Crimea, should, based on real justice, insist on a new demarcation, and not on artificial borders and territories invented in Soviet times. hi
      1. The comment was deleted.
  6. +6
    20 August 2018 07: 26
    I am Ukrainian. I hate the current government, but I love Ukraine and will remain Ukrainian forever. Moreover, I do not want to build a smaller copy of Russia on my land.

    When a Ukrainian knows how, he becomes Russian, in the Donbass it has already been proved in practice.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +1
      20 August 2018 15: 06
      The word "Ukrainian" should be read and understood as the outskirts of the territory of residence of the Slavic peoples, and not as an ethnicity ..... hi
      1. -3
        20 August 2018 18: 23
        Hmm .. And for some reason there is such a country on the world map. The Union collapsed, and now we teach others how to read
        1. +1
          21 August 2018 04: 45
          feel What kind of "unions" our ancestors did not "fall apart": Austro-Hungarian, Imperial French, Swedish-Finnish, Third-Reich, Anglo-French. Ugh, you came out with the last joint - in some locations they were hacked Epicno, but they didn't have time in the Crimea - the Emperor died, and the seven-boy family passed everything negative
    4. +4
      21 August 2018 10: 32
      You need to be a man! It’s decent, not stupid, to love your homeland .. But to love your homeland is not only marching in columns with flags, but above all, to protect forests, rivers, the people of the motherland to protect, not to drink vodka, not to steal, to be able to fight back boors and thieves, it’s not bad , don’t litter, be able to defend the Motherland with arms in hand .. As the history of Russia and Ukraine is the same, so fate will always be together ... And this is a psychosis that will pass, only people and time are sorry ..
  7. +2
    20 August 2018 07: 50
    We don’t like Cockroach, but we don’t like much, but for a hundred years we’ve chopped wood, they’d just be decomposed right now, so that they wouldn’t fall asleep ....
    And you live "dashing", and just put things in order.
    1. +5
      20 August 2018 10: 09
      We are all the same cockroaches. And there was no need to come up with national huts, on which it was necessary to crawl. The only winners were those who arranged a "cockroach race" for all of us and took the bets. hi
  8. +2
    20 August 2018 07: 56
    I am Ukrainian. I hate the current government, but I love Ukraine and will remain Ukrainian forever. Moreover, I do not want to build a smaller copy of Russia on my land. We are brothers, but not clones.

    Here I am about the same. Many here advocate the separation of Donbass from Ukraine. Do not separate it, but sweep the entire infection out of bounds. Those who do not have time to escape should be put in place to replace plates with the names of cities and streets, to restore all the destroyed monuments, and to restore industry and agriculture. Moreover, in hard labor. And Donbass will help the whole of Ukraine to recover.
    1. -1
      20 August 2018 13: 28
      Donbass must be taken to Russia. There is no normal explanation for pulling this issue. Nothing! Anyone who talks about some far-fetched pretexts and justifies avoiding solving this issue, all the more so, says that the Donbass should be part of Ukraine or a paid troll or just. Ukraine has chosen its own path and let it bend forever.
      1. +7
        20 August 2018 14: 11
        ... paid troll or just

        I will answer so that there is no omission.
        Firstly, I did not pick up decent words to answer you with all due respect. He answered here, the other day, to one comrade from sunny Israel on a similar charge, they sent me a warning, his groundless statement, he still hangs, probably pulls on the Hero.
        Secondly, no one in the Donbass will accept Russia, no matter how much we would like to. It's all about geopolitics. Ukraine, Belarus were created as projects for voting in the international arena. And to support Russia, in these republics everything should be at the level of Russia, or, even better. I think, at the top, there is cherished hope for the return of Ukraine to normal. Donbass is a powerful raw fist, and then it will help, without pouring big finances, to raise Ukraine from the pose of a beggar.
        Personally, I would advise you to control your emotions, edit opuses, analyze the situation and not insult your opponents. Sincerely.
        1. -4
          21 August 2018 12: 19
          I don't care who you flirt with. And you didn't get the answer. Because there is essentially nothing to say. Nobody will accept - your words? Under the term "nobody" who did they mean? The king? President? People? It's not about geopolitics, who prompted you that smart word?) Well, since you know it (the word), the point is the absence of your geopolitics. Completely. It seems useless to talk further. What's the bottom line? Some kind of "geopolitical bullshit" and space councils. In general, it is clear that you are not a troll.
          1. 0
            23 August 2018 15: 15
            Yeah ... The geo-chess player of you is useless ... alas, a fact.
  9. +7
    20 August 2018 07: 57
    So what do you all want out there? And why haven’t they built anything yet or at least not started? Is this exactly Ukraine with Ukrainians who love their country so much and all want something? Syria after a fierce war returns to civilian life, builds, works, opens and restores. And Ukraine = where?
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. +3
        20 August 2018 14: 49
        Quote: DVTamga
        Not people, but manure. Never from the so-called Ukraine will not work

        Do not row all under one comb. And you do not need to incite on the site. And then you will not succeed. It’s all banned. Cool down already. And then you simply bear (or bear from you) the devil and the devil what.
        1. -1
          21 August 2018 12: 28
          That you tell the Ukrainians in your pun puny manner, it is possible on surzhik. That Muscovites are good and all that. And be sure to add that there is no need to kindle. And what will blow you there and what and where the hell are you carrying is not interesting to me.
    2. 0
      20 August 2018 16: 14
      :)) here I am writing from Ukraine, I live outside the city of Chernivtsi, now the view opens onto one sleeping area and I see 6 cranes that build 9 floors (I know that in the city of construction and, accordingly, dofig cranes, despite the fact that our people do not like to live in apartments and prefer mansions), my house is surrounded by 2-storey houses, this is not a cool area where oligarchs live, all houses are built by robots who worked abroad or have their own small business (shops, cafes, stations, service stations, etc., etc.)
      tell me more about lazy or waiting handouts of Ukrainians, very interesting ...
      1. +3
        20 August 2018 19: 24
        Still untidy, noisy and always ready to steal something. What can you tell about them, you yourself see every day around.
      2. +2
        21 August 2018 05: 02
        Do not tell our slippers - heels tickled.
        As smart people say, "even in Somalia there are shops that have many different goods" (c) tongue
        Speaking humanly, income in Ukraine is not evenly "smeared", in some places the last crumbs are consumed, in other "two storey buildings". But we are not looking at your "local ruble", but at the general indicators of the country !! And the indicators are as follows - a decrease in purchases of energy resources, including gas, at times and this is not because you have opened super savings, but because industrial consumers have closed and your officials are already "screaming" that because of evil Russia our enterprises do not produce fertilizers and there will be nothing to fertilize the fields (there is no money to buy in Russia tongue ). You constantly "please" with the closure of more and more plants and factories, this is certainly good - breathing will become better, but apart from "breathing", sometimes you also need to "eat". lol .
        Even according to your data (your stat), more than 7 million people out of a kind of 30 million are working abroad, that is, almost ALL the working population. And it is they who are now "making money there to feed their families," but according to your own statistics, more and more are finally emigrating and taking out families, that is, they stop sending money to Ukraine. Soon you will remain there - officials, "atoshniks" and Nazis fool And I’m even wondering "where do you get pennies" wake up (there will be no transfers from Russia or the EU anymore)?
        1. +2
          21 August 2018 12: 41
          When will "outside the city of Chernivtsi" be European? I mean, when will the hot water be turned off? And when is the heating, is it warm in your winter? Everything is as it should be in Europe. Hot water is a remnant of socialism. Do you think they won't turn it off? They will turn it off and soon, just give it time. As for your "2-storey houses", they will remain where they go. And high-rise buildings will stand, as in China, empty). Therefore, life in Europe means making good money and paying a lot for services. You, gentlemen, Ukrainians, are only at the beginning of your journey, or rather your fall. Everything will happen, perhaps not quickly, but inevitably. Prices rise, people leave and grow poor. And so on until the end. As for construction projects, it is possible that some of the new buildings are being built with Russian money, for example, Gazprom. He built a lot of housing for his pensioners who chose to move to Ukraine. Did not know? And a lot of companies and organizations, individuals invested their money in the economy of ukrians. Until recently, this was considered beneficial. The climate is good, housing is inexpensive, cheap service from local Indians. Unfortunately for you, you have lost your attractiveness. At the moment, Ukraine is interesting only as a country of cheap sex tourism for certain categories of perverts. That's all.
          1. +5
            21 August 2018 17: 23
            An excellent example of the "future" is the Tribaltic !! Clean streets, beautiful smiling people, friendly waiters, a decrease in the population (like Latvia) from 1.5 million to 900 tons, wonderful air due to the absence of at least some enterprises with their "emissions", a beautiful sea on which barges no longer sail and oil tankers. This is the "wonderful future" of Ukria, when there will be "green grass and buttercups" in the fields, clean cities, free roads, waiters will smile at EVERYONE (because otherwise they will be fired and even die of hunger), tourists will be allowed to piss in the center of Kiev to "the main symbol of Ukraine", well, so as not to offend tourists. am Let the Sumerians already train from tribalt, before this there is not a long time left.
            1. +2
              22 August 2018 03: 13
              Everything will be that way. Only Ukrainians are not Baltic. Therefore, the cities will be dirty, as now, water and light are out of the ordinary, it’s not worth talking about hot ones, they have already decommunized it. And gas is only for members of the occupation administration. And of course rainbow parades! No way without them!)
  10. -5
    20 August 2018 07: 58
    I am Ukrainian. I hate the current government, but I love Ukraine and will remain Ukrainian forever. Moreover, I do not want to build a smaller copy of Russia on my land. We are brothers, but not clones. Did Belarusians copy Russians? Why should Ukrainians do this? And far from everything I like in today's Russia, if it is absolutely so frank.

    Who argued with me that the author is not Ukrainian, but Russian? One feels genuine mental pain for their Ukraine and their people. Respect and respect for a civil and moral position in such a difficult and dangerous time. So I can’t call the author a cockroach, for me he is Ukrainian.
    It is a pity that the rain did not wash away all this filth that sat on the heads of the Ukrainians. Question to the author: everyone has already forgotten about za-na-babchenko. But "Shvabe"? It was news to me that this was a Russian company and suddenly supplied equipment to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The video clearly sounded from the "FSB agent" that he knew everything. It turns out that he was persuaded to take part in the booth with Za-na-Babchenko, and then they merged.
    What do people say about the Schwab company in Kiev?
    1. The comment was deleted.
  11. +7
    20 August 2018 08: 10
    About koradsky hi
    Growing slowdown
    Yeah, if you read only one heading:
    "Night raid on the Kharkiv mayor's office. There are killed"
    "In Dnipro, the ATO soldier put a grenade in his friend's hand, pulled the pin and ran away"
    "Near Ukrainian Vinnitsa, a man blew up police officers with a grenade during a chase"
    "Police officers in the DPR shot a criminal armed with a machine gun during arrest"
    "CEEVROPA: A car with a famous businessman was blown up in Ukraine"
    "A funeral home was fired at from a grenade launcher in Kiev"

    It even becomes scary that this is just SLOWING.
    And they had "floods" before, they just were not reported in newspapers and on television ...
    1. +7
      20 August 2018 08: 31
      Sergei! love
      And they had "floods" before, they just were not reported in newspapers and on television ...

      Krasnoyarsk ...

      1. +3
        20 August 2018 08: 40
        love hi
        Quote: Masya Masya
        Krasnoyarsk ...

        My webpage
        But I am different. How many have heard for example about this
        July 28, 1977, many remembered as the date of the terrible flooding of Dnepropetrovsk. ...
  12. +10
    20 August 2018 08: 27
    I am Ukrainian. I hate the current government, but I love Ukraine and will remain Ukrainian forever. Moreover, I do not want to build a smaller copy of Russia on my land
    .... Here it would be, in more detail ... Is it like ...? ... Especially, about the smaller copy ... In the folklore of the peoples of the former USSR in different interpretations, there is a fairy tale, parable, the meaning of which is one, while the brothers together, they’re not afraid of anything, nor any troubles, but if they run away, they will individually break everyone ... What, in principle, is happening now ..
    1. +6
      20 August 2018 09: 03
      Quote: parusnik
      What is it like...?

      And not yours, not ours ... All the time, after the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine lived in the role of a "bridge" between Russia and Europe and lived, and then decided to change and turn into the "eastern shaft" of Europe, and this is death for her
    2. 0
      20 August 2018 15: 24
      Quote: parusnik
      Especially about a small copy

      But I found the answer in the comments. Alexey, you read more closely. it feels like attending a rally, not an analytic site
    3. +1
      21 August 2018 07: 01
      Quote: parusnik
      there is a fairy tale, a parable, the meaning of which is the same, while the brothers are together, they are not afraid of anything, nor any troubles, but if they run away, they will individually break everyone ... Which, in principle, is happening now ..

      Each brother has his own family, his own life and area of ​​responsibility. The Siamese twins are very uncomfortable, some insist on separation, realizing that one of them may not survive.
  13. +8
    20 August 2018 08: 37
    Themselves all this porridge jumped, so disintegrate this porridge with full spoons and to the end.
    I am Ukrainian. I hate the current government, but I love Ukraine and will remain Ukrainian forever. Moreover, I do not want to build a smaller copy of Russia on my land.

    Again, the saucepan begins to gallop, just to not be like Russia: it became independent, then they transferred it an hour ago, if only closer to Europe and away from the cursed. Christmas began to be celebrated on December 25, again to differ from the cursed, the Russian language was banned, for which it is native to most of the inhabitants of Ukraine, they began to invent their own parallel story, where Ukrainians as a people appeared 140 thousand years ago (although any sane person understands that even ancient Egyptians and Sumerians didn’t exist then), they began to rush about with embroidered shirts and hopak, if only they were not like damned ones, well, etc. etc. to infinity.
    We are brothers, but not clones.
    With such brothers and enemies are not necessary. The Poles are also a brotherly Russian people, but there are no more bitter enemies to be found. In my memory, only once the Poles and Russians were allies - this was in the Northern War, when the genius of Peter the Great managed to put together a coalition from Russia, Poland and Denmark against Sweden. If it were not for this coalition, we would not have seen an outlet to the Baltic as our ears. And so, after the defeat at Narva, Charles XII was distracted by Poland, and thus gave Peter the opportunity to re-form the army, and give the Swedes a light at Poltava. And that's enough to talk about "brotherly people". This is the nonsense of the Slavophiles of the Tsarist era, when they dreamed of uniting under one scepter all the Slavic lands, later taken up by the communists, and then, as we see, by the current "liberals". But this is exactly what nonsense, because the Poles, Czechs and Balkan Slavs were not at all eager to become part of Russia: the Poles cherished the dream of restoring Poland, the Czechs and under the Germans were not bad at all, the Balkan Slavs just cynically used this nonsense about "brothers-Slavs" in order to gain independence from Austria and Turkey with the hands and blood of the Russians. Take the same Germans and the British - these are fraternal Germanic peoples, but the Germans and the British were never allies, they are strategic enemies, all their history they did nothing but cut each other. The British and the Dutch are also fraternal Germanic peoples, but they also fought pretty well with each other until England, as a result of three wars, crushed Holland and turned it from a leading European power into a secondary country. Danes, Swedes and Norwegians are also fraternal peoples, in fact, they are one and the same people with one history, culture, ancestors and blood. But this also did not prevent them from fiercely at war with each other.
    1. -2
      20 August 2018 10: 44
      Quote: Kot_Kuzya
      Themselves all this porridge jumped, so disintegrate this porridge with full spoons and to the end.

      I don’t want to take the blame from them, but also justify us. And when you weren’t interested, why did the Russians living in Ukraine and the Baltic states so easily admit that their countries left Russia? Why in the ATO and PS the overwhelming majority of residents of the East of Ukraine, in fact, half-blood Russian people? What scared them so much and scared them in Russia? And is it not our fault?
      1. +9
        20 August 2018 11: 10
        Quote: svp67
        I don’t want to take the blame from them, but also justify us.

        Did Russia finance the coup in the winter of 2013-2014? You really don’t get confused.
        Quote: svp67
        And when you weren’t interested, why did the Russians living in Ukraine and the Baltic states so easily admit that their countries left Russia?

        I do not live in Moscow, and when Muscovites rode for Yeltsin in August 1991, no one asked me if I wanted to keep the Union and sweep Yeltsin away. And the Bialowieza Treaty is generally a conspiracy of three traitors, in any country they were arrested and tried for treason and a coup. In general, it is strange that the Prosecutor General of the USSR did not react to this treacherous agreement, although he was obliged to issue an arrest warrant for this trinity: Yeltsin, Kravchuk and Shushkevich for treason and subsequent death sentence.
        Quote: svp67
        Why in the ATO and PS the overwhelming majority of residents of the East of Ukraine, in fact, consanguineous Russian people?

        These are not Russians, they are Ukrainians, more precisely, Bendera, and it does not matter what language they speak. You are not talking nonsense here since the summer of 1941, when the political instructors propagated to the Red Army men that "German soldiers are the same proletarians as we are, forcibly persecuted by Hitler's clique into the attack!" My grandfather told how in the summer of 1941 their battalion political instructor drove such nonsense, and urged not to shoot at the "comrades", but called on them to agitate. Fortunately, my grandfather was wounded by artillery barrage before the attack, and they managed to carry him to the rear, and those who remained there either all died in that battle, or were captured, and disappeared there. So there is no need to drive propaganda that "the Nazis from the territorial battalions and the volunteers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are their own, relatives, Russian people, duped by the propaganda of Poroshenko and Turchinov." These scum are no different from the Nazis.
        What scared them so much and scared them in Russia?
        18-20-year-old Ukrainian youth have never been to Russia, so they willingly believe that Russia is "Mordor, where everyone walks in formation, drinks vodka at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and sleeps with bears."
        Quote: svp67
        And is it not our fault?

        What kind of victimization is this ?! If you are robbed, will you seek fault in yourself? That is, if you found yourself in 1941, you would look for blame in yourself, why did Hitler attack us? The enemy must be beaten, and beat mercilessly until he falls! And do not suffer from mental torment like Karenina.
        1. 0
          20 August 2018 20: 30
          Quote: Kot_Kuzya
          What kind of victimization is this ?!

          How many words, and you don’t understand the main thing. Our country is not interesting, it is the same part of the capitalist world. The ruble is declining, and salaries are not growing very fast, there are no social benefits, there is no ideology at all ... The USSR was much more attractive.
          1. The comment was deleted.
            1. +1
              21 August 2018 03: 58
              Quote: Kot_Kuzya
              Ukrainians are ...

              I see you completely "the tower was torn off ..." Dig in your closest relatives, I think you will find an object for whipping
      2. +5
        21 August 2018 05: 13
        There are no Russians in the ATO because "Russian is ashamed of the fact that he is Russian, he may not be ashamed, he is not Russian" good ... Everybody fell in Russia always enough, someone for "ration" someone "out of fear for past sins" went to the enemies of Russia. If these nits did not die in the war, they "sat down" at once and begged "to understand and forgive" (which was often the case).
        And why there are no zapadents in the anti-terrorist operation, they are there - behind the rear in detachments of troops and the Nazis, they are holding Russians from the front line without being hung up. negative ... For these "samostiiniki" quickly got in the face and realizing that "robbing for free" here does not work, they pushed ahead of themselves so the Russians from the eastern regions who could not evade "raking" the Gestapo could not. negative
        1. 0
          23 August 2018 03: 15
          Quote: Mih1974
          There are no Russians in the ATO because "Russian is ashamed of the fact that he is Russian, he may not be ashamed, he is not Russian" good ... Everybody fell in Russia always enough, someone for "ration" someone "out of fear for past sins" went to the enemies of Russia. If these nits did not die in the war, they "sat down" at once and begged "to understand and forgive" (which was often the case).
          And why there are no zapadents in the anti-terrorist operation, they are there - behind the rear in detachments of troops and the Nazis, they are holding Russians from the front line without being hung up. negative ... For these "samostiiniki" quickly got in the face and realizing that "robbing for free" here does not work, they pushed ahead of themselves so the Russians from the eastern regions who could not evade "raking" the Gestapo could not. negative

          hi As for the Russian, then you have surprisingly realistic good vision of the situation, dear Mi1974!
  14. BAI
    20 August 2018 09: 39
    With ecology, tension is everywhere where there is a metallurgical industry. Norilsk emissions reach Norway.
  15. +1
    20 August 2018 09: 55
    Quote: Masya Masya
    Krasnoyarsk ..

    Pfe ... So I remember in the early 90s, or in the late 6s on Tula in Moscow I watched ... There is such a hefty meadow, like 8 or XNUMX lanes, plus a clearing in front of the metro, plus a clearing before stops ... All over this river flows. A poak rowed along it, waist-deep in water, rowed to an ice cream tent, climbed onto the roof. Hung over - and pops money in the window, buys ice cream lol
  16. +5
    20 August 2018 10: 26
    "Why drag a piece into the house that you can't eat?" ... The main thing is to have somewhere to bring ... But with this, judging by the photographs, problems are already beginning ... As for Vitalik ... So who chose him ? Are not the inhabitants of the above city? So get it and sign it ..
    "I do not want to build a small copy of Russia on my land. We are brothers, but not clones." Alas, no matter how hard you try, don't build. And who said we were brothers? The events of recent years suggest otherwise.
    " I am Ukrainian." With which I congratulate you. Therefore, everything that happens is a consequence of everything that happened in 2014.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  17. +7
    20 August 2018 10: 50
    Hello cockroach! This is what I was thinking about when I looked at your leaders ’performance on the newsvan - Gordon, Rabinovich in particular. It’s no secret that Jews were strong in Ukraine, and now, as I look at you, the Jews have power there too. In fact, it seems that Ukraine is preparing to become a new Israel and is being cleared. There are prerequisites, in Rivne a Jewish shrine, Rabinovich and Gordon under a strong roof and the fate of Oles Buzina does not threaten them. By the way, to my questions on this subject, gentlemen, I’m ignored! I saw the news on the inter that you have appeared there mobile synagogues!
    Dear Cockroach, there you have free play through the holes. What do you say? Well, about the cigarette double bass you have an official there, even the film was cooked up with Didio (I don’t know how to do it right) on this subject. It seemed in your news that the hang glider was tied!
    Yes, and about "I'm Ukrainian"! We have more Ukrainians here than in Ukraine itself, considering the natives. So, there is a conversation in another, about a citizen of Ukraine. Confusing the concept of a colleague, well, yes, we understand, there are sneakers, big water, dichlorvos! So come on in such terms, the Cockroach is international in our regions. True, in southern Kazakhstan there were flying cockroaches, they called kukarachi, well, these are probably also advanced individuals for flights to fertile lands!
  18. rum
    20 August 2018 11: 28
    Hmm ...... this is a Ukrainian, not with a pan on his head, but with a colander ... There are a lot of holes and thoughts fly away through them (holes) laughing You know, I don’t need you personally either as Enemy and not as Friend .... You are a person with a Ukrainian mentality in the worst sense and with a colander on your head
    1. +3
      20 August 2018 11: 34
      And the worst thing is that moderators have been letting such a cockroach for 4 years already. It is not surprising now that in Ukraine Nazism bloomed in full bloom already in the Union, and pus burst out in 2004. But for some reason, many people think that "Ukrainian Nazism is such a small-town patriotism", that's what is most terrible!
      1. +3
        20 August 2018 13: 21
        I read your comments and am amazed at the simplicity of thought. The same "sergeant's truth" - "There are two opinions. One is mine and the other is wrong." I can also listen to the opinion of Russians about Ukraine from my own TV. And every day. But the other side is also interesting to me. After all, something makes them think so. Before, we were the same. They studied in the same schools, according to the same programs. A lot of Ukrainians live in Russia today. And even in the government there are many of them.
        And about "what have you done", and we did a lot in the 90s? Didn't we choose Yeltsin? Have you already forgotten "Vote with your heart"? We were just lucky (at least for today) with Putin. Our merit is that the country has got out of anal sex ...
        1. -1
          20 August 2018 14: 33
          Russian Nazism does not exist. But Ukrainian exists as long as you want, and this Nazism arose at the end of the 19th century. But no matter how much I follow either the history or the history of the Russian people, the Russians have never arose Nazism. Russian will never divide people into non-Russians and Russians, while you, pots, are fixated on your nationality.
          1. +4
            20 August 2018 15: 29
            Quote: Kot_Kuzya
            Russian Nazism does not exist.

            yah. But in 90 I even saw swastikas on my sleeves and ridges in Moscow streets. It was not Natsik? Or have they all gone somewhere? Here they are. Browse the internet. Just grown. We have become more experienced, and fear a criminal article. But the essence of them has not changed
            1. 0
              20 August 2018 17: 16
              Just grown. We have become more experienced, and afraid of a criminal article
              Here are the names that have grown up and bigger. An adult will no longer divide people by nationality; we don’t care what nationality a person is.
            2. +5
              21 August 2018 05: 25
              In Russia, there have always been fewer “Natsiks” than in other countries (xs why), and their “heyday” fell precisely at 90, and not only because the government became weak, but rather because it was a “self-defense reflex”. You do not distort the "Russian nazistov" from the common history, before their appearance, just over the rubble of the USSR, the genocide of the Russians began! am And in the Tribaltic and in the village of Asia (where they were especially atrocities) and Transcaucasia. Moreover, those who came in large numbers from the Caucasus "completely lost their shores," then the cops did not catch mice at all, so the people joined the "Nazis" because they promised at least some kind of "protection" from the stunted "Caucasian nationals" then. Only in contrast to the Sumerians - after the Chechen wars and individual antics of the Nazis, they REDUCE them because they are not ours, not these methods the Russian People accept. The Nazis came to naught especially quickly after the murder of several "non-Russian" children, especially. negative Yes, somewhere they are still "hiding in the basements", but people do not risk going out with torches in Sumeria.
          2. +6
            20 August 2018 18: 17
            I agree, there has never been a Russian Nazism as a mass political movement. But Russian nationalism has always been, it was latent and manifested only in critical situations (and not only political). It is curious that it manifested itself only in one form, in the form of radical patriotism, and the carrier’s own nationality was a secondary factor.
            And about "I am Ukrainian .... I do not want to build a small copy on my land ...) Sorry, this is infantilism. No one is going to ask you what you want to build there. Ukraine has long been beyond the framework of political subjectivity and therefore, those who will win the geopolitical situation will do what she is told, and she (Ukraine) must pray to God that it would be Russia.
          3. 0
            21 August 2018 07: 04
            Quote: Kot_Kuzya
            Russian Nazism does not exist.

            There was such a General Sterligov from the KGB. He actually created this movement. When journalists began to criticize, as this person said directly on TV, then we’ll take everyone in pencil. When talking about the right sector, for some reason I recall General Sterligov in Russia in the 90s.
        2. +4
          20 August 2018 15: 25
          Quote: domokl
          Previously, we were the same. We studied at the same schools, according to one program.

          And in the early 80s, Aleksey Aleksandrovich Surkov (served in the North together) spoke, moreover, with foam at the mouth, in all seriousness, that Ukraine was feeding the whole Union with bread (!!!). And you say the same.
          1. rum
            20 August 2018 18: 49
            You do not know anything, Senior Warrant Officer:
            "We have every reason to believe that Ovid wrote poetry in the ancient Ukrainian language" (Z. Gnatkevich "From Herodotus to Photius". "Evening Kiev").
            "The Ukrainian language is the antediluvian language of Noah, the oldest language in the world from which the Caucasian-Yaphet, Prachamite and Prasemite groups of languages" (B. Chepurko "Ukrainians", "Basis" No. 23, Kiev).
            “The basis of Sanskrit is some mysterious language" samsar ", brought to our planet from Venus. Is it not about the Ukrainian language? "(A. Bratko-Kutynsky" Phenomenon of Ukraine "," Evening Kiev ").
            »Arias (orii) - the oldest name for Ukrainians. The first plowmen of the world. Tamed a horse, invented the wheel and plow "(S. Plachinda" Dictionary of ancient Ukrainian mythology ", Kiev).
            And from the publication of the candidate of historical sciences Y. Dzhedzhula “A Thousand Years of the Ukrainian Diaspora”: “... People are a fruitful branch of the Ukrainian national tree.”
            1. 0
              20 August 2018 19: 37
              All this is a creative processing of the Jewish Talmuds with the substitution of the God-chosen race for the next goyim.
            2. -1
              21 August 2018 12: 47
              They opened their eyes!) Only a mistake. The Turkmen invented the wheel.
              1. rum
                21 August 2018 16: 24
                READ ONCE AGAIN .. so, the Turkmens did not exist then lol
                And from the publication of the candidate of historical sciences Y. Dzhedzhula “A Thousand Years of the Ukrainian Diaspora”: “... People are a fruitful branch of the Ukrainian national tree.”
                1. 0
                  22 August 2018 03: 18
                  She, her, the Turkmens were the first! They figured it out a long time ago. It is written in their textbooks. So the Sumerians are here in flight. Well, or two special branches of people. With a parallel and unrelated genius of invention! Just think about it - immediately invent two wheels, this one-piece bike turned out!
                  1. rum
                    22 August 2018 08: 08
                    laughing little is written of them, and Turkmens * ARE a fruitful branch of the Ukrainian national tree *! Do you understand the difference?
                    1. 0
                      22 August 2018 15: 51
                      Yes, one of them! This ..... this is enchanting!
            3. The comment was deleted.
  19. 0
    20 August 2018 17: 16
    Cockroach, support you. And do not be clones, and even brothers do not need to be. You can just be friends, but old friends, faithful, accomplices, so to speak, maybe even accomplices :)
  20. +4
    20 August 2018 19: 12
    That okoloradsky juice dripped Ukrainians, and pretended to be a decent man. All these farmers are the same. From Muscovites, they need brotherhood exclusively in freely convertible currencies, and if you ask where they spent it, national pride immediately begins to boil.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  21. +1
    20 August 2018 21: 30
    "Everyone ... quiet family happiness. In the end, all this political leapfrog exists only so that someone can drag a larger, fatter, tastier piece into their hole. Why drag a piece into the house that you cannot eat?"
    For me, these last words are a mystery. But maybe they are the key to unraveling the secrets of the Ukrainian mentality? The greatness of the nation, which they so desperately want, is not born from such cozy values ​​that everyone understands, we need ideals, principles that are followed until self-forgetfulness, self-sacrifice. I would like, in spite of everything, to see brothers in Ukrainians, but, apparently, these brothers are smaller, need care and patronage. They shout about their path, freedom and independence, but are not able to bear them, lacking in spirit and responsibility. A cockroach of success in his feat that they and we need!
    1. rum
      21 August 2018 08: 05
      About how the Jews and the Orthodox brothers became? Already determined that you are Elders, are they younger?
      * Brothers * aren't they yours because you pricked up your Jewish ears on the territory of Ukraine? Something a lot of your brothers * Ukrainians * in power after Yanukovych became .. For all my disrespect for the pan-cookers, this is not the Palestinians ... you will rake in full. in Russia and Ukraine do not like strangers-the people rallying ... Yes, and * Neighbor * will help .... 100 pounds, so that you are not close
      1. +1
        21 August 2018 12: 48
        Or maybe give them a click? Hai pick up!
  22. +3
    21 August 2018 22: 06
    Moreover, I do not want to build a smaller copy of Russia on my land. Wow!!! I already choked on Abkhazian wine! Let’s explain what you want to build there? As for New Israel, I have already said, although depending on how my compatriots copy there reinforced by the amers, I won’t be surprised that you will become 51 states. Actually, you are already there, and so the colony, it remains only to hang a sign. Listen, I’ve noticed that they don’t add anything to the water there? This I mean that you (sorry for the familiarity, kindly and sympathetically) have the trait of a Cockroach who settled in the Rada, you can really go there! I understand that it is also sad to walk the streets, but still, it was somehow more fun with you. Well, or does autumn work?
  23. -1
    23 August 2018 09: 33
    Crimson mixed up with criminals
    The same can be said about any region of Russia, after sunset it is better not to go out ...
  24. +1
    23 August 2018 16: 12
    Quote: Gepirion
    Crimson mixed up with criminals
    The same can be said about any region of Russia, after sunset it is better not to go out ...

    Well, yes, you can say everything, well, and find if you search. Recently, a friend's daughter came from Germany, was studying and exchanging experience in the medical field in Berlin. So the districts, the once calm and safe city in which I walked as a kid, have become dangerous slums. Turks, gypsies, "refugees" fucked up and brought up your statements about after sunset, the locals warn right away that it is better not to meddle. It’s not better in the USA, I have a distant relative there, he also told the same story, and they do not hide it.
  25. 0
    26 August 2018 14: 35
    On the photo "internet club" - scho tse take? request

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"