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Hazing in the Russian army: origins and methods of struggle

Hazing in the Russian army: origins and methods of struggle

The peculiarity of the phenomenon of hazing is that it arose almost instantly and just as quickly became a kind of subculture. However, experts cannot come to an unequivocal conclusion about what is the cause of its occurrence. So far, there are disputes about what caused this phenomenon, whether its appearance in modern society is logical, whether it is the results of management’s mistakes and miscalculations, whether it is a simple coincidence of circumstances.

Most of the younger generation are convinced that hazing is a characteristic feature of the Soviet Army from the very beginning of its existence, but in fact this concept arose only in the 1970-s. In essence, hazing is part of a global phenomenon such as bullying. It can have several varieties as human dignity is degraded. This is not only a certain ritual of transferring a soldier from one group (according to the term of service) to another. These are works that, regardless of the fact that they should be performed by all soldiers of military service, but transferred exclusively to young soldiers. This may be work that is passed on to soldiers who have nothing to do with them at all. And the most cruel kind of hazing is the physical mockery of the senior servicemen over the young recruitment.

This phenomenon is noteworthy in the first place because a special cult is maintained around it, which contributes to its special “vitality” compared to other forms of non-statutory relations. The main reason for hazing is a certain principle of acceptability: the soldiers, who passed all the tests in the first year of service, decide to “break away in full” in the future. In addition, there is such a thing as “knocking”, which also plays an important role in supporting the cult of hazing.

As for the socio-political reasons for the emergence of this phenomenon, it is often associated with changes in society, when the concepts of friendship, partnership have lost their value. A new generation in a significant part of it is not capable of manifesting such qualities. Another social cause is the collapse of the USSR, when the “communal” principle has become more irrelevant. All this was reflected in the failure of the army. In addition, contributed to the emergence of hazing and democratization of society, and the weakening of discipline. As a result, a new generation of soldiers who came to the service did not want to obey all orders unquestioningly. But the army means storguy discipline and accurate, accurate and quick execution of orders without any discussion. Therefore, the appearance of non-statutory relations on the part of the officers in the army was predetermined.

In addition to these reasons, there are other, no less important. So, for example, the changes associated with the moral climate of the army, that is, the call to the service of a significant number of "not those" people. The problem lies in the fact that the contingent of recruits was significantly reduced, but the number of military units actually remained at the same level. Therefore, we had to increase the call, significantly reducing the requirements for a new generation of soldiers. As a result, even those connected with the criminal world found themselves in the army service.

A fairly common explanation of this phenomenon in society is the problem of generational conflict. The fact is that at the time of the emergence of non-statutory relations, a transition was made from a three-year term of service to a two-year one, and those who had to serve a longer period of time gradually began to put their displeasure on those who were luckier.

Of course, it is possible and necessary to fight hazing. For this, there are even certain methods. First of all, you need to take the soldier to work, so that he has neither the time nor the desire to manifest non-statutory relations. But this requires an appropriate base and officers. Secondly, to allocate for each recruit a mentor from the senior servicemen, who will be responsible not only for his actions, but also for the state (this practice existed in America). But it will be extremely difficult to determine what methods such “mentoring” will be implemented, and the main goal of the commanders is to increase the combat readiness of army formations, and not control over the fighters. Thirdly, it is possible to introduce supervisory bodies independent of the army leadership that would monitor the situation in the army, but this is associated with high financial costs and certain problems of moral and ethical character.

In addition, you can reduce the service life in the army and gradually move to a fully professional mercenary army. It was this method that the Russian military command chose to fight against non-statutory relations in the army. But this measure, according to the admission of the military itself, was not very effective. According to Sergey Fridinsky, “it is too early to talk about the victory over hazing.” The number of crimes of this kind is still large. Thousands of servicemen suffered from violent actions, many were seriously injured, and there are dead. Virtually every fourth army unit is associated with a violation of statutory relations. This explains a significant number of cases of suicide among soldiers.

So, quite recently in the Russian army there was such a high-profile case. In a military brigade stationed in Volgograd, 22 committed suicide — a summer soldier of conscript Dmitry Nikitin. He was a very diligent soldier, so he quickly moved up the career ladder. After a very short period of time after the start of the service, he received the rank of corporal and was appointed commander of the department. But this did not please the junior sergeant, who before him headed this department. Therefore, he began to systematically humiliate Nikitin for all. The final straw that ultimately led to the tragedy was the beating of the corporal. The day after, Nikitin shot himself. It happened three months after the start of the service.

The younger sergeant was found guilty and sentenced to three years in prison, but his parents sued the Ministry of Defense, wanting to receive moral compensation. They won the case: the court ordered the military department to pay the Nikitin family half a million rubles.

A little earlier, in the 2009 year, a loud scandal occurred in the Kaluga garrison, where the platoon commander allowed himself to use assault on more than a dozen conscripts, who later fled from the unit and wrote a complaint to the prosecutor's office.

The Chief Military Prosecutor is confident that the cause of the non-statutory relations in the Russian army comes down to several main reasons: a large number of conscripts and obvious deficiencies in the command staff. A big problem is also the "kuchkovanie" soldiers on a national basis. So, for example, representatives of the Caucasian peoples love to set their own rules, which often leads to mass fights, news about which quickly spread beyond the limits of their military formation. At the same time, commanders respond to force with force, in other words, they also use their fists. Moreover, this practice is becoming more frequent.

It was the increase in the level of non-statutory relations that was one of the reasons why, instead of 1,5, the year of being in the army, 1 was introduced the year of military service. But S. Fridinsky cited statistical data that directly indicate that such a measure did not have much success. For example, in 2011, officers beat their subordinate conscripts by 15 percent, and sergeants twice as often as in 2010. For such violations, an order of 1400 people was convicted ...

According to the coordinator of the public organization “Citizen and Army” Sergey Krivenko, the reduction of the term of military service was recorded as early as 2003, when the targeted federal program to transfer the Russian army to a contract basis was adopted (half of all military personnel had to be transferred to a contract). It was assumed that those conscripts who would come to the army would mainly receive a military registration specialty (six months of training based on special centers, and half a year - practice in linear units). But then the program “successfully” failed. The reason for this is the management miscalculations of the leadership and outright sabotage of the majority of generals who were not interested in creating a professional contract army. Therefore, despite the shorter service life, the soldiers were still sent to regular military units instead of training. Thus, hazing in a certain sense changed its format: discrimination on service life was broken, but the violence did not disappear, those who were stronger became more in control. They set the "rules of the game": prices for outfits, for the possibility of going beyond the limits of a military unit, for getting into the medical unit and much more.

But, according to the human rights activist, hazing can be fought. The main method is a complete transition to a contract army. In this case, the soldiers will receive a completely different legal status, since the contract will clearly spell out his rights and obligations, having fulfilled that the contractor can leave the territory of the part (which was not the case for the conscripts, who were constantly in the unit and had no right to leave its territory without relevant documents ). As an example, he cites the border service, which completely refused to be called up. As a result, no facts of non-statutory relations were established. In addition, S.Krivenko adds, it is necessary to take other measures, in particular, to open an army for public organizations, provide means of communication (internet, telephone), create a military police to investigate incidents related to the army (now this function is performed by the commanders of ).

And most importantly, it is necessary that the government and the military leadership be interested in all these changes. Only in this case, the Russian army will be able to reach a new level of relations.

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  1. gor
    gor 21 May 2012 07: 55
    no one will become strong after prevailing over the weak. The lack of moral principles, that is, an internal core, is the cause of hazing.
    a strong spirit will never assert itself to those over whom it feels superior. They want to prove that they are also worth something.
    1. father tudy-syudy
      father tudy-syudy 21 May 2012 10: 36
      And again, some "Wishlist" and fantasies on a free theme.
      A Soviet, and today a Russian guy, is subjected to humiliation of his dignity from the moment he passes the medical commission (when he runs naked in front of a crowd of strange people) and ends with the last days of service - when the fathers-commanders blackmail the "grandfathers" into the last batch! Nobody knows about this, right? Or pretending?
      The entire system of conscript service is built on humiliation in order to intimidate the guys into observing the so-called "discipline".
      A soldier is a serf with one duty, without rights and freedoms. And the charter is in general the Code of the slave owner and the complete insanity of the Soviet era.
      We must start with the basics, but not the terms of service and the "Dagestan" organized criminal groups in military collectives!
      From the basics, my friends yes
      1. George IV
        George IV 21 May 2012 12: 40
        Well, suggest, Frenchman, since you are so smart.
        I did not see a construct in your post.
        Anyone can say "everything is wrong!"
      2. leon-iv
        leon-iv 21 May 2012 12: 50
        when the fathers-commanders are blackmailing the "grandfathers" by demobilizing the last batch!
        If a person in the army is not discharged after 1 year, then this is an offense
        The entire system of conscript service is built on humiliation in order to intimidate the guys into observing the so-called "discipline".
        Humiliation? It is nonsense that a person is embedded in a submission system.
        A soldier is a serf with one duty, without rights and freedoms
        I recommend to study the number of cases in the military prosecutor's office.
        . And the charter is in general the Code of the slave owner and the complete insanity of the Soviet era.
        And what about the other armies that live and fight after the end?
        From the basics, my friends
        Read more.
      3. Prometey
        Prometey 21 May 2012 12: 50
        To some extent I agree with you. Although I personally did not run naked on medical commissions lol , we have everything in a civilized way - each specialist in his own honey. sat in the office and took 2-3 inductees.
      4. thatupac
        thatupac 21 May 2012 14: 25
        Ahh, here you are wrong. I understand that from sunny France, which is part of NATO, and, accordingly, has a contract Army and an Army of freelancers-meat (French Legion), of course, it is better to know what is happening in the RA, but as a past, I can explain to you that the term "Russian "and" Soviet "is fundamentally wrong here. Caucasians, Buryats, Russified Kazakhs, various ethnic groups do not allow, for the most part, to carry out on themselves experiments of Russian clownery and masquerade called "hazing". They themselves cultivate the approach that if you are a normal guy, you will be treated normally. And if shameful, broke down, and built a lot of himself from the beginning, then it doesn't matter how long you served. You will stick in like a spirit, "from bell to bell". This is, like, in civilian life, they say, we are the last lumps, but in the Army it is you, Russians, lumps, and will stick in for Vasya, for dad and for some Aslan with Kazbek and Azamat.

        There is discipline in any Army in the world. In the US, corporal sergeants, or whatever they are, suppress primarily morally, prepare for a possible dispatch to a hot spot. In the French Legion, it is also impossible to serve on the principle of "what I want, I turn around and serve as I want." So it is necessary to suppress a person, as a sole creature, and make him part of the team, as an interacting part of the unit in the form of a general mechanism.

        The charter is written in blood. There it is not just written according to the principle "wrote from the bulldozer, but do not like it, but FSUs. Everything is written from the experience of several generations of service and accidents.

        What other foundations? If a weakling, then in the Army you will be stuck "from the bell and the bell." The basics have nothing to do with it. The Army needs physically strong, morally and psychologically stable guys who, at best, want to sign a contract as well. And the military registration and enlistment office and the draft board need any, even cripples. For it is not the contingent that is important there, but the conscription plan.

        Learn the mat. part, and then grin. In your France, you cannot even calm down visiting Arabs and Negroes (Marseille, for example), but you’re getting into Russian affairs. From what? Nothing to do?
      5. rexby63
        rexby63 21 May 2012 16: 59
        My friend, from what basis? Or just a revenge master, huh?
    2. thatupac
      thatupac 21 May 2012 14: 14
      In the Army, they humiliate mainly not for self-affirmation, as many think, but for enslavement. So that the next deer servant, mostly Russian, does not once again oppose. I didn’t knock, I fulfilled the assigned, any, task exactly and on time, so that I could give money allowance, parcels. In short, he was an errand boy. The more you shuffle and enslave such a bastard, the more buns you will get from him and in the service. Do you want to get in like everyone else? Please, no one minds, you don't have to do anything for this. And do not want to hang around, do you want to be a "lord"? Here it is necessary to "work" In general, hazing begins from the very kindergarten, when a little boy takes away some toy from another, hits it, plays, and the other starts howling and calling his mother. To each his own. Who is stronger is right. And who does not like it, I am not to blame.
      1. rexby63
        rexby63 21 May 2012 17: 03
        another domestic deer, mostly Russian

        As far as I understand, you are a representative of a "strong" nation? Don't forget history and that you can ride us, but not endlessly
        1. thatupac
          thatupac 21 May 2012 19: 20
          How many Russians can unite? I am Russian myself. But they can’t. What kind of visitors? As for alcoholics, drug addicts, gopniks: can Russians stop them in practice locally? )))) Only on Friday-Saturday-Sunday does the next drunk organize another Or for the whole of Sociality. Who are you talking to? To your Hateful Police Officers? Ha ha ha))). Get paid for your words !!! ))))
          1. rexby63
            rexby63 21 May 2012 20: 50
            Your position is not entirely clear. Are you from the "ah, this fucking rash" breed, and "it's time to blame"?
    3. maksman
      maksman 21 May 2012 21: 47
      The author would write his thoughts on the fences. Hazing dates back to the 19th century. I would read Tolstoy.
  2. itr
    itr 21 May 2012 08: 14
    As far as I read, hazing appeared at 53 when the amnesty passed!
    Well, the author would like to inform whatever army was contractual or not, the Chmari were always and will be
    There is one solution to hazing! U increase the age of conscripts, for example, take to the army at 35
    At this age, just brains are not enough to strangle anyone. Although who knows!
    1. ward
      ward 21 May 2012 09: 25
      There is a certain reason in your proposal ... for example, partisans in this age group are there ... but the cause of hazing is paradoxical but also in it ... we had a grandfather gathered grandfathers on the first day of the inauguration and said ... there was no hazing. .. there is a criminal relationship ... and it will be combated accordingly ... plus ...
    2. leon-iv
      leon-iv 21 May 2012 10: 29
      no hazing was always only its principle warped
      And this is the principle of submission to the elder.
      In that form, Chot was in SA, she appeared
      1 when the sergeants and horrors left that remembered the war.
      2 due to shortened service life
      3 allowed to take with a criminal record.
      4 Pohu.zma officers.

      On my own I will add hazing in the army, but not in a distorted form.
      "The soldier must be Ze.ban" is the catch phrase of our battalion commander.
      Threat I would like to add that gradations in society will always be only in the army, they are more hypertrophied.
      1. 755962
        755962 21 May 2012 11: 26
        The first mention of this appeared back in 1967, when it was decided to reduce the service life from three years to two. It was at this time that the “grandfathers”, dissatisfied with this state of affairs, splashed out their evil on the new recruits, and those, in turn, remembering how they were treated, began to relate to the new arrivals in the last year. So the system of hazing was gaining momentum.
        Everything was even more aggravated when it was customary to draft people with a criminal past into the army.
        These two factors gave impetus to this hierarchy; it took on ever more rigid forms.
        1. Vadim555
          Vadim555 21 May 2012 17: 17
          Quote: 755962
          The first mention of this appeared in 1967, when it was decided to reduce the service life from three years to two. It was at this time that the “grandfathers,” dissatisfied with this state of affairs, splashed out their evil on the recruits

          Absolutely! It was then that hazing began, but it acquired hypertrophied forms by 1987-89.
          I’ll add, the fleet was 4 years old, it became 3 years old.
      2. thatupac
        thatupac 21 May 2012 14: 34
        And we used to say: "What would a soldier not do, just to zae..sya". In the sense that the more s..b, the faster time passes. And the faster time passes, the faster demobilization comes. Something like this.

        Regarding the "hypertrophy" I agree with you completely. The Army is not recruiting aliens, but people from Russian society. But in view of the more serious and dense crowding in a certain territory, from which you can only escape, mainly to the disbat, due to the fact that the contingent there is young people (and only in essence), all the troubles and problems of Russian society are manifested in several times brighter than in civilian life, where in principle you can escape from every problem (in particular, with the help of alcohol and drugs).
  3. Olegovich
    Olegovich 21 May 2012 09: 10
    A contract army is needed, although it is very expensive. And conscripts will continue to be pressed, because not everyone is fit for military service by moral and volitional qualities. Military enlistment offices, in order to fulfill the plan, row everyone (and weaker in spirit), and those who are abruptly just excuse themselves.
    1. ward
      ward 21 May 2012 09: 29
      You see, they gathered a part from us and announced ... that the complaints of grandfathers about salazh will not even be considered ... everything ended right away ... You take into account the realities of the army ... if grandfather knocked ... this is hazing ... if salag ... that emergency coming ...
    2. thatupac
      thatupac 21 May 2012 14: 53
      Well, bring future conscripts to military enlistment offices and conscription services under a contract! Who is against the contract soldiers in the Army? No one! Nobody needs regular kaleidoscopes of conscripts who are several months away from demobilization, nobody needs conscripts who need to be answered for (the contractors themselves signed up for excesses during the service), it’s not possible to cut money from conscripts, and the contractors receive much more (at times) , the contractors basically signed up for 3 years (and you still have to try to break the contract), the contractor pays for everything (both for the uniform, and for the uniform and the jambs in general), the contractor in which case does not go to the battalion, but immediately to the bunks, eat the balance (which is beneficial for the discipline as a whole). There are many benefits than enough, but few people go to the contract. Especially among those who served the urgent, and those unwilling to serve on the daily routine the same for a few more years. There are few of them. And if it’s not enough, then the contract is not possible. It is possible only if we act like the United States, urging foreigners to serve the same 3 years for the same official citizenship and other possible goodies (but then our civilian patriots will howl after the information about the NATO base in Ulyanovsk that Putin sold the country to foreigners, turning the Army into a gathering of potential enemies and traitors).

      While the contract Army in Russia is a utopia. And the fact that contract soldiers have more rights than conscripts? Ha-ha)))), take the same 46th brigade of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, stationed in Chechnya. The same conscripts, in fact, Caucasians, both hammered a bolt on "women's work", and they score, both the Charter of other conscripts and contract soldiers, etc., as some officers were outrageous, and remained. Nothing changed. There are simply no conscripts on whom the same contractors, like grandfathers, could shift responsibility for some types of work. And so everything is the same. It's just that someone wants to shift all responsibility to others. But there are few such "others" in the country. And there are few fools among them. That's how we live.
  4. Nester
    Nester 21 May 2012 09: 53
    Hazing is not a problem of the army, but of society. In university hostels they sometimes do things that they never saw in the army. I am generally silent about vocational schools and colleges. I myself served a term for 2 years, I saw everything. Where the junior officers "scored", they do whatever they want. Where platoon and company commanders are respected, there is no hazing. Rather, it is, an old-time employee has more chances to "bludgeon" somewhere from work and other economic activities. But there is no mockery and mockery of the spirits. In fact, the company commander is a teacher, dad. If he leads a crowd of young men, then everything will be fine.
    1. valerei
      valerei 21 May 2012 11: 39
      I do not agree with the statement that lawlessness is happening in universal dorms. Of course, everything happens when the young ones come off their mother’s skirt. There was one case of a good fight in a hostel, though drunk, so two instigators were kicked out of the institute with a whistle. And until the end of my course, the hostel was fine. Here in vocational schools - so this is really a problem, because often badly spoiled people who had already been kicked out of school got there. But you won’t knock out the army!
      1. thatupac
        thatupac 21 May 2012 14: 56
        Caucasians in many Moscow dormitories are doing such a thing that you are simply amazed that this is not a barracks. The murder of a student Sychev in Rostov-on-Don by the Ingush is a prime example. And what is surprising is that not a single Russian or classmate stood up for him, but as the Ingush fled, and put one in, they immediately held a rally. Especially after Manezh, it was like a nilza by the way. And you still say, write this ...
        1. Scorpio 83
          Scorpio 83 5 June 2012 18: 43
          this is alas true! we all wave our hands and shout about how good we are, and when it comes to things, we start to look around to the sides and snuggle to the side ... don't be afraid of the majority! the first time it’s scary, but after understanding, awaken, that we are power!
  5. schta
    schta 21 May 2012 09: 59
    Now there are so few young people in good physical shape and with strong moral standards. In addition, as correctly stated in the article, the concept of the team has become blurred, no one bears responsibility for the comrades.

    Do you think there is no bullying at school? The same bullshit. Now the sons also need to be prepared for school so that they can fight back the bully.
  6. sichevik
    sichevik 21 May 2012 10: 15
    It all depends on the commanding fathers. If the unit commander and the entire officer corps eradicate this very bullying in the unit, then it is not in the unit. And if the officers encourage all these outrages, then there is complete chaos in the unit. And besides hazing, there is also a "community". We had a Georgian battalion commander in the neighboring part. So there was no need for hazing. The Georgians were doing such chaos ... And when the battalion commander was sent to a well-deserved rest, the Georgians then had to sip grief.
    And in our unit the battalion commander with the political commander and the rest of the officers ended up with hazing, community and hazing once and for all. Several show trials. Several "grandfathers" were sent to the disciplinary battalion. And some got real terms and went to the zone instead of demobilization. And all the bullying in the unit was blown away by the wind.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 21 May 2012 10: 45
      It all depends on the fathers-commanders. If the unit commander and the entire officer corps eradicate this hazing in the unit, then it does not exist in the unit.

      If the officers do not deal with the personnel personally, and do not shift this function to the old-timers, then there will be no non-regulation. “A soldier must always be busy so that bad thoughts do not start up,” “If a soldier has nothing to do, he begins to think,” especially since they are going to give up all household work to civilians. I think after the throw-march, in full gear, for 10 kilometers, no one will have a desire to be limitless, the main thing will be the desire to crawl and the bed, and if it is not enough, then increase the distance. IMHO
      1. Tirpitz
        Tirpitz 21 May 2012 10: 56
        If you take time with exercises, then yes. And if: digging from here to dinner - then there will be no benefit.
      2. thatupac
        thatupac 21 May 2012 15: 31
        Officers are not educators. What the military commissariat put to them, they get it. Sami very often from new recruits and new arrivals from training in shock. They do not give a damn about the fact that in their company and unit as a whole it was normal, but like every civilian job, people follow the path of hack work. After all, if you put the officer in yourself and teach and instruct, he gets the result, and if you shift the responsibility for managing someone (and the Caucasians like to command), then in the end they, the officers, get the same result (and sometimes better) . So why be reworked at work if you still get the same result, you pay the same money, and you essentially do nothing? And so they are. Moreover, it makes no sense to train conscripts especially. Just start to train this, and here already for that the demobilization has come. There's no point. Only overspending of vitality, emotions and the rest. This is how they act mainly. Moreover, conscripts should have been brought up by their parents. And since they brought up a chmyr and a wimp, then where does the Army have to do with it, and where does the officer?
      3. mark021105
        mark021105 21 May 2012 18: 10
        And, as soon as you crawled to bed, you announce a competition for the best cigarette for "grandpa". I think there is no need to say among whom this competition is announced ...)))
    2. Yarbay
      Yarbay 21 May 2012 14: 25
      Dear Vladislav!
      You have written everything correctly! If officers in their place are engaged in as they should with their direct duties and work with personnel, and do not shift their work to sergeants and * grandfathers *, there will never be any hazing !!
      As my commander said, here I am and only I, and grandfather, and mom and brother to you !!!
      It all depends on the attitude to the officer service!
  7. Ataturk
    Ataturk 21 May 2012 10: 20
    Trailer Gentlemen of Fortune

    THIS IS HERE FOR US WITH THEM (REDDISH-NOT GOOD PEOPLE) clap, cling, re-educate. It should be like in Turkey in the old days.

    Put REDISK in a vat with der
    Only the head sticks out and carry around the city
    And above him is the executioner with the sword and every 5 minutes kaaaaaaaak VZIIIIIK
    with a sword over the vat and if the REDISKA is a BAD MAN DO NOT DIVE



    Here's what to do with the finished people. Their methods and punish.
    1. thatupac
      thatupac 21 May 2012 15: 56
      And you do this to them not in words, but in deeds. Talking with your tongue, don’t roll bags. Many words are cool, not really cowards, afraid to say an extra word.
    SAVA555.IVANOV 21 May 2012 10: 23
    For this concept in the Army as "hazing" from officers it is necessary to remove all privileges and not to give out apartments, not to the USSR, when a worker and an officer were given an enterprise or a Ministry of Defense an apartment ,, THE ARMY BROKEN, ANOTHER AND WHAT IS DEMANDING !!!!! am Insolent as drug addicts !?
    1. thatupac
      thatupac 21 May 2012 15: 59
      Then there will be no officers (why should they have such jokes that for each individual whom maman and dad have not raised, the officers will be responsible?) Such an Army will fall apart, and then it will be in Russia like in Libya and Iraq. All the same, the civilian population, except for yelling about the alleged protection of the Motherland, in which case, is not capable now, because my haata is from the edge, and I know nothing.
      1. SAVA555.IVANOV
        SAVA555.IVANOV 21 May 2012 19: 48
        Well, and such an Army in which people are surrounded and no one is in a hurry to rescue and help, I’m not talking about captivity either I don’t need it, try to raise a man so that some kind of ram would send him to death they kill in a few seconds, if anyone it doesn’t know
  9. borisst64
    borisst64 21 May 2012 10: 44
    As soon as the sergeant turned into an ordinary soldier, and not a commander, hazing appeared. In the absence of officers and warrant officers grandfathers rule, and sergeants must!
    1. SIT
      SIT 21 May 2012 12: 50
      Quote: borisst64
      As soon as the sergeant turned into an ordinary soldier, and not a commander, hazing appeared. In the absence of officers and warrant officers grandfathers rule, and sergeants must!

      Here is a panacea for all hazing! And you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Any mass army of all times and peoples was supported by non-commissioned officers. "Private, why are you in the army !? To carry out your orders, sergeant!" (C) Every joke has its share of a joke. In a week, any Moscow blogger, hot Dagestan horseman, sleepy Vologda resident should know only one thing - everything they do will be ordered by the sergeant. Piss, eat, sleep, and then only by order, and not when the itch. If it doesn’t come, go to the outfit. The borzometer went off scale completely - on the lip (there is no army without a lip !!!). There the nachkar will provide entertainment, and on the bare bunk, wrapped in an overcoat at the authorized temperature in the cell, you will not particularly rest until 6 in the morning, when the guard will fasten the bunk to the wall with a lock. In general, everything is simple - to organize life according to the Charter by the forces of non-commissioned officers. And no one will have any strength left for any bullying and any Caucasian community. And you don't need to abuse. Doesn't follow orders? So there are solitary cells on the lip. It will be more effective than massacre if you define it for 5 days. Well, all personnel must arrange an excursion to the nearest disbat. To understand the difference between service and punishment. And preparing a replacement. Assign a young one for each senior citizen. Until this young man fulfills all the required standards for everything, from physical to special training, he will not be demobilized to the old. Do you want the young to wash your socks instead of teaching the Charter? Well then, your demobilized train will leave without you.
      1. thatupac
        thatupac 21 May 2012 16: 08
        The Army has jokes, as if written off from the zone. If you sent it on the lip, and you didn’t bother there and did not break, then in the collective, in the company, you will be in authority, and the jackals shameful will be even more secretly measured out. For lawlessness it is necessary to answer lawlessness. For those Caucasians with whom I served, I know that they have already been taught how to bend the same Russians with the same Caucasians who have already served. + Do not forget about the connection of Caucasians through parts. The benefit of mobile communications allows. They share their experiences, their failures, they just get in touch with rodak, proud of their service. Not so simple. You can’t transplant everyone. That is why Chechens are not being called upon because they were the most frostbitten in their time among the Caucasians. And they didn’t call the Dagas basically (they’re even ready to pay that money to get into the Army, and the Russian Vani in other regions of Russia pay money to deflect, which is a paradox in essence). All you wrote is theory. In practice, everything is different. It’s like in civilian life: according to the theory of all visitors - for cardon, but in practice - try to do it, try, collect them all (tea, right now, not like under Stalin, when the Czechs basically all settled compactly in a certain territory).
        1. SIT
          SIT 21 May 2012 17: 42
          Quote: thatupac
          The Army has jokes, as if written off from the zone. If sent on the lip, and you didn’t bother and break there, then in the collective, in the company, you will be in authority

          If you throw bluffs on your lip, and your commander is busy with the personnel as it should and brought a little alcohol to the head of the lip so that you can get good care, you will get DP - two spread fingers and the question is how much is it? Two. Nooo it's a Roman numeral 5! And a new term began, and after a month of lip not getting out, there is a clearance in a disbat. The fighter of the disciplinary battalion has much less rights than the s / c, but there are much more responsibilities. The army was not invented yesterday and ways to break off the pontogons have been practiced for centuries.
          1. thatupac
            thatupac 21 May 2012 18: 26
            In theory, it sounds so cool laughing? And in practice? laughing
            1. SIT
              SIT 21 May 2012 20: 44
              Quote: thatupac
              ? And in practice?

              In practice, only two were given out to the disbath. I escorted the second as a convoy to 12ODR near Chernyakhovsk. By this time, the first stayed there for 3 months. Damn, I hardly recognized him when I saw him. What happened, a broken man ....
  10. Dust
    Dust 21 May 2012 10: 47
    There has always been hazing in any army and there has been an irregular relationship, the question is what forms this phenomenon takes!
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 21 May 2012 14: 29
      in the Turkish army I did not see hazing and even nothing close similar !!
      1. thatupac
        thatupac 21 May 2012 16: 18
        In the sense? Comment in more detail.
        1. Yarbay
          Yarbay 21 May 2012 19: 28
          Dmitry, if you contacted me, then specify what exactly you want me to comment !!
  11. Manager
    Manager 21 May 2012 11: 41
    Our whole life is based on hazing. But there are laws that must be followed.
    He inflicted severe beatings on the man - went to bear punishment for a year. And then also to reach the end. Beaten again .. go sit for 2 years. etc.
    Generally hazing is needed but laws must be respected.
  12. tverskoi77
    tverskoi77 21 May 2012 12: 09
    Do not be afraid of hazing; this is a normal occurrence for the army. In a certain sense, even useful, the very meaning of the word hazing speaks about this.
    Another thing is when a different rabble gets into the army and in the absence of proper control of the personnel by officers in the army, an ordinary crime occurs.
    The army is a part of society and I agree with those who consider bullying a problem not of the army but of our society. Relations between schoolchildren of different classes or students of different courses are the foundation of hazing that manifests itself in the army. But this does not have to be fought, these are natural things. It must be controlled and cut off crime.
  13. taurus
    taurus 21 May 2012 12: 09
    I don’t know how a fully contracted army can solve the hazing issue.
    A friend of mine served at Kuznetsov. He told me that there were cases when conscripts (!!!), mostly Dagi, let not only their fellow conscripts, but also the same contract soldiers, and even officers, be paid. Of course, not all. There were those who could stand up for themselves. And I think this is happening everywhere.
    The contract army is not a panacea, because there is still one nuance. I understand that there will be no wars such as the Second World War with full-scale military operations on long fronts (I hope that there will be no wars at all with the participation of our army). But they will destroy our contrabass, who will be under arms? Who will defend the country? For example, I am a "jacket", and at least at the training camp I saw a submachine gun-submachine gun-grenade launcher, and even fired from them. I didn’t excuse myself from service, every year, until I was 27, I passed a commission, but for some reason they didn’t invite me, I’m honest with myself, this is the main thing. And what about the young people who, if they did shoot, then only in computer action games? So my opinion is that you cannot avoid urgent conscription.
    But fighting hazing can and should be easier - toughening responsibilities and not hushing up the facts. After all, the command of the unit itself is not interested in publicity. Therefore, they cover criminals. They look at everything through their fingers until a terrible thing comes.
    1. Prometey
      Prometey 21 May 2012 12: 26
      Sounds more like fantasy. Since the times of the USSR, the fleet has been one of the branches of the army, where persons of non-Russian nationality were allowed in in metered quantities. My brother served in the Marine Corps, he stormed Grozny in 1995 - he did not see a single person of Caucasian nationality on the ships until the end of his service. Maybe now everything is different, but I read that only Russian is being recruited for the same “Peter the Great”.
      1. Esaul
        Esaul 1 June 2012 00: 39
        Do you know the unofficial name "Kuznetsova"? - "Floating Dagestan"! And the officers prefer not to meddle in the lower rooms, and many more "interesting" things happen there.
  14. bubla5
    bubla5 21 May 2012 12: 15
    I agree where the staff of officers, cruel hazing is not there, so there is a seniority that keeps order, but without assault, and most of the bullying occurs after group drunkenness of senior employees, where some ur-dy show their superiority
  15. dred
    dred 21 May 2012 12: 22
    Damn do the same as in St. Korea and there will be no problems.
  16. Odessa
    Odessa 21 May 2012 12: 22
    Hazing is not a new phenomenon in the Russian army. Its origins go back to the time of the SA, which were suppressed by commanders. It all depends on the `` elders ''!
    1. eduard.ganush
      eduard.ganush 21 May 2012 16: 28
      No commanders hazing in the SA did not stop, and even encouraged. The commander (platoon-company level) was comfortable with the appearance of discipline that his grandfathers supported. He served in the MPR 1985-87 and I know this firsthand.
  17. jar.zoom
    jar.zoom 21 May 2012 12: 25
    I completely agree with leon-iv I will especially note point 4 Officers -. They do not know their military specialty, they do not know how to work with people, they are only concerned with their careers. I don’t know how it is now, but it was like that in the 80s. Nature abhors a vacuum. a place of vacuum and anarchy comes some kind of order. Let it be perverted, I came across just sadists or, but order. If it weren't for hazing, there would be no army in the late USSR. Imagine a major battalion commander named "" He was. Or a major, a company commander in training, schizophrenic, natural, and taken away from one of the classes to Durka, or letekh who are afraid of their soldiers, rapist-alcoholics and thieves. As a result, the old-timers did everything, up to combat training and all practical matters. Being a sergeant himself, he performed duties and com. platoon and company foreman. And do not talk nonsense about the professional army. Today it is a stillborn formation. And all over the world.
  18. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 21 May 2012 12: 26
    While we are confused with the concepts of hazing and non-instability - no progress on improving discipline, observance of military traditions, etc. - will not be
    We are used to everything and everyone in one pile, to grease everyone, and then try to wash, and they do it selectively.
    But the author wants to ask, by the way this is a question for everyone!
    1. If an old servant beat a young man, hazing is understandable
    2. If a young one beat an old servant or a similar young one - is this the same hazing?
    3. If an officer makes a presentation on a sergeant from the senior staff - he is an accomplice of hazing - and if he makes a young sergeant, and he beat someone, then about what accomplice?
    We are all military people here (who are former, who are real) and we perfectly understand that in order to destroy the target it needs to be seen it needs to be identified. And in the article it’s hazing, it’s nonsense. At the top, the same thing - the conclusion PURPOSE UNCERTAIN.

    And now every order of a senior sergeant on call, if the mole does not want to carry it out, can be regarded as "bullying." And every officer who appointed this senior sergeant and requires the soldiers to fulfill the requirements of the Charter - to carry out the orders of a senior in rank can only be accused of complicity only WHAT Dedovshchina or Neustavshchina ?!
    And until there is a clear line, there will not be anything between these concepts except empty chatter.
    You don’t need one size fits all. After all, both “residence permits” and “translations” - have very ancient roots — read the novel “Cossacks” —for example, and how many traditions in the Navy — all of them were born historically and are connected with some events, and we are all under the knife.

    I think that Miscreation is from a citizen, this is from home! Yes, it is from our apartments and families!
    Do we not punish our children as we want - based on THAT WE ARE PARENTS AND WE ARE RIGHT! Do we not impose our lifestyle on our children, and then we read them notations for dissent when they want something else (years in 14-16).
    And in schools, high school students do not give cuffs to kids based on the fact that they are simply older! And everyone laughs at it. This is the origin of cultivation! Precisely hazing! Because we either just get hit in the neck - again, stronger - or laugh at the situation, but they don’t explain that it’s bad and why!
    And the army blows away!
    The meaning of what I said is that
    Hazing is a tradition
    Failure is a crime
    Not understanding this is due to a lack of communication culture! What is planted by family and school!

    In general, there is no problem to punish: you can be imprisoned, you can be beaten, you can do anything - but again this is all a cult of power, but to explain and teach is weak here ...
    1. tverskoi77
      tverskoi77 21 May 2012 13: 44
      Very true! "+"
      I will add that conscripts undergo only a medical commission.
      The rest of their qualities are not of interest, but as the saying goes "let the goat into the garden."
  19. Nester
    Nester 21 May 2012 12: 30
    A little off topic. Here we are complaining: hazing, hazing ... But imagine what it would be like for an American recruit if the sergeant is a fagot. Legalized. And if these minorities (while minorities) are a third of the company, then finally popalovo. It seems to me that it would be better for a young American infantryman to peel potatoes all night long than to save his backside dignity from the encroachment of colleagues. We fight with bullying, and they have pedagogical bred. Tin however. )))
    1. Gecko
      Gecko 21 May 2012 13: 19
      Do not flatter yourself, unfortunately, I recently heard a real story about harassment to another's ass and in the Russian army.
      Until recently, I thought that such lawlessness can only be in rotten America.
  20. vlakprof
    vlakprof 21 May 2012 12: 37
    Hazing and crime are different things, what happened in 70, the result
    1) The demographic decline and urbanization among Russians began to urge untrained citizens + to row everyone, including criminals and sociopaths.

    2) Mass picking of parts of the second and third readiness by Asians and Caucasians, before they were shoved into the fourth readiness.

    3) Crazy Ustinovskaya policy of mixing the service of soldiers of different origins and concealment of facts of common crime.

    4) Lack of officers and foremen + shifting responsibility for the soldiers on them (where this responsibility was not really there) - as a result, the command of the units began to cover lawlessness + contribute to hazing, so it was easier to manage the soldiers.

    5) The general reason is that in stagnant Russian society the authorities deliberately developed patience, powerlessness and humility, it is clear that with such salabons a gopnik or a hach ​​could do anything. And then the weak recouped on the even weaker.
  21. Forward
    Forward 21 May 2012 12: 41
    I already wrote earlier. In my regiment during the USSR, with the advent of a new commander, hazing melted like smoke, within two weeks. And there were no draconian measures. It is just that the entire officer and petty officers received personal zones of responsibility. Everything is just like an orange! The power in the unit was received by a talented person. The conclusion is that the personnel and the army as a whole are led, at best, amateurs by protectionists or near-by people. At worst, thieves, traitors and saboteurs. In a word, bastards thinking only of their personal good.
  22. vostok
    vostok 21 May 2012 12: 42
    The hazing is the officers themselves, who themselves approve of the assault.
  23. leon-iv
    leon-iv 21 May 2012 12: 55
    I summarize all the same
    What is being done now to deal with the unregulated.
    1 Very frequent physical examinations
    3 Soldier Snot Committees
    4 Military Prosecutor's Office phones p4 and p5 are in every disposal necessarily
    5 Sergeants are contract soldiers.
    6 Planned mass installation of cameras in the premises
  24. klavyr
    klavyr 21 May 2012 13: 05
    Of course officers must fight hazing. If they do not, then as a result the state receives a weak army, and society has a big problem in the form of newly-minted policemen who can do nothing (or do not want) to do anything other than humiliate the weak.
    1. Spartak
      Spartak 21 May 2012 16: 38
      and society is a big problem in the form of newly-minted police officers who do not know how (or do not want) to do anything other than humiliate the weak

      klavyr it seems to me you are far from the truth. Himself 3 years after the army he served in private security. I can say what the guys want to do, but not everything is in their hands. Starting from imperfect laws and ending with such a biased attitude towards them as yours.
      Moreover, if they didn’t want to, then they certainly would not have gone on business trips to the Caucasus. Literally tomorrow, my friend leaves for a second business trip.
      1. klavyr
        klavyr 21 May 2012 20: 45
        Spartak, I would very much like to be wrong. Answer, where do the perverts in uniform come from, which anyone now knows about? All "they" came to the police (militia) after the service, and I saw the same "dreamers" who, saying: "You, spirits, are very lucky, unlike us", mocked. And nothing can be done, because the officers are real jackals (not all of them, of course) in the overwhelming majority. And those who turned out to be weak, fled wherever they looked, and he personally knew one in his mouth from a Kalash. Of course, my comment does not apply to everyone without exception. I have a childhood friend Hero of Russia. He left all his health in this Caucasus, miraculously survived. Here's an example to follow! Glory to all who protect us and a deep bow! These guys are the majority! And the newly-minted perverted police officers, who hide behind crusts, come from there from the "grandfathers", that's what I wanted to say ... they did not understand me
        1. Spartak
          Spartak 24 May 2012 21: 41
          Now, one who has not served in the army can join the police. At least 5 or 6 people studied in a platoon with me in the PSB training course. Therefore, such perverts here may not necessarily come from the army. Unfortunately, we have what we have. And what happens: what kind of society is such an army and police? After all, the same people serve there as we are.
          I agree that such a problem exists. But let's not row everyone with the same brush. As they say - "I'm sorry for the state." And there are more good people in the army and in the police, much more.
          I was shocked by what happened in Kazan. This does not fit in my head. Those who hide behind crusts are not men. And those who create such chaos are not people.
  25. Panzer UA
    Panzer UA 21 May 2012 13: 26
    "open the army for public organizations, provide means of communication (Internet, telephone communication)"

    Delirium fool
  26. darkman70
    darkman70 21 May 2012 13: 32
    And what hazing can be with a year of service?
  27. DavidLinch2012
    DavidLinch2012 21 May 2012 14: 01
    Give the army a load from the rise to the end!
    Not only march on the parade ground, but also shoot, drive, assemble and disassemble, pull up and push up. Work out in attack, in ambush, in defense.
    Books are smart to read.
    There are officers, they have no hazing!
    And there are "officers" - those ...
    1. Spartak
      Spartak 21 May 2012 16: 24
      And there are "officers".

      Those. jackals, let's call a spade a spade.
      1. DavidLinch2012
        DavidLinch2012 21 May 2012 22: 02
        I agree.
        "Jackal" is exactly the word.
        Only not Carlos, but that ... Sherkhan's assistant
  28. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 21 May 2012 14: 14
    The elimination of hazing is possible and real when changing conditions of service. A soldier should only be engaged in the study of military specialties and combat training. A contract army is possible in vassal countries and countries with a small population and territory. In our country, contract service is permissible only in parts of quick response and constant combat readiness, and conscripts should serve in other units. Conscripts are a mobresource in case of war.
  29. Lustrator
    Lustrator 21 May 2012 14: 28
    The fish rots from the head.
    Bring up normal professional officers, and not a star-borne cattle, then perhaps something will change. If %:? ** do not care for the commander %:? ** do not care becomes everything. From personal experience. Gentlemen officers, if you think that you are gods in the flesh, I assure you - this is not at all true. Most of you need to be constantly forced to carry out your duties, not to allow time to fight bullying. Think about it!
    Quote: AK-74-1
    A soldier should only be engaged in the study of military specialties and combat training.

    I am also against hozbats. But it is impossible to completely get rid of work in favor of a soldier’s BP. Give him a shovel, he complains that they don’t give a machine gun, give him a machine gun - he says it would be better if they gave a shovel ... Put it on the side for five minutes - right there pass... is being potted. It is not a question of coercion to work, but the lack of motivation for conscripts to serve activities. The hazing tradition can be eradicated, perhaps by the introduction of a different tradition. Which one - you have to think.
  30. Commodus
    Commodus 21 May 2012 14: 59
    Damn, how did I serve so, without tough hazing. Yes, it was dealing with us shaking money, arrived, you don’t understand anything in a heap. Then on the wires of the demobilization then on the toilet, then something else.
    A month later, there was nothing like that. After the oath, service. 11 outfits per month. Either in the fleet, then we sawed firewood for the boiler room, then we ship timber. Either we clean the airdrome, then we drag equipment from one storehouse to another. Well, we’re repairing the cars, we’ll talk about the departure.
    Young came. For a month they are in all outfits in all holes. The oath was taken and the guys just joined the team. We worked a little more, like we did the first time, that's all.
    Socks always washed themselves, they humiliated only in some cases for uncleanliness and for the setups of others. When a stupid fighter, for example, rises for 5 minutes, when an officer demands for 2. Or he burns down drunk. If you drank and did not immediately burn the bed, you should sleep softly. They didn’t categorically give themselves a buzz.
    There was two or three fights and a broken lip, bruises. We did not allow each other to fight - we parted! Yourself!
    But that's all. At the beginning, the battalion commander said: the fighters will be bad - there will be a disbat. To whom it is, but we had enough ...
  31. Spartak
    Spartak 21 May 2012 16: 07
    My opinion is how to cope with this scourge, so through the education in the draftee of moral and physical forces. Raising a person in the right direction (I mean universal and ethical standards), we can say with confidence that he will never go down to humiliate the weak. but on the contrary will help him. Simply put, you need to teach guys to be men, to act like real men.
    And it is also imperative that in the companies, platoons, and units, people be united by one common idea. And not left to their own devices, as this unfortunately often happens.
    1. Alexei
      Alexei 21 May 2012 17: 28
      Quote: Spartak
      And it is also imperative that in the companies, platoons, and units, people be united by one common idea. And not left to their own devices, as this unfortunately often happens.

      Quite right - from inaction hands itch. The personality cult is brought up in the conscript by the modern realities of life, and this is not buzzing. In addition, physical capabilities play an important role in the barracks, which is very disastrous in relation to the guys pulled out from behind the computer from the collar.
      1. Spartak
        Spartak 21 May 2012 17: 44

        Exactly, it feels like they haven’t seen anything in life except a computer. Not all of course, but every year there are more and more of them.
  32. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 21 May 2012 16: 13
    Try to replace the word hazing in a conversation with the phrase “Not statutory relationships” and then a lot will change in understanding the situation and the possibility of their solutions.
    After all, the word hazing has two concepts
    1. The most important thing is an experienced soldier who is older in age - that is, a person who can convey the experience he has gained during the service - immediately respect appears and calm
    2. Stupid slang - in order to shift the blame of hazing on a certain group of people ("old employee") - now something clear too
    But now
    Unregulated relationships - relations between colleagues - and without a difference in terms of service and rank - which do not meet the requirements of the charter and the signs of which are subject to the disciplinary charter. Well, and the Criminal Code.
    It turns out that in parts we cut off the tops of weeds and want order, AND THE ROOTS OF THEM ARE FREE TO DEVELOP ON THE CITIZEN AND GIVE OUR NEW TERMS.
    The lack of educational work among pre-draftees, the constant massing of their young consciousness in the media and on television with a cult of strength and homelessness, the lack of patriotic education, and respect for service in the country's Armed Forces in order to protect it from external aggression, are fertilizers for these weeds. And to solve this problem it is necessary comprehensively throughout the country at all levels.
    1. Run n gun
      Run n gun 23 May 2012 07: 09
      Previously, Dosaaf had military circles and schyas cocktails and a comp for young people. wassat
  33. Charon
    Charon 21 May 2012 16: 53
    I see that many professional military men discussing the problem have seen the problem from only one side.
    I won't say about now, but in Soviet times, hazing began not in the army, but often in vocational schools, where they entered after the 8th grade. After graduating from college, the hardened vocational school "Grandfathers" went into the army and ended up in the same environment where, as more experienced and independent, they soon began to spread rot against their peers - tenth graders.
    It has been said more than once - the army is a section of society.
  34. rexby63
    rexby63 21 May 2012 17: 16
    I read the comments, What can I say: half of the commentators are storytellers, all, they say, I know all x ... studied, only confused in the veins. The second half eagerly hears them, taking their tales for reality. And there is still a small layer of people who are really sick, but there are very few of them. The fact that they are few and suggests that our society is deep in the army. We’ll probably feed someone else’s. Come to your senses, what are you discussing? How can you talk about the diseases of the army and navy if you have already left your service in your kindergarten.
  35. SectoR
    SectoR 21 May 2012 17: 48
    leon-iv and Ruswolf all correctly said a plus.
    Hazing is an order that is beneficial to the junior officers. All that else is attributed to this is called lawlessness, which for the most part comes from BORING and UNCONTROLING ...
    The same thing that they wrote about humiliation is all from lawlessness, the Army educates a person.
    And the method of struggle is a serious FAT at the top, which will be feared and respected by a couple of illustrative examples that it’s not good and it’s punishable (and not the last Chinese warning), and all this will blow away ...

    and more

    We had a part of the corps, an elite type, escaped - right to the hospital until the last days, caught with drugs or blue - a preventive conversation, a fight - talk, arrange with whoever dashed you over otherwise you will be put in prison. NONE OF NOISE did not go beyond the territory of the unit, because it is not profitable to disgrace the part.

    Quote: leon-iv
    Very frequent physical examinations

    I filled out my inspection book myself, and as a sergeant signed it ... but when I was young, no one ever looked at me, for that they checked this book to be filled out or not ...

    And rightly so far they said indifference above, house below ...
  36. Denis
    Denis 21 May 2012 18: 33
    it all depends on the commander
    our company saw that only greens were cleaned (they didn’t call spirits, they were not far away) and did not pay attention, but he reacted quickly and harshly to any mess (mockery or obiralovo)
    cleaned by the fact that from the green ones in the military sense little tried not to take

    and the hazing problem should be dealt with by anyone who is competent in this, and not shit-defenders and tacked soldier moms
    1. Esaul
      Esaul 1 June 2012 01: 06
      Exactly! And a lot from the company commander. The platoon commander is usually young and green, the regiment commander is high, and there are enough other problems, but the company commander, but if he blows in the same tune with the political officer, he doesn’t disdain to live in the barracks for a week, and most importantly, he supports the unit, then the soldier says "thanks".
  37. Sergeant Air Force
    Sergeant Air Force 21 May 2012 18: 47
    after 3 months they do not give command of the unit. especially corporal. just starting with fry you can become a commode
  38. sergey261180
    sergey261180 21 May 2012 20: 32
    First of all, you cannot call on criminals. Secondly, more often it is necessary to put in a disbat for non-statutory everyone who is noticed, otherwise they relaxed bl. The army must be mono-national. The soldier is not involved at all for household work, only combat training. The barracks can be opened by one civilian cleaner, and the parade ground by one janitor. Civilian aunts will cook to eat. (This of course will cause indignation of werewolves in stripes and smaller: "who will work on construction sites!" We need to get rid of these werewolves). And the last thing: do not drag anyone into the army, nothing good will come of it.
    1. Run n gun
      Run n gun 23 May 2012 07: 19
      Long overdue! wassat
  39. fedora
    fedora 21 May 2012 21: 37
    I served in a military service, 4 years, in the early 60s, at the Pacific Fleet, cruiser Dmitry Pozharsky. We did not know the word "godkovshchina", but the sailors and foremen who served for 3 and 4 years managed the young with might and main. I don’t remember any bullying, but in the latrine, in the shower, on the tank and forecastle in the smoking areas, the elders had their own place, where the young were admitted only for their successes in BP and PP. On weekends (Sunday) and holidays, only the elders would cork (set the tables and clean up), they taught the young as they should, if the young did not cover well (cleaned) he could cork from Monday to Saturday. Severely guilty young people were "chopped off the banks"; pulled the skin on my stomach and beat it with the edge of my hand, a couple of times and I got hit. But I don't remember any other insults and humiliations.
  40. storm
    storm 22 May 2012 00: 22
    He served as a conscript at the end of the 80s, our division guarded the then closed city (the Mayak chemical plant) There was no Dedovshchina, there were old-timers who knew more and were able to do more, and young people who knew and were able to do less. And there were sergeants who did not do differences between the first and the second! Much also depended on the specifics of the service - a day after a day there was a guard with military weapons (the whole company was in full force, except for the internal attire), and after the guard there was constant training, shooting range, marches, various competitions. of all household works, the combat service battalions were released, for this there was a combat service company in each regiment. The officers did not serve the number, they served as expected. So well, we had neither the time nor the desire for non-regulation!
    1. rexby63
      rexby63 22 May 2012 17: 13
      chemical plant "Mayak"

      Chelyabinsk 63? Between Kyshtym and Kasly?
      1. storm
        storm 24 May 2012 00: 18
        Yes, it is there, only Chelyabinsk 65
    2. Run n gun
      Run n gun 23 May 2012 07: 05
      Because there was order then respect.
  41. andreycherenok
    andreycherenok 22 May 2012 17: 18
    Quote: 755962
    The first mention of this appeared in 1967, when it was decided to reduce the service life from three years to two.

    The very definition of "grandfather" appeared under Suvorov, when they served for 25 years. And it is foolish to think that a 40-year-old man did not enjoy certain privileges, both in front of officers and in front of young colleagues.
  42. Run n gun
    Run n gun 23 May 2012 06: 54
    Our army must be transferred completely to a contractual basis with a salary of one thousand dollars at least, then hazing will disappear and each soldier will serve fully and effectively.
  43. Run n gun
    Run n gun 23 May 2012 07: 17
    Old and seasoned demobilians have a tradition: to call spirits at exactly twelve nights. laughing
    1. klavyr
      klavyr 23 May 2012 20: 59
      yes, yes, because they, not burdened by anything, slept well and perverted fantasies haunt. and if plus alcohol or a four-thread, then the demobilization turn into rambo, Lee Bruce or something inanimate
      1. Run n gun
        Run n gun 28 May 2012 00: 07
        I think that alcohol should be punished especially harshly; what horses do these soldiers drink like horses ?! laughing
  44. Andrey77
    Andrey77 27 May 2012 19: 15
    We had hazing in the Strategic Rocket Forces. He called grandfathers, applied methods of working with personnel ... It is useless. Then he spat on this thing. I am writing as is.
  45. Run n gun
    Run n gun 27 May 2012 20: 34
    Administrative penalties are needed up to the article.
  46. Alekseev
    Alekseev 27 May 2012 22: 13
    Unrest, including the so-called hazing, fraternities flourish where there is no order. but there is no order for well-known reasons.
    1. Requires high-quality officers and sergeants.
    What we have: officers - what remained after the reforms, unfortunately, not always the best remain, always "comfortable", sergeants in general is a question.
    2. The commanders do not have disciplinary powers, there is no arrest, you will initiate a criminal case, they will make you guilty, you had to educate, warn and other nonsense. As if it doesn’t reach that education is the essence when everyone sees it: the person didn’t want to serve, extorted, scoffed, the commanders said to him, you shouldn’t, didn’t listen, as a result he sat down. It comes to an insurrection that there is no where to isolate the victim of hazing at the time of the investigation and he is in the same team with the offenders ... We have reduced the debates, by the way, the reformers, do not say ...
    3. The quality of the call. , convicted, mental should not be
    4. Normal life
    5. Publicity, the possibility of communication of conscripts with their parents.
    While the system in putting things in order in the army is not visible: the remote control is amusing, the bad (Caucasus) are not called up, but various degenerates are called up, there are no guardhouses, the old principle "you can't teach, you don't want to force" does not work.
    1. Run n gun
      Run n gun 28 May 2012 05: 09
      I fully support and want to add that the service for the most part should be on a contract basis with a good salary!