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In the US, they know why you can not capture Russia

The authors of the rating are sure that it is impossible to conquer Russia not only because of “General Frost”, but also because the Russians, when they retreat, destroy the entire infrastructure and all the cities so that they do not get to the enemy.

Russia entered the top five invincible countries. Laughter rating from American "experts"

The report says that it will not be possible to capture Russia, as the Russians themselves will rather “kill” their country than they will allow it to be conquered. With all the resonance of this statement, it is difficult to disagree with him in a certain way. As our shows story, fermentation and dismantling (sometimes called “restructuring”) of the foundation itself was often started precisely inside Russia, and only then external forces could come under this “shop”.

Comments from our readers:

Americans, but easy to win, apparently. Enough to stop making movies in Hollywood.

Well, thank God, now at least five countries will sigh calmly - no one will climb to conquer.

Apparently, the British scientists shared their methods with the American ones.

Are you grinning?

Just a couple of days ago, in the political section of the electronic version of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, one could read a brief analytical note by journalist Mikhail Katkov entitled “The expert explained why Ukraine took the Mechanics Pogodin hostage.

Last warning. The Kremlin showed a bear grin on two fronts

How far that grin is bearish, and how much it is a grin, and not a self-repulsive half-smile, is an open question. Skalim-skalimsya, and Russian citizens from the "Nord" and "Mechanics of Pogodin" are still held hostage in Ukraine, and no real trump card in response has yet been laid out on the "cloth" of the Azov-Black Sea basin. Oh yeah, it’s not necessary to answer, otherwise they suddenly think that this is aggression ...

Comments from our readers:

This is all correct. Only in the country 404 loses some loot from the specified Russian otvetki, and completely different provocations are arranged, not connected in any way with managerial, financial or some other (by concepts, for example) connections with the first. Valtsman in this regard does not do weather there - he has his own gesheft, he has his own Sbushnikov.

There is an easy way to forget about Ukraine once and for all: to put the interests of the Motherland above the interests of Gazprom. And put Europe an ultimatum, and certainly in the winter: GAS IN EXCHANGE FOR PEACE ON THE DONBASS AND THE ELIMINATION OF THE POROSHEN REGIME.

One can never forget about Ukraine, since for the most part they are all the same Soviet people deceived by Belovezhje. And Ukraine itself is a fragment of the former great power. But to force this fragment to the world is somehow necessary. Everyone will benefit from the world, and only Bandera, and the West supporting them, from confrontation.

Peacekeepers in a Vise

A burning issue today is the security of the Operational Group of Russian Forces in the Transnistrian region (RGRPP), represented by the 82 and 113-m individual guards motorized rifle battalions, as well as the 540-m control battalion assigned to military units No.13962, No.XNNX and No. 22137 respectively.

Russian OGRF in Transnistria "on the fly" at HIMARS

The state of affairs with the Russian OGRT on the banks of the Dniester is in fact difficult. After all, in fact, it is the cut off part of the Russian armed forces, which at any time may be subjected to provocation by the "friends". And in the current situation, it will be extremely difficult to come to the aid of the Russian peacekeepers, since on the one hand there is “friendly” Chisinau, on the other - even more “friendly” Kiev.

Comments from our readers:

You might think, if a mess happened, everything will be limited to Dnieper ... will fly in the literal sense ... and Chisinau ... and Bucharest ... and Kiev, everything will end like Georgia. Russia will have only one goal ... to go straight to Transnistria ... and only this way, taking the entire Black Sea coast. The most interesting thing is that the Americans and NATO incite Bucharest ... but do not intervene, who wants to get corpses for some Moldovans and Ukrainians ... in Europe, and so strained in all directions, and here also the war. NATO will split, to pay someone else's foolish lives of their citizens no one will. Demonstrative campaigning pokatushki on the European autobahn is one thing ... to go into battle, they need it. Unleash the Third World because of the vassals no one will ... they will be extreme. Ukraine will get involved, so its first will be torn apart into shreds ... everyone realizes their nationally linguistic and territorial claims ... and Moldova will simply cease to exist, as a state occupied by Romania on the sly.

Even with all the availability of this heap of equipment from the Romanians, it seems that our General Staff is also awake and is working on its plans in accordance with intelligence. And certainly we do not all know what and how it will be there. How surprised everyone was with our offensive at 2008? Waited longer than the order. And they were surprised to actually miss the redeployment of the group to Syria. So, when supplying Himarsov, an antibiotic against them will be “suddenly” transferred to the same area. And so on the entire list.
NATO does not need a big deal, they are aware of how it can all end. But to annoy Russia, to drag it into a protracted conflict, forcing to spend big money and bear losses - this is their goal. In Syria, not much happened, the turn of the next card.

Moldovans will not climb: there is neither strength nor desire (the conflict ended 25 years ago, passions subsided, there is no hatred among the residents of both banks of the Dniester). Ukraine without Moldova alone will not climb either, since it will be an aggression against Moldova itself (after all, Transnistria de jure is the territory of Moldova). Romanians Transnistria and figs do not need, they would Moldova digest. The conflict can only come from outside (self-collapse of Ukraine, or the global crisis "NATO-Russia"), it will not be soon, I’ll manage to dig up the bunker :)

Twice KUU - beautiful, smart, Ukrainian

In Ukraine, they again intimidated by hints about an insidious neighbor - Russia. This time, the Azov-Black Sea region was in the epicenter of attention of the Ukrainian authorities, according to Kiev, allegedly blocked by Moscow. As prosecutors, a whole line of both current politicians and retired generals, who once held high posts in the General Staff of Ukraine, lined up.

Russian blockade to the Dnieper will bring

Why are Ukraine afraid now? Vaughn Pan Turchinov recently demonstrated such a smart and beautiful rocket to everyone that he unlocks any region at the click of his fingers. Well, he himself said so directly: now, they say, all of you will dance your “Apple” here. Ka-a-ak will fly smart and beautiful, it will not seem so little. Already get nets for catching?

Comments from our readers:

Ros 56
Actually, we with Shoigu have plans to reach the Cote d'Azur, and grab a couple of summer cottages there for the home, for the family. What does this little guy carry about some Dnieper, there we will have a vegetable garden, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables we will grow. Korovok, pigs, geese with chickens, too, is necessary, so Raguli and will be an occupation, and not to ride on the Maidan. Suddenly the guests will descend, and we on the Cote d'Azur will be their every GMOs, or something, to treat. No, the most natural product from nenki will give you a lift. And this clown so be it, we define a senior overseer.

When my Dad, a reserve officer, came from charges, he told his friends about SA plans to go to Beijing over a glass of Tea!
And this expedition only has enough fantasy to the Dnieper!

Why should they be afraid? They now have "Bogdan". They say (tss ... only to anyone) to Moscow (40-50) km, true, but that's ok. But what jumps about this))) And what a caliber! NATO !!! Hold on now, vata.


The international army games (“Army-2018”) are held for the fourth time. Competitions every year expand the number of participants, and competitions and disciplines are also added. Although, I must say, this year, for some unknown and not officially announced reason, the international stage of the Sky Keys anti-aircraft missile defense forces did not take place, although there was an army stage.

About honesty, dishonesty and tank biathlon

And it’s necessary - even WADA has no questions for the participants. Well, even to those who manage to drop the tank during a sneaky turn. And the spectators sometimes arise - from the series: “What are they smoking in the tower there?” Yes, they do not smoke, because smoking kills, and tank biathlon - continuous improvement, prevention, so to speak ...

Comments from our readers:

Even the Formula-1, which is referenced with the "sameness" of the cars (general limitations on TTH), all depends on the Person.
Who remembers - in that year the Chinese managed to break off the skating rink, which shocked and put themselves to ridicule, the Africans doing a "twist" in the turn - even those peppers. That is - there is where there is a difference, you want, take the tank "what they give", you want - take your "fancy", you want - pay for a copy of the Russian.
But this year - the Chinese in the finals broke all the squint records, for which they paid.
At the same time, Russia has made this TB the most important thing, it’s “the real selection of the best crews began in the troops, and therefore training (well, I believe in it), which means that the overall training of tank crews in the Russian Army has grown.

what is the problem? expose your tanks (those that you have in service) - and chase. Russia, as a gesture of goodwill (and as an advertisement for its tanks), provides its participants (optional) with their tanks. have your own - please, it will only be more interesting.

Any competition, first of all, creates a competitive spirit - a situation arises that someone is better. This is important for creating an atmosphere and incentives to improve professional skills. Moreover, practically all divisions participate in the qualifying competitions - the winners come from the very bottom, from regiments, divisions, etc. Spectators, entertainment, etc. are side effects. As for the "ditched technology", then it is enough in the usual military life, I see nothing wrong with that, and is there so much of it, as the authors write about it. There are side effects in big-time sports too - serious injuries and other troubles. Roses without thorns are not.

We wanted the best

The reason for new disputes around promising samples appeared in early July. Vice Prime Minister Yury Borisov, in charge of the military-industrial complex, told the press about current work in the framework of promising projects. Among other things, he touched on the theme of the fifth-generation fighter Su-57. As it turned out, the leadership of the defense industry has very specific views.

Su-57 and "Armata" against the economy and expediency
Why "Armata" did not go to the troops

The trend is really strange. The newest weapon is being developed, but plans for its mass production vary from year to year. And now it turns out that the same new-generation tanks, instead of the initially declared hundreds of troops, are “enough” and a couple of dozen. How this fits with the military and economic feasibility of a very expensive development is the question. Or again, Chernomyrdin's thesis about what they wanted as best, but it turned out as always, relevant?

Comments from our readers:

Uncle Vova needs to do an old trick: collect the oligarchs and hand out envelopes to them. And there: you have so much Armat, you - SU-57, you - BMP, etc. There is no other way, because he does not want to collect taxes from them ...

Three years later, the Defense Ministry realized that the Armata and other new types of weapons could not afford.
However, Yu. Borisov did not call for the complete rejection of the fifth generation car. It should be a kind of "trump card" that can be "played" in appropriate circumstances. When the fighters of previous generations begin to lag behind their foreign counterparts, the time comes for the Su-57.
I wonder how this "trump card" can be used if God bless them all 12 units versus hundreds (if not thousands) of fifth-generation planes of the enemy. They are this F-35 is already making a mess like cakes.
Obviously, the sanctions of the Anglo-Saxons reach their goals.

In the event of war, no one will fight on super-expensive equipment - the main power will be inexpensive equipment in the production and operation. But new technology is still needed. Otherwise, development will stop ...

Peremogi facebook

Ukrainian "volunteers" publish on their pages on social networks information that the sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Ukrainian security services "have been operating" in uncontrolled territories. In particular, it is reported that one of the DRG made a "raid on the territories of the militants." The militants in Kiev continue to call the servicemen of the army of the DPR and the people's militia of the LPR.

Ukrainian media: Armor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine crossed the contact line
The APU was killed by a 21-year-old Donetsk nurse. Ukrainian media delighted

New tactics of the Ukrainian troops became possible thanks to the presence of volunteers, psevdolonёterov and social networks. In these very social networks, the Ukrainian troops took Donetsk for a long time, won the endts of square kilometers and dats meters of territory of the “enemy”. In other accounts, the Ukrainian army is approaching Moscow at all and is about to enter firing positions. So they live. Meanwhile, people continue to die in the Donbas. And how much more it will continue, no expert will say.

Comments from our readers:

This is a fairy tale for the domestic consumer. In Ukraine, such perehozhnikov ruble per pack.

Photo "activist" did on the phone with a camera 0,3 megapixels. More expensive, probably, volunteering does not allow to buy.

Mountain shooter
Armata in tow is not "pritali"? And then they will be ... Feykokety ...

Lethal plywood

The President of Ukraine announced on August 24 an unprecedented in size and power military parade in honor of this very independence. Apparently, I really want to catch up and overtake Moscow in this regard, because the parade in Kiev will be about 250 units of military equipment.

We shake the old days! About parade innovations
C-300В1 in Ukrainian hands are extremely dangerous for the Russian videoconferencing system even without the “main gauge”
Sapsan: plywood dummy?

In Washington, they decided to postpone the military parade to "later", but in Ukraine, it is said, everything is ready. But just about everything that will be shown in Kiev, some experts call plywood. And from this "plywood" and "toy", as already noted in the subject, for some reason people are really dying. The cities are really crumbling and the planes are falling. What, however, is the lethal plywood of the APU ...

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Yuryevich
Parades, awards, everything as it became leveled, to acquire the operetta picture. You can laugh over the outskirts, but this is just a reflection of our country in a different dimension, but the essence is the same, to “wash” the eyes of your population. Whether someone likes it or not, but without "rose-colored glasses," everything is as it is.

Let's not be "engaged in". Money in the defense industry of Ukraine flow large. Time will tell how effective this infusion was.

Snail N9
No no no. You can not do it this way. It is necessary to represent the Ukrainians as dim-eyed pottery and embroidery raguli who are digging the Black Sea with Nazi armbands on the sleeves, guarded by Javelins and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The only way.

Enemies on the planet increased

10 in August in The New York Times published an article by the Turkish leader, "What Turkey sees the causes of the crisis in relations with the United States." In this material, Mr. Erdogan accused Washington not only of bad faith and failure to fulfill its allied obligations, but also of direct hostility.

Trump stepped on Erdogan on the Kurdish corn
Erdogan's "Red Caliphate" under attack
“They have their dollars, and we have the mercy of Allah and the unity of the people”
Washington, think again!

Erdogan’s speech, in fact, ranks on a par with a series of statements by EU leaders who previously criticized the White House’s anti-Iranian policy and then planned a response to the US tariff policy, which hit the interests of EU industry. A much tougher answer to Mr. Trump’s tariffs was given by the Chinese.

The problems of the United States with Turkey clearly show that America cannot have not only friends, but also equal partners. Anyone who seeks to take into account not only American interests, but also his own interests, immediately becomes an enemy, which, apparently, Mr. Erdoогan hinted at, who does not forget about the interests of Turkey.

Comments from our readers:

Mikhail m
The entire White House broke its head, trying to translate the words "equality" and "respect." There are no such words in their dictionary.

But indeed, the United States in relation to its allies behave like an arrogant gentleman with a servant who is obliged to follow orders unquestioningly and faithfully look into his eyes even when he is beaten in the face.
“Turkey has set a deadline for itself,” after which, if the United States does not listen to Ankara, it “will take care of its own interests”.
Does (light blackmail) hint at a possible withdrawal from NATO? But in this case, the Americans can be calm, knowing perfectly well that today this simply cannot happen, since it is impossible by definition.

Previously, the Americans supported their to the end. Now I do not always understand who their ally and who is not. And throw allies and friends. Strange. Take Syria and compare with the situation in Egypt. One, of course, the enemy. The second one is a friend, but they still dropped it.

In the footsteps of idol Reagan

In the Russian media, the new US military budget was quick to christen "anti-Russian." However, this is only partly true: it is “anti-Russian” as far as the American foreign policy itself is anti-Russian. The total US defense budget for the 2019 fiscal year will be 716 billion dollars.

Fools with missiles
New Pentagon budget. War against all
Russian nuclear arsenal. Barks, but does not bite?

716 of billions of dollars is a huge amount, especially if we recall the attempts of the “peacemaker” Obama to reduce the military budget (Obama’s plan, we recall, was designed for ten years ahead).

It is obvious that the anti-Russian hysteria has become a convenient excuse for a new arms race launched by hawk Trump. The policy of the new cold war is also being promoted. Undoubtedly, in nominal terms, Donald Trump had already surpassed his idol Ronald Reagan, who had fought unemployment in the United States with the help of the “Soviet threat” and the rapid inflation of the military-industrial complex. Such a policy had a downside: it created a budget deficit and was expressed in the rapid growth of public debt. But Reagan and his capitalists henchmen were little concerned about the problems of future generations. According to some reports, 157 spent billions of dollars from defense budgets (over eight years of government) only for the arms race "against the USSR" under Reagan. According to others, in the first five years of the presidency, Reagan has poured into the defense budget of the state 1,6 trillion. dollars. The curve on the graphs of growth of military spending sharply flew up.

The opposite effect happened. In 1986, the US budget deficit also abruptly “flew up”: from 60 billion dollars in 1980, it increased to 220 billion dollars. Public debt more than doubled over the same period: from 749 to 1746 billion dollars.

The endless raising of the US national debt ceiling under Obama, which the Russian media made fun of, is a legacy of the “defense” policy of Reagan and Bush Jr., who started two protracted wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obviously, Mr. Trump is following in the footsteps of his idol, Mr. Reagan. This is also obvious because Trump is a capitalist to the marrow of his bones and does not live according to the plan of state construction for centuries, as the Chinese do, but lives according to a business plan. Inflating the military-industrial complex is unpromising for the future (further rapid growth of the national debt and budget deficit, the high cost of servicing military equipment and maintaining the army, acute problems in international politics, the risk of world war, etc.), but the capitalist does not think about the future.

Comments from our readers:

If the money that the United States spends on the war, send it "stupidly" to the needs of the population of the countries against which all this is being waged ... That seems to me, or rather, I am sure ... The American flag will hang in every house!

Well, I’m hardly going to hang a striped flag for a bucks. But for 700 yards, it is quite realistic to plant the Sahara and relieve the overpopulation of some regions of the planet.

And actually, what did the authors of the show of the colorful Florida missile cartoons want? Their idea was completely successful. Those whom they wanted to troll, instead of having a fun laugh, for some reason increased the military budget. As D. Medvedev proudly said: “The ring around our country begins to shrink.”

How the Russian economy will perish

New sanctions named Skripale, poisoned by someone in Salisbury (England), the US State Department went as it were in his last and decisive sanctions battle against Russia with the dollar at the ready. The beginning of the offensive is 22 in August, the main sanctions strike is planned to be delivered in three months, in November, when the mid-term Congress elections will be held in the USA

Skripale sanctions
They scare, but Russia is not scary!

The sluggishness associated with the imposition of scheduled sanctions is uncharacteristic for the United States. Apparently, the consequences of the new package of anti-Russian sanctions are to some extent disturbing even the American hawks who have promoted it. The Washington Post writes that the economy of Russia will completely collapse from the dollar "weaning", and also because American companies will not be allowed to do business in Russia, and Aeroflot will not be allowed to fly to the United States. True, experts forget that, for example, the Iranian economy has suffered greatly from perennial sanctions, but it has not collapsed. In addition, the “sanctions” sluggishness means that the interests of American business are not alien to the White House, where the billionaire businessman sits on the throne, nor to the congressmen, who are paid by American businesses for election campaigns. Probably, the death of the Russian economy (the one that President B.H. Obama “tore into tatters”) is once again postponed.

Comments from our readers:

Greg Miller
But how can Russia "mirror" answer? Regular benefits for offshores or inflation targeting?

I offer a mirror response. To bind a ruble to calories (for example, 1 ruble = 1000 cal. Heat). And, of course, to give energy from this calculation for rubles. Fix the ruble to gold (smooth out volatility at first), the Central Bank to abolish, speculative capital and paper investments oust the economy. Further did not invent: (

US sanctions against Russia are intended only to cover their own crisis, and at the same time to shift the blame on another. Like, this is Russia to blame. No wonder Russia dropped most of the "trezheris", apparently, he knows something. All the rest is just pretexts and absurd excuses from the United States.

Then why do we react, if it is purely theirs, overseas problems. And in general, they have a crisis, and we are on the rise. It seems to me that there is no need to even discuss such topics - just a waste of time.

Americans are preparing for a battle in the North Atlantic

Surprisingly, in the United States they started talking about a possible military confrontation in the North Atlantic. And this despite Russia's confidence that the Russian fleet is weak, it’s not very suitable for anyone outside the coastal zone of responsibility aviation unlikely to be able to oppose something to the American naval power ...

The head of the US Navy command, John Richardson, in an interview with Voice of America radio station, noted that the Russian Navy has been very active in the North Atlantic over the past twenty-five years. And especially he singled out the last five-year plan. According to the admiral, the US fleet should return to a "more competitive way of thinking." And this is a soft statement: Richardson’s colleague, Charles Richard, head of the underwater fleet USA, put it much harder: "Get ready for battle!"

The strike is not military, the trade strike. Will the United States block the ports of Russia??

To say that the Russian Navy will be able to defy NATO forces in the North Atlantic (in the coming years) would be too bold, analyst V. Kuzovkov said. With the current alignment of forces in the region, the campaign “behind the corner” of a large surface unit of the Russian Federation “in a real military stop can only end with the defeat of the new Tsushima,” he writes.

Probably, some hopes could be pinned on strategic partners, that is, Chinese comrades who are increasing their naval power at an accelerated pace, but, firstly, China does not have the necessary coastal infrastructure in the region, and secondly, in the case of “hot” warships will be needed by Beijing in the usual area of ​​responsibility.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
I would like to take a quick glance at the operational plans of the US Navy command in the event of war with Russia. Ay, foreign intelligence of Russia! Do not share the secrets of the United States? And so you can read the tea leaves as you please ...

There is no divination here. It's pretty obvious. We can recall the Caribbean crisis and how the Americans successfully blocked our ships to Cuba ...

"Nevertheless, let us remember that America itself is in a very difficult situation, and it may simply not have a choice left after 3-4 of the year."
And what will happen through 3-4 of the year, without what choice can America remain? Russia will catch up and overtake America, or what? Or maybe someone will dominate the United States? Will cover the weak America with military bases and strangle sanctions !!
But Russia has a very bad economy. And here it is even optional to block the ports! With the growth of GDP at the level of error, the country is doomed to lag. And even if a miracle happens, if you succeed in reaching the world average pace (Putin did not even threaten plans for more!), This is still too small to at least catch up with the developed countries, and even more to overtake.
Face the people need to turn and deal with their economies, and not to cancel pensions and increase taxes. Eternally falling ruble is also not conducive to the development of the economy, contrary to the votes of zaputintsev.

Rousseau Iskandero = American Insurance

In the press Italian ... sorry, in the Italian press told about the Americans' fear of Russian weapons.

The operational and tactical Iskander missile systems deployed in the Kaliningrad region, designed to control most of Eastern Europe, including objects of the Euro-Atlantic missile defense system, became the reason for the analysts of one Italian edition. Il Giornale published an article entitled “Ecco perchè la Nato teme il sistema missilistico russo Iskander” (“That’s why NATO is afraid of the Russian Iskander missile system). The author of the article, Franco Yakk, noted that a new version of this complex was created to combat the superiority of NATO fleets.

Why are NATO afraid of "Iskander"

According to the United States, not so long ago, two batteries of the Iskander complexes received a promising cruise missile 9М729 Novator (according to the NATO classification - SSC-8). Unlike its predecessors, this product is capable of showing a range of at least 5500 km. In this regard, analyst F. Yakk wrote about a possible violation of the existing treaty on medium and short-range missiles. At the same time, the analyst noted the fighting qualities of the newest Russian rocket. For example, when launched from the Moscow region, the 9М729 product will be able to hit any target in Western Europe. The launch of such missiles from the territory of Siberia allows you to control the entire west coast of the United States ... So much for the "fear of the US."

Comments from our readers:

"So, being in the water area of ​​the Caspian Sea, Russian ships with new missiles on board have the opportunity to attack some NATO countries."
Here is how they read the contracts! The PRSMD clearly states: for unearthly missiles. Missiles launched from air and sea carriers are not covered by the treaty.

“The reason for such accusations was the placement of the battery of Iskander complexes armed with the 9М729 / SSC-8 rocket at the Kapustin Yar testing ground.”
What problems? There are doubts - agree on inspections. They do not want to negotiate with you about inspections - think why?
Perhaps, it was not worth introducing sanctions, aggravating relations, respectively, provoking exacerbation of the situation and provoking an arms race ...

My purely personal opinion on this issue simply to the obscene:
1. We do not need mechanisms for mutual inspections with the Americans.
2. New SALT-START treaties, too.
The reasons are simple: all the "pain points" of the United States have long been known, like the old women of Europe. Their European arsenal is not considered anywhere, i.e. NATO arsenal is not cumulative in treaties. I am not a recorded non-distributor, and an excessive number of inspectors, world-wide experts feed around the topic. And it’s just unpleasant to know how we, for example, are still doing, for example, the foreign technique of protecting and controlling the perimeter of sensitive sites. For nothing. How we dispose of our nuclear submarines simply due to the fact that Yuzhmash cannot produce and sell anything to Russia, and we can’t either launch our SLBMs (for a specific project) or simply don’t have time for development and testing. There is nothing for us to discuss anything in this area with the most likely adversary. Already dosokrokalis, no place further.

Carefully, left Sarah!

Not only Italians tell about American fear.

A well-known member of the German parliament from the Leftist faction, Sarah Wagenknecht, spoke about another big American fear. According to Sarah, in Washington, they are afraid of a rapprochement between Russia and Germany. According to the leader of the Die Linke faction, the American political and economic elites are concerned about the buildup of Russian-German economic cooperation, mainly in the fuel and energy complex: “The United States has always been afraid of combining Russian resources and German technology. And rightly so ... "

What Washington is afraid of like fire. Sarah Wagenknecht told

Sarah is not the only one who warns the United States and criticizes Trump’s sanctions policy.

Opposition politicians in Germany earlier reminded Washington that four years ago, suggesting the EU to support anti-Russian sanctions, the Americans promised to publish satellite images of the attack on the Malaysian Boeing-777. Obedient Germany imposed sanctions. But it turned out that no pictures were submitted. And now they are not. Meanwhile, over the four sanction years, the German economy has lost more than 10 billion euros and over a hundred thousand jobs!

So will Germany really continue to be just as obedient and will live in spite of its well-being?

As for Russia, it would have lived well and without any fear of “international sanctions” only if it had not only its own resources, but also its own technologies. The first ones are exhaustible, the second ones are not.

Comments from our readers:

"... in Washington they are afraid of the fact that Russia will move closer to Germany as a fire."
Nothing new, this has been known for a long time ... To add German technology to Russian resources - it’s more frightening for the United States to think up!

This is understandable, I am more interested. How did it happen that the country that lost the war has technologies several orders of magnitude higher, or even no analogues at all, how did it happen? After all, this did not happen yesterday or even the day before yesterday, even the Union was in good health. This is really incomprehensible and insulting.

What is not clear: the technology remained on paper. Then they developed in the western part, occupied by the USA ...
Their technology has not disappeared anywhere! Partially moved to the US (military), but civilians remained.
When the Red Army approached, technology moved closer to our Western allies in the anti-Hitler coalition! Thus the Germans kept them. They really did not want something to get the USSR!

Do not think about the fact that the Germans drove back and forth "technology")) They saved their skin, they did not have it before. And all the technologies at the time were taken away by the Americans and partially by us. And the reason for the snatch of western Germany is, firstly, because they are Germans, and secondly, the Americans helped them well after the war and did not interfere. There was, so to speak, a competition of management models: Communist East Germany versus West. Who won, everyone knows.

Let the crazy idea - do not solve the heat of the moment!

US Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control Issues Ilim Poblet said at the UN Disarmament Conference that the United States was "concerned about Moscow’s space plans." Poblet reported that Washington was concerned about the creation by Russia of new space weapons, including the Peresvet combat laser complex and the “observer” satellite, which was launched last fall into orbit. However, she said that the Russian "spy satellite" "behaves abnormally," but refused to clarify her words, adding that "this is another proof that Moscow’s words are at odds with her actions."

In response, Deputy Dean of Russia to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, Alexander Deineko, called the words Poblet "unfounded, slanderous accusations based on suspicions and assumptions."

The United States complained to the UN about the Russian "Peresvet" and the "abnormal" satellite

It must be assumed that in Washington a new method of bringing cosmic evidence was invented. It consists of four consecutive theses: 1) a statement about some controversial object in orbit; 2) the refusal of the declarant of the description of the actions of the object; 3) statement about the abnormality of the object, and not declaring; 4) is a short speech about the hostile policy of Moscow, creating abnormal objects that threaten the planet, the Solar System and the Galaxy.

Obviously, Mrs. Poblet does not want to use obsolete stencils Jen Psaki, dumped the burden of evidence on the "office". It's a pity! We already imagine how Ilim Poblet after Matt Lee's leading question suddenly answers:

“I have to ask Darth Vader!”

Comments from our readers:

Hoc vince
What does the abnormal behavior of the Russian satellite mean? He sticks to NASA satellites, ignores the instructions of the State Department, emits rays that affect the elections in the US ... And how should a satellite behave "normally"? How can you determine the rate of what you do not know?

The satellite must be politically colored ... In the rainbow color ...

They seem to be completely in a panic. Already shedding at the UN began. That and look, the complaint in "Sportloto" roll. Collective.

Tatar 174

And what is the UN? Ban everything? In general, they have some illogical logic. What do they want to achieve with this complaint? What should Russia do under the conditions when NATO is approaching from all sides, when American fleets in the Pacific Ocean like wolves lined up? When they begin to approach from the north? Of course, there are answers to all these questions, but their stupid pressure on Russia is striking, which they won’t think up ...

The satellite is normal, it's just that your below plinth intellect is not able to realize that it does not obey you, and it is not in your space that laws fly by your laws and orders! And to the Peresvet laser we will add the Gerasim spacecraft so that it sank its satellites from the orbit exactly in the ocean!

Putin in the service of Norway

The regional authorities in northern Norway are not going to send an invitation to President Putin on the occasion of the 75 anniversary of the liberation of East Finnmark (Norwegian north) from the Nazi occupation. It is noteworthy that this event in Norway will be celebrated only next fall, but local authorities have already stated that the invitation to Moscow will be sent “only if Putin fulfills an important condition.”

The “condition” was voiced by a Norwegian government official, Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen. According to Bakke-Jensen, "Putin must deserve an invitation." “Let the Russian president first prove that he respects international law,” said a senior official.

Norwegian Defense Minister: Putin still has to deserve our invitation

However, the opinion of the minister was not shared by other representatives of the Norwegian authorities, noting that we are talking about the liberation of the north of the country by the Soviet Army. Russia is the successor of the USSR, and therefore the invitation to Moscow should be sent.

In a word, there was a political split in the government of Norway. Apparently, officials will prefer to retire compromise. For example, the invitation will be sent, but not to Putin. Invite M. S. Gorbachev. Still, the first (and last) President of the USSR ...

Comments from our readers:

Something lately, everyone there (and not only in Norway) has become bold ... Are they mowing their American curator? Or does Norway think that after purchasing F-35 it instantly became (becomes) invincible? Funny, however ...

Mr Credo
But the norgs are not alone! In company! And if Russia had an influence on half the world, no one would have opened his mouth! Or, on the contrary, would they become very aggressive?

Not at all. We lived under occupation. In the Norwegian fjords almost Tirpitz stood throughout the war, and there he slept like a perpetual sleep.

"Deserve"? That is, to liberate Norway again?

From the Ministry of Defense ...
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            19 August 2018 06: 34
            Quote: Pomerancev
            Pereklinil me banyat constantly.

            Vital, what is your reincarnation? how do you manage Simcock bought a bunch? what You register faster than I type text! Yes
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  2. +3
    19 August 2018 06: 36
    The week was very fruitful (for me). Unlike Meehan, I did household chores, leaving the world to politicians, acting and couch. The week did not reveal the abscess that is ripening in Russian society. If this is not noticed, it does not mean that Russia does not exist. I was struck by a harsh statement (, which in fact does not refute my thoughts. With age and the passage of time, infantility, hidden in the far corners of consciousness, manifests itself more often and more persistently. That is why some part continues to believe in good adults who will come and put things in order.

    Absolute indifference to problems beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. Simple philistine "do not care." I stopped believing that the number of billions in the US military budget could affect the internal problems of a country that is in the top five not to be conquered. I can even say more, without the consent of the people of the United States is not able to win anyone.

    Restoring cons and conducting a survey on the site shows that changes are coming in the Oblonsky’s house.
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      19 August 2018 13: 43
      Quote: ROSS 42
      Absolute indifference to problems beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. Simple philistine "do not care." I stopped believing that the number of billions in the US military budget could affect the internal problems of a country that is in the top five not to be conquered. I can even say more, without the consent of the people of the United States is not able to win anyone.

      The main lever in the American conquest is always the color revolutions that destroy the country from the inside, and then come to the green. This is clearly visible. All countries where they have always visited a split. Remember. I would not be surprised if their local elites are preparing a similar plan in their states.
  3. +7
    19 August 2018 07: 15
    Traditionally good review. Whatever happens in a significant week, VO will always highlight. I am glad that domestic policy has become smaller, naturally without taking into account promising models of BT. And, as always, great cartoons.
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    19 August 2018 07: 31
    According to Bakke-Jensen, "Putin should deserve an invitation." “Let the Russian president first prove that he respects international law,” the senior official said.

    Interesting. Accusing Putin himself, he violates this very international law, demands evidence from him that he is not a camel ... But what about the presumption of innocence? In my opinion, whoever blames anyone for what, must prove that this is so, and not otherwise.
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      19 August 2018 12: 18
      Quote: Banana
      Goodbye men

      I think Vitalik for a while ... you're like a virus .. wassat
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    19 August 2018 12: 12
    The “condition” was voiced by a Norwegian government official, Secretary of Defense Frank Bakke-Jensen. According to Bakke-Jensen, "Putin should deserve an invitation."

    ... outrageous rudeness ... campaign brains, if any, completely froze ... angry
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    19 August 2018 13: 50
    However, such a question, where did the photo materials from the results go? They are so nice to separate the points for the eye, create a certain atmosphere :) I hope they will return it next time, although I do not exclude that the problem is from my side (it did not load), although the cartoons are visible.
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    19 August 2018 15: 15
    hello dear co-sitters hi call for a long absence recourse
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      19 August 2018 19: 15
      Quote: iza top
      hello dear co-sitters hi call for a long absence recourse

      and all belay? "glade" from you! where have you been? "websitenicki "doesn't sound very good ... stop ", better colleagues. Yes

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