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My Toulon and your Toulon

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My Toulon and your Toulon
Napoleon during the siege of Toulon

Year 1988. Business trip. Evening in Moscow. I'm sitting on the couch next to a very pretty girl. She 22, only from the institute. I am a seasoned 38 engineer for years. The height of the "business trip" novel. She has admiring curiosity on her face, hands stroking me with gentle impatience, encouraging me to continue speaking ... And I am broadcasting: "At school you heard a little about Napoleon ... Borodino was there ... and all that, and he was the one a rare person who managed to ride out the fate ... The standard for ambitious people all over the world ... And he began in 24, he fought as a junior artillery officer. knock out. And Napoleon proposed a plan to the authorities in order to take the city for one attack, they agreed from hopelessness, just o let him command everyone, but if he fails, he goes under the tribunal and to the “wall.” And he did it all ... So he was immediately sent from lieutenants to major general and taken to Paris ... He didn’t I broke it down ... I made my way to emperors ... So I have an idea. I’m breaking through for the second year ... I’d like to try it, make an experiment.

I never told her then what the idea was. Actually, there was no need to talk about it at all. We had already met for a week and a half, and she had more than enough of her impression of me. No wonder that evening we sat in her apartment, and her parents left for the weekend to the country. I was filled with joyful hope, it was necessary to throw out a little, it seemed, the goal was already in my hands!

How wrong I was then, and then again and again ... for four years. The idea came to mind two years ago, when the Moscow School of Growth thundered all over the Union. A certain doctor offered everyone a technique, according to which, if you sit on a special diet for a year or two and do a set of exercises like yoga, then you can at any age increase your height by any amount you want (!). Again, being on a business trip in Moscow, I went to this "School" to inquire and found a huge tail of people from all over the Union, ranging in age from 14 to 60 (!) Years. Frankly, 170, see my body didn’t suit me either, so I actively took part in the conversations that the people in the queue were having. We eagerly discussed all the rumors, incidents and myths on this topic, attacked those who left the “School” with questions, doing another batch of miracle gymnastics ... After a year, “The School of Growth” burst like a soap bubble, the miracle did not happen . But in my head I thought: how many people want to grow up ... It's just a world market!

Then came the new tremors. Several times, reading newspapers and magazines, the eye clung to publications devoted to the innovative developments of orthopedic surgeons, and here and there they came across messages about lengthening the bones of the legs to people who often had no injuries. This sparked curiosity and prompted a conversation with local, Volgograd orthopedists. It was here that the lightning struck, and she lit up me or “hit”, let others judge. It turned out that natural dwarfs and people who have one leg shorter than the other from birth have long had leg lengthening operations, there is a proven technology. The risk of complications after such operations is negligible, and there is no official prohibition on making them to ordinary people for cosmetic purposes!

I immediately caught fire and offered to perform such an operation on me. And then I heard from doctors history that at the end of 60-s, Ilizarov himself increased quite successfully the growth of some student and almost sat down on 10 for his experiments on a healthy person. It was only many years later that I learned that this myth was born after the feature film “Everyday Dr. Kalinnikova”, where a journalist due to difficulties with a bride asks the surgeon to lengthen his legs. The surgeon is played by Ia Savina, and the journalist is played by Valery Zolotukhin. But then this myth inspired me, and I went over the cupolas and the Ministry of Health for the paper, allowing me to repeat the experience of Dr. Ilizarov allegedly on me. One can involuntarily remember Anna Akhmatova: "God knows what kind of litter verses grow from, not knowing shame ..." And the ideas, all the more, I’ll add this from myself ... In the cupola and the Ministry of Health, we met politely, did not refuse, spoke with interest, and the paper was not given: "There is no prohibition, agree with the doctors, to us and to nothing ... Well, perestroika, damn ..." I went to the doctors, they helped the frequent business trips in the Union, were everywhere, at all ... Doctors have their own: "We do not mind, let's paper." So he walked in a circle, from hope to regional and vice versa. This has become a hobby, the goal is nothing, movement is everything.

There were, however, encouraging moments. In 89, in Zaporozhye, he presented the idea to Dr. Devyatov Anatoly Andreevich, where he headed orthopedics, a student of Ilizarov. And Devyatov told me to come in the fall, there will be an operation. In September, he rang up, stunned - the Devyatov died from his heart in Leningrad, returning from Finland. The land he rest in peace, was a real man.

With grief he began working with the public. He began to speak in Volgograd in front of the students, they signed the petition, so that our allied deputy went to Chazov (Minister of Health), and received permission. A petition with signatures, a bag, a deputy, the deputy at the 2-th Congress of People's Deputy of the USSR passed, and Chazov did not answer; I got this experience that in 90, I moved forward and, having won five, I became a deputy of the City Council.

In the autumn of 91, she again seemed to have smiled luck, agreed on an operation in Moscow with a well-known orthopedist from CITO, where the director was astronaut Tereshkova's husband, General of Medical Service Shaposhnikov, he liked the idea (orthopedist!) Terribly. Agreed on everything, I arrived at the appointed time and was hospitalized in the CITO, I sat down for a week waiting, and then the doctor came dull, apologized, the CITO academic council did not allow the operation.

Here, for the first time, I had enough of a cool depression. He came out of CITO, and he called the Moscow girlfriend who had just recently said: "I am not Napoleon, I am shit ..." Then he got drunk at the hotel in Drabadan, and left the next morning. Everything, I think, is good for raving, 40 years - it's time to settle down.

Yes, there it was! It seems that God loves active dreamers!

In March, 1992, my friend-entrepreneur offers me to talk with an orthopedic surgeon from Volgograd, who offered to sell the results of his inventions. I went, I say to the doctor, he was a candidate of sciences: "Who will buy your development, almost every clinic has such inventors, they don’t know what to put, I saw it myself ..." He said this, and then take your idea and blurt out. And he - grabbed! Three days later I operated, only the diagnosis was abstruse, so that the authorities would not interfere. I woke up after the operation, on the leg of the apparatus, the state of health - as after anesthesia, of course, and the birds are singing in my soul. I am such a state for even a second in life I wish everyone to fuck. Happiness in its purest form! Next - almost a year in the hospital. There was everything, that is, sweat, blood and tears, but when the soul soars, the rest is small things! In March, 1993 of the year came out with legs stretched out on 6. By that time, local media already had messages, so when I came to a meeting of the City Council, where I hadn’t been a year, I made a splash, the whole staff, almost 200 people, crowded around. who asks, who is measured by height. Here for the first time and he sensed himself as Napoleon after Toulon.

Then four months to go to study on the "new" legs. Muscles got used to new bones, and I worked out the balance, because the center of gravity of the body shifted, sometimes you turn sharply and fall, especially on the stairs. It is in fast-growing adolescents that wiggly and unsure gait. In the meantime, my doctor said that with the same technology, healthy people can easily straighten their crooked legs, for 2 a month you can. So the time has come to work: to look for sponsors, and to open human eyes to new opportunities. I left the factory, in the 1993 year the city council was dismissed, I was looking for a suitable job for a whole year, I had a bap above the roof. Then somehow I got better, my legs became completely normal, I took a friend to my company, I started to earn something. Yes, here again the idea flashed. Growth has increased, but what about rejuvenation? I read a book by Professor Nikolaev, where he says that his patients, people of patients, when treating them with starvation, in passing, the body sharply rejuvenated. I contacted the professor, agreed that I would come to him to Moscow, to the clinic, we will do the experience. Again I had to conspire, foreign patients were allowed to him only by vouchers of the Ministry of Health, but we overcame it, I came, as if with allergies, for treatment. I got hungry at Nikolaev safely 18 days, dropped 12 kg.

And when I came out, I took up physical training, I could do everything in the army on the horizontal bar and parallel bars, I restored 2 for a month, then I started pushing up with my fists, after 4 of the month I could get rid of 120 in a row at a fast pace. The norm of the officer of the American special forces - 50 such push-ups on the "excellent".

In the evenings, I visited the discos several times, so the young people accepted it for their own, they gave 26 for years, and I had 44. In 1996, I was contacted and interviewed by France-Press as the first healthy person in the world who had surgically increased their growth for cosmetic purposes in adulthood, then this message went through many well-known Western publications, and we reprinted in the newspaper “Abroad,” moreover, I spoke several times on the central TV channels. In exchange for my experience, my doctor began to invite foreign orthopedic centers to share their experience; he traveled to the USA, Sweden, Lithuania, and Germany. He also did not lose time in vain, defended the world's first doctoral dissertation in anthropometric cosmetology, received more than 30 patents for inventions in this field and the title "Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation." Now he is a doctor of medical sciences.

And life goes on! Something will happen? .. One of my former girlfriends formulated as follows: "Act! And let it work ... Let it be - pan!"

PS In December, 2004, my doctor, Mikhail Yegorov, died suddenly from cancer in 52, but the Center for Anthropometric Cosmetology created by him, his team of surgeons, his talented students, remained. A year before his death, he and his colleague, who is now a surviving surgeon Shatov, worked and patented a great technology for eliminating cones at his toes (transverse flat foot, that is). Now at the Center this is the most requested operation.

In 2006, a young man from Cheboksary to straighten his legs came to the Center for Anthropometric Cosmetology and Correction, which then worked in the regional hospital of war veterans. During the treatment, he told me that he had dreamed almost of his childhood about this operation and in 1990 came to Kurgan to ask for it. But he refused. Then he got a job at the local car assembly plant and until the 1993 year he regularly went to the Ilizarov Center to ask about the operation, and in the 1993 year, when Egorov and I thundered in the media after my operation, he finally despaired of and returned to Cheboksary. Then I learned about our Center and happily arrived. By the way, the technology of the Center showed great performance in treating bone injuries among veterans of the Afghan and Chechen wars.

In the photographs: the results of operations on the feet; 20 is my second fasting day; I before the operation, when the thighs look longer than the legs; during lengthening, one leg shorter than the other; after, when the legs already look longer than the hips. The patient - before and after straightening the legs.

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 18 August 2018 06: 41
    I am tormented by vague doubts, especially after reading the article My political literacy, that the author of this article, Mikhail Goldreer, may be mistaken ...
    1. Lone wolf
      Lone wolf 18 August 2018 17: 53
      I, too, have such doubts that we are on the eve of a grand advertising rumble belay
  2. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 18 August 2018 07: 25
    It’s very similar to advertising, like a dime a dozen on the Internet. I believe the author. Why not? If this is possible, then let people help. Here the Ministry of Health only keeps stubborn silence on this and other similar occasions, they can be understood, competitors are not needed. The Ministry of Health is a very conservative corporation.
    1. AUL
      AUL 18 August 2018 09: 01
      What for such a frank advertisement on VO? And so the whole Internet is clogged like that! Either lenght is proposed to lengthen, then the joints are cured, then the potency is raised ...
  3. andrewkor
    andrewkor 18 August 2018 07: 34
    In1984, I was straightened by the ILIZAROV method in the TAPOiCh hospital, the left lower leg was incorrectly fused after the fracture, it was scary to watch that the horse-drains made an ugly disgrace!
    Cosmetic orthopedics, it’s just wonderful. About 20 years ago they wrote about the Chinese wizard, which increased male virtues, but only to married women, so that they wouldn’t be for pampering.
    1. dvina71
      dvina71 18 August 2018 09: 44
      Quote: andrewkor
      what increased male virtues

      You won’t believe ... but the size is really not important .. for the process .. Soon it affects the psychological level .. We had a Georgian in the platoon .. his device was 370mm in working order .. he was very proud of it .. True when the local butterflies flocked to the fence of our unit .. they all carefully avoided it .. but there was one there .. everyone avoided it too, but from our side .. and also because of the size .. that is, its diameter. So they found each other .. Chinese specialists need to act in a complex .. men size .. lady diameter ..
    2. Lone wolf
      Lone wolf 18 August 2018 17: 58
      Come on .. after a fracture of the open tibia, they screwed the titanium plate, without any Ilizarov, and straightened the leg
      1. andrewkor
        andrewkor 19 August 2018 14: 13
        In my case, incorrectly fused pieces were broken, and then the apparatus was corrected, and a small tubercle remained at the fracture site.
        I agree that a fresh injury can do without the apparatus, there were a lot of techniques before Ilizarov: pins, plates, pins and other pieces of iron. But my case was launched just by a shovel!
  4. Antares
    Antares 18 August 2018 09: 55
    There is a small town in France - Toulon. Then some "spooks" seized him, and there was no way to knock him out. And Napoleon proposed a plan to the authorities to take the city in one attack, and they agreed out of hopelessness, only let him command everything, and if it does not work out, then he goes to the tribunal and to the "wall". But he succeeded ... So he was immediately promoted from lieutenant to major general and taken to Paris ...

    it’s good for pretty girls to carry anything. The main thing is that they listen and listen and they are interested in you.
    Girls in the nuances of the Great French Revolution understand little, and in the biography of Napoleon they rarely understand.
    Although if the Dushmans are royalists, and Napoleon had a connection with the executed revolutionaries (just by that time other revolutionaries had already sent ardent revolutionaries to the knife), Napoleon could have been quickly beheaded for a long time. Yes, and he was exhausted by then.
    The best gunner of France and the world of that time had one chance and he took advantage of it!
    And he "took" Paris, too, with cannons, shooting the crowd with direct fire. Tough and decisive.
  5. akunin
    akunin 18 August 2018 11: 17
    In 1996, Agence France-Presse contacted and interviewed me as the world's first healthy person who surgically increased his height for cosmetic purposes in adulthood, then this message went through many well-known Western publications, and we reprinted it in the newspaper "Abroad", in addition, I have appeared several times on the central TV channels.

    I didn't quite understand why the article was written - the author is a wizard goodwin, great and terrible? Gavrila Abramych Ilizarov began to apply his technique back in the 50s. Ilizarov's classical apparatus is the pinnacle of his technical thought (some changes were made by his followers). he became an academician of amn only for his practical achievements (he has very few scientific works) - an extremely rare case. would have written better about Ilizarov, otherwise "travel romances ...) and awesome pride in his legs (as if he lengthened them for himself ).
  6. megavolt823
    megavolt823 18 August 2018 12: 14
    advertising with elements of eroticism. well this is military mu soldier
  7. Mikhail Matyugin
    Mikhail Matyugin 18 August 2018 19: 15
    To put it mildly, some kind of strange article. And stupidity, in my opinion, because of non-critical changes in cosmetology to go for such operations. Maybe it was easier for a person to visit a psychologist? or didn’t do anything for a year?

    And yes, Toulon was defended not by some dushmans there, but by real patriots of France, who opposed the horrors of revolutionary terror that swept the whole country at that time.

    PS And Napoleon's height was the same as that of the author before the operation - 170 cm, and he was considered absolutely normal even in higher Western Europe, and of course he did not have any complexes because of him (Bonopartia was considered stunted due to the fact that that he liked to appear surrounded by the Life-Grenadier Company of the Old Guard, where people were very tall + the famous tall "bear shako").
  8. Mexovoy
    Mexovoy 19 August 2018 11: 41
    Where is the minus to stick the article?