Putin is afraid of Udaltsov. Seriously?

The main enemy of Russia and the threat to stability in the country is once again the coordinator of the Left Front Sergei Udaltsov. The other day, he was arrested on 30 days, accusing him of violating the re-organization of the rally. But Udaltsov was detained only after more than two weeks after the meeting was held on Sakharov Avenue. Then came to the action (according to the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow) about 7 thousands of people.

Experts comment on the fact of the arrest of Sergei Udaltsov, and his figure in the modern domestic political process in the country. The SPEC channel offers a version of director Alexander Pasechnik, who believes that Udaltsov is not in the so-called systemic opposition, which now serves the system of power. That is why Udaltsov every time becomes the object of arrests and attempts by the authorities to concentrate the "people's anger" on him.

Why Udaltsova was arrested not immediately after the rally, but only on August 14? It is suggested that this was done deliberately - with the goal of having Udaltsov spend the entire pre-election period in the detention center: the elections will be held on September 9, and the arrested person will be released only on 14.

The topic of the arrest of Sergei Udaltsov, who had previously served a prison sentence, excited the public. Words are spoken about its sequence, in contrast, for example, to the statements of Navalny, which is either for raising the retirement age, then suddenly against. It is this sequence, according to a number of experts, that power in Udaltsovo is brought to the state of white heat.

Two opinions in two videos from the channel SPEC:

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  1. -3
    17 August 2018 06: 05
    If Udalts succeeds in successfully arranging daring grooms, then he has money for it. Or, scientifically, finance. If there is finance, then it finances it - either a person or an organization.
    For us, ignorant in the main, and here nothing extravagant, this investor is traditionally indicated by the surname or name of Ktoto.
    Something dear, African is heard in this melody to us ...
    1. +12
      17 August 2018 06: 30
      Not everyone who goes to rallies is funded. Believe me.
      1. +6
        17 August 2018 07: 04
        Last year, the company where I work received an order for the manufacture of products for the organization of a meeting in our city on May 9th. So, the production of flags, banners, T-shirts (for volunteers), banners and other printed materials cost more than one hundred thousand rubles for customers. So the rally was only for two thousand people, of which only one and a half came. And the light, sound, stage, equipment? Rates can also be found on the Internet. And how much was spent on the little things? So organizing and holding a rally is a very expensive pleasure.
      2. +5
        17 August 2018 15: 24
        Quote: Vladivostok1969
        Not everyone who goes to rallies is funded. Believe me.

        But those who organize meetings are all funded.
        1. AUL
          20 August 2018 18: 58
          Quote: Hlavaty
          But those who organize meetings are all funded.

          What are you? Is that all right? Here are those who organize edra rallies, for example, not a bit funded! And all sorts of pop zvizdyulin there are crooked for free, and the flags with the goat, bear are handed out, it is not known where they came from, and other nishtyaks ... Now they are definitely not wrestlers!
    2. -2
      17 August 2018 07: 17
      Quote: Carpenter 2329
      If there is finance, then it finances it - either a person or an organization

      If you "look at the root" (c) Cedar, it is quite clear who exactly finances all different "fighters".

      Ukraine, and now Armenia - it hurts too much where ears stick out ... star-striped laughing
      1. +3
        17 August 2018 10: 56
        With the current situation in the country (raising the retirement age, rising prices for utility services, raising prices, etc.), it will not be difficult to rock the situation. The people do not care whose ears stick out there ... star-striped, people do not see this.
        1. +8
          18 August 2018 10: 51
          in the current situation, the government itself is rocking the situation, then no opposition is needed - laws are issued every month that can provoke riots. What is needed is not opposition - a center of consolidation of efforts is needed, reflecting the main leftist ideas, but not as manipulative as that of Navalny or Udaltsov and not as passive as that of the Communist Party. Unfortunately, the GDP has done everything to prevent such a center.
          3 parties with positions that tried to get into the Duma are blocked.
    3. +1
      17 August 2018 09: 05
      Yes, it was about him before.
      when the hidden camera was filming a meeting between Udaltsov and Givi Targamadze (the one who is an American of six and carries the loot from the mattresses for revolution) and how he dared to beg money from him.
      in general, nothing good came of the grandson of the fellow countrywoman (who remembers who she was). the same grandmother only testicles in profile.
    4. FID
      17 August 2018 09: 33
      Quote: Carpenter 2329
      heard in this melody to us ...

      I beg your pardon, do not be confused - to US (i.e. to you personally) and everyone else! Therefore, henceforth, I ask you, write "me ....", and, further, your opinion ....
    5. +5
      17 August 2018 19: 50
      Vasya is a carpenter under the nickname, you’ve listened to at least one article or statement of his, just say such nonsense, because Udaltsov is sentenced to jail because he is not corrupt and dangerous to his honesty to corrupt officials .. Young maximalism frightens many, and the Bolsheviks frightened many .. .
  2. +8
    17 August 2018 07: 20
    Another imprisonment will only temper Udaltsov and make him even more popular among the people.
    I would like to see honest and frank debates of people like Udaltsov with the lobbyists of the oligarchs in our parliament. People’s deputies would have it ... But the oligarchs and their powerful servants are afraid of this, so the protest will go to the masses and spill onto the streets of our cities .This is the worst option, but any authoritarian government always plays just such a scenario leading to its death. Political competition and the succession of power could create conditions for stable development, but the System will then crash. Here we go to the 17th mu year.
    1. -11
      17 August 2018 09: 05
      how are cookies from nulland?
      tasty ?
    2. +3
      17 August 2018 11: 56
      Perhaps you are right, but in Romania, which is considered to be a democracy, the government is replaced almost every year, and the previous one is usually driven out by the local Maidan who are indignant at the country's difficult economic situation.
      No, we don’t need such hockey! (with)
      1. +4
        17 August 2018 20: 17
        Quote: just explo
        how are cookies from nulland?
        tasty ?

        Not everyone who is dissatisfied with the dominance of EdRa are foreign agents. Believe me ... when it comes to the fighting courage or labor prowess of my Russian people, I am the first to proclaim their glory. And I touched upon the fundamental foundations of building a modern Russian society. For lack of intelligible refutations /// how they taught me in Russian in an American intelligence school near Zhigulevsk /// ___--- cormorant-balabol, so they wanted to say))). Well, we talked out, but this somehow cancels my statements? And by the way , do you think I wish and help the ripening of the revolutionary situevina? By no means .... I, a distant observer and my heart bleeds, because I have the gift of analytical foresight in terms of geopolitics, and their laws --- they are known and there are no new moves yet But maybe Comrade Putin will find a new move in history. But give at least one hint, you are our Ralduginian, violin-bearing, reinforcing defense and su-57 without radio control, in general, eat your own gingerbread invented by Prigozhin's propaganda about gingerbread. I stay with the air defense brigade. whichwill cover the battalions of the Russian Marines covering our coast. And your idols in this mument will be broadcasting about cookies from the residence of the Finnish citizens of the Rotenbergs, only who will listen to them --- on the international arena they do not believe from the word VOSCHE /// doc- --- lack of allies ////. And inside ---- this is no comment, dearExpl, they are now imprisoned for this))) So my "brigada2" remains in the passive location system to watch how your idols will now begin to dance somersaults, after the adoption of sanctions. All your idols will lose millionaires, oh what a misfortune that is reflected in the Russian little people!
        1. -1
          17 August 2018 20: 33
          Quote: nesvobodnye
          moreover, the previous one is usually driven out by the local Maidan, who are outraged by the difficult economic situation of the country.

          The great stabilizer of Ceausescu, the Romanian major pressed cartridges with his wife, and the rest is completely changeable power. But the thing is, I do not consider the Romanian system to be absolutely ideal-democratic. This is a conquered colony that remains afloat and under German control by the German-French business. how do you like the idea of ​​bipartisanship present in the governance of other countries, with a constant independent increase in the country's power, independent of the oil and raw materials trend? I don’t think Romanians are an example. A lame example. This is the territory conquered by NATO /// Wehrmacht /// and these smart creatures are doing what they want there now.
          1. +2
            18 August 2018 10: 33
            it is an illusion of a change of power. Helpless populists come to the steering wheel over and over and, in order to somehow stay afloat, the pots are bogged down in lobbyism and bribes. As a result, they do not have a program for what to do, and there is no right to do something of their own, but the government - it was not formed in the elections and determines the situation in weak pseudo-democratic countries regardless of the results of the vote.
            This is the main mechanism for replacing ideal democracy not even with the power of the demos (which is also bad), but with the power of the shadow "elite"
      2. +1
        10 September 2018 12: 35
        Perhaps you are right, but in Romania, which is considered to be a democracy, the government is replaced almost every year, and the previous one is usually driven out by the local Maidan who are indignant at the country's difficult economic situation.
        in Romania and Moldova, Ukraine there is a bench connected by the project of preserving power in the same hands. Even in France, they chose a completely empty candidate according to such a plan. Macron or Poroshenko will not play, there are dozens of moral freaks to replace them.
  3. +1
    17 August 2018 11: 01
    I don't understand one thing - when did Udaltsov suddenly become "leftist"?
    What he does, his actions are nationalism (= armed capitalism), globalism (developed capitalism) and anarchism. Where is the left - I did not understand at all.
    1. +1
      18 August 2018 10: 43
      cons for the asked neutral question - it reminds me very much of the Ukrainian horse racing.
      what kind of people do this?
      1. +3
        18 August 2018 16: 00
        when the mattresses create some kind of image of their torpedo (those whom they are sending to sink the state ship), then all their forces graze in those articles.
        therefore, the minuses are not scary here.
        in the subject, a dozen bots and a couple of minuses is still very small.
      2. -1
        20 August 2018 23: 01
        You just "did not read and condemn." - at least once listened to Udaltsov, obviously not, if such conclusions. This is a more systemic neo-Bolshevik with modern amendments, and globalist capitalism does not fit in with nationalism, but about anarchism, why is such a gag, or decided lie and mix everything, it will be black enough to stain ........
        1. -1
          21 August 2018 12: 43
          Yes, if you listen to Udaltsov, he is a liberal radical of a communist-capitalist style with intersperses of anarchist-minded paternalism with a left-right deviation, but he is a patriot with foreign investment.
          1. -5
            22 August 2018 11: 56
            Sergey, - leave. - About you definition: an interested bot in the dissemination of liberal excuses with signs of gangster-thieves for criminalized power and the creation of anarchy and powerlessness among the masses of citizens of the state with denigrating any systemic opponent as a sprout independent of those in power and their pressure, liberation movement ...
            1. +3
              29 August 2018 11: 22
              You, as a zombie, are trying to protect a person who speaks and pushes conflicting beautiful slogans, but did nothing really good for society. At the same time, you accuse me of something that I have never done before. You should heal from hysteria - maybe it will feel better.
              Look at the analysis of the real political program of Udaltsov, Navalny, Fedorova, the Liberal Democratic Party and other populists by people who understand this. There is nothing good behind the slogans from the word absolutely nothing. Why is Bolotnaya Square, organized by Udaltsov among others, better than the Decembrists' coming out to the square? Instead of looking at these "leaders" like a ram at a new gate, study the history in which all this has happened more than once and there were results that you can study before you start stepping on a rake again.

              There is little good in the fact that Udaltsov is being persecuted, and I am not delighted that he was imprisoned, but I also have no reason to feel sorry for him, because the person is doing the wrong thing. How much more useful it would be not to call for another get-together or rally, but to collect the signatures of real voters who are against the pension reform or other actions of the government and ministries and to make it public. Instead of squabbling between "patriots", Udaltsov could use his influence and in the spring help a couple of parties appear in the Duma, which are at least formally patriots, and not Edro, who is "for stability."
              It has many opportunities, but for some reason it all comes down to creating chaotic processes, and not to a real struggle for the real conditions of life of citizens, not empty slogans. Even Navalny is better in this regard - at least he is struggling with the influence of monopolies.
  4. +2
    17 August 2018 13: 56
    Now you have to google who Udaltsov is and "why" rallies
  5. +11
    17 August 2018 16: 14
    And who paid him?
    1. +3
      17 August 2018 18: 17
      Not everything is for money. Here, by the way, one "comrade" made an experiment: he went, he says, to a meeting. They demanded to remove Medvedev. He got closer and shouted: what is Putin? And the crowd rumbled: yes, Putin too. The next time he says I'll go and try to get to the podium, rip out the microphone and something of my own. I hope he didn't throw Molotov cocktail there. Kind of experiment in controlling the populace.
      Something quite a while has not seen him on the site
  6. -1
    18 August 2018 19: 13
    And who is Udaltsov? This one who promised to blow up the Ivan the Great Bell Tower for Georgian money and whom Skomorokhov and his PR company are here ?!
  7. +1
    18 August 2018 19: 43
    Quote: Oper
    And who is Udaltsov? This one who promised to blow up the Ivan the Great Bell Tower for Georgian money and whom Skomorokhov and his PR company are here ?!

    Udaltsov served this money, if that. Or are you ready to blame a person several times for his mistakes, for which he has repaid in addition? This is ugly and unethical, but for you ethics is an empty phrase. In addition, Sergei is on a dry hunger strike and his physical condition is rather shaken. Sergei is a confidant of the candidate for mayor of Moscow from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Kumin and his detention is "beneficial" to Sobyanin. In any case, to detain in violation of procedural rules is fascism. Chasing dissent is fascism. Udaltsov did not commit any illegal actions.
    1. +3
      18 August 2018 20: 35
      If, then you worry about your moral side and worry about ethics! It will be more true if of course there is for what ?! I have no questions to citizen Udaltsov as a subject of civil law relations. Departed and served! But there can be no one as a person who promised to carry out a terrorist act in the Kremlin to his Georgian sponsors and employers and continues to get into a policy of trust! Maybe he repented for his deeds in front of people? Made a speech somewhere and publicly admitted his mistakes? Like sorry people froze stupidity! I will never again mess with the enemies of Russia and in every possible way atone for my guilt ?! I have not heard this! And what if a trustee ?! The Communist Party in our country distributes indulgences or what ?! And with such phrases as fascism, you are careful to scatter. They learned from liberals at joint rallies ?!
  8. 0
    18 August 2018 19: 45
    Quote: yehat
    I don't understand one thing - when did Udaltsov suddenly become "leftist"?

    Youtube to help you, everything is there. At least the slogans that he spoke at the July 28 rally were leftist.
    1. 0
      18 August 2018 20: 37
      Right! On YouTube, he became left!))))) Is it business?)
  9. +3
    18 August 2018 19: 46
    Quote: just explo
    how are cookies from nulland?
    tasty ?

    How are EdRa cookies? Tasty?
    1. +1
      18 August 2018 20: 46
      What a crisis of cadres actually you have revolutionaries! Read a man disgraced by Georgian money and ready to blow up even an Orthodox shrine in Russia for them! With obvious Westerners and haters of Russia, together rally! What a shame !!! Oh ho ho ... Nuland cookies, yes ... A significant moment! Our people have seen enough of Ukraine, how guardians for national happiness are made from the state of the glove box! I was honored to look at it from the side of the Creator for the mind! Europe will certainly help you. Traditionally! It’s just that your number will not go through anymore! I really do not advise.
  10. +2
    18 August 2018 20: 48
    Putin benefits our worthless and rotten through in scandals opposition !!
    If he wanted to, he could simply erase their mention in the centuries, and then there is such massive propaganda, this is free PR, at the expense of the authorities. And what else can you call sponsoring publications at the expense of the budget and companies Gazprom "Echo of Moscow". Look who represents this liberal opposition , these are people without a tribe and clan!
    I’m just ridiculous, but in the West it’s customary to choose animals as governors ............................. I will prove the facts from the USA
  11. +1
    18 August 2018 21: 17
    Quote: Oper
    If, then you worry about your moral side and worry about ethics! It will be more true if of course there is for what ?! I have no questions to citizen Udaltsov as a subject of civil law relations. Departed and served!

    For the crimes imputed to him, he served time or is in prison. If he was not accused of any facts, then the evidence base was weak. By the way, not every video can serve as proof. For example, I have a lot of questions for other characters, who were supposedly accused of something, but in the end they returned their "honestly earned", and even apologized, and some of them were also given the first-called Andrews. And some were allowed to quietly leave to the west with "honestly earned". For some reason, their fate does not bother your bourgeois patriotic insides in the least. You are not worried about either the ruin of the regions, or the cutting of the budget, or the dropping of social obligations by the "social" state. You need a little militaristic rhetoric from TV, a little anti-American propaganda and hurray for our bourgeois homeland. And if the tank passes or the airplane flies, then in general "glory to the Sechins and the Millers." You need a little, however.
    1. 0
      18 August 2018 21: 45
      No. I need a lot. Not a tank and a plane. I need all of Russia with the Crimea and the Donbass, with other Russian lands and Russian people, your predecessors to the right and to the left gifted! I have a lot to do, comrade! The Russian Orthodox Church with holy churches, I need our Russian traditions, and not foreign Marxism-Leninism! And you don’t translate arrows. Just keep in mind that if your fellow prisoners who have served their term continue to take money from our enemies and God forbid to blow it up, they will think of it or arrange riots and draw the children into it, as your current fellow fighter for the struggle Navalny and God forbid blood will be shed will be answered in full according to the law of course! We are not bulk and daredevils! Create a more serious situation also mean keep Moscow not Kiev! Law enforcement agencies will protect the people and Russian statehood, as they can. And they know how well! I promise you that.
      1. +3
        20 August 2018 16: 28
        Do law enforcement protect people? However ... Freshly a legend. While I noticed how they robbed him. Especially migrant workers.
      2. -1
        24 August 2018 13: 47
        Well, the operas scribbled. Wake up. First, have your seed potatoes, sewing needles, and then breed demagoguery.
    2. +1
      19 August 2018 14: 04

      Commentary by lawyer Violetta Volkova.
  12. 0
    21 August 2018 19: 23
    No, think about it. All around cospyrology. The version of a simple violation of the law is not considered by gentlemen newsroads. That is, the whole country lives according to the criminal code and the constitution, and the part of the population covered by the media "is fighting the regime and poses a threat."
  13. -1
    27 August 2018 14: 45
    If anyone is unwanted with the PZhV and the Kremlin, it means an agent of the State Department.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"