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US intelligence suspected Ankara of having links with terrorists in Syria

Military experts from the United States and Europe, dealing with the fight against terrorism, said that Turkey’s credibility in the fight against the Islamic State terrorist group banned in Russia causes them to doubt, writes The New York Times.

US intelligence suspected Ankara of having links with terrorists in Syria

Employees of the American and European military intelligence, occupying fairly high positions in their services, suggest that Ankara may withhold information about the militants of the IG * and the Turkish intelligence operations in Syria. They also fear that Turkey is hiding data on the missions conducted by the Turkish security forces to prevent the penetration of militants from other states into the territory of Syria. In addition, according to some American experts, the Turkish army can assist the Russian terrorist group Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham (Dzhebhat al-Nusra), banned in Russia, using the militants of this group in its fight against the Kurds in Syria.

Meanwhile, the representative of the American coalition in Syria, British General Felix Gidni, said that the aggravation of relations between the US and Turkey does not affect the participation of Ankara in the operation against the Islamic State *.

There are no problems with Turkey, it remains an important member of the coalition. At the operational and tactical level, there is no change.
- said the general.
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  1. electrooleg
    electrooleg 15 August 2018 12: 19
    Who is there usually yelling "stop the thief"? laughing
    1. Logall
      Logall 15 August 2018 12: 21
      No, this is a public spanking ... A more authoritative "bandit" threatens to hand over his accomplice to the lured "cops" for obstinacy.
      1. stalkerwalker
        stalkerwalker 15 August 2018 12: 23
        Quote: Logall
        No, this is a public flogging ...

        "You do not love me ... I will leave you ..."
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 15 August 2018 12: 56
          Well yes. Hundreds and thousands of ISIS tankers, many of which Russian planes managed to burn, are a worthless trifle.
          And here is how "we say goodbye to America" ​​- so they immediately discovered connections with terrorists.
          Ripened !!! A MIRACLE HAPPENED !!!
    2. Chertt
      Chertt 15 August 2018 12: 23
      For a long time already, no one "suspects" the Americans of supporting terrorists. They do not support them, but create
    3. Sarmat Sanych
      Sarmat Sanych 15 August 2018 12: 59
      But between Turechchina and Matrasia something fun is brewing, nothing more than a divorce))). The footballer Recep will not give up, but the golfer Donald, even more so, will stock up on popcorn and watch the old man's butting.
  2. Vol4ara
    Vol4ara 15 August 2018 12: 23
    Ahaha, how quickly they changed their shoes, just a little more and remember the columns of trucks on the border with Turkey
    1. Kurare
      Kurare 15 August 2018 14: 29
      Quote: Vol4ara
      Ahaha how fast did they change shoes

      Changed shoes on the fly just like that! .. laughing And they let their faithful dog "The New York Times" loose a little.
      Why "a little"? Because they only expressed "doubt" that Turkey is fighting against ISIS. This is a kind of "last Chinese warning". If Erdogan does not back down, he will be directly accused of aiding ISIS. Flywheel started!
  3. kapitan92
    kapitan92 15 August 2018 12: 26
    Military experts from the United States and Europe, dealing with the fight against terrorism, said that Turkey’s credibility in the fight against the Islamic State terrorist group banned in Russia causes them to doubt, writes The New York Times.

    Better late than never! Probably, the striped ones did not "notice" the caravans of oil carriers going towards Turkey three years ago, the supply of weapons and ammunition to the spirits from the territory of Turkey, under the "roof" of Turkish specialists.
    First "doubts", then sanctions, oil painting! Another attempt to put Erdogan in a "stall" !?
  4. Dormidont
    Dormidont 15 August 2018 12: 34
    What a brave hutspa
  5. bessmertniy
    bessmertniy 15 August 2018 12: 35
    Lovely scolding - only amuse. But aren't the Americans themselves in the stigma in the gun? Moreover, they support in Syria not its legitimate authority, but those who are against it. negative
    1. Incomprehensible
      Incomprehensible 15 August 2018 12: 45
      Quote: bessmertniy
      Lovely scolding - only amuse. But aren't the Americans with the stigmas themselves in the cannon? . negative

      No one will let Turkey out of NATO, and she herself will not go for it.
      The Kremlin will immediately begin to spill free Turkey ... and Turkey can tell a lot of interesting things about NATO and its affairs, therefore they will not let it out.
  6. Sadko88
    Sadko88 15 August 2018 12: 39
    Wait ... Alabama and Mississippi are now recognizing the Armenian Genocide
  7. Not served
    Not served 15 August 2018 12: 58
    No, now Turkey will start dumping information that it knows about the connections of its NATO allies about their role in this topic.
    And there I think a lot of interesting things that of course our people know, but from the mouth of Turkey it will sound different. Especially if specifically with last names.
    XXXIII 15 August 2018 12: 59
    Ha, Turkey, but everyone there lives like "isis" now, including Israel, which helped the militants to leave home and which is now trying to quietly dump aside. Here everything is according to the classics, in the footsteps of "Eichman's" grandfathers, without Israel the final question with the militants cannot be resolved! So Turkey is far-fetched here, the Turks themselves do not know what they are doing in Syria, but they are afraid to leave, and they gave a lot of strength to gain a foothold there and take the war away from their borders ... hi Yes
  9. parma
    parma 15 August 2018 13: 06
    They then remembered the columns of fuel trucks, but here on TV they started to forget quickly ... Turkey is now a poor victim of Western oppressors ...
  10. Bypassed
    Bypassed 15 August 2018 13: 08
    Evo how !? But he wrote on the site that the next downed SU (where the pilot shot himself) should be attributed to Turkey’s combat account - since they covered these cutthroats, it means they also mounted MANPADS.
  11. ibn.shamai
    ibn.shamai 15 August 2018 13: 21
    Well, the soul rushed to paradise! Now the Turks will poison! Americans are the descendants of the dregs of society, a rabble who fled from different countries where they were prosecuted for various crimes! They have neither conscience nor honor, only money, it is their God! To believe them and expect normal cooperation from them, not to respect themselves, they will spoil you at the slightest opportunity! am
    1. parma
      parma 15 August 2018 14: 07
      And also this is a country of adventurers and entrepreneurs who saw new markets and a resource base .... And by the way, they definitely get it ...
  12. Romka47
    Romka47 15 August 2018 13: 21
    Then Petka gets upset, they will say "according to our intelligence, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are shelling cities with civilians."
    1. sir_obs
      sir_obs 15 August 2018 13: 38
      No, the case of the downed Boeing is ready for Ukrainians. A little something, immediately "will be found" and pictures from satellites and witnesses
  13. Ros 56
    Ros 56 15 August 2018 14: 12
    And what doubts about the ISIS are caused by the states themselves. Whatever the Basurman warehouse, the weapons of the states and NATO. Clowns would have shut up.
  14. SGarnik
    SGarnik 15 August 2018 14: 15
    [quote] [/ qS Turkey has no problems, it remains an important member of the coalition. There are no changes at the operational or tactical leveluote]
    What was required to prove, and the rest is an image of resentment and indignation.
  15. NF68
    NF68 15 August 2018 14: 47
    It would not hurt these American and European intelligence officers to look in the mirrors more often. Suddenly, they would see something.
  16. Machete
    Machete 15 August 2018 15: 21
    Hayat feeding the "good" terrorists feeding the "bad" terrorists.
    Well, yes, these are other people's bastards ...
    Mattresses do not change themselves.
  17. Turgon
    Turgon 15 August 2018 15: 23
    And the king is naked !!!!!
  18. jncnfdybr
    jncnfdybr 15 August 2018 15: 37
    This is to be expected. Turkey bucked. Now all the dogs will be hung on her until she becomes obedient again.)))
  19. Mixanes
    Mixanes 15 August 2018 17: 49
    Turkey's reliability in the fight against the terrorist group Islamic State, banned in Russia, raises doubts among them, writes The New York Times.

    I even know what territory such barking comes from ...))))
    I remember earlier devils flowed through the territory to Syria and Iraq and weapons, back columns of equipment with oil, etc.
    Now it seems that they have closed this shop together with the Turks and a howl begins in all the "world media!"
  20. Mr.Fischer
    Mr.Fischer 15 August 2018 22: 38
    In a Syrian company, each party pursues its own interests and in its own right. It is difficult to judge how righteous or unrighteous the interests of each of the parties are, because each of them came to Syria with their own truth.
  21. Rusfaner
    Rusfaner 16 August 2018 14: 29
    Both on! Have ripened! What is being done ...