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Rogozin proposed condemning the transmitting information about the "Mace" for 80 years

Rogozin proposed condemning the transmitting information about the "Mace" for 80 yearsActing Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin considers it necessary to toughen the penalties for divulging Russian military secrets to foreign special services.

"They would have given 80, it would have been less hunters to hand over," Rogozin commented on Friday in his microblog on Twitter. news that the OPK worker was sentenced to 8 for years for disclosing secret information about the Bulava rocket.

Recall today it became known that the Sverdlovsk regional court convicted engineer Alexander Gniteyev guilty of transferring foreign intelligence of secret information about the ballistic missile "Bulava". He was sentenced to 8 years of a strict regime colony under Article 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (treason in the form of espionage).

Earlier, the media reported that a responsible employee of one of the "closed" enterprises in the Sverdlovsk region was accused of transferring secret intelligence to foreign intelligence concerning the Bulava management system. It was reported that the case is supervised by the Prosecutor General of Russia.

P-30 “Bulava-30” (index of URAV Navy - 3М30, code СНВ - RSM-56, according to the classification of the USA and NATO - SS-NX-30; “Bulava-M”, “Bulava-47”) - Russian solid fuel ballistic missile complex D-30 for placement on submarines of the 955 project.

In March, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov reported that an intercontinental ballistic missile of the sea-based Bulava is expected to be adopted in October 2012.

Of the 18 Mace launches, 10 was recognized as successful.

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  1. Kars
    Kars 19 May 2012 10: 43
    Defendant - I won’t live so much.
    Judge - come on, sit as long as you can.
    1. older
      older 19 May 2012 10: 56
      A good joke .. In the USA they give you five hundred years and nothing .. they sit .. And they sit for several life-long ones .. So life expectancy is the problem of the convict, not the state laughing
      1. YARY
        YARY 19 May 2012 11: 41
        ... and their families !!! angry
        1. Ramadan
          Ramadan 19 May 2012 12: 02
          That's right, let them look after their "breadwinner", otherwise then tears and everyone around is to blame ...
      2. party3AH
        party3AH 19 May 2012 12: 37
        Therefore, they give several life sentences that they can be revised once a year as a result of 20-30 years, the term can be canceled (of course, except for political criminals), and maniacs and specific killers there do not expect anything else other than capital punishment.
        1. 755962
          755962 19 May 2012 20: 48
          Ah, yes Rogozin! And that homeland of the seller .... HERE!
          1. 755962
            755962 19 May 2012 22: 51
            The United States could use the information received about the Bulava control system to develop interception schemes during the modernization of the missile defense system. Sources in law enforcement agencies told Nakanune.RU that secret information was transferred to a "huge western country" by an employee of the NGO "Avtomatika". Igor Korotchenko, head of the Public Council under the RF Ministry of Defense, confirmed that the information had "gone" to the US CIA.
    2. 755962
      755962 20 May 2012 00: 16
      Quote: Kars
      sit as long as you can.

      The Sverdlovsk Regional Court on Friday, May 18, passed a verdict against an employee of a defense enterprise, Alexander Gniteev, who was accused of divulging classified information about the Bulava missile. Gniteev was found guilty of "high treason in the form of espionage" and sentenced to eight years a maximum security colony, ITAR-TASS reports.
  2. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 19 May 2012 10: 43
    Rogozin’s idea is good, I fully support it, but how future will really show with this desire!
    1. older
      older 19 May 2012 10: 54
      In my opinion, I welcome Maxim ... Nobody will change the law, and international howling will begin, God forbid ... Just leave everything as it is ...
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 19 May 2012 11: 09
        Quote: older
        No one will change the law.

        Good health Sergey! For the sake of non-repetition of this, it would be possible to change. The existing scatter in the part of the deed and the punishment for it is anecdotal, even in this case, the betrayal and discharge of secret information is equated with ordinary theft ..
        1. domokl
          domokl 19 May 2012 11: 54
          An increase in punishment, in my opinion, will not bring the expected result .. It is necessary to beat according to what they betray ... Confiscation is complete indiscriminately of all property ... To be clear, betrayed, or rather sold, pay with your family and property .. . Only in any way ...
          1. Born in USSR
            Born in USSR 19 May 2012 13: 15
            Totally agree with you! Confiscation and an extension of the term will not lead to the temptation of potential Jews!
            1. Winter
              Winter 19 May 2012 13: 45
              In order to kill and eight years is enough! After all, Raduev died two years later ...
              1. Tersky
                Tersky 19 May 2012 13: 50
                Quote: Winter
                In order to kill and eight years is enough

                Margaret good ! But it’s better to do it publicly, it will be clearer for such! +
      2. Neighbor
        Neighbor 19 May 2012 11: 13
        But why - 8!?
        It was possible - 25, and all according to the law!
        What kind of pity is this?
        Us - Amer will not regret, in which case - no one !!! Neither children nor old people - they will destroy everyone !!!
        So why are we ....... ....... uy - Judas and the traitor - should be sorry !?
        1. Born in USSR
          Born in USSR 19 May 2012 13: 18
          It seems that someone is lobbying for a short time for traitors to produce them ...
          1. bremest
            bremest 20 May 2012 00: 14
            Dmitry Medvedev conducted last decriminalization in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and reduction of sentences. Perhaps the convict pleaded guilty and told about all the circumstances of the cooperation, which allowed the court to mitigate the punishment .... This trait was given below the lower limit. And by and large, for causing such damage it is necessary for at least 25 years .....
    2. valton
      valton 20 May 2012 15: 00
      But the reality will be like this: Seisas will get all human rights defenders out of their holes
      and they will raise a cry for violation of human rights and for democracy in Russia!
  3. older
    older 19 May 2012 10: 43
    Emotions, but the law is the law .. I would generally give for life
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 19 May 2012 12: 15
      Why feed him all his life? after 8 years of strict regime, he is already stifling his health)
  4. patriot64
    patriot64 19 May 2012 10: 50
    In fact, traitors were always hanged. Shameful death! It’s time to introduce it so that fear is stronger than the desire to be enriched in this way. And in general, the education of patriotism, no matter how bitterly aware of it, is at zero!
    1. Redpartyzan
      Redpartyzan 19 May 2012 10: 58
      I agree! No patriotism is just money. You need to burn them alive. Read Chapter 1 Suvorov Aquarium. What they did with the traitors.
      1. patriot64
        patriot64 19 May 2012 11: 16
        I read and not only "Aquarium" ... Well, Suvorov-Rezun is a traitor himself, and the hangman is crying for him too. And in general, they assume that he did not write his books "Aquarium", "Icebreaker", "M day" himself, and his English "patrons". The books told such details that Rezun, when he was still serving in the GRU of the USSR, could not know. Not that level.
  5. azgard
    azgard 19 May 2012 11: 03
    Rogozin is a real man !!!

    80 or the most that would not contain such taxes))
    how much damage has been done to us remains to be guessed
  6. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 19 May 2012 11: 07
    The first adequate policy statement. 80 years for treason - with two hands for!
  7. darkman70
    darkman70 19 May 2012 11: 30
    It is necessary to return the death penalty for such comrades.
    1. Drednout
      Drednout 19 May 2012 13: 46
      Quote: darkman70
      the death penalty for such comrades.

      I support without any statute of limitations, but if you look, then these comrades can be recruited for a whole Buchenwald. Especially since the last head of the USSR (along with the ex-head himself).
  8. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 19 May 2012 11: 39
    The fact that the traitor was exposed - pleases. But the traitors are punished differently.
  9. Nechai
    Nechai 19 May 2012 11: 50
    Quote: older
    .Just leave everything as it is ...

    Upward OBLIGED to understand - without repressions gentlemen, things will only ONLY DRIVE UNDER SLIDE! It can be slowed down with some success, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to force it to swiftly rush up the mountain of development. Especially in the face of all the victorious dough and selfishness!
    Quote: Neighbor
    Us - Amer will not regret, in which case - no one !!! Neither children nor old people - they will destroy everyone !!!

    Yes, even now they are not burdened by humanity and justice. Take the Booth affair. For la-la, without business, how much did he get in?
    Quote: patriot64
    Actually, traitors were always hanged.Shameful death! It's time to introduce it so that fear is stronger than the desire to be enriched in this way. And in general, the education of patriotism, no matter how bitterly aware of it, is at zero!

    Gold words! Andrew. Exactly! And the family for zugunder, to revive the railway transport in Kolyma. Didn't he "earn" those pieces of silver for himself alone? "Drank and ate together and ...? So build ships!"
  10. Cadet787
    Cadet787 19 May 2012 11: 57
    Dmitry. I want to clarify. Firstly, they are not our comrades, and secondly, I fully support and supplement you, the death penalty in public.
  11. Legion47
    Legion47 19 May 2012 12: 07
    And it’s even better not only to plant but also the complete confiscation of property, so that they think three times not only about the prison, but also whether it is profitable for them to sell their homeland! am
  12. pribolt
    pribolt 19 May 2012 12: 33
    Complete confiscation, and then the death penalty. am
  13. Tatanka Yotanka
    Tatanka Yotanka 19 May 2012 12: 34
    and the article is actually about nothing
    Well, he said, and then what? What change? cheers to Rogozin for saying something that everyone has been thinking for a long time
    this must be done at the level of legislative initiatives. But corruption was treason, treason
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 19 May 2012 21: 02
      Tatanka Yotanka,
      I agree! It would be better if he introduced the bill to the State Duma for consideration to change the law! I wonder how the Deputy Prime Minister has the right?
  14. evolus
    evolus 19 May 2012 13: 20
    I agree with Rogozin. And they gave little because of Judah. and not just a judge
  15. Mirth
    Mirth 19 May 2012 13: 49
    It may be that the court took into account the importance of the information transmitted, and it turned out that this information, although secret, is not too important, so the time is short?
  16. bubla5
    bubla5 19 May 2012 14: 02
    Okay, they’ll figure it out, but what about those who destroyed and sold the defense before this time during the hunchback, boriski and after, here we have to start
  17. dred
    dred 19 May 2012 14: 11
    Correctly suggested that Putin would have heard these words.
  18. Vadim-ragalevich
    Vadim-ragalevich 19 May 2012 14: 42
    For treason to the Motherland, it's time to return the "execution" article!
    1. sergey261180
      sergey261180 19 May 2012 19: 16
      So all the officials will have to be shot!
  19. mpanichkin
    mpanichkin 19 May 2012 16: 24
    Right! So that it was not disgraceful.
  20. AlexiusKit
    AlexiusKit 19 May 2012 16: 40
    Shooting, once proven guilty! am
  21. Slavs
    Slavs 19 May 2012 16: 53
    I am firmly convinced that for this kind of crime against one’s country only the death penalty. Rogozin plus, unless it is a set of political weight, but really the opinion of a person worried about his country ...
  22. razved
    razved 19 May 2012 17: 03
    In "the most democratic country in the world" they give several life sentences and still there are many of our and not only our friends !!! So that it does not stop anyone.
  23. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 19 May 2012 17: 23
    Quote: Rogozin
    "They would give 80, there would be fewer hunters to hand over",

    I don’t agree, it’s a lot of a fig to contain it at our expense, we need to restore hard labor, hi pays for its content itself, or to the wall
    1. sergey261180
      sergey261180 19 May 2012 19: 17
      The execution is very soft. We must send him to America, let him wash dishes for life in eateries!
      1. Vasilenko Vladimir
        Vasilenko Vladimir 19 May 2012 19: 34
        the main thing is that I DO NOT WISH to keep it for 80 years
      2. chukapabra
        chukapabra 20 May 2012 08: 28
        Quote: sergey261180
        The execution is very soft. We must send him to America, let him wash dishes for life in eateries!

        Do you think this is worse than shooting? what
        1. sergey261180
          sergey261180 20 May 2012 15: 58
          This is hell on earth. Wellcome that hell! Two hares at once: 1) we do not feed him; 2) he washes dishes, the Americans eat and continue to grow fat, they accumulate cholesterol and they will all be disabled due to their spy. smile
      3. prophetic
        prophetic 20 May 2012 19: 23
        legs, hands chopped off and let walks.
  24. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 19 May 2012 18: 01
    Traitor he is a traitor in Africa. To the wall !!!! sad
  25. Hedgehog
    Hedgehog 19 May 2012 18: 50
    hang on red square with Makarov and Serdyukov !!!
    DERWISH 19 May 2012 19: 02
  27. Magadan
    Magadan 20 May 2012 01: 13
    I continue to fuck with our "justice". 8 years! The same amount is given for ordinary theft! Or maybe he will also be released for good behavior? In a couple of years, when will the smoke settle? I can imagine how the operas give up, they catch a pancake, muddle, and then the cat cried all the filth of punishment. However, it is profitable to sell the secrets of the Motherland! I suppose the family will be robust to live somewhere beyond the cordon.
    1. prophetic
      prophetic 20 May 2012 19: 20
      Yes, a strange punishment for betrayal. In the USSR they would have shot, and that’s all.
  28. eduard.ganush
    eduard.ganush 20 May 2012 03: 01
    So all the way to life!
  29. Van
    Van 20 May 2012 10: 12
    Yes, the betrayal of the homeland, whatever that betrayal is, and the traitor is worse than the enemy of whom you at least know in person, and therefore deserves the highest penalty.
  30. Max79
    Max79 20 May 2012 14: 44
    Plant a scoundrel for life !!!! I think in closed enterprises still do not pay 15-20 thousand. Framed the whole country .... angry
  31. prophetic
    prophetic 20 May 2012 19: 18
    for his stake on the air, for others it will not be bad. well, and a couple of corrupt officials for one with him can solve the national problem.
  32. awg75
    awg75 20 May 2012 20: 32
    give GADU not 80 but 380 and alone
  33. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 20 May 2012 21: 32
    Planting must be for life!
    And the reason is obvious
    1. Not the last person in his office
    2. Knows a lot
    3. Himself a good specialist
    4. After 8 years, they won’t take jobs in the KB OPK
    5. If he leaves for a hill, he will sell the rest (that he knows) and will work for new owners
    6. such cases have already happened more than once.
  34. Magadan
    Magadan 21 May 2012 01: 16
    Quote: Max79
    Plant a scoundrel for life !!!! I think in closed enterprises still do not pay 15-20 thousand.

    What does the salary have to do with it? Yes, even if he died of hunger, is that an excuse to sell his homeland? Let him go, bastard, robbing stalls, stealing, trading in the market, but whatever !!!! If we start talking about salaries, we will get this far! Like they paid a little, so I honestly sold the secrets!
  35. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 21 May 2012 07: 50
    Yes, even if he died of hunger, is that an excuse to sell his homeland?

    We have to squeeze for such words "The salary is small" - Do not like do not work!
    After all, no one was forcing you to go to this job!
    And then medicine does not work - the salary is small, Children are not taught - the salary is small
    And if you look at Not providing assistance and not properly educating the child - this is also a betrayal of the motherland, undermining the health of the people and aiding in the degradation of the nation.