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LAW "Tor-E2". New to the international market

Russian anti-aircraft missile systems are characterized by high performance and because of this they are very popular on the international arms market. As it became known a few days ago, the list of export complexes was supplemented by another name. The Rosoboronexport organization officially announced the start of the promotion of the promising export air defense system Tor-E2 developed by the aerospace defense concern Almaz-Antey on the world market.

9 August Rosoboronexport has published a new press release telling about the organization’s plans for the future. According to this document, the organization launches a program to promote the new development of domestic designers in the field of air defense. Foreign customers are planning to offer a promising anti-aircraft complex "Tor-E2". It represents a further development of the already well-known “Thor” line, but at the same time it has certain differences from its predecessors. In addition, the complex with the letters "E2" was originally created taking into account supplies to third countries.

LAW "Tor-E2". New to the international market

A promising complex is called a long-awaited novelty in the segment of short-range air defense systems. During the last modernization, the complex retained all the best features of its family, but it became even more formidable. In terms of technical characteristics and combat capabilities, Tor-E2 surpasses the foreign systems of its class. The same goes for mobility and vitality.

According to its purpose, the new representative of the “Thor” family is no different from its predecessors. The task of this complex is to cover the units and troops on the march and during the battle. The complex is designed to protect troops from various means of air attack: manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as various weapons, primarily guided. Preserved the possibility of combat work at any time of day and in various meteorological conditions. It provides a solution to problems with active fire and electronic countermeasures by the enemy.

The first real step in promoting a new air defense system on the international market should be its demonstration at the nearest exhibition. On August 21, the next international military-technical forum Army-2018 opens in Kubinka, which will become the venue for the first public demonstration of the Tor-E2 product. Rosoboronexport and the VKO Almaz-Antey concern expect the new anti-aircraft complex to attract the attention of potential customers and the public. In addition, along with the new system, some already well-known samples will be shown.

According to published data, the promising export complex Tor-E2 is another version of the anti-aircraft equipment from its family. The designers managed to preserve all the main positive features of the family, but at the same time they improved the characteristics, providing an advantage over previous models and foreign developments. Unfortunately, some of the technical characteristics have not yet been clarified. There is reason to believe that such data will appear in the very near future - as part of the premiere of the complex.

Modernization, proposed and implemented in the new project, had almost no effect on the overall architecture and appearance of the complex. As before, the Tor-E2 is based on a high-performance tracked chassis. Such a platform provides the required mobility and allows anti-aircraft gunners to work in some combat formations with other armored vehicles. Also saved the characteristic ability of the family - a new combat vehicle, like its predecessors, is able to attack targets both from a short stop and on the move.

A special set of equipment is installed on the tracked chassis, including a large swivel turret with a launcher and radar equipment. The two radar stations are used again. One station is designed to search for targets, the second is used for missile guidance. Also, the complex is equipped with a block of optical-electronic equipment. From later family projects, an enlarged launcher with ammunition from 16 missiles was borrowed. Transport and launch containers with missiles are placed vertically and collected in packages.

The anti-aircraft complex with 16 missiles on board has a 4 target channel, allowing you to simultaneously fire several air targets. Thus, a battery of four combat vehicles can simultaneously fire and hit up to 16 targets. Such a connection can repel an air attack from any direction. Hazardous objects are hit at distances up to 15 km and altitudes up to 12 km.

The equipment of the complex is made taking into account the maximum automation of all basic processes. The participation of the calculation is reduced to the minimum necessary, which leads to an increase in a number of operational and combat characteristics. In particular, the reaction time is drastically reduced.

"Thor-E2" preserves the architecture of its predecessors, and with it gets unique combat capabilities. All the main components of the anti-aircraft complex, which are responsible for the search, detection, recognition and destruction of air targets, are placed on one machine. This ensures high autonomy of combat work, and in addition, to a certain extent increases combat stability and survivability. As noted in a recent press release, to disable a complex of a different architecture, it is enough for the enemy to hit the command post or radar station. Battery "Thors", in turn, stops working only in the case of the destruction of all its machines.

Also, to increase the survivability of the proposed mode of "link" in which two combat vehicles operate together and solve different tasks. In this case, one of the air defense system monitors the air situation and carries out target designation to the second. That, in turn, is in ambush and does not unmask itself with the radiation of the existing radar. In fact, he remains invisible to the enemy until the moment of attack. Missiles are launched on target designation from the second complex.

Like the previous models of the family, the new "Tor-E2" can be integrated into any existing air defense system of certain armed forces. Compatibility with communication and control systems built according to different standards is ensured. Depending on customer requirements, it is possible to embed the complex in systems built according to Soviet / Russian standards, or in the structures of NATO standards. This feature of the anti-aircraft complex is associated with its export destination and should to a certain extent increase its potential.

The first show of a promising export complex and materials on it will be held in the very near future at the future international military-technical forum “Army-2018”. The Rosoboronexport organization expects the latest development of the VKO Almaz-Antey concern to attract attention. In addition, foreign guests and potential buyers during the exhibition may be interested in other domestic air defense systems, represented by VKO and Rosoboronexport.

* * *

A sample of the Tor-E2 anti-aircraft missile system presented a few days ago is a new representative of a fairly large and well-known family of systems of its class. The first representatives of this family went into mass production and got into the troops in the mid-eighties. The basis of the new project of the air defense missile system was successful and promising ideas, which led to the emergence of a number of modifications with some differences. Not so long ago, the next samples of the family came into service. Moreover, it is with this line that further modernization of the military air defense of the near zone is linked.

The basic concept behind the first Thor project involved the construction of a self-propelled combat vehicle with a full set of necessary equipment. On its board were located the target detection station and the guidance station, as well as a vertical launcher with eight missiles. In the future, this architecture was repeatedly processed, but its main provisions did not change.

In accordance with the wishes of potential customers, first of all, the Russian army, the options for building the “Thors” on alternative chassis were worked out. Several modifications of the complex on wheeled chassis of different types were announced and shown. In addition, some of these projects involved placing equipment on towed trailers. Of particular interest is the modification of the Tor-M2DT, created for operation in the North. In this case, the target equipment is placed on a two-link tracked chassis DT-30. Also noteworthy are the 2016 tests of the year when a Tor-M2KM type module was placed on the deck of a warship.

As the family developed, much attention was paid to electronic equipment. Over time, in the course of the appearance of new modifications, radar stations and onboard equipment intended for signal processing were replaced. All this led to a marked increase in the main characteristics. In addition, in the 9K331 "Tor-М1" project, the calculation of the combat vehicle was reduced to three people.

At the same time, the development of the 9М330 anti-aircraft missile was underway. This product is built according to the “duck” scheme and has a single-stage architecture using a solid fuel engine. The release of the rocket from the transport and launch container is performed using the ejection device. After exiting the TLC, the rocket opens the planes, and a special gas generator performs its declination at a predetermined angle before exiting the desired trajectory.

The latest complexes of the Tor family, using modern versions of guided missiles, are capable of hitting targets at distances up to 15-16 km and altitudes up to 10-12 km. The maximum speed of the intercepted target is 1 km / s. The rocket can maneuver with overload up to 30 units. Interference-free radio command control system provides simultaneous firing at 4 of various targets.

The promising anti-aircraft complex Tor-E2, now offered for export, is another representative of a rather large family of air defense systems. It is based on already known and proven solutions, but at the same time there are certain peculiarities related to supplies to third countries. In particular, both high combat performance and compatibility with foreign communications and control systems are ensured.

During the upcoming Army-2018 forum, representatives of foreign armies can familiarize themselves with the latest Russian development and make a decision. It should be expected that Tor-E2 can really interest potential buyers. Previous family air defense systems have a certain popularity in the international market, and their reputation should have a positive impact on the prospects for the next modification.

The Russian defense industry deservedly occupies a leading position in the international market for air defense assets. To maintain this situation, it is necessary to regularly submit new samples with improved capabilities. Another example of this approach is the Tor-E2 complex. There is every reason to believe that the promising air defense missile system of an already known family will fulfill the tasks assigned to it and will take its place in the world market.

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  1. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 15 August 2018 08: 05
    Vivat, "TOR"! I like this air defense system! I am pleased to see how the complex improves over time: the number of missiles increases (from 8 to 16), the range increases (from 12 km to 15-16 km), the height reach (from 6 km to 10-12 km), the ability to fire on the move is improving, and multichannel ... a complete set: "all in one" - great! As long as at least one fire machine is "alive", the enemy will not rest! Only one "drop in the ointment" darkens the feeling of deep satisfaction: the absence of zur with the GSN, but we will wait! good
    1. max702
      max702 15 August 2018 10: 18
      The question is, is it possible to put a rocket from the Shell there? In terms of dimensions, it will not climb or other difficulties? It would be promising to have a universal missile on all short-range air defense systems ..
      1. Bad thing
        Bad thing 15 August 2018 10: 43
        Quote: max702
        The question is, is it possible to put a rocket from the Shell there? In terms of dimensions, it will not climb or other difficulties? It would be promising to have a universal missile on all short-range air defense systems
        Not only in length, at Torovskoy mortar launch, at Pacyrevskaya inclined. it would be more logical to fasten the shell rocket to the tunguska.
        1. Nikolaevich I
          Nikolaevich I 15 August 2018 15: 34
          Quote: Bad
          it would be more logical to fasten the shell rocket to the tunguska.

          FAQ oooh? belay "Pantsir" is the further development of "Tunguska" ... it would be more logical to shoot the "Tunguska" missile from the "Pantsir"! This is the same as the support in the new network equipment of the old standards, protocols!
          1. yehat
            yehat 15 August 2018 15: 42
            "Shell" - further development of "Tunguska"

            IT is such an evolution - have the tracks been upgraded to the shape of wheels?
            1. Nikolaevich I
              Nikolaevich I 16 August 2018 01: 03
              Yo-mine! How the "people" began to think "shallowly"! In fact, I mean the Concept (!) SAM!
            2. Nikolaevich I
              Nikolaevich I 16 August 2018 04: 10

              SAM "Pantsir" .... This is your snack!
          2. Bad thing
            Bad thing 15 August 2018 23: 18
            Quote: Nikolaevich I
            "Pantsir" is the further development of "Tunguska" ... it would be more logical to shoot the "Tunguska" missile from the "Pantsir"! This is the same as the support in the new network equipment of the old standards, protocols!

            In order to lower the characteristics of the complex? Namesake, are you sick?
            It is necessary for the Tunguska to finish up to the parameters of the Pantsir both in terms of the rocket and the equipment, otherwise this “horned shed” will be of little use.
            1. Nikolaevich I
              Nikolaevich I 16 August 2018 00: 58
              It’s just not necessary to blame everything on my healthy one! Though think about what you carry! 1.It is necessary for "Tunguska" to finish up to the parameters of the "Shell" ... Fuck you !? "Tunguska" has already been "finished" to ...! And the result is "Shell"! Because SAM "Pantsir" was created within the "framework" of the development (!) Of the concept of "Tunguska"! "Tunguska" will serve for some time and will be "removed" from service ... may be sold to "neighbors". "Equalizing" Tunguska with "Pantsir" is the same as creating a new air defense system! What for? The "new" air defense system is already there, it's "Pantsir"!
              2.In order to lower the characteristics of the complex ...
              Again, you do not understand! Why not "finish off" in Syria the supply of Tunguska aircrafts on drones and nurses in order to save more expensive Pantsir aircrafts ?! As a temporary measure, at least ... And I admit that this may not be the most a wonderful solution, but still it is in the "rut" of your own thoughts: you wanted to shoot from Tunguska missiles with 57E6E missiles! belay I just wanted to enlighten you that if, all of a sudden, “Tunguska” is “connected” with “Shell”, then it would be more logical (!) To do it at my suggestion! That is, on the contrary.
              1. Bad thing
                Bad thing 16 August 2018 09: 22
                At the development stage, "Pantsir" was called "Tunguska-3", you don't need to enlighten me (you take everything too literally, and "screw the missiles" meant all the electronics of "Pantsir"), and how "Armor" is used in Syria (on-site air defense) I don't really care, I'm talking about the fact that the "Tunguska" - currently the most powerful complex of the regimental (brigade) link with its characteristics, does not particularly shine (since 1982, how many years have passed? "Hellfires" have learned 11 -12 km to fly), the question is why the head of the "Pantsir" is not placed on the tracked chassis of the "Tunguska" (all ended with a single exhibition sample).
                1. Mihail28
                  Mihail28 17 August 2018 13: 17
                  The question here is how much of the Carapace fits on the tracked chassis. Purely visually, there is not enough space for all the equipment and equipment to fully fit. It is quite possible that a "truncated" version is obtained on the tracks.
                  It is necessary to look at the characteristics of the rocket, especially the maneuvering parameters.
                  And in the drawings you can depict everything you want.
                  1. Bad_gr
                    Bad_gr 18 August 2018 18: 51
                    Quote: Michael28
                    Here's the question: how fully does the Shell fit on the tracked chassis.

                    Everything fits nicely.
                    but the managers thought it was expensive.,
      2. Usher
        Usher 15 August 2018 20: 34
        Do you understand the topic at all?
    2. venik
      venik 15 August 2018 15: 04
      Quote: Nikolaevich I
      Vivat, "TOR" Only one drop of tar "darkens" the feeling of deep satisfaction: the absence of zur with the GSN, but we will wait! good

      But this is TOTALLY OTHER song!!!!!!!
      To do this there is PERFECT Other complexes !!!
      1. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 15 August 2018 15: 20
        Quote: venik
        But this is a completely different song !!!!!!!
        There is a COMPLETELY OTHER complex for this

        It’s not right to say so!
  2. san4es
    san4es 15 August 2018 08: 20
    hi .. "Tor-E2", now offered for export, is another representative of a fairly large family of air defense systems ..
  3. saturn.mmm
    saturn.mmm 15 August 2018 08: 35
    Thor -E2 what kind of beast is this, what kind of modification? Maybe Tor-M2E?
    1. venik
      venik 15 August 2018 15: 06
      Quote: saturn.mmm
      Thor -E2 what kind of beast is this, what kind of modification? Maybe Tor-M2E?

      Maybe .... Or maybe NO !!!
    2. yehat
      yehat 15 August 2018 15: 43
      and who can say what is the real effectiveness of all of our armored toro-tungusoks?
  4. Mihail28
    Mihail28 16 August 2018 02: 31
    Quote: Nikolaevich I
    more expensive zur "Pantsir"

    Do you have information on the cost of the Pantsir and Tunguska missiles, or are you just like "guessing"?
  5. Stas rasputnii
    Stas rasputnii 16 August 2018 11: 12
    Kapets, you are the back of the head, the tunguska - this is military air defense (for escorting columns on the march and not only), the shell is the air defense of the country (for guarding important objects), these are machines for different tasks, only IDs can compare them
    1. Bad thing
      Bad thing 16 August 2018 11: 37
      In the country's air defense "Pantsir" covers the dead zone of the S-300/400, and the air defense of the ground forces is still playing "Pantsir", what does not suit them there - one can only guess (maybe a purely financial issue, or maybe technical problems).
      1. yehat
        yehat 17 August 2018 13: 34
        the shell has a number of significant disadvantages compared to the ASEZ and in no case can be considered a full-fledged and independent unit of defense of the object - this is its main disadvantage
        For example, the Shell is guaranteed to not cope with the raid of a pair of aircraft, especially f-35.
        this complex also has a number of adaptation difficulties. And all the specialized groups that were involved in adapting the air defense system to non-standard conditions were dispersed. Optimization in Almaz-Antey ...