Victor Orban is an agent of Russian intelligence. US sure about this

The main topic of the release of the online journal was an article that appeared in the American edition of The Wall Street Journal. The authors of the article accuse the Hungarian authorities of “working for the Kremlin”. The economically positive relations between Moscow and Budapest are viewed by American Russophobes as successful work of Russian special services in Hungary.

The chief editor of, Ruslan Ostashko, explains such Russophobic hysteria by attempts by some American political forces to smooth out the effect that the European Union’s refusal to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran had on the information space. Such a decision of the EU, of course, does not suit the United States, so they will by any means show Europe its erroneous position and blame Russian spies for this. In another way, Washington cannot explain the disobedience of Brussels, Ostashko concludes.

The journalist is convinced that the US policy of enclosing Russia with a belt of unfriendly states has failed. Hence the attacks of American Russophobes towards Viktor Orban. Ruslan Ostashko is confident that Hungary will be followed by Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and other countries that are trying to build sustainable economic relations with Russia.

The “carrot and stick” policy towards European countries, which has had a guaranteed effect for many years, has stopped working, the journalist states.

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  1. +2
    14 August 2018 15: 32
    Trump, Orban, Boris Johnson ...
    We have long arms.
  2. +1
    14 August 2018 15: 34
    And mushroom is ours too! She sprays the forces of Nata, the missiles lose there.
  3. -1
    14 August 2018 16: 17
    [quoteViktor Orban - agent of Russian intelligence. ] [/ quote]
    we still have a lot of Stirlitz in stock. even in the white house laughing
    in general, all who send striped forests, all our agents
  4. 0
    14 August 2018 16: 19
    I don’t know what will happen next, but I feel the elections to the European Parliament will be epic in 2019 ... Unless something terrible happens to them because the Americans will not let Europe go so easily ...
  5. +2
    14 August 2018 16: 24
    It seems that this incomprehensible virus from Ukraine has reached the United States. Or vice versa, while poisoning Svidomo themselves dirty?
  6. 0
    15 August 2018 05: 16
    Laughter then laughter, but we are dealing with an established system of vassalage with a powerful "bandage" of addicts in many areas of life. Their stupidity of application comes not from the dementia of those who apply, but from self-confidence and lazy unwillingness to somehow turn them into generally accepted morality. And we can’t pull their current mode of existence financially, and there’s no reason why. Not for the sake of stating the fact that the blockade has been "broken". So those listed above, perhaps Turkey, maybe some more, hanging out in the region of the "civilized West" will still suffer the "reformatting" of the Russian political course. The transition to an open colonial regime with the preservation of national identity is the only window in which you can start pulling into your camp (if it still remains, since even the "neighbors" are playing their friendly ties with us, engaging in dances with ..., well, with many with a transparent purpose). Moreover, the dollar rules. In short, if the persecution starts at the anti-Russian level, I do not think that the guys will pull their "Russian" project further. They were hired to the wrong ones ... However, coordination of actions without a special "obligation" on the part of the "small", in which the positive "little things" of the relationship are exposed in simple and accessible forms, will most likely lead precisely to the possibility of preserving the national sovereign consciousness, and relative basic relations to the moment of "ripening" of the "transition" situation.
  7. 0
    15 August 2018 16: 04
    This is of course stupid. Orban’s sympathies for Russia are primarily connected with the altruism of the Russian authorities towards Hungary. No one else offered more favorable conditions for the construction of the 2nd stage of Paks NPP. In all other respects, Orban holds his nose strictly in the wind.

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