Ukrainian official: we risk losing statehood

Ukraine risks not only losing control over two or three ports, but also losing statehood altogether, leads apostrophe Statement by the Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and Displaced Persons Georgy Tuka

Kiev has a real threat to lose both seas (Azov and Black), and along with them statehood, and not necessarily by military means, Tuka said.

According to him, Vadim Rabinovich and Yevgeny Murayev (For Life), Yuriy Boyko (“opposition bloc”), as well as other representatives of the “fifth column” are enough to push the majority to the Rada — and that's all, skiff, there’s no Ukraine, but there is "Little Russian province" ".

Responding to a question about the difficult situation in the Azov Sea, Tuk noted that in Kiev they are considering several options for "lifting the blockade", including the military one.

Now I am not ready to talk about the scenarios that we are studying, including the unlocking of force. This question is very complex. No decisions have yet been made.
he said.

At the same time, the deputy minister did not dispute the right of Russians to inspect ships in the Sea of ​​Azov. He recalled that the Ukrainian security forces have the same right, and there are no restrictions here.

In this case, it is not about violation of the right, but about abuse of this right. These are completely different things.
explained Tuk.

He added that Ukraine alone will not cope with the “crisis in the Sea of ​​Azov”, but Kiev has the opportunity to attract allies to help find the right solution.

Earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Elena Zerkal noted that the Ukrainian media artificially aggravate the situation with the inspection of ships in the Sea of ​​Azov. According to her, from the shipowners or from the captains of the ships did not receive a single complaint against the actions of the Russian border guards.
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  1. +4
    12 August 2018 18: 52
    Now I’m not ready to talk about the scenarios that we are studying, including about force unlocking. This question is very complex.

    Of course it will be difficult to unlock the Sea of ​​Azov with a silo lol
    Ukraine alone can’t cope with the “crisis in the Sea of ​​Azov,” but Kiev has the opportunity attract alliesto help you find the right solution.

    The most realistic option is the Martians. lol
    1. +7
      12 August 2018 19: 02
      Martians certainly help them, but why do they, Martians, harness for dill?
      And during the elections, this "thinker" was quite fancy. What choices, sho will change from them? The extreme is falling apart anyway, and people will be robbed as they have been robbed!
      1. +4
        12 August 2018 19: 35
        From this Georgy Tuki - Deputy Minister of Ukraine "For the Temporarily Occupied Territories and Displaced Persons" - as they say, there is nothing good and politically intelligible to take.

        It’s enough to remember that he is Georgy Tuka - founder of the site "Peacemaker", i.e. so called an open base of all "terrorists" in Ukraine and its displaced persons, which was created with the support of the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.
        1. +4
          12 August 2018 19: 46
          It is enough to recall that he is George ...

          He urgently needs to decommunize his name. And then he himself will fall into the "Peacemaker"!
          1. +1
            12 August 2018 21: 07
            This will be the next step, he has not yet guessed.
    2. +1
      12 August 2018 20: 48
      Quote: Thrall
      The most realistic option is Martians.

      As an honorary Martian, I declare responsibly: Martians are not against joining Brix, but unlike Ukraine they will not tolerate the US aggressor state on their territory. In addition, the fascist regime in Ukraine cannot be a partner of the Martians. And in general, the statement of Took about the possible loss of statehood by Ukraine causes bewilderment in the Martian public circles: Is Ukraine not under the external control of the USA and the IMF? The civil war unleashed by the criminal bloody Bandera regime against Donbass raises serious doubts about the legitimacy of the Ukrainian government and the capacity of the UN Security Council.
  2. +4
    12 August 2018 18: 58
    Yes, yes, allies will help Ukraine, while it burns, they still bring gas ....
    1. +2
      12 August 2018 22: 19
      Quote: DEZINTO
      Yes, yes, allies will help Ukraine, while it burns, they still bring gas ....

      blessed is he who believes ...
  3. -1
    12 August 2018 18: 59
    In this case, it is not a violation of the law, but an abuse of this right. These are completely different things.
    ..... Yeah ... Like this ... Well, what can you say in a joking conversation? You joked, I laughed too. And you take to heart.
  4. +3
    12 August 2018 19: 02
    What kind of statehood does this puppet discuss?
    From the beginning, at least from his "sugar" lips, he shook off the crumbs from the master's cookies.
  5. +5
    12 August 2018 19: 05
    The whole "power option" is reduced to a yell "west help" from the knee-elbow position.
    That's just what the hell NATO will decide on a direct confrontation, their fat burghers with a brain tolerance will not understand why they should suffer (well, there are high taxes and hamburgers, oh SCRIPT!, Can disappear) for some outskirts.

    ... and the otvetka can catch on "but what for us ??? !!!"
  6. +2
    12 August 2018 19: 07
    In this case, it is not about violation of the right, but about abuse of this right. These are completely different things, Tuk explained.
    Is this about dill piracy?
  7. +7
    12 August 2018 19: 10
    How can you lose what you have already taken. Moreover, you gave the statehood for cookies and just promises. The country is driven into debt bondage and does everything that the owner indicates from overseas in order to borrow again. The country is a colony. The colony (Latin colōnia “settlement”) is a dependent territory under the authority of a foreign state (metropolis), without independent political and economic power, governed on the basis of a special regime.
  8. +4
    12 August 2018 19: 10
    Not even funny ... your problems ....
  9. +6
    12 August 2018 19: 16
    I’m thinking, do the colonies deprived of the right to vote, and the ability to think, may have allies ???? recourse Masters, let them be and there is, then she and the colony! am
  10. +3
    12 August 2018 19: 19
    Ukraine lost its statehood when it was sold to the states. And the inspection of ships passing through the Kerch Strait is the territory of Russia and its right to know what cargo goes to the country of house. And neutral waters in the Sea of ​​Azov are the same as neutral waters in any ocean, with relevant international laws.
    1. 0
      12 August 2018 19: 51
      Quote: bald
      Ukraine lost its statehood when it was sold to the states.

      The state of Ukraine, like the Ukrainian nation itself, was created artificially by Lenin and Stalin in accordance with the communist program to support nationalism. At that time, there was a utopian and extremely contradictory goal through nationalist forces to achieve support for the ideas of communism in which national party clans, in fact, will not play any role.
      Therefore, there was never and could not be any statehood in these territories. These have always been disputed territories from the beginning between Russia and Turkey, then between Russia and Poland, Romania later Germany joined this dispute.
      1. 0
        12 August 2018 20: 49
        Vitaliy, in fact, Ukraine gained statehood after the collapse of the USSR, previously the Ukrainian SSR.
  11. +4
    12 August 2018 19: 45
    The Ukrainian elite needs statehood only in order to rob the Soviet heritage and its citizens ... None of them are going to live and die in Ukraine ....
    1. 0
      12 August 2018 20: 19
      Quote: Greg Miller
      Statehood is needed by the Ukrainian elite only in order to rob the Soviet legacy and its citizens
      Despite the fact that for the "elite" these citizens are not their own
  12. +3
    12 August 2018 19: 47
    Little Russian province instead of Ukraine - that would be good. First
    turn for most residents of this province.
  13. +4
    12 August 2018 19: 54
    Kiev has the opportunity to attract allies

    Come on! Does Kiev have allies? laughing
    Is it like a cow has a milkmaid ally? Or is a flesh-beef fighter the same ally? Oh well....
  14. 0
    12 August 2018 19: 57
    And such a “state" as the current Nazi Ukraine does not need any statehood. Such Ukraine definitely should not be.
  15. -1
    12 August 2018 20: 05
    "push through?" means that the elections are now called in Ukraine ...
  16. +3
    12 August 2018 20: 14
    The fact that the outskirts are under the external control of the United States is not a loss of statehood))) I quote a phrase from one of the outlying thinkers)))
    - only in that case Ukraine can be called independent, if NATO troops march in Kiev in a parade.
    Paraphrase a bit)))
    Only in that case can Canada be called independent if there are Russian missile bases there)))
    Laugh cottage cheese!
  17. -2
    12 August 2018 20: 18
    Something went wrong with our Middle Eastern partners
  18. 0
    12 August 2018 20: 28
    "In this case, we are not talking about a violation of the right, but about the abuse of this right. These are completely different things."
    Classical: what about us?
  19. 0
    12 August 2018 20: 56
    The same risk that a confused veteran lose his virginity. sad
  20. -1
    12 August 2018 21: 09
    We Martians are categorically against it. Although we drink vodka, we don’t eat fat.
  21. 0
    12 August 2018 22: 00
    What statehood in the ass? !!!
    Guys, seriously - there is such a thing, for example, the state is being built on the ultimate right to use violence. Roughly speaking - mentors ... Troops. Now the question is - is it ultimatum in the Extreme? To whom does PS obey? Or who marines in Odessa?
    And that’s already - that’s all, there’s no state, and I’ve just started, I haven’t even mentioned for example Chelimkhan Zvezdohanov’s name in Kherson - he did a lot for Kherson - so there’s not a date, but some kind of buoy named after chmyrekhan mutotyanov ?
  22. -1
    12 August 2018 22: 50
    Ukrainian officials have a late ignition at all, or they do not know as a "chairman," that the country has lost statehood on 1/5 of its territory, and on the main, statehood is supported only by punishers .............. ........
  23. 0
    12 August 2018 23: 44
    The Amer’s regional committee is firmly seated in Ukraine, I don’t know about statehood, but it is deceiving by external management.
    1. -1
      14 August 2018 05: 07
      A colony like Nazi Germany? Grotesque, however!
  24. +3
    13 August 2018 02: 31
    risk losing statehood

    How can you lose what is not?
  25. +2
    13 August 2018 04: 56
    These are all the consequences of Maidanization !!! I had to think against whom "the wave was driven." Russia gave birth to you, apparently, and we will have to put in place because your international "comrades" are already beginning to dislike you.
  26. +1
    13 August 2018 08: 55
    Oh don't waste
    Kume of power
    sink to the bottom!
  27. -1
    14 August 2018 05: 06
    You must not lose what was not born!

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