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Ten years ago, 08.08.08, the Saakashvili regime struck at night with a fire strike at South Ossetia and shot Russian peacekeepers near Tskhinval. In general, it was a full-fledged casus belli, and Russia could go to the end, until the complete liberation of Georgia from pro-American puppets. But the geopolitical alignments outweighed the formal ones, and Russia limited itself to forcing Saakashvili Georgia to peace and recognizing the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Analysts today are drawing analogies of this Caucasian war with the situation in Ukraine, although the lessons of this war are of greater importance, and for the wider NATO public as well. At that time, the American press quoted some words of an adviser to the White House in a narrow circle about the situation in Georgia: are we going to fight the Russians for Georgia?

The United States did not then fight with the Russians because of Georgia, why? On this subject, one high-ranking official from the Pentagon recently spoke, in the sense that the United States will not fight with an opponent of equal strength, you first need to gain a military advantage. Well, what could be the US military advantage over Russia's nuclear superpower? Numerous vassals of the United States can not comprehend this clear American message, despite all the explanations of President Trump, not because they have been scanty with their minds, but because their top officials are very afraid of the US State Department.

We will help them understand this Pentagon binomial.

The vassal countries are needed by the United States to create problems for Russia, for the so-called containment of Russia, and not for creating problems for the United States, much less the threat of a nuclear strike on the United States. This applies not only to Georgia and Ukraine, but to the entire NATO bloc: The 5 article of the NATO Charter on American intercession does not really guarantee anything for it, because it is not the United States that exists for NATO, but NATO exists for the United States. The American general said this in a straightforward military manner, and told more truth than in all official NATO documents.

What follows from this? As the Pentagon has said, the United States will wage wars in which they have a distinct advantage, or they believe they have it. Here in the economic, especially the financial sphere, the US feels a great advantage behind them, so the economic fields of the world intersect with sanctions fronts, and the US Congress declared financial and economic war to Russia, adopting a sanctions anti-Russian package of laws, in which Russia is officially called the "enemy."

The United States is waging an economic war against Russia in full: they are already imposing sanctions for poisoning Skripale in Salisbury (England) already demanding to admit the guilt for this poisoning. However, Russian-American economic relations are minimal, and so the alleged US anti-Russian sanctions are directed primarily against European partner companies of Russia, that is, with their anti-Russian sanctions, the US is hitting Europe.

A number of analysts believe that the world economic war begins. Since the United States has declared an economic war also on Iran, moreover, they threaten with sanctions all countries that maintain economic relations with Iran, especially in the energy sector. Europe and China, and of course, Russia, refuse to recognize the anti-Iran sanctions of the United States, and they also risk falling under these sanctions. The question is why the US is doing this? This suggests that, as in the case of anti-Russian sanctions, US anti-Iran sanctions are a reason to cause an indirect financial and economic blow to Europe and China, which are heavily dependent on oil supplies from Iran.

Thus, the United States is launching an economic war not only against Russia, but also Europe: they can blow up the European economy, plunging it into an oil crisis. Despite the culturalhistorical the proximity of Europe and the special relations of NATO countries. It’s possible that all this is Trump’s big bluff, that he will back down by bargaining with Europe and China: we will soon find out about this, because anti-Iranian sanctions are scheduled for this fall. And about the anti-Russian sanctions for poisoning the Skripals, Trump is generally silent, even on Twitter.

On the other hand, the global oil crisis may lead to the capitulation of Congress before Trump, since the role of the US president in this emergency situation will increase dramatically. And Trump can clear the way for his “great America” policy on the paths of the new US isolationism.

Russia's capabilities in the economic war with the United States are modest due to the lack of serious economic relations, but significant in a number of areas, for example, in space and aviation. The President of Russia has already said that the option of “nullifying” relations with the United States was being considered, but was postponed until the worst of times. Perhaps these times are coming, although Russia will suffer some damage from the “zero” scenario, but ... in a war as in a war.

Apparently, Russia takes into account the internal political situation in the United States, the ongoing war between President Trump and Congress and the global neocons, and will strive to support Trump because he advocates normalizing relations with Russia, and simply more sane than the schizoid Congress .

The Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki had one important tangible result: some official communication channels were established between the Kremlin and the Trump administration. If Moscow considers that the "zero" scenario will benefit Trump, it will be launched.

... And about the weather in Ukraine. There will be no large-scale war in the Donbas again. Russia doesn’t need this war at all, which means it won’t be there, no matter how small victorious plans were hatched by the Bandera Führer Petro Poroshenko. He already introduces the Nazi salute to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to tell all the Nazis of Ukraine that he is his board. So to say, what country, such and the Fuhrer. The problem is that ordinary Nazis like Kokhanivsky do not want such a Fuhrer ...
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  1. +1
    10 August 2018 06: 01
    until the complete liberation of Georgia from pro-American puppets
    many Georgians for it! And for many, the word "annexation" is the main thing in the lexicon. Who brought up how.
  2. +1
    10 August 2018 06: 43
    Numerous US vassals cannot make sense of this clear American message, despite all the explanations of President Trump, not because have become witlessbut because their tops are very afraid of the US State Department.

    ... Victor, (to the author) this is exactly what you noted good ... they have nothing of their own, including intelligence .... so, firewood for the fire ...
  3. +1
    10 August 2018 06: 55
    The United States will wage wars in which they have a clear advantage, or believe that they have one.
    [Quote] [/ quote]
    ... the USA waged such wars ... which don’t take ...
  4. +1
    10 August 2018 07: 25
    Where has it been seen so that the rams sent to the slaughterhouse are explained the meaning of what is happening? With such "brainless" lackeys, the United States imagines all of its so-called allies, and these stupid people dream that the Americans will go to war with Russia over some kind of "consumable"! Yes, as history shows, the United States treats them like used toilet paper ...
  5. BAI
    10 August 2018 09: 19
    There is a war against Russia according to the theory of “a thousand cuts” - each mongrel will at least a little yap and bite if possible, and as a result, everything will add up to significant overall damage.
    1. +2
      10 August 2018 10: 12
      But Russia is already the CENTURY just on such "jackals" and is "feeding itself". A lot of such "jackals" have already guessed and have become completely or were part of the Russian Empire - Georgia, Poland, cf. Asia, Japia, Sweden, Germans with different sauces.
      Also, the war of 08/08/08, even without hanging sukashvilli, gave Russia a very important lesson, I would even say a “life-giving kick” for the rearmament and reorganization of the Army. And now, in 2014, Crimea - showed that the “lesson has been learned”, the problem is not “a thousand cuts”, but the strength of those who are currently in power - if they are strong people, then - Russia is growing and expanding, if in power a rag, then - a bowl without "cuts" in Russia comes opa ((.
  6. +1
    10 August 2018 09: 34
    It is difficult for American puppets to think that the United States will not get involved in a war with Russia over some kind of Ukraine or the Baltic states. Due to the scarcity of their little mind completely eaten up by Russophobia, they considered themselves an important link in the bundle of Europe and America, but in reality this is a weak link and is necessary for irritating Russia and creating tension on its borders. In the event of a conflict, they will simply be forgotten as if they were not there. And once again you have to chew ties from European fashion designers.
    1. +1
      10 August 2018 17: 44
      Quote: rotmistr60
      It is difficult for American puppets to think that the United States will not get involved in a war with Russia over some kind of Ukraine or the Baltic states. Due to the scarcity of their little mind completely eaten up by Russophobia, they considered themselves an important link in the bundle of Europe and America, but this is actually a weak link and is necessary for irritating Russia

      This weak link should just enter the war with the Russians and should be disposed of. The experience of two world wars showed Americans how to get out of the crisis with profit ........... Article 5 of the Charter of the North Atlantic Alliance states that that the country that was attacked from outside will receive military and material assistance. The Americans, in principle, do not know what to do to get Europe stuck in a war with Russia, and this is the ultimate goal!

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