“You won't get a penny!” Russia should not pay compensation to Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States

After the collapse of the Soviet Union among the politically and economically insolvent states of Eastern Europe, it became fashionable to demand from Russia, which they consider to be the heir of the Soviet state, compensation and payments for the alleged damage caused by the “Soviet occupation”. Among such "claimants" are all Baltic republics, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine. Thus, the Baltic countries have long and hopelessly demanded that Russia compensate them for the consequences of the “occupation”, which they understand as the Soviet period stories Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which lasted from 1940 to 1990 years.

For half a century of "occupation", the Baltic republics from the backward agrarian states, the "outskirts of Europe", turned into developed regions of the USSR. Those of us who are older remember well that the Baltic States as a whole lived much better than other Soviet republics, not to mention most of the regions of the RSFSR. And the reason for this was not only the geographical position with access to the Baltic Sea, but also the colossal funds that Moscow poured into the development of the Baltic ports, industrial enterprises, agriculture, and social infrastructure.

In favor of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the resources of the RSFSR and other Union republics, including Kazakhstan, were redistributed. In Riga or Tallinn lived and significantly freer than in other cities of the Soviet Union. About much that the Balts had then, the inhabitants of the rest of the Union could only dream of. It is hardly possible to talk about any oppression of immigrants from these republics - they had the opportunity to make careers in state, party, military service, which many of them successfully used, occupying rather serious posts in the Soviet power hierarchy.

But all the same, in the Baltic republics they talk about the Soviet occupation and, moreover, they demand from modern Russia to compensate them for billions of dollars in costs that allegedly occurred because of the consequences of the Baltic states joining the Soviet Union. For example, in Estonia at one time there even existed a special commission to investigate the “repressive policies of the occupation regime” (completed its work in 2004). Latvia demanded 185 billion euros from Russia - it was the amount that the country allegedly cost for its entry into the Soviet state. Edmund Stankevich, who headed the Latvian commission, agreed to the point that he called typical residential buildings built in Soviet times in Latvia ugly and disfiguring the original Latvian landscape. Thus, even the existence of Soviet-built residential, industrial, transport and other facilities of the modern Baltic countries is regarded as harm, emphasizing that the USSR allegedly did worse than it was.

Similar claims against Russia are exhibited by Poland - a country that was liberated by Soviet soldiers from the Nazi invaders. Poland’s claims against Germany still have grounds, although in 1953, the then Polish leadership refused to receive any compensation from West and East Germany. But as for Russia, here the Polish requirements look absurd. Polish land is watered with the blood of Soviet guys from Moscow and Ryazan, Krasnodar and Karaganda, Tashkent and Baku. The Poles themselves were unable to liberate their country from the Nazi occupiers, could not do without Soviet assistance, but now, you see, the Soviet Union was guilty of occupying Poland. By the way, those lands that were part of the Polish state before 1939, today are the territories of Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, and not Russia. If we follow the logic, then Warsaw needs to demand that Vilnius, Kiev, Minsk return these territories. And Lithuania will have to cede its capital to Poland, since Vilnius was called Vilna before 1939, and it was part of Poland. He became Lithuanian only after parts of the Red Army entered the territory of the eastern regions of Poland. Vilna and part of the Vilna region, under the Treaty on the transfer of the city of Vilna to the Republic of Lithuania and the Vilna region between the Soviet Union and Lithuania from October 10 1939, were transferred to the Republic of Lithuania.

Back in September, 2017, Vice-Minister of Justice of Poland, Patrick Yakii and MP Jan Mosiński, said that Warsaw has every reason to demand reparation not only from Germany, but also from Russia. They say, in 1921, under the terms of the Riga Treaty, signed by the RSFSR and Poland, Moscow had to pay Warsaw 30 million rubles in gold, but this money was never paid. Then the Polish politicians started talking about the need to pay reparations for the alleged destruction and plundering of Polish property by Soviet soldiers during the Second World War.

Interestingly, Warsaw considers Russia to be the unconditional heir of the Soviet Union, but at the same time, when it comes to Poland itself, it immediately refuses continuity with regard to Poland. So, as noted above, in 1953, the NDP gave up the requirement of reparation from Germany, but now Polish politicians claim that this was done by the then communist regime, to which modern Poland has nothing to do.

In July, 2018, the chairman of the Seimas of Poland’s reparations commission, Arkadiusz Mulyarchik, again spoke of the need to document all the “damage” allegedly inflicted on Poland by the actions of the Soviet Union, and to demand that Russia compensate it. I wonder how much the death of hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers and officers during the liberation of Poland from the Nazi occupation could be estimated? Fortunately, Russia will never allow itself to sink to such arguments. Poland, as a reward for the liberation, compiles lists of monuments to Soviet soldiers, which are subject to demolition to eradicate the memory of the communist era in the history of the country.

But if everything is clear with Poland and the Baltic states, the recent words of the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Russia Abdul Kayum Kuchai are more than surprising. The diplomat called the entry of Soviet troops into his country a mistake and said that it would not hurt Russia to apologize. The words of the Afghan ambassador have caused a storm of indignation in the Russian press. It is clear that modern Afghanistan is another arena of the Russian-American confrontation, but Afghan politicians should understand that real help always came to them from the north, and not from the United States.

Compensation claims of neighboring states cause not only indignation of Russians, but also the surprise of professional lawyers and lawyers. Lawyer Ilya Reiser emphasizes that almost all such demands are turned into the past. Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, and now the Afghan ambassador, are demanding compensation from the modern Russian Federation for the actions of the Soviet Union, which collapsed 27 years ago. Moreover, from the legal point of view, the RSFSR was only one of the equal Union republics. That is, in this case, compensation can be demanded from other states that have emerged in the post-Soviet space.

How reasonable are such requirements at all?

- They, strictly speaking, are not full-fledged and legally justified requirements. This is a common political PR, which is resorted to by the weak and dependent on the great powers of the state, trying to show its importance. If you start to dig in the past, you can find a lot of controversial situations. Lithuania and Latvia are demanding compensation for some actions of the Soviet authorities on their territory, and then you can raise counter questions about the actions of the Baltic punishers during the Great Patriotic War. And in general, for some reason in the Baltics they forget that, for example, the very same Lithuania, thanks to the “Soviet occupation”, gained a huge territory with a population of half a million people. Before 1940, even Vilnius and its districts did not belong to Lithuania, and ethnic Lithuanians lived there no more than 20% of the population. Maybe then it is worth giving these lands to Poland in order to restore historical justice, about which biased politicians are so baked? As for Afghanistan, I would remind you that not so long ago we forgave this country a huge debt in 11 billion dollars. And in response, such statements are made by the Afghan ambassador.

Is it possible to “shake off money” from Russia with the help of such statements or even lawsuits?

- No, it is completely unreal. Moreover, the representatives of the states that claim the need to pay compensation are well aware of this. Of course, you can give an example of Germany, which paid compensation to victims of the Holocaust, but this is a completely different case. Germany carried out a real genocide of civilians. She was an aggressor country, attacked neighboring states, destroyed their infrastructure, killed civilians. By the way, unlike Poland, Israel and a number of other states, Russia did not receive any reparations from Germany, although it was the USSR that suffered the most from the Nazi aggressors. As for the actions of the Soviet Union in the Baltic States, the Allied republics gained far more than they lost. Suffice it to recall what Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia were before 1940. If we talk about Afghanistan, the USSR has invested huge amounts of money in this country; moreover, the Afghan land is watered with the blood of many thousands of Soviet soldiers who fought against the Mujahideen, having come to the aid of the recognized government of Afghanistan. Therefore, the words of the Afghan ambassador, from my point of view, are some kind of clumsy attempt at personal PR.

Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic countries, making demands for compensation, are guided by the Washington line and actually play the role of provocateurs, probing the ground and constantly acting on the global information space in order to maintain the atmosphere of eternal anti-Russian hysteria. One of the main tasks of the West is to educate the younger generations of people from Eastern European countries, especially those bordering Russia, in total Russophobia. The best thing for this is a primitive, but proven move - you live so badly because at one time Soviet Russia robbed you. Finally, since the flow of funds from the European Union to the Baltic countries is rapidly decreasing, and Europe has less desire to contain an incomprehensible ballast in the form of the former Soviet republics, the authorities of the latter view compensation claims as an extra way to get some money. Of course, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian politicians themselves do not believe in the possibility of obtaining them, but suddenly ...

In addition, the accusations of Russia of being involved in the “Soviet occupation” and of causing some damage allow the Baltic and Ukrainian authorities to dismiss their own worthlessness, inability to improve economic life in their countries and to improve the socio-economic situation of their own people. The easiest way is to justify their inconsistency by referring to the “tragic history”, although the former Soviet republics have been sovereign states for the past 27. It is especially funny that many of the Baltic and Ukrainian politicians today speculating about the “Soviet occupation” and the mythical harm inflicted on the republics were themselves Soviet party or state officials in the past, at least in the CPSU and the Komsomol. From this point of view, they must first address their questions and complaints to themselves.

Speaking of such requirements for Russia, one cannot ignore the official reaction of the Russian authorities. Unfortunately, Moscow now responds to such statements by foreign politicians only at the level of statements by the Foreign Ministry or individual statements by deputies. Meanwhile, it is high time to let the countries - "beggars" understand that in relation to Russia it is not only unacceptable to make such claims, but it can also entail various unpleasant consequences. It is clear that these requirements are rather the character of one of the components of the information war unleashed against Russia. But what prevents our country from responding to such offensive statements with adequate measures?

In 2017, the Russian ambassador to Vilnius, Alexander Udaltsov, noted that Russia could also put forward counterclaims. So, since the RSFSR was the largest donor of the Soviet budget, modern Russia, as the heir of the RSFSR, may well demand from Vilnius reimbursement of investments in the development of the Lithuanian SSR economy for fifty years after the republic joined the Soviet Union. The same logic can be applied to all other "small and nimble" former Soviet republics - Latvia, Estonia, Georgia.

It should be made clear that the events of the Second World War, and even more than almost a century ago, when the Russian-Polish treaty was concluded in 1921, are history, so it makes no sense to return to them. There are no legal grounds for forcing Russia to pay any compensation to other states. And all the more there are no real mechanisms that could force our country to make such payments.
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  1. +16
    10 August 2018 05: 38
    These stupid pritenzii appeared due to the weakening of Russia in the 90s and because of repentance for Katyn.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. +19
      10 August 2018 06: 29
      How everyone united against the absurd.
      It is good to realize that common sense still unites us all.
      Such statements are possible only because RUSSIA, as the assignee of both the SOVIET UNION and the RUSSIAN EMPIRE, does not require the return of the money that was spent on the development of the outskirts. And military losses during the liberation of Caucasians from Nazism are not counted at all.
      But in general, the phenomenon of the * interim government * is amazing that they managed in 1917 in just over half a year to not only destroy the RUSSIAN EMPIRE, but also to spawn nationalists.
      This is because the Bolsheviks had to restore the integrity of the country destroyed by the liberals and disperse nationalists in Europe and other corners ..
      Today, liberals are in power and in the outskirts, not only that ....., they also dirty the extent of strength and understanding by corrupting their own population with the ideas of Nazism.
      1. +6
        10 August 2018 07: 43
        Quote: Vasily50
        ...... and the outskirts not only that ....., they also spoil the measure of strength and understanding by corrupting their own population with the ideas of Nazism.
        In the outskirts, nothing else can be. Since the inconsistency of their local managers is now visible ---- but it is necessary to somehow explain, here there are cries of occupation and colonization
        1. +9
          10 August 2018 12: 38
          Quote: Reptiloid
          ... Since now the insolvency of their local managers is visible ---- but it is necessary to somehow explain, here there are cries of occupation and colonization

          The Baltic states have nothing to scream! Let them turn on their brains and rummage around, on the basis of what document did the Baltic countries become part of the USSR ?!
          Answer: under the Yalta agreements! This legitimate document was signed, among other things, by the leaders of the USA and Great Britain, to whom the Balts are now eagerly licking their asses. lol
          1. +1
            11 August 2018 05: 31
            Quote: Reptiloid
            These stupid pretensions appeared due to the weakening of Russia in 90x and because of repentance about katyn .
            As for the deliberate provocation organized by the team of Gorbachev and Yakovlev against the USSR / Russian Federation with their unreasonable repentance on behalf of the USSR / Russian Federation to Poland for the shooting by the GERMANS of the Poles in Katyn, we will also hear the Polish claims against Russia very soon.
            For the Polish government, it will be like a cherry on a cake!
      2. 0
        10 August 2018 11: 14
        Quote: Vasily50
        How everyone united against the absurd.
        It is good to realize that common sense still unites us all.

        But the point is not at all absurd.
        We all know very well that the former Soviet republics and the CMEA countries are currently under the tight control of the United States and England, and the political elite of these countries in general are completely complementary to and control the same Islands for large and small puddles. Therefore, all these “commissions for calculating the damage from the occupation and the famine” fit well into the theme that all of their current problems are not due to their politicians being corrupt, but overseas “friends” have spread like idiots, destroying the economy and ruining the social advantages of socialism , but because Ancient Russia, the Russian Empire, the USSR, and now the Russian Federation, are to blame for their troubles.
        Yes, these fragments of a great country and an economic union are untenable and flawed, precisely because they are economically untenable without a large and powerful state that will develop their economy, pour huge funds into fixed assets and spend huge amounts of money on social programs. And it does not matter who it will be - the Russian Federation, Germany, China or the United States - the main thing is that there are such people. But they have been gone for more than 20 years.
        Therefore, to keep in orbit and subjugation of the Islands all these fragments need constant horror stories about the "horrors of occupation in peacetime", about the "famine", about "aggressive Russia" and other stories about "Russian hackers", "Russian interference", "Russian spies "and" all the troubles from the Russians. "
        By the way, someone might think that not all former union republics behave this way in relation to Russia. For example, Belarus allegedly does not behave this way. But if you look at our relationship in the economy, and indeed in politics, with Belarus, then that's exactly how they are built, where the keyword is "Give." In general, to summarize all that has been said, the political ambitions of the leaders of these weak state entities are such that until they descend from heaven to earth and bury their ambitions deeply and forever, they will be in the role of beggars and offended until the end of time either to the end of the formations themselves.
      3. 0
        10 August 2018 23: 00
        Say thanks to comrade Lenin, who insisted on Stalin's insistence on the possibility of independence for each republic to enter and exit from / to the USSR, thereby laying a time bomb.
        Stalin's position was in a single center for all on the basis of the RSFSR.
    3. +14
      10 August 2018 08: 44
      And the whole of Russian and Soviet - Polish history because of what "weakening and repentance" appeared Reptiloid? Including troubled times ?! Many in this story were friendly and most importantly sincere messages from Poland to Russia? Someone very clearly described Poland as the eternal traitor of the Slavs! Needless to say, it has been said a thousand times, and I don’t even imagine who it might not be clear to ?! But claims from "our once-union republics" are from the category of wild rudeness and dimensionless arrogance! This is what Russian people need to know very clearly so that they are not completely woozy! A blissful illusory picture of the friendship of peoples and universal brotherhood from propaganda posters of the USSR where 15 ruddy young people in national costumes smiling hugging each other should not turn from an illusion into a pseudo truth for our contemporaries! "Ah, how we used to live right, honestly and fairly!"
      How were the riches produced and distributed in the USSR, I will show you now! This information is in direct access and is not disputed from the word at all! In Soviet times, as you know, it was not accessible for obvious reasons! Production and consumption data for 1990 GDP per capita per year in $ US - the RSFSR produced 17.5 consumed 11.8, Belarus 15.6 - 12, Ukraine 12.4-13.3, Kazakhstan 10.1-17.7, Uzbekistan 6.6-17.4, Lithuania 13-23.3, Azerbaijan 8.3 -16.7, Georgia 10.6-41.9, Turkmenistan 8.6-16.6, Latvia 16.5-26.9, Estonia 15.8-35.8, Kyrgyzstan 7.2-11.4, Moldova 10-13.4, Armenia 9.5-29.5, Tajikistan 5.5-15.6.
      This is Soviet statistics published in the early 90's.
      What do we see? And the fact that Russia and Belarus as donor regions lived much worse than all the rest consuming per capita incomparably less! In terms of standard of living, only Kyrgyz were in line with us! Now look what a truly Soviet paradise was created for Georgians and Armenians !!!! Although for Georgians and Armenians there was poverty, poverty! Yes, what are the Armenians there? They looked with envy at the Georgians and wealthy Balts !!! And now, conclude how all of them together looked down on Russians and Belarusians hunching over the entire Union ??? Their claims to us are sometimes completely boorish in general, their arrogant attitude is a completely natural thing that flows smoothly from Soviet life! All of them considered themselves very smart and hardworking, and Russians, including Belarusians and a bit of Eastern Ukrainians, are mildly drunk loafers who can only rivet tanks and planes with their ever-shaking hands and ruin the Italian Fiat by making it a Lada!
      Now they are all lowered to their own true level and, accordingly, are angry! Let them get used to it. That is all that I wanted to say!
      1. +3
        10 August 2018 09: 28
        This is just the only case when I almost agree with you. Almost ---- because I wrote about Katyn, as a weakening and repentance.
        Yes, the Union republics subsidized, suburbs. The numbers that you brought up correspond and quite often the forum users give them. Repetition --- the mother of learning and it is not in vain. Several times I cited the facts of desovetization and derusification. Very offensive facts, especially with regard to the Second World War. Maybe I will write again.
        But you cannot help but see ---- if our people leave the territory ---- staff come, they come tnk .. Although to our borders, at least a zone of influence. Also Poland, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Tajiks went to visit us, Wonkazakhs will be written in Latin and so on ....
        1. +5
          10 August 2018 11: 30
          I wrote about Poland. Specifically about Katyn, the question is complex. Commenting on him, if you remember, Putin immediately reminded the Pole of the captured Red Army soldiers tortured in Polish captivity!
          About our leave ... You see, there should be expediency! The first is the Russian population. This is northern Kazakhstan and the east of Ukraine, and naturally Belarus! These are the points of our national security and here we must stand to death! There are also regions ... But pouring your blood for the Armenians is enough! The time will come and they and the Georgians will shed tears and again, as in previous times, to humble themselves in the Russian Empire! That's just to take them on the same terms or close you can not or do not need to! All this socialist camp showed itself in such a way that I think there shouldn’t be any more questions! Americans come, come ?! Well, we live! Just priorities must be correctly set. Here is Crimea for example ... And dependents, traitors and scoundrels! Swam-know!
          1. -3
            10 August 2018 11: 38
            They are dependents for the world revolution, and you know, questions arise ... Thank God, we don’t set ourselves such a goal ?!)
          2. +1
            10 August 2018 14: 52
            Right now in the North Kazakhstan is the resettlement of Kazakhs from the south, uuuu, the mentality is different, even among Kazakhs in the south and north
          3. +2
            12 August 2018 05: 54
            Oper! As for the Americans, well, you are completely wrong -----. The purpose of coming to our borders? And the fact that our economy is completely dependent on them, and you say --- we live! After all, everything that happened in Yugoslavia, Ukraine is a rehearsal of the script for Russia.
      2. 0
        11 August 2018 12: 16
        The numbers you have are unrealistic - at $ 11 a year, you could only buy matches.
      3. 0
        11 August 2018 18: 37
        "I will now show you how the people's wealth was produced and distributed in the USSR! This information is in direct access and is not disputed from the word at all!"
        I would like to see the source of this undeniable information. Bible?
        In addition, in the form in which it is given, this information is about nothing, from the word at all.
    4. 0
      10 August 2018 15: 04
      the claims came about because of the weakening of Russia in the 90s and because of repentance for Katyn.

      Exactly !!! And Katyn, for a minute, flew as an answer to the Poles for the camps for captured Red Army soldiers of 1918-1920, in which from 100 to 300 thousand people died from inhuman conditions of detention. These camps were pens enclosed by barbed wire, where there was nothing else besides the earth. People were on bare ground, in the open air, without food and water, sometimes for several days. They ate grass growing in the pen (in the summer), and it didn’t last long. And after that they wanted their prisoners to be treated humanely. They were treated humanely, by the way. They did not starve them and thirst, but simply shot.
      1. 0
        11 August 2018 06: 13
        About mockery correctly spelled. Only here about Katyn is just the opposite. And it turns out, you are on the opposite side, already deal with this, read or watch YouTube, listen.
        1. +1
          12 August 2018 05: 47
          Well, where is the argument of the minuser? Katyn ---- this is not our answer, but a lie, falsification. And there is evidence for that. Only, the recognition of Katyn officially, it is now also necessary to officially annul through the court. Until this is done, the wacky cries of the dependents will continue.
          Quote: Reptiloid
          About mockery correctly spelled. Only here about Katyn is just the opposite. And it turns out, you are on the opposite side, already deal with this, read or watch YouTube, listen.
    5. +1
      11 August 2018 12: 34
      Correct repentance for Katyn, and it has nothing to do with it, today there is a hybrid information and propaganda war, here the Russian Federation is losing in the "dry", our bureaucracy has got drunk on "cuts" and has not worked for a long time ... It's time to change the government in the Russian Federation, then such there will be no "claims" ...
    6. 0
      13 August 2018 18: 35
      Quote: Reptiloid
      These stupid pritenzii appeared due to the weakening of Russia in the 90s and because of repentance for Katyn.

      Top idiocy even discuss this topic.
  2. +3
    10 August 2018 05: 44
    Do not repent publicly. Damaged take it for weakness
    1. +7
      10 August 2018 07: 45
      Quote: Olddetractor
      Do not repent publicly. Damaged take it for weakness

      Already 2 times for Katyn repented ---- with a hunchback and with a drunk.
  3. +5
    10 August 2018 05: 54
    Claims are not stupid and not unfounded. The main reason for these claims is the defeat of the Soviet civilization project. The reasons for the defeat are the degeneration of the Soviet stratum of the petty bourgeois proprietors with whom the winners of the past have their own kind of relationship. Based on subordinate properties, they can simply be taken away ...
    1. +2
      10 August 2018 11: 38
      Quote: apro
      Claims are not stupid and not unfounded. The main reason for these claims is the defeat of the Soviet civilization project. The reasons for the defeat are the degeneration of the Soviet stratum of the petty bourgeois proprietors with whom the winners of the past have their own kind of relationship. Based on subordinate properties, they can simply be taken away ...

      That is, unless of course I understand you correctly, Russia should pay all the fragments of the USSR and CMEA only because it did not build communism in them and therefore need to be kept afloat?
      You at least re-read the history of the USSR and CMEA from the 80s of the last century before claiming it. If the CMEA countries and the former republics of the USSR believed that they built all their “happiness” themselves, then who prevented them from building it further without the USSR and Russia, showing that they themselves with a mustache and do not need help, advice and, most importantly, USSR money . Not one of the local politicians and dissidents of the CMEA countries and the former republics of the USSR, as well as Western creatures, even thought of continuing to build socialism and communism, they wanted power and money, and the interests of ordinary citizens were of last interest to them.
      By the way, the politicians of these fragments of the USSR and CMEA are ruining their own economies on their own and without any “help” from Russia, so they need to blame only on themselves and, accordingly, rely only on themselves, and not fight in the EU, the USA and China, or demand "contribution" from Russia.
  4. Net
    10 August 2018 05: 58
    And for the centennial occupation of Russia by “Latvian arrows” and other Baltic rabble, who will pay it?
    1. +4
      10 August 2018 12: 20
      Quote: Net
      And for the centennial occupation of Russia by “Latvian arrows” and other Baltic rabble, who will pay it?

      Do not write nonsense, this has never happened.
  5. +6
    10 August 2018 05: 58
    This is where the USSR needed to bury nuclear waste.
  6. +4
    10 August 2018 05: 59
    Another attempt with the help of stupid antics to attract attention and show their significance, even in their own eyes.
  7. +7
    10 August 2018 06: 19
    2017, the Russian ambassador to Vilnius, Alexander Udaltsov, noted that Russia could also put forward counterclaims .... The same logic can be applied to all other “small and nimble” former union republics - Latvia, Estonia, Georgia.

    I believe this path is completely wrong, for the entry of the Russian Federation into any discussion on supposedly "compensation" is in itself a bargain and, albeit indirectly, an acknowledgment of the possibility of the existence of such claims.
    If in general, we live in an interesting time. With one hand, the Russian Federation closes the valve of the flow of goods through the ports of Russophobic regimes, with the other hand (with the same hand of Udaltsov) lays flowers at the grave of "Lithuanian freedom fighters," and in the language of the ambassador to Latvia, "Lukyanov considers" the prohibition of learning in Russian is positive. " The parable about the cross and the panties in the bath is more relevant than ever.
    1. +1
      10 August 2018 06: 27
      But for this in the old days they could have charged with a candlestick ... I'm talking about representatives of the deep corps ...
  8. +2
    10 August 2018 06: 37
    600 thousand of ours died in Poland. Lavrushka and Zakharova can do anything besides concern?
  9. +2
    10 August 2018 06: 39
    And after 2020, they will demand reparations from the European Union for the occupation?
  10. +2
    10 August 2018 06: 44
    Just as soon as 600 soldiers are returned to the eternity of the departed, we will immediately return everything to everyone.

    But that's how it goes. It will not work for them.

    Well, we have accordingly.

    So ride on the RAFs and chew sprats!
  11. +2
    10 August 2018 06: 53
    “You won't get a penny!” Russia should not pay compensation to Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States

    ... and they also hope for something?!?! ?? ... not far away, with some substance in their head, possibly clay or slaked lime ... bully
  12. +7
    10 August 2018 07: 17
    RUSSIA DOES NOT NEED ANYTHING !!!!! Neither in the past, nor today, nor in the future. That's when these "demanding" understand this, then we'll talk .... about how much they owe Russia.
    1. +3
      10 August 2018 09: 31
      Fidget (Elena) Today, 07: 17
      RUSSIA DOES NOT NEED ANYTHING !!!!! Neither in the past, nor today, nor in the future.

      It is necessary to send these theses to all embassies, and so every day so that they will be remembered for life and passed on to their children, grandchildren, etc.
  13. +2
    10 August 2018 07: 19
    Dogs bark, the caravan goes ...
  14. +6
    10 August 2018 07: 38
    What kind of compensation may be paid to them, maybe they should also return Hitler? They pulled them out of shit, invested so much money in their economy, it is they who owe us, in this situation, and not Russia to them. Finally, two-thirds of East Prussia was transferred to the same ungrateful psheks, and unremarkable Lithuania was also deprived of considerable territories, which Lithuania did not have without the USSR. If their toad is choking the lands of Rzeczpospolita, then this is already a psychiatrist. There is a need to teach, stopping similar in the bud.
    1. +1
      10 August 2018 07: 56
      and onet Poland from mozh to mozh))) the country of plumbers
  15. +1
    10 August 2018 07: 59
    She was an aggressor country, attacked neighboring states, destroyed their infrastructure, and killed civilians.

    it reminds me of some modern country in the BV.
  16. 0
    10 August 2018 08: 21
    Sometimes it’s better to be silent than to endlessly make excuses to the sixes.
  17. +3
    10 August 2018 08: 23
    I wonder how many percent came running for bought from Sweden Swedes?
  18. +2
    10 August 2018 08: 23
    What do you explain to us all the time that we helped the applicants, freed them from the Germans, restored their industry, trained them, rebuilt Warsaw and so on and so forth. What millions of lives were put for their freedom, they took from their citizens what they gave them for free.
    Their answer is one: “We did not ask you” And that’s it. Point. But again we spend millions on propaganda, on these empty talk shows for Ukrainians and others. Stop. Think and change the policy in this matter. Children rarely thank parents for caring for them. Mostly put forward claims, it is not so. Those. it is inherent in man.
    Americans have long understood this and are not trying to bribe nations, but bribe AUTHORITY and this works more efficiently. We always tried to help foreign nations at the expense of our people. Our servicemen perished, our population was starving. It was in the USSR and the new Russia adopted this vicious practice, of course on a smaller scale.
    Now everything is so intertwined. Some kind of Gordeev knot. Snowball. We had problems with the West, and now it is already inside the country. In my opinion, this knot cannot be untied, it can only be cut. Most likely, we are going to the Great War.
  19. +1
    10 August 2018 08: 32
    "" "" "" ........ “Political sovereignty of the Baltic countries” is a myth created by the enemies of Russia to cut it off from entering the Baltic. Russia cannot live the myths and whims of its enemies. The Baltic lands and their peoples have historically always been part of Russia ....... The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, torn away from Russia in the era of the "Tatar-Mongolian" invasion, remained Russian from the west before it was occupied, the Russian government spoke and conducted office work . At least eighty percent of all “ethnic” Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians are assimilated Russians and Slavs. In addition to them, millions of Russian people live in the Baltic regions of Russia. Directly ethnic Latvians and Estonians in the Baltic were and are minor minorities ........ "" "" ""
  20. +1
    10 August 2018 08: 37
    Yes, they have sweaty feet in their mouth! With our Latvian donor, give only money or property for free at a time, you can take it in your pockets! The crooks and thieves are just creepy!
  21. 0
    10 August 2018 09: 25
    ... but Afghan politicians should understand that real help has always come to them from the north, not from the United States.

    Afghan politicians should not understand anything now, but should stupidly fulfill Washington’s Wishlist in order to earn another bonus.
  22. +2
    10 August 2018 09: 25
    If we continue to “babysit” with provocative countries and urge to think again, settle down, continue to play in international law, which others have already sent far, etc., then claims will be generated automatically (with a hint) for any reason.
  23. 0
    10 August 2018 09: 42
    We will not discuss this "phenomenon" here? Well, the right word, to discuss nonsense, which the inhabitants of these states do not take seriously a little not rationally. Legal grounds will appear only after the recognition of the act. The guys will not bring down the foundations of the world order? They won’t give them ... And we will absolutely not do anything here. If a pug barks at you, what will you kick him? Or beat the owner's face? No ... Until he wakes your children at night.
  24. BAI
    10 August 2018 10: 01
    How reasonable are such requirements at all?

    And the rationality of such requirements is not currently required. All claims against Russia in international “courts” are satisfied almost automatically for political reasons.
    1. +1
      10 August 2018 10: 51
      The legitimacy of such claims is void. But since the Russian Federation practically does not give an official assessment of such claims, their number may grow. There are forces and tools to stop such actions of the Russian Federation. There is no will.
  25. +1
    10 August 2018 10: 08
    As the unforgettable Ostap Bender said there? ----- from the dead donkey their ears!
  26. +1
    10 August 2018 10: 57
    I wonder if we will live in the near future, when all this riffraff crawls to Russia on his knees, and says: "Uncle, forgive the rabbit" ...?
  27. +2
    10 August 2018 11: 34
    What kind of nonsense is this being discussed? We are spit in the face, because with our slurred and passive policies, bordering on sabotage, we allow it. As the Olympians were allowed to mock without consequences, and everything was quiet again by 2 years. Although, under normal conditions, the former head of the WADA and the former IOC should, if not sit, then stand with outstretched hands in the transition, at least constantly wander around the ships, abandoning everything own affairs. Russophobia should be very expensive, and most importantly a dangerous, in the literal sense of the word, occupation, but this is possible with true national sovereignty and professional and patriotic, most importantly an independent leading elite interested in strengthening the state. Why are there still no lawsuits filed against these states for the repayment of debts and loans, as well as for the restoration and construction of factories and enterprises. for the transferred technologies, for the losses of Russia on their territory?
  28. 0
    10 August 2018 12: 51
    Interesting article. If you look at Feshu, then the Baltic states, together with the Poles, a priori have all the rights to compensation. For the Russian Federation at this stage is the heir to the scoop! If there was a conversation over the section of property of the USSR, then Russia cheerfully sent everyone to a certain mother. Let the author announce how much a ton of gold Russia owes to the signed agreements purely to Ukraine! With regards to the Balts and Poles with the Afghans, it is real annexation and seizure of territories. Technically hard, but seeing the level of intelligence of the St. Petersburg brothers will have to pay. Not right now, but in perspective. Well, to the heap! The 600 dead Soviet soldiers on Polish territory are simply the result of the annexation of the territory of the latter after the Molotov Ribentrop Treaty. With the Balts the same calico
  29. +2
    10 August 2018 13: 49
    ".... Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic countries, putting forward demands for compensation, are guided by the line of Washington and actually play the role of provocateurs, probing the waters ..."
    Let themselves be "probed". At their age, this is not reprehensible. On our part, it will be superfluous even to discuss and attempt to refute their inventions. It must be said once, perhaps in the form of a law, for example, "on the continuity of the rights and responsibilities of the Russian Federation in the times of the USSR," that they will never receive anything from these and similar claims. And do not discuss this topic again. After all, it is clear that we are simply trolled. In response, it is necessary in great detail, in a qualified manner in the form of a state order in an accessible language of television, publicistic and other means, to show the whole truth of relations in each direction (Ukrainian, Polish, Belarusian, Baltic, etc.) to our population, especially the growing ones. And through the Internet it can be brought to the "neighbors". Let that population get acquainted with what it deserves. Mr. Medinsky does not work very hard in this regard. It would be time for him to get down to business, and not to paint famous "stories" from the course of the history of the USSR.
  30. +3
    10 August 2018 14: 14
    I can only add that the Soviet Union invested unprecedented forces and means to preserve and develop the national languages ​​of the peoples inhabiting the republics of the USSR.
    1. +1
      11 August 2018 06: 34
      Quote: Gnefredov
      I can only add that the Soviet Union invested unprecedented forces and means to preserve and develop the national languages ​​of the peoples inhabiting the republics of the USSR.

      Moreover, very beautiful books were printed in national languages, their authors were translated into Russian. There was such a series of books ---- Library of Friendship of Peoples, I have several books, my grandmother collected. Also recall the WORLD LITERATURE --- 200 volumes. There are Baltic states, as well as translations of the authors of the former social camp.
      There are 2 great books about the art of the Baltic states. Shore them ---- praise the Soviet Baltic states --- red flags, mosaic, monumental ..... Interestingly, the buildings were destroyed, the mosaic was shot down? Occupants, or something forced? What about clay? After all, a fashion was introduced directly to their clay --- all sorts of pots, even services .... They say that at that time it was expensive. We had been at home long before.
  31. 0
    10 August 2018 14: 56
    But Pu can’t clearly, once and for all say RUSSIA doesn’t consider anything for you anymore.
  32. 0
    10 August 2018 21: 07
    Wild delirium, of course.
    We don’t need a damn thing from them. But if need be, let us take our own (and about what we consider our own, there is the opinion of a group of comrades, as was said before).
  33. +1
    10 August 2018 22: 28
    Honestly on this subject, the phrase I was most touched by was the phrase of a familiar Georgian ... If we (Georgia) Russia rolled out the bill for Dzhugashvili or for Beria ... laughing
    And those, Tribal Baltic Extinctions - for example, for the Latvian shooters ... Ukraine ... Uh? Where to start? The whole Revkom from the present Ukraine ... Let’s even recall the Lyakhs of Felix-and to drag exactly that to everyone in the blue eye. what they bring to Russia. Genocide? Whose population? Taki Peters who arranged, Chi Felix? Georgian Joseph, you say, the Tatars evicted somewhere?
  34. -1
    10 August 2018 23: 38
    Russia does not have to pay compensation to Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states
    What a "fresh" thought! wassat
    1. 0
      11 August 2018 06: 19
      Quote: Radikal
      Russia does not have to pay compensation to Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states
      What a "fresh" thought! wassat

      While there will be screams about payments, it is necessary to repeat that those who heard, would write down to those who did not hear.
  35. -1
    11 August 2018 04: 07
    An elephant or better to give them a herd of white elephants))) And it is honorable and tense.
  36. -1
    11 August 2018 12: 48
    As the freebie ended, it immediately begins ..........
  37. 0
    13 August 2018 11: 08
    As Ostap Bender said to the boy in "12 Chairs": you get ears from a dead donkey, goodbye defective.
    Roughly, but that’s how it is necessary to answer all these Baltic states, Poland and further on the list, if they don’t understand something or don’t want to, most likely, not understand.
  38. 0
    13 August 2018 16: 08
    It seems they are still going to pay.
  39. 0
    13 August 2018 23: 10
    In fact, the entire former Courland was acquired by the Russian Empire in the XVIII century. for a loud gold coin. Is it time to return the cost with interest for 300 years?
  40. +1
    14 August 2018 20: 24
    On the contrary - they should pay for the fact that they destroyed everything that was built during the years of Soviet power. And the sums are there! Trillions of euros, adnaka! Where did the Limitroph come from? There are none, of course. So, pay with land, which in fact is ours.
  41. +1
    14 August 2018 21: 09
    a hat to them all on a collar, collectively .... feel
  42. 0
    15 August 2018 19: 56
    a hat to them all on a collar, collectively ....
  43. 0
    16 August 2018 05: 42
    Quote: Vasily50
    Such statements are possible only because RUSSIA, as the assignee of both the SOVIET UNION and the RUSSIAN EMPIRE, does not require the return of the money that was spent on the development of the outskirts. And military losses during the liberation of Caucasians from Nazism are not counted at all.

    But because, for example, the Turks were given on the head more than once.
    And not any pritenzy, but with these fussed here and whine.
    Why, Germany lied, but now the Germans raped you.
    And A SABAKI forgot what you did, where you were not called?
    I have no words !!!!!

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