The United States and Germany coincided Chinese goals

Recently, the attention of experts is taken by the unfolding trade war between the United States and China, initiated by the American President Donald Trump. At first, he introduced steel and aluminum duties, including Chinese exports. Beijing responded by imposing duties on American pork and fruit. After that, the confrontation between the two largest economies in the world went on increasing.

The field of trade war shifted to Europe

Soon, Trump announced Washington’s plans to raise customs duties on Chinese exports (mainly on high value-added goods: electronics, satellites, medicines, engineering products, etc.). The list of items subject to US sanctions has grown to 1300 items with an annual value of $ 50 billion.

China posted its list of 106 titles, in which the largest items were soybeans, beef, cars and airplanes. However, this modest list also sucked up $ 50 billion. It turned out a mirror response, which only provoke the parties.

Over time, mutual claims rates rose to $ 300 billions, and then completely shifted to the markets of third countries - first of all, to rich Europe. As we remember, China has special plans for trade with the European Union. Under this even created the concept of "New Silk Road", which has already involved half of Asia.

It is believed that this is the most promising direction of foreign trade in China. After all, today the European Union is the most powerful economic entity in the world. It brings together five hundred million people and gives 23% of world gross domestic product — $ 16,1 trillion at nominal value and $ 21,6 trillion — at purchasing power parity.

Taken together, it turns out that the European Union today is the first economy in the world. The authors of the unfolding trade war moved to this market. China - with finished goods. America - with energy, weapons and military equipment, financial services.

Of course, both conflicting countries are no strangers to the European market. The Americans have long achieved their unconditional influence here. The authority of the Chinese appeared only in the new century. However, now it is quite significant. Back in 2011, China overtook America in terms of commodity turnover with Europe and became its largest trading partner.

This was facilitated by the strengthening of Beijing’s ties with the British Rothschild banking house and Chinese investments in the European economy, which are already approaching 100 billion euros. Especially the rapid growth they received in the last two years, which somewhat alerted the Europeans.

Indeed, in addition to economic goodness, when additional jobs and production growth are provided at the expense of Chinese money, Chinese companies began to absorb Chinese capital, while investments in engineering and high technology threatened to increase Chinese competition in this very profitable and promising market.

Be that as it may, Chinese investment has grown. According to the estimates of the consulting company Ernst & Young, last year the Chinese invested 13,7 billion US dollars in German assets alone. Therefore, it is only natural that China decided to compensate for the expected losses from the trade war with America in Europe.

Chancellor Merkel changes course

In early July, Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Li Keqiang leaned into the Old World. He made the first stop in the Bulgarian capital, where he took part in the summit of China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. This event has been practiced for seven years. Local media reviewers call the prevailing format "16 + 1."

Usually at such meetings they discuss cooperation in the development of agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, and partly - technology. This time, China showed interest in completing the construction of Belene NPP in Bulgaria, and in developing a network of railways and autobahns.

The summit in Sofia took place on July 7, and two days later, Li Keqiang was already in Berlin. Here his talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel ended with the signing of more than twenty important economic agreements. German media called them "the future technology agreements".

As an example, they cited cooperation projects for the development of autonomous cars and the construction in Thuringia of a Chinese factory for the production of batteries for electric vehicles, by the way, “the first enterprise of this kind in Europe”.

In Berlin, we agreed on a strategic cooperation between the German machine-building concern Voith and the Chinese railway corporation CRRC, a software manufacturer for SAP enterprises and one of the largest privately-owned retailers in China, the Suning Commerce Group, and the development of a high-capacity gas turbine between Siemens and the Chinese State Pove ", - clarified some of the details of the publication Deutsche Welle.

It is noteworthy that during the signing of such important documents, Angela Mekel and Li Keqiang made brief speeches in which they spoke about the growing importance of free trade and the danger of protectionism. It looked quite defiantly, as if on the other side of the conference table was the unforgettable hairstyle of President Trump. The Chinese guest so generally bluntly announced the upcoming struggle "with the newly flourishing forces in favor of protectionism in trade."

The enviable unanimity of the negotiators promised good prospects for the development of German-Chinese trade cooperation. However, soon enough, other speeches were heard in Berlin. China began to be accused of declarative intentions. They say that Beijing is only announcing the opening of its markets, and in fact has put barriers in the way of European investors from various restrictions.

At the end of last week, the words turned into deeds that experts rated as a change in the German course. Its first signs appeared in 2017 year. Then the German government issued an order imposing certain restrictions on the sale of strategically important German companies to investors from countries outside the European Union.

Directly to China, this step was in no way connected, but now it is Chinese firms that were the first to suffer from a government decision blocking access to German technology. Twice in recent days (on Friday 27 July and Wednesday 1 August), authorities in Berlin prevented the Chinese from buying assets in Germany.

In the first case, this concerned one of the largest operators of German transmission lines - the company 50 Hertz. It supplies electricity to 18 to millions of consumers in Germany, having 10 thousands of kilometers of power lines in its assets. The firm attracts investors by the fact that in the near future it will transfer "green electricity" from offshore wind farms in the north of Germany to industrial areas of the southern federal states.

Earlier this year, the Australian infrastructure investment fund IFM, which owns 40 percent of the company's shares in 50 Hertz, put up for sale half of its stake. Interest in this asset was shown by the state-owned Chinese concern State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), but the Belgian power grid operator Elia, which already owns the main stake in 50 Hertz, was in priority of the purchase.

Last week, IFM sold its remaining shares to a German company. This time, the Belgians did not find the means to buy them. The chances of the Chinese SGCC have increased dramatically. However, at the last moment the purchase was made (as the German media write, “at the direction of Berlin”) by the German state bank KfW.

The German business community disagreed with the “partial nationalization” of the transmission operator. The newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten on this occasion wrote: "A country dependent on exports, like Germany, should not have succumbed to the temptation of protectionist measures."

In this connection, the Chinese tried once again not to mention, as if demonstrating a national consensus to curb Beijing's economic expansion. Although the newspaper Die Welt could not resist and directly expressed its fears: "Do we really want the Chinese state to know how German electrical networks are protected from interruptions or attacks from outside, and in what places are they vulnerable?"

Another deal with Chinese participation fell 1 August. The company Yantai Taihai Group was going to acquire machine tool company Leifeld Metal Spinning, which is one of the world leaders in the field of superhard metals. Beijing could use them in space and nuclear engineering.

Stopped the deal "information leak" that the government of Chancellor Merkel is preparing a veto on the sale of Leifeld assets to the Chinese. So it finally happened. It turned out on Wednesday night, but Yantai Taihai, without waiting for a formal refusal, had already withdrawn its offer.

Both of these cases show that the "sworn friends" - US President Donald Trump and the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany - unexpectedly coincided objectives in relation to the PRC. As the correspondent of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper in Shanghai Hendrik Ankenbrand wrote, “Trump wants China to block access to technology and the innovative potential of America.”

As we see, the moves of the overseas colleague began to repeat the Bundeskanzlerin. Public explanations for the unexpected change of course Angela Merkel yet. However, even without them, it is obvious: now China’s economic expansion will be held back by the entire West. The same West, where Beijing beats its "New Silk Road".
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  1. dSK
    4 August 2018 06: 09
    now the whole West will restrain China's economic expansion

    China will grow in Russia, the prospects are huge, there are no restrictions.
    1. 0
      4 August 2018 07: 30
      Quote from dsk
      now the whole West will restrain China's economic expansion

      China will grow in Russia, the prospects are huge, there are no restrictions.

      Trump is definitely "Putin's agent" ...! If Chinese investments flood into Russia The vast expanses of Siberia will flourish, but here you need to be very careful .. The Chinese themselves need to control and control them, otherwise they will go around Russia like locusts ..!
    2. +2
      4 August 2018 10: 30
      Limitations will be. But not at once.
    3. +3
      4 August 2018 12: 38
      Quote from dsk
      now the whole West will restrain China's economic expansion

      China will grow in Russia, the prospects are huge, there are no restrictions.

      Too early and hasty inference both in relation to the West and in relation to Russia.
      On one transaction, they never draw conclusions, this time.
      The interpenetration of the West into China and China to the West is mutual, and if some begin to make obstacles to others, the reverse process can also be very unpleasant for business. But the Chinese market is still growing and quite promising, and if a trade war begins between it and the EU, then certainly the US EU will not compensate for the loss, these are two.
      As for Russia, for China the Russian market is small and therefore it will in no way replace the EU market. Maybe someone thinks that if China quarrels with the EU, it will begin to invest in the development of the Russian economy, so this is a profound mistake, since China does not do such “waste” anywhere in the world, but carries all the raw materials to itself and to its factories to China, and besides, Russia is under US and EU sanctions, and everything that will be produced on its territory by China will fall under sanctions twice, if the EU also introduces them. These are three.
  2. +3
    4 August 2018 06: 30
    “sworn friends” - US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor - unexpectedly coincided goals in relation to China
    Although Merkel and Trump have a bad interpersonal relationship and, moreover, the President of the United States is trying to build Europe into the frune, but Merkel remains Merkel and listens with aspiration from the hill. Before this, Merkel for several years completely ruined relations with Russia, now China. Can senile breasts withstand such weight?
    1. 0
      4 August 2018 17: 06
      Quote: rotmistr60

      hi , Gennady.
      Somehow the chancellor’s chewing through everything. She blew her cheeks vs trap-blah-blah, they say the EU has its own way and it will act on the basis of its interests. And suddenly these "scammers" in relation to China and for the sake of the United States. At all sites, it was ruined about migrants, urging “Europe” to tolerance. And the other day, she suddenly "saw the light" and "changed her shoes in a jump" (it turns out these pilgrims from the east of Germany are not needed). And in general in the last days of the Angel disappeared from Euroolimp - the Angel flew away. What would it all mean? Really realized that the sunset is somewhere nearby?
  3. +1
    4 August 2018 07: 04
    The summit in Sofia was held on July 7, and two days later, Li Keqiang was already in Berlin. Here, his negotiations with Chancellor Angela Merkel ended with the signing of more than twenty important economic agreements.

    It was smooth on paper, but forgot about the ravines ...
  4. +4
    4 August 2018 07: 11
    China will grow Siberia smile
    1. +3
      4 August 2018 08: 20
      Do you learn Chinese? Teach well, you will be a "capo" ...
      1. +1
        4 August 2018 08: 55
        If China has disappeared somewhere, it will come at the expense of others ...
        Do you learn Chinese? Teach well, you will be a "capo" ...
        ... We are in correspondence with computers on the Chinese assembly ...
    2. +2
      4 August 2018 10: 33
      China will grow Siberia
      Sail then lost weight, darn it's time. Are you in Siberia or have we been to the Far East? For the Crimean, strange conclusions. Or are you Crimean only at the place of registration?
      1. +5
        4 August 2018 11: 14
        C'mon, do stupid things .. Write comments in the style of fights and stuff ... You really, take a look at things ... A similar trade war was between the USA and Japan, then the Japanese filled America with their goods, but the USA then managed to tame the Japanese, it is not for nothing that US troops are stationed in Japan, China is not Japan, there are no American troops in China. And is Siberia and the Far East littered with industrial goods exclusively manufactured in Russia? Russia and China are equal partners in economic terms ..? You go to the store: Whose assembly? China. And this? And this and this .. But this? This is a Russian company, but assembled in China ... Do not forget, we live in a bourgeois-democratic state where everything is bought and sold. They will have to sell and say for the sake of the people .. Krymchanin, until September. Reduce, optimization is expected from 3000 in September they’ll leave about 700, I’ll return home to the Taman Peninsula. Now we are working on a four-day week, plus I will draw up acts of supposedly “forced downtime” twice a week, with a payment of 50% .. to save paychecks ... That is. in fact, the working week is 3 days in payment. My department works all week, there is a lot of work. And we get it from Gulkin’s nose ... For the sake of a brighter future, you will go for it .. When there is no objection to the case, they usually write such comments: Parus has lost weight. .will be a capo .. Very capacious and reasoned comments, but the meaning is clear, do not dare to deviate from the general line .. of the party and government .. At the head of the Accounts Chamber is a person who has been repeatedly involved in various criminal cases, optimism is off the charts ... Such people will not sell Russia ...
        1. +1
          4 August 2018 11: 32
          When there is no objection to the case, they usually write such comments: The sail has lost weight .. you’ll be a capo ..
          I am in the case (your comment) and objected. I am always surprised by the position of some who have not seen the Chinese and have never been to China. What makes you think that “China will grow Siberia” or you just want it. It was not for nothing that I accentuated your belonging to the Crimea, because you have decided, but this does not mean that from there you can throw your conclusions about Russia's loss of its territories.
          do not dare to deviate from the general line .. party of the government
          It’s very stupid of you to talk about this. Maybe just look at how much Russia has invested in Crimea since 2014 and your rejection of the Russian government will at least decrease a little. Honestly, there’s still a lot more than you could poke ... (by the same local authorities in Crimea) "... and a little hare pokes me in the face ..." (Vanka Zhukov).
          1. +2
            4 August 2018 15: 40
            What makes you think that "China will grow Siberia" or you just want it
            And you probably think it is sweet that in Siberia everyone considers it a fortune to hunch in the capitals, and they are happy to accept an increase in the retirement age and taxes?
            see how much Russia has invested in Crimea since 2014
            To the Crimea, to Moscow, to the European part and how much to Siberia ...
          2. +3
            4 August 2018 17: 18
            What makes you think that "China will grow Siberia" or you just want it
            [Quote] [/ quote]
            [b] [/ b] .... Yes, I really want this, laughing I am learning Chinese, and I will be a "capo" .. I am a Chinese spy .... laughing At work and at home I use a computer assembled in China ... It is very stupid of you, after reading an extensive comment, to write such nonsense.
  5. +3
    4 August 2018 07: 28
    Here it is capitalism, imperialism with a difference of goals among the continents, but globalization somehow reconciled them ... And now Trump protectionism began to break the globalism created by the West and especially Obama, and Europe froze from such impudence and attacked Trump. The West, and in particular the European Union, at the same time implicitly felt that China, Russia were their grave diggers and now a new confrontation began, not for life, but for death.
  6. 0
    4 August 2018 07: 30
    Both of these cases show that "sworn friends" - US President Donald trump and chancellor of Germany - unexpectedly coincided goals in relation to China.

    ... and who will let the Fuhrer "break away" from the masses, with whom the mericatos consider themselves ?! bully ... no one has yet loosened her leash ... bully
  7. +2
    4 August 2018 08: 18
    A complicated and complicated business is the global economy. The West (including the United States) has played into globalization, the unification of financial capital ... A rollback has begun, all kinds of barriers are growing, protectionism is blooming ... 50 years, I suppose. Loops, loops ...
  8. +1
    4 August 2018 09: 23
    Ambiguously, the systemic crisis makes us look for other ways ..., preserving Europe and America as centers of innovation-- this is a big question ..., Western countries suffer from the syndrome of the late USSR, - manageability problems and employment problems ..., there is a chance, but it is precisely the chance that Russia will succeed in doing the Bolsheviks' trick with industrialization and will try to gain real independence ... that the Communists could not do, but the Chinese are no more stupid than Western bankers, and everything could end in a change of owners. But it is simply necessary to take advantage of the contradictions, technically it is possible to do this, and success is very likely ... but whether the desire and will of the Russian leadership is there is very doubtful .... and the question is not so much in the dependence of the Russian establishment as in the desire to become free ... it’s better to be the first in the second city-- than the second in the first ... I’m afraid that the authorities are afraid to take the second city for themselves ... because they won’t be able to keep it ... and life under the host is addictive. ...
  9. +2
    4 August 2018 10: 29
    Chinese economic expansion may be more successful than military expansion. What can I say - Trump and Merkel in their anti-Chinese actions look quite smart people. Not the USA or Europe can "digest" China, but vice versa China - both the States and Europe. Time works for him.
    1. +1
      4 August 2018 21: 09
      Quote: bessmertniy
      ...... Not the USA or Europe can "digest" China, but vice versa.
      Many Chinese diasporas exist in different countries, without mixing with the indigenous population, preserving the language and culture. This will help expansion.
  10. 0
    4 August 2018 10: 58
    There are no public explanations for the unexpected change of course by Angela Merkel.

    And without "public" explanations, it is clear that no one in Europe wants to give up their positions in China in the high-tech market.
  11. +1
    4 August 2018 11: 14
    As for me, they are doing the right thing to introduce duties against China. Too much he is developing. Trump wants to make mass production in America profitable again. Germany, the same is beneficial. Yes, and other countries. We also cannot be left behind. Moreover, our country, as always, is one against the whole world. And so it will be sooooo long, if not always. It is necessary to produce your own.
  12. 0
    4 August 2018 12: 03
    If in the struggle for the trade balance between the USA and China, the EU market accidentally falls at the feet of the Americans, then it is not surprising. I always thought that the main goal is still Europe. The Americans have proved hundreds of times: Winners are not judged
    1. 0
      5 August 2018 19: 43
      Quote: APASUS
      If in the struggle for the trade balance between the USA and China, the EU market accidentally falls at the feet of the Americans, then it is not surprising. I always thought that the main goal is still Europe. The Americans have proved hundreds of times: Winners are not judged

      The Chinese are currently also not idle and the US market will have to fight not only with the EU itself, but also with China. But China has just just begun to accelerate properly and if China brings Kazakhstan to Russia through the "silk road" to the mind, the United States will only "get worse." And the "getting worse" is strong enough.
  13. 0
    5 August 2018 15: 08
    The Chinese and in Germany are buying everything they can.
  14. 0
    7 August 2018 19: 47
    Quote from dsk
    now the whole West will restrain China's economic expansion

    China will grow in Russia, the prospects are huge, there are no restrictions.

    It is unlikely that the West will succeed in a civilized way.
    And in the process of growth, part of the territory of Russia, China is still chopping off.
    How much will win or lose, the citizens living there in particular and the country as a whole, is a topic for another discussion.

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