Ulyanovsk 31 airborne assault brigade from the inside. Reportage

Look at the equipment, weapons, equipment and life of military personnel directly in the military unit provided an opportunity for Ulyanovsk recruits. Together with them, we passed through the separate XM airborne brigade stationed in Ulyanovsk.

On Saturday, in Ulyanovsk, a socially-patriotic action called “The Day of the Recruit” was held. More than three hundred Ulyanovsk recruits arrived at the 31 airborne brigade. A similar action takes place twice a year. Recall, the spring call began on April 1. For parents of draftees organize the work of the information and advisory center with the participation of the military prosecutor, military commissioner, representative of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers.

After building on the parade ground and welcoming words, the event continued with the laying of a basket of flowers at the monument to paratroopers who died in the performance of military duty. Then the guests were divided into groups, and the elders in groups led them on a tour of the unit, during which the recruits were shown the equipment, weapons, equipment and life of the servicemen.

So, what did the draftees see?

Ulyanovsk 31 airborne assault brigade from the inside. Reportage

“We go to the first floor,” say the words of the senior in the group. “Here lives the personnel, including the contract soldiers.”

Here is a place to clean weapons, here - the schedule, then - the room for storage of weapons.

- And we can go there? - recruits quickened.

- No, you can not go there! Only the duty officer of the company and those who receive weapons have the right to enter, said the senior in the group.

There is also a leisure room - with a TV, sofas, books. By the way, the library has a fairly wide spread: from the Russian romantic novel from the series “Classics and Contemporaries” to “The X-Files”.

A little further away - a place for sports activities.

"Valera, your time!"

"The weapon loves accuracy and cleanliness in circulation", - with these words began an educational program on the military equipment used in the unit.

By the way, draftees were immediately warned that photography with all types of weapons had to be banned. The fact is that when photographing there are inadequate people who, for example, put a weapon to their heads. However, with some types of weapons still allowed to take a photo for memory. The conscripts lively discussed the features of this or that technique, and when posing for a photo, they heard: “Valera, your time!” And “Like in“ counter! ”.

But, of course, computer toys are one thing, serving the Airborne Forces is another. There was a feeling that the recruits during the event more and more penetrated with the seriousness of military service. Yes, and brief historical a certificate given in the Room of Battle Glory located on the territory of the unit confirms this.

501, 502, 503!

Our team was formed during the Great Patriotic War, and has a great combat experience. The servicemen took part in combat operations and military conflicts, including in Afghanistan and the Chechen Republic. Among them are Heroes of the USSR and Russia.

In the Room of Battle Glory you can find out the history of the brigade, see many interesting exhibits. The equipment of the military personnel is also presented here. For example, a raid backpack for combat missions of up to one hundred kilometers, an 12-kilogram body armor, and a plastic helmet that replaced the iron one.

Shown here is the D-6 parachute, on which paratroopers, until recently, performed jumps (its area is 80 square meters). Now jump with parachutes D-10, whose area is 100 square meters. There is also a unique armchair here - Yuri Gagarin rose to exactly the same space. In addition, a spare parachute is presented for the Z-5. During the excursion, the details of training and jumping were told, for example, parachutists after a step “into the abyss” count down the seconds, say 501, 502, 503, and pull the ring.

If there is a theory in the Room of Fighting Glory, then further - at the place of training parachutists - the most practical practice where retreat from discipline can cost life.

Airborne complex - parachutists are trained and trained at this training site to perform a parachute jump from military transport aircraft aviation. The future parachutists are on the parachute tower: they have never jumped from airplanes in their life. These are soldiers of military service, people who decided to start contract service, but served in other troops. Also here, military personnel take classes every week so as not to lose their qualifications.

The height of the tower, taking into account the lightning rod - 45 meters, make a jump from the platform at the height of 30 meters. On the tower, actions are performed that are necessary for the parachutist directly in front of the ground.

And here they teach how to act in the air, where there are rules. If you do not comply with them, listen carefully and do not do what is required, everything can end in tears. As recruits were told, the airborne training was written in blood, therefore, they require maximum attention and exact repetition of actions. If this does not happen, then the person does not get to the sky.

This is an imitation of the aircraft, from which in the future jumps will be made. Here, hone jumping skills.

By the way, after the story about training paratroopers, draftees were asked if they wanted to serve in airborne forces. The impressed conscripts at first timidly raised their hands, but several people firmly "voted" for service in the airborne troops. However, according to the impressions of many recruits, this event is useful and interesting.

The last point of the tour was a dining room. Now the army cooks food. Traditionally, there is a strict meal schedule, in the lobby there is a menu, a plan for assigning tables to divisions and other thematic information.

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  1. Redpartyzan
    18 May 2012
    Thanks to such excursions, young people acquire a desire to serve in the armed forces. By myself I know this kind of hiking leaves a strong impression. It is necessary to make such events more widespread.
    1. fidel
      18 May 2012
      Ahah, this is after watching a shabby dining room with a wretched dinner and old armored vehicles with Soviet weapons - will the crowds rush to serve? Do you think modern youth are idiots at all? laughing Future draftees in the photo from the local vocational school?
      They went to this "presentation" with only one purpose - to take a picture with a weapon and put the photo on the avatars in the social network and boast of their girls! Don't be so naive! .. lol
      1. Tirpitz
        18 May 2012
        Judging by yourself? This is a dining room, not a restaurant.
      2. George IV
        18 May 2012
        Well, you decided the question radically, dumped from the country.
        For which special thanks to you!
      3. biglow
        18 May 2012
        photo of the dining room of the french army in the studio
      4. Gimaev Bulat
        18 May 2012
        Listen .... did you shoot from Soviet weapons? when I was 14 years old I shot from the AkSU, I was immediately impressed ... although you probably saw it only in pictures! they’re doing everything right, the youth are accustomed to their homeland) do you have free medetsin there? !
        1. andrklimanov
          18 May 2012
          It accustoms and rallies people to their homeland, just not a restaurant, but a tent for eight snouts, a potbelly stove in the corner and the sweetest dream on shell boxes
    2. wk
      19 May 2012
      Quote: Redpartyzan
      hunting to serve in the sun.

      when I served, there was no such comfort, ... but it's not scary! the main message not to serve in my time was inequality, the fact that not all serve ... then it was two years ... but what makes you mow today? .... why in the "damned" NATO countries the children of the elite serve !!!, even "blue bloods" ... WHY ??? here, even the son of the collective farm chairman "big mudischi" is evading service ??? ... and the roots of this problem, oh, how deep, I think since the early 70s ... question? how to treat it ???
  2. +11
    18 May 2012
    Good article. The right experience and the right event. Young people should see the army reality (albeit a little embellished). It is also necessary to introduce incentives for admission to those who have served in universities and civil service. As they have already said and written a lot, including on our website.
  3. +4
    18 May 2012
    Weak photo story. I would like more photos people: officers, conscripts. Photos showing the communication of draftees and those who already serve.
  4. +4
    18 May 2012
    Quote: AK-74-1
    It is also necessary to introduce incentives for admission to those who have served in universities and civil service. As they have already said and written a lot, including on our website.

    + 100%. In the United States, many join the army, not so much in the pursuit of contentment or desire for service, but rather for the purposes of the prospect of financial accumulation and preferential admission to the university.
    18 May 2012
    Yes you are right!!! Very correct offer! The article is interesting, but not fully disclosed !!! Part is very real with its fighting traditions and history. Many military leaders passed through it, glorifying UNCLE YOUR WAR!
  6. borisst64
    18 May 2012
    Glory to the Airborne Forces! Article offset!

    I am shocked by the thriving business of skydiving, when people WITHOUT TRAINING, after a short briefing, are dropped from 800 m. And in the end, a lot of injuries. By the way, the trauma in jumping is an emergency and is investigated rather harshly.
  7. vostok
    18 May 2012
    Airborne forces are power !!! It would also be necessary to show the window dress.
  8. +3
    18 May 2012
    familiar places, in the early 90s, flocked to neighboring "camps" with the valiant airborne forces in Polivno, they were "temporarily" transferred to Ulyanovsk, normal guys seem to have settled down, they used to live in tents)))). Well done, keep it up !!! more such events, young people should be educated properly !!!!
  9. dred
    18 May 2012
    The paratroopers live well. My brother serves there.
  10. 0
    18 May 2012
    Chic dining room! We would have one in due time ... Lunch - meat with stewed cabbage :) Bigus is eternal! ;)
  11. 0
    18 May 2012
    Oh, nostalgia. He himself served in this brigade.

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