The conspiracy of the British departments against Russia, or Logic for the smallest


The Committee on Digital Technologies, Culture, Sport and the Media of Great Britain published the report “Misinformation and fake news", The main part of which (if you do not take into account the chapter with an explanation of terminology) is devoted to the evil deeds of the Kremlin.

The report claims to be the title of analytical work, or perhaps even a scientific article, designed to explain to the average person what is meant in the modern world by misinformation and fake news. If such a report were released in an ideal world, then after reading it, the reader would learn to distinguish the product of unbiased journalism from subjective propaganda texts.

To nip the confusion of concepts initially, consider how science defines the explanation:

Explanation is a reasoning that reveals the basis of a certain fact, hypothesis, law, or a separate theory. In most cases, the explanation looks like a deductive reasoning, in which the explanation is the logical conclusion from the received assumptions. Although every explanation is a logical conclusion, not every logical conclusion can be considered an explanation.

It is probably the last clarification that allows the greatest, so to speak, analysts in the Western world to introduce their gullible readers into error. As practice shows, with logic in its scientific understanding, not everyone is alright at all, otherwise they would not include syllogisms in all sorts of tests for mental state and mobility of thinking (“All bullfinches are birds, are all birds bullfinches?”).

Juggling with concepts allows one to substitute logical conviction with emotional conviction. If you simplify the rhetoric of Western politicians, shaking it down to a short dialogue, it will look something like this:

- Russia is a terrible country!
- Почему?
- She intervened in our elections!
- But why?
- Because Russia is a terrible country!

The introduction to the chapter on “Russian interference” is structured in this way: the first paragraph says that the fake news is bad, the second is that the authors of the report’s committee “has evidence” of the influence of the Russian government on British elections and referenda, the third calls for distrust of the Russian news agencies. Russia today ”and“ Sputnik ”because they spread disinformation. It is assumed that in this series one follows from the other, but these theses can be swapped, and a new chain of reflections will turn out, no less absurd than the original one.

After the introductory part, the authors of the report proceed to what should have been evidence of the allegations on the first page of the chapter. What does a well-formed logical proof consist of? From the thesis, arguments and facts, as well as demonstrations - substantiation of the logical connection between the thesis and arguments. By the way, schoolchildren will learn about this when they learn to write an essay-argument (approximately in the seventh grade).

British scientists may have their own rules for writing scientific work: they do not need arguments and justifications, it is enough to choose more theses. The authors quote a quote from Bill Browder, executive director of the British investment fund Hermitage Capital Management:

“The goal of Russian disinformation and propaganda is to sow doubt in the mind of each of us. If they can achieve this, they will achieve all their goals. ”

This statement contains two theses, each of which is subject to proof or refutation. However, it serves as a complete, decorated thought.

Another conclusion, the logic of which Sherlock Holmes himself would envy, comes from Edward Lucas, a writer and security expert:

“The fact that Russia is much weaker than the West is true. Its population is seven times smaller than ours. Its GDP is one of our fourteenth. But she can still hurt us. ”

It seems that Mr. Lucas is a little lost in the thought of his reasoning. We will not completely destroy his statement, trying to understand why "Russia is much weaker than the West." But let's pay attention to something else: if we rearrange the last sentence to the beginning, the replica acquires a completely opposite meaning.

The above quotes clearly demonstrate the main feature of Western rhetoric - its contradiction to the laws of logic. On the one hand, it is very convenient and gives a huge advantage if you act quickly: whoever comes up with the first one and voices the accusation, however blatantly absurd it may be, won the round. On the other hand, this advantage is very fragile, and it does not become more stable over time. That is why the British anti-Russian statement on the “Scripal case” has not yet turned into something more serious. Imagine for a second, if all this were true and London had evidence that they were speaking live ... At least in the football championship, the Russian team would compete with their own reserve team.
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  1. +1
    31 July 2018 05: 11
    This is called a thesis substitution ... A very common technique when arguments end ...
    1. MPN
      31 July 2018 10: 44
      Quote: Vard
      This is called a thesis substitution ... A very common technique when arguments end ...

      But why on the example of England? What is wrong with us? With PR you will live longer and happier, and at 60, it all just starts ... London here nervously smokes on the sidelines ... sad
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      1. The comment was deleted.
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  2. 0
    31 July 2018 05: 35
    The author of the report either "google" or earned.
    1. 0
      31 July 2018 06: 01
      And of course you can prove it?)
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. 0
    31 July 2018 06: 52
    “The fact that Russia is much weaker than the West is true. Its population is seven times smaller than ours. Its GDP is one of our fourteenth. But she can still hurt us. ”
    As I understand it, we live in their calculation only two times poorer and is it at their prices? And on ours?
    1. 0
      31 July 2018 06: 53
      Sorry ... Dramatically unsubscribed. Where is the calculator? Most likely I made a mistake ...
      1. 0
        31 July 2018 07: 10
        Is GDP the same seven times less? !! Like the population? !!! Wow ... I take the words back. Also to the soul, but with our prices.
        1. 0
          31 July 2018 07: 20
          And yet there is no faith in British experts ...
          1. +1
            31 July 2018 20: 24
            Quote: sleeve
            And yet there is no faith in British experts ...

            In addition to British experts, there are British scientists. Given the difficulty of proving without evidence, British scientists invented the applied sciences of рип ал ал ал ев "" и и and несомненно undoubtedly-all-guilty Russian ’, based on the fundamental“ new British logic ”. Now, British experts, citing science, can prove any nonsense of British authorities.
  4. +5
    31 July 2018 07: 06
    Although every explanation is a logical conclusion, not every logical conclusion can be considered an explanation.
    The British pleased - at the same level as "British scientists have figured out ...". Even the report, created to cover their punctures in the latest provocations, could not give birth. It remains only to applaud the "analysts" who once again confirmed their cyclic and stupid.
    1. +2
      31 July 2018 09: 55
      Gene, hello! hi
      Quote: rotmistr60
      The British pleased - at the same level as "British scientists found out ..."

      I thought about the same thing. And he remembered the immortal: "The Englishwoman is crap ...".
    2. 0
      31 July 2018 19: 29
      British scientists have found; "What really, a hedgehog does not understand anything at all" laughing
      1. 0
        31 July 2018 20: 37
        The Angles do not know what to do ... After the Skripals affair ....
  5. +1
    31 July 2018 07: 17
    The rhetoric of the Cold War has not changed ... And not only, it has not changed .. When they wrote well about Russia ..
  6. +2
    31 July 2018 07: 32
    Lies and slander are the thoughts of our Western and Middle Eastern partners
  7. +1
    31 July 2018 11: 44
    I will say why they do this. They do not lie, but form the mindset of the next generation (Soviet people, too). Soviet people, however, no longer have their own ideology, but they have a “universal” one, which provides a solution only to their tasks. And here no military programs will help you. Therefore, the dissolution of the USSR and the refusal to build communism is worse than a crime, this is a mistake. The population should be reduced to 16 million people, and the post-Soviet "elite" is also not needed by anyone.
  8. +5
    31 July 2018 13: 08
    A lie repeated many times does not always become true - but very simply becomes a support for the next lie.
  9. +1
    31 July 2018 20: 05
    British scientists may have their own rules for writing scientific papers: they don’t need arguments and justifications,

    Therefore, we cannot argue with them. In my opinion, their English scientist said: "Do not argue with idiots. You will have to go down to their level, and in their field they will crush you with their experience."
    1. 0
      4 August 2018 15: 27
      Quote: glory1974
      In my opinion their English scientist also said

      Not English - but American, not a scientist - but a writer. Mark Twain is called. But he told the true truth.
  10. +1
    31 July 2018 20: 31
    In most cases, the explanation looks like a deductive conclusion, in which the explained is a logical conclusion from the accepted premises.
    The main premise of the British ... is fantasy. Now everything that can be hung on the “Russians” will depend on her (imagination) presence and wealth of the British authorities.
  11. 0
    31 July 2018 22: 12
    The dog barks, the wind blows, and the caravan is coming! If we reacted less, maybe less would bark at us? Or vice versa, once they would have reacted so that they would forever be taken away! GDP became interested in the bridge to Sakhalin, I read today that the length of all its engineering interchanges is equal to the distance from London to Glasgow! And this is just a big one, but a bridge! So let them bark, they are out of fear! smile

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