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Navy Day in Novorossiysk 2018 of the year

Last Sunday of July, Naval Day is traditionally celebrated. fleet Of Russia. Despite the fact that the Novorossiysk Naval Base is the youngest association in the Russian fleet, it has already managed to cover itself with fame and write its own and heroic, and partly tragic history.

Formally, the history of NVMB begins in 1925, which, in my humble opinion, is a mistake: the mistake here is that the base was not established earlier. Novorossiysk port and the city itself for the delay paid very expensive. During the Crimean War in February 1855, the Anglo-French squadron, taking advantage of the lack of powerful modern artillery and fortifications in Novorossiysk, almost completely destroyed the city, despite the heroic resistance of a small garrison.

By the beginning of the First World War, the high authorities did not draw the necessary conclusions. And in 1914, the shelling of the port city was repeated on a far more terrifying scale. German-Turkish ships approached the raid of Novorossiysk in October of that year. The garrison was completely helpless and could only prepare to repel the enemy landing. Over 300 shells destroyed part of the port facilities, leaving only the ruins, and the ignited oil tanks, which released their fire-breathing stuffing, quickly turned the city into a sea of ​​fire, a kind of prelude to the apocalypse.

Monument to the "Founding Fathers"

In 1925, NMB was born, of course, but mostly only on paper. Just before the war itself, in a wild rush, they set about creating a base seriously: with the formation of OVR divisions, the construction of infrastructure, the strengthening of coastal defenses, etc. But as soon as the war ended, less than two years passed, as in 1947, the base was disbanded, despite the glory gained in the battles of Malaya Zemlya, sabotage operations on the enemy-occupied coast and countless caravans.

After the collapse of the USSR, when the germs of cave nationalism flourished in the "fraternal" republics, the high authorities again turned their eyes to Novorossiysk. Since 1994, the slow recovery, like the all important and beneficial, restoration of the NBM began. Of course, when the Crimea returned, a feeling of anxiety involuntarily added to the feeling of sincere joy. Will not well-wishers reappear, deftly counting exclusively popular money and not less cleverly covering up supposedly unnecessary bases? But the NBM continues to live and is replenished with new combat units.

Therefore, for Novorossiysk, the Day of the Navy of Russia, it is true, is second only to our other glorious holiday - Victory Day. Therefore, armed with a camera, a nasty feeling of climbing at 6: 30 in the morning and a festive mood, the author rushed to the Admiral Serebryakov embankment.

Already at the beginning of the ninth, the embankment was crowded with people, despite the 32-degree heat (minimum). On the roadstead there were already ships of NBMB, more precisely, a small part of them, to the bathers for joy. For example, this year the submarines of the 636 Varshavyanka project did not participate in the parade.

So to say, the highlight of the program is the newest patrol ship of the 22160 project “Vasily Bykov” (onboard - 368). The ship is in many ways unique, with small sizes - it is very "toothed." Speed ​​- over 25 nodes, autonomy - 60 days. Armament and artillery, and missile - "Caliber-NK."

Small anti-submarine ship "Kasimov" (MPK-199).

Marine minesweeper "Valentin Pikul".

Small hydrographic vessel GS-402. I was even offended by the hard worker of our fleet, when a voice came from the crowd, they say, why this schooner was “cornered” to the warships. No, they do not value us, like everyone else, small ships.

The construction of personnel.

The program for the Day of the Navy is rich - showing samples of military equipment, demonstration sea battle, the release of the vessel, the destruction of the sea mine, the landing of the landing force and so on. Therefore, the author realized in advance that without getting a heatstroke, everything would not be able to get around. But the festive mood inspired strength.

People do not count.

Meeting old friends.

Navy Day in Novorossiysk 2018 of the year

Coastal missile and artillery complexes.

- Young man with a camera, do not want to zhahnut?
- Zakhnem, definitely zakhnem ... but then.

Another modest workaholic is the D-106 landing craft of the 1176 project, the Shark cipher.

Having looked at such a vast crowd of people, I realized that I didn’t shine off landing from a convenient point. But the holiday is a holiday. However, there are certain disadvantages that always fall into memory.

For example, the organization of a holiday from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and city services forced to spit. Installed metal detectors and unequipped aisles between fences side by side. Both in that, and in other case law enforcement authorities stood nearby. But, despite the desperate squeal of the "framework", all were passed. Those. "Frames" only created a crush. What for?

The placement of the frames themselves is even more interesting. Several streets and alleys lead to the Serebryakov Embankment, and the “frames” were set up only on the main, so to speak, indicative directions. This is not counting the fact that the “billboard” of events, to put it mildly, did not coincide with reality.

But the diamond in this crown of folly was some citizens and citizens who defended their place to the last. They were burned under the sun, their children had time to pee under themselves and, possibly, at the neighbor, their shirts turned gray from rubbing against the parapet, but they didn’t want to move even for a minute. Separate mentioning deserved “yazheteromi”, who managed to put children under three years old to review the shooting single from the “Kord” two hundred meters from them. True, mothers thought their children would grow up men. No, they will grow stutters.

Well, enough spoons of tar. For the youngest base - very good. If only she remained, because people are already tired of losing.

The landing craft D-199 (cipher "Serna") approaches the coast for landing of marines.

Moor did his job - moor can leave. And patrol boat "Raptor" with him.

And how to do without local color? On Navy Day in the city, in which everything is connected with the sea and the defense of the Fatherland as the last frontier, people cannot but show their belonging to this holiday.

One time, a warrior is always a warrior, even if you are a bus driver "Vazgen"

This is not a bike, but a ship ... such a small rocket ship ...

With all my heart - Happy Navy!

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  1. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman 30 July 2018 13: 25
    With all due respect to the Black Sea Fleet and its sailors, the Black Sea is still a "puddle". In childhood, the Navy’s Day was my favorite holiday after the New Year (when the tree and gifts were given, by the way, I celebrated the Christmas tree and round dance only in DO KTOF!). And on the day of the Navy, we went with our mother for the whole day to the Amur Bay Embankment, where the holiday was held! In the water area there were cruisers, destroyers, BOD, submarines! The spectacle was already breathtaking! Different Somalics flew over the gulf with a rumble, some even dropped leaflets with greetings (unfortunately, not a single one was preserved), I wanted to scatter and spread my arms behind them from the cliff (who can let go?)! On the Embankment itself was a darkness of various exhibitions! There you cannons, and missiles and shells, and various divers, inflatable rafts and boats! Everything was in bulk! Look, do not reconsider! On every corner there is a stage where they sang, danced and showed something! In short, there are more spectacles for the kid than he could have imagined! It seemed to the people that the whole city had come together! We walked and walked while we had enough strength, and when they were over, we went to the relatives who lived on Tigrovaya. And there, in honor of the holiday and the guests, a feast with lemonade, cakes and super-duper chocolates is mandatory (such delicious ones are no longer produced! But the "Bear in the North" disappeared altogether, probably dumped it in the Arctic?)! And fireworks in the evening! If there was no fog and low cloudiness, which is a common occurrence at this time of year, the divine extravaganza of lights and colors reflected in the water of the bay! God from what he saw would probably clap his hands in joy! But the coolest was the volley of guns! Already the earth trembled! I in infancy too. Anyway, after such a holiday that took place every year until my 18th (then I went to serve in the SA, they didn’t take me to the Navy, they said go to where you sent, but you’ll "drill", we will send it even further!), Surprise me with something very difficult. Well, if you only see divisional exercises with live firing and landing at the Rybachy station in the LenVO during the general inspection of the Ministry of Defense (those who participated in such inspections know what scale it is), with the completion of the night march by the division convoy along the mountain roads of Rybachy , loading on the BDK, and throwing on the Barents in Pechenga! After that, you can only be surprised at the flight to the ISS!
    1. Black sniper
      Black sniper 30 July 2018 16: 48
      With all due respect to the Black Sea Fleet and its sailors, the Black Sea is still a "puddle".
      Yes, a puddle, but very strategically valuable puddle! hi
      1. sib.ataman
        sib.ataman 30 July 2018 17: 12
        No offense! So sometimes say at the Pacific Fleet.
  2. Black sniper
    Black sniper 30 July 2018 16: 49
    All sailors health and good luck! good
  3. Catfish
    Catfish 30 July 2018 22: 41
    Happy Holidays guys! All the best and good luck!

    Yesterday they celebrated all day, just came to their senses. drinks
  4. Victorio
    Victorio 1 August 2018 23: 22
    Happy holiday, more order and less window dressing!