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In anticipation of the modernization of Baikonur under the Soyuz-5. Will cooperation with Ukraine work?

RIA News Citing a source in the rocket and space industry, announces plans to upgrade the Baikonur space center. The industry has been talking about these plans for a long time, and the terms are constantly called different. This time, the source of the news agency says that the modernization of the launch complex at Baikonur will begin “no later than 2020 of the year”.

What does modernization mean in this case? The process is planned to be reduced to the preparation of the launch pad for the new Russian Soyuz-5 rocket. This is the restoration of a mobile farm for landing the crew in a spacecraft, as well as the restoration of equipment for the emergency rescue of astronauts. Works are supposed to be carried out on the launch complex from the Zenit launch vehicle. Astana is going to invest the project in the amount of 314 million dollars.

In anticipation of the modernization of Baikonur under the Soyuz-5. Will cooperation with Ukraine work?

Earlier, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, on Twitter made an entry about the start of work on a medium-class launch vehicle with an energy production association consisting of Energia, Progress and Energomash. At the same time, Rogozin said that the next step in the work would be the creation of a super-heavy launch vehicle, which could be used, for example, to service the circumlunar orbital mission or flights to Mars.

Source RIA News announces that Soyuz-5 is scheduled to be sent on the first flight in 2022, and before this deadline “you can use” Zenits.

From the material:
This requires that the operator starts (the company S7 Space) was able to conclude contracts for the supply of Russian components on the Ukrainian Zenit missiles.

As you know, in recent years there have been considerable problems with cooperation between the Russian Federation and Ukraine in the field of rocket production, which has a negative impact on rocket and space programs.
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  1. vit357
    vit357 25 July 2018 08: 51
    A ridiculous article) "cooperation" and "Ukraine" are the antipodes) Laughter to the cottage cheese, I swear)
    1. Thrall
      Thrall 25 July 2018 08: 55
      For this, it is necessary that the launch operator (S7 Space company) be able to conclude contracts for the supply of Russian components for Ukrainian Zenit missiles.

      But are there any personal interest in the newly made owners of Sea Launch? The floating platform, it seems, is also imprisoned for Zenit ...
      1. vit357
        vit357 25 July 2018 08: 58
        It is possible, but cooperation with Ukraine is utter stupidity, there are only the right-wingers who can destroy any promising project, of course not for free) and how much can you look back on the outskirts?)
        1. maxim947
          maxim947 25 July 2018 09: 16
          And it’s not worth relying on the Kazakhs, no one will give guarantees what will happen in 5-10 years. I repeat, the site near Zenit in Baikanur was either sold or handed over to the Kazakhs, now we will again swell money there, let them then completely restore it ourselves ... and all from the lack of a normal industry development strategy. This is certainly more emotion and I want to believe that everything will turn out as it should, and this will not be another long-playing project.
          1. vit357
            vit357 25 July 2018 09: 21
            I agree. To build something on a volcano is stupid, even if it is not yet operational)
        2. YarSer88
          YarSer88 25 July 2018 11: 43
          And what if we do not have our own engine building? All our engines are Ukrainian. So, this is not stupidity, but a forced step. It’s time to leave this dependence, I heard that we are already releasing our own line, but apparently not for heavy missiles.
          1. maxim947
            maxim947 25 July 2018 11: 56
            And what if we do not have our own engine building? All our engines are Ukrainian.

            You are not in the subject, all of our engines, Ukraine practically did not make engines.
            1. YarSer88
              YarSer88 25 July 2018 12: 18
              Yes, I agree, our engines, and Zenit - Ukrainian. Admit it already, without a small and proud Ukraine, great Russia would not have had any cosmos. So, the dependence, as it has been since the days of the USSR, has not disappeared, just before Ukraine dragged space on itself, and the achievements were attributed to the USSR, and now the masks have been reset, everyone sees who exactly is a great space power and who just clings to it. And something needs to be done with this.
              1. maxim947
                maxim947 25 July 2018 12: 42
                ??? Proton, union assembly respectively in Moscow and Samara
              2. Yuyuka
                Yuyuka 25 July 2018 12: 44
                Quote: YarSer88
                Yes, I agree, our engines, and Zenit - Ukrainian. Admit it already, without a small and proud Ukraine, great Russia would not have had any cosmos. So, the dependence, as it has been since the days of the USSR, has not disappeared, just before Ukraine dragged space on itself, and the achievements were attributed to the USSR, and now the masks have been reset, everyone sees who exactly is a great space power and who just clings to it. And something needs to be done with this.

                Little proud Ukraine ... well, well ... Great cosmic power ... if in the past, then this power was the USSR, without any division! Also say that without Kazakhstan, the USSR could not launch anything into space! belay The very development of the Union ordered in such a way that the best personnel poured in particular into Ukraine - when distributing at the institute, first we went excellent students - in most cases, we chose Ukrainian factories and design bureaus. Then the Union republics were supplied much better than the center.
                1. YarSer88
                  YarSer88 25 July 2018 12: 45
                  Kazazstan simply has a latitude convenient for launches, it depended little on them, they decided to do it and did it, but in Ukraine it has brains and hands, which is why rockets are produced there.
                  1. maxim947
                    maxim947 25 July 2018 16: 22
                    What is produced there? you are either a Troll, or so ignorant in this topic that it’s better not to write anything so that people don’t make people laugh.
              3. Imobile
                Imobile 25 July 2018 19: 37
                My father Russian with other Russians built these factories in Ukraine.
              4. abc_alex
                abc_alex 26 July 2018 20: 41
                Why suddenly Ukrainian? There is the lion's share of components, including the Russian engine. The Zenith itself is a lateral overclocking module of the heavy Energy system. Wow ... Russia was clinging to space. It’s bland ...
          2. Simargl
            Simargl 25 July 2018 13: 43
            Quote: YarSer88
            All our engines are Ukrainian.
            And which of the "all" is Ukrainian?
            After all, the United States does not have its own engines; everything is purchased from us wassat
            Wasn’t it easier to directly purchase from Ukraine?
      2. Hole puncher
        Hole puncher 25 July 2018 09: 03
        Quote: Thrall
        But are there any personal interest in the newly made owners of Sea Launch?

        Of course there is, it is necessary to depict violent activity in order to be noticed and allowed to budget funds.
        1. maxim947
          maxim947 25 July 2018 11: 44
          The move with S7 was made in order to avoid sanctions and the opportunity to attract South
      3. bouncyhunter
        bouncyhunter 25 July 2018 09: 03
        For this, it is necessary that the launch operator (S7 Space company) be able to conclude contracts for the supply of Russian components for Ukrainian Zenit missiles.

        The skakuas may have a new reason to blow from all the irons that "the achressor depends on the nenki."
      4. victorsh
        victorsh 25 July 2018 09: 20
        S7 ASK the employees “ASK” about their salaries. But this is the “mother-folder” so-called. space.
  2. BAI
    BAI 25 July 2018 08: 55
    Until this time, "you can use" "Zenith".

    From the material:
    For this, it is necessary that the launch operator (S7 Space company) be able to conclude contracts for the supply of Russian components for Ukrainian Zenit missiles.

    And you can not use it. And the need for contracts will disappear. Which is likely to happen.
  3. Antares
    Antares 25 July 2018 08: 58
    S7 Group became 17.04.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX the sovereign owner of the Sea Launch complex.
    And then there’s an intermediary between Ukraine and the Russian Federation (experts from the two countries monitored the launch of the Angolan satellite Zenith)
    Eliminate political delays.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 25 July 2018 10: 17
      The satellite nevertheless covered itself after half a year of attempts to revive it ... sad
      But launching satellites from an offshore platform close to the equator is a very profitable business. I regret that Israel did not outbid this platform for itself. We do not have a good spaceport because of the small area.
      1. Simargl
        Simargl 25 July 2018 13: 45
        What prevents you from buying an oil platform and getting into a spaceport?
        1. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 25 July 2018 15: 11
          Oil is not very suitable, they need to be greatly redone. And ordering a new one is expensive.
          1. Simargl
            Simargl 25 July 2018 15: 51
            Quote: voyaka uh
            Oil is not very suitable, they need to be greatly redone.
            Quote: Brechopedia
            Launch Platform "Odyssey"
            The launch platform “Odyssey” has its own history. This is the former OCEAN ODYSSEY self-propelled oil production platform.

            Do you need someone to give?
            For a sea launch of a small-class launch vehicle, the drilling platform is just that: it is not very expensive to buy a used platform, and sometimes almost for free.
      2. abc_alex
        abc_alex 26 July 2018 20: 42
        Rejoice! Think about why this project suddenly turned out to be economically unsound!
  4. Hole puncher
    Hole puncher 25 July 2018 09: 00
    For this, it is necessary that the launch operator (S7 Space company) be able to conclude contracts for the supply of Russian components for Ukrainian Zenit missiles.

    What naivety ... a stillborn company is trying to revive a dead relationship ...
  5. gabonskijfront
    gabonskijfront 25 July 2018 09: 06
    let Baikanur itself survive no government investments in objects in the import territories.
  6. prior
    prior 25 July 2018 09: 14
    Not only did they step on the rake with Kazakhstan about Baikonur, not only did they step on the rake with the great space power Ukraine, now you need to step on the two rakes simultaneously and repeatedly.
    Strong, however, the head at Roscosmos, straight cast iron ...
    1. Kasym
      Kasym 25 July 2018 12: 29
      Please facts about the KZ, and then it seems like balabolstvo.
      I will give you others:
      1. Eastern at latitude Kapust. Yara - why did you spend so much money ?!
      2. There was a whole line of launch vehicles: Union, Proton, Energy - why did you spend money on the Angara ?!
      3. Where are our 240 million Roscosmos cases under the Baiterek project - and what happened to the head of Roscosmos then ?!
      And this is not what I affirm, but your specialists in space write:
      Academician Sagdeev in the MK “Space that we lost” from July 11-17, 2018.
      Doctor of Technical Sciences, Major General of the Reserve V. Gudilin, Arguments of the Week "" Look around in the compartments. "
      Not the head of Roscosmos cast iron, but your money in the pockets of individuals disappear.
      And Kazakhstan was given 2 Zenit launching tables, so that we would manage without the interest of other people's pockets. The article directly speaks for our investment, or can NASA help you?
      Understand the question, and then write your nonsense, Vlad. Due to the accident in 2014. The Proton launch vehicle in the steppe killed 120 thousand saiga heads - it’s a pity that your media don’t write this - and it put our brakes on hand. hi
      Your Rogozin is already the third time in a year with ours.
      Zenit First: Ukraine-RF-KZ
      Then the Angara: RF-KZ,
      Then Soyuz-5: RF-KZ
      You already decide, otherwise our grandmothers fly into the pipe.
      1. slipped
        slipped 25 July 2018 18: 47
        Yes, everything is just Kasym - there was such a country, the USSR was called, and Kazakhstan was inside it. And “Baikonur” built everything in the world. Then the USSR was gone. Kazakhstan was left with the whole Baikonur. Yes Yes. “Energy” and “Buran” have become YOURS. Didn't know about this? And what did you do the first time with UKSS? Dragged to scrap. And the city began to systematically destroy.

        Now all that remains is what Russia has leased from you.

        Why did they build the Vostochny and create the Angara? That there was an opportunity to launch rockets without looking back at your Wishlist and that your heads in the steppes of your cattle were safe. laughing How to graze them and continue to graze. Why do you need space then? Beef is she closer.

        And we have already decided on the rocket - you will buy it for money. If you want to space.
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 25 July 2018 19: 58
          laughing Kill! You bring the facts and answer the questions that your experts raise, not me. I don’t need your emotions.
          And here are the facts and questions.
          1) Where is Buran and Energy produced? Where are these productions? Have you ever read the articles (which I quoted)?
          2) At the end of the century, your debt has accumulated so much that it was only in 2004. extinguished by wagons and used equipment. And who carried out commercial launches and where did the money go for them - we only had to support the pants of Roscosmos in Baikonur ?! So do you need astronautics or not?
          3) So who allowed to break up - is there your government, the police and the prosecutor’s office? We didn’t have access.
          4) Kapustin Yar on your territory - why should the East be built, when it could be developed for much less money.
          5) Major General Goodilin claims that the Angara is a "sour dough." Why, read the article ?!
          6) Why don’t you build start tables for Soyuz-5 at your own expense - is there an Eastern one?
          7) Do you know the story of Kazsat-1? I had to "stuff" Kazsat-2i3 already in France to buy. No wonder Sagdeev and Goodilin write that the Russians. astronautics slide down to the 30th year to 4-5th place in the world and can only be a cabman.
          Fan your fingers apart. They offer real help to you, with which we earn nothing. Or maybe NASA will offer you this? "Degrading others you will not become higher." hi
          Give facts and arguments, not emotions.
          1. slipped
            slipped 25 July 2018 23: 39
            Yeah, in order:

            1. After the collapse of the Union, all equipment remaining in the former Soviet republics, whether it be airplanes, ships, or even Buran, began to belong to these republics. And you did not know about this? laughing Production was distributed in the same republics and cooperation was immediately destroyed.

            2. Commercial launches are carried out by Russian missiles from the launch sites of the launch site rented for money from Kazakhstan. Payment for the launch is not carried out at the cosmodrome; this is not a market, my friend. Kazakhstan, though in every way under various pretexts, also wanted to receive its dividends.

            3. You didn’t have access when Baikonur was rented, and before that, access was very creeping.

            4. From the "Kapustinoy Yar" it is impossible to launch heavy and superheavy missiles. Trails will run over your Kazakhstan and China. From the "East" is possible, the ocean is near. In addition, there is a program for the development of the Far East and the construction of new cities just fits into it.

            5. The Angara rocket is not one rocket. These are missiles of various classes, for various tasks. They are launched from a universal launch complex. In addition, they are replacing old equipment that was developed jointly in the USSR and for the same standard size of satellites. They have a wide range of subsequent upgrades to the heavy A5B rocket.

            6. A universal launch pad for Soyuz-5 and a new superheavy rocket, the Soyuz-5 rocket module is just planned, will be built as part of the "third phase of construction" of the Vostochny spaceport, i.e. after the year 2021. The construction start date is approximately 2022-23 years. The launch of the heavy carrier from it is 2028, before that it is planned to launch Soyuz-5 under the manned program and the STK prototype with the moon flying around. Although the moon is possible earlier on Soyuz-L with a double launch, in conjunction with the A5 launch vehicle, the latter will lead to the AECS to which Soyuz-L will dock in a short pattern.

            7. I know very well the first experience of Khrunichevtsev in creating a commercial spacecraft. Came out as the first pancake lumpy. That was a long time ago, 10 years ago. If you hadn’t ordered a satellite from Khrunichev, then Sesat had plowed them from ISS for 17 years, but you were led to cheapness or there were good kickbacks. Now mass production of such equipment with the maximum number of domestic components has been established. As an example - serial satellites of the Canopus remote sensing satellite, the first year is already in its seventh year, the fifth and sixth are preparing to launch from Vostochny.

            No emotions, just facts. If you don't like them, hold the flag.
            1. Kasym
              Kasym 26 July 2018 00: 52
              laughing Vlad writes, "that they stepped on a rake with a short circuit." Do you understand the essence of the dispute, or what? I ask the facts, where on the "tail we stepped" !!!!! laughing
              Give links where it is indicated that we ask dividends from launches when you are up to 98g. they didn’t even pay for electricity (not of course you, but your government). Moreover, the payment for ALL objects in the KZ is the most "democratic" - 150 million. (by the way, the territory. It’s larger than the Baltic, one of which Sary-Shagan is worth. 7 objects of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on our territory until recently). If you say that we live on them (money from rent), then look at the KZ budget - your fee is less than 0,5% of it. Your military unit did not leave from there and guarded these objects - who is to blame for the color of the thieves. met. etc. got to this good ?! Maybe they (security) were directly involved in this, CEP? Maybe the roof in the hangar, where Buran stood we brought down? THERE IS YOUR POWER, dear, by the way so far! The police and all that! In the end, who signed the Belovezhskaya Accords and collapsed the Union, which destroyed all cooperation! It is foolish to blame KZ for this - we had practically nothing but Baikonur, or you don’t know! So we try so that it does not turn into a pile of reinforced concrete!
              I bring the articles of your specialists who point out problems in the Russian cosmonautics - and explain to them that everything is fine with you, and Kazakhstan people put radishes and sticks in their wheels. Argue with your academicians and generals - or they don’t understand anything about the trajectories, etc.?! So where does the short circuit come from? CEP, you’re not digging there. It is foolish to blame us for our problems. They offer you financial assistance, that's all. Or do you think that someone in the KZ can design start tables - the money will go to you. Can builders and building materials provide.hi
              I didn’t understand where our fault is - it’s all nonsense. Good luck.
              1. slipped
                slipped 26 July 2018 01: 08
                Facts? Yes, it’s not a question, next year, there will be launches under the VanVeb program from Baikonur, and the Kazakh authorities have soaped up sticks in the wheels, once again. But then, so ... I think they’ll agree.

                Are you trying? Well, it’s good if you try, otherwise Russia will leave, as you seek, you will remain at the trough, and here at least you will have your own start. We now have only two sites at Baikonur and remained. And one of them will be completely closed in five years. I do not blame for the problems. They and we have a carriage and a small cart. I'm just saying - do you want a commercial market in full? Get it. Do it, this is another question.

                Have a nice one you too.

                PS: a Kazakhstani company carried out the roof repair, it also violated the construction technology, which led to the collapse. Although of course the building itself was designed with errors.
                1. Kasym
                  Kasym 26 July 2018 11: 38
                  By God, it’s ridiculous! Because of what is not there yet, are you submitting a claim to us ?! And what are the FUTURE sticks ???
                  So you did not write where you inserted the short-circuit stick !!! laughing FACTS I ASK - know how to cheer up ...
                  I served in the army under the Union and I know very well how servicemen know how to “earn” (including officers). Airfield. There was a sawmill, but not a single board went to the landfill (and there was a forest) - but there wasn’t a week to stand it — it worked for the locals and the commander went in his pocket so that he built a house with the head of the communications center. It’s also so that there wasn’t enough cement for the object ... So it was with the hangar. They designed one, but the "builders" decided differently - and who is to blame ??? !!! Who accepted the object, why did they put the responsible signature? Maybe the local shepherd took the object? Stupid to blame so, Dear !!!
                  I suspect that those cables are in color. met. the locals didn’t leave for nothing — how did they know where they were buried — they all were in a share (incl. bosses and officers), otherwise it doesn’t happen! They would shoot thieves on the spot and be right !!!
                  Here are many people on the site who accuse Central Asia and KZ of nationalism. But your EBN, Shushkevich and Kravchuk, having signed the Bel.Soglasha. gave our Natsik a reason to raise his head. "They don’t consider us as people. They gathered themselves and decided our fate for us. We are savages for them, etc." - what do you tell them, how could you justify what these three have done ?! It’s good that in a couple of years they were able to “repay” them in the KZ; I won’t speak for Central Asia.
                  So I write that there are enough problems in the Russian cosmonautics - I point them out when reading the articles of your specialists. Some satellites and corruption are worth it. Why the government of experts does not listen! And you fingers like a fan - is it possible to talk like that and even more so to debate ?!
                  But what kind of commercial market is there - would it not be possible to turn the property of the Union into rubbish ?! Do you seriously think that we want to earn there? This is ridiculous!!! We needed satellites - we paid. And who else will be? RN with a payload purchased from the French - we asked for freebies! It was with Paris that they decided to build an assembly plant, since it’s weak with you, do you think we ask freebies ?! We will pay for sure, but how else ?! You, too, pay enterprises for your LV - otherwise it will not! I did not understand the claims! Also, you do not want to admit that the space center KZ itself provided up to 98g. - EBN was not going to pay anything. Then they settled barter. Yes, and now this barter is coming. If you do not know, then the capital (Alma-Ata) was also subjected to the end of the 90s with fan blackouts and gas non-deliveries. People sometimes in the yards, at the stake prepared food. No matter how wild, but it is. hi
                  1. slipped
                    slipped 26 July 2018 12: 42
                    Horses mixed up in a bunch laughing I answered specific questions, and you are throwing verbal garbage here. Was there any payment for Baikonur? It was. What are you talking about? The construction of Vostochny is the RESULT of Kazakhstan’s policy at the Baikonur cosmodrome. The rest is all blah blah blah. Shifting from a sick head to a healthy one.

                    They decided to build an assembly plant with Paris, so your decision, you are a sovereign state. laughing Build who's stopping you. In our country this is a long gone stage. For 10 years, in the same Zheleznogorsk, satellites learned to build no worse than western ones with long service lives. As an example, a coherent domestic heavy “Blagovest” and “Rays”. And soon the RSC “Progress” will be pulled up to a similar level - at the output, a series of modernized “Resource-PM” is being built with new technologies. This year, the Egyptsat-A from Baikonur commercial flies. Yes, RKK Energia had a mess with Angosat last year, just from the French PN, but my personal opinion is that the RKK should not build satellites, it’s better to build space ships and modules. They are excellent at them. Also with TsIH - let him deal with the means of elimination, the "Hangar" again. And VNIIEM and ISS satellites are building excellent.

                    But that’s all sophistry.

                    Che still wanted to say something. And yes, a metal stella, from the landing site of the Union-11 Kazakhs handed over for scrap. I had to put concrete. I hope they don’t break it.
                    1. Kasym
                      Kasym 26 July 2018 13: 42
                      FACTS ABOUT "RAKE" WHERE, CEP ?! laughing
                      "The result of the policy of Kazakhstan" - so indicate what is stopping you. ALREADY THE 4th TIME I ASK, CEP !!! Links etc .. laughing
                      Well, yes, the board in the form of barter h \ z 10 years. This is the same thing that you launch a companion for me, and I will give you 10 years of grandmother to you! laughing You yourself are not funny ?! laughing
                      You don’t know anything about the satellite KazSat-1. It was Roscosmos that pointed to Khrunichev - we had no idea that they didn’t even have experience and slipped an experimental platform. Failure KUDM - uncontrollable became. Inflated, in short. That's the whole truth. The Angolan satellite, most recently, December 26, 2017, tell how it "works great"! Tell tales further, CEP. Here are the specific facts for you - who will work with you when you throw your closest partners.
                      So who is shifting from healthy to healthy? laughing
                      1. slipped
                        slipped 26 July 2018 15: 04
                        Yes, ask how much you want for health, you yourself will find if you wish laughing Not not funny:

                        "The Russian Federation annually pays Kazakhstan more than $ 200 million for renting the Baikonur cosmodrome," reports referring to the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan.

                        According to the agency, in accordance with the lease agreement for the Baikonur complex between the governments of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, the rent for using the complex is $ 115 million per year.

                        “However, the lease agreement for the Baikonur complex differs from the classical lease agreements in that, in addition to the annual rent, the Russian Federation provides financing for the current, overhaul and reconstruction of the leased facilities (clause 6.2 of the agreement), as well as financing the life of the city of Baikonir. In this regard, in addition to rent, the Russian Federation annually invests about six billion rubles ($ 92 million at the current rate, $ 200 million at the old rate) to maintain and develop the Baikonur cosmodrome and the city of Baikonir (clause 6.10 of the agreement), the Ministry reports the national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. - Thus, in monetary terms, the Russian side pays rent in the amount of over $ 200 million a year. ""

                        Roscosmos showed on TsiH? laughing The naive boy. Angosat remembered, but does KazSat-3 from ISS work? AND? laughing That's it.
                    2. Kasym
                      Kasym 26 July 2018 15: 42
                      Well, what to argue about if you blame this rake, but do not indicate the sources - you can’t even give the facts. This is how the West now accuses the Russian Federation of all the deadly sins, but the document cannot.
                      Well, if you don’t know, then KazSat-3 has the Russian platform of ISS, and the payload is Thales, CEP. You can even find it on the wiki.
                      The total rent is determined by the general commission and compiled taking into account the costs of these facilities. Well, as an example, I can give you the Gabala radar station (over-the-horizon in Azerbaijan) Baku was determined at $ 1 billion. And the area occupied by objects in the KZ exceeds the area of ​​that of Azerbaijan. The base rental is 150 mil. dale for all objects, which is less than 0,5% of the KZ budget.
                      Now let's move on to the "boy". "Degrading others you will not become higher." I'm not going to switch to things like that, CEP.
                      All the best and do not get sick. hi
    2. Proxima
      Proxima 25 July 2018 12: 50
      Quote: prior
      Not only that, they stepped on a rake with Kazakhstan over Baikonur ..

      Dear, you will not prompt where it is carried out all manned world space? (China is the only exception), is not it from the thieves' Baikonur?
  7. bald
    bald 25 July 2018 09: 16
    And so the grandmother - a rake disappears.
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 July 2018 09: 40
    Cooperate with Ukraine? Some kind of surrealism. Exactly a combination of illusions and unusual forms. It is interesting, but who on our side acts as Salvador Dali?
    1. Artur adilov
      Artur adilov 25 July 2018 12: 12
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Cooperate with Ukraine? Some kind of surrealism.

      Just guessrecourse It is quite clear that neither Russia nor even Ukraine will directly work with each other. The idea is that Kazakhstan acts as an intermediary. Thus, avoiding accusations of cooperation with both the Russian "occupiers" and the Ukrainian "Zhidobanderovtsy" ..
      Something remotely resembles the situation of 2014 with the Russian Kamaz in Ukraine: then it was possible to pull them out without consequences “from the clutches of the right-wingers”, under the pretext that “they were Kazakh” bully
      So here, the Republic of Kazakhstan can become a platform for fruitful cooperation .. Moreover, Elbasy is a greed for the Peacemaker’s laurels. Although request
  9. astepanov
    astepanov 25 July 2018 09: 55
    Three questions:
    1) But what about the recently announced transport space system with electric rocket engines and a megawatt-class nuclear reactor, which (supposedly) is almost ready and can reduce the flight time to Mars many times and make shuttle flights to the Moon? If it is, then an extra-heavy rocket does not seem to be needed. Or noodles on ears again?
    2) Why do superheavy rocket work begin at least for the fifth time (not counting the “Energy” that flew, and the “Volcano” of monstrous payload - up to 200 tons, which was a modification of the same “Energy”)? Where is the money previously spent on them, gentlemen? And why should I believe that again you will not plunder them and do not squander them?
    3) Why it turns out so strange: cosmodromes and launch sites have been built for decades, entire families are designing rockets, and Russia is losing ground: the Chinese are already doing something in space, and the Japanese, not to mention the Americans. It was they who carried out the Rozzetta program, their devices have been crawling over Mars for years, exploring Titan, Saturn, Jupiter with satellites, Neptune, Pluto, asteroids, launching space telescopes ... And where are we? And we have them between the buttocks. Is it because the old people like Korolev, Chertka, Glushko died out, and the rest were pushed away from work, replacing Rogozin as figures like a “doctor of technical sciences”?
    Sad citizens gentlemen. The country of liars, thieves and crooks.
    1. slipped
      slipped 25 July 2018 11: 43
      Three answers:

      1. No one has ever said that the transport installation with a megawatt-class nuclear reactor is ready. It is only being developed. The Keldysh Center is developing experimental work on its elements. A tug based on it is planned for the delivery of goods. A superheavy rocket is needed to fly to the moon of a manned ship.

      2. Work on the superheavy rocket has not yet begun. A contract was signed only for the Soyuz-5 rocket. This rocket is planned as a universal missile module for a superheavy rocket in the future. There is a presidential decree on the creation of such a missile (STK) by the year 2028. The money spent on "Energy" remained in the USSR and nothing depends on your faith.

      3. The "Chinese and Japanese" in space "do something" regardless of what Russia or even the United States does in space. Russia today is exploring the center of our galaxy, quasars and pulsars, as well as the planet Mars from orbit. In 2021, he will put his long-term station there. Expands the orbital constellation of Earth remote sensing satellites in the interests of the state. Creates and launches new communications and navigation satellites. Carries out space experiments on the ISS and carries people there. And with the advent of the superheavy rocket, it will begin its Lunar manned program.
    2. Captain green
      Captain green 25 July 2018 12: 55
      On item 1.
      The Transport Space System with electric rocket engines and a megawatt-class nuclear reactor is a space tug operating only in open space. You do not plan to take off using a reactor, right? This means that both he and the fact that he will be towed must be lifted into space by something powerful (!) ...
  10. slipped
    slipped 25 July 2018 11: 47
    Forget about the Zenith. They will not be anymore. That there S7 and others did not say.
    1. Semurg
      Semurg 25 July 2018 13: 55
      Roscosmos will heat our hurray of ours for another 340 lyam, to the song of Kazakhstan is a space power.
      1. slipped
        slipped 25 July 2018 18: 34
        Your starting table has been returned to you. You will finance your starting table. Still unclear? Or plunder everything there, as you usually do, on metals?

        Rocket you do "Soyuz-5" under it. You will buy it and launch your companions.
        1. Semurg
          Semurg 25 July 2018 18: 59
          Quote: slipped
          Your starting table has been returned to you. You will finance your starting table. Still unclear? Or plunder everything there, as you usually do, on metals?

          Rocket you do "Soyuz-5" under it. You will buy it and launch your companions.

          They returned our starting table to us. laughing This song is good start over, under the same songs but with the Hangar already stole 200. lyamov. By the way, our satellites 1 and 2 built in the Russian Federation flew away with another 100 lyamas paid for their construction.
          1. slipped
            slipped 25 July 2018 19: 25
            Think a bit about who owns the territory of Baikonur? laughing Baikonur is leased from Kazakhstan by Russia. Your SKs were immediately returned to you. Those. brought them out from under the lease. Now they are YOURS. Like the Buran. Only the last you rotted.
            1. Semurg
              Semurg 26 July 2018 07: 02
              Think a little yourself laughing and explain how Roscosmos will not throw Kazakh suckers for another 300-400 lyam, since before that they have already thrown 300-400 lyam twice, on the launch pad under the hangar and kazsat satellites
              1. Kasym
                Kasym 26 July 2018 12: 02
                He does not understand that AUTHORITY at the cosmodrome and their city. He does not understand that security, prosecutors, laws, etc. Russian. He does not understand that until recently, all objects belong to the Russian Federation, and our citizens are closed. He also does not understand that the money for Baiterek went to Roscosmos for design and technical proof, but we did not see anything. hi
                He thinks that our citizens walk around the landfill, as in his yard
                1. slipped
                  slipped 26 July 2018 12: 49
                  I also understand that YOU are paid for it. And what is wrong with the design of Baiterk? You yourself cannot do this, but Roscosmos is doing this. What is the bazaar about? laughing For money, yes, would you like otherwise? laughing The poor, naive ... will throw them. Yes, sir.
                  1. Kasym
                    Kasym 26 July 2018 13: 56
                    laughing - that’s exactly what, NEVER. As they say: "Where is the money, ZIN?" laughing
                    At first 220 mil. requested (at the start. table for the Angara), and at the end of 1,6 billion dollars. belay wassat Is it called? When the Angara itself with all the affairs (ground infrastructure, etc.) 150 billion rubles = 2,5 billion dollars. - You can even find it on Wiki !!!
                    Please note that at first (on Soyuz-5) they requested 240 mil., And now it is already 314 mil. dollars (as we see 1,6 billion and does not smell, when compared with the Hangar). Do you even know how to count there or take numbers from the ceiling ?! laughing
                    Okay, good with you - tired of laughing.
                    1. slipped
                      slipped 26 July 2018 15: 16
                      Yes, laugh as much as you like, pay it all the same to you for the rocket laughing

                      Figures from his ceiling. Well this is necessary. Compare the construction of a new launch for a new rocket with the reconstruction of the old one under a similar one.
                      Reconstruction of Zenit SC under the Angara was expensive due to global alterations, which incidentally delayed the first launch. Reconstruction of SK Zenit under Soyuz-5 is much cheaper because it is minimal. Ass in missiles in the latter case is the same. So learn the materiel first, and then talk about money.
                      1. Kasym
                        Kasym 26 July 2018 16: 15
                        If we need it, then of course we will pay - there are no freebies here. Or do you think that someone gives us something for free? laughing
                        Actually, this is the story. To replace the toxic Proton rocket, it was decided to switch to another pH. In the beginning was Zenit: KZ-RF-Ukraine. But for certain reasons it (the agreement) did not take place. Poroshenko at the visit asked to revive the project - but we understand everything perfectly. The Russian Federation offered the Angara: KZ-table, RF-RN "Angara" of all classes. But the Russian Federation, as already mentioned, issued with 220 miles. up to 1,6 billion. Then even the National Academy of Sciences flared up and all the other people pounded the GDP. And the reason is allegedly in the disruption of the terms for the Hangar. Now decided Soyuz-5. Start tables are Handed over to us (as we see, we are not doing business activity at the cosmodrome). One in the 90th year was destroyed by an emergency launch of Zenith (the launch vehicle collapsed on the old table - in fact, it is not necessary to repair it, but to rebuild it), and the second table has long been a cap. repair. Now Rogozin arrives and speaks for ... Angara and Baiterek - here in VO there was an article for this recently. Therefore, I asked from the very beginning of our discussion that the Russian Federation DECIDED with pH. So personally, it’s not entirely clear to me what will fly from the cosmodrome. Soyuz-5 or Angara.
                        Now for the cost. Everything is even on Wikipedia if you type Angara-5 in a search engine. It is written: "THE WHOLE MISSILE CREATION PROGRAM TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE CONSTRUCTION OF LAND INFRASTRUCTURE FOR IT WILL BE COST 150 billion rubles." Now, estimate that 96 billion rubles are on the starting table, and the development of a launch vehicle of 54 billion is unrealistic and smacks of corruption. That NAS did not agree - no one could explain to him, because originally for the old table it was 13,2 billion - this was considered by Roscosmos.
                        Actually, I realized that you did not read the article “Look around in the compartments”.
                        And your opinion compared to the opinion of Major General, doc. those. Gudilina PShIK, excuse me. Here you have the materiel. hi
  11. weksha50
    weksha50 25 July 2018 18: 59
    "As you know, with the cooperation between the Russian Federation and Ukraine in the field of rocket science over the past few years, considerable problems have been observed, which has a negative impact on rocket and space programs."...

    I apologize... hi
    Does Russia have few domestic problems? Is it really necessary today to develop the near-moon and Martian space, and even dependence on Ukraine? Or am I not understanding something? request
    1. slipped
      slipped 25 July 2018 19: 27
      Do not pay attention. Journalism and virtual Wishlist of commercial structures.