Europe from the bus window. Part of 1. Roads and houses

Road, road
We are far away calling ...
Perhaps there is not much happiness left,
Perhaps one turn ...
Music: Vasily Solovyov-Sedoy.
Words: Alexey Fatyanov

I hope that for my part it will not be too immodest to loudly declare like the legendary Arnold: "I am back!" It really is. And I left to rest after a year of hard work and in search of new experiences travel on a tourist bus in Europe. Last year it was the first such trip, this is the second. And I must say that a series of articles with this name was planned last year, but then I nevertheless abstained from it, although I traveled to Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany then, although it is clear that it’s not from end to end. This time, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia added with a five-day vacation by the sea on the island of Krk (yes, Krk and that’s it, Croats they say that!) In the Kvarner Riviera. The cycle is planned not to be in the style of travel notes: “America on the right and on the left,” or on the TV show “Let's Go, Let's Eat ...”. There will also be personal impressions - because what is without them, and necessarily historical facts that are associated with these impressions, and there will certainly be a war (after all, we are on the VO website!), but peace will also be enough. Those who are attracted to objectivity may not immediately read these materials. Here, at least (I mean “VO”), people write that objectivity adorns the historian, I do not believe in it. “Nothing great happened without passion” - it has long been said, it was said very correctly, in my opinion, and why should we ignore these words? For example, I do not hide that I am angry by nature, sometimes I can not be restrained, and subject to passions. This is not always good, but not so bad. It all depends on the circumstances. Is it interesting, for example, to read only emasculated TTX and suras from encyclopedias? After all, VO is not Wikipedia, is it ?! Although, I guarantee the accuracy of the information itself. Because the opinion of the author is one thing, and the information is something completely different. Well, as part of the entire cycle, we will drive along the roads of the aforementioned countries of Europe, walk along its ancient routes, get to know the peoples that lived here in the past and now live, with cities, museums, archaeological parks, castles, sieges and beaches ... And all this You, dear readers of VO, will see through my eyes and in my photographs. And the first part of our new cycle will be devoted to a very topical topic for us - roads and houses.

Here in these buses today, our tourists travel around Europe.

To begin with, such tours are very popular today. For example, the company TurTransVoyazh on the route of which I traveled with my wife and granddaughter, carries its tourists not only in Europe and Scandinavia, but also through Spain to Morocco, and even to ancient Persia - Iran! True, in Iran in the winter, when there is not so hot, and our women are prescribed a strict dress code. There are routes to Southeast Asia and even Japan. And more and more Russians use such bus tours. In our bus from 52, the man only seems to be the first such trip for two. And there were those who went five times, and one woman is already 10! Two girlfriends went now in July, then they will go in September, and they also plan to go in December! And these are the routes of only one of our Russian company. But there are a lot of them, so buses with tourists from Russia cross its border one by one. This is especially noticeable at the checkpoint in Brest. Usually people get there by train, and get on the bus right at the train station. Someone takes the plane to Budapest and sits in it on the route.

On the way, stops are made to drink coffee and ... to visit the sanitary room. Toilet, by the way, for emergency cases, there is in the bus. But some still hesitate to use it.

That is, now bus tours are becoming really popular. If you find it hard to go at night and then wander around the city all day: “Look at the ruins of the mosque on the left, and at the right of the Three Treasures Tavern, where Buratino once dined,” then you can choose a tour without night journeys and everyone once to spend the night in the hotel, and in the morning, having a breakfast buffet, go ahead. There are negative points here, but I personally wouldn’t exchange anything for a dream in a good room. Of course, it is best to ride in Europe on your own car, but what is not - that is not. I did not learn in time, but now the age is not the same and the reaction is not the same ...

You sit and look, and someone else's life flashes outside the window ...

And, it is clear that such travel would be impossible without good roads!

True, this happens on their roads ...

Now let's remember how often we like to repeat: “Russia has two problems - fools and roads!” But, it seems to me, we need to end with it. She is outdated. Fools are a global problem, and in America there are 80% of the total population, like in our country, and only in England there are a few smaller ones - namely, 70% of the total. And the roads ... the roads are fast becoming good!

Do you travel privately? There are campsites, motels and very colorful roadside restaurants at your service here — I don't want to eat!

In any case, I can judge how the tracks that I know have changed: one from Penza to Moscow, and others - Penza-Saratov and Penza-Chelyabinsk. Wide, modern, equipped with solar-powered lamps, with bridges, interchanges. Rubbish along the sides of the road is collected by men in orange robes, mowing grass on the sides ... I really don’t often travel along these roads and cannot tell for their entire mileage, as well as for the Penza-My Dacha highway - there is a “risk driving highway” , but in general, the difference (special!) between the roads in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia, and our roads here in Russia did not see! That is, the coating itself, and its technical framing, and care for the highway are almost identical.

On the autobahn buses go very fast ...

“What, there are no differences at all?” - someone will ask me. No, they are! But they are specific. For example, garbage ... We collect it along the tracks known to me, but in some places they do not have time to collect it. In Croatia, I specifically set out on foot along the road from the village of Nivice to Omisalj, and although it was very clean there, but ... bottles thrown out of the car came across here. A municipal employee mowed the grass in front of me along the curb. He saw me - he immediately said hello!

Typical roadside landscape there.

But that’s what we don’t have yet - garbage outside the federal highways. In Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, garbage, by definition, is nowhere to be found. Not on the high road, not on the small one. I have to turn all the number to the cottage. But how to get out of the track - here you immediately and a lot of shit. And it can be seen from the road. But ... rarely cleaned. In Poland and in the same Croatia - that the highway between the cities, that the turn to a farm in the forest, everything is the same. If they litter, then everything is very quickly cleaned! Here we still have Europe to catch up and catch up!

Typical road fencing. Just like us!

In Poland, similar road lamps with solar panels. But they also have wind turbines on top. There will be no sun - there will be wind, and therefore light. Trifle, but nice!

But there are much more wind turbines there.

Further, what distinguishes their roads from ours. As a rule, along forest tracts through which multi-lane highways are laid, metal mesh fences are installed. Where the roads are, so to speak, “internal use” and into two lanes, fences are much less common, but the traffic there is not as intensive. This was done to protect forest dwellers, which are very numerous in the forests of Poland, Hungary and Croatia. It comes to the fact that roe deer graze on the lawns in the immediate vicinity of the road and do not pay attention to it. On the highway, they usually go out at night ... to bask in the hot asphalt during the day. The light of the headlights blinds them, where it is not clear where to run and - like this, poor animals and crushed cars. Grids protect them from this. A lot of noise barriers, both transparent and opaque. On transparent - silhouettes of birds of prey, so that any feathery trifle will not fight about plastic without fighting!

There are a lot of tunnels on the roads of Croatia. This is not surprising, because there are so many mountains ...

By the way, the abundance of animals in the woods is a good hunt. In Hungary, for example, and not only there, the foreign hunter rents all the prey to the hunting community that organized this entertainment for him, therefore the meat of roe deer, wild boar, deer is not translated into the menu of local restaurants. But so that "my beasts" could cross the autobahns, above them, and in a multitude, built ... "eco-bridges". Grass and trees grow on them. In fact, this is the same forest, only with sides, so that the little animals do not feel dizzy from the type of transport passing under them. And according to them, they are crossing the “road”. I have never met such bridges here.

Here it is - an ecological bridge for the animals! Built very, very thorough, and all for the good of nature!

Roads leading to farms, ordinary country roads - with potholes, puddles, like ours. But ... without heaps of garbage. But in Croatia on the spicy Krk very interesting roads are laid ... in the woods! Imagine a thick, albeit low forest, intertwined with blackberry thickets, and here comes a road lined with a broken stone, and there are stone fences on either side of it. On kilometers !!! Ride on it infrequently, it is noticeable. But you can only imagine how much it was necessary to turn stones out of the ground (or could you get them somewhere ?!), bring them here to the forest, and then manually fold them into these “small fences” about a height to an adult. And there are many of them, and they are going in different directions ... If this was done before the war, then it is not surprising that partisans acted so successfully in Croatia. And if after, then again, the volumes of completed work are amazing!

View from the bridge leading to the Croatian island of Krk. Of course, this is not our Crimean bridge, but all the same - the structure is impressive!

Well, now let's turn to the military topic. Obviously, if there are a lot of roads there and they are all in excellent condition, even those of local importance, then ... you should keep this in mind and, in addition to tracked armored vehicles, have its wheel counterparts. About the way it is practiced by the French or the Japanese, who have the most genuine wheeled vehicles in service Tanks with guns of caliber 105-120 mm. There are many mountains, completely overgrown with forests. To break through such areas on tanks is obviously a disastrous business, but on the highway, but at a speed of under 120-150 km / h, why not ?! Again, tanksrobots it is much easier to operate on such highways than among bushes and ravines. So let them act on them! And let our potential opponents (well, just in case!) Know that we have equally good military equipment on their good roads!

Autobahn is fine, but ... you have to pay for the traffic. Approximately 500-800 rubles from one control point to another. You can cash, you can card. And you can go free to bypass! But so longer and the road winds ...

To be continued ...
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  1. +6
    24 July 2018 04: 43
    Using Google maps, you can almost also observe someone else's life.
    1. +11
      24 July 2018 06: 31
      Probably, but it reminds me of masturbation. Everything is as it is for real, but something is missing ...
      1. +2
        24 July 2018 06: 41
        Quote: kalibr
        Probably, but it reminds me of masturbation. Everything is as it is for real, but something is missing ...

        Full truth and not enough smile
        1. +8
          24 July 2018 06: 57
          Wherever people from Black Africa and other similar regions come and create their enclaves, this is what happens. When you live in a hut and walk under a nearby bush, and your trash is of a natural nature and is immediately disposed of by scarabs, it’s hard to teach trash bins to use this. Well, in Italy, garbage collector strikes periodically occur. There is no need to remove such a plot.
        2. +2
          24 July 2018 12: 56
          I don’t see anything dirty. Yes, the skin color is different, but this is racism gentlemen!
          1. +3
            24 July 2018 20: 02
            Quote: Imobile
            I don’t see anything dirty. Yes, the skin color is different, but this is racism gentlemen!

            Oh, I don’t even know what to say ... Well, visit the color quarter of some European city, I think your opinion will change a lot ...

            There is a good phrase that one of my acquaintances said, who really knew what he was talking about - "two weeks in the depths of Black Africa make a protector of the poor oppressed blacks a terrible racist."
            1. jjj
              24 July 2018 20: 14
              I read a story about a black student in Russia. Ours taught him how to drink vodka. And then he first from a half-stack under the table fell drunk. Over the course of the year, I learned to sit with friends, apply to a glass, eat properly, and maintain a conversation. In the summer I went on vacation to my Africa. He took alcohol. And he writes later that all the relatives had drunk, got into. "And only I, as a white man, sit and marvel" ...
  2. +9
    24 July 2018 06: 56
    In fact, bus tours almost always require a fairly good shape, because many stops and lots of walking. And the trip in the bus itself also requires strength.

    This is due to the mode of movement of the bus. For example, you cannot move for more than 8 hours. After this, rest of the driver is required as much. At the same time, there are conditions for rest (rest on a couch on a bus goes as half as a rest in a hotel). And if you moved at night, then you have to stand all day.
    As a result, bus tours with night crossings have disappeared (maximum 1 or 2 for a ten-day tour and then on the way back).
    Based on this, it turns out that every day a new place and tour, or even a few. In this case, it usually turns out to call in places that usually pass by a tourist (small towns).
    Therefore, such tours are very good for exploring countries. After such tours, you can already choose something more carefully you need to inspect.

    At one time, my wife and I traveled twice to the Czech Republic (two different routes - in northern Bohemia and in Moravia).
    Moreover, the last round was not just eaten as soon as possible, but rather connected in meaning.
    But traveling through Brest is quite difficult due to the large lines at the border.
    Twice more we traveled through Scandinavia to Paris and London. This route is very interesting that, in addition to the bus, you get at least two ferries (one large to Stockholm and one not so much - through the Danish Straits). You can have a very good time on them. So I advise you to try to go and such a route.
    1. +2
      24 July 2018 07: 03
      Thank! It is always a pleasure to receive good advice. But much depends on the goal: a book about the Vikings will be needed - the northern route will go. If you want to relax on the clear sea, they will go south to Kvarner, Rhodes and Crete.
      1. jjj
        24 July 2018 20: 16
        Bus trips around Europe are not tiring. Only after Poland is left behind. But the transition in Brest, where you have to stand for more than twelve hours, is an extremely unpleasant occupation.
  3. -1
    24 July 2018 07: 33
    In Russia there is an "online project" on the Trans-Siberian Railway. That is, you can go to the site and in real time "drive" along Transibo, you will observe all kinds as if from a train window.
  4. 0
    24 July 2018 07: 58
    But you just imagine how much it was necessary to turn stones out of the ground

    - And how much to cut down and take out the forests with us?
    1. +3
      24 July 2018 08: 16
      Yes, to say nothing - the work of people in the past was very hard! I have not far from my country house, someone bought an old abandoned site. For two days, "Friendship" sawed the wild forest grown there from cherry, plum and bird cherry. Then it burned for two days. But ... there were stumps and roots. It’s impossible to walk! And how he will pull them all out of the ground, I just can’t imagine. There you need a DT-75 with a hook !!!
      1. 0
        24 July 2018 09: 33
        burn out! dig out and set fire to the stump, first dry.
        It's easier for adults to burn. or to plow what is possible, then it will reach hemp. Moscow did not immediately build
  5. +1
    24 July 2018 08: 56
    Autobahns are good, but turn into an alley - and oh, horror! And this despite the fact that the average temperature in the year cannot be compared with ours ...

    1. 0
      24 July 2018 09: 34
      Is it Kirovsk or Bezhetsk? Can Livny?
      1. 0
        24 July 2018 09: 36
        Quote: antivirus
        Is it Kirovsk or Bezhetsk? Can Livny?

        At the top - Germany, below - the USA.
        1. +1
          24 July 2018 09: 39
          The legacy of a "totalitarian past"?
          1. +3
            24 July 2018 09: 40
            Quote: antivirus
            The legacy of a "totalitarian past"?

            In the USA it is especially noticeable laughing
          2. +3
            24 July 2018 16: 00
            I have a friend in Europe every year in his car drives. So, recently, roads in Germany began to deteriorate. More and more potholes and poor-quality sealing. BUT in the same Poland, the roads became many times better and even in Slovakia things went smoothly. However, it was not so long ago that it was there as in the Russian outback in the regional centers ...
            My experience in southern Europe shows that the roads they have there may be a little better than in Russia. However, garbage along the roads there is a common thing and this has not happened in Russia for a long time ... Every year in the Volga region I turn circles on cars and our roads are pretty decent ..
  6. BAI
    24 July 2018 09: 10
    And on them they cross the “road”. We haven’t seen such bridges with us yet.

    170 km of the M-3 highway. Kaluga region.
    1. BAI
      24 July 2018 09: 18
      But this is a by-product. A bridge to nowhere through the Yaroslavl highway in the Vladimir region. But moose cross the road on it.

      There is such a thing.
    2. +5
      24 July 2018 09: 19
      This is certainly beautiful, but we just started doing this and this is a curiosity. Single / point. And there it is everywhere. And how long.
      There is something to strive for.
  7. +1
    24 July 2018 11: 12
    Migration policy of the same Merkel will bury Germany the one we knew am
  8. +3
    24 July 2018 12: 12
    ... and only in England they are slightly smaller - namely, 70% of the total
    Yeah, and the remaining 30% - "British scientists" Yes
  9. +2
    24 July 2018 14: 54
    Excuse me generously, I do not want to offend anyone, but bus tours are ersatz like a rubber woman. . Galloping across Europe and Asia. I have never used the services of tour operators, and I do not advise you. Save money, and improve the quality of rest.
    1. +4
      24 July 2018 15: 46
      As a "reconnaissance" this is the most ... And then, I do not drive a car and what to do? Go to one place, and from it by train and buses? Sewed on soap! And then if a week-long rest is included in the tour, then ... why is this bad? However, there is no dispute - who likes what. Although yes, next year they decided to rent an apartment somewhere in the hot springs in the same Hungary and live there. But now already knowing what, where, how and where ...
      1. +2
        24 July 2018 17: 23
        In Hungary, even in Budapest, thermal springs for one and a half hundred and ten or three baths of all kinds. And the city is beautiful, there is something to see.
        "And then, I don’t drive a car and how to be? "
        Learning to drive a car. A year ahead. Really do not master in a year, Vyacheslav Olegovich?
        But then - you are a free person and the whole of Europe at your feet (if you have money, of course).
        1. +4
          24 July 2018 19: 09
          I, Viktor Nikolaevich, have health problems that, alas, are insurmountable and they do not allow me to drive a car. So, not in a year, not in two ... Daughter leads, so when he can take us with him, then we'll go. So far this has not been possible. So the bus is good for us. A wife is afraid of flying a plane. I once wrote that lightning struck a plane in which we flew into a thunderstorm. Sparks fell from the wing and there was complete silence. Engines cut down! And ... the plane began to fall immediately. About thirty seconds later, they earned with a howling howl again. But ... the impressions of those seconds were very unpleasant.
          1. The comment was deleted.
            1. +4
              24 July 2018 22: 43
              I join in the congratulations! However, maybe someone has an electronic, find out what is wrong with him.
              And to India by bus - it's cool. I drove once from Zaporozhye to Lisbon and back, and since then the view of the bus causes me terrible idiosyncrasy. I’d better ride the bike.
              1. +2
                24 July 2018 23: 08
                oh, Viktor Nikolaevich, I was in far abroad only once, in the Dominican Republic in 2013. True, he left all the money there. wink Then the dollar was different - it was possible to fly, now the toad will strangle. request So, twelve hours without smoking is a true torment. He flew off in December, we have a minus, plus thirty there, and the heat in half with moisture crushes upon exiting. Came out, lit the first cigarette - I feel, "led" physiologically, the head around .... wassat in the last four years I got used to the car! soldier I love the car, I love to be my own boss, however, I didn’t get further than Belarus. In 2012, he traveled Peter - Pskov - Pushgory - again Pskov-Novgorod - Tver - Pereyaslavl - Yaroslavl - Cherepovets - Peter. Awesome! good Just tired. Pereyaslavl, where Peter created the "funny flotilla" - generally a wonderful place! drinks I want to visit again. drinks
                1. +3
                  24 July 2018 23: 28
                  Although I smoked for thirty years, I have never experienced such problems. In the army, some leaves smoked and cigarette butts from cigarette butts. Horror.
                  And now the bulk of cigarettes sold is full manure. But you are in duty free for cigarettes - you won’t run into it. I don’t smoke for four years now.
                  As for the car - for travel, as for me, the very thing. You determine the schedule for yourself. But here it is necessary without fanaticism. And then I remember how 32 ran over a month, and then another month only the road dreamed.
                  1. +2
                    24 July 2018 23: 41
                    But here it is necessary without fanaticism. And then I remember how 32 ran over a month, and then another month only the road dreamed.

                    well, it’s you, sir, really reacted with fanaticism .... belay I had a record from St. Petersburg to Naroch - 700 km. By the way, I recommend - very good sanatoriums with treatment. drinks In Belarus it is generally developed. Doctors - Kind! good and the prices are reasonable. True, they were most acceptable until the end of 2014. Now it has risen significantly, but still worthy. Under Peter for such a thing you’ll be left without pants, you’ll be naked for fun, honestly waving people. Yes oh .. i said "pisyun"? belay ah .. the word is not prohibited on the site! wink drinks
                    1. +2
                      24 July 2018 23: 59
                      And I traveled from Sofia to Burgas twice a day, count 2000 km.
                      1. +2
                        25 July 2018 00: 00
                        willingly believe. But he didn’t repeat this! laughing
          2. +3
            24 July 2018 22: 52
            Yes, it’s difficult to call such an impression pleasant. I fell in flight in a thunderstorm, but without such extremes. Just instead of one hour, three flew and landed with zero visibility on the strip of the air defense regiment. Nevertheless, the probability of crashing from heaven is much less than getting into a car accident.
  10. +4
    24 July 2018 15: 23
    Autobahns are fine, but ... you have to pay for driving on them.

    In Germany, cars and motorbikes are not charged for motorways. At least that was still the case and what not badly enjoyed by the inhabitants of neighboring countries traveling on German autobahns. However, only the German government also decided to make paid travel on German autobahns, for its citizens to reduce vehicle taxes by just the annual cost of travel on autobahns, so a wild howl rose in neighboring countries.
  11. +5
    24 July 2018 15: 41
    Hmm .. an unusual beginning. what I look forward to continuing, Vyacheslav Olegovich. hi
    For example, I do not hide that I am angry by nature, sometimes I can not be restrained, and subject to passions.

    You would still be very willing to work as a preacher. While listening to you, others would certainly sob, and some would even believe wink
    but I only saw wind generators in Belarus. In the Leningrad region did not encounter request
  12. +1
    24 July 2018 15: 50
    Quote: Mikado
    You would still be very willing to work as a preacher. While listening to you, others would certainly sob, and some would even believe

    Lecturer OK CPSU was the same preacher! Cleaner yet! Others sobbed ... "How to escape ?! The shuttle flew over ..." "And I -" Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev personally watches ... the party - millions of shoulders ... our nuclear missile power, 92 submarine missile carrier ... sleep well! "
    1. +2
      24 July 2018 16: 08
      Lecturer OK CPSU was the same preacher!

      you won’t drink talent, Vyacheslav Olegovich! wink preachers were always in demand, regardless of the values ​​they preached. Propaganda, public relations and a well-established lecturer voice always go hand in hand! Yes
      1. +1
        24 July 2018 16: 45
        Yes, they drove us into the tail and mane, so that ... he would come out to the people with fiery fire in his eyes, and not mumble under his breath! By the way, about the windmills. We saw their whole battery in the Kaliningrad region in 5 km from Zelenogradsk right on the seashore. Reached them, stood under ... Very impressed with the size. Then when he was in France, he was not so surprised by him
        1. +2
          24 July 2018 17: 43
          Very impressed with the size.

          just about, when I first saw them near Naroch (the main Belarusian resort area), I was also impressed. Thought smaller in size! request
          Yes, they drove us into the tail and mane, so that ... he would come out to the people with fiery fire in his eyes, and not mumble under his breath!

          to instill in the people a charge of vivacity also must be able to. soldier Sometimes Hitler’s speeches in the 30s are briefly shown (no, I don’t draw parallels at all, I'm just talking about the image and power of suggestion! stop ) You watch him picture wring his hands and roll his eyes, almost breaking into a falsetto - well, a clown clown, and an unsuccessful one! No. But .. "started, clocked up" he was the Germans, and how! request
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. +1
    24 July 2018 16: 42
    Quote: AwaZ
    in southern europe, litter along the roads

    I didn’t see it in Croatia, although I specially walked along the highway. I would definitely take it off! And in other places did not see. Several times tried to remove the garbage cans "for different", but did not. Nothing interesting. Around everything is clean, as it should be. Although there was a smell of shrimp near one group, yes. And the fact that it’s hard to ride ... well, it’s like someone.
    1. +2
      24 July 2018 17: 49
      I have long taught myself not to throw cigarette butts out of the car out the window. There would be no happiness, would remain a pig, but misfortune helped. The frozen glass mechanism in the car broke down, and had to be closed tightly before repair, and involuntarily use an ashtray. Now I look at such “trashing” ones as at piglets. No. In general, my friends, we ourselves will not accustom ourselves to cleanliness - no one will accustom, if only they will beat with a stick, or fine. hi
  15. +2
    24 July 2018 16: 50
    Quote: AwaZ
    Every year I turn circles around the Volga region on cars and our roads are pretty decent ..

    Here I am about the same. The Penza-Samara, Penza-Saratov, Penza-Moscow roads do not differ from the roads of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia, as well as Germany and the Czech Republic, except for fewer soundproofing strips and the absence of forest fences. Finally! And in front of my house, at last, the street was taken to a granite curb, expanded and flooded with high-quality asphalt. True, it’s better not to look at the lawn in front of the neighboring Magnit store!
  16. +3
    24 July 2018 16: 53
    Quote: Mikado
    I look forward to continuing

    Continuation will be. Under this name, 5 materials are ready. And there will be others - purely historical ... So count on approximately 15-20.
  17. +5
    24 July 2018 16: 56
    Europe may no longer differ so much from the western part of Russia, but here in the Far East, the difference in improvement in comparison with our Asian neighbors is simply enormous. Every time I come from China or Japan to my native Primorye, I am depressed for a week. After their magnificent autobahns, interchanges, skyscrapers and clean ultramodern streets and avenues, to see our devastation and srach on the streets, as well as pits on the roads, is simply unbearable.
  18. +5
    24 July 2018 18: 09
    Quote: Imobile
    I don’t see anything dirty. Yes, the skin color is different, but this is racism gentlemen!

    I can only say one thing. I am against blacks and racism. laughing I came across people from the Third World in the mid-1980s and immediately felt their mental rejection. Another culture in everything, including domestic. They eat mostly all kinds of vegetables, with a rather powerful structure such as onion, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, and so on. Leave the mountain tops in the kitchen. Very impulsive, expansive, winter tolerate poorly. Often they chew some garbage like coca leaves, in general, light drugs. Negroes often lack voiced consonants in their speech and instead of “thank you, dear comrade”, you can hear “tybatyba, taraka tavarish”.
  19. +2
    24 July 2018 19: 12
    Quote: alstr
    But traveling through Brest is quite difficult due to the large lines at the border.

    Both times drove fast. In the morning - because it’s around 5 in the morning, and back in the evening because it happened on Saturday. Everyone went "there."
  20. 0
    24 July 2018 23: 08
    One comment with speculation about Japanese wheeled tanks, when you look out the window of Croatia, is a pass for printing on VO? So that’s the secret .... And a year ago I got an article about my impressions during a trip to Ukraine, apparently due to the fact that I did not figure out how many American aircraft carriers could be moored in the Kyiv riverport. Well, when, across the bridge I moved to the autobuy ..
    But, in general, seriously, I think in VO there is no place for such articles. Either one old courtyard recalled, in three parts, then the second one shares his impressions of the view from the bus ... Gentlemen, moderators, maybe you need to wake up?
    1. +5
      24 July 2018 23: 22
      Honest, let me tell you my opinion? soldier
      For tanks, guns, Ukraine, and Trump's opinions, there are tons of other articles. And it is already so tiredI don’t feel like reading. No. The forum under the last two categories to match is disgusting. negative I personally think that everyone should write about what he wants. Fair? But I would be pleased to write about architecture, painting and love! Because it’s all - history, impressions, positive emotions. And there is nothing wrong with that. request The world did not bury its horn in one mean military theme. And our site is respected. Yes I think we need to "grow in breadth." Yours faithfully, hi
      Gentlemen moderators, maybe you need to wake up?

      Support - gentlemen, moderators, maybe you should stop turning the site into booth with cheers-patriots? (to dear The leader of the redskins it does not apply! stop ) soldier otherwise it’s scary to enter “opinions” and “analytics”. Comments are one more patriotic than the other, so they’ll take it now, and we’ll crash in America, Europe, Japan and all the rest! Moreover, not one of those gathered will obviously go to war from a warm sofa ....
    2. +2
      25 July 2018 07: 00
      In the second part, even wheel tanks will not be, but it will be released. A lot of materials go directly to the military that are not directly related to the military theme. There has just been an article about how a certain journalist "there" wrote poorly about Russia. So what? She was published. And aroused reader interest! But what and how you wrote is unknown. So it is possible that the point is in the content itself. For example, I personally agreed with all the cases when my materials did not pass. And in my opinion, the editors in this matter are very responsible.
      1. 0
        25 July 2018 21: 12
        I allow myself to disagree with your arguments. On the Internet there are a lot of sites and forums dedicated to topics of travel and tourism. Can still share their impressions on them? Or do you need to become like authors writing about journalism? Like it or not, but the name of this review is "military." And personally, my opinion, the focus should be adhered to.
  21. +1
    25 July 2018 00: 19
    Yes, and I do not repeat. It is difficult to maintain concentration, age affects.