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The organizer of a double terrorist attack in Makhachkala is liquidated.


On Tuesday evening, 15 in May, in the town of Karaman in the Kumtorkalinsky district of Makhachkala, the organizer of a double terrorist attack in this city, 3, was destroyed in May. Interfax news agency was informed by the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAK) of Russia.

According to the committee, around 17: 30 a terrorist was blocked by law enforcement in a building under construction.

"On the special forces proposal to add up weapon and to surrender to the authorities, the gangster put up armed resistance and was destroyed by return fire. A Kalashnikov assault rifle and a Stechkin pistol were found at the scene of the clash, ”it was reported.

Recall that as a result of two explosions that occurred near the Alaska-30 police station in Makhachkala on May 3, 13 people died (eight policemen, three Emergencies Ministry personnel and two civilians). About one hundred people were injured.

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  1. domokl
    domokl 16 May 2012 12: 43
    It’s just that you need to use the phone for communication and not like a camera .. They did it right that they didn’t really persuade them to give up ... He answered with a fire, get the complete one .. Dog dog’s death .. And bury it wrapped in a pig’s skin ... so that it’s not It was
    1. Armata
      Armata 16 May 2012 12: 48
      Quote: domokl
      .Dog dog death .. And to bury in a pigskin wrapped up ... so that it wasn’t

      I agree. Only one question has not been answered. Who is the customer?
      1. 755962
        755962 16 May 2012 13: 27
        The one who blows up ordinary civilians like that is mean and cynical, tearing grenades to pieces. These are not warriors, as they call themselves, they are jackals. Crush reptiles!
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov 16 May 2012 14: 04
          Grasp the crush! Immediately accused of genocide, forgot that we have long been integrated into the global financial system? It is only Stalin - the true ruler of his country resolved this issue quickly and effectively. And now we can’t, pah, disgusting to look at our freaks in power, unable to organize the people of their country to ensure security. For they fear their people more than terrorists!

      2. escobar
        escobar 16 May 2012 13: 50
        Only one question has not been answered. Who is the customer?
        I agree, if it is the Saudis or Oman - to tear a couple of palaces of the jaded sheikhs so that they understand why the pood is dashing !!!
      3. older
        older 16 May 2012 14: 04
        That's right .. And about the hide, is the English experience in the fight against Muslim terrorism, as I understand it?
    2. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 16 May 2012 13: 57
      In the root is not true. Attackers must be punished exponentially. The very meaning of punishment is to prevent such crimes (at least that was the case in the USSR). Only an open court helps to prevent crime (and Lukashenko is doing great in this matter), and the fact that we are seeing just a blood feud or the killing of some person is somehow inconvenient to local authorities.
      Like in a joke: who was killed, who was killed? - Who needs that and killed!
      1. older
        older 16 May 2012 14: 06
        One intelligence officer costs 100 such freaks and if the enemy does not surrender, they destroy him ... Punishment is not for the sake of punishment, but for the sake of a person to understand and repent of their actions ...
  2. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 16 May 2012 12: 47
    That's right, you can’t stand on ceremony with such people. Burn evil spirits.
    DERWISH 16 May 2012 13: 10
  4. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 16 May 2012 13: 50
    I join all the comments. Punishment must be punished for crimes. Inevitably punish. The state destroyed the enemy. It should be so.
  5. S_mirnov
    S_mirnov 16 May 2012 13: 52
    I believe that the organizers of the attacks should be openly judged, and if the guilt is proven then shoot, as Lukashenko does. And here, with enviable constancy, someone else is wet in the forests and mountains, and we don’t recognize anyone who is terorists, mushroom pickers or simply uncomfortable local authorities, because the dead are taciturn.
    Conclusion from the article: 1) in Makhachkala someone was soaked
    2) Everyone was told that it was a terrorist
    3) who is soaked in fact is not clear.
    And we live without reliable information.
    1. Tiberium
      Tiberium 16 May 2012 14: 00
      To condemn it is necessary to catch., But only these jackals prefer to die on the spot, which significantly worsens the chance of their capture.
      Kill immediately, without ceremony!
  6. Tiberium
    Tiberium 16 May 2012 13: 59
    To condemn it is necessary to catch., But only these jackals prefer to die on the spot, which significantly worsens the chance of their capture.
    Kill on the spot, without ceremony!
  7. viruskvartirus
    viruskvartirus 16 May 2012 14: 53
    Q ... this is the correct report on the work done ...
  8. Odinplys
    Odinplys 17 May 2012 01: 26
    I also think ... destroy on the spot ... no need to spend money on their maintenance before the trial ...
    Our judges are not very trustworthy yet ... And they know how to count the bills in their bills ...