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Cinema Hollywood is a factory of myths about free will. Part of 3

Separately in the series of US government structures that settled in Hollywood as their own backyard, are the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. If the Pentagon often does not make a secret that it collaborates with major producers and knows how to “convince” them of censoring entire projects even at the level of the shooting that started, then the “knights of the cloak and dagger” simply hide all the facts of their propaganda activities. Something like a professional strain when a skill becomes a habit.

That is why to determine when the CIA settled in Hollywood is almost impossible, for now. Some sources, for example, mention the active involvement of management in the production of the fantastic 1984 dystopian drama 1956 of the year of release. The picture, based on the anti-communist eponymous novel by the old friend of “free democracy” George Orwell, painted the future of the USSR with the most bilious and gloomy colors. By the way, Orwell himself, who lived to 1950, saw the embodiment of evil by no means Hitler (although he adhered to the anti-fascist line), but Stalin. Well, as this project does not help?

Cinema Hollywood is a factory of myths about free will. Part of 3

Orwell in the service of the colonial police in Burma, democratically and mustache in the subject

One way or another, after the collapse of the USSR, when the United States celebrated the victory, the spies reasonably reasoned that they did not judge the winners, and therefore you could open up to the public. According to some reports, they even opened their office in Hollywood. As a result, they stopped denying that they were again holding the notorious consultations for the entertainment industry and news agencies.

As the author has already pointed out, former CIA agent Robert "Bob" Baer called the Hollywood collaboration with the CIA a symbiosis. But I will dare to call it an influential family clan within the dream factory itself. For example, the successful Hollywood screenwriter and producer Tom Clancy, who participated in the creation of such films as “The Hunt for Red October”, “The Games of Patriots”, “Direct and Obvious Threat” and “The Price of Fear”, is generally considered to be a “big troll” and “his boyfriend. " Which is quite logical. First of all, he wrote part of the scenarios only in half - the rest are the current management agents. Secondly, he has almost unimpeded access to Langley, with all the consequences, as they say.

But Chase Brandon, allegedly a former CIA operative who now works “connected” between management and Hollywood, besides supervising projects from Rates of Fear up to Salt, is also a cousin of Hollywood retirement star Tommy Lee Jones.

Negro will not blame me ...

But the “knights of cloak and dagger” are not limited to comrades of retirement age. During the filming of “Prices of Fear”, apparently, not without the services of Tom Clancy, Ben Affleck, the leading man, and Morgan Freeman, who distinguished himself with his “impartial” statement about the war with Russia, visited the headquarters of the CIA. An excursion for future "associates" was conducted personally by the director of the department, George Tenet. Later, Affleck himself without any problems will get access to the pavilions of Langley during the filming of “Operation Argo”, although the management will officially deny its support for the painting.

Either way, the passing spy thriller “Operation Argo” will be overwhelmed with Oscars, including for the best adapted script. Presumably, the gentle friendship with Langley and their "family" in Hollywood has nothing to do with it? Although Ben generally has a strong "civil" position. Recently, for example, he worked as a hardworking laundress of the White Helmets reputation. And soon, his entourage also began to selflessly love "kosochnik", as if his own family.

- And do not burn?
“We can, Benny, we are democrats — everyone knows ...”

Moreover, Benny so emboldened that he either jokingly or seriously said that Hollywood is in fact overwhelmed with CIA agents and recruited directors and producers. No wonder, considering the list of only confirmed facts of close connection between the factory of dreams and management. For the picture "Recruit" with Colin Farrell and Al Pacino, the script was actually written by the management. From the film “Target number one”, the CIA removed scenes with drunken colleagues and harassing hostages with dogs. Needless to say, such films as Charlie Wilson’s War and Spy Games have not been overlooked by management. "Consultations" of the CIA gave and during the filming of the comedy clearly pass-through thriller "Bad Company" with the ever-grimacing Chris Rock and the aksakal of Hollywood Anthony Hopkins.

But the diamond in this crown of widespread control and manipulation is the censorship of the film “Meet the Parents”. The question is, what is a flat comedy about an awkward future son-in-law performed by the mediocre Ben Stiller and his acquaintance with a promising father-in-law CIA veteran (Robert De Niro) might be interested in management? Why do filmmakers crawl to the "cloak and dagger"? Or is this a practice?

One way or another, but the scene with the exposure of the hero De Niro to the future son-in-law was thoroughly cut. So, the character Stiller, wandering around the house, had to stumble upon a training manual on the conduct of torture. Then, just in the information space, the first "hints" about the mass use of torture by soldiers and officers of various US divisions, including the CIA, flickered. As a result, the scene that could even become instructively satirical, playing on the contrast of the American dream house and needles under the nails, was cut out. She was replaced by creatively impotent looking at photographs of the former "tarsmus" with various political figures.

One second before Trump’s “historical” message

However, it is not necessary to perceive the agents who settled in the entertainment industry, only as paranoids, cutting everything and everyone. Gentlemen have long realized that isolated projects like the wretched "Charlie Wilson's War" with flabby Hanks and battered Julia Roberts can bring many benefits, especially in two or three years. Therefore, the flagship of their campaigns were series, gathering a huge audience and lasting for years.

For example, the endless TV series “Homeland” (in two years the 10 anniversary will be celebrated) is not just overseen by the CIA. Before the start of each season, 5-day information courses in Washington are organized for the film crew, during which filmmakers are "processed" by both former and current intelligence officers.

However, the CIA is not limited to the “homeland” of the CIA. “Agency” (2001), “Spy” (2001), “Her name was Nikita” (1997), “In view” (2011) and other projects were almost directly produced by the department. Moreover, “consultants” from intelligence often sat on the set of many projects in order to “correct” filmmakers if the latter dared to deviate from “historical the truth. " It’s interesting how many seizures will occur on the “handshake” brother if an FSB officer sits next to the director during the filming of the next series in Russia?

But the materials with the tricks of the NSA in Hollywood is even less than the facts about the activities of the CIA. Apparently, the very phrase “national security” makes it silent. The only news from the “other side” is the talkativeness of Jerry Bruckheimer, a leading producer of Hollywood who recently spent his portion of helpfulness to Washington on the set of poor “Cavalry”. Jerry in the past produced a blockbuster "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith in the lead role. After the successful premiere of the picture, Bruckheimer stated that at the request of the NSA (and I think it’s understandable how these guys can convince) they changed the script so that only one NSA employee was the villain, and not the whole agency. Jerry thought that "I think the NSA will be pleased."

Gary DeVore and Arnie

However, not all cats are Pancake week. Until now, the story of Gary Webb, the story of his namesake Gary DeVor, and the whole train of the suddenly killed lie heavily on the reputation of the CIA and the NSA. Webb at one time published a series of materials exposing the CIA and drug cartels in the 96-97 years. Gary was unlucky to dig up information about how the management for years worked on drug transit, including in the United States, to earn money to wage their wars against the communist regimes in Latin America. Webb was harassed, and when he again took up the investigation at 2004, he was soon found dead. The official version is suicide, after two (!) Bullet wounds to the head.

DeVore, on the other hand, was a highly sought-after screenwriter who had already worked on such films as “Dogs of War” with Christopher Walken and “Without Compromise” with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The writer, to his misfortune, took up the writing of the plot of the invasion of US troops in Panama, just when America was in awe of Webb's revelations. DeVor actively collaborated with the CIA and other sources in the search for material. As a result, Gary first disappeared in 1997, and a year later he was found in a very unattractive form at a depth of 3,5 meters under water in his own car in one of the canals in California. Probably pure coincidence.

However, what can Russia oppose to the all-pervading propaganda of the United States, which has become for many a way of life, a natural system of existence? I think the question was initially set incorrectly. After all, for many years our own media, cinemas and film critics were repeaters of the agitation of someone else’s and obviously unfriendly state. They did not ask themselves questions and became hostages of this western trough so much so that the mere fact of voluntarily or unwittingly promoting this propaganda would be an empty sound for them. Many even feed on the protection of the interests of the West.

Therefore, the question should be the following: do we have personnel who do not even have the professional skills to do counter-propaganda, but at least have enough political will to oppose this? This is where the problem begins. In a country in which the whole Minister of Culture can not put in place presumptuous theater-goers suspected of embezzlement! In a country in which crowds of “incorruptible” juvenile screamers are capable of forcing the authorities to continue to lower millions in support of clearly anti-state projects like the Yeltsin Center? So, at first, it would be to find these very frames, which do not fall into a stupor from the statements of retired masters with their paranoia à la 37.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 20 July 2018 06: 18
    Everything that they shoot there ... The whole world perceives it as a fairy tale ... And the attitude accordingly ... So in the sense of propaganda, a vain transfer of money ...
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 20 July 2018 06: 33
      Hollywood is a free will myth factory.
      and in Russia, this honorable mission is performed by television ... you watch it, and you just want to live in this country with THIS government, because there is so much “concern” for people, such honesty and sincerity! And everything is fine with us, it’s a pity that everything is bad around ...
  2. Ingvar 72
    Ingvar 72 20 July 2018 07: 01
    Thanks for the series of articles. hi
  3. g1washntwn
    g1washntwn 20 July 2018 07: 14
    The official version is suicide, after two (!) Bullet wounds to the head.

    Something reminds me of all this ...
    And Hollywood all the time fed from the hands of the State Department, this is not the secret of the Madrid court.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 20 July 2018 08: 03
    Do we have personnel who do not even have the professional skills of counter-propaganda, but at least have sufficient political will to oppose this?
    ... There is neither one nor the other .. Babo, the good won. The President, after meeting with Trump, announced that there are no ideological differences between Russia and the United States ... If there are no differences, what can I say .. And where will the staff come from. ..
  5. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 20 July 2018 13: 30
    The painting, based on the anti-communist eponymous novel of the old friend of “free democracy” George Orwell, painted the future of the USSR with the most gallant and gloomy colors

    Hehehehe ... the whole joke is that Orwell wrote off 1984 not from the USSR, but from his native Britain. That is how he saw the future cradle of parliamentary democracy in light of the then developmental trends of British society.
    For Prime Minister Attlee, who came to power, was building “socialism in English” precisely at that time: first he created the Central Planning Commission, and then he announced the nationalization plan. For starters, the Bank of England was nationalized. And then the broom went through other sectors of the economy. Rate it:
    Light industry enterprises were not subject to nationalization, however, a reservation was made that they remained privately owned until their activities were deemed "effective", the efficiency was determined by commissions, which included representatives of trade unions, management and government, recommendations for rectifying the situation were sent to Ministry of Commerce.

    Agriculture. Farms were not socialized or nationalized, but the government paid the "country people" the closest attention. The position that existed in the war was extended for five years. The Ministry of Agriculture continued to determine what exactly and to what extent the farmer should produce (during the war, many livestock farms were switched to grain production), fixed purchase prices for meat and dairy products were set four years in advance. Commissions formed by the government determined the “effectiveness” of local farms, farms that were recognized as “ineffective”, “put under control” and given time to “eliminate deficiencies”, if that did not help, then the negligent lost their right to property. It was stated that in the long run, the goal is to nationalize the land.

    With such a prime minister and government angsots just beg for it. laughing
  6. A. Privalov
    A. Privalov 20 July 2018 21: 19
    Conclusion: Americans turned out to be diligent students and correctly perceived the thesis put forward by Lenin --- "Of all the arts, cinema is the most important for us." Now they are in this business "ahead of the rest." hi