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NATO - Russia, Afghanistan - Ulyanovsk, further everywhere

During the period of democracy and glasnost, when according to the constitution the people were the main carrier of power, this people was completely bewildered and did not know anything about building an object for NATO in the heart of Russia: everything began, as often happens in Russia, with rumors.

In January of this year, the first leaks of information in the media appeared that the construction of a NATO base was under way near Ulyanovsk.

The fact that additional potential is being created on the territory of the Russian Federation, which is tied to the potential of NATO in Central Asia and Europe, the Russian authorities: the president, the prime minister, the foreign minister, and the defense minister have kept a full vow of silence.

Then protest rallies began in the Ulyanovsk region, the question was raised by the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. In March, 2012, Senator of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation Nikolai Kondratenko, on behalf of a delegating body, told colleagues that the Kuban parliament had received an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation and the Security Council of the Russian Federation on the establishment of a "transit point" of NATO in Ulyanovsk. The document, in particular, expressed the position against the "foreign military presence in the heart of Russia."

NATO - Russia, Afghanistan - Ulyanovsk, further everywhereIt has become difficult to hide the emergence of NATO on the territory of the Russian Federation, but there is still no complete clarity about the plans of the Russian authorities on this issue.
Confused stories with the NATO base, the loudest voices in support of the NATO base are not from Washington and Brussels, but strangely enough from Russian ministries. Russian Defense Minister A. Serdyukov agreed with the “big mind” to the point that “Implementing this project in the interests of Russia's military security,” that is, after the reforms in its department, its army cannot ensure the security of the country.

The Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia explained the possible transit of NATO cargo from Afghanistan through Ulyanovsk. The published document states that the basic for addressing transit issues is the UN Security Council resolution 1386 from 2001, calling for the necessary assistance to the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan that may be required, including the granting of permits for overflight and transit of goods. Thus, this issue was resolved 11 years ago at the level of not even Russia, but the UN!

The need for the emergence of NATO in Ulyanovsk was supported by the governor of the Ulyanovsk Oblast “Edinoros” Sergey Morozov, the former head of the special unit of the Ulyanovsk Oblast Directorate of Internal Affairs for combating drug trafficking, who along with A. Dvorkovich is an “expert” of the Moscow School of Political Studies, whose international board of trustees, heads Sir Rodrik Braithwaite, formerly Chairman of the British Joint Intelligence Committee, and who coordinates all special services and their relationship with the CIA. George Soros himself "knows and is impressed by the continuous efforts of the school to promote the foundations of democracy in the Russian Federation," and the FSB of the Russian Federation naturally knows nothing about this.
Alas, this topic of friendship between Russia and NATO is not new. Creeping expansion of NATO into the territory of the Warsaw Pact countries, the USSR, and then to Russia began a long time ago. Here, the pioneers were Messrs. M. Gorbachev and E. Shevardnadze, the baton of which was taken by B. Yeltsin, V. Putin, D. Medvedev and КХNUMX.
The appearance of NATO under Ulyanovsk was preceded by a long period of relations between the Russian Federation and NATO to the detriment of Russia. Here are just some milestones of cooperation.

After the collapse of the USSR 20 December 1991, Russia becomes one of the founding states of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (from 30 in May 1997 - the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council - EAPC). Then NATO gave us the word of honor that it would not expand to the East, but, alas, the expansion went. Only in March, 1992, in connection with the end of the Cold War, Russia and ten CIS countries were admitted to membership in the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC).

An additional impetus to the expansion of NATO can be called the statements of Russian President B. Yeltsin in August 1993 in Warsaw and Prague that Russia does not oppose the expansion of NATO to the East. Against the background of a reduction in defense spending, on the situation created after Boris Yeltsin’s Warsaw declaration on the admissibility of Poland’s entry into NATO and the start of a massive public campaign of the Polish-American Congress together with Z. Brzezinski and G. Kissinger for the early expansion of the alliance.

With the help of Russian Foreign Minister A. Kozyrev, the trend continued. In the early nineties, he discovered Russia for the transit of NATO. On the anniversary of the outbreak of war with fascism 22 June 1994 Russia joined the Partnership for Peace program, and then 19 June 1995 in Brussels on behalf of Russia, Foreign Minister A. Kozyrev signed an agreement.

Partnership for Peace (PfP) is a key mechanism for securing practical ties between NATO and partner countries in matters of security and deepening their ability for operational engagement. Detailed programs, reflecting the capabilities and interests of individual partner countries, ensure the cooperation of NATO member states and partner states in the field of transparency (full transparency) in the areas of national military planning and defense budgets; democratic control of the armed forces; willingness to cooperate, including in NATO-led peace enforcement operations.

27 May 1997. The Russia-NATO Summit took place. The Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security is signed, which laid the formal basis for relations between NATO and Russia. The signing of the Founding Act led to the development of a bilateral program of consultation and cooperation within the framework of the Permanent Joint Council (PCA).

18 July 1997 - the first meeting of the NATO-Russia ATP.

26 September 1997. The State Duma adopted Resolution No. 1756-II containing the Statement “On NATO military maneuvers near the borders of the Russian Federation”, which, inter alia, states: “It is beyond doubt that under the cover of statements on the peacekeeping nature of such maneuvers, The United States Army is actively developing new potential theaters of military operations in the immediate vicinity of the borders of the Russian Federation. It is possible that in the course of such ultra-long-range assault forces, the possibility of landing troops of the United States Army on the territory of the Russian Federation is being explored. ” But nobody paid attention to this statement, and it remained just a statement.

18 March 1998 - the official opening of the Russian mission to NATO.

In 1999, NATO’s geopolitical “branch” of NATO can be considered GUAM - a political union of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova, created by NATO against Russia. Thanks to GUAM, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan withdrew from the CIS Collective Security Treaty, for this reason the war of Georgia and Russia of the 2008 year became possible.

24 March 1999 - due to the beginning of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, Russia, suspension of cooperation with NATO. This demarche did not take the West seriously.
July 1999 - resumption of the ATP monthly meetings on issues already related to Kosovo.

16 February 2000 - the visit of the NATO Secretary General to Moscow, the resumption of cooperation in all areas of activity in the framework of the Russia-NATO ATP.

February 2001 - opening of the NATO Information Bureau in Moscow.

October 3 2001, President of the Russian Federation V. Putin joins Russia to the anti-terrorist coalition. With the support of President V. Putin, NATO places bases in Central Asia on the territory of the former Soviet Republics. After 11 September 2001, Putin personally called the Central Asian heads of state and recommended that they place NATO bases on their territories (then Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov admitted during his US trip, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 09.04.04). Apparently, too, not from a very big mind, S. Ivanov stated (and Serdyukov echoes him now (see above)): "The temporary placement of the American and NATO bases in the spaces of the Commonwealth is in the interests of Russia." But the "temporary" Americans are always perceived as "eternal." And this statement can be confirmed by the residents of Okinawa, the Philippines, and many Latin American and European states - where the US bases are located today, which are temporarily located from 1945 onwards. After frankly lobbying the interests of NATO by the Russian president, US military bases with intelligence structures appeared in Tajik Dushanbe and Kulyab, Uzbek Khanabad and Kokaydy, Kyrgyz Manas, in Atyrau (Kazakhstan). The US military is also stationed in Azerbaijan and Georgia.

From 2001 to 2011, over the 100 airspace of Russia, over thousands of soldiers and officers from weapons, equipment and technology.

May 2002 - Opening of the NATO Military Liaison Mission in Moscow

28 May 2002 d - Adoption of the Declaration of the Heads of State and Government of the Russian Federation and NATO Member States in Rome, the establishment of the Russia-NATO Council.

Following the meeting, there was an official statement by the Russian Federation and NATO that these relations received a new impetus and were filled with new content. At the meeting in Rome, the heads of state and government reached an agreement on expanding opportunities for cooperation in areas of common interest, as well as on joint resistance to common threats and security risks to their own countries, i.e. If problems arise within the Russian Federation, NATO will help.

Since 2003, research has begun on theater theater missile defense (TMD), designed to protect troops in joint action areas, in which possible levels of interoperability between Russian and NATO missile defense systems were assessed. Three command and staff exercises were also conducted in this area, the first of which took place in the United States in March 2004, the second in the Netherlands in March 2005, and the third in Russia in October 2006. In Germany, an 2008 exercise was conducted in January using computer simulation. Cooperation is actively continuing to the present.

Since 2004, a nuclear glossary has been developed by experts from the Russian Federation and NATO in the nuclear field, and exchanges of views on nuclear doctrines and strategy have been organized. Observers also took part in field exercises on responding to nuclear incidents in Russia (2004), in the UK (2005), in the United States (2006) and in France (2007), i.e. NATO is actively and closely working with the nuclear potential and missile defense of the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that another 15 February 2005g. The Government of the Russian Federation issued Resolution No. 76 “On the submission to the President of the Russian Federation of a proposal on the accession of the Russian Federation to the“ Agreement between the States Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty and other States participating in the Partnership for Peace Program, on the status of their Forces and the Additional Protocol to it from 19 June 1995 g. The President, by his decree No. 89-rp of 8 in March, 2005 ordered: “First. Accept the proposal of the Government of the Russian Federation on the accession of the Russian Federation to the "Agreement ...". The second. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia should sign on behalf of the Russian Federation the "Agreement ..." ”. The presidential order was immediately executed and already 21 on April 2005. in Vilnius, it was signed by Russian Foreign Minister S. Lavrov on behalf of the Russian Federation at the very beginning of the unofficial meeting of the foreign ministers of the Russia-NATO Council as a “gift” for the holiday “60 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War”. As part of the Russia-NATO Council, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Lavrov, and NATO Secretary General Scheffer 21 on April 2005, signed an agreement on the status of forces of NATO countries and countries participating in the Partnership for Peace program in Vilnius.

Another additional protocol to the Partnership for Peace Agreement was signed in Sofia on April 28 of 2006. In accordance with this Protocol, each of the States Parties "to the extent that it has jurisdiction under the provisions of the Agreement does not execute the death penalty for any member of the Force or civilian and their dependents from any other State party."

In June, the 2005 of the year at a meeting of the NRC at the level of ministers of defense approved the Political-Military Guidelines to increase the level of interoperability of troops (forces) of Russia and NATO countries, i.e. justified the transition of the Russian army to NATO standards and equipping with NATO military equipment.

22 March 2007 of the year (one month after the famous Munich speech) President V. Putin continues the policy of B. Yeltsin and A. Kozyrev. He opens Russia to NATO wide open, submitting for ratification the main documents in the form of the NATO law N 99 for ratification by the State Duma and Federation Council of the Russian Federation -FZ ,: The Agreement between the States Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty and other States participating in the Partnership for Peace program on the status of their Forces from 19 June 1995 (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement from 1995) was signed on behalf of the Russian Federation in Vilnius 21 April 2005 g., Additional ADDITIONAL Protocol thereto signed at Sofia April 28 2006, the

Contrary to Section 4, Article 16 of Federal Law No. 101-FZ of July 15 1995. “On International Treaties of the Russian Federation”, the President’s proposal to ratify the “Agreement ...” does not contain “justification for the ratification of its ratification”, “determination of compliance of the agreement with the legislation of the Russian Federation” and does not give an “assessment of the possible consequences of ratification of the treaty”.

It is surprising that, in accordance with the “Agreements ...”, NATO personnel are not subject to passport and visa control when entering and leaving the border of the Russian Federation, that is, you can go with weapons and military equipment in any quantity.

In general, the rights and interests of NATO are put above the interests of Russia, which directly contradicts the Constitution and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
NATO law N 99-FZ, moreover, is very difficult to denounce. This can happen only a year after the Government of Russia only informs the US Government, and then “with the exception of settling the remaining claims submitted until the denunciation takes effect” (Article VI of the Agreement of 19 June 1995). Such claims can be invented a lot and it will last indefinitely. The military occupation of Russia is provided with this Putin law.

Since the end of year 2007, the Airspace Cooperation Initiative (CTI) has been technically commissioned. The system of ISWP consists of four objects in Russia, four objects in NATO, and includes objects located, starting from the far north of Europe in Buda (Norway) and Murmansk (Russia), up to Ankara (Turkey) and Rostov-on-Don (Russia ) in the south, the European part of the airspace of the Russian Federation comes under joint control.

9 January 2008 D. Rogozin was appointed the Permanent Representative of Russia to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels by decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir V. Putin.

In April, 2008 at the Russia-NATO Council summit in Bucharest on the basis of a resolution of the Russian government signed an agreement on the simplified procedure for the transit of illegal cargo from ISAF to Afghanistan, and at the Russia-NATO Council summit in Lisbon in November 2010. This topic has continued.

12 February 2009. The issue of the transit of American non-military goods through Russia to Afghanistan has been finally resolved. We are talking about the decision of the Russian government to support the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan through railway transit of non-military goods, mainly humanitarian. This is the first step of Messrs. V. Putin and D. Medvedev, signaling readiness to cooperate with the new American administration of B. Obama.

23 – 24 on April 1999 at the session of the North Atlantic Council in Washington by the heads of state and government was adopted by the “Strategic Concept of the Alliance”.

November The third summit in the history of the Russia-NATO Council was held in Lisbon with the participation of President V. Putin in Lisbon. The “Strategic Concept of the Alliance” was developed, the topic of cargo transit was continued, the result was bilateral agreements on air transit of arms, military equipment and personnel with Germany, France, Spain, the USA, Italy and Sweden.

The final document explains the nuances of the words “possessing weapons” used in Article VI of the Agreement, the Russian Federation on the basis of reciprocity will understand the use and use of weapons, and the words “supportively consider the requests of the receiving state” means that the authorities of the sending state take into account the requirements of the receiving state regarding carrying, transporting, transporting, using and using weapons, including on the territory of the Russian Federation. The joint statement following the meeting unleashed NATO’s hands even more: “We reaffirmed all the goals, principles and commitments contained in the Founding Act, the Rome Declaration and the Charter for OSCE European Security 1999 of the Year, including the“ Security Platform based on cooperation ”, and recognized that the security of all states in the Euro-Atlantic community is indivisible, as well as the fact that the security of NATO and Russia is interconnected (that is, you can already intervene in Russia). We will work towards achieving a truly strategic and modernized partnership based on the principles of mutual trust, transparency and predictability, with the goal of creating a common space of peace, security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region. NRC member states will refrain from threatening or using force against each other, as well as against any other state (for example Georgia), its sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence in any form incompatible with the UN Charter and contained in the Helsinki Final Act A declaration of principles by which member states will be guided in mutual relations. "

A special section of the final document is devoted to crisis management.

NATO adheres to a holistic approach to crisis management, involving the organization’s participation at all stages of the crisis, "therefore NATO will act where it is possible and necessary to prevent crises, regulate them (using force, including in the Russian Federation), stabilize post-conflict situations and support recovery. ” NATO calls for an increase in the number of structures and organizations involved in this work and coordinating their efforts; At the same time, it is considering the possibility of using a wider set of tools, which will make it possible to achieve greater efficiency across the entire spectrum of crisis management.

A mechanism has been created that has been used, for example, by Albania and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia during the Kosovo crisis. This mechanism can also be used by our leaders in the event of a threat to their power or if it is necessary to consolidate the disintegration of the Russian Federation, as happened with the USSR.

In May 2011g. The NATO leadership has asked Russia to consider the possibility of distributing the simplified transit of non-lethal ISAF goods to and from Afghanistan in a combined way, that is, by rail, road and air. Immediately it was the Russian Federation that worked out the technical possibilities for implementing such a transit scheme using the Eastern Ulyanovsk airport, a strip of which five kilometers long was built for the Soviet space program Buran, but already with weapons and military equipment.

Currently, NATO cooperation Russia is conducted on an ongoing basis. As necessary, meetings of the Russia-NATO Council are held at the level of heads of state and government, twice a year at the level of foreign ministers and defense ministers (chaired by the NATO Secretary General), at least once a month at ambassadorial level. Also under the auspices of the Council, meetings are held between the chiefs of general staffs (twice a year) and military representatives (monthly).

There are 22 working bodies of the Russia-NATO Council on specific issues or areas of cooperation:
4 Committee: Preparatory Committee, Military Preparatory Committee, Scientific Committee, Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society);
4 Working groups: on issues of the defense industry, science and technology, restructuring and reforming the defense industry complex; on peacemaking; on the implementation of the Airspace Cooperation Initiative; over the rear;
5 Special Working Groups: on the terrorist threat in the Euro-Atlantic region, on the non-proliferation of WMD, on military reforms, on emergency civil planning, on cooperation in the field of missile defense of the theater of operations; and 9 expert groups: on arms control and confidence-building measures, on nuclear safety issues, on military transport aviation, on air refueling, on defense issues, on explosives detection, on cybersecurity on the vulnerability of transport infrastructure.

I would like to remind V. Putin and D. Medvedev that during the period of this “fruitful” Russia-NATO cooperation, NATO launched four full-scale wars in violation of international law against Yugoslavia and Iraq, as well as against Libya and Afghanistan. US left 50000 people in Iraq and 30000 left in Afghanistan. Armed and prepared Georgia for the war against Russia in 2008, and now it has again restored the Georgian military potential to a new war, provided assistance to the Chechen resistance, deployed missile defense in Europe against the Russian Federation (after such cooperation, we can not reckon with the Russian Federation).

A start has been made, and Russia, playing by the rules of NATO, is doing everything so that such a network appears on its territory through the NATO exit - Ulyanovsk, alongside the troubled Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. This is only the first bridgehead. Afghan transit is about to work. All these actions by the leaders of Russia contradict the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the law “On Defense” (which specifies the “integrity and inviolability of the territory of the Russian Federation”), the Military Doctrine and the National Security Concept, but so far no one has tried to protest them at the official level. Therefore, it was not for nothing that the former Secretary of State, M. Albright, in continuation of such “cooperation”, declared in 2005 year that owning Siberia in one country is too much.

Another US foreign policy architect, the former head of the State Department, Henry Kissinger in 2011, supplemented it with a curious statement. "We allowed China to increase its military potential, gave Russia time to recover after Sovietization, gave them a false sense of superiority, but together all this will speed up their destruction. A war is coming, it will be so serious that only one superpower can win it." And it will be the United States. ”According to his forecasts, the new global war will turn most of the world into ruins, and from this ashes, the US will build a new society, and only one superpower will remain in it. And it will be a global government that wins.“ United States We have the best weapons that no other nation has, and we will show these weapons to the world when the right time comes, "he concluded. Often everything that G. Kissinger says comes true. The network created by the US and NATO will be the hands of the Russian authorities The basis for the implementation of these plans.7my 2012 of the year V.Putin took office as president of Russia immediately announced a strategic partnership with the United States, that is, with NATO too, the partnership policy continues.

Unfortunately, the results of this partnership, which are still unknown and unpredictable for us (based on today's relations between Russia and the United States), again bring to mind the traitorous activities of Gorbachev and Yeltsin. It was their illiterate and lackey policy in relations with the West that initiated all the problems in the international political space that today have to clear up the current government. How wise and resistant will our leaders be in respecting the interests of our country and its people with clearly not friendly actions of foreign “friends and partners”? How much do they have the restraint, will, and just the desire to save our people and our country from total destruction, linking our own army hands and depriving our military of all the opportunities to fulfill our duty to protect the Motherland, to ensure the safety of all of us, citizens of Russia? Will our power be able to stop the mechanism launched by their predecessors and prevent Kissinger’s prediction from coming true? Shows time, and will show very soon.
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  1. Vanek
    Vanek 16 May 2012 09: 22
    They need transit - Russian Post.

    In Novosib, from one to another district, a letter of about three weeks is coming.
    1. domokl
      domokl 16 May 2012 09: 31
      no .. Here transit is a secondary matter ... It is necessary at least somehow to gain a foothold in the territory of Russia .. It's the dream of all and all aggressors to have a base inside the country and really be able to conduct reconnaissance and armament of the opposition ...
      And then it will turn out the same as in Kyrgyzstan and other NATO countries, it’s not going to leave, and it won’t leave ... This is called a betrayal of national interests and of its people
      1. Armata
        Armata 16 May 2012 09: 35
        Quote: domokl
        This is called a betrayal of national interests and of their people.

        I absolutely support. Everything is said correctly. Just for some reason, people do not ask whether we need it or not. That's when protests are needed. The reason is clear, there is a reason. This will be the case, I would support such a step.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 16 May 2012 09: 45
          Good day to all! I don’t think that everything is so bad, in the light of the recent events of Putin-Obama, something is happening. I think in the near future there will be news, either about a reduction in transit or something else, but not in favor of NATO. The situation as a whole is quite nervous. Wait and see
        2. YARY
          YARY 16 May 2012 09: 51
          Uv Eugene
          Just for some reason, people do not ask whether we need it or not.

          There were elections, they saved you there.

          And for those who cackle, "Cho is going! Cho is going!" I'll just answer all that you wanted approaching ballot boxes at polling stations!
          Participating in "straight bridges" with the president, asking idiotic questions "how do you feel", looking into the mouth from which lies pouring.
          There is such a legal and life term-"The fruits of the poisonous tree"
          For those who are in the tank-If a tree is poisonous, any good that it carries is saturated with POISON!
          Remember about their actions they’re talking to you about the bases in Ulyanovsk, overflights of the enemy and God knows what else! fool fool angry

          1. Armata
            Armata 16 May 2012 09: 59
            Dear Andrey. They asked me who I want to see as president, but if I want to see NATO in Russia, I somehow forgot. Although this is a very serious issue and I think that the opinion of the people here should be taken into account.
            1. YARY
              YARY 16 May 2012 11: 42
              Uv Eugene
              It is believed that both of these phenomena are related.
              Should I explain?
          2. Samsebenaum
            Samsebenaum 16 May 2012 14: 41
            Quote: Ardent
            all that you wanted approaching ballot boxes at polling stations!

            But this is true. And Serdyukov and with his "reforms", and NATO with the hope of negotiating and purchasing Mistrals, etc., this is the result of a well-known vote. Something late we began to ask the question - why the authorities do not hear us? This is not what we wanted ...
            I agree with Yary, ask yourself now. Power has gained from its people. The performance is over.
          3. dan-frya
            dan-frya 16 May 2012 21: 41
            it is not true, if the "people" did not go on strike against the authorities, but against specific decisions, especially those imposed from abroad, then the same authorities would have more opportunities to set aside their own and people's interests ...

            only all sorts of Failed "for some reason" are silent in a rag or link this issue exclusively with the seizure of power, which again plays into the hands of the very NATO against which they allegedly oppose ...
            1. CC-18a
              CC-18a 17 May 2012 00: 31
              great words, I painted everything correctly ... it remains to hope that all other people will understand this (
          4. Alone
            Alone 17 May 2012 16: 18
            Everything is absolutely true you said.
        3. domokl
          domokl 16 May 2012 10: 02
          Quote: Steam Train
          Just for some reason, people do not ask whether we need it or not. That's when protests are needed. The reason is clear, there is a reason. This will be the case, I would support such a step.
          The fact of the matter is that all the infa that goes to the media is so contradictory that no one but the people who are really engaged in it knows the whole truth ... And in these conditions, what to protest against? Against the base? So, according to a Kremlin official, this not a base, but a transshipment point .. Opposite the transshipment point, it seems that as soon as negotiations are underway, and the local population, according to the statement of the governor, is sleeping and sees that the NATO troops are overloading their clothes ...
          This is a very correct dispersion of the forces of protesters ... That at the beginning of the last century the Bolsheviks successfully used against the whites
      2. Vanek
        Vanek 16 May 2012 09: 39
        Quote: domokl
        NATO has come and is not going to leave, and will not leave

        I have no doubt.

        But I do not mind. In the sense that they want transit, please. Under close supervision and the lack of a base as such. At the border, they checked in their luggage - on the other side they received it.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 16 May 2012 09: 49
          Vanya, if there is, as you suggest, with our movers they will not find their luggage. I threw it in a personal read
      3. Cadet787
        Cadet787 16 May 2012 10: 49
        Citizens of Russia issued a credit of confidence in GDP, but such actions by the authorities can thoroughly undermine it.
        1. teves
          teves 16 May 2012 10: 58
          The king said: "It is necessary", then it is necessary! And it is not the business of slaves to discuss the commander's order, it must be carried out! And only then to appeal, so it seems written in the primary sources? laughing
          By the way, friends, does anyone remember Luzhkov? Let’s ask him: how is he today, living in Austria, his children study in London, he has his own business in Latvia - so, how does he fight NATO himself ?! after all, we all remember very well his LONG-TERM and BULKY activities to expose the arrogant NATO faces! Maybe he will tell us something? laughing
        2. Ivan Kalinovich
          Ivan Kalinovich 17 May 2012 15: 47
          Citizens of Russia issued a loan of confidence to GDP ... and not only Russia,
          but also Russian World!
          And, if this time it is screwed up ... then kapets: there will be a rebellion, death and
      4. fktrctqxbr
        fktrctqxbr 16 May 2012 17: 24
        If we look at this situation from the top, we will see that over the past years of hostilities, the economic situation in the USA and Europe has only worsened.
        Example: prior to entering Afghanistan (until September 11, 2001), oil stood at an average of 24,5 dollars, and a year after the hostilities an average of 34,5 dollars. The year after the hostilities in Iraq is already $ 76. And for all this time, our country has never been involved in any of the conflicts.
        There is speculation that the Kremlin really wants NATO to get involved in a military meat grinder with Iran. And he probably so wants that he is ready to provide a bridgehead on his territory. And according to the most optimistic forecasts, oil can accelerate from 400 to 500 dollars. And moreover, oil production will be uncontrolled, and supplies will not be stable. (In February, China expressed its displeasure with Russia: about the unclear attitude towards NATO, military conflicts in the east and demanded to decide which side they were being overdone on.)

        Conclusion: Putin’s plan is very insidious. And most likely in the era of his reign, the construction of a new world order will not be able to be eyewitnesses and time will tell which country will take the throne of a new super-superpower.
      5. rait 60
        rait 60 16 May 2012 20: 10
        domoki but can you tell what place Putin takes in this betrayal?
        1. fktrctqxbr
          fktrctqxbr 16 May 2012 21: 47
          He does not strive to take any place, he seeks the possibility of power to distribute places to those whom he considers necessary. You take the bar too low; he thinks much higher than we all think. I do not want to raise it, but try to prove the opposite, on specific facts.
          1. 755962
            755962 16 May 2012 22: 54
            And about. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the government of the defense industry complex, promises a box of Armenian brandy to the Communists if they find a NATO base in Ulyanovsk. He wrote about this on his Twitter.

            "Soon I will take the Communist deputies to Ulyanovsk to look for a" NATO base ". If they find it, I'll take a box of Armenian cognac," Rogozin wrote.
            Read more:
            Read more:
      6. NUT
        NUT 17 May 2012 19: 36
        Quote: domokl
        transit is a secondary matter ... It is necessary at least somehow to gain a foothold in the territory of Russia ..

        "The claw is stuck - the whole bird is lost"
        proverb Russian folk
      7. valton
        valton 17 May 2012 21: 37
        What is happening now in Ulyanovsk actually means the creation of a bridgehead from which serious threats to Russia's security will come, not to mention the fact that the appearance of such a base will facilitate the conduct of radar reconnaissance throughout the Russian territory.
  2. Inzhengr
    Inzhengr 16 May 2012 09: 28
    If the NATO base in Ulyanovsk is dragged, I will take on the grandfather Berdanka.
    1. Svistoplyaskov
      Svistoplyaskov 16 May 2012 10: 34
      But the opinion of the people on this subject:

      1. Paskal
        Paskal 17 May 2012 01: 05
        There are ours, and in those parts !!!
    2. Tirpitz
      Tirpitz 16 May 2012 10: 36
      And what, are you stuck in front of the base? People never asked what and where to place. A stupid American sergeant teba will strip from the tower with a machine gun, people will gather to make some noise and forget about it in a month. Like in Afghanistan.
      Do not be offended not by this koment - these are today's realities.
      1. Svistoplyaskov
        Svistoplyaskov 16 May 2012 14: 05
        Indeed, that offended by a stupid American sergeant!
        These are today's realities!
        1. Basarev
          Basarev 8 February 2014 21: 48
          We’ll put a Russian base nearby and we will wet the Americans every day.
      2. Alexei
        Alexei 16 May 2012 17: 26
        Yes the truth is ... There will be a scandal. If just the discussion of this issue raises a furor, moreover, an anti-government storm. "Here for you - not here!" Everyone understands everything perfectly, you must admit it is a very strange coincidence that the former head of the special forces for combating drug trafficking is in favor of the deployment of the NATO base, strange ...
      3. dvina
        dvina 16 May 2012 19: 25
        Go to the Russian guarded base .... You will get it. I want to ask - from which sergeant? Our probably smarter and it will be much easier for you?
        No need to meddle where it is not supposed to and your head will not be shot ....
      4. kosmos84
        kosmos84 16 May 2012 20: 08
      5. Paskal
        Paskal 17 May 2012 01: 17
        Hey! Such a pancake can’t be a pessimist, only one hell is your Seva though the RF is behind it. Friend! Well, remember my word, the time of Seva will come, Ukraine and the Russian Federation will not be needed, but everything will be on the side of the Russian Federation !!!
    3. Basarev
      Basarev 8 February 2014 21: 41
      Mosinka is cooler. Just because Russian!
  3. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 16 May 2012 09: 37
    It's time to show will and cut off oxygen to the parasites. And to formulate it like this: "... in connection with the changed realities of the modern world ..." or something like that.
  4. snapshot
    snapshot 16 May 2012 09: 41
    when I saw a caricature for a long time on it, a map of the Russian Federation was depicted and there are red arrows around, an American general is standing nearby, with the signature * dreams of dreams ... * And now the time has come when dreams come true, badly becomes in the soul. Especially if you imagine that the invasion will begin the past part of Afghanistan, woe to the residents of the cities where they will visit ...
    1. Basarev
      Basarev 8 February 2014 21: 52
      Do not be scared. Ask any Taliban, everyone knows that the Americans are cowardly kittens.
    CHIM SMOKE 16 May 2012 09: 49
    It’s not even a matter of a military presence, forceful action in a pinch, we WANT TO TAKE OUR BARE HANDS !!! And they do it with handouts to parliamentarians from the West. FOR THE POWER, IT IS A Pity ....... The famous actor of the WHITE SUN OF THE DESERT spoke ...
    1. pristav
      pristav 16 May 2012 11: 48
      there is an interesting book on the topic: "Marauder" by Berkel al Atomi
  6. Artur09-75
    Artur09-75 16 May 2012 10: 08
    NATO is an ENEMY. No cooperation, no transit. Let them get out of Afgan the way they crawled there. Everyone can see how NATO "maintains" peace on planet Earth. The Russian people with the fascists of our time are not on their way. I hope the GDP will come to its senses and prohibit any NATO transit through Russia. And the politicians who are concerned about cooperation with NATO should be declared traitors to the Motherland. NATO is ENEMY, enemy number 1. am
    1. fktrctqxbr
      fktrctqxbr 16 May 2012 17: 35
      Fool, while NATO will fight, our Kremlin will sell oil and gas at the most expensive price, and look like angels in the eyes of the whole world, but in fact, it shit on the deaths of thousands of civilians, destroyed cities and the economic crisis in the USA and Europe.
      1. dvina
        dvina 16 May 2012 19: 31
        Everything is more prosaic. While the United States is engaged in fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan, our border guards in Tajikistan can sleep relatively quietly ...
        P and ndos from Afghanistan will leave tomorrow, the day after tomorrow the Taliban will sit in Ashgabat .... And not peaceful apricots will go to Moscow, build and sweep, but armed apricots ..
        Since Pakistan made friends with China and no longer guarantees stable supplies to NATO, we can help them. Let them wet each other there ... as long as possible ...
        You can tolerate NATO aircraft in Ulyanovsk ... but we definitely don’t need zinc from the Tajik border.
        1. fktrctqxbr
          fktrctqxbr 16 May 2012 21: 40
          I have to agree that in the minds of the military and politicians for a long time the opinion of Americans who have been mating in Afghanistan has been flying for a while, even though they themselves did not block the Taliban’s path to the north. And ours treat this very positively and have nothing against it.
        2. Basarev
          Basarev 8 February 2014 21: 59
          That's all conceived. We should rub ourselves into the trust of the NATO people through the supply of all the dregs like stewed meat and scarves. And when the Taliban replace the Americans and other rabble, we will turn around and show the surviving NATO miraculously what the real thing is!
  7. warrior
    warrior 16 May 2012 10: 22
    Gentlemen, the Russian Federation buys NATO special products, begins production of NATO special products, gives NATO bases. You understand where the Russian Federation is moving or you draw. laughing
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 16 May 2012 10: 49
      Voynik the most lousy organization is NATO. Guess where you need to go with your NATO or draw?
      1. warrior
        warrior 16 May 2012 11: 06
        What are you telling me, is I moving NATO to Russia or what?
        And you do not need to send a map of Russia. We went where we went in school. laughing
  8. Olegovich
    Olegovich 16 May 2012 10: 24
    Purely in fact the question is - where are the concrete facts of the construction of the NATO base in Ulyanovsk, its specific location, degree of readiness, size? This article is not.
    As for me, I personally am categorically against any base for obvious reasons. The most important thing is a demonstration of the weakness of Russia and the leadership. Because there are no real iron arguments in favor of the base !!!, and most likely they cannot be.
    And according to the image of Putin and the current government of the country as a whole - he may not be able to withstand this blow.
    1. Svistoplyaskov
      Svistoplyaskov 16 May 2012 10: 26
      What is where? When?
      1. Ataturk
        Ataturk 16 May 2012 12: 34
        I am allergic to the word NATO and their notorious sign or coat of arms.
        1. Armata
          Armata 16 May 2012 13: 50
          Good afternoon, Omar. This is not their sign. The wind rose has long been considered a sign of the international geographic society, and these creatures have even stolen and vulgarized an absolutely peaceful sign.
  9. Tirpitz
    Tirpitz 16 May 2012 10: 30
    And what, shoot yourself in front of the base? They’ll shoot you their own cops, so as not to complicate relations with the Western pertner.
  10. Diesel
    Diesel 16 May 2012 10: 41
    In my next stuffing, does anyone even know what parts, equipment, will be based in Ulyanovsk? no! so boil ahead of time is not worth raising
    1. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 16 May 2012 12: 59
      When you settle down in Ulyanovsk - it will be too late to wind up with little hands and little legs, figs you will expel them from their place!
  11. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 16 May 2012 10: 41
    gentlemen, can anyone explain how the military base differs from the base of material and technical supply?
    1. sancho
      sancho 16 May 2012 10: 53
      1. At a military base are military personnel, weapons, equipment, reconnaissance equipment for the collection and processing of information .... etc.,;
      2. On the basis of MTS is located staff, ammunition, food, intelligence equipment for collecting and processing information .... etc .;
      3. In both cases, if the delivery of goods is carried out by air, then there is also an aerial photograph of objects, geographic location, etc.

      I think that we (Russia) do not need any of the options under any sauce.

      Gee ... Gee ... Unless we ask for some kind of base in the United States ...
      1. Yoshkin Kot
        Yoshkin Kot 16 May 2012 11: 53
        gee-gee-gee-gee-gee-gee-gee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      2. Basarev
        Basarev 8 February 2014 22: 03
        And why ask - you can just take yours back! Many forgot that Russia owned not only Alaska but also a large piece of coast right up to Fort Ross, south of San Francisco, and even more
    2. warrior
      warrior 16 May 2012 11: 00
      There are two types of NATO bases: 1. National and 2. General. The difference in jurisdictions. In national, all troops are under the jurisdiction of the state of the receiver. All external troops are guests. Such bases are in NATO member countries.
      Outside the NATO member countries (e.g., Afghanistan, FYRM), a base under the jurisdictions of a senior NATO command officer and senior country officers in the contingent. For example - a senior Briton and the Danes, Swedes, and Dutch who are in the base. They don’t allow local people there.
  12. Shved
    Shved 16 May 2012 10: 43
    In general, the rights and interests of NATO are put above the interests of Russia, which directly contradicts the Constitution and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

    hmm ... and where is our constitutional court?!?!
  13. Kite
    Kite 16 May 2012 10: 50
    Actually, there is no complete unity in NATO, the most significant members, except for the United States, have their own positions on various issues. They are strongly united by the opposition of all to Russia. Refusal to cooperate strengthens "fine gravel cementing" in NATO. The admission of Russia to NATO (there were such discussions) will deprive this organization of the very meaning of existence - this is immediately clear to everyone, and cooperation can affect the opinion of those who are more independent or want to be so. Why not try to influence it like that? There have already been examples in history when armies were passed through a corridor in a neighboring country, this was perceived as good cooperation. And in this case we are not talking about the army, and there is no danger of a mutiny by the "Czechoslovak" corps over a vast territory.
    In transit through Russia, many different cargoes from Asia to Europe and in the opposite direction, by rail and by air, pass through Russia, something no one guessed to suspect bombs in containers - "Trojan horses".
  14. vostok
    vostok 16 May 2012 10: 55
    And if we want to place our base in the suburbs of Washington, will they allow us? Why the hell are we making concessions to them, and so we gave everything up and Eastern Europe, and the Union republics, and they go to the polls under the slogan "Russia, enemy number 1". You cannot trust the West, you must have a sense of your dignity!
    1. alex shnajder
      alex shnajder 16 May 2012 12: 31
      oil will end in 50 years .. only dignity will remain ..
      1. AndreyN
        AndreyN 13 June 2012 03: 59
        Quote: alex shnajder
        oil will end in 50 years .. only dignity will remain ..

        Oil is just a pretext for another war, everyone who hides it:, i.e. the president, government, duma, glad, all political and oppositional "elite", de facto work for the next US war against humanity. Who is hiding it: they hope that they will be able to build many more nuclear power plants and sell what everyone can get for free, keep peoples in subjection, and, on occasion, repeat Fukushima or Chernobyl (managing, according to means of blackmail, peace). This, see from 32 minutes:, you can surprise anyone, just not NATO, which is ready to justify any expansion, the need for a military campaign for oil and gas in one.
        Thank you for touching on this topic, I will be glad to share with you any information from youtube and not only.
    2. saper
      saper 16 May 2012 16: 07
      everything is very simple Putin traitor! how can informer to put a spy as president? stupid but suddenly recruited?
      1. Odinplys
        Odinplys 17 May 2012 04: 07
        Quote: saper
        everything is very simple Putin traitor! how can a spy informer be made president? stupid but suddenly recruited?

        Putin is a traitor ... that's what you call after these words ...
        Gan ... don you are a lieutenant ...
        Putin knows what he’s doing and unlike many ... his opinion doesn’t change his opinion depending on the beautifully .. refinedly written posts here ...
        A thief should be in prison ... and will sit ... and also ... NATO will receive ears from a dead donkey ... from our "cooperation" ...
        And how many here are not ashamed to change their minds about their President ... depending on where the wind blows ...
        Putin is a traitor ... yes x ... ren in ... everyone ... who thinks so ...
        1. Vanek
          Vanek 17 May 2012 06: 03
          Quote: OdinPlys
          Putin is a traitor ... that's what you call after these words ...
          Gan ... don you are a lieutenant ...

          Here they themselves - they answered their own question.

          Quote: saper
          how can a spy informer be made president?

          And let's put you on.
        2. saper
          saper 17 May 2012 22: 32
          in our country those who are not aware and those who share
          just don’t hit the keyboard, it hurts am
          He knows what he’s doing, and then why he so easily gives OUR lands under Cupid, Fr. Svalbard? although the constitution is FORBIDDEN! oh yes, I didn’t forget the ungrateful one, how he kissed a tiger, dived for amphorae, swam in a river (he must be people like everyone else)
          opinion does not change? Yeah, we’re not waiting for the doubling of GDP.
          ah daaaaaa if not for Putin, who in Astrakhan would paint houses at Boevaya St. (coming from the airport)?
          By the way, why do the daughters of the Russian president live in Germany (US ally)?
          PS is spelled correctly lieutenant
          1. Vanek
            Vanek 18 May 2012 06: 26
            Quote: saper
            how can a spy informer be made president?

            Your suggestion. Whom? Who would you like to see as the leader of the country? Just do not need an answer in kind: - Anyone but him. Specific offer.

            PS daughters living in Germany and nothing. You can live anywhere. Though on Mars.
            1. saper
              saper 18 May 2012 22: 33
              Whom? oh, just do not need this without Russia, it will bend, the west will drag!
              but no serious opponents! it is true, unfortunately. vanek all relish is that must not be president for more than 2 terms and period! did he fulfill at least one of his campaign promises? NO! WHAT HE DID? NOTHING! By the way, the only Russian politician who made a good impression on me is Yevkurov. but he Chechen Ingush, but this is not Orthodox Feng Shui)
              and daughters living in Germany is very indicative of our country.
              hard time, everyone is screaming about a decaying west, about a brain drain, BUT the daughters of the head of state live just in this west. and not only his daughters, but many of our officials. do you understand?
              PS consider Yevkurov a concrete proposal
              1. Vanek
                Vanek 22 May 2012 05: 50
                Quote: saper
                Vanek all relish that you can not be president for more than 2 terms and that’s the point!

                No contract. I agree. Duck and he are not in a row two terms. yes

                And again, WHAT DIFFERENCE is where they live (daughters)? They just as can be against the current government and shouting at the swamp from the fountain, this does not change anything. That's when the enemy generals captured will be replaced by a private, then there will be pi .... c.

                PS I live in Novosibirsk, Yevkurov did nothing for me. Neither the metro, nor the bridge, nor the road to almost a summer residence, N-I-H-E-H-O! Metro and bridge are built in half, half of the city half of the federal budget. Who is in charge of the federal? That's right EP. That’s when I’ll build a bridge or a subway for Yevkurov’s party, or whatever he has, then I’ll see and say: “Yes guys, they build, they do.” In the meantime, only promises.

                Quote: saper
                did he fulfill at least one of his campaign promises?

                He has been on duty since 07.05.2012/XNUMX/XNUMX. Three weeks. If as in a cartoon: - Suddenly a magician will fly in a blue helicopter and show a movie for free. That only happens in cartoons.
                1. saper
                  saper 26 December 2012 20: 37
                  Quote: Vanek
                  WHAT DIFFERENCE where do they live (daughters)?

                  and then what's the difference who will adopt the orphans?
  15. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 16 May 2012 11: 04
    Base, transshipment point, what's the difference. This will be the place where the NATO boot sets foot in Russia. Unpleasant.
  16. Igor77
    Igor77 16 May 2012 11: 15
    What do you suggest BROTHER to go BROTHER? How to observe the interests of Russia and not lose commercial relations with Europe by America, etc.? We are sitting on an oil needle, which is easy to break - what to do? The present generation and the past worship money, who will work hard for an idea (which is not), for their homeland and almost for free? Who will come to power as a result of a coup to cope with the situation?
    I answer: start with yourself, make your way to power and manage, raise the economy, science, you can remove unnecessary ones))) only so that in a conservative way, just do not destabilize the situation in society, people are so nervous and they all stole them from the brink. Or we have only one solution to all of fratricide !!! Stupid one who thinks the reason for all the troubles is some kind of Putin and Medvedev! Only WE are guilty!
    1. Basarev
      Basarev 8 February 2014 22: 07
      All you need is an idea uniting the people. We need an ideology, a national leader and mass support of the population. We need unity and willingness to die in the name of a great idea. Without this, any struggle is doomed.
  17. Tersky
    Tersky 16 May 2012 11: 47
    Out of all this fuss around a base or a point, no matter how it will be acquired, I understand only one thing, someone is trying to catch fish in troubled water ... But who and what kind of question this is for our "fathers" of the nation ..
  18. _Igor_
    _Igor_ 16 May 2012 11: 48
    In May 2011 NATO leadership has asked Russia to consider the possibility of distributing a simplified transit order for ISAF non-lethal goods to and from Afghanistan in a combined way, that is, by rail, road and air. Immediately it was the Russian Federation that worked out the technical feasibility of implementing such a transit scheme using the Vostochny Ulyanovsk Airport, the strip of which five kilometers long was built for the Soviet space program "Buran", but already with weapons and military equipment.

    Read more:

    What is the operational scope for the air force? how many planes can take off and land at the same time, I think that it’s quite enough for air supremacy in combination with other factors
    1. Kite
      Kite 16 May 2012 12: 31
      Yeah it can, but you can put a ZU-23 battery (just) along the runway and x .. who will take off!
  19. leon-iv
    leon-iv 16 May 2012 12: 25
    O5 25
    author calm down this is politics
    We need to sit in Afghanistan as long as possible
    1. Kite
      Kite 16 May 2012 12: 29
      1. leon-iv
        leon-iv 16 May 2012 12: 41
        and there our special forces climb there.
        Remember Russia handed over the old AK, why do you think?
  20. alex shnajder
    alex shnajder 16 May 2012 12: 30
    everything is very clearly friends with NATO just in case, if all of a sudden the Chinese trample ...
    1. _Igor_
      _Igor_ 16 May 2012 12: 34
      Well then, they will fight with Amer for Siberia
      "Where are we going to bury you?" (anegdot)
    2. Ataturk
      Ataturk 16 May 2012 12: 34
      To be friends with Nato is the same as walking through a minefield blindfolded and your enemy leads you by the hand.
      1. Spartak
        Spartak 16 May 2012 22: 11
        Or warm a snake on your chest .....
    3. elvira
      elvira 16 May 2012 16: 00
      The reason for friendship is different ... I venture to incur the wrath of supporters of GDP, but I’ll say it ... Comrade exchanged a place for himself in the Kremlin (or something else) .. But NATO’s base is not the end of barter .... We are waiting for more privileges for the West ...
  21. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 16 May 2012 13: 11
    He set the article as a plus only because it fuels interest in such things as cooperation with NATO, such articles should be in order for the Russian leadership to always report on such cooperation.
  22. Zhizneslav
    Zhizneslav 16 May 2012 13: 34
    I will cut, I will beat, I will destroy the NATO members! Only it will be too late ...
  23. 1hanom2
    1hanom2 16 May 2012 14: 25
    I read it .... all this .... A simple conclusion, we have been bred for ** and for the past 20 years.
    1. rait 60
      rait 60 16 May 2012 20: 26
      Article plus. Withdrawal of power in Russia is the fifth column controlled by the God-chosen. Hurray - patriots it is time to get out of anesthesia. Your beloved commander has been betraying Russia for him the main thing in his life loot.
    2. Spartak
      Spartak 16 May 2012 22: 16
      And not childish
    3. Spartak
      Spartak 16 May 2012 22: 19
      Probably even more than 20 years old, and not childish
  24. heruv1me
    heruv1me 16 May 2012 16: 42
    And here is the first swallow from that side
  25. vezunchik
    vezunchik 16 May 2012 17: 09
    The agency notes that in fact the General Staff recognized as erroneous the transfer in 2009 of primary officer posts. It came to the point that in recent years, the Russian army’s brigades could not maintain their combat readiness in armored and automotive vehicles. Indeed, not only contract sergeants, but also non-commissioned sergeants who had neither specialized technical education, nor experience in similar work, were in the technicians' positions, Vesti FM radio reports.
  26. SectoR
    SectoR 16 May 2012 17: 58
    We are frankly brazenly openly selling us ... no words, only emotions that are not censored ...
  27. Geton
    Geton 16 May 2012 18: 33
    De facto, our country is under external control. Similar facts confirm this once again. And for those who are us, as the Sector put it
    Quote: SectoR
    We are frankly brazenly openly selling
    We voted recently.
  28. Erkin
    Erkin 16 May 2012 18: 41
    Minus per article. Only fools will consider the transit point in Ulyanovsk as a NATO base. You would first find out what transit there is.

    Going civilian cargo. They are transported from Afagan to Ruslany. Volga-Dnepr is engaged in cargo transportation, this is her Ruslana.
    There are no NATO troops there, only a few people and that’s all. All control is carried out by Russian specialists, and this is not at all some kind of military operation, but simply the organization of a transit point with a special regime.

    For one simple reason. Volga-Dnepr. She is the operator Ruslanov An-124. These aircraft carry 90% of all bulky cargo in the world.
    We are paid well for this, they really offered a lot of money.
    Volga-Dnepr has already warmed his hands on this. For!
    If anyone does not know, the transit of NATO cargo through Russia has existed for a long time. Just in connection with the pre-election hype, they decided to put pressure on GDP to do that. And the people were led as the last.
    After all, we have been carrying out transit for more than one year, they just helped to transport to Afghanistan before, but now back, nothing has changed. Only in the minds of cattle in connection with the elections seasonal aggravation.

    This is by the way a literary expression. It characterizes people who obediently submit to someone else’s will, without having any brains to analyze events. They threw a beautiful cry about NATO base, and pipal shawal.
    By golly. I did not know that we have so many dumb people living in the country, I thought only with Amers.

    Now further. We have in the state program the revival of the construction of the Ruslanov An-124 at the joint venture Aviastar. Which is located in the same place, in Ulyanovsk.

    To renew, you need solid contracts for 60 aircraft. MO is ready to buy only 20 pieces.

    The rest should be provided by the Volga-Dnepr. But where did she get the money for this?
    Correctly. Will milk NATO in transit ...

    And now further. Sudk Turk

    NATO is not a single unit. If you don’t like the USA, then this is no reason to quarrel with other countries. We now have military contracts with France, Germany and Italy. It is necessary to establish relations with them and split the alliance.

    Generally. Turn on the brain. And then we’ll finish as well as the Americans, who are stupidly hawking the fact that they are given miserable media.
    Man differs from animals in intelligence. Do not stupidly see a flock of sheep behind a ram. Cut the brains.
    1. Geton
      Geton 16 May 2012 18: 59
      Quote: Erkin
      Now further. We have in the state program the revival of the construction of the Ruslanov An-124 at the joint venture Aviastar. Which is located in the same place, in Ulyanovsk.
      , Yes, moreover, tell us about national projects, otherwise you have not heard for a long time.
      1. Erkin
        Erkin 16 May 2012 19: 06
        National projects then fool

        Compare shovel and pencil.

        But in general. Time will judge. When NATO leaves Afagan, let's look at this NATO "base", which will collapse by itself due to the lack of transit as such.

        But still funny. So many people are being waged. By golly. When the people managed to get so stupid.
    2. Evgeny B.
      Evgeny B. 16 May 2012 19: 16
      Erkin, thanks, eased a little. I would like your words to be true. We cannot be blamed for incompetence, because this is a completely dark matter.
      1. Erkin
        Erkin 16 May 2012 19: 32
        Yes, the fact of the matter is that there is nothing dark smile
        Therefore, lately, it takes anger. Well, as you might think, the Russian leadership will surrender its territory under NATO.

        When we make such sticks in wheels across Iran and Syria. War 08.08.08. Confrontation on EuroPro. Capturing the arms market.

        In general, this is the logic? What will be the benefit of surrendering our NATO territory. Give the country with the richest resources to someone? In the 90s, this experience took place when during the formation of legislation a colonial law was imposed on us, according to which they gave us only 10-15 cents from one teftedollar. About EBN then his legs were notably wiped, but he had no choice, the Communists were breathing in the back of the head, and in order to somehow maintain power, he had to bend. They could not send aviation to Chechnya.
        Nah ... the lessons got our leadership more than good.

        Yes, and everyone understands this. Therefore, Germany, France and Italy are rapidly reaching for us. We now have not only military cooperation with them, billions of dollars in civil and scientific fields in general.
        The Italians are financing the construction of a thermonuclear reactor in Russia, the Germans have allocated us the lion's share in their megaproject superlaser, the French and their ITER are also not far behind. But why is the new spaceport in French Guinea?

        A person who is always interested in his patronymic. He will not have such an opinion about the NATO "base" on the territory of Russia.
        Therefore, I urge you to be educated. The picture must be watched holistically and not by individual points.

        But I apologize for the harsh tone. Just tired of sheer disinformation and stuff recourse
        1. Sandov
          Sandov 16 May 2012 20: 03
          If the guarantor does not remove Serdyukov with his nata, he will not be able to sit for a long time. The people will rebel in earnest. We don’t need Amer on Xp.
          1. Erkin
            Erkin 16 May 2012 20: 20
            Serdyukov, Chubais, Shuvalov and others. They all act with a pointer. They are not to blame, they are executors of the directive.

            Management of the largest, one of the most multinational countries in the world, which is linked in various geopolitical issues around its perimeter. This is not an easy matter. And to an ordinary person sometimes it may seem that some steps lead to an abyss.

            But one does not have to look at individual steps, but one has to look at the direction of the course where we are going.
    3. mechanic33
      mechanic33 16 May 2012 19: 33
      Quote: Erkin

      Yes, I am inclined to believe that everything is not so scary ...

      This transit will allow holding the NATO group in Afghanistan with one hand ... and launching it in their pocket with the other .......

      But public opinion is heated specially, look at the Yankee pier, how much such cooperation can cost, and if you are a bully, people will demand its closure ....

      From the point of view of marketing, everything is done correctly on 5+

      Plus, it will allow us to correct NATO in the direction we need in Afghanistan - the fight against drugs. How will we be denied this now?

      In general, everything looks very plausible from this angle what
      1. Erkin
        Erkin 16 May 2012 20: 17
        Drugs in Afghanistan, by the way, even before NATO, appeared under the USSR. It was during the Soviet Union that opium production began to flourish there. War always gives such fruits, no matter who starts it, NATO or the USSR or Russia.

        Therefore, now Russia is really holding NATO for ... as you put it))) In a direct text, we are talking about the fact that at first NATO would enable the local authorities to strengthen, that they would not be left face to face with the Taliban.

        And so. Everything is ready for us. The Russian leadership is not stupid, and learned from the past. Right here
    4. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 17 May 2012 05: 54
      Erkin is one of the few normal opinions - a bonus.
    5. dmitreach
      dmitreach 28 May 2012 22: 02
      Erkin, it was boiling in me, boiling .... Well, our people are so stupefied! It seems that the crisis is not relevant at this moment in time and the country is developing? I wanted to give a detailed answer about the monolithic character of NATO represented by the leaders of Europe (France, Germany, Italy without the USA) and about joint projects, and about the Volga-Dnepr, but then I read your comment and realized that I’m not alone in Russia. Let it go. Thank you for your opinion, which I fully support. It is a pity that the majority likes to hysteria about and without - just to sprinkle ashes on his head. This hysteria is contagious, especially in the environment all polymers * have lost.
      1. AndreyN
        AndreyN 13 June 2012 04: 42
        Quote: dmitreach
        Well, our people are so stupefied!

        ))) It’s not the people who are stupefied, it is Erkin & Co who thinks that the people are stupefied))), or rather really wants it to be like that. We will try to prevent this, at the wrong time)))

        Quote: dmitreach
        read and understood - I'm not alone in Russia

        I agree completely, we let it go, so there is something to work on, slowly we will eradicate the parasite)))))
  29. Captain45
    Captain45 16 May 2012 19: 25
    On the base topic:
    Russian Foreign Ministry lied about NATO base in Ulyanovsk
    His official explanation is not the voice of a great country, but an explanatory note of a petty swindler.
    Yesterday's official explanation by the Russian Foreign Ministry that “there will be no NATO base or transit center in Ulyanovsk and cannot be” is outrageous not only in content but in form - this is not the voice of a great country, but an explanatory note by a petty swindler.
    The first one. The Russian Foreign Ministry directly misinforms when it writes that the Russian Federation provides transit support, etc. supposedly not NATO, but ISAF. The ingenious decision! It is only necessary to write “ISAF” instead of “NATO” - and the military base in Ulyanovsk instantly dissolves in the air and becomes a peaceful logistics structure. In fact, these are the same four letters and no one knows what ISAF is - and it doesn't look like NATO at all! ISAF - International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), mandated by the UN and supposedly neutral “assistance forces”.
    Here lies a square.
    ISAF command is carried out by NATO, which arbitrarily assumed this task on 11 on August 2003 of the year. By the way, about this, as 10 of years has been proudly written on the official website of NATO. I have repeatedly written that our diplomats slept through this moment on August 11 - not only blatant lack of professionalism, but also a direct damage to national security. Every fall, the UN Security Council stamps a mandate for supposedly ISAF, and in fact for NATO. Among the annually stamping the "license" for the murder and organization of the military-strategic bridgehead for NATO in Afghanistan - and a permanent member of the UN Security Council Russia.

    The second important point. All transit agreements in general and through the Russian Federation in particular, are concluded not with mythical ISAF, which legally do not exist, but directly with NATO, the North Atlantic bloc. The basic law by which NATO transits is Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated June 7 2007 N 99-ФЗ “On ratification of the Agreement between the states parties to the North Atlantic Treaty and other states participating in the Partnership for Peace program on the status of their Forces from 19 on June 1995 and the Additional Protocol thereto. ”
    Where is there even a faint mention of ISAF? However, the Foreign Ministry expressly declares ISAF and, thus, lies.
    In general, for our transit advocates and one of its elements - the “transit point” in Ulyanovsk - and personally for Mr. Rogozin, our tough patriot and bo-o-big Russian nationalist, I want to remind you that such laws are “On the Status of Forces” (Status of Forces Agreement, SOFA) are the standard legal acts of the USA and NATO on the organization of their Forces, that is, the Armed Forces, on the territory of foreign states.

    Once again: Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) is an agreement that, as the US Department of Defense explains itself, determines the status of the present (visiting! - visiting) military forces in another state (“Agreements delineating the status of visiting military forces may be bilateral or multilateral ") for the deployment of military installations.

    And in this regard, the exact same type of contract is currently being considered by the leadership of Afghanistan regarding the deployment on a long-term basis of military bases in this long-suffering country. The Russian Foreign Ministry several times very timidly hinted at something about the saying that it was not good on the part of the Americans and Afghans, which, they say, in all international decisions on Afghanistan, this country was referred to as a neutral state, etc. etc. But Afghanistan has the right to object to our Foreign Ministry: “Guys, you have long been living with such an agreement on the deployment of NATO military facilities for five years, what are your complaints? ..”
    So. The Russian Foreign Ministry is lying. What is the phrase alone: ​​“There is nothing new or sensational in the fact that Russia provides support to ISAF in transit. By the way, ISAF also includes 22 non-NATO countries. Such assistance is carried out in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 1386, which calls on the states neighboring Afghanistan. ”

    Hiding behind the UN, which is neither a village, nor a city, the Russian Foreign Ministry directly replaces NATO with a faceless and legally non-existent ISAF.

    It is significant that after the phrase “there is nothing new or sensational that Russia provides support to the ISAF in transit,” some unfortunate writers from the Russian Foreign Ministry inserted a self-revealing addendum: “By the way, the ISAF also includes 22 non-NATO countries.” That is, the author of a science fiction work from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wanted to reinforce the phrase with allegedly non-transit nature with this phrase, but in fact said aloud that the main task of their “Clarification” is to prove that the ISAF, which have been commanded by NATO for over 10 years, are not has a relationship with NATO (by the way, for accuracy, there are more NATO countries in the ISAF than 27 ones).

    The second one. All the Foreign Ministry’s exercises of the same Rogozin regarding the lack of a “base” in Ulyanovsk merely testifies to the fact that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not understand the issues of the military organization of the USA and NATO, that Rogozin rubbed his pants in vain for three years in Brussels, giving all his strength to self-PR GRU GSH (Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff) - military intelligence probably modestly hides the definitions of these very “bases” by the Americans and NATO, known from 2003 of the year from open sources.

    In 2003, the then US Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld launched a cardinal reform of the US global military presence under the directive of President Bush, the essence of which was the transition from large and expensive base towns to small points-nodes of the network necessary for the rapid deployment and rear support of the armed forces region of the conflict through the "pumping" of network nodes with the necessary manpower and equipment. The general slogan of the reform is: "Legal capacity and efficiency, not size."

    For this, an extensive new classification of military facilities of the US Armed Forces was developed at the same time when deploying networks of the global military presence. Of the 12 types of such objects, only 2 in the strict sense, by name, are the bases - the capital operating base (Main Operating Base, MOB) and the forward-operating base (Forward Operating Base, FOB), but from this military objects of the planetary network in no cases do not become less military or non-military, but in essence they are all classic "bases", that is, points of foreign military presence on the territory of states that allow these military facilities to be housed.

    According to the US-NATO classification, the “transshipment point” in Ulyanovsk can belong to both the Aerial Port of Debarkation (APOD), the Logistics Base or the Logistics Base, or the Cooperative Security Points Security Location (CSL), which, by the way, do not require any “sleep” mode at all, until the hour “H”, no NATO personnel would be in constant readiness for instant use at the right time.
    But the main thing is not what to call this “point”, but that the striking military power of the USA and NATO abroad does not have a separate “base” or “point”, but the entire infrastructure-network of presence, since it’s "And missiles, and space weapons, and air traffic control, and satellites.

    In this regard, the statement of Dmitry Rogozin that he “will not allow the appearance of a NATO base in Ulyanovsk” is simply not relevant. Russia is already thoroughly entangled in the NATO military presence network and the “point” in Ulyanovsk is important not in itself, but rather as the designation of the next stage of the NATO military presence with the stoppage of cargo flows and the massive creation of such “points”.

    The third. When the Russian Foreign Ministry and others refer to the fact that the “point” in Ulyanovsk is just the next stage in the implementation of the entire system of agreements between Russia and NATO (and, in fact, with the United States, as a full-fledged host in NATO), this indecently reveals itself the whole situation with the Afghan and NATO policies of Russia as a whole.
  30. kosmos84
    kosmos84 16 May 2012 19: 28
    The war against Russia has been going on for a very long time and very, very successfully. Of course, not on the battlefields, where we have always beaten everyone and it is very painful, but where the West has always won and continues to win - in information wars.

    The main goal is to prove to the inhabitants of our country that they are stupid brainless, not even second-rate, but somewhere 6-7 discharge, without past and future. And I have already practically proved that even the authors of many patriotic articles agree completely and completely with this approach. Examples? You are welcome!

    1 example. Recently, we celebrated the 1000 anniversary of the baptism of Russia. And when did she really appear?

    The first capital (only the capital of a large country!), The city of Slovensk, was founded in 2409 year BC (3099 year from the creation of the world); the source of information is the annals of the Kholopy Monastery on the Mologa River, the chronograph of academician M. H. Tikhomirov, Notes on Muscovy by S. Gerberstein, The Legend of Sloven and Rus, which is widely used and recorded by many ethnographers.
    Since it is believed that Novgorod was built on the site of Slovensk, I pestered the archaeologists leading the excavations, as far as plausible. Literally they answered me like this: “But God knows him. We already got to the Paleolithic sites there. ”

    2 example. It is generally accepted that somewhere in the 8 century, wild, brainless and worthless Slavs wandering in the herds in the forests, called the Viking Rurik to him and said: “Own us, O great European superman, otherwise we, ourselves, do not we can. " (Free presentation of a textbook on history).
    In fact, Rurik is the grandson of the Novgorod prince Gostomysl, the son of his daughter Umila and one of the neighboring princes of a smaller rank. He was called up together with his brothers, since all 4 of the son of Gostomysl died or died in wars. He was accepted by agreement with the elders, and worked hard to earn respect in Russia.

    Source: Joachim Chronicle, Russian history according to Tatishchev, “Brockhaus and Efron”, etc.

    3 example. Everywhere there is an opinion that almost the only civilization of the past was the Roman Empire, a model of law and morality. In general, that the gladiatorial battles of Rome, that the modern indulgence of looters in Iraq - one field of berries. The moral of the Western world has not changed much, and still causes disgust among the "savages", such as Russians, Chinese and Dagestanis.

    The official history: the great beautiful and mighty Roman civilization fell under the blows of smelly, shaggy savages.

    In fact, those who are sick of it all (as the Americans are now) were sanitized by more respectable neighbors.
    The bare-footed, poorly armed Roman infantry (open the textbook on the history of the ancient world, and admire the legionnaires) was stopped in steel from cattle and to horse hooves by cataphractories.

    The main source of information is "Cataphractaria and their role in the history of military art" by A. M. Khazanov. (I don’t remember the rest, but those who wish can search by auto-search themselves. There is a lot of material - they just don’t let him go to schools. “Harmful”).

    The most interesting - where did the Huns come from to “clean” Rome? Ob, Ugra, Volga, Urals, Priazovye ... Graves with partial armament of cataphracts were found in Dagestan. Have you been looking at the map for a long time, comrade patriots? So where did the Huns go to Rome? Why was “wild Russia” in Europe called Gardarik - the Country of Cities?

    Now it doesn’t matter, because we with joyful faces celebrate the 1000 years of Russia, we consider Rurik to be the owner who came from Norway and founded Russia, and even seem to be proud of such a story.
    1: 0 in favor of the West.

    The second goal against the Russian fools. In the 8 century, one of the Russian princes pinned a shield to the gates of Constantinople, and to argue that Russia did not exist and then it is difficult. Therefore, in the coming centuries, long-term slavery was planned for Russia. The invasion of the Mongol-Tatars and the 3 century of humility and humility.

    What marked this era in reality? We will not deny the Mongol yoke, but:
    As soon as it became known in Russia about the existence of the Golden Horde, young guys immediately went there to ... to rob the Mongols who came from rich China to Russia. The Russian raids of the 14 century are best described (if anyone forgot, the period from 14 to 15 century is considered to be a yoke).

    In 1360, the Novgorod lads fought along the Volga to the Kama estuary, and then stormed the large Tatar city of Zhukotin (Dzhuketau near the modern city of Chistopol). Having seized countless riches, the earmen returned and began to “drink zipuns” in the city of Kostroma.

    From 1360 to 1375, the Russians made eight large trips to the middle Volga, not counting minor raids. In 1374, the Novgorodians took the city of Bolgar for the third time (near Kazan), then went down and took Sarai himself, the capital of the Great Khan.
    In 1375, Smolensk guys on seventy boats under the leadership of the governor Prokop and Smolyanin moved down the Volga. By tradition, they made a “visit” to the cities of Bolgar and Saray. Moreover, the rulers of the Bolgar, taught by bitter experience, paid off a great tribute, but the Khan's capital, Sarai, was taken by storm and plundered.
    In 1392, ushkuyniki again took Zhukotin and Kazan.

    In the 1409 year of the governor, Anfal led 250 ushkuev to the Volga and Kama. And in general, to beat the Tatars in Russia was considered not a feat, but a trade.

    During the Tatar “yoke”, Russians went to the Tatars every 2-3 of the year, the shed was scorched dozens of times, the Tatars were sold to Europe in hundreds. What did the Tatars do in response? Wrote complaints! To Moscow, to Novgorod. Complaints preserved. The "enslavers" could not do anything else. A source of information on the mentioned trips - you will laugh, but this is a monograph by the Tatar historian Alfred Khasanovich Khalikov.
    They still cannot forgive us these visits! And at school they still tell how Russian blue-legged men cried and gave their girls into slavery - therefore, as submissive.
    And you, their descendants, also penetrate this thought. Does anyone doubt the reality of the yoke?
    2: 0 in favor of the West.

    In the 16 century, Ivan the Terrible came to power. During his reign in Russia:
    - jury trial entered
    - free primary education (church schools)
    - medical quarantine at borders
    - local electoral government, instead of governor
    - the regular army first appeared (and the first military uniform in the world was at the archers)
    - Tatar raids stopped
    - equality was established between all segments of the population (did you know that serfdom at that time did not exist in Russia at all? The peasant was obliged to sit on the land until he paid for its rent, and nothing more. And his children were considered free from birth, in any case!).

    - slave labor is forbidden (source - the lawsuit of Ivan the Terrible);
    - The state monopoly on the fur trade, introduced by Grozny, was canceled just 10 (ten!) Years ago.
    - The territory of the country is increased by 30 times!
    - emigration of the population from Europe exceeded 30 000 families (those who settled along Zasechnaya line were paid lifting 5 rubles per family. Expenditure books were preserved).

    - The growth of the welfare of the population (and paid taxes) during the reign amounted to several thousand (!) Percent.
    - for the entire time of the reign there was not one executed without trial and investigation, the total number of “repressed” ranged from three to four thousand. (And times were dashing - remember Bartholomew’s night).
    Now remember what you were told about Grozny at school? That he is a bloody petty tyrant and lost the Livonian war, and Russia was shaking in horror?
    3: 0 in favor of the West.

  31. Captain45
    Captain45 16 May 2012 19: 29
    How much it is necessary to fly away from reality in order to believe that Russian people are outraged by this very “point” in Ulyanovsk!

    Of course, the point is not in it, but in the fact that our diplomats have played with NATO to the limit, having leased the country for transit and continuing to strengthen the US-NATO presence on Russian soil through the launch of a new stage - now with transshipment of “cargo”.
    That is, the logic of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the facility near Ulyanovsk is not scary, since this is just a continuation of the provision of NATO transit opportunities through our territory, is tantamount to the logic that Moscow did not need to be protected in the 1941 year, since half of the European part of the USSR was already captured by Germany by that time.

    Fourth, very briefly. Regarding the “toilet paper” and “household goods” that Mr. Rogozin now almost daily entertains us with, setting a special flavor for the statements of the Foreign Ministry. Of course, solving global issues in Brussels, the same Rogozin had no time to study the Government Decree, signed by V.A. Zubkov in the development of 99-FZ, in the annex to which is given a list of goods, where their nomenclature goes far beyond the limits of "household".
    We wish Dmitry Olegovich, being in high government posts, sometimes read government documents.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry brilliantly denied Talleyrand, who argued that the language was given to diplomats in order to hide their thoughts. Our diplomats in yesterday's "Explanation" did not hide their cherished thoughts, but, on the contrary, presented them. And these thoughts are simple - somehow we will confuse the issue with the transit of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan and vice versa, and there, looking, this strange indignation will subside.

    Will not subside.

    Instead of wasting time and energy on juggling the problem, I propose seriously reviewing the Afghan and NATO policies of the Russian Federation.

    Krupnov Yury Vasilyevich
  32. kosmos84
    kosmos84 16 May 2012 19: 31
    Already in the 16 century in Europe there were many brochures for every brainless layman. It was written there that the Russian Tsar is a drunkard and a libertine, and all his subjects are the same savages. And in the instructions to the ambassadors it was indicated that the tsar was a teetotaler, unpleasantly smart, couldn’t tolerate drunkards, and even forbade drinking alcohol in Moscow, as a result of which you can only “get drunk” outside the city, in the so-called “liquors” (the place where they pour it) . Source - Ivan the Terrible research by Casimir Valishevsky, France. Now guess three times - which of the two versions is presented in the textbooks? In general, our textbooks are based on the principle that everything that is said about the ugly Russia is true. All that is said good or intelligible is a lie.

    One example. In 1569, Grozny arrived in Novgorod, which had approximately 40 000 populations. An epidemic was raging there as well, it smelled of rebellion. According to the results of the stay of the sovereign, fully preserved in synodics, the memorial lists mark the 2800 deceased.
    But Jerome Horsey in "Notes on Russia" indicates that the guardsmen killed in the city of 700 000 (seven hundred thousand (?)) People.
    Guess which of the two numbers is considered historically accurate?

    4: 0 in favor of the West.

    Wild Russians cry and moan. And they are constantly stolen and stolen into slavery by dashing Crimean Basurmans. And the Russians are crying, and paying tribute.
    Almost all historians point their fingers at the dullness, weakness and cowardice of the Russian rulers, who could not even cope with the shabby Crimea. And for some reason they "forget" that there was no Crimean Khanate - there was one of the provinces of the Ottoman Empire, in which there were Turkish garrisons and an Ottoman governor sat.

    And who has no desire to blame Castro for not being able to capture a tiny American base on his island?
    The Ottoman Empire, by this time, was actively expanding in all directions, conquering all Mediterranean lands, spreading out from Iran (Persia) and advancing to Europe, approaching Venice and besieging Vienna.

    In 1572, the sultan decided to conquer Muscovy at the same time and wild, as European brochures assured. 120 of thousands of troops advanced north from Crimea, with the support of 20 of thousands of Janissaries and 200 of cannons. Near the village of Molodi, the Ottomans encountered the 50-thousandth detachment of the governor Mikhaila Vorotynsky. And the Turkish army was ... No, not stopped - completely cut !!! From that moment, the Ottomans attack on the neighbors stopped - and try to engage in conquest, if you almost reduced the army by half! God forbid yourself to fight off the neighbors. What do you know about this battle? Nothing? That's it! Wait, through 20, about the participation of Russians in World War II, too, they will begin to “forget” in textbooks.

    Indeed, all “progressive humanity” has long and firmly known - the Americans defeated Hitler. And it’s time to correct the “wrong” in this area Russian textbooks. Information about the Battle of Molodi can generally be classified as closed. God forbid Russian learns that the acts of their ancestors in the Middle Ages, it can also be proud! He will develop wrong self-awareness, love for the Fatherland, for its deeds. And this is wrong.
    So, it’s difficult to find data about the battle of Moldova, but you can - in specialized directories. For example, in the "Encyclopedia of Arms" KiM three lines are written.

    So, 5: 0 in favor of the West.

    Stupid Russian loafers. Remembering the Mongol invasion, I wonder all the time - where did they manage to collect so many sabers?
    Indeed, sabers were forged only starting from the 14 century, and only in Moscow and in Dagestan, in the Kubachs. Such a strange fork - forever we with the Dagestanis unexpectedly get the same. Although, in all the textbooks between us, there are always a couple of hostile states. Nowhere else in the world have sabers learned how to forge - this is a much more complex art than it might seem. But progress came, 17 century. The saber gave way to other weapons. Before the birth of Peter 1, there was very little left. What was Russia like?
    If you believe the textbooks, approximately the same as in Tolstoy’s novel “Peter the Great” - patriarchal, ignorant, wild, drunk, inert ...

    But did you know that it was Russia that armed all of Europe with advanced weapons? Every year, Russian monasteries and foundries sold hundreds of guns, thousands of muskets, cold steel. Source - here is a quote from the Encyclopedia of Arms:
    “It is interesting that in the XVI-XVII centuries manufacturers of artillery guns were not only Pushkarsky sovereigns, but also monasteries. For example, a fairly large production of cannons was carried out in the Solovki monastery and in the Kirillov-Belozersky monastery.

    They owned guns and very successfully used them Don and Zaporozhye Cossacks. The first mention of the use of guns Zaporozhye Cossacks refers to the year 1516.
    In the XIX-XX centuries in Russia and abroad, it was believed that the pre-Petrine artillery was technically backward. But here are the facts: in the 1646 year, the Tula-Kamensky factories supplied the Netherlands with more than 600 guns, and in the 1647 year 360 guns of the caliber 4,6 and 8 pounds.

    In the 1675 year, the Tula-Kamensky factories shipped 116 cast-iron cannons, 43892 cores, 2934 grenades, 2356 musket barrels, 2700 swords and 9687 pounds of iron abroad. ”
    Here you have a wild backward Russia, about which they say at school.

    6: 0 in favor of the West.

    Kele is a common information war.
  33. kosmos84
    kosmos84 16 May 2012 19: 58
    By the way, from time to time, I meet Russophobes who claim that all of the above cannot be, because even the highly progressive and developed England and France learned to cast iron only in the 19 century. Yes, but let's go to the Artillery Museum, in St. Petersburg. One of the cast-iron cannons cast in the 1600 year there impudently lies on a stand for all to see.

    People do not believe that Russia, throughout its history and in all respects, has overtaken Europe by about two centuries. But ...

    The conclusions of the loser. Starting from the school years, we are told that our entire history is like a huge cesspool, in which there is not a single bright spot, not a single decent ruler.
    Either there were no military victories at all, or they led to something bad (the victory over the Ottomans is hidden, like nuclear launch codes, and the victory over Napoleon is duplicated by the slogan Alexander — the gendarme of Europe).

    All that was invented by the ancestors is either brought to us from Europe, or simply a baseless myth.
    The Russian people did not make any discoveries, did not release anyone, and if someone turned to us for help - it was a conversion into slavery. And the inheritance of all Russians is to repent, repent and repent.

    A little more than a hundred years of information warfare - and we all have already sown a sense of our own inferiority. We are no longer, like ancestors, self-righteous. Look at what is happening with our politicians: they are constantly being justified.
    Nobody demands that Lord Judah be brought to trial for propaganda of terrorism and cooperation with gangsters - he is persuaded that he is not entirely right.

    We threaten Georgia - and do not fulfill the threats. Denmark spits in our face - and even sanctions are not imposed against it. The Baltic countries established an apartheid regime - politicians bashfully turn away.

    People demand permission to sell weapons for self-defense - they are openly called worthless nerds, who, by stupidity, will immediately kill each other.

    Why should Russia make excuses? After all, she is always right! No one dares to say more about this. You think that just the current politicians are so indecisive, but others are about to come instead. But this will NEVER happen. Because the feeling of inferiority is not laid at the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs. They begin to systematically be brought up from childhood when they say to a child: our grandfathers were very stupid, stupid people, incapable of the most basic decisions.

    But the kind and intelligent uncle Rurik came to them from Europe, began to OWN them and teach them. He created for them the state of Russia, in which we live.

    Poison, drop by drop, pours into the soul, and when a person leaves school, he is already getting used to looking at the West as a kind owner, more intelligent and developed. And at the words "democracy" begins to rise on the hind legs reflexively.

    What the Western world knows best is waging an information war. The blow was dealt to a place that no one had thought to protect - according to the educational program. And the West won. It remains to show a little patience - and our children themselves will crawl on their knees in that direction and will be asked for permission to lick the owners of their shoes. Already crawling - a couple of days ago I managed to see a piece of the transfer “Why does Russia need its own currency?” That's right. Then it will be: "Why do we need an army?". Then: "Why do we need statehood?"
    West won. The consignment.
    What to do? If you do not want slaves to be made out of children, you need not to shout that we will fight when the time comes, but to save them right now.

    The hour has already come, the war is almost over for the overwhelming advantage of the enemy. It is urgent to break the course of teaching history, changing the emphasis on positive learning. My girls are still 4 and 5 years old, but when they go to school - I foresee hard days.

    Claims for poor teaching are guaranteed. If a historian does not teach children who he was such an important person in history as Rurik or does not know about the Battle of Molodinska, then he must pay fines from his pocket. Better yet, file a lawsuit with the Ministry of Education regarding the dissemination of knowingly false information. Hire a good lawyer and it is painfully painful to kick them - let them itch. But I don’t have one money for “good”. Weak to chip in the name of saving the ancestral name?

    The second way to strengthen the position on the fronts of the information war is to require the procurators to initiate a criminal case on the fact of inciting ethnic hatred by teaching false historical information.
    There are lots of examples. Recall the Tatar yoke. We are told that the Tatars oppressed the Russians, but they do not say that the Russians plundered the Tatars no less famously. As a result, Russians have an insult to their fellow citizens on a racial basis. Moreover, the insult is wrong. We are all good, and behaved exactly the same. Or, for example, last year in Kazan they celebrated (or tried to celebrate) the day of the memory of the Tatars, who defended the city from Russian troops.

    There is a clear confrontation on a national basis. Although, in fact, the city was not taken by the Russians, but by the Russian-Tatar (!) Troops. Shig-Alei's cavalry provided cover for the streltsy units - and if he is German, then I am ready to recognize myself as the pope.

    Russian-Tatar troops took Kazan, eliminating the influence of Istanbul on the Volga, and defending civilians from predatory raids, freed tens of thousands of slaves. It is enough to recognize the participation of the Tatars in this noble cause - and the national question loses its urgency.

    But I am not a lawyer, and I do not know how to roll a statement in such a way that they will not be dismissed and sent to hell.
    By the way, here Dallas’s plan on inciting ethnic hatred has been repeatedly mentioned. And no one paid attention to how it is being implemented. Also at school.

    Good teachers diligently sow discord between the largest national groups - Russians and Tatars. The whole course of history is full of how the Tatars attacked, how the Russians went to the Tatars, etc. But it is not indicated anywhere that the Tatars are our symbiote, the partner nation.

    Tatar units ALWAYS were part of the Russian troops, participated in all Russian wars - both internecine and in battles with an external enemy. It can be said that the Tatars are simply Russian light cavalry. Or Russian - Tatar wrought army.

    The Tatars fought against Mamai on the Kulikovo Field, together with the Moscow army, the Tatars were the first to attack the enemy in the Swedish and Livonian war; in 1410, the Polish-Russian-Tatar army was crushed by the Crusaders near Grunwald, breaking the back of the Teutonic Order - moreover, it was the Tatars who took the first blow.

    Sometimes people ask me why I don’t mention Lithuanians. So I mention - Russian. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania was a Russian state, with the Russian population, who spoke Russian, and even the clerical work was conducted in Russian.
    And you thought that a small racist country on the Baltic coast was once a great state?
    7: 0 in favor of the West.

    For four thousand years we lived with the Tatars side by side. They fought, were friends, were related. They smashed the Romans, Crusaders, Ottomans, Poles, French, Germans ...
    And now, our children open the textbook, and they are dripping from every page: enemies, enemies, enemies ... Legally, this is called inciting ethnic hatred. But in fact - the usual information war.
    1. Captain45
      Captain45 16 May 2012 20: 56
      Quote: kosmos84
      Nobody demands that Lord Judah be brought to trial for propaganda of terrorism and cooperation with gangsters - he is persuaded that he is not entirely right.

      It’s a pity that at that moment he wasn’t completely alone, otherwise we would have dug him from that pit where 70 and more than corpses of our soldiers were pulled out. And this old one ... and for humanity pushed us at that time.
    2. Vadim555
      Vadim555 16 May 2012 21: 42
      Quote: kosmos84
      kosmos84 Today, 19:58

      Sorry, but I can only put one plus. +++++
      Another look at the history of Russia

      Unknown History of Russia
      1. kosmos84
        kosmos84 16 May 2012 22: 47
        Thank you very much! I watched the transfer of the fact that the first people on the planet in Voronezh appeared
    3. Odinplys
      Odinplys 17 May 2012 04: 56
      Quote: kosmos84
      For four thousand years we lived with the Tatars side by side. They fought, were friends, were related. They smashed the Romans, Crusaders, Ottomans, Poles, French, Germans ...
      And now, our children open the textbook, and they are dripping from every page: enemies, enemies, enemies ... Legally, this is called inciting ethnic hatred. But in fact - the usual information war.

      Thank you, buddy ... small yes delete as they say ...
      You need to publish ... and bring pride in your homeland ... into the souls of the peoples of Russia ...
      Oh, how pleased ...
      1. kosmos84
        kosmos84 17 May 2012 07: 41
        Thank you, but I’m on the blog homeland -sssr found such a thing often written there and then I liked the article and the movement in Kazan didn’t hurt to show about which there were topics on the forum so that they would cover their mouths
  34. Kamaz
    Kamaz 16 May 2012 20: 04
    The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation A. Serdyukov from the “big mind” generally agreed to the point that “The implementation of this project is in the interests of Russia's military security”, i.e. after reforms in its department, its own army can no longer ensure the country's security.

    Thanks to him for sure! With him, have we bought anything in bulk (except for suits from Yudashkin)? I don’t understand how you can put a person who has not served in the army as the head of the army ???
    1. Erkin
      Erkin 16 May 2012 20: 22
      Well no. Thanks to that the Volga-Dnepr having welded in transit can afford to buy new Ruslan AN-124. Which gives an additional amount for resuscitation of the production of a legendary aircraft, which has no analogues in the world.
      1. Captain45
        Captain45 16 May 2012 21: 03
        And you, dear, are firmly convinced that the leadership of Russian Railways, Volga-Antey and the Ulyanovsk region will not drag the money received for transit into their pockets, they will not scam them offshore, and as a result, this money, which is so proudly broadcast, will end up in banks of NATO countries from where they seem to be transferred for transit. Personally, I'm not sure!
        1. Erkin
          Erkin 16 May 2012 21: 27
          If you are not sure at all about something, then why are you writing? Time will judge.
          You said something like black and white what yes how.

          And he stole, did not steal. Leave it to the balabol.

          And generally speaking. Volga-Dnepr is some sort of sharashka for you. And the world's largest operator Ruslanov. Which works around the world, and she just needs more airplanes. Dozens of aircraft, she literally has a shortage of them.

          Railways here what side? They will not buy Ruslanov, and their profit is their own business. But they are firmly invested in new developments. Read about their cooperation with Siemens, Alstom and other companies, about their ongoing investment projects, which is only worth a two-story car passenger car. Get stunned and tear all your templates for this company. Although googling about SinaraHybrid.

          The leadership of the Ulnovsk region in general here has nothing to do with it.

          Antonov is generally the same.
          The assembly of Ruslanov will be conducted by Aviastar. A dynamically developing enterprise.
          Here is a video fact.

  35. Spartak
    Spartak 16 May 2012 21: 50
    What a heated discussion this article provoked. Definitely a plus for the author.
    Oh, this Henry Kissinger. This is your false idea of ​​superiority in everything. Show where this led the Third Reich ???
  36. welder
    welder 16 May 2012 22: 14
    Erkin-softly spread, but that's hard to sleep ..... Trick ..... I can smell it
    1. Erkin
      Erkin 17 May 2012 08: 19
      And there is no more reasoned comment?
      Amer also feels inside that Russia is an evil empire. But in fact, not so long ago.

      No need to divide the world into black and white. The era of ideological confrontation on the part of Russia ended in 1991.

      We return again to the times of the Russian Empire. When our country was very wise in diplomatic relations, when we fought together with the Entente in the First World War.

      I repeat once again. NATO is not a single unit. So many articles have already appeared about its splitting from the inside, that for a long time it is time to understand. France announced the withdrawal of troops, Canada and Australia begin to abandon the F-35.

      We need to use this, and not continue to play the cold war. It is necessary to cut off Europe from the United States. To show that we are a civilized and diplomatic country.

      It is necessary to eradicate all Amer’s arguments that we are uncouth and rude.

      BUT! Time will tell. I subscribe to my every word that there will be no NATO base.

      Time will tell who is right. This I think will be a good exam for many. On a citizen of Russia. A normal citizen knows where the country is going. If a person confirms his predictions, then he is right. And if not, then it's time to think about increasing knowledge about your homeland. smile
  37. Stasdubov
    Stasdubov 16 May 2012 22: 46
    What what, but NATO is not worth making friends. especially friendship is somehow only on one side ...
  38. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 16 May 2012 23: 27
    Do you know the true decoding of NATO?

    Eto North American Terroristic Organization

  39. 89651544551
    89651544551 16 May 2012 23: 39
    good things won't end
  40. 11Goor11
    11Goor11 17 May 2012 00: 11
    In the Stalin era, the theses were vital:
    Be vigilant
    Do not succumb to provocations
    Keep calm

    A-A-A_k_Our_country_ touched_nato !!!!!!

    Actually, NATO touches Russia in the Syrian countryside
    But the country's leadership does not panic, does not allow reptiles to gobble up Syria.
    AND! nor does it get bogged down in conflict.
    Recently, the Permanent Representative of Qatar unofficially "ran over" Churkov,
    they say if you are with China again at least once ... then you will regret it.
    Churkov: if you talk in that tone, then Qatar will disappear from the map tomorrow.

    and then worries about the transit for which they pay
  41. Paskal
    Paskal 17 May 2012 00: 54
    Well, the guys don’t need to say that they are building NATO bases on the territory of the Russian Federation, garbage is understandable, but the question is! what the hell is the Black Sea Fleet digging the waters off the coast of Syria eh? There both our rights and theirs Abraham

    How damn you read so not a comment but a whole Damn Thesis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  42. Alex63
    Alex63 17 May 2012 06: 00
    Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev, even in the worst dream, could not have dreamed that NATO could somehow establish itself on our land under a variety of even plausible pretexts. Where at that time could there be those who even suggested such an idea? Under Stalin, it is clear - there is only one remedy - "brilliant green" and a bullet. Under Khrushchev and Brezhnev - for the post of "Napoleon" in some psychiatric hospital. But now our rulers, like cheap, forgive .... ki bend in front of the West and stand in front of it in any position. The Kamasutra is resting. But it's not easy to see it all. Gorbachev began to destroy the country, Yeltsin continued. And Medvedev and Putin turned out to be their worthy disciples and successors. It can be seen dripping well on their accounts in foreign banks. One can only hope that these thirty pieces of silver will one day stand across their throats.
  43. Storyteller
    Storyteller 17 May 2012 06: 02
    NATO base !!! NATO base in the heart of Russia !!! Protesting against NATO base !!! ...
    What are you saying? WTO will destroy Russia? Yes, to hell with him, with the WTO - here the NATO base problem is a hundred times cooler !!!
    EJIEKTPOBO3 17 May 2012 13: 57
    In the words of V. Putin in the Baltic states: get the ears of a dead donkey.
    NATA, get out of Russia!
  45. Rusik.S
    Rusik.S 17 May 2012 14: 53
    It won’t end in anything good (neither for us, nor for NATO)
  46. ioann1
    ioann1 17 May 2012 19: 04
    The NATO base in Ulyanovsk is the idea of ​​the communist Zyuganov ... But for what and who you think for yourself
  47. yury-xnumx
    yury-xnumx 18 May 2012 22: 39
    The article is good, plus authors, I take the article with me.
  48. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 19 May 2012 17: 25
    NATO crawled into Russia for 22 years, no one probably thought of it, and people certainly didn’t expect it. All 63 years, all the inhabitants of the former USSR were preparing for battles with imperialism at the junction of the borders of Western and Eastern Europe, and now they are already in the rear information will be collected by what, where, where.