The Era accepts the first draftees. How to get to serve in the technopolis of the Ministry of Defense?

The first call is reported in the so-called military technopolis "Era" in Anapa. This is a complex owned by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and which is being created to ensure the development and implementation of the latest defense technologies. It is noted that "Era" will consolidate the talent of young scientists to search for promising technologies that can be applied in military affairs (and not only).

According to the chief of the organizational-mobilization department of the headquarters of the Central Military District, Major General Alexander Linkov, the first 28 young military men of “urgent” service are called up for service in Eru. This conscripts from the regions of the Volga region, the Urals and Siberia. In particular, conscripts from Orenburg and Tatarstan arrived in Anapa.

How can a draftee get into service at Eru? The press service of the Innopolis reports that one of the recruits sent his resume to the official website of the Ministry of Defense, indicating that he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute branch in Baikonur and received a diploma in the specialty Experimental Development of Aircraft. In the summary, he noted that he has experience at the Khrunichev Center.

What projects is already working military innopolis (technopolis) "Era"?

The Era accepts the first draftees. How to get to serve in the technopolis of the Ministry of Defense?

In particular, “Ere” is developing technical “vision” for transport, including railway, studying promising materials, including materials based on the principle of biotechnology, conducting experiments in the field of medicine, developing IT complexes, etc.

The selection of recruits in the "Eru" is carried out, including on the indicators of training young people in universities.
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  1. +3
    18 July 2018 06: 53
    It would be good, otherwise they’ll pick up the money. The sea, the beach to this have.
    1. 0
      18 July 2018 23: 43
      It would be good, otherwise they’ll pick up the money. The sea, the beach to this have.

      Well, in the article, an example is just about blatnyak.
      in Baikonur, he graduated from a branch of the Moscow Aviation Institute and received a diploma in “Experimental testing of aircraft”. In the resume, he noted that he has experience in the center named after Khrunichev.

      It was under the bloody Stalinist regime that all the thieves worked for the military-industrial complex, and built the defense shield of the country of Beria with Mikoyan as well, and now it’s somehow more fashionable in business.
  2. 0
    18 July 2018 07: 00
    Are these the new interns?
    1. +3
      18 July 2018 07: 22
      This is a military analogue of Skolkovo, so do not expect anything good ....
  3. 0
    18 July 2018 07: 03
    As if all this, did not grow into the second “Artek”.
  4. 0
    18 July 2018 07: 23
    No matter how it became another branch of Rusnano!
  5. +5
    18 July 2018 07: 28
    This is great for the "eggheads" to undergo emergency service doing their job and in their specialty. You can compare with the artists who were drafted into the army and they served in the Theater SA playing in it.
  6. +2
    18 July 2018 07: 47
    The selection of recruits in the "Eru" is carried out, including on the indicators of training young people in universities.
    Somehow it is impossible to understand the meaning of such a service. Maybe the article left behind some important details, but if everything is as it is ... What then will the service for one year in such a newly-minted "sharashka" give? Lavrentiy Pavlovich, although in fact there were "wk" and not conscripts conscripts, but these were accomplished specialists who worked on such projects in such an "Era" for Beria for more than one year. Therefore, if the "Era" for conscripts for one year, it is most likely a waste of time and money, neither soldiers from such "scientists" will get, not scientists from such "soldiers." If you also create a science center where young talents will be selected by the MoD, you need to make a kind of contract there, whatever, but young, promising specialists must come to this center not for one year.
    1. +1
      18 July 2018 23: 46
      1. Who told you that they are there for 1 year?
      2. Why did you get the idea that they were there upon appeal? They didn’t read that they would take on scientific and production companies for a contract?
      3. What do you think, but is it likely that the person who sent the resume himself there will remain there for more than a year? Well, especially if everything is in order with the work and conditions of the contract?
      1. 0
        19 July 2018 05: 47
        Quote: alexmach
        . Who told you that they are there for 1 year?
        I carefully read the article, - " The first 28 young military personnel of the “urgent” service are called to Eru. These are draftees from the regions of the Volga region, the Urals and Siberia."... Moreover, there are no categorical comments in my commentary. I hope that you carefully read the article above, just like my comment to it. Thank you for your attention.
  7. +1
    18 July 2018 09: 04
    It all depends on the bosses. If they are built according to the type of modern start-ups, when a small team within 3 months should give tangible progress in the topic, then there is a chance, but if it is like the Soviet research institutes, where the same topic has been thrashed for decades, then there is no chance.
    1. 0
      18 July 2018 23: 49
      You know a lot about Soviet research institutes. Your brother, too, procrastinated her there, while many who left so far boast of their NIIshnymi works, including here. And there are tasks that are solved by small teams in 3 months and there are other tasks.
  8. +2
    18 July 2018 10: 53
    It is unlikely that conscripts can recruit sensible specialists. It is unlikely that in the conditions of service, one can successfully engage in research and scientific activities. And if they also get paid as ordinary soldiers ... laughing
  9. 0
    18 July 2018 13: 57
    There are more than 700 research institutes involved in the development of military equipment, etc., the Russian Academy of Sciences, a dozen state corporations, IDFs, Skolkovo, and hundreds of venture capital funds. And suddenly it took from scratch to create an ERA! What for? Again, what a cunning crook came up with a way of personal enrichment ????????? At the expense of the budget?
  10. 0
    18 July 2018 14: 52
    Oh! Throw off a few decades!
    1. 0
      18 July 2018 14: 59
      Quote: earloop
      Oh! Throw off a few decades!

      And for women, yes wassat
  11. +1
    18 July 2018 15: 05
    Some kind of "Era". What will a conscript do in a year? Even if he is so talented, he will develop something and where will it go? Where is the connection with the production? Who will bring its development to mind when it is demobilized? In general, there are only questions, but this undertaking will end with the fact that the draftee will sit out for a year, and on demobilization, all science will end there.
  12. +1
    19 July 2018 03: 57
    I do not believe in this. R&D and service (especially urgent) are incompatible. This is an infusion of young wine (the predominant importance of innovation) in old bellows (conscription service).
    In fact, we must seriously raise the question of military training in the new historical conditions. How to attract future specialists, how can students be taught military specialties? Etc. The current system is hopelessly outdated. And attempts to solve it by partial changes seem to me futile.

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