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Executioners Kaiser. Part of 3. Hijacked into slavery

Women and girls in the territories occupied by Austro-Germans were subjected to mass violence.

Thus, in the Volkovyshek area in September 1914, the German soldiers captured the Polish girls 12 and, bringing them into their trenches, tortured them for a month. And captured 15. 03. 1915 near the town of Kielce 20 peasant girls were raped by the Germans during the 3 months. And in the latter case, during the day, the girls carried out earthworks, and at night they were raped by German troopers. The Germans tied their hands with ropes, spat in their faces and exchanged girls among themselves.

When in the middle of March 1915, the Germans were forced to retreat from the Grodno fortress, the Russian intelligence officers, who were examining the trenches left by the enemy near the village of Grodno. Jastrzebno, they found 3's girls tied hand and foot with ropes - two of them were 18, and the third was 25 years. The first two girls were dead, and the third was still alive - and told the scouts that the Germans had brought a lot of village women into the trenches and raped 4 days.

The corporal 2 of the company of the 174 Infantry Regiment of the Romny regiment V.F. Kulakov recalled the terrible picture he had seen in September of the 1914. The regiment, having knocked out the Austrians from a large village on Russian territory near the Austrian border, found in the church of this village locked old men, women and children — more than 80 people. Freed people from exhaustion could not move, and 5 old women died right in the church from exhaustion. The Austrians kept people locked up for 3 days - without food and water. The old men were locked up because they were not allowed to mock their daughters and granddaughters. Russian soldiers found corpses of young women and young children in the village sheds. The corpses of young women were exposed and disfigured: breasts torn, stomachs spread. The corpses in the sheds were tied with straw harnesses - to the crossbars of the barns upside down. On the floors of the huts several more naked and disfigured corpses of young women were discovered. Some of the disfigured women were still alive and begged to be put to death.

Sub lieutenant S. S. Dzhurkovich reported the fact, which he witnessed. When 13. 02. 1915 from the village. Loyki was knocked out by the German 164 reserve regiment, in one of the huts of the village plundered by the enemy, an old man and an old woman were found who said that the Germans had raped and then killed their only daughter. The body of the latter lay right there - on the body of the raped there were several bayonet wounds, and on the neck there were traces of suffocation.

And the ensign of the 16 Infantry Regiment of Ladoga, P.I. Lyaskovsky, reported the terrible picture 05 had seen. 08. 1914 in the church places. Targets, Lomzhinskoy province. Going into the church, he drew attention to the corpses (as it seemed to him) 2 tortured women attached to banners. Their hair was disheveled, the top skirts were unbuttoned and lowered on the hips, bare feet. Both are middle-aged blondes. It turned out that they are still alive. The women's cheekbones showed signs of beatings, the lower shirts on the breasts were torn and stained with blood, the breasts were incised on the side and the nipples of the breasts were cut off or torn off. The breasts of women bore traces of bites with human teeth.

Junior non-commissioned officer FF Fedorov reported that 28. 08. 1914, Mr .. his part knocked out of the trenches over the river. Budzinoy (Lublin province) 15 th infantry regiment of the Austrians, finding in the trenches 4 Russian women - the Austrians first raped the latter, and then wounded with daggers. One was already dead, and three with weak signs of life were sent to the infirmary. On the way to the last one, another woman passed away.

And such cases - the mass.

Finally, already in this period, the hijacking of innocent people into slavery — to hard labor in Germany — began to be practiced. Moreover, in a number of localities, the entire male population, except for teenagers and old people, was hijacked to work.

So, only from Voistomsky volost, one society of Vishnevskaya volost and Zaporochskaya and Shemestovskaya villages of Sventsiansky district the Germans hijacked 5000 people.

Peasant N. I. Kirichuk so conveyed his impressions. The Austrians broke into the village at night. Zaleski Kremenetskogo county Volyn province - burst into the house and grabbed young people. About 100 people were sent to Lviv. In Lviv, they were added 10 Russian priests - in shackles on their arms and legs. Eventually, about 150 people were sent to Vienna. Drove including on foot. In Linz, the group has already increased to 500 people. In Freistadt, a peasant woman worked 4 for a month - she lived in a barrack, slept on straw, eating a glass of tea and soup with some kind of powder resembling soap. From hunger, people took out the skins from the table of "gentlemen" from garbage cans.

For the first two months, a woman was washing clothes for the wounded Austrians, and the remaining two months served in the kitchen with the commandant. Men carried stones and water - harnessed (by 20 people) in carts. The inhabitants of Freistadt laughed and said: “We have Russian horses!”

For an attempt to protest, in the form of, for example, resistance to a search, the “guilty” was locked up for two months, tying his right hand with his shackles with his left foot, was beaten and starved. Through 2, the months were transported to a new place - to a camp, fenced with wire barriers, near the town of Sampeld in Germany. People worked on the estate of the prince who was nearby. Here, as I. I. Kirichuk notes, “they decided to starve us to death” —a week and a half people did not receive bread. The food was a chestnut flour soup in which white worms swam. People began to die of hunger. And the Germans helped them with this: people were taken to a bath, they poured cold water on everyone and after such a bath they drove out into the street - where they were forced to walk around the frosty yard for several hours. Typhus began, and corpses doused with resin were taken out by carts at night. And in the carts harnessed Russian. German landlords and officers came to the camp - they sorted out young beautiful girls (at the age of 12-16 years). Moreover, the set of girls occurred under the supervision of a doctor who testified their innocence.

In the fall of 1914, the peasants Ivan Strenkovsky and Iosif Godlevsky, along with a host of other people, were captured by German troops. Strenkovsky was taken to the town of Stettin, where he was with the 5000 civilians hijacked in captivity, as well as with captured Russian and French soldiers. From hunger, cold and disease died 3000 prisoners.

Godlewski, along with several thousand civilians, was hijacked in Schneidemühlh in Prussia. People were driven on foot. In Schneidemühl in front of Godlevsky’s eyes, an unknown person pointed the German officer at two captured civilians, saying that they were Cossacks - and these people were immediately shot. After a 2 weekly stay in Schneidemühll, Godlevsky was transferred to Haberberg.

In Haberberg, people were fed bran soup and cabbage soup; and in Stettin they gave bran soup in water. People were tortured. So, peasant T. A. Piorunek recalled that when he fell from weakness, an officer knocked out his 2 tooth with a stick, and on another occasion was scourged.

We saw that we were carrying the “new order” for the territories seized by the Austro-German invaders.

Finally, in the final article of the cycle we will try to see what happened in the Austro-German camps for Russian prisoners of war.

The ending should ...

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  1. Olgovich
    Olgovich 15 August 2018 06: 54
    Beat marks were visible on the cheekbones of women, the lower shirts on the chest were torn and stained with blood, the breasts were cut on the side, and the nipples of the breasts were cut off or torn off
    Instructive reading for fans of "turning the world war into a civil war."
    For them, the main enemies are not these Germanic animals from the article, and the leadership of the country, destroying these animals. fool
    Thank you for the article.
    More, more similar facts, so that everyone can see, FOR WHAT and against WHO Russia fought in the Second World War!
  2. Basil50
    Basil50 15 August 2018 07: 29
    Somehow, the author did not want to coordinate his article with what they write about WWI today in Germany, in France, in England. And there, in the course of the writings about * chivalry * in the conduct of war, about * nobility * and other things in relation to their own officers and soldiers, forgetting the mass publications in their own media of that time. But they all write together about the * barbarism * of the RUSSIAN and RUSSIAN EMPIRE.
    However, liberals in modern RUSSIA consciously lie about the events of 1917. These are the generals of the RUSSIAN EMPIRE excommunicated and arrested the Romanovs, the liberals in the interim government managed to destroy the state apparatus of the RUSSIAN EMPIRE and they all served who were Germans, some French-British, some Japanese-Americans.
  3. peta locksmith
    peta locksmith 15 August 2018 07: 50
    Austro-Germanic sadists passed on the genes of sadism and hatred to their "children and grandchildren" - those in the Great Patriotic War also killed and tortured our people

    Thank you for the article
  4. Albatroz
    Albatroz 15 August 2018 08: 39
    The hijacking of civilians to work in Germany and Austria, as we see, began long before the implementation of the Ost plan during WWII. The beginning was made, although not on such a scale of course.
    Drang Nah Osten in action
    1. Olgovich
      Olgovich 15 August 2018 09: 32
      Quote: Albatroz
      The hijacking of civilians to work in Germany and Austria, as we see, began long before the implementation of the Ost plan during WWII. The beginning was laid

      Not only theft, but also concentration camps and burning people, taking hostages, etc.
      Moreover, the plans were almost the same: the eviction of millions beyond the Dnieper, the colonization of the occupied lands, the Ariization of the Baltic states, the unification of Germany and Turkey through the Caucasus, the division of Russia.
  5. Lieutenant Teterin
    Lieutenant Teterin 15 August 2018 09: 30
    Alexey Vladimirovich, I bow to you for your efforts! I read the article with pain, but the articles are vital. They are necessary to remember the torment that befell our people at the hands of the conquerors and the heroism of Russian soldiers and officers who defended their people and their homeland. And also the memory of the facts of such crimes is the best antidote to the boorish views of various kinds of xenophiles who hypocritically talk about the "height of the Teutonic spirit" and other, similar abominations.
  6. Koshnitsa
    Koshnitsa 15 August 2018 11: 34
    “... Great Russians cannot“ defend the fatherland ”otherwise than wanting defeat in tsarism in any war”; “The slogan of“ peace ”is incorrect, the slogan should be the transformation of a national war into a civil war”; "The least evil would be the defeat of the tsarist monarchy and its troops."


    September-December 1914
    The German and Magyar rapists already had their own lawyer
  7. sleeve
    sleeve 15 August 2018 11: 55
    Well, another page of the informational confrontation has been opened. Why not? Now it's turn for a full-fledged article with relative statistics, archival documents, quotes from newspapers. Weighted and complete. Topic: WWI atrocities against non-combatants of the belligerent countries. Thesis: relative statistics, scale, documentary, the attitude of the authorities of the belligerent states to these facts (punishment / silence / encouragement). The job is not easy, the man is so on his heels. But what is the value of such a battering ram against the wall of "Russian barbarism"!
    1. Koshnitsa
      Koshnitsa 15 August 2018 20: 00
      The pages that the Russian Federation would like to hide are unlikely to ever fully declassify matters relating to the organization and conduct of mass red terror during the Civil War, the origin of the funds of the Bolshevik party during the revolution, secret negotiations between the Soviet leadership and Kaiser Germany, the Entente and foreign financial circles, the background of the Brest peace and the role of individuals in its conclusion, the cooperation of the Bolsheviks and pan-Islamists in the “revolutionization” of the East, the use of prisoners of war and military advisers in Germany and Austria-Hungary to create the Red Army, the role of the hostage institution in forcing “specialists” to work for Soviet power, the total genocide of the "bourgeoisie" in Petrograd in 1918, the suppression of popular uprisings in 1918-1921, the organization of famine in the Volga region in 1921-1922. Of particular note is the genocide of the Cossacks. The fate of some national minorities is also incomprehensible - for example, historians do not know for certain where after the civil war nearly half a million Chinese living in Russia got to. Until now, only the local archives and indirect publications can be used to judge the extent of popular resistance to collectivization and the measures to suppress it, in which units of the regular Red Army were involved, including military aviation and chemical troops.
      1. zena-iva
        zena-iva 12 October 2018 14: 39
        all the archives of the USSR are in the hands of the liberals, but there is no confirmation of your vile and vile fabrications. why? a rhetorical question.
  8. LeonidL
    LeonidL 15 August 2018 19: 14
    About the same thing she did in the occupied territory of Western Europe
  9. Weyland
    Weyland 15 August 2018 19: 41
    This is nothing compared to the fact that the Austrians am they worked in Serbia - that’s where the real genocide was! EMNIP, after WWII in Serbia, disabled people made up almost a third of the population!
  10. Catfish
    Catfish 4 November 2018 13: 23
    Alex, thank you for raising this topic.

    If possible, work with the archives relating to the Turkish Teutonic allies, they also did it there. And I do not mean the genocide of the Armenian population, this is a separate issue. hi