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The most famous large-caliber sniper rifles. Part of 5. OM 50 Nemesis

The story of the most famous large-caliber sniper rifles of our time would be incomplete without the Swiss development of OM 50 Nemesis. This model was created at the beginning of the 2000-s and was mass-produced by a large Swiss defense company Advanced Military System Design (AMSD). The Swiss large-caliber rifle was originally designed under the popular NATO cartridge .50 BMG and was conceived as quite compact weapon for carrying out "jewelry" special operations in the conditions of the city and limited space.

It is worth noting that the rifle turned out to be extremely successful. Designers have worked well on its ergonomics and accuracy of shooting, achieving excellent performance. The accuracy of OM 50 Nemesis rifle shooting in the field when using special sniper cartridges is less than 0,5 MOA (angular minutes) at a distance of 300 meters and less than 1 MOA at a distance of 1000 meters. A trained sniper easily gets from this rifle to a playing card from a distance of 900 meters. And it's not a joke. A professional sniper of the US Marine Corps in a test range from a distance of 900 meters was able to lay a series of five shots on a rectangular target with dimensions 5x6 cm, which was then less than 0,25 MOA. This result can be safely attributed to outstanding.

The OM50 Nemesis large-caliber sniper rifle was developed in 2001 by a retired US Marine Corps Officer and professional sniper James Owen and Swiss small arms designer Chris Movigliatti. It is the capital letters of their surnames that gave the name to the weapon, and the number 50 denotes the rifle caliber - .50 BMG. The second name of the rifle - Nemesis. This is a reference to the ancient Greek winged goddess of retribution Nemesis, who punished the guilty for violating moral and social order.

The most famous large-caliber sniper rifles. Part of 5. OM 50 Nemesis

The goal of the OM 50 Nemesis designers was to create a high-precision model of a large-caliber sniper weapon suitable for use in a wide variety of conditions, including during combat in the city and in dense buildings with a view to the use of military and police special forces. Under the conditions of the “urban war”, weapons were planned to be used for shooting from short distances and at well-protected targets. Due to the modularity of the design and the availability of a wide range of interchangeable barrels, the OM 50 Nemesis rifle (with a long heavy barrel) can also be used for sporting shooting at long and long distances.

In 2002, the right to this brand, a prototype sniper rifle and all technical documentation for it were transferred to a large Swiss arms company Advanced Military Systems Design or AMSD. Already in 2003, this company produced the first production batch of large-caliber rifles, which received the official designation AMSD OM 50 Nemesis, from this point on, a full life began for the new type of small arms, the rifle received deserved recognition in many European countries.

Interesting is the fact of stories creating OM 50 Nemesis, that from the appearance of the idea to its implementation in the metal by creating the initial version only three months passed. But this does not mean that the designers of the rifle tried to do everything as quickly as possible, in order to start the production of a new weapon as soon as possible. Such a short period of development of a prototype is explained by the fact that both designers, who worked on their offspring, clearly understood what they wanted to get at the output. At the same time, the final version of a large-caliber sniper rifle, which could be safely shown to the general public, was created in almost three years, for which everything was tailored and debugged in the best possible way, like in world-famous Swiss watches.

Due to the high quality of performance, excellent well-thought-out ergonomics, high accuracy of shooting and other positive qualities, the new rifle almost immediately became popular among the military and police special forces. Since 2003, when the rifle went into mass production, it is in service with special police units and the army of Switzerland. It is also in service with a number of European countries, including Belgium, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg and Sweden. According to some information, in May 2008 of the year, a number of such rifles were obtained by the special forces of the Georgian army.

AMSD rifle was produced in three versions, which differed slightly from each other. All of them had a modular construction principle. The first version of the OM 50 Nemesis Mk I was a single-shot large-caliber sniper rifle with a longitudinal-sliding rotary bolt and a non-folding, but adjustable in length and height butt. OM 50 Nemesis Mk II and Mk III rifles received a box-shaped detachable magazine for five 12,7-mm cartridges. They also received an adjustable, but at the same time foldable butt stock, equipped with an additional folding support, located directly below it. The Mk III model, among other things, was distinguished by the presence of an elongated forearm with a long guide Picatinny-type mounting rail, excellent for installing day and night optical sights.

All three OM 50 Nemesis sniper rifles were made on a single “chassis” in a single modular scheme. The main components of the sniper rifle - receiver, bolt group and firing mechanism. All parts of the weapon are made of high-quality high-quality materials and fit perfectly to each other. The barrel bore is locked by means of a longitudinally sliding rotary bolt having three lugs that engage directly with the breech of the rifle. None of the three rifles are not equipped with open standard sights.

The modular design allows the use of a wide range of trunks. Trunks are heavy, quick-detachable lengths from 381 mm to 838 mm (there are five barrels in total: 381 mm, 457 mm, 558 mm, 711 mm, 838 mm) with different wall thickness. They can be equipped with either a massive muzzle brake compensator or tactical silencer. A wide range of barrels makes it easy to change the tactical capabilities of the weapon, reduce the weight and dimensions of the rifle, providing its owner greater mobility. Fastening the barrel rifle by using five screws that pass through the receiver and are included in the cutouts located under the chamber. In accordance with the tasks facing the sniper, he can easily replace the trunks with the help of the special key supplied with the kit, spending no more than two minutes of his time for this.

The barrel of an OM 50 Nemesis rifle is locked into three lugs, while the grip is carried out with the breech breech, which made it possible to remove part of the load from the receiver when firing, and therefore reduced its weight, which is from 10 to 13 kg, depending on used removable barrel. Adjustable folding telescopic bipods are attached to the front part of the large-caliber rifle forearm.

The company AMSD worked out plans to create models of the rifle Mk IV and Mk V, but they were not implemented in practice. In December 2010, the Swiss company AMSD transferred all rights to the OM 50 Nemesis brand, rifle production and technical documentation to it to another weapons company from Switzerland - SAN Swiss Arms AG. Already in 2011, this company released a number of new models of the updated version of Nemesis, but under its own brand, SAN 511.

Tactical and technical characteristics of OM 50 Nemesis Mk III:
Caliber - 12,7 mm.
The cartridge is 12,7 × 99 mm NATO (.50BMG).
Barrel length - 381-838 mm.
Overall length - 1029-1562 mm.
Weight - from 10 to 13 kg (depending on the barrel, without optics)
Effective firing range - 1600 m.
Maximum range - 2500 m.
Magazine capacity - 5 cartridges.

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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 15 July 2018 06: 58
    Elegant and very expensive, like all Swiss ... "Orsis 500" is not worse ...
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 15 July 2018 08: 13
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      "Orsis 500" is not worse

      If you mean ORSIS T-5000 and accuracy, then yes: 0,3 MOA or less is declared.
  2. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 15 July 2018 09: 17
    Well, if we talk about the Swiss large-caliber rifles, then it’s not a sin to “remember” the Swiss 24-mm PTR of the 2MV period ... After all, the largest-caliber Swiss “rifle”!

    Length, mm
    Carriage length, mm
    Barrel length, mm
    Body weight of the weapon, kg
    Weight on a carriage, kg
    Shop, count. cartridges
    Rate of fire, rds / min
    Sighting range, m
    Muzzle velocity, m / s
    Weapons were supplied with ammunition from detachable box magazines: 6-charging with armor-piercing cartridges, 5-charging with fragmentation ...
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 15 July 2018 10: 03
      PS 24-mm PTR Tankbuchse 41 (Tb 41). Cartridge: 24 x 139 mm ...
  3. san4es
    san4es 15 July 2018 10: 34
    All weapon parts are made of high-quality high-quality materials and perfectly fitted to each other.
    ... 50 BMG OM Nemesis Urban Sniping (shortened trunk (for urban development) ................... recourse
  4. Horse, people and soul
    Horse, people and soul 15 July 2018 13: 50
    Quote: Mountain Shooter
    Elegant and very expensive, like all Swiss ... "Orsis 500" is not worse ...

    Orsis T-5000 - it’s not a 50 gauge, but a maximum of .338 Lapua Magnum. This is how to compare ZIL-130 with career BelAZ.
  5. RL
    RL 15 July 2018 20: 37
    How not worse? On what equipment (machines) are the trunks made for Orsis T-5000 and on which for Nemesis? And the declared 0,3 MOA - we will wait and see. Between us, boys and girls - 50ka, runs from 1 to 0,5 MOA. Do you know the best? Write. I take the declared accuracy from the manufacturers.
    1. RL
      RL 15 July 2018 20: 56
      A small addition. The British promised me to steal for the .338 Lapua Magnum at 0,2-0,25 MOA. But the price for an individual is not high. And the German DSR for the .308 Winchester is the most it - price, quality
      1. Leomobil
        Leomobil 16 July 2018 14: 08
        DXL - 3 (338 LM) - a bunch of 0.3 -05. TSVL-8 (338 LM) - a bunch of 0.3 -05. lapping chips. personal basting. DXL-4 (408) - a bunch of 0.25 -0.4
  6. Leomobil
    Leomobil 16 July 2018 14: 45
    There is such a thing as Replicar, modern sniper (by analogy) is "Replicarabine" - smile joke!
  7. VictorZhivilov
    VictorZhivilov 17 July 2018 21: 38
    Thanks to the author for the article, I admit not knowing about the existence of such a sniper rifle. smile

    The large-caliber sniper rifle OM 50 Nemesis was developed in 2001 by a retired United States Marine Corps officer and professional sniper James Owen and Swiss small arms designer Chris Movigliatti.

    So I live like this. smile