Armed Syrian opposition. Implacable. Part of 1


As practice has shown, even the majority of readers of the Military Review, not to mention the broad masses of the people, are rather poorly oriented in the situation in Syria, torn apart by the bloody civil war, and do not clearly understand who is fighting with whom and for what. Usually, all the groups opposing the Syrian government forces are characterized as some kind of amorphous "Islamists", "bearded men" and nothing more.

In fact, the situation there is extremely difficult, and such a simplification only worsens the objective perception of reality and understanding of the combat situation. And in order to fill this gap, we will try to consider both the diverse armed groups of jihadists opposing official Damascus, and the forces acting on the side of the legitimate government of Syria.

Let us begin our analysis with the groups of the armed opposition, which according to the international classification are classified as “irreconcilable” and are described in most official documents as “international associations of transnational jihadists”.

The most intransigent and the most radical side in this war, according to many experts, is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Al-Doulat al-Islami fil Iraq va al-Sham, condemned as a terrorist group and banned in the Russian Federation and in 26 other countries). Yes, yes, the very "IG", it is ISIS, DAISH, etc. By the way, we note that the accepted transcription of ISIS is somewhat incorrect, since This group has never been called that (“The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”), and this error arose because of the wrong translation - the Arabic word “Sham” in the Russian-language media was for some reason not translated as “Syria”, but in the expanded sense - as "Levant". Therefore, in Russian, it is more correct to call this grouping ISIS. And at the same time, we note that the name of this group in English, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), is quite accurate.

Two supporters of building a radical Islamic world caliphate from the group “IG” with its banner after taking one of the heights (western regions of Syria, 2016 year). Photo source - article "The next goal of the" Islamic state "- Lebanon?", Site

Their flag is known from the early medieval historical sources, the banner that was adopted in the Arab caliphate during the reign of the Abbasid dynasty (the so-called "Paradise at-Tawhid" - the "Banner of Monotheism"), and supposedly, according to jihadists, rising to the flag of the founder of the Islamic religion Muhammad.

This banner consists of a black cloth with a white circle in the center (supposedly “the symbol of the seal of Muhammad”), where three words are usually inscribed (from above below) “Allah the Prophet - Muhammad”. At the top of the panel is written part of the official "Shahdy" (the main phrase of any version of Islamic dogma) - "La illaha illa Allah ..." ("There is no god, except Allah ..."). At the bottom of the banner of supporters of "IG" is often written the name of a specific unit or additional ultra-radical Islamist slogans.

And that is why, relying on the symbols of early, “pure” Islam, ultra-radical caliphatists from the very beginning began using this flag to impart historical legitimacy to their movement and at the same time as an attribute showing their direct relationship, no more and no less, not only with the Abbasid Caliphate. but supposedly even with the founder of Islam, Mohammed.

Mass execution of captured local militias, carried out in the Iraqi governorate of Salaheddin by militants with the flag of the Islamic State. Photo source - article “Islamic Caliphate advances on Europe”, site

Despite the fact that the armed forces of various countries declared the defeat of the “IS” both in Iraq and in Syria, this organization of ultra-radical caliphatists still controls quite significant areas. The jihadist formations that make up this grouping are currently present not only in the north or west of Syria, but their local small units remain even in the southern areas of this state, in particular, they are fighting in the province of Deraa.

Of course, from the vast territories under the control of "IG" at the time of the greatest prosperity of this quasi-state formation, at the present time there are only small fragments left. However, even in the southern regions of Syria, there are small armed groups controlled by this self-proclaimed radical quasi-caliphate, which provided and are putting up the most bitter resistance to the advancing government forces.

The absolute cruelty and literally categorical fearlessness of many units of the ultra-radical Caliphate, based on the fanaticism and passionarity of the participants in these illegal armed groups, became well known during the long years of wars in Iraq and Syria. This led to the fact that in some cases, government troops and local militia, especially at the early stage of armed confrontation, barely seeing the flag of these jihadists in front of the attacking militant groups, sometimes lost morale and often retreated under the first blows of jihad mobiles ...

We can say with all certainty that if it were not for the intervention of Russia, then in the Middle East instead of Syria and Iraq there would be a caliphate of ultra-radical jihadists with laws copying the early medieval foundations of the founder of their religion, Mohammed, in all their horror. A kind of "bible" of the Caliphists, which contains the quintessence of the worldview of this ultra-Islamist movement, is the book "Kitab al-Tawhid" ("Book of Monotheism"). Its author, the radical Salafi theologian Mohammed al-Wahhab at-Tamimi (1703-1792), lived in the XVIII century (he found the beginning of the First French Revolution and the defeat of the Russian-Austrian army under the command of AV Suvorov a huge Ottoman army on the Rymnik ) and became not only one of the founders of the Wahhabi movement, but also played a key role in the formation of the state of Saudi Arabia.

Fighters of one of the groups that are on the side of the Syrian government forces burn the flag of ultraradical caliphists captured during the battles in Deir el-Zor. Photo source: article "The Syrian army completely destroyed the armed detachment of the IG in Deir el-Zor", site RIA News"

In Arabic, English and other international languages, this book, which became the desktop “Mao's quote book” among the majority of IG supporters, was published many times in Egypt and Saudi Arabia; according to the available information, on the territory of Russia its translations into Russian, made and published in Turkey, as well as in the states of Central Asia, met. Most surprisingly, in the Russian Federation at the beginning of 2000's, the Badr publishing house (so named after one of the first battles of the Ansar army under Muhammad) for several years actually carried out a legal edition of this encyclopedia of radical Salafism. This continued until, in 2004, this book (along with almost all the products of this publishing house) was not included in the list of extremist literature and was not banned for distribution in the territory of the Russian Federation and in many CIS countries.

We will tell about the history of the creation and development of the Al-Daulatu al-Islamiyya group, about its military successes and defeats in the second part of our review, devoted to the consideration of this organization of radical caliphatists.
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  1. +4
    13 July 2018 05: 17
    This is a different world ... Another worldview ... We are not trying to agree with a mad dog ...
  2. +10
    13 July 2018 05: 42
    And what's the point in understanding them?
    1. 0
      13 July 2018 12: 39
      To the point said good
  3. +1
    13 July 2018 07: 02
    a caliphate of ultra-radical jihadists with laws copying in all their horror the early medieval foundations of the founder of their religion, Muhammad
    the original text of the Qur'an is actually ultra-radically humanistic and contains a set of instructions for establishing the kingdom of God on this earth, it specifically indicates that the execution of Christ was a fake staging in order to hide the true teachings of Christ.
    But, in this case, we are dealing with a distortion of the religion of the true God, when in some concessions even the Koran is forbidden to be read. Also with the disciples of Christ - all the texts of the Bible are what is now called political technology.
    1. +2
      13 July 2018 07: 09
      Quote: antiexpert
      the original text of the Qur'an is actually ultra-radically humanistic and contains a set of instructions for establishing the kingdom of God on this earth, it specifically indicates that the execution of Christ was a fake staging in order to hide the true teachings of Christ.

      I read it, digested it ... Tell me, did you get a new batch of grass from Iran or where did it come from? laughing Especially pleased with the words about the concession ... You probably still took the concession somewhere? and how is the profit from the site?
    2. 0
      13 July 2018 10: 32
      Quote: antiexpert
      when in some concessions even the Quran is forbidden to be read

      What kind of concessions are you talking about? Those who are now trying to conduct municipal services in cities?
      Concession, concession agreement - a form of public-private partnership, involvement of the private sector in the effective management of state property or in the provision of services, usually provided by the state, on mutually beneficial conditions.
  4. +4
    13 July 2018 07: 17
    a caliphate of ultra-radical jihadists with laws copying in all their horror the early medieval rulings of their religion’s founder, Mohammed.]

    The ISIS orders have nothing to do with the early caliphate. For example, in the early caliphate, no one slaughtered Christians, they lived quietly in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, and still live there, only the current "followers" of the prophet began to cut them. The caliphate taxed Christians, there was an economic incentive to change religion, which was unstable and led, persistent remained. It was the right attitude towards the conquered masses that allowed the small Arabs to subjugate the territories from Spain to India, if they had begun the massacre, they would have thrown them out of there quickly
  5. 0
    13 July 2018 08: 20
    We look forward to continuing ...
  6. +2
    13 July 2018 08: 30
    A holy place does not happen empty ... If, recall the 50-60s of the last century, many coups and revolutions in the Arab world took place under the slogans of socialism with local flavor ... After the defeat of the USSR, these slogans and ideas were discredited .. emptiness .. The principles of Western democracy did not particularly take root in the Muslim world, and were not accepted .. But the ideas of "pure" Islam were accepted with a bang ... Back in the days of the Prophet Muhammad, when everyone was happy and the Arab caliphate dictated its will to Europe .. Even if Syria and Iraq are completely cleared of wrestlers, the political situation in these states will not stabilize ..
    1. +5
      13 July 2018 10: 49
      Islamism began to be cultivated by Western intelligence agencies long before the collapse of the USSR. For the West, only the resource, which is limited and which must be removed from the savages, matters. Instead, savages are investing resources in their states, building their socialist welfare state, plus developing science and strengthening the army. The idea is to replace all this with a religious dope, where the poor stupid masses will be satisfied with prayers, and their leaders will give resources for the beads in the air and have been successfully applied in practice. In Syria, it’s just not a ride, and for a banal reason, the leaders there have a different faith than the main masses and sacredly fight for the secular state necessary for their survival
  7. +1
    13 July 2018 09: 10
    In fact, this science-history is harmful. The maps of their empires are drawn by the former, and they seduce the minds of young people with the glitter of former power, former glory. And again, blood spills and the peaceful way of life collapses. It doesn’t bask in the sun to all sorts of "passionaries" there. take them all together!
    1. 0
      16 July 2018 09: 55
      ... if they hadn’t slaughtered and killed each other throughout the entire historical epoch, people would have eaten everything that was possible and died of hunger .. Wars and epidemics * regulated the number of the herd * ...
  8. 0
    13 July 2018 14: 20
    nothing new, so much has been written about it in eight years that adding something is hard
  9. +2
    13 July 2018 20: 39
    All this armed Syrian opposition, or implacable, would not have lasted a day in Syria. For such groups are primarily the money of the Persian Gulf states and the ideology developed by the security services. Look at how much the cartridge costs in a store, no robberies of Syria or Iraq would be enough to create a full-fledged military unit . And talking about columns of pickups with machine guns in general becomes ridiculous. Centralized supply, this is what distinguishes these religious groups from supposedly outraged people.
    Intelligence agencies have long put religion at the service of political and economic goals.
    1. 0
      16 July 2018 06: 06
      That's for sure. Without money there would be nothing.
  10. 0
    14 July 2018 00: 00
    napalm or atomic bomb to burn all this riffraff
  11. +2
    14 July 2018 16: 12
    Well, the beginning is not bad, let's see what will happen in the second part. Although, to describe at least briefly the topic that the author took up, the book is not enough.
    Commentator Vard correctly said: "This is a different world .. A different worldview," you can’t agree with them. They recognize only temporary truces with the "infidels." Until the moment they decide that they are able to destroy them ("infidels"). Moreover, the concept of "wrong", each of them interprets in its own way. For some, these are Christians, for Shiites, they are Sunnis, for third, these are all who have not joined them ... etc
    The problem is that they will not succeed in destroying them - this is an aggressive ideology, destroy some, others will come, the "good" of human resources is immeasurable.
    I'm not talking about the fact that the entire BV is tied to this, and the rest of the countries, too, each feeds "their" barmolei. Everyone "beats off" their interests, and this is the most natural "global laundry" for money. Drugs, weapons, black cash, fuel, all kinds of human rights activists, etc., etc.
    It’s impossible to describe even superficially in two articles, but apparently the author took up the description of “groups”, which is also not an appreciative occupation, since they constantly change names and “owners”.
    Well, at least something, reading will be interesting.

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