Syrian army gathered a rich "harvest" on the border with Jordan

More than a month has passed since the beginning of the offensive of the Syrian army in the position of terrorists in the province of Dar'a. Battles are intermittent, and most militant groups have already folded weapon. Nonetheless, some of the most intransigent terrorist groups, actively supported by the West, offer fierce resistance to government forces.

A few days ago, the Syrian army finally reached the Jordanian border. Liberating the border areas, the army team managed to seize a variety of weapons supplied by NATO countries to the militants. Among them, the American anti-tank systems TOW-2A, large-caliber machine guns, sniper rifles, body armor and more.

In addition, armored personnel carriers fell into the hands of the Syrians, Tanks, special engineering equipment, guns, howitzers and mortars of various calibers (they were previously repulsed by the Syrian army), as well as a huge amount of ammunition.

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    1. 0
      10 July 2018 11: 27
      Perfectly. The fewer fronts and boilers, the greater the strength and capabilities of the Syrian Arab Army.
      1. +1
        10 July 2018 11: 39
        I’m more surprised by the other. How many guns did they get there? You can fool it, are there inscriptions from all countries. Do the Bulgarians even mark me? Brothers so "thank us" for freeing them from the Turks. Such seizures of weapons depots always occur during the period of final defeat enemy, plus the competent actions of the advancing and reconnaissance bear fruit. Well done Syrians.
        1. 0
          10 July 2018 11: 47
          Quote: Mar. Tira
          .Bratushki so "thank us" for liberation from the Turks.

          Brothers have chosen their path (thank God, they have decided).
          Weapons are cheapened off. How much of it is still from the Soviet Union and V.D.
          Very rich states have financed and are financing this war. One Saudi is worth it, well, almost all of Uncle Sam’s camarilla, led by him.
          There are no problems with weapons.
        2. +3
          10 July 2018 13: 02
          Half of these weapons are from the warehouses of the Syrian and Iraqi armies.
          1. +2
            10 July 2018 13: 16
            Quote: Vadim237
            from the warehouses of the Syrian and Iraqi armies

            I agree! At the beginning of the offensive of the blacks, the Syrians and Iraqis darted wherever they looked and threw, or even handed over their weapons. The political situation in the world affected, the Syrians saw who opposed Assad's legitimate government. Iraq, Libya, they had before their eyes, and hit NATO and the United States didn’t really want to be hit by aviation. ISIS was provided to the world public as an enemy, but in fact they were led by the CIA and financed by the Saudis. This is the weapon that showed 100% who controlled this scum.
          2. 0
            10 July 2018 13: 58
            Quote: Vadim237
            Half of these weapons are from the warehouses of the Syrian and Iraqi armies.

            And not only weapons. It took a lot of soldiers and officers of the same armies to daish; this is a fact.
      2. Maz
        10 July 2018 18: 55
        We want to work and work there, the population carries a saa soldier in his arms, in the literal sense of the word
    2. 0
      10 July 2018 13: 02
      impressive. and given that most of it was most likely destroyed during the fighting, the hair stands on end
    3. 0
      10 July 2018 14: 49
      What the hell at 3:31 second on the right? Bronekolpak with a tower from the BMP? Is it a makeshift assembly, or did someone put such a specific thing?
    4. +1
      10 July 2018 16: 04
      Why not speak at the UN General Assembly and show all this evidence of how the country was destroyed. Show all brands of weapons that were seized, from European, American to Israeli and so on. It is clear that the “friends” of Syria will immediately run away as usual and do it, but let the rest of the world, who is not on the topic, look at how the Western bastards destroyed the country.
      1. 0
        10 July 2018 17: 44
        They are aware that the moderately-immoderate US has supplied.
    5. 0
      11 July 2018 12: 48
      Having looked at the 9th minute, the SSOnik understood who was fighting there

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