North Korea refused the United States. Disarmament will not be?

Pyongyang refused to create a joint working group with Washington to work out actions that would lead to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the Kyodo news agency reported.

North Korea refused the United States. Disarmament will not be?

According to the publication, the head of the State Department press service, Heather Nauert, had previously argued that the United States, in turn, had created such a group, but North Korea had rejected the offer to participate in it. The US group was created following the two-day 6 – 7 talks in July of US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo with Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the DPRK Labor Party, Kim Young Chol. Pompeo’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un did not take place, although the United States insisted on it “very strongly”.

Recall that literally a few hours after the end of the Pompeo meeting with Kim Yong Chol, the North Korean Foreign Ministry accused Washington of a "one-sided and gangster request for nuclear disarmament." Pyongyang said that the visit of the US Secretary of State and his talks with the DPRK leadership could disrupt all agreements on nuclear disarmament on the Korean Peninsula. The North Korean authorities directly pointed to the United States as the culprit in the likely disruption of the disarmament process due to "exorbitant demands." Following the logic of the statements, it turns out that the US is demanding immediate and quick disarmament from the DPRK, while North Korea has decided to take the path of gradual disarmament with the fulfillment of all promises from the US
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  1. +26
    10 July 2018 10: 50
    Which should be proved: Eun is not as simple as someone would like ...
    1. MPN
      10 July 2018 10: 58
      Well, how can you demolish the entire industry that can participate in the missile and nuclear fields, and even under the control of the United States? This is tantamount to tearing down the entire DPRK industry for the promised (PROMISED) cookies.
      1. +3
        10 July 2018 11: 11
        I do not want to rush to conclusions, but it seems that the Nobel Peace Prize to Trump does not shine. In any case, it is difficult to attach to the DPRK. We will follow the development of events.
        1. MPN
          10 July 2018 11: 12
          Quote: bouncyhunter
          We will follow the development of events.

          All that remains for us ... request But I believed in Eun ... feel
          1. +6
            10 July 2018 11: 50
            Quote: MPN
            .. But I believed in Eun ...

            In my opinion, most believed that Eun would not go on about the states. Kim fully justified our trust, stooped under the United States.
        2. +3
          10 July 2018 14: 08
          there are no fools in the north of the peninsula to remain unprotected by the amerzot system without receiving anything in return except for muddy Pindle promises (bringing Gaddafi and Hussein Unu to their ears)) hi
    2. +2
      10 July 2018 11: 00
      Trump wanted a quick deal? And what did he do to ease the sanctions burden of the DPRK? Such issues with the cannabis are not resolved. I hope that the diplomats have prepared a truly treaty base for the meeting in Helsinki. Otherwise, Trump may lose the status of "king of deals." And we need discharge, especially in terms of the CATSA package.
    3. +9
      10 July 2018 11: 21
      Quote: Andrey VOV
      Which should be proved: Eun is not as simple as someone would like ...

      That's it. Not so long ago, here at the VO, Alexander Romanov shouted with foam at his mouth in all the comments that everything was gone, that Kim was the second Gorbachev, and that he had leaked S. Korea to the mattresses. China is very closely monitoring North Korea’s actions on this issue. They put a million Chinese in that war and no one will let all these victims into the toilet. There in the manual there are no such miserable traitors as our labeled and drunk. They are publicly shooting such people in the squares.
    4. +2
      10 July 2018 12: 06
      Factor of China. China used to take the 100% pro-US position on the DPRK - showing flexibility to avoid a trade war.

      Now the Trade War is declared. And Kim hopes to deploy China to herself. If he succeeds, then everyone can be sent, for any sanctions - which are ignored by China = mean nothing at all. Even the lightest sanctions - which are supported by China = in fact death for the DPRK economy, are only a matter of time. In the current mode - without fuel, death is quick. And the US can just wait a year.
      1. +2
        10 July 2018 18: 41
        translate, did not quite understand, China as if was a secret ally of the DPRK
  2. +6
    10 July 2018 10: 55
    Kohda - Tohda, comrades are wrong. The process must be killed, and the American comrades must be believed.
  3. +5
    10 July 2018 10: 57
    "Goose the pig is not a friend" ...
    1. +1
      11 July 2018 19: 57
      She ain't so Eun pig not comrade
  4. +2
    10 July 2018 10: 59
    Yes, finally FSE insolent. For the Irupean union, a clown was appointed, Trump was chosen. What else do you want Mothers from Russia? Oh yes. There is no money, but you hold on. Antarkida will help you
  5. +3
    10 July 2018 11: 00
    Expected. For Eun, it was the main agreement to sign. Now you won’t hit on him especially. By the way, something similar should be expected from the July 15 meeting ...
    1. +2
      10 July 2018 11: 10
      Quote: parusnik
      .... similar is to be expected from the July 15 meeting ...

      Trump needs self-promotion in all directions.
      1. +2
        10 July 2018 11: 17
        In principle, yes, that type of bent, the second ... But in fact ... For example, on the eve of the meeting with Eun, I wrote that Eun would circle Trump around his finger .. Please, the result is on the face ... And then Trump is supposedly going to negotiate with Putin .. Against the background of what .. You read the news, you know ... If the ruling circles of the USA wanted to at one time, to disrupt Khrushchev’s next meeting with Eisenhour, they provoked him, the meeting didn’t take place .. So here Trump goes to meet Putin having a lot of provocations and provocative statements behind you, and what do you think, there is something to agree on ...?. .If you just give up ..
        1. +2
          10 July 2018 12: 07
          So do you think Trump is going to give up?
          1. +2
            10 July 2018 12: 30
            I think how are you .. Judging by your comments, you’re the main ideologist here, somehow you can’t give a damn about the wind ... laughing
        2. +1
          10 July 2018 13: 32
          Quote: parusnik
          ....., the meeting did not take place .. So here ..
          Such failed meetings ---- in full. And relatively recently. Apparently fussing around these plans and forecasts for something you need !!!!!
  6. +3
    10 July 2018 11: 02
    Pointing indirectly to the DPRK leader Kim Jong Ynu, Pompeo said that he should "seize the moment."

    they didn’t call, but Eun turned out to be from such a “tempting” proposal ...
  7. +2
    10 July 2018 11: 18
    in the "unilateral and gangster request for nuclear disarmament"
    You might think that the DPRK leader did not realize that the Americans, by their ingrained habit, would begin to put forward new demands each time, believing that they had turned the tide in their favor. Kim Jong-un played a little giveaway, once again showed the world the American essence and sent them as a result.
  8. 0
    10 July 2018 11: 18
    "lightning attack regime" - stalled? That's the number
  9. +3
    10 July 2018 11: 31
    A very good strategic move by the DPRK. Eun gave Americans an ass. Not ordinary people, Koreans, not ordinary. This is not the "wise man" of Gaddafi and the same Hussein.
  10. +1
    10 July 2018 11: 39
    That's right Comrade Eun! Bolt to Americans throughout the brazen erysipelas !!! Look, you wanted to disarm the DPRK, but you yourself ?! Until now, even chemical weapons have not been destroyed, two-faced killing ... ki! am angry soldier
  11. +2
    10 July 2018 11: 44
    Well done, Brother Kim .. With Americans, you just need to work this way ..
  12. +2
    10 July 2018 11: 53
    And Kim, what did someone think of an idiot? He perfectly sees what they are doing in the world.
  13. +2
    10 July 2018 12: 12
    "honest word" of the Americans, everyone knows! Therefore, Eun is not rushing things ..
  14. +1
    10 July 2018 12: 16
    So DPRK will be alive. All agreements and treaties with the "exclusive" are a contract with Satan. Like it or not - thunder to hell, and much earlier than the deadline. Saddam, Milosevic, Gaddafi ... I think that the prospect of being in the place of the above, comrade Eun is not happy.
  15. 0
    10 July 2018 12: 49
    Cheater Kim, oh cunning.
  16. +3
    10 July 2018 13: 45
    The United States, for its part, created such a group, but North Korea rejected an offer to participate in it.

    We, in the courtyard, created a group to destroy the neighbor’s alcohol supply. So we think - to call him?
    1. +1
      10 July 2018 14: 17
      Quote: Kerensky
      created a group to destroy the neighbor’s alcohol supply. So we think - to call him?

      Take your time. Suddenly agree - and so what? what to do with the impulse, drive ?! It’s better to expand the group, create a social movement, a party ... You look, and nishtyaks will fall out!
    2. 0
      10 July 2018 18: 37
      the main thing is that the neighbor did not have drina))))
      1. 0
        10 July 2018 20: 39
        the main thing is that the neighbor did not have drina))))

        Here! It is necessary to create a committee to ban dryn. To conduct preliminary consultations with the wife of a neighbor ....
        What is happening now on the peninsula - they are tearing us off!
  17. +1
    10 July 2018 14: 34
    Naive Trump, - really thought that in a week he would destroy all nuclear weapons at Kim, show how he quickly solves complex problems and hangs a laurel wreath on his head from the Nobel Peace Laureate? And a little while later, he will mix the same Eun with mud under any false pretext?
  18. +1
    10 July 2018 14: 47
    Trump screams: "Outrage ': DECEIVED STAINLESS."
  19. 0
    10 July 2018 16: 38
    The example with Iran is very instructive on the subject of what could happen if the United States for some reason decides that at some point such agreements do not suit them.
  20. +1
    10 July 2018 18: 36
    well done !!!!!
  21. 0
    10 July 2018 23: 07
    It was difficult to expect other actions from Kim. You can’t buy the Nordic beads!
  22. +1
    12 July 2018 08: 14
    Quote: Andrey VOV
    Which should be proved: Eun is not as simple as someone would like ...

    ..mamo matter-they are not * woodpeckers * like the former rulers of Russia-woodpeckers: - * tagged * and * drunk * ..

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