In battles, who knew the joy of victories


Thank you, little world championship, the anniversary was not that modest - more modest. But, as they say, once each to his own, then we will rejoice accordingly. Someone to the victories in the fields of football, and we will be transferred to 75 years ago, in the hot 1943 year.

I digress a little. In general, the path of each military unit is sometimes an interesting thing.

Why is the date 20 of the year considered to be the date of the formation of the 1943 Army?

Because on the basis of the order of the Supreme High Command Headquarters No. 46194 of June 26, 1943, on the basis of the 19th cavalry corps on July 15, 1943, the 4th tank army of the second formation.

To avoid confusion:

The 4 Tank Army of the first formation was formed on August 1 of the year 1942 on the basis of the Supreme Command Stake Directive No. 994124 of July 22 of the 1942 of the year on the basis of the 28 Army.

Not completed the formation and equipment, the army was thrown into the meat grinder of the Voronezh and Stalingrad fronts near the city of Kalach. The 4 Tank Army had to take the blow of the southern grouping of the 6 of the German army north of Kalach.

In the course of fierce battles, the 4-I tank army stopped the enemy’s attack, disrupting his attempts to force the Don and seize Stalingrad. Then the army, along with other troops of the front led fierce defensive battles.

October 22 1942 of the year, all that remained of the tank army was transformed into the 65 Army, which continued its combat path under the command of Pavel Ivanovich Batov.

In battles, who knew the joy of victories

We are talking about the second generation 4 Tank Army.

The second 4 Tank Army, as mentioned above, was formed on July 15 1943 of the year on the basis of the order of the Supreme Command Headquarters from 26 June 1943 of the year on the basis of the 19 Cavalry Corps.

The first commander of the army was Lieutenant-General of the tank forces Vasily Mikhailovich Badanov. Man of the most interesting fate.

Vasily Mikhailovich Badanov dreamed all his life working as a teacher. Teach "clever, kind, eternal." But so fate decided that he had to teach him mostly (although he still worked hard in the field of teaching) had to be adults.

The lieutenant of the Russian Imperial Army Badanov on the South-Western Front taught Germans, Austro-Hungarians and Bulgarians in the 1915-1917.

The comrades and the chief of staff of the rifle brigade of the Red Army in 1919 taught A. Kolchak on the Eastern front of the stern men. Explained the benefits of Soviet power in the 20-s in Belarus.

With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, Vasily Mikhailovich, quite naturally, again went to teach the Germans. Fortunately, do not get used.

Major General Badanov entered history of the war as his lesson in Tatsinskaya. An unprecedented feat, when the 24 tank corps after a march 240 long kilometers with a simultaneous breakthrough of the enemy defense reached the village of Tatsinskaya, where December 24 defeated a strategic Luftwaffe airfield. At this time, the enemy's divisions under the command of Routh and Balk were already advancing towards Tatsinskaya in order to surround the broken corps.

But the Badanov corps, which received the name "Tatsinsky", having destroyed transport aircraft over 300, left the seemingly inevitable defeat.

For this operation, Badanov received the Order of Suvorov 2 degree No. XXUMX.

In general, the awards were not very fond of Badanov, but such people did not fight for the order. Fact.

So, the army created under Badanov’s administration on July 20 was incorporated into the Western Front, from July 30 on the Bryansk Front. As part of the fronts, the army participated in the Oryol operation.

September 20 The 4 I tank army was withdrawn to the Supreme Command Headquarters, and February 27 1944 was incorporated into the 1 of the Ukrainian Front. And she began her trip to the West.

From March to April, during the Proskurov-Chernivtsi operation, the army successfully launched an offensive, freeing more than 400 settlements and by mid-April reached the foothills of the Carpathians.

Unfortunately, in March 1944 of the year, during the Proskurov-Chernivtsi operation, Lieutenant-General Badanov was seriously wounded and contused. After treatment, he did not return to the army, and in August of the same year, he was appointed to the post of head of the military educational institutions department of the Main Directorate of the formation and combat training of armored and mechanized troops of the Soviet Army.

The commander was appointed Dmitry Danilovich Lelushenko, “General“ Forward! ”.

The army under his command, as part of the 1 of the Ukrainian Front, participates in the Lviv-Sandomierz, East-Carpathian and Vislo-Oder operations.

In the final stages of the war, units of the 4 of the Guards Tank Army of D. D. Lelushenko participated in the Silesian and Berlin operations, after which the fascist Germany, in fact, ended.

But by that time the most famous operation of the 4 Guards Tank Army had become a march to Prague, where the Czechoslovak patriots rebelled on May 5. 3-I and 4-I Guards tank armies of generals Rybalko and Leljushenko knocked the last nail into the coffin of fascism, not allowing Prague to be drowned in blood.

After the end of the war, the 4-I Guards Tank Army was incorporated into the Central Group of Forces.

In 1946, the army was renamed 4-th Guards Mechanized Army. Her corps were transformed into divisions. In November, 1946, due to a decrease in the personnel of the USSR Armed Forces, the 4-I Guards Mechanized Army was transformed into the 4-I Guards separate personnel panzer division. Accordingly, her divisions were transformed into separate personnel regiments, regiments into separate personnel battalions or divisions, and separate battalions into separate personnel companies or batteries.

During the 1949 year, a full-blooded 4-th Guards Mechanized Army as part of the 6 and 7-th Guards Mechanized and 10-th Guards Tank Divisions was re-formed from separate personnel units.

In 1958, the name was again renamed 4's Guards Tank Army.

In 1960, the year was transformed into the 20 th Guards Combined Arms Army.

Here is a legacy.

Today, the 20 Army is actually a shield of the western direction exactly where you can (and should) wait for trouble. That is - the border with Ukraine.

Army units are closing just this, the most possible direction for the actions of "potential":

- 3-I motorized rifle Vyslenskaya Red Banner, orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov division;
- 144-I Guards Motorized Rifle Elninskaya Red Banner, Order of the Suvorov Division;
- 1-I separate Guards Tank Ural-Lviv Order of the October Revolution, Red Banner, Orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov Marshal of the Soviet Union R. Ya. Malinovsky ("Black Knives" if they do not know);
- 53-I anti-aircraft missile brigade;
- 448-I missile brigade;
- 236-I artillery brigade;
- The 9-I Guards Lviv-Berlin Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky and the Red Star Brigade of Management;
- Separate logistics team.

Few? Maybe. Considering, however, that until recently the 3-IMS was only a brigade, and the 1-I TB was just a storage regiment, the work was very impressive. The issue of quality is always a pressing question, but nonetheless.

Today, the army has a new commander (since May 2018), Major General Ivanaev Andrey Sergeevich, the Guard.

75 years is not just a term, it is still a date. Returning to the beginning, I believe that it would be possible to set such a date ... more funny, or something ...

It's a shame that for July 6 someone’s match gathered more people on 100. Of course, football performed by world-class giants is more interesting and more patriotic, but nonetheless.

How to correctly mark such a date?

Honest answer - I do not know.

But personally, my opinion is that the 70th anniversary of the army is a bit more significant than kicking an air-inflated bubble. Although this is a matter of taste.

What can you say about the celebration? Everything was very ... family, or something. Without attracting the masses, which, in fact, upset. All their own, and no more.

The first part consisted of laying wreaths and flowers at the Eternal Flame on Victory Square.

Further, the action moved to the city concert hall, where all those present were shown a film about the history of the 20 Army from the press service of the Western Military District. I was pleased with the presence in the film of shots taken at different times by the crew of "Military Review".

In the hall there were young men. All colors and stripes.

There were many speeches, from the commander of the ZVO troops, Colonel-General Ander Kartapolov to local officials and representatives of the State Duma.

If you select, then quite dashing speech of Vladimir Anatolyevich Shamanov.

Comrade Shamanov was present at the meeting not so much as a representative of bureaucratic or deputy structures, but in his own way. The fact is that in 1998-99, being "on vacation" between the two Chechen wars, Major General Shamanov served as chief of staff of the 20 Army.

Naturally, then there were awards and a concert.

On the street, meanwhile, there was a compromise.

A compromise between all sorts of prohibitions, for the world championship, and the desire to show something and hold. Therefore, the 20-th vehicle exhibition (more than modest, I note) was pushed into the parking lot near the church.

Okay, at least something.

The most interesting thing is that the people came to the exhibition. Despite even Friday.

I consider it a very useful thing to try to shake the gun of the BTR in hand or to smell it myself, which smells like the mouth of the Grad. Well, you need it, like around what it does not rotate.

Moreover, once with one's own eyes and ears to perceive what a shot from a tank gun is, and there will be more useful information than from five years of stabbing with a head in a “vurdo анtanki”.

This needs more. And it is necessary to show these events more widely. Not just "everyone who sees", but everyone who needs to go to it.

Yes, they showed us a “miracle miracle”, a new mobile campaign point for a contract for the army. Actually, we told about it, the folding container-dining room is turned into a mobile office. The concept of "all in one kunge."

In general, there is enough space for the work of 3-4 specialists, a useful thing. Especially - at all such departures. The main thing is not to stand idle.

In general, the impressions of the celebration / celebration of the anniversary of the 20 Army remained twofold. I really wanted to shout: "It will be enough! It is not enough !!!"

Honestly, just need more, and not on the TV screen. Realistically and personally, boyish hands and eyes. More history (since it’s not in school), more technology (it’s just nonsense about it), more communication with those who serve on technology (by the way, guys who were very nicely answering children’s questions with cars), most of all .

Many readers who have been watching me for a long time will say that nothing special, again, I am not satisfied.

Not at all, by the way. And that could not be, for the championship. Even so: in a corner near the church. And that bread, as they say. When now something else will ...

And the 20 Army film was quite good. Short but capacious. And some formulations were in the brain no worse than howitzers. Type "suppression of the rebellion in Czechoslovakia." Good wording.

And the performance of the orchestra of the Preobrazhensky Regiment, which was specially brought from Moscow for such a date, was simply magnificent.

But I repeat - more is needed.
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  1. +4
    9 July 2018 06: 29
    What can I say .. Yes, you just need to wish our soldiers to adequately serve our Motherland, as their grandfathers and great-grandfathers served .. And to honor traditions. hi
    1. AUL
      9 July 2018 07: 05
      These are the holidays I consider to be a true upbringing of patriotism!
    2. +2
      9 July 2018 08: 22
      We must carefully treat history, especially to a glorious military history. And it’s good that the exploits of the soldiers are not forgotten!
      1. 0
        9 July 2018 14: 48
        Roman, in which city was the event?
        1. -1
          10 July 2018 16: 44
          In Voronezh. Where the army headquarters is located.
  2. +1
    9 July 2018 09: 12
    Wow! Roman almost always has neither material, but a masterpiece! it was nice to read!

    I was especially pleased with the mobile recruiting center (I think that this will be right, they didn’t select conscripts there, namely, contract soldiers).

    But the Badanov corps, which received the name "Tatsinsky", having destroyed transport aircraft over 300, left the seemingly inevitable defeat.
    Well, here, of course, the usually very accurate author got a little excited, apparently falling into sentimentalism in the wake of an arms exhibition. wink Firstly, the number of destroyed Luftwaffe transporters in the Tatsin raid is still overstated. And secondly, unfortunately, most of Badanov’s tanks nevertheless died in about the same area (if I’m not mistaken, the traditionally famous “ahe-ahe”, 88-mm anti-aircraft guns, which defended airfields, caused especially heavy losses to Soviet tankers approaching Panzerwaffe shock groups).
    1. 0
      9 July 2018 19: 02
      Michael, be lenient to Roman: he is not a historian by education. However, a history faculty diploma is not yet a guarantee that the owner has a head on his shoulders, or even some ..... you yourself know that on his shoulders
  3. 0
    9 July 2018 15: 17
    Vasily Badanov all his life dreamed of working as a teacher. To teach "smart, good, eternal."

    So he taught to be different militants SMART, to live with us GOOD, and then there will be ETERNAL peace, without wars and violence.
  4. 0
    9 July 2018 19: 20
    1) Roman got good stuff. As usual, he has good photos, I often recognize him from them.
    2) "Today the army has a new commander of the guard, Major General Dmitry Ivanov," I hope he will be a worthy successor to Badanov and Lelyushenko
  5. 0
    10 July 2018 15: 05
    Congratulations to your fellow soldiers on the anniversary! It is a pity that there was no place to cover the Soviet period of unification.
    At that time, 20 OA was stationed in the GSVG with headquarters in Eberswald, and had the task of blocking the NATO forces in West Berlin, being in direct contact with the enemy. And the commanders were worthy, for example, Lieutenant General Arkhipov.
  6. 0
    15 July 2018 16: 30
    This is about the scribe. How so, Ivanaev and the commander !! A thief, a banner, a hypocrite and a scoundrel. I thought that they fired for a long time, but no, it does not sink. While such serve in the RA, she will not see good luck (

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