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Compact Gilboa machine from Silver Shadow

Compact Gilboa machine from Silver Shadow

At the 4-th annual exhibition Israel Defense Exhibition for the Army and Police (ISDEF), held in 2010-th year in Tel Aviv, the company Silver Shadow Advanced Security System presented a compact machine Gilboa PDW AR-15 (full name Gilboa Assault Pistol Rifle or Gilboa APR). Gilboa APR is a fully automatic. weapon Personal Defense (Personal Defense Weapon, PDW). Like the Tavor automaton, the name Gilboa comes from the eponymous mountain located in northern Israel. In developing the new machine, the design of some components of the M-16 and M-4 automatic rifles, in particular the lower part of the receiver, was used. This allows the use of standard M-16 and M-4 stores. The upper part of the receiver was developed by Silver Shadow. Both of these components have been completely reworked to increase their rigidity and increase manufacturing accuracy. They are made of 7075 aluminum alloy on CNC machines. Automatic allows semi-automatic and automatic fire.

The Israeli company Silver Shadow Advanced Security System Ltd (SSASS) is owned and operated by Amos Golanam. She is known for her modifications and customization of weapons. In particular, it is behind the development of the system for firing from around the corner of Corner Shot. In addition, it offers its customers an upgraded M76 sniper rifle (based on the design of the Soviet Kalashnikov assault rifle, the Zastava M76 sniper rifle was developed in the mid-seventies at the Yugoslav arms factory Crvena Zastava) called Timna (Timna), also known as Mountain on the South, in the Yugoslav arms factory Crvena Zastava, also named Timna in the Yugoslav arms factory, named Timna (Southna), also known as the Mountain in South Africa, Crvena Zastava, named Timna (Timna). The Timna sniper rifle with a silencer based on the tested design of the Soviet Kalashnikov was adapted for firing heavy, high-speed ammunition with western 7.62 / 51. It allows snipers, both military and law enforcement, to work with maximum secrecy, even from close range, as well as from maximum distance. The rifle is equipped with a barrel Shilen Rifles production and a modern silencer for the entire length of the barrel developed by Silver Shadow, which leaves almost no acoustic signature.

Timna sniper rifle and modernized AK

In addition, Silver Shadow offers a modernization package for AK-47, AK-74 assault rifles, turning any standard Kalashnikov assault rifle into a more modern modular weapon capable of carrying a wide range of optics and accessories on standard Picatinny rail. The upgrade kit includes the replacement or improvement of the sight, a modular frame, replacement of the original forend. As a result, the weapon has four Picatinny rail for attaching various accessories. The kit also includes a front handle with peripheral Picatinny rails for mounting optical sights, a telescopic (like on the M16) or folding butt, ergonomic vertical grip and much more. Improved flame arresters (reducing the muzzle flame by 29%) and recoil suppressors (actively reducing the return by 25%) can also be added. Removable bipods can also be added to allow the installation of a grenade launcher and further reduce recoil.

The Gilboa comes in a variety of sizes and configurations, from the smallest 2.25 kilogram ATP automatic rifles / pistols, short and standard versions, to long-barreled 3.55 kilogram Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) rifles. The ATP model is 51 centimeters long, equipped with a 18 centimeter barrel as standard, but for special applications it can be equipped with a trunk shortened to 11.5, see. The DMR model is a highly modified version of the Gilboa automaton designed to provide military units and law enforcement agencies with considerable fire power at combat distances. It is equipped with a heavy 45: 7: 1 heavy-duty barrel and a centimeter barrel for using more powerful ammunition.

The strength and reliability of Gilboa has been improved through the use of modern technological processes that ensure quality and reliability in the most extreme conditions. Shortened Gilboa (Gilboa Shorty) was designed specifically for military professionals and law enforcement professionals who need a compact weapon with the firepower of a full-fledged carbine. The assault version of Gilboa APR was developed specifically for combat operations in urban environments. It combines the advantages of both an assault rifle and a pistol.

Designated Marksman Rifle Sniper Rifle (DMR)

The Gilboa design allows you to effectively use these weapons at all combat distances, from zero to 300 meters. A specially designed Silver Shadow vapor vent ensures a cleaner operation of the machine with less side heating, which is especially important when used in extreme conditions. The new patented design includes, in particular, the vapor system and the return spring. The weapon is equipped with a foldable butt attached to the rear Picatinny rail. The shutter handle is located on the right (left) side. The machine is equipped with a Picatinny top and several more straps for mounting optics, lasers and other accessories.

Silver Shadow Advanced Security System Ltd, owner and manager of Amos Golan

Gilboa ATP can use a variety of ammunition, in particular caliber 5.56, 7.62 NATO, 7.62 Russia, 9 mm and 22 LR.

Silver Shadow has intrigued the public by saying that it will soon introduce another product from the Gilboa series. This time it will be a new assault rifle with a double barrel - unique and the first of its kind among the weapons produced in Israel. According to the company, the new weapon will increase firepower and improve shooting accuracy, but will still use standard ammunition. The company will present a new weapon at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris in June 2012.

Tactical Specifications Gilboa APR ™ according to the manufacturer:
Caliber: 5.56x45
Weight: 1.910 kg
Weight with butt: 2.260 kg
Length without stock: 390 mm
Length with butt: 720 mm
Barrel: Chrome Lined
Barrel length: 152 mm
Barrel rim: 1 / 7
Firing Rate: 700-850 shots per minute
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  1. Kobra66
    Kobra66 15 May 2012 09: 06
    A bit like a scorpion, the principle of operation is rather taken with the LR-300, the removal of powder gases and with a rotary shutter
  2. snapshot
    snapshot 15 May 2012 09: 26
    sprinkled with sand ... they say no worse than Kalashnikov wink make beautiful weapons, as in the rest of ours.
  3. Pharao7766
    Pharao7766 15 May 2012 10: 39
    People, is there where to read more about the "Timna" modernized by Israel?
    I will be grateful for the link ...
    1. borisst64
      borisst64 15 May 2012 10: 59
      Advertising waterfall of words, in battle all these bells and whistles are secondary. Always before my eyes the face of a fighter who tells how a machine gun jammed in his battle. Many days have already passed, and he begins to pound at the story.
      Reliability is where to start.
  4. dred
    dred 15 May 2012 12: 39
    Well done Jews. Especially Kalash liked.
  5. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 15 May 2012 14: 24
    as always, they themselves are not capable of anything, let alone write off specialists
  6. Odessa
    Odessa 15 May 2012 14: 29
    And the Chinese suspension belt is right there! Well, where without them! bully And we really have weapons good yes
  7. 755962
    755962 15 May 2012 14: 54
    With a double barrel is an attractive solution. Will it be interesting to get to production? (I'm talking about reliability)
  8. Kamaz
    Kamaz 15 May 2012 15: 16
    Cool weapons ... In appearance! but whom is it in battle?
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 16 May 2012 01: 28
      what it is cool, ours will give a head start, especially the first (with a flick of the wrist with a GLUSHAK it turns out the speaker, clinging to it PSO-1 - BCC), 30 rounds all the same:
      SR-3M "Whirlwind"

      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 16 May 2012 01: 46
        By the way, the telescope clings to "Whirlwind-M" with a bang (this is about the butt).
  9. Vanek
    Vanek 16 May 2012 05: 35
    Nice stormtrooper. In an urban setting.
  10. roninas
    roninas 18 May 2012 22: 48
    Yes, nothing new. Practically the same M4. Moreover, the "disease" of all relatively short-barreled automatic weapons is barrel heating. This generally applies to all "reproaches" I sprinkled sand ... not an indicator at all. If he shot 300-500 rounds in the same conditions, would have dropped it into the mud, etc., and if after that it would not have wedged, then yes. And so it is not an indicator.