Pakistan ordered MILGEM type corvettes in Turkey

Turkish state-owned company Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret (STM) won the tender for the Pakistan Navy and received a contract for the supply of Pakistani the fleet four corvettes of the MILGEM project, reports bmpd.

Turkish Defense Minister Nurettin Janikli called this agreement the country's largest export contract for the defense industry.

According to the signed contract, the first two corvettes will be built in Istanbul at the Istanbul Naval Shipyard, with delivery in 2023 year.

The construction of two other ships is planned in Pakistan (KSEW shipyard in Karachi) in 2024, with the assistance of Turkish engineers.

The resource recalls that the corvette MILGEM was the first relatively large warship (total displacement 2,3 thousand tons, length 99,6 meters) of the Turkish project. Although in fact the project was developed with the participation of the Nikolaev State CPI of shipbuilding (Ukraine).

The Turkish Navy planned to get 12 of such ships. However, so far only four corvettes have been authorized to build. The lead ship F 511 Heybeliada was introduced into the Navy in 2011 year. The second (first serial) was transferred to the fleet in 2013 year. The other two are at the Istanbul shipyard in varying degrees of readiness.
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  1. MPN
    6 July 2018 16: 46
    More and more "happy" patience and endurance of our bosses in the construction of ships ...
    1. 0
      6 July 2018 22: 46
      Well, Russia makes corvettes and frigates more powerful ...
      1. +2
        7 July 2018 12: 45
        But makes them last longer.
        1. 0
          7 July 2018 12: 51
          Quote: Conductor
          But makes them last longer.

          And what is the point of doing fast, but low-fighting units?
          On Buyans they will attach Pantsiri and for a long time they will not have competitors in the class. And it’s better to have 12 buoys .. with a salvo of 96 CR of different types .. than dozens of nepoymy what ..
  2. +1
    6 July 2018 16: 52
    The lead ship F 511 Heybeliada entered the Navy in 2011

    hi The corvette was laid January 22, 2007 at the Marinewerft shipyard, Istanbul. Launching took place on September 27, 2008. The first sea trials took place in November 2011. It was put into operation on September 27, 2011.
    Key Features: Displacement 2300 tons. Length 99,56 meters, width 14,4 meters, draft 3,89 meters.
    Power is supplied by two diesel engines and a gas turbine with a total capacity of 30000 kW or 40000 horsepower. It has two shafts. Able to reach a maximum speed of 29 knots.
    Economical speed 15 knots, maximum 29 knots. Cruising range 3500 nautical miles at 15 knots. Autonomy 21 days with logistical support or 10 days autonomously.
    The crew of 93 people, including aviation personnel, with a possible accommodation of up to 106.
    The TCG Heybeliada anti-submarine corvette is equipped with a GENESIS combat control system.
    Armament: 1X76 mm gun type OtoMelara Super Rapid; 2 x 12,7 mm Aselsan STAMP type; eight Harpoon cruise missiles; 21 anti-aircraft missiles RAM (PDMS); two 324 mm Mk.32 Triple launchers for torpedoes Mk.46.
    On board there is a hangar and platform for the Sikorsky S-70 anti-submarine helicopter or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).
  3. +1
    6 July 2018 16: 59
    Well, they are great. They negotiated good conditions on threats to leave for China - as a result, 4 corvettes according to the 2 + 2 and 30 ATAC helicopters.

    China also fraternally delivered 2 + 2, the 054 frigate, with the closure of the contract in the 21 year (that is, the transfer of all 4 new frigates).

    As a result, they will be able to finish all the trash level of British frigates type 21. Left with the relatively new Chinese frigates F22Р + 4х054А (and YJ-18 can be ordered to them in theory - although this is unlikely) + Milgemes.
  4. +1
    6 July 2018 17: 03
    Yeah .. A wonderful bowl with prayer platforms for the whole building ..
    1. +5
      6 July 2018 17: 10
      Normal medium corvette, he has everything. Not space - but pretty good. They wouldn’t order 20380 with the price for the Navy in 18 billion rubles ... That corvette floats in 230-280 without MK41 and in the export offer. Packs rather stung closer to 230. They bargained desperately and threatened to leave for the Chinese. Plus, this is most likely linked to the 30 ATAC turntables and a joint discount on everything.
      1. 0
        6 July 2018 17: 22
        Quote: donavi49
        The packs rather stung closer to 230. They bargained frantically and threatened to leave for the Chinese.

        Contract for 4 corvettes 1.1 billion dollars
  5. +1
    6 July 2018 17: 19
    Though actually the project was developed with the participation of the Nikolaev State CPI of shipbuilding (Ukraine).
    Ukraine did not participate, is not it!
  6. +1
    6 July 2018 22: 25
    Judging by the photo-bulky add-on. How is he with seaworthiness? Visited a question. And google-laziness, and even household members get it ...

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