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“The country needs not“ reforms ”or“ modernization ”, but creative revolutions”

“The country needs not“ reforms ”or“ modernization ”, but creative revolutions”The last opposition actions, in my opinion, testify that the protest movement, the so-called. "Creative class", which peaked in December last year, has by this time largely exhausted

If the country's leadership does not take fundamental decisions, protests will begin with a completely different kind

However, a more important point in understanding what happened during these holidays is the progressive desensitization of both the protest model itself and the tremendous efforts that the government spends on fighting the so-called. "Oranzhizmom". In general, it seems that the elements of the pair “Orangism” - “anti-orangeism” cannot exist without each other, since one is needed to justify the other. Secondly, they distract from the real problems of the country's development. And, at the same time, even if the “Orangeists” do not want it, in the situation of not making fundamental decisions by the leadership of the country, protests of a completely different kind are close, which Pushkin described as “Russian revolt, senseless and merciless”.

When mass riots in London were discussed last year, at first commentators walked along a hackneyed road: they say, migrants and representatives of lower classes and social groups revolt with nothing to do. But it turned out that the situation has a completely opposite character: then prosperous citizens, who were at the forefront of these protests, took to the streets. And already the bulk of the protesters followed this very "creative class". That is, the latter created models and action patterns for the less socially active population. And if the first, roughly speaking, had fun, then the latter have already tried to realize their real interests.

Opposition can only be considered as those who can offer an alternative model of development.

The current Russian “Protestants” (no matter whether they understand it or not) set such a model, which, if an embittered people really take to the streets, will result in extremely unpleasant consequences for everyone. From here there is one very simple recipe for power. The problem is not "oranzhizme" or "antiorangement." This is a false dichotomy, which had a purely election sense. Such a protest model only drains and weakens the country, it does not have a constructive focus. The country needs not just reform or modernization, but revolution. For a quarter of a century, we cannot approach the solution of overdue problems. It's about creative revolutions. To be precise, our movement promotes the idea of ​​seven revolutions, among which we can single out demographic, industrial, technological, town planning and anthropological, as well as a revolution associated with the accelerated development of the Far East and reintegration in the post-Soviet space.

In fact, the opposition can only be considered those who can offer an alternative model of development. If we look at the updated “Strategy-2020”, which was developed by order of the government, then this is essentially an extremist neoliberal model. It is precisely what the leaders of the opposition, who go outside, propagandize. That is why they have no relation to the real opposition. Rather, it is such a form of pressure on power in order to realize the vested interests of individual factions of the elite. These people cannot offer any alternative model of socio-economic development.
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  1. YARY
    YARY 15 May 2012 07: 34
    Nooo to me with these don PEDRs out of the way! angry
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 15 May 2012 07: 59
      On the account of the fact that fundamental decisions are needed, the author is right. It's time to populate hard-to-reach areas of the country using colorful resources
      1. alexng
        alexng 15 May 2012 08: 26
        And especially the white-mouthed ones for the development of Siberia and its remote areas. They will unlearn hypocrisy and show off by swing, in harsh natural conditions a person becomes humane and less mercantile, realizing that one can survive only by feeling the shoulder of a person who is nearby, and not who is convenient or profitable and even worse "foreign".
        1. Dmitriy69
          Dmitriy69 15 May 2012 10: 20
          Greetings, Alexander.
          Physical labor in the fresh air ennobles drinks
      2. domokl
        domokl 15 May 2012 10: 18
        Quote: Dmitriy69
        On the account of the fact that fundamental decisions are needed, the author is right
        Decisions of what? Solid verbiage ... Which non-Muscovites were interested in what was happening there on Bolotnaya? Only Moscow channels like 24 broadcasted .., the rest of Russia is tired of the stupidity of the protesters and opriy against them .. You read what they want and what they are for. ..In Soviet times, the pioneers were more conservative than the current supposedly revolutionaries ...
        1. Winter
          Winter 15 May 2012 10: 30
          Look at the author. It’s a complete demagogy! An attempt under specious pretexts to solve their selfish interests! Orange Protestants are becoming obsolete, a new demoralizing force is emerging, the goal of which is a split! And only! Their owners and customers are the same.
          1. ksv2011
            ksv2011 15 May 2012 12: 05
            Winter is right, old resources are exhausted, people are not going to like the first days, so they decided to come up with new topics, like Putin leave, and Putin is not legitimate to attract attention, but people have become more discriminating and see who is who and where grandmothers get , these bullshit fake!
        2. mechanic33
          mechanic33 15 May 2012 19: 31
          Quote: domokl
          Which non-Muscovites were interested in what was happening on Bolotnaya? Only Moscow channels of type 24 broadcast .., the rest of Russia was tired

          further - worse! if "creative" Muscovites want to change something in their lives, they have the MOSCOW Duma, the MOSCOW Mayor and the MOSCOW government - the mayor's office

          The Moscow government is the highest executive body in the city of Moscow, headed by the mayor of Moscow.
          It operates on the basis of the Charter of the city of Moscow and the Law of the city of Moscow dated December 20, 2006 No. 65 “On the Government of Moscow”.
          The Moscow government is authorized to resolve all issues of public administration that are within the competence of the executive branch of the city of Moscow - a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, with the exception of those falling under the federal law and the law of the city of Moscow within the competence of federal executive bodies and the Mayor of Moscow.
          The structure of the executive authorities of the city of Moscow, subordinate to the Government of Moscow, includes industry, functional and territorial executive authorities of the city, which carry out executive and administrative functions in certain industries and areas of the city.
          To coordinate the activities of the executive authorities of the city, subordinate to the Government, Complexes of city administration can be created.
          The organization and activities of the Moscow Government are established by the law of the city of Moscow adopted by the Moscow City Duma on the proposal of the Mayor of Moscow.
          The Moscow government has the rights of a legal entity.

          where is Putin? ..... I do not see
          1. mechanic33
            mechanic33 15 May 2012 19: 42
            all three branches of government, all as expected ....

            legislative power
            The supreme and only legislative body (representative) of the city of Moscow is:

            Moscow City Duma (Moscow City Duma)

            Judicial branch and law enforcement

            The judicial system in the city of Moscow is an integral part of the judicial system of the Russian Federation. Justice in Moscow is carried out only by the court.

            Moscow Arbitration Court
            Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal (9th AAC)
            Moscow City Court (Moscow City Court)
            District Courts
            Moscow City Prosecutor's Office (Moscow City Prosecutor's Office)
            District Attorneys
            Interdistrict prosecutor's offices
            Office of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate for the city of Moscow (UGIBDD Central Internal Affairs Directorate for the city of Moscow)
            District Departments of the State Inspection for Road Safety (STSI Departments)
            Federal Arbitration Court of the Moscow District (FAS MO)

            Executive power
            The system of executive authorities of Moscow, headed by the Government of Moscow, includes industry and functional executive authorities of the capital, which carry out executive and administrative functions in certain sectors and spheres of city administration, as well as territorial bodies for local administration. Also in the list below, the territorial bodies of federal executive bodies are collected.

            Local government

            Local self-government in the city of Moscow is the activity of the local community in resolving issues of local importance, carried out within the boundaries of intracity municipalities created on the territory of the districts of the city of Moscow.

            Municipalities of intracity municipalities of Moscow

            the full list is much longer ...

      3. ksv2011
        ksv2011 15 May 2012 11: 55
        Dmitriy69, orange there, but it’s better to go somewhere to the north, to develop the northern territories, so that you don’t have time to ride on infinity, so that you forget what the Bolotnaya street is, and where it is laughing
      4. Cadet787
        Cadet787 15 May 2012 13: 55
        Tired of these daily reports from the "swamp", clean ponds ", etc. I have a question, until when will these" revolutionaries "poison our lives? There is a power in our country? Which should protect the interests of the majority, and not go to about a bunch of scoundrels who are on rations in the State Department We need to more resolutely put things in order in our house, and not flirt with all kinds of filth.
  2. Goga
    Goga 15 May 2012 07: 39
    What are the "seven revolutions"? Complete nonsense that this is a desire to finish off the country, to fulfill the plans of famous "puppeteers"? Didn't work with the "swamp" - and here's a fresh idea for you?
    On the knee of the next "revolutionaries", enough, the country in just a hundred years, twice in 1917 and 1991, stepped on this rake - and what again? Will not work. angry
    Speculation that Russia urgently needs transformations, calls for another revolution is another provocation paid off.
    1. zol1
      zol1 15 May 2012 07: 57
      Do not read Gogh! It is clear that we are allergic to all kinds of revolutions, but reforms are the same revolution, which, except "we destroy to the ground, and then ..." does not lead to anything progressive! We are talking about creative tendencies in the development of the state, and not marking time or rocking a large ship called "RUSSIA"!
      1. Goga
        Goga 15 May 2012 08: 12
        zol1- Colleague, - quote - "We are talking about creative tendencies in the development of the state" - any revolution can hardly be called a "creative tendency", in essence it is renewal through destruction. What else do we need to destroy? Maybe it's time to build?
        These howls always yesterday's communists about the need for rrrr-revolutions were 105 years late. It is no coincidence that G.A. Zyuganov found himself on the marsh among the "hamsters".
        I already wrote, I will repeat - dynamic transformations are vital. Any calls for any "revolutions" - water to the mill for the enemies of Russia!
      2. Igarr
        Igarr 15 May 2012 08: 22
        I agree, Igor, with you.
        What are we reading? - .. "These people cannot offer any alternative model of socio-economic development."

        But does anyone need this alternative model?
        Let's replace - alternative_ with a synonym - non-traditional .... and immediately the emphasis is shifted.

        Let the old horse not plow deeply.
        But, goat jumps .. young geldings ... will not lead to good for sure.

        It is necessary to develop Siberia and the Far East - it is NECESSARY, of course, who would argue.
        But in the usual ways. And not ... unconventional creeps.
        I think so.
    2. ward
      ward 15 May 2012 08: 17
      Gog, you are right that we can’t survive the third revolution ... especially if the latter is based on elementary ... snickering ... at the base of the protesters are office plankton and the so-called new declassified glamorous Muscovites and mowing down from the province under them ... I remember ... a teacher in literature told us forty years ago ... a revolutionary can throw himself under the tank ... but every day to go to work ... this is not for him .. it’s just at a certain standard of living that it always seems like this and all for fun ... read Bunin ... still before century, it was all the same ... plus ...
      1. Goga
        Goga 15 May 2012 08: 30
        Igarr; Ward - Greetings to Colleagues, drinks - thanks for the support "+" and "+"!
        Bunin really, being an eyewitness, even then described how all this happened. But even we have to learn not to "be led" to these outdated provocations.
        1. Kite
          Kite 15 May 2012 10: 03
          Hello namesake! I agree with your opinion. But the author of the article did not express his thoughts, the revolutionary is still one, only slogans.
          ideas of seven revolutions, among which:
          demographic - what kind of revolution? Make everyone give birth every two years?
          industrial and technological - expedited to the deadlines? Will the resources be created by labor armies? That industry, that technology - all of a sudden they won’t take magic, they will not be presented by aliens, they must carefully and persistently work out themselves, or, having saved up funds, buy from neighbors if they sell.
          urban planning - the name itself is a question, is it really going to offer mobile cities for quick movement through the expanses of Siberia? What else can be called a town-planning revolution?
          anthropological - And is this already a hint of fascist methods?
          accelerated development of the Far East - where resources? Our more favorable territories are not very developed.
          reintegration in the post-Soviet space - frightening the neighbors with the above slogans, you will have to forget about reintegration.
          In short, there is nothing to discuss, nothing has been proposed!
          1. Winter
            Winter 15 May 2012 10: 36
            Quote: Kite

            Yes, the lawyer, don't go to the grandmother! I can not imagine if such "revolutionaries" seize power, what will remain of Russia !!!
            1. Goga
              Goga 15 May 2012 11: 01
              Korshun, Winter - Margarita, Igor welcome! "+" and "+", 100% provocation, I wonder at whose order? And he's still trying to scare - "... protests of a completely different kind are close ..." - who is this about? Cowardly grandfather Ziu (always yesterday's), what would he dare to take out his people out into the street? So he had already 1996 - he got cold feet, passed on the backside - and now is not his time - he was late ... fool
              1. ksv2011
                ksv2011 15 May 2012 12: 36
                Goga, today in the State Duma some kind of law is being prepared to fight the Orange Revolution, so the Communists and just Russia do not want to support this law, so understand what they need, grandfather ZYU and MERONOVA, they found friends with from the swamp to stir up in country revolution, the campaign was not enough for them 1917,1991, they decided to ruin the country to the end crying
    3. ksv2011
      ksv2011 15 May 2012 12: 18
      Goga agrees with you, this is the problem, as the Germans financed 1917 Lenin to break up the stronta, and now the State Department finances the orange from the swamp to allow the strontium, and now these oranges are tearing their hair to account for the money spent laughing
      1. Bunny
        Bunny 15 May 2012 12: 34
        Did you see on TV how these Protestants were charged for trampled lawns and broken trees ?! For millions !!! And they calmly, without indignation - "We are ready to pay! .." That is, they have no problems with money!
        1. ksv2011
          ksv2011 15 May 2012 12: 51
          Bunny, the State Department is a generous soul, everything is paid to ruin our homeland, they love when Russia is strong and an independent country that can afford to talk on equal terms, that’s the State Department’s bosses, so that they don’t have problems!
  3. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 15 May 2012 07: 40
    The opposition is led by Germans, daredevils, bulk-what a normal person will follow them.
    1. alexng
      alexng 15 May 2012 08: 30
      They follow the hardest currency - thirty silver coins.
    2. party3AH
      party3AH 15 May 2012 08: 43
      To transplant all this 3,14 welfare for harm to the motherland, maybe they will change their minds, or in exile to Siberia with a complete excommunication from inform networks, it is unlikely that the wives will rush after them ....
      1. Bunny
        Bunny 15 May 2012 12: 36
        Quote: party3AH
        their wives rush after them.

        Wives will find other revolutionaries! Here are such as the author of this article!
    3. mechanic33
      mechanic33 15 May 2012 12: 28
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      The opposition is led by Germans, daredevils, bulk-what a normal person will follow them.

      I think these will go
  4. Prophet Alyosha
    Prophet Alyosha 15 May 2012 07: 43
    I agree with the author on the disruptive nature of the current protests. But I am sure Russia does not need a new revolution, but a counter-revolution, with the goal of reconstructing the Great Power-the Russian Empire! The only possible form of existence, self-realization and development of the creative potential of the Russian people.
  5. Armata
    Armata 15 May 2012 07: 44
    In fact, this article is a hidden hidden call for the destruction of everything that we have been going for the entire time of the presidency of GDP. And what does the author suggest? Again roll up to 180 degrees. No, it's easier to exterminate those who invented it. Russian nafig do not need from relative stability to return to collapse and strengthened methods to build something new.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 15 May 2012 08: 04
      Yes, the author does not offer anything, a simple set of thoughts, an ordinary kitchen talk.
      1. Armata
        Armata 15 May 2012 08: 10
        Greetings Alexander. I read the last paragraph of this "work" and there they openly say that the GDP acts in the interests of the Aligarhs and Libers. And I think that this is a call hidden behind a wrapper of unnecessary information.
        1. Bunny
          Bunny 15 May 2012 12: 41
          Quote: Steam Train
          and they openly say that GDP acts in the interests of aligarchs and liberties

          So for the sake of this, the whole garden was settled! The usual practice of manipulators of consciousness! Only our people are already not the one who has become proficient in the last decade, and you won’t be able to spend it on chaff! Liberalists lag behind, lose touch with reality!
          1. Armata
            Armata 15 May 2012 13: 06
            Quote: Bunny
            Liberalists lag behind, lose touch with reality

            The fact of the matter is that they do not lose. Knowing how people relate to them, screaming that GDP plays with them in the same sandbox. This disinformation can also pass and the people can turn to the government in the rear.
    2. Goga
      Goga 15 May 2012 08: 15
      Steam Engine - Greetings Eugene drinks , I fully support the "+", and an article from the eternal "yesterday" of the Communist Party. They rubbed themselves on the marsh, it did not pass, now I wanted "revolutions" ..., yeah now! fool
      1. Armata
        Armata 15 May 2012 08: 22
        Greetings Igor. Revolutionary methods have outlived themselves for a long time. And now it is more designed for young people whose idol is Chegiwara. And they can, without thinking about the consequences, start ruining everything and they don’t care what flag it will be, because it is new and means better. That's why I think that these kitchen revolutionaries need a little upset.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 15 May 2012 08: 31
          Good afternoon, Zhenya, they’ll see new fines up to 1.5mn, and let them rally. I went to the rally-minus 300 pieces, then only in the kitchens they will rally and then in a whisper
        2. Goga
          Goga 15 May 2012 08: 36
          Steam locomotive - Eugene, among our youth the phrase "Che Guevara" evokes a strong association with a nightclub under that name (and thank God) laughing Such articles are more likely to make an impression on the very "old guard". Young people - in business, working, studying - they gored all revolutions.
          1. Armata
            Armata 15 May 2012 08: 58
            Alexander will eat up that these measures will help in the fight against the rallies, it’s a pity only our grannies at the Lenin monument love to shout under the red flags. It seems that they do not interfere with anyone and the type of urban color already their gatherings on weekends. laughing
            Igor, do you have a CheGivar club in your city? laughing How they love to parasitize on his name. One kid asked if he knew where the man on his T-shirt came from. Not a second of delay "What are you, man, this is Cuban. He, together with Fidel, made a revolution" laughing
            1. Goga
              Goga 15 May 2012 11: 42
              Steam locomotive - Eugene, well, our merchants are no different in originality - so the "Che Guevara" club is almost like "Lenin street" laughing And about the kid - it's good that the guy is not a moron - knows who and from where.
  6. ksv2011
    ksv2011 15 May 2012 07: 46
    this crowd with a swamp has no proposal and no food, but only one cry of Putin leave, the president is not legitimate to sow house in the country, some beautiful slogans and no more!
  7. contramaesre
    contramaesre 15 May 2012 07: 53
    the only thing that Russia needs is to return the death penalty and the criminal code from Joseph Vissarionovich (his blessed memory) ... then it will be possible to publicly deal with the "revolutionaries" and those who pay them, and with the rest of the parasites.
  8. Tersky
    Tersky 15 May 2012 08: 10
    For jokes! Letter to McFaul
    Mr. Ambassador!
    I ask you, as a friend of Russia, to help solve the following urgent problems of Russia:
    Gennady Petrovich Malakhov is a charlatan, not a single woman has lost weight from his recipes
    Certified doctors are dealers of pharmaceutical companies (and they also sell our organs on the black market)
    Police revels in power over people and takes money
    STSI revels in power over drivers and also takes money
    Teachers are formalists who don’t give a damn about everything and also take money
    University teachers take money
    Office managers are obsessed with loans, mortgages and bonuses, but they don’t produce anything
    Advertisers express themselves at someone else’s expense
    Football players pretend and row unnecessarily big money
    Referees trade matches, and sometimes they are just terribly stupid and influence the result
    The stars of show business are actually no stars and it’s not at all clear what the hell they go on the ground
    Television presenters hopelessly conceited
    Radio DJs are usually empty and pretty dumb
    Accountants do double-entry bookkeeping
    Lawyers excuse sinners and also take money
    Bus drivers also take money and do not give change
    Metro drivers, bastards, push people with doors
    Taxi drivers - taxi drivers
    Bombers don't know the way
    Writers write FIG
    Fashion writers write fashion FIG
    Dentists “bred” clients into crowns
    Crowns breed bacteria
    Bacteria destroy the tooth and you have to run to the dentist again, the circle is closed
    Sellers in stalls do not give change from a thousand
    Supermarket sellers are stupid and create queues at the checkout
    Waiters stupid like gods and do not notice you point blank
    Travel agency managers are trying to rip off more of you
    The countless guards of everything and everything are really guarding nothing
    The guard at the entrance at midnight locks the door and she needs to be called, and she is sleeping
    Watermelon merchants have no idea how to tell a good watermelon from a bad one
    Melon traders generally sell green melons, but
    Chauffeured taxi drivers stuff people into cars to the eyeballs, although according to the rules you can’t stand while driving
    Spartak fans hate CSKA fans
    CSKA fans hate Spartak fans
    Lokomotiv fans hate both of them, although it’s not very clear why all of a sudden
    PR managers lie
    Journalists lie and drink a lot
    Advertisers generally lie nonstop
    Designers are engaged in a design that no one needed, spawn
    Stylists live in a parallel world (along with Hello! Magazine)
    Masseurs - or butchers, or simply do not know what massage is
    Military men shoot cigarettes
    Musicians can't create anything
    Artists do it better to sit quietly and drink beer
    Actors become the Last Heroes, skate, act in commercials, and in their free time from these classes idly hang out
    Builders are building do not understand what and do not understand how
    Guest workers do not want to build at all, but they want money
    And migrant workers want to teach eastern women how to live and not take money
    Guest workers do not understand a word in Russian
    Migrant workers work somehow, it would be better if they were sitting at home
    Migrant workers paint everything and do not cherish the paint, which costs a lot of money
    After painting migrant workers can not sit on the benches
    Migrant workers do not want to work and row unreasonably big money
    The population does not come off the zombie
    The zombie does not break away from advertising
    Owners of a network of zombies take money for advertising
    Advertisers take money for goods from zombie viewers, the circle closes
    Slot machines take money
    The owners of slot machines also take money, and also give bribes to prosecutors
    Prosecutors take money, and still give bribes, but no one knows who
    Swamp leaders love mattresses and also take money
    Opposition leaders do not like Russia, but they like money
    Ambassador McFaul does not like Russia, but gives opposition money, the circle closes
    Opposition leader Benya Eidman (Nemtsov) does not like the opposition, but loves money and prostitutes
    Opposition hates people and calls it "cattle"
    Netolest people do not like the opposition and vote against it, the circle closes
    And hockey players in general - lost to the finals !!!!
    Dear Mr. Ambassador, I ask you to give the opposition MONEY so that it can quickly solve the listed problems of Russia !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Ascetic
    Ascetic 15 May 2012 08: 14
    First, and this is absolutely true, the “protest movement” in Russia in the current conditions is doomed to failure in advance. It does not have any sort of sane social base (hamsters from the "creative class" against power are like "rock against drugs" or "bees against honey") .No intelligible support in law enforcement agencies capable of arranging any state no readiness to “die for the sake of an idea” - with rare exceptions in the form of always and everywhere urban madmen.
    Secondly, it seems extremely naive to consider the readiness of “our overseas partners” to be extremely pragmatic in life, to spend money “just like that”, from purely humanitarian considerations, even if these “humanitarian considerations” are backed up by a frantic desire to give a shit to such an unloved “Washington Regional Committee” To Putin. Americans are a pragmatic people through and through.
    So, if you put these two theses together, it turns out that the goal of these “political investments” certainly exists - and this goal is in no way connected with the victory of the “swamp opposition”: precisely because the probability of this a conditional “victory” is somewhere below the line of a purely statistical error. Then on horseradish goat button accordion?
    Because the biggest nightmare of the Anglo-Saxon civilization model of recent years is by no means Russia (with us, they have long believed so, everything is clear. We will either integrate into their wake or we will simply be isolated). And even not China, which today is just an assembly shop for American innovative technologies - this symbiosis between America and China, whatever they say about each other, is quite satisfactory.
    The real nightmare for the Anglo-Saxons is the so-called "Old continental Europe" with more and more clear in recent years German civilizational dominance. In principle, repeat yesterday's comments on the article Germany under the heel of the American Empire I won’t because it was in the twenty-first century that it became clear that the Germanic-Deutsche Germans, no less pragmatic than the Anglo-Saxons themselves, were not going to “row everything for themselves,” on the contrary, they were ready to share the burden of the burden of “new European domination” "With the rapidly growing new empire in the east of the continent and fabulously rich in all possible resources. And this already - not even the nightmare of the Anglo-Saxons - is a real horror for them, because the union of Germany dominating the European continent with Russia dominating Eurasia can mean only one thing: the absolute uselessness of our “overseas partners” on the entire Eurasian continent, which no sane Anglo-Saxon geopolitician simply can under any circumstances allow, if only because “uselessness” in this case also means “non-profitability”.
    The “new Russian rebellion”, preferably bloody suppressed if possible, and even with strong support from the habitually “democratic and liberal” media, will be able at least for some time to set aside the creation of such a Russian-German strategic partnership almost to the roots, making the Russians “shaking hands” for some time, which will allow us to put more pressure on the borzoi deutsche beyond the scope of any measures for a much deeper integration into the “Atlantic” structures. Including the same missile defense system, from which they have recently shy away from something almost like hell from incense.

    And the most important thing. This will give quite a decent gain in time, which is extremely necessary for the United States and its island allies to solve the accumulated internal problems. And it will allow shifting, among other things, the financing of this very EuroPro (which the Americans are talking quite openly about) to the shoulders of its European "partners", which the USA itself considers to be not "partners" at all, but quite ordinary satellites. So if we consider all the attempts of the marginal Anal opposition from this angle, their goal is not fair elections or democratic reforms, but removal from power "German" Putin who staked on continental Euro-pianos from Madrid, Berlin and the Vatican in spite of the Rockefellers from New York and the Rothschilds from Beijing. Thus, returning Russia and its leadership to the mainstream of the Euro-Atlantic policy of the Anglo-Saxons.
    1. Opertak
      Opertak 15 May 2012 08: 51
      It is foolish for a first-grader, who still has difficulty reading, to be given an assignment to write an essay on the topic "War and Peace" by Tolstoy. This is about the author and his understanding of political processes. Anyone who has completed at least a political vocational school knows the maxim of Joseph de Maistre: "Lesson to the kings: abuses give rise to revolution. Lesson to peoples: revolution is worse than any abuses."

      Quote: Ascetic
      and the removal from power of the "German" Putin, who staked on continental Euro-pianos from Madrid, Berlin and the Vatican

      The ascetic also surprised. What "German" ?! Is it still not clear that Putin's European vector is his BIGGEST political mistake? He started this party in 2001 and lost it - see the results of elections in Italy, France, Germany. His idea to enter Europe through Germany failed, because was originally doomed to failure - GUS (Russia) pig (Europe) is not a friend. And it's time to throw off the masks of political correctness - there is no Anglo-Saxon civilization, there is a Western civilization created by Jews on their idea of ​​interest on loans. And there is Russia, which for three hundred years has been torn between this imported filth and a purely Russian understanding of the world (honesty, decency, justice). The current crisis is not financial, not economic or political, it is a crisis of the loan interest paradigm, so the old world will die and pull Russia into it in order to brighten up its mortal spasms - MISTAKE. I am sure that very soon Putin will turn in the other direction or will not wait until the next elections. I personally hope for the first option.
      1. Bunny
        Bunny 15 May 2012 12: 52
        It is impossible not to notice that Putin of the 2012 model is not that Putin of the 2001 model, as indeed all of us, and he will play all over the piano, not limiting himself to unprofitable obligations and not focusing on any one integration idea.
        1. Opertak
          Opertak 15 May 2012 18: 14
          Quote: Bunny
          It’s impossible not to notice that Putin of the 2012 model is not that Putin of the 2001 model,

          Bunny, the problem is that there is NO, and in PRINCIPLE there CAN NOT BE any integration idea with Europe. If we recall the collapse of the USSR, then there was one reason, purely ours and deep, which is not spoken about, but I consider it the MAIN thing - the USSR was ruined by the policy of "peaceful coexistence". It was during its implementation that the CPSU launched an infection into the country that killed it. And I'm not saying that we had to fight the West by military means, we had to push it in all directions, as Stalin showed in a methodically competent way. He also said that as one approaches real socialism, the threat of counterrevolution increases. In the 70s, this conclusion of his was condemned as incorrect, but life has shown that Stalin was great because he saw farther and deeper than others, and those who hayal him crushed the USSR.
        2. Ascetic
          Ascetic 15 May 2012 21: 36
          Quote: OperTak
          Is it really not clear that Putin’s European vector is his BIGGEST political mistake? He started this party in 2001 and lost it - see the election results in Italy, France, Germany. His idea of ​​entering Europe through Germany failed, because was initially doomed to failure - goose (Russia) pig (Europe) is not a friend

          “The Rockefeller banking group relied on lending interest. At the exchange rate - the Rothschild banking group. And on "goodwill" - the Vatican banking group. " today it’s more correct to say this: Bet on Spiritual Gold (closer to the Vatican and the Royals), bet on Metallic Gold (closer to the Rothschild’s money changers), bet on “Bubble Economics” (closer to the Rockefellers “percent-takers»). It is impossible to analyze the world economy without understanding the positioning of the Heads of State in relation to Kings, Masons, Illuminati, the English Royal House, etc. So we can talk about not just banal integration or alliance with the same Germany as the heiress of the Holy Roman Empire, but about the global stake on one of the three world groups of influence. More details My webpage
          1. Opertak
            Opertak 15 May 2012 22: 09
            I do not agree. Well, we have three corpses in front of us, why do we need to voluntarily climb into a coffin to one of them ?! Have you ever wondered why, from last year to the present, Sotheby's and Christie have been breaking ALL records both in sales and in prices? Anything else to add? :)))

            So Putin has only one way - to spit on the whole world and turn to face us, to his country, to Russia and start working HERE and NOW. Let me remind you that in the title of his article he made a statement by A.M. Gorchakova: “Russia is reproached for being isolated and silent in the face of facts that are not in harmony with either law or justice. They say that Russia is angry. Russia is not angry, Russia is focusing, but it has misinterpreted its significance. Gorchakov wrote these words when tsarist Russia shamefully lost the Turkish war and ended up in ... a political hollow according to the results of the Paris Treaty. So, in this disastrous situation for Russia, Gorchakov managed to restore with one pen and without any sword the honor of Russia and its rights (Gorchakova CIRCULARS). If you remove the diplomatic equivalents, then it was very simple: Russia is turning to Europe ... sing. This is what scared the whole of Europe so much that Gorchakov nullified all the military successes of Turkey. Now is the time for just such a turn, and not a choice to whom to join along the road to the cemetery.
  10. Che
    Che 15 May 2012 08: 15
    If we look at the updated Strategy 2020, which was developed by order of the government, then this is, in fact, an extremist neoliberal model. The opposition leaders, who are taking to the streets, are propagandizing it. That is why they have nothing to do with real opposition. Rather, it is such a form of pressure on the authorities for the sake of realizing the vested interests of individual elite factions. These people cannot offer any alternative model of socio-economic development.

    So this is our misfortune. How to separate the grain from the chaff. How to comprehend the population that only creation and not destruction will bring us closer to the future in which we will be on the same level with the west. Maybe the goal of the Oranzhists in the opposite, push Russia back?
    1. Opertak
      Opertak 15 May 2012 11: 32
      Quote: Che
      will bring us closer to the future in which we find ourselves on the same level with the west.

      In the peace process, we will NEVER equal the West, because it is anti-scientific. Read more in the book "Why Russia is not America" ​​by Parshev.
  11. RUSmen
    RUSmen 15 May 2012 08: 30
    Amer is trying to banish Russia from the inside (they wander from the outside), and they sponsor anyone who doesn’t do it — they would go to work, we’ve done more work in Russia. If you don’t want to work, you have to forcibly send iron ore to Yakutia - shovels (labor ennobles man)!
  12. Pedro
    Pedro 15 May 2012 09: 25
    A revolutionary means a bandit, and bandits must be in prison.
  13. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 15 May 2012 09: 45
    The authorities themselves provoke the growth of disaffected people. It's just that "activists" use it in the person of ... I don't want to list.
    The policy "to make the people even more helper" continues.
    Quote: "... If we look at the updated Strategy 2020 ...

    And there is something to see:
    -Personal cars will be an extremely expensive pleasure for Russians.
    Soon, motorists will have to pay all the costs of repairing existing and building new roads. Naturally, not directly, but indirectly: gasoline will increase significantly in price, all roads will be paid without exception, the same applies to parking in large cities.

    This follows from the final version of the concept of the government program called "Strategy 2020", which has been worked on for more than a year. No matter how many changes are made to the document before its final approval at the highest level, individual points will not change. And some of them directly relate to Russian car owners.

    In particular, it is proposed to completely abolish export duties on oil and at the same time increase the tax on the extraction of petroleum products. There are three different scenarios for the implementation of this plan, the worst of which involves an increase in retail gas prices by more than 20 percent. Experts also consider it reasonable to significantly increase the amount of fuel excise taxes, raising them to 7-8 rubles per liter. Thus, the FAS initiative to introduce “floating” excise taxes seems to be nothing more than a short-term measure to curb prices in the fuel market.

    However, the authors of Strategy 2020 believe that this should not be limited, since motorists, in fact, are “state employees,” and the tax burden on them should be significantly increased. To date, they pay only half of all expenses that go to the needs of the country's road sector - and it would be nice to bring this figure to one hundred percent.

    Car owners (and the general public as a whole) are not informed that about 50% of budget expenditures on road facilities are covered by excise taxes on gasoline and transport tax.

    Accordingly, the community of motorists is in fact the second largest recipient of budget support after retirees. This situation has no analogues in foreign practice, ”the concept of the government program affirms.

    You will have to pay for each kilometer of daily mileage. In this case, the authors of "Strategy 2020" were inspired by the example of Holland, where such a practice was introduced: on the principle of "you drive more, you pay more." All cars registered in Russia will be equipped with GLONASS tracking systems without fail, according to which the payment amount will be calculated. Along with this, the term “transport tax” will be finally eliminated.

    What is typical, a knockout is also provided for owners of old cars: “It will be possible to introduce any fractional tariff differentiation, both by vehicle characteristics (purpose, power, axle load, dimensions, environmental damage, and the use of alternative fuel), and by categories of vehicle owners ".

    Experts are sure that in this case there can be no question of a violation of the constitutional rights of motorized Russians: “Freedom of movement, as well as freedom of access to common areas, applies to individuals, but not to vehicles belonging to these persons.”

    If all this happens, then there will be complete ales! From the article it is clear that car owners of cars that serve to move their beloved in space, and owners of trucks that really supply the population, business and other goods, will bear the same burden. Tariffs for transportation, especially on the intercity, can fly up to the Pleiades and ... in the store bread for 100-150 rubles! It’s not clear, are they up there, without brains at all, or where? Or is it a special policy such that the people would become even more crap?
    What will old people buy on their retirement, how will they live? All FSUs? Yes, not only the elderly, but also many categories of people without even an average income! Or maybe you need to fill the whole country with dust? Well, that we would not be tormented!

    And such jokes appear among the people:
    Pessimist: "No, it won't get any worse." Optimist (joyfully): "It will, it will, it will !!!" We are ruled by "optimists", their stock of ideas on how to make life worse is inexhaustible! Hurray, comrades!
    1. ksv2011
      ksv2011 15 May 2012 19: 45
      Samsenebaum, why did you give this article to read, as I understand it, if I wasn’t mistaken, did you take this article with a bang?
  14. aksakal
    aksakal 15 May 2012 09: 54
    Gentlemen, why do you regularly print this author.
    He, with his conclusions, should not be a publicist, but undergo treatment at the Serbsky Institute !!!! Either he invented some kind of superjetism, now he calls for some kind of revolution. Still glimpses of reason give him the opportunity to make a reservation, such as "creative". A revolution is a revolution, it is a sharp change in the vector of development, it is a sharp infringement of the interests of one part of the population in favor of another, and this is always blood !!!!
    For our century, enough revolutions, ate. The collapse of the USSR is essentially a revolution, thank God it didn’t cost so much blood, they shot at the White House, etc. Enough!
    Do we have good publicists who would correctly cover the problem and constructively (in the sense of a hint, in which direction there is a non-revolutionary solution) criticize? I would love to read. And here? I have no words....
    1. Magadan
      Magadan 15 May 2012 11: 25
      Well done Aksakal, he said well!
      A lot of such posts, guys, high nits see that we can smell them for a mile and go wild with ourselves. They will stir up all kinds of water, and we will deal with them without riot police. Crowd at the crowd.
    2. Krass
      Krass 15 May 2012 11: 27
      The criminal revolution, but you are not right about the victims, except for the killed defenders of the House of Soviets and casual passers-by, here you need to add all the victims of ethnic clashes, and demographic losses ?, and drug addiction, increased mortality, etc. In the end, the war of 08.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX can also be attributed to the victims of the collapse of the USSR - in fact, it is also a civil war between former Soviet citizens ...
  15. Magadan
    Magadan 15 May 2012 11: 23
    Quote: Prophet Alyosha
    I agree with the author on the disruptive nature of the current protests. But I am sure Russia does not need a new revolution, but a counter-revolution, with the goal of reconstructing the Great Power-the Russian Empire!

    Prophet Alyosha! As always I support you!
  16. malera
    malera 15 May 2012 13: 22
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    The opposition is led by Germans, daredevils, bulk-what a normal person will follow them.

    Complete blindness. People do not follow them. People oppose the rotten Kremlin regime.
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 16 May 2012 20: 45
      McFaul the bablos transferred to their accounts, so all sorts of chiriks and bulk, with the former governor, were forgotten, he forgot how his ept.
  17. sichevik
    sichevik 15 May 2012 16: 26
    And what kind of people? All these actions on Bolotnaya, on Sakharov, on clean ponds that gathered representatives of all of Russia? Hardly. All these crowds of Protestants are minuscule, not only on an all-Russian scale, but also by Moscow standards. I live in Kaluga (180 km from Moscow), and so we had no opposition rallies. Hang out some schoolchildren and students, drank vodka with beer and dispersed. No mass and no nation-wide. So that all these performances are just a zilch.
  18. volcano
    volcano 15 May 2012 16: 35
    Kremlin mode rotted in your opinion? And the regime that God forbid will happen, where will the Germans-bulk navigate the country, what will it be called? Fragrant?? I think not ....... stinking.
  19. malera
    malera 15 May 2012 17: 10
    Quote: volkan
    Kremlin mode rotted in your opinion? And the regime that God forbid will happen, where will the Germans-bulk navigate the country, what will it be called? Fragrant?? I think not ....... stinking.

    In my opinion rotten, yes.
    I repeat again. People came out not to support Nemtsov (the same fruit). People went out against dishonesty in the elections, against corruption, against the lack of justice in the courts. All this is now associated with the Kremlin.
  20. philosopher
    philosopher 15 May 2012 22: 28
    I look at all these revolutions, and from my sad experience I realize that no normal people or state need any revolutions. I have already experienced more than one revolution and power in my foreign country, but it doesn’t get any better. It would be better starting in 1917, everything developed in a natural way. Because these revolutions have haunted us to this day, but people are not feeling better. True, you have better. Russia, after all, is not rushing from one extreme to another, everything is more systematic, more stable. Whoever lacks revolutions in Russia is welcome. There are plenty of them here. I’m even ready to exchange apartments.
  21. Magadan
    Magadan 16 May 2012 07: 13
    Quote: philosopher
    It would be better starting from the 1917 year, everything developed in a natural way.

    It is high time the people understood this and turned to pre-revolutionary Russia with their souls.
    The revolution was staged by similar authors of such articles, aptly called by the people "lousy intellectuals". And this "intelligentsia" has always worked and will work for the West, secretly hating everything Russian and trying to destroy everything Russian.
  22. Brummbar
    Brummbar 16 May 2012 08: 19
    A revolution in principle cannot be constructive. But these "festivities" so I imagined I would like it if a thousand and a half people gathered near my house and shouted songs around the clock, ate, drank, and threw garbage - horror.