Britain lost second C-130J-30 Super Hercules in Iraq

The Royal Air Force of Great Britain had to write off the Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 Super Hercules military transport aircraft, badly damaged while landing on an airfield in Iraqi Erbil in the north of the country. The plane crash happened back in August 2017, but was kept secret. Currently, the British Ministry of Defense continues to conceal the fact of the loss of the aircraft, refusing to comment on this incident, but an unnamed high-ranking British military source confirmed the fact, bmpd blog reports with reference to Jane's Defense Weekly.

Britain lost second C-130J-30 Super Hercules in Iraq

As the newspaper writes, the British "Hercules" was damaged during the secret operations of the British special forces in northern Iraq and in Syria. During the landing on the airfield in Iraqi Erbil, the plane rolled out of the runway and received significant damage. The fighters of the British unit of special operations forces who were evacuated from the territory of Syria who were aboard did not suffer, having got off with a pair of scratches. According to satellite imagery of the area, taken during the period of September 2017 of the year to May 2018, the aircraft was left at the airfield "for eternal parking", removing engines and refueling hoses from it.

Currently, after the write-off of this instance, in the UK Air Force only X-NUMX C-13J-130 Super Hercules from 30, acquired in 25 year, is left. Earlier, in 1994, another C-2007J-130 Super Hercules was lost by the British military in Iraq as a result of a landmine detonation on the runway, and 30 was also written off and sold to various countries.
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  1. +5
    4 July 2018 13: 44
    There was a fuselage with wings, and someone was lucky - he crossed a new house)) and not small
  2. +5
    4 July 2018 14: 01
    Where is the warrior who says that the coalition does not lose technology? Answer me. Loses, and even hides!
    1. MPN
      4 July 2018 14: 10
      Quote: Muvka
      Where is the warrior who says that the coalition does not lose technology? Answer me. Loses, and even hides!

      Well, it’s just that Iraq isn’t happy ... Don't go to Iraq to shoot children ...
      1. +3
        4 July 2018 14: 28
        But in Iraq it’s scary, but in Iraq it’s wonderful;
        Just shoot and then, a miracle flies;
        That chocolate from Persians will fly under the guise of a drone;
        Something from the Izrailev stables, something will crash like Cola.

        In the East, everything is not simple and not at all chocolate;
        But we don’t need to get lost, we are not Erdogan’s children.
        Slowly resolves, the Middle East problem;
        But to America we will say, you are a power, ofigel :)

        PS By the way, America is not the same.
        1. MPN
          4 July 2018 14: 31
          Quote: Gnefredov
          By the way, America is not the same.

          We just stopped believing in fairy tales and Santa Claus ... sad
          1. +3
            4 July 2018 15: 27
            Hmm. Children have grown up. Ashtray Santa Claus sad
          2. +1
            4 July 2018 20: 09
            Quote: MPN
            Quote: Gnefredov
            By the way, America is not the same.

            We just stopped believing in fairy tales and Santa Claus ... sad

            not true ... apparently, we believe in the honesty of the President, and in the integrity of the guards, in the Bank’s customer care, in the mermaids we believe in brownies ... wassat
            1. +1
              4 July 2018 22: 59
              Oh really. I’ll always tear myself away from scaly ones (my wife reminds me that she smells of fish from you). Mermaids, they are smelly. Neither tail nor pista, only one show off. I do not envy the sub-melting.
              Hmm ..
    2. +1
      4 July 2018 22: 45
      "Where is the warrior who says that the coalition does not lose technology? Call me back." ////
      Here I am.
      About such nonsense - a transport accident on the ground without loss of life and there is nothing to write about.
      Sucked out of a finger.
      Now, if like An-26 in Khmeimim or Tu in Sochi, with dozens of dead,
      then it is drama and tragedy. sad
  3. +1
    4 July 2018 14: 22
    What a nightmare!!! A year ago, he got damaged! Everyone should ss..t for joy ???
  4. +4
    4 July 2018 14: 29
    A trifle, but nice
  5. +2
    4 July 2018 16: 54
    Britain lost the second C-130J-30 Super Hercules

    ... And the French Air Force took the second aircraft C-130J-30 Super Hercules Aircraft C-130J Super Hercules. Source militaryparitet .com TSAMTO, June 14. The French Air Force Command announced the arrival of the second BTA C-130J-30 Super Hercules aircraft at Orleans-Brisie Air Force Base. The plane flown across the Atlantic Ocean from Lockheed Martin in Marietta, Georgia and landed at the French air base on June 7 hi .
    Jun 18 2018 year
  6. 0
    5 July 2018 12: 13
    chassis racks in general no fellow
    and so, of course, a powerful machine, impressive
  7. 0
    5 July 2018 20: 22
    Actually, some kind of strange news is a non-combat loss, just an unsuccessful landing, without casualties from the landing and crew, what’s wrong with that?

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