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RB -12: stillborn rarity

1990-e were the years of the collapse of the domestic military industrial complex only in part. The criminal situation that has changed in the country, the growth of the terrorist threat, the separatist insurrections - all this set new tasks for the law enforcement officers and demanded new weapons, which were developed by domestic gunsmiths.

Liberalization of legislation has seriously expanded the civilian market weapons the market, including in it such a category as “self-defense weapons” (at the moment it is increasingly called “tactical”).

RB -12: stillborn rarity

Its potential buyers were not only citizens concerned about their security, but also emerging non-state security companies.

Foreign guns that appeared on the domestic market were clearly not enough, and they were not cheap. The situation was not saved by the domestic samples adapted for self-defense tasks by shortening the trunks, such as double-barrels and self-charging devices 21-12.

The demand for self-defense weapons in 90s clearly exceeded the supply, and all weapons companies sought to conquer the market by offering their own samples - “conversion” versions of products already manufactured or created from scratch.

Not all of them have managed to become a bestseller or even simply gain a foothold in the market - some of them died, one might say, at birth.

One of the practically stillborn devices is the RB-12, “Bondayevsky Gun”, a weapon developed by Alexander G. Bandaevsky, chief designer and president of Zlatoust CJSC “Uralmashproject”.

This gun can be attributed to the pump action, since its reloading is done manually, at the expense of the mobile forearm. Or rather, to be precise, due to the movement of the trunk connected to the wooden forearm. At the same time, the shutter remains motionless, and the barrel is “worn” on the cartridge supplied from below, from the box-shaped magazine.

As a result, the barrel does not move "back and forth", like a normal pump, but "back and forth." Bandaevsky himself claimed that he had chosen this option, since it was easier to keep the mobile forearm in its rear position when firing.

But in a similar design, another option is simply impossible and it is obvious that he was chosen by the designer in an effort to make his gun as compact as possible, as well as simple (and, accordingly, as budget as possible).

Accordingly, the USM in the gun is self-cocking, "revolving type" with an internal trigger. That is, when the trigger is pressed, the trigger performs a “cocking-blow” cycle; there is no pre-platoon function. That is, the effort to descend is somewhat greater than on a conventional pump. Although the descent on the gun, though long, but soft enough.

But filing the cartridge in the chamber does not imply setting the trigger on a combat platoon. That is, the gun can be at maximum alert without the danger of accidental firing. To start shooting, simply press the trigger guard.

In general, Bandaevsky tried to make the gun not only as compact as possible, but also to minimize the time and actions to bring it to combat readiness. Thus, when the patron is sent to the chamber, the folding butt is automatically “thrown back” into the combat position. The gun is also equipped with an automatic safety lock - a key in the back of the pistol grip. The fuse turns off when it is covered by hand.

TTX guns:

Caliber: 12 hunting.
Length with folded butt: 825 mm.
With folded: 610 mm.
Barrel length: 525 mm.
Weight unloaded: 3 kg.
Magazine capacity: 6 ammo.

The design of the gun is quite specific, although many find it quite acceptable and even “brutal” for tactical weapons. The heavy use of wood for a rifle of this class (pistol grip, handguard, lining of the receiver and butt) causes serious doubts. But this is not the main drawback of this curious weapon.

Let's start with the store. It is made of sheet steel and externally creates a sense of reliability. But the feeling is deceptive. Since there are no conventional jaws in it, the cartridges are fixed in it in a rather peculiar way: five cartridges are placed in the magazine, pressing them against the back wall, and the sixth is moving forward slightly. He then enters the special grooves and presses the remaining cartridges. If this is not done, the store will spit them out.

Magazine is inserted into the gun with a closed barrel, and thus it is necessary to hold the magazine latch key. If this is not done, the store will jump out after the first shot, and all the cartridges will fall out of it. The same thing will happen when you try to change the unused store to the end. That is, "tactical" reloading in this tactical gun is excluded.

But this is not the most fatal problem of RB-12. The shotgun had a number of significant flaws: due to the unsuccessful design of the removable barrel retainer and locking assembly, the gun has a tendency to disassemble upon vigorous reloading: that is, the barrel with forearm in one hand, and everything else in the other.

In addition, there was a tendency to jamming the trunk in the front and rear position.

Such blatant insecurity led to the fact that the gun was removed from production. Works on RB-12 have been discontinued, no attempt has been made to correct the deficiencies. Perhaps because after the appearance on the market of such guns as “Saiga”, “Izh-81”, “Bekas” and “MP-133” his commercial prospects were doubtful.

In total, about a hundred Bandaevsky guns were fired, and some of them still appear on the secondary market, and their prices vary widely. What is not surprising: someone considers RB-12 as a rarity, and someone - as an unreliable and problematic weapon.

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  1. Cat
    Cat 6 July 2018 05: 53
    View from the outside.
    Zlatoustites banal "nepruha" on firearms and pneumatic weapons!
    A friend in a safe has a dead weight of RB-12 (throw a pity, shoot only at the training ground). I have other rarities of Zlatoust, the RPSh pneumatic revolver and the Ratnik rifle. Like RB-12, an exceptional set of technical solutions.
    At the same time, edged weapons - a masterpiece!
    So wish gunsmiths of Zlatoust - good luck with a firearm and pneumatics!
    1. VictorZhivilov
      VictorZhivilov 6 July 2018 09: 46
      A friend in a safe has a dead weight of RB-12 (throw a pity, shoot only at the training ground). I have other rarities of Zlatoust, the RPSh pneumatic revolver and the Ratnik rifle. Like RB-12, an exceptional set of technical solutions.

      Maybe not a dead weight. It may so happen that RB-12 is even a profitable investment. smile


      There was a series of notes on Argentine weapons on the Site. So I have a feeling from RB-12 that it has Argentinean "roots". smile

      Информация вдогонку:
      1. Cat
        Cat 6 July 2018 15: 44
        There was a series of notes on Argentine weapons on the Site. So I have a feeling from RB-12 that it has Argentinean "roots".

        Thinly noticed!
    2. RaptorF22
      RaptorF22 6 July 2018 10: 14
      Better pistols and revolvers allowed for sale good
      1. Maverick1812
        Maverick1812 12 July 2018 13: 07
        Not allowed for many reasons! First and foremost: the state will not give the population the opportunity to defend themselves against those who are not subject to laws and who have short-barrels and are now on hand. However, I do not mean law enforcement!
  2. alex-cn
    alex-cn 6 July 2018 06: 07
    He held it in his hands ... it didn’t work ... It was done with an ax and a sledgehammer, it didn’t even smell like a file ... I didn’t get any pleasure.
    1. RaptorF22
      RaptorF22 6 July 2018 10: 15
      This weapon is for sadomaso lovers lol
      1. tracer
        tracer 7 July 2018 00: 10
        I think that zoo-comfort too .. And always with the use of horse pathogen. This is not a valid condition.
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 6 July 2018 07: 08
    The pioneer obviously painted a sketch of a rifle from a circle of young technicians of the corresponding House. Evokes the definition of "ridiculous crap."
  4. bunta
    bunta 6 July 2018 09: 07
    An example of what happens when a weapon is developed by an ordinary machine builder without a specialized education.
  5. RaptorF22
    RaptorF22 6 July 2018 10: 13
    This is kapets laughing What is this collective farm lol? Need something lightweight short comfortable like Super shorts good
  6. RaptorF22
    RaptorF22 6 July 2018 10: 16
    Better PPP 43 produced would take better than Saiga 9 lol
  7. Curious
    Curious 6 July 2018 12: 57
    "The trouble is, since the pies will start the cobbler oven,
    And the boots stitch the pastry,
    And things won’t work out well .. "

    An interesting paradox. Despite the huge potential eagerness, the Russian arms industry with the collapse of the USSR, instead of developing worthy models of hunting weapons, hit either the creation of all kinds of "self-defense" or the fencing of army reserves. It would be interesting to see the statistics of how many managed to "defend themselves" with all these "rifles."
    1. RaptorF22
      RaptorF22 6 July 2018 13: 51
      If there was a normal law about self-defense, the statistics would be positive
  8. Simargl
    Simargl 6 July 2018 18: 34
    RMB-93 or Lynx.
    Reloading - also: the barrel throws the cartridge forward, the barrel itself - sends the cartridge.
    Shop tubular superbarrel.
  9. Catfish
    Catfish 6 July 2018 22: 53
    Quote: RaptorF22
    If there was a normal law about self-defense, the statistics would be positive

    Where can I get it, this law. Or rather, those who will issue this law. Thanks at least for allowing us to have what we have. Although ... wait and see what will happen next with all this. Something I have recently had a strong feeling that "bitter sorrows" await us in the near future, and maybe earlier. smile
    1. tracer
      tracer 7 July 2018 00: 13
      This is old age AND PENSION ... Why so express it?
  10. Dimax-nemo
    Dimax-nemo 7 July 2018 13: 45
    I would not call the design stillborn. Rather, the plant did not have experience in fine-tuning and mass production of such products. The store also sometimes dropped out of TT. By the way, the designs of shotguns with the “opposite” reloading movement of the relative “normal pump action” are known before similar Russian shotguns.
  11. Catfish
    Catfish 7 July 2018 20: 35
    Quote: tracer
    This is old age AND PENSION ... Why so express it?

    Actually, I didn’t mean either old age or retirement, this is a matter of course for granted. And with regard to "intricacy" - everyone expresses his thoughts as he knows how. Who needs it, he understood me. hi