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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Slippers should be boycotted, but in a cunning way!

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Slippers should be boycotted, but in a cunning way!

Greetings, my friends! Passed another week of our stormy life. We are still moving to Europe. To say that by leaps and bounds, it is impossible, but we are moving. True, I, and many others of ours, have one thought in my head. Well, Europe is Europe. In principle, this corresponds to our geography. But why do we dislike so much the present? Why did we choose the 13 century exactly?

One more thing. Our security service, in my opinion, is beginning its active work to unwind the work of Nadezhda Savchenko. The MP is sitting in a cell, and things have not really been fabricated. Disorder, actually. Now they secretly check all residents of the neighborhoods near the Rada.

As one of the inspectors told me, in order to count the number of possible terrorist attacks (I mean, probably, shelling of Savchenko Rada from mortars) victims. Interesting people gathered there after all. Savchenko what, she was going to shell residential buildings? Or Rade mortar? Sherlock with Holmes steamed. Summer is now. And normal citizens belly in the seas, oceans warm. Or in the cottages radiculitis knead. Well, look, look. I mean, count.

I'll start with the intrigue. Many people remember comments to my notes, in which, after the introduction of the next tax, we remembered the cartoon about Chipollino. So, congratulations to all of us on getting the title of oracles. It is finished! In one of the cities in the receipt for utilities included a fee for wastewater! Not the ones that you have from the tap leaked into the sewer. Pay for the rain! It is raining. Water flows into sewers. And no one pays for it. Disorder!

Now everyone who not only got under the rain, but also looked at him from the window or heard thunder from under the bed, is obliged to pay for it! Little. What we have in the former USSR, the rains. But give seven extra denezhek in the pocket of public utilities. And all according to the law of the country!

And I will keep the intrigue so that those who adopted such a law and those who introduced a tax on rain think. Until the end of the article. And you, my friends, it will be interesting.

But back to our sheep. We celebrated one of the most important holidays of the country, the Constitution Day. The day of the very Basic Law, according to which we are all sources of power! Beautiful, yes? People - the source of power!

Day of the law itself, which had long been spat. And we, and our government, and our president, it’s a shame to write about deputies and write. I sat here, pondering. But we do not have a single president who would not use this pamphlet in the latrine.

Although not. There is such a president! He did not touch the current Constitution! Leonid Kravchuk! But he did not touch him because he respected the Basic Law, but because his powers ended in the 1994 year. Even before the adoption of the Constitution in 1996. Or did the old Constitution so actively in the same place use that the pages ran out? Did you have to take a new one? Quite possible.

So what is next? Who does not remember, and given that to you, Russians, then you yourself had fun, I will tell you a lot history farther. The new president, Leonid Kuchma, decided to become "great and terrible." I wanted a man to, "and there would be a goldfish on my parcels." Then Rada was locked up at our castle and the deputies were not released until 6 in the morning, until they accept the amendments necessary for the president. And accepted! All that is needed was accepted.

But life goes on. Kuchma "gave his service to the people." And before the new elections, he agreed to significant changes to the Constitution. Simply put, decently so cut the rights of the new president. Remember that election campaign? Working out for the future "Russian chemical warfare agent", which is still referred to as "Viktor Yushchenko's leprosy." Then we spat on the Constitution. We are in the sense of the people. Remember Ukrainian innovation in democracy? Three-round vote!

Oh, and Yushchenko suffered from his own incomplete powers. Meetings on Bankova were held once a month. But, President Yushchenko turned out to be weak. Thin gut ...

But Viktor Yanukovych didn’t break his head much. The Constitutional Court took over something there and after just six months of rule the government quietly returned the Constitution of 1996. We still can not understand how this happened. True, Yanukovych did not understand anything. Our presidents read only one chapter: "Rights." About the duties we have not even taken to think. How it ended you know.

Today's Hydrant decided not to sweat at all. What is the Constitution? The state is me! According to the Basic Law, we have a parliamentary-presidential republic. And actually? In fact, the presidential has already been created! Poroshenko Rada then as much as he needs. And again we see nothing ...

By the way, for a change, it is no better at you.

This is the Constitution, this is our attitude to it, this is such a holiday ... As our younger generation says: "Yes, drive a big bolt on you!" So we scored. Amicably The whole country. Gulyay-Pole is nicer to us.

I have been looking for a reason for a long time, which seems to be the traditional Maidan for us so disgustingly turned into a war and the destruction of the country. And, in my opinion, found. Not myself of course. With the help of American scientists. But found. And you know what our puncture? In the pans!

The Environmental Protection Agency in Washington has published a report that microscopic particles in nonstick cookware, waterproof clothing and stain-resistant carpets can get into the human body with food and cause cancer. Reports the edition about it the Daily Mail.

"Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is used for the manufacture of Teflon products, as well as fire-resistant, moisture-resistant and dirt-repellent materials. However, this substance has toxic and carcinogenic properties. It is shown that in laboratory animals it increases the risk of developing tumors of the liver, pancreas and genitals, and also contributes to infertility. "

I will add personal observations here. Pans are especially dangerous. When put on the head cause clouding of the mind, verbal diarrhea, inappropriate behavior and involuntary convulsions, which are most often expressed in jumps.

For the prevention of infection with "castilla" great old folk recipes. Such as “a rolling pin on a stupid head”, “a wet rag on a dull face,” etc. But the most effective method of treatment is to treat such like. You just need to take the grandmother's cast-iron skillet, the more, the more efficient, and treat the infected. You can even without removing the pan from the head. Pig-iron pan and acts through the pan. Especially if you swing it well ...

And it will be necessary to swing a lot. Most activists have stopped noticing even complete nonsense. And not at street rallies. In official documents! I will quote from the press service of the Ministry of Social Policy: "As of 25 June 2018 of the year, according to structural units of social protection of the population of regional and Kyiv city state administrations, 1 512 755 immigrants or 1 236 770 families from Donbass and Crimea are registered ".

Maybe I'm really "retro", but the family is at least two people! A normal family is even more. One person, he is one person! One! Although, I don’t know exactly how the lawyers decided there, there was once talk about recognizing a person as a family. It was necessary to solve the housing problem in the USSR.

What kind of infection is it that makes the human brain at the sight of a number consisting of more than one digit unconditionally believe everything that the ignoramus will write? Although, I remember my own attitude to space distances. That 1 parsec that 10 was all the same. All the same, far and for humanity is still unattainable.

For your entertainment, I’ll tell you how I was tortured on the International Day of the Victims of Torture! There is one who does not know, 26 Jun is celebrated.

In short, I go at night on Mikhailovsky Square. And then ... In short, a monster crawls out of the ground! By magnitude, naturally. From the hole meters 5 in diameter. And 6 meters in height have already crawled out ... Tentacles are moving. Black one. And there is no eye. Some kind of underground octopus or squid. Horror, in short.

Well, I did the legs and out of harm's way. Eat because the monster. I then let's call for friends. What kind of attack happened to Kiev? The main thing in the center, such a reptile, lives. Maybe from Chernobyl monsters who?

It turned out ... art! Art object! Black inflatable tentacles that move from the pressure of the air. And why am I scared?

Tatiana Pechonchik, this is our chairman of the Human Rights Information Center, explained: “There is a prevailing opinion among the population of Ukraine that torture is unacceptable. Thus, 3 / 4 Ukrainians opposed the use of torture. However, it is disturbing that almost every tenth police officer polled their application. "

But I did not calm down on this. I contacted the executive director of the Human Rights Expert Center, Yury Belousov. What is the problem? There is no torture in Ukraine. This Hydrant said and Avakov confirmed. And Lutsenko promised to imprison the state for slander.

Yuri is an honest man. Or does not watch TV. Because he does not know that we are not being tortured. In short, here is his answer: “About 2017 around 2500 people applied for medical help because of injuries caused by police officers. One third of the beatings were in the head. However, most of the police officers whose fault was proven by the court were exempted from real punishment. It is important to understand that if we accept torture, then we must be prepared that today or tomorrow we or our loved ones may become their victims. "

Like this. Human rights activists claim that torture is used systematically throughout Ukraine, although the myth of their “effectiveness” has long been refuted. In general, who to believe - decide for yourself. In Europe, democracy. Believe it or not. And to anyone! And on Mikhailovskaya until July 9, I didn’t foot ... Out of harm's way.

Is there some more newsthat will be interesting to all. And to us and to you. This is the economy!

Remember our talk about the Ukrainian industry? She died, they say ... there is nothing more to steal ... Why do the factories of the great agrarian-sexual tourist power?

And that's not all stolen. The current will be enough for life-byte abroad. We have the defense industry! And there is not everything "swept away by a mighty hurricane." In general, to understand the situation, it is enough to read an excerpt from the statement of our Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov: "We are actively working with the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada, in particular with the relevant committee, to remove any restrictions on the legislative level privatization of state defense enterprises, as well as investing, including attracting foreign investment in these enterprises, which today severely restricts Ukrainian legislation about".

Who understands, he understood. For the rest, it makes no sense to explain the situation. And here it is worth reminding about the earlier decision of the Hydrant. A presidential decree this week put into effect the decision of the National Security Council to liberalize the foreign economic activity of Ukrainian enterprises of the military-industrial complex. Now the Ministry of Defense will be able to buy weapon abroad directly.

And for patriotic idiots cooked "candy." Not at Roshen, in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The product is called "Strategies for the development of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine for the period up to 2028 year." Only that we will develop is not yet clear. There is a strategy, and we will sell the complex ... M-yes ...

The most difficult thing today is to take seriously quite serious things. Paradox? May be. But here is a fresh example. Those who have ever been involved in law enforcement or state security will understand me perfectly.

Remember the "death of Babchenko"? The special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine, which put the whole state with idiots. And now the message about another operation of the SBU Counterintelligence Department: "Employees of the Counterintelligence Department of the Security Service of Ukraine under the leadership of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office imitated the" murder "of an ATO volunteer and two more people in Cherkasy region who were ordered by a" businessman from Kiev ". “Law enforcement officers were able to track the customer’s negotiations with the killer, who reported on the preparation of the crime and decided to cooperate with the investigation. The Kiev businessman at a meeting with the contractor voiced the names of future victims, and also prepared instructions on how to eliminate them and named the deadlines and the order execution procedure.”

Well, I know how you are, but again I remembered the "Babchenko's back shot through." But, if without these memories, the fine work of the special services. It was there, in the satirical version of the work of the SBU, again they could not find anyone. Traces somewhere led. And disappeared ... And here everything is straight brick to brick.

"The customer, whose name has not yet been named, was detained during the transfer of $ 15 thousand to the killer. In addition, the security forces identified the following" victims "and warned the planned attack. Thus, the offender conceived a shot from a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher to a private house of rural heads of the district.
The capital businessman has already been declared suspected of having committed crimes and a preventive measure in the form of detention has been chosen. The criminal case is open to several articles, in particular h. 1 Art. 14 (preparation for a crime), 2 Art. 115 (murder), h. 3 Art. 258 (creation of a terrorist group), and h. 1 Art. 109 (committing a crime by a group of persons, a group of persons by prior agreement, an organized group or a criminal organization) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. "

And it turns out that, while Russophobia did not intervene in the matter, the SBU worked tolerably well in terms of preventing murder. The press center said that only recently have 10 murders been prevented in this way. So, there are sensible operas and analysts. But Babchenko crossed out the work of these professionals.

For some reason, imitation is good at us. The fifth year we imitate the war with Russia. The fifth year we imitate reforms. The fifth year we imitate the rapid development of democracy. We imitate, and then?

In any theater, even in the theater and puppet theater, and for more, our imitators do not pull, the performance eventually ends. And the audience returned to a normal, unformed life. Yes, and empathizing with the heroes of the performance, the audience remembers that murder, intrigue, meanness and even nobility is just a role. And what will happen to us, "when the play ends?"

The answer, in principle, is already there. On one simple example with monuments. When the anti-monument company was just beginning, no one even thought - what next? There are many monuments. Enough for everyone. Moreover, under the legacy of the damned past could bring almost everything. Yes, and did not plan to demolish monuments 4 year.

In short, we did not have enough monuments. Yes, and "shoulder healed up." Won't you build a monument specifically to destroy it later? Then, the builders have everything for work. Lenins, Jews, Poles, Soviet soldiers and officers, Ukrainians, who built the country in the post-war period ... Everything. Most Ukrainian Red Guards enemies do not seem to know. For now, again.

And what to do? Destroy something used to. I want to destroy. 28 June the police received information that unknown persons tore down the plaque to the writer Ivan Franko, installed on the wall of a house on Solomiya Krushelnitskaya street in the center of Lviv.

That is why activists did not please Ivan Franko? Of course, I understand that for a barbarian everything that is not connected with his idols is not a necessary thing. We 27 years of breeding and raising idiots. Grew up. Now we are reaping the fruits of our education. Savages destroy the remnants of an incomprehensible civilization. At the same time do not offer anything in return.

Broke a monument and said that this place will be later. Someday. If they find the money. What to tell? We have long known what will happen. Wasteland or landfill. Break something not to build. And it is not clear yet, to whom the monuments now need to be put. All or traitors, or separatists, or agents of the Kremlin ...

Just as Nadia Savchenko, the hero will choose - bang, it turns out to be a traitor, a separatist, a terrorist and an enemy of the state. Honestly, I won’t be surprised if I soon find out about the initiative of the Lviv council to rename the city to Stepanobanderovsk. And then make a call for Poland to take this very Stepanobanderovsk itself.

Before continuing to talk about us, I want to brag. I found the same rating, according to which you before us hoo! In a good sense of the word. You will never guess what we are ahead of you.

"In the 2018 organization’s security rating for the countries of the year, Ukraine was ranked on 152, according to the organization’s report. All countries were divided into five security levels: very high, high, medium, low, very low."
"Iceland, New Zealand and Austria are in the top three safest countries. The organization called Syria the most dangerous country, which ranked 163. Russia ranked 154 in the ranking. Compared to last year, Ukraine rose by two points, but still remains in the "very low" security zone.

And you did not know that it’s safer to live here than you? Honestly, I did not know either. However, the rating also showed that we are on the 152 site, and you are on 154! I looked at the rating to the end, so as not to strain you. In short, we are going and together we are leaving for Gabon, which is so often mentioned in the comments. He is only in the 95 place. It turns out that there is practically no crime there and everyone is smiling at each other ...

I also have news on the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. Not quite pleasant for us, frankly, the news. Again this Trump. You explain to him, you explain, and he looks at our state like a ram at a new gate. Now they speak Russian in the Crimea, now along this stream ... Declared an economic war on the EU - so fight! And he flirts with the Germans.

"The United States guaranteed Germany not to impose sanctions on Russian gas pipelines."

Well, he would have said this to Putin, or there, to Lavrov. No, definitely the Germans need ...

I thought and understood that your Nord Stream-2 is beneficial to us first of all! Not you, but us. Now Russia, through its gas supplies to Europeans, dictates the conditions. And after the end of construction, the conditions will be dictated by Germany, and we are only against Russia. With Germany, even at the gay parade with pleasure.

This means that true independence from Russia will come when gas comes to us from Germany! Unless of course will pay. In a sense, Germany will give us money to pay for its gas. Won Poland is doing it.

The Polish state-owned oil and gas company PGNiG has signed an agreement on 20 years in Washington with US firms Venture Global LNG and Port Arthur LNG for the supply of liquefied gas (LNG) from the United States to Poland. Since 2023, Poland will receive annually 2 million tons of LNG, which after regasification will be about 5,5 billion cubic meters of gas. Gas will be supplied from an LNG terminal in Port Arthur, Texas.

Of course, I don’t remember that Gazprom’s contract with Poland ends in 2022. And that the Poles need for their own needs today 16 billion cubic meters. Themselves extract 4 billion. American 5,5 billion. But where will take more 7 billion? Not in Russia ... No.

What just can not think of, not to look like a moron. We built terminals for LNG, but they are idle. Now they will seem to work ... We will build something like that too. If the Turks American tankers will pass into the Black Sea.

I also wanted to tell about the diplomatic debilism of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But the place is no longer in the notes. Therefore, a dotted line on the topic.

Speaker Paruby, while on a visit to the USA, called on America to help Ukraine with the modernization of the GTS and asked for sanctions against European companies participating in the Nord Stream-2 project. Moreover, among these companies are world-famous concerns of France, Germany, Great Britain, Norway and other European countries. Moreover, many of them have a serious impact on the policies of their countries.

This is what you need to be ... a politician to give Western governments a reason to forget about Ukraine? Big business must be loved and cherished. He provides politicians with money when it is necessary to win elections. And receives in return the opportunity to earn more money.

Our delegation to PACE, headed by Deputy Ariev, publicly ignored the official gala reception at the CE Secretary General Jagland, explaining that it was not time to spend money on feasts and champagne during a crisis.

Well, it's time to finish the notes. So, it’s time to reveal the secret of the rain tax announced at the beginning of the article.

So, my dear friends, you are ahead of us. The first rain tax imposed Russia.

"In the city of Kungur in the Perm Territory, the receipt for utilities included a fee for sewage, including rainwater flowing through the hatches into sewers. This is the local edition of Iskra."
"The possibility of charging for the removal of precipitation provides for the federal law" On water supply and sanitation. "At the beginning of 2017, collecting water for precipitation began in Birobidzhan. This concerned only enterprises, not individuals."

Let me stop here. I'm tired of something today. And you cannot describe all the news of our / your strange country. Good luck and health to all. Will live!

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  1. Vard
    Vard 2 July 2018 06: 12
    They drive us in the kitchen with the same slipper ... That’s the VAT ... That’s the pension ... Are you telling us to live like that, how do you suffer? And what is impossible without torment?
    1. hhhhhhh
      hhhhhhh 2 July 2018 08: 58
      Have you earned a pension?))
      1. Vard
        Vard 2 July 2018 10: 44
        Well, how to say, I’ve earned ... I'm still on a disability pension ... But we’ll look at old age ...
    2. Conductor
      Conductor 3 July 2018 00: 56
      It is possible, but in Papua New Guinea, neither VAT nor kitchen nor pension died.
  2. smart ass
    smart ass 2 July 2018 06: 37
    As they say, who read to the end put Like))
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 2 July 2018 08: 28
    In the city of Kungur in the Perm Territory, utility bills included a payment for wastewater, which includes, among other things, rainwater flowing through manholes to sewers. This is written by the local edition of Iskra. "
    ... If the Russian national football team reaches the finals ... Similarly, serfdom will be returned ....
    1. hhhhhhh
      hhhhhhh 2 July 2018 08: 59
      Why kill the USSR if you do not return everything to its original state?
    2. Conductor
      Conductor 3 July 2018 01: 02
      Eka, they played out in order to turn the filthy under this business to our government.
  4. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 2 July 2018 08: 47
    what can I say to you chitin ... Nonsense, as one charismatic painted man with a propeller said, this is a matter of life ...
  5. BAI
    BAI 2 July 2018 10: 42
    And why do the bolts (in the photo) have 4-sided heads? And nuts too.
    1. Igor V
      Igor V 2 July 2018 11: 08
      Because they are killed, not twisted! smile
    2. beeper
      beeper 2 July 2018 22: 39
      Quote: BAI
      And why do the bolts (in the photo) have 4-sided heads? And nuts too.

      hi This is an old bolt project, comrade BAI, still of the "hexagon era" smile , specifically for such "high-torque" rectangular threads, as in the photo.
      Billets for these bolts and nuts in factories (in small town forges, in special spacers, but, for manual forging, the square shape, of course, did not work out so flawless) were forged on mechanical hammers in mechanized devices, and only then on a screw-cutting machine a rectangular thread was cut.
      There is also such fasteners in old pre-war metal products, including artel production, very high-quality bolts, they were not demolished, and such threads can be, if necessary, and without a screw cutter, cut into a bolt and manually, according to the markup and the simplest counter-templates winked
      As a child, he himself saw and held in his hands such a man-made masterpiece, that Umelts-Locksmith had Golden Hands, devilish patience and ... a tendency to such a fiddling form of self-affirmation in Mastery! Yes
      1. your1970
        your1970 6 July 2018 12: 47
        it was precisely such carvings that were manually cut with files in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the 30-e - when the plant was being built. The bolts didn’t arrive - the Komsomol members were banned and made
  6. Igor V
    Igor V 2 July 2018 11: 17
    Well, they survived to the point that Comrade Okoloradsky began to write about us. It’s annoying, of course, but he has a lot of eyes, he doesn’t use soap, that is, non-soapy ones, so let him write. Perhaps soon a separate article will have to write about us. The keyboard is in his paws, in his legs, or whatever he has! good
    1. domokl
      domokl 2 July 2018 12: 37
      laughing As I understand it, one of the readers of the Cockroach dropped the link. Where is Kiev, and where is this Kungur ... Or have the Stasiks of all countries united?
      But in general, interesting news about Russia. I have never heard such a thing with us.
      1. BAI
        BAI 2 July 2018 15: 07
        There were a lot of messages about Kungur on Saturday. And also:
        City rules for the use of storm sewer systems and tariffs for wastewater disposal are already applied in Russian cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and Yoshkar-Ola

        Those. will be everywhere soon.
      2. 72jora72
        72jora72 2 July 2018 21: 10
        But in general, interesting news about Russia. I have never heard such a thing with us.
        Dismissed this already hit from utilities .....
  7. Li17
    Li17 2 July 2018 12: 51
    Something at Brother Tarakan, somehow everything was sad this time! By the way, I noticed, and lit up about us in the Ukrainian style. What can I say, it happens. Life is like a zebra - black and white ... stripes, and at the end of a dupa! You’re getting around, you’ve come across dichlorvos with a slipper, and even in the heat! There was even art scared. Everything will be fine, we will survive - cockroaches lived before us, they live now, they will live after us. Not mine, I heard something like this in a program from one professor!
    By the way, Savchenko liked to watch on UkrTV. Pretty reasonable, the style of her performances - fell, wrung out! I just didn’t understand how it was with a normal look that she fooled such a fool with Ruban! Tochnik add something to the water! Cockroach, you better drink from a puddle!
  8. zenion
    zenion 2 July 2018 13: 52
    If it rains with hail, then you need to pay in the square. If it rains with snow - then in a cube. For freezing, they will require a cube squared, as well as for dew.
    1. Igor V
      Igor V 2 July 2018 15: 47
      For dew - discounts! She does not flow, evaporates. smile
  9. Semen1972
    Semen1972 2 July 2018 15: 42
    For a long time I was looking for the reason why the Maidan, which seems to be traditional for us, so vilely grew into war

    Long??? Seriously ??))) But Solovyov explained everything to us on the first day, and the Federation Council adopted the correct decree, and people began to go on vacation to the Donbass ... What Ukrainians are slow-witted ....
  10. thekym
    thekym 2 July 2018 17: 34
    Quote: parusnik
    In the city of Kungur in the Perm Territory, utility bills included a payment for wastewater, which includes, among other things, rainwater flowing through manholes to sewers. This is written by the local edition of Iskra. "
    ... If the Russian national football team reaches the finals ... Similarly, serfdom will be returned ....

    At first I laughed ... And now I think whether to cry.
  11. Dietmar
    Dietmar 2 July 2018 19: 38
    A lot of letters!
  12. Jerk
    Jerk 3 July 2018 05: 11
    Suppose, regarding the "rain tax" - in the Russian Federation just near Perm a scandal has recently been with this. By the way, it ended up that a Vodokanal employee was fired, but what happened to the stock tax - well, news, at least ... So they went around the arc ... And in Germany there has been a rain tax for a long time. plums yes. rain water, do not want puddles - pay for the drainage system. Do you want - pay anyway
  13. Oleg Monarchist
    Oleg Monarchist 5 July 2018 11: 50
    Germany - rain water tax - 137 euros per month (10 thousand rubles)
    Here is what the newly-born German Smeyana writes on social networks: “I have recently been living in Germany. I checked my utility bill today, I look - the city withdrew 137 euros from me with a note "for rain water". I went to find out what it is. ”

    France - tax on TV !!!!! Now the tax is 133 € per year.
    In the receipt, which comes annually, it can be noted that you do not have a TV, then the tax is not levied. But the tax inspector has the right to come and check if you really do not have a TV. If you deceived the tax, you will have to pay a fine of 150 € and the tax itself, of course. The decision on whether to impose a fine, and if so, in what amount, is made by the tax service. There are cases when a fine is imposed even in the absence of a set-top box. Also, tax authorities can decide, for example, that you have been watching TV for 5 years and have not paid for it, then you will have to pay for all 5 years. Now we are considering the initiative of bringing a computer under this tax, because many people watch television programs over the Internet.

    Germany - tax on TVs and radios
    1. Li17
      Li17 5 July 2018 21: 21
      and this is the difference, if in the West the layman pays tax, then he accordingly receives the result and may, in which case, demand it. Well, we have the result as usual, somewhere on paper!
      1. Oleg Monarchist
        Oleg Monarchist 6 July 2018 13: 16
        Well so there Elves ..... laughing

        Utilities in New York believe that the quality of the roads and the cleanliness of the streets are not luxury, but a prerequisite for a civilized, comfortable and enjoyable life on the "island of dreams" - Manhattan.

        Bratislava after the rain is unique.

        Thanks to the advanced technologies in the USA, the road surface can completely independently change from winter to summer seasons and back

        Only Canada is ahead of the USA in pavement quality.

        But American scientists and road workers learned to make a road surface that mimics the skin of a crocodile.

        American road workers have proven that they are equally professional in drawing not only straight lines, but also curves of any complexity.

        Experienced diving instructors accompany the beginner on the first dive. Well, that’s right ... I paid tax, demanded and got the result

        Having received the next pension, the elderly gentleman goes on a new journey around the world.

        This is the West, baby ..... A dream of dreams of any Ukrainian. Because in the soul of every Ukrainian, even if he has been living in Russia for a long time, a small but so bright mriya about the elven West is hidden, how everything is fine there, not like in our Russian mordor. laughing
  14. veps75
    veps75 7 July 2018 08: 29
    By the way, for a change, it is no better at you.

    Yes exactly.